Bonus Round
Bonus Round
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  • Cassidy Costanti
    Cassidy Costanti 4 hours ago

    I know

  • Curt J
    Curt J 5 hours ago

    In the words of goofy: hot dog hot dog hot dig dog

  • L.Neshelle uncut and unedited

    Naked took me out lol

  • win2008workstation
    win2008workstation 5 hours ago

    I do love Steve Harvey as host of Family Feud, and yes us WHITE people do love Steve Harvey xD xD The best of all time is still Richard Dawson.

  • krazyeman4
    krazyeman4 6 hours ago

    I felt so bad for the woman with the quintuple squadush

  • Wiezlawa Szkodzka
    Wiezlawa Szkodzka 6 hours ago

    OMG so megaloman you are Mr Steve you should changed type of questions

  • Ken Homer
    Ken Homer 6 hours ago

    Ball earth is a painting not a photo, fool.

  • david eisenbud
    david eisenbud 6 hours ago

    One percent of Americans are in area 51.

  • M J
    M J 7 hours ago

    God i love Steve Harvey!!!!!! And he’s from Cleveland 💃🏽

  • dev koh
    dev koh 7 hours ago

    That guy that said his sister I lost it hahahahahah!

  • Cassidy Costanti
    Cassidy Costanti 7 hours ago


  • Joseph Izzo
    Joseph Izzo 7 hours ago

    When the Obu’s started singing, I got goosebumps! That was awesome!

  • Zenrikku77
    Zenrikku77 8 hours ago

    06:29 causes tears of laugher. 13:28 causes full body shutdown.

  • Nancy Howard
    Nancy Howard 8 hours ago

    I bet. Nice chunk of change from Steve Har4 being dad

  • Nancy Howard
    Nancy Howard 8 hours ago

    Steve Harvey again. 😎

  • Felisha
    Felisha 8 hours ago

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  • Felisha
    Felisha 8 hours ago

    Lesbians do like to touch, but squeeze gently, other women's breasts.

  • Katina Marshall
    Katina Marshall 9 hours ago

    Steve learned his lessons

    FEROZSS 10 hours ago

    Contestent: im a suck dick People: GOOD ANSWER *claps*

  • Are
    Are 10 hours ago

    Lmao at orange being there too

  • Are
    Are 11 hours ago

    Their color lmao

  • Shawn Cummings
    Shawn Cummings 11 hours ago

    LOL he has had surgery in the mouth and he's mute

  • Santiago Carranza
    Santiago Carranza 11 hours ago

    Not all stars are round. Some orbit black holes that are feeding on them and deformed them quite disturbingly.

  • john bailey
    john bailey 12 hours ago

    What is the reason Harvey, the CLOWN, pushes, pulls, slaps & pokes his finger at contestants head.

  • Sheila Mccullough
    Sheila Mccullough 13 hours ago

    Look right there:-)🤗😂🤣😃😅

  • Joseph Izzo
    Joseph Izzo 14 hours ago

    He said, “asparagus... good answer?”

  • Thanos
    Thanos 14 hours ago

    I want Daddy Harvey to shove his hard throbbing penis in my nose

  • Shining Stage
    Shining Stage 15 hours ago

    do you have the full episode of this? thanks!

  • NoUIsFatal
    NoUIsFatal 16 hours ago

    Steve looks like a woman who just got told her husband died at sea

  • Jeremiah Gaabucayan
    Jeremiah Gaabucayan 16 hours ago

    Where is the POT-ato?

  • Anthony King Vlogs
    Anthony King Vlogs 16 hours ago

    dude steve harvey is fucking hilarious😭

  • Joel Carroll
    Joel Carroll 16 hours ago

    I see how someone could get addicted to their phone

  • Lucy Aliser
    Lucy Aliser 17 hours ago

    Love much this episode

  • Joe M
    Joe M 17 hours ago

    “Awright less go”

  • Joe M
    Joe M 17 hours ago

    “Top seven ansas on da board ladies”

    • Joe M
      Joe M 9 hours ago

      Islam is a mental illness - His Number of mispronunciations are astronomical!

    • Joe M
      Joe M 9 hours ago

      Islam is a mental illness - Mine too!

    • Islam is a mental illness
      Islam is a mental illness 9 hours ago

      Sheeeeeeeeeeeit mah niggah

    LOS PAC 17 hours ago

    A penis

  • seri katil
    seri katil 17 hours ago

    Get your mind out of the gutter Mr. Harvey 😂🤣

    • seri katil
      seri katil 11 hours ago

      @The Miami Sports Fan she said "peanut" but he thought he heard "penis" . The expression on his face when she first said "peanut" compared to the expression on his face after he found out she actually said "peanut" says it all.

    • The Miami Sports Fan
      The Miami Sports Fan 17 hours ago

      what did he think she said?

  • Nicholas Williams
    Nicholas Williams 17 hours ago

    [ Imitates Cookie Monster ] That shorter video.

  • Edwin Niles
    Edwin Niles 17 hours ago

    Hi Mr Steve Harvey



  • Kaysha Bullock
    Kaysha Bullock 18 hours ago

    Hi Steve I think your great love you shows I can you tell cos people two way to see if they answer is correct before they start clapping they look ridiculous why you guys clapping and it's wrong and you still grab in Americans lol

  • Cumulo Nimbus
    Cumulo Nimbus 19 hours ago

    No doubt the black families are the funniest. I think the Patterson sisters as stupid as they are are really pretty.

  • Cumulo Nimbus
    Cumulo Nimbus 19 hours ago

    All three of them Newman women missing one one front tooth. Classic.

  • Cumulo Nimbus
    Cumulo Nimbus 19 hours ago

    The Newman girls are the funniest family ever on the feud.

  • Cumulo Nimbus
    Cumulo Nimbus 19 hours ago

    Damn good looking black family the, Obu’s.

  • Cumulo Nimbus
    Cumulo Nimbus 19 hours ago

    Obj, Obu, Obu. LMFAO!!!!!!

  • the only one shaliyah
    the only one shaliyah 19 hours ago

    My name is pound cake😂😂😂

  • Penny Gruber
    Penny Gruber 21 hour ago

    Steve Harvey is the greatest Game Show Host on the planet for real!! He makes me laugh like nobody can.

  • Mephisto Underwood
    Mephisto Underwood 21 hour ago

    Just proves it! Women are JUST as dirty minded as men! Love it!

  • Ahrobong
    Ahrobong 22 hours ago

    “We put tasty black balls in peoples mouths..” i mean she could’ve rephrased it but ok..

  • Bouras Abd el hakim

    Fucking hate that black loud bitch

  • Phina Buya
    Phina Buya Day ago

    Some pissed off wives are here for ideas 😂

  • Laura Gadille
    Laura Gadille Day ago

    Tacos lol what 😮😮😮😮

  • Laura Gadille
    Laura Gadille Day ago

    Hey stupid it's up there

  • Laura Gadille
    Laura Gadille Day ago

    Tightie whities lol

  • Alayna Duckworth

    “NAKID GRAMMA!” “Naked HUH?!” -survey says:🛎👏🏻👏🏻” “I don’t wanna see that either!”

  • hans tonra
    hans tonra Day ago

    What do they smoke before the game?

  • Justine Panzarella

    Those guys from the Smith family have some weird dance moves.

  • hans tonra
    hans tonra Day ago


  • Cody Bredsguard

    What are y’all urging about cracks me up 🤣🤣

  • Cody Bredsguard


  • Cody Bredsguard

    What are y’all urging about

  • Sheila collins

    Omg that first gal got all 0's...quiet drive home I gather 😔👎

  • stone cold
    stone cold Day ago

    *west team loses* of course when stupid ass kanye is in that team XDDD and stupid kim XDDDDDDDDDDD

  • kgldude
    kgldude Day ago

    I can't believe that woman's first option for "She played Catwoman" is Halle Berry. Smh...

  • TiaOfJordan
    TiaOfJordan Day ago

    Now I know why he never smiles

  • avery olson vlogs


  • sayed emran
    sayed emran Day ago

    6:40 what was the question? Can somebody tell me plzzz

  • Supermom 85
    Supermom 85 Day ago

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  • Ricardo Antonio

    Stupid dumb bicth

  • MuleOnEarth Sims

    *_come on Steve, COME ON STEVE, CoMe On StEvE!!!!_*

  • EnigmaGirl831
    EnigmaGirl831 Day ago

    That last one had me hunched over laughing and my eyes started to water lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • lindapriorirish8

    Kelly Pickler... Should never ever wear Heels... I was so disappointed, watching her...

  • FoxyPirateFox9054

    when they said pillow and stuffed animal and mirror wwhy was he suprised "oh yeah i used my wall, i also used my doorknob"

  • Jaye3rd89
    Jaye3rd89 Day ago

    Carson! (In dissapointed grandma voice)

  • Jaye3rd89
    Jaye3rd89 Day ago

    A DAWG!!! (A what?) A Dawg! ... .. . A dog? I heard what she said the first time but it was still amusing.

  • Jason Lu
    Jason Lu Day ago

    5:23 surprised Pikachu face

  • Elcor Ambassador

    You know how in control he is when the women are on and yet he scurred when tougher men are on. Is he a beta?

  • Elcor Ambassador

    Well actually Bouncing Betty is a type of a grenade in Call of Duty so I think he should get that.

  • Davion Mcclendon

    Never trust women

  • CT-5736
    CT-5736 Day ago

    5:50 🤣 hell yeah man

  • Anurag Kumar
    Anurag Kumar Day ago

    I have never laughed so hard at 3 am than when the guy said Naked Grandma 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • John Doe
    John Doe Day ago

    4:50 fucking AKWARD

  • 2241RYAN
    2241RYAN Day ago

    I've never laughed so much after 10:00

  • Rofhiwa Tshikonelo

    The most random shit ever. Never ever have i slept with an elephant. 🤣

  • Apk Darter
    Apk Darter Day ago

    “Licks me” please?

  • Cheeno
    Cheeno Day ago

    I’m here to see how accurate godfreys impersonation was lol that shittt was amazing

  • Lord Of Jonkeys

    “They cuckoldoodledoo” Shit had me ded

  • abcun17
    abcun17 Day ago

    How cool to see Stephen Fry and Jimmy Carr on the same show!

  • Supa Chaloopa
    Supa Chaloopa Day ago

    What did you expect them to say? Ice cubes and Legos?

  • vivian Burton
    vivian Burton Day ago

    Is it good hair lol

  • vivian Burton
    vivian Burton Day ago

    I say easley get some bread for a hoe nigga instead of a head ache and heart break

  • vivian Burton
    vivian Burton Day ago

    If she's a kkk family girl and stalking ur home she better be coming to bring some bread not asking for a threesome and how wet are u ..or else we say hell no I'm calling yo boss and the police

  • Super Blaze99
    Super Blaze99 Day ago

    Dog food

  • DomianBlu
    DomianBlu Day ago

    1:52 lmaooo steve reaction is priceless 🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂

  • Om Abdulla
    Om Abdulla Day ago

    How about a clown

  • Jazim Hammad
    Jazim Hammad Day ago

    Pause at 6:01.

  • Ace
    Ace Day ago

    4:46 is it just me or does the brotha on the right look like the dude who accused Gordon Ramsay of planting a mouse in theyre restaurant

  • Full Entertainment Media

    love this

  • Felisha
    Felisha Day ago

    8:21 lol, I want to reach 89 sooner than that where I can just say whatever the hell I want, lol. I'm so tired of restraints and holding back my nature.