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  • trick 86
    trick 86 Hour ago

    "Hello??.. Yes, Weed Man.. you have any of that stuff Terrance be smoking?"

  • gost max
    gost max Hour ago


  • d w
    d w Hour ago


  • Hugo Danner
    Hugo Danner Hour ago

    It's Squint like Clint Week!!

    VANILLA 2 hours ago

    I love him

  • Stephanie Hansen
    Stephanie Hansen 2 hours ago

    He’s a lucky man. She’s a sweet person😊

  • I. Carus
    I. Carus 2 hours ago

    Theresa is making shit up.

  • Monish Kumar
    Monish Kumar 2 hours ago

    Extremely good, I compleatly enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird - Death Blow', channel link ru-clip.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ , you can try :)

    RABIA MIKAEEL 2 hours ago

    Aww.. ❤

  • Michael Jenkins
    Michael Jenkins 2 hours ago

    Rihanna queen

  • Sue Larson
    Sue Larson 2 hours ago

    By the Grace of God...Amen!!

  • rdbetta
    rdbetta 2 hours ago

    This girl want it so bad shiettt imagine when Brad was in the achilles times and shape she would of have jumped into him like a spider

  • Adrian Collins
    Adrian Collins 2 hours ago

    The leopard periwinkle zip up jacket on the Kelly Clarkson reading: amazing!

  • Palm Patrick
    Palm Patrick 2 hours ago

    Congratulations Wendy!

  • St3vEn BaDu
    St3vEn BaDu 2 hours ago

    If you haven't already, please watch Thomas Mundy's ACCURATE impersonation of Donald Trump. He is a construction worker and he was on Good Morning Britain where he did his impression of the president. It's GREAT! THE BEST I'VE EVER SEEN! He look like him abit also!! 😊

    POLYXENI VRYONI 2 hours ago

    rip beautiful Whitney

  • Brenton Iverson
    Brenton Iverson 3 hours ago

    I praise Terence for being courageous enough to step out of the "Religious Paradigm." Its so much that the church cant teach and forbids...truth has to be researched within the Religious Paradigm including the Exoteric/Alchemy subjects of all cultures. Balance to the Neters in the Universe.

  • T Z
    T Z 3 hours ago

    Christian Bale seems like a decent guy who is EXTREMELY intense. The video of him exploding on a crew member seems like an anomaly. I could be wrong though.

  • pikachucet the second

    I wanna see the clip of Pikachu saying lines from Deadpool

  • Ba Hashem Yeshua
    Ba Hashem Yeshua 4 hours ago

    That dragonfly is a symbolism Terrance is not buggin it is similar to being an undercover cop, you are never your true self, you are always playing as someone else. 37 years is a long time to dedicating your life to a demanding career. You niggas need to stop thinking so damn shallow.

  • haleigh lake
    haleigh lake 4 hours ago

    I don’t hope to be into girls she’s meant for Landon there love for eachother is forgettable and the first two episodes are 🔥

  • A B
    A B 4 hours ago

    Lord Jesus, Please don't tell Me Cardi & TI is performing for the NFL!

  • Danielle Andrade
    Danielle Andrade 4 hours ago

    Great ending

  • Alexander T
    Alexander T 5 hours ago

    He may be hard to work with but he is a great actor. Unlike ben aflect...

  • Easy9 Rider4
    Easy9 Rider4 5 hours ago

    She's wonderful

  • Tarlana chanukya
    Tarlana chanukya 5 hours ago

    The one and only batman in the world that Cristian bale

  • DarkZ Recon
    DarkZ Recon 5 hours ago

    You are beautiful, you have all the woman in the world.

  • Marilyn Spires
    Marilyn Spires 6 hours ago

    To tim tebow, Have you ever heard of carol kent,she is a christian author. Over twenty years ago she wrote a book when i lay my isaac down. Please google this. Over 20 years ago her only son ( a christian ) married and was trying to protect his stepchildren. But he broke God s law. Now he in prison in arcadia fl. I heard that you and the roberson visit inmates. Please go see him. Im no relation to bom by but his story will brake your heart. Thank you. Please go see him.

  • on on
    on on 6 hours ago

    0:07 sorry, go ahead😭

  • HB
    HB 6 hours ago


  • Zuel
    Zuel 6 hours ago

    He is very a nice guy

  • ti inu
    ti inu 6 hours ago

    I remember him all the way back in Dead Presidents. What a career. Congratulations mayne

  • Tia Archer
    Tia Archer 6 hours ago

    Who else saw how they flicked their hair the exact way at 2:21

  • kkhan tuan
    kkhan tuan 6 hours ago

    Please not mention politics God nooo

  • Elena Cabrera
    Elena Cabrera 7 hours ago

    His not his friend to talk lke that bout jonh jr he was beautiful smart like his dad i miss him wish people live him alone i never by that book trash ..!!!👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • kkhan tuan
    kkhan tuan 7 hours ago

    Yeah Booooo Scarlett Johansson get of of my house right now I said get out how dare you

  • Rick Toledo
    Rick Toledo 7 hours ago


  • loki is an angel
    loki is an angel 7 hours ago

    lol he’s got insta now

  • Angela Crispino Mannion

    Love Bruce’s laugh! 😂🤣

  • BA Q
    BA Q 7 hours ago


  • Rachel k
    Rachel k 7 hours ago

    Who cares

  • Merelyn Kanner
    Merelyn Kanner 7 hours ago

    Lil Kim love u baby & I ask BARBARA for the pic of my cousin but I swa lil Queen 👸 baby girl she is so beautiful yes like the Queen respect ✊ love ❤️ & I admire you so much 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Take the red pill
    Take the red pill 7 hours ago

    The best thing people can do for their mental health is to stop watching tv.

  • Rachael Nash
    Rachael Nash 8 hours ago

    Will you ever come to the UK to see us😀

  • Nomadic Media
    Nomadic Media 8 hours ago

    Oh heartstrings! I cried through the whole video! I can't imagine how my life would have been if I hadn't discovered Howard and Robin in 1996. Glad I don't have to. <3

    THICC VIENER 9 hours ago

    Pfeiffer is aging backwards

  • Adi-LMNOP
    Adi-LMNOP 9 hours ago

    Why would she date a gay guy? weird

  • Anna tomasiello
    Anna tomasiello 9 hours ago

    Got to love her💜✨💜✨

  • Yousra Slaoui
    Yousra Slaoui 9 hours ago

    She ALWAYS looks beautiful She is taylor Swift

  • Ab85 main
    Ab85 main 9 hours ago

    Lol big difference from when he interviewed screech 😂

  • Kelly Naidoo
    Kelly Naidoo 10 hours ago

    RIP NIP <3

  • Narc Abuse Survivor
    Narc Abuse Survivor 10 hours ago

    500 million dollar net worth, and we are in this together....lol

  • Roza Kastelano
    Roza Kastelano 10 hours ago

    Here if you looking for me I like

  • Zac Mccarthy
    Zac Mccarthy 11 hours ago

    This guy loves himself, he is also so cringey 🤮

  • Yōshanai
    Yōshanai 12 hours ago

    he played such a great batman, but a better bruce wayne.

  • s
    s 12 hours ago

    how tf can someone look like that 0:38 😫❤️

  • Das BinICH
    Das BinICH 12 hours ago

    Angelina is soooooo beautiful

  • Jack Bollingmoore
    Jack Bollingmoore 12 hours ago

    I love Lizzo, Billie Eilish and Camila Cabello they are my biggest girl crushes in the world!

  • Jay Whyeff
    Jay Whyeff 12 hours ago

    She is killing that dress.

  • Thomston T
    Thomston T 12 hours ago

    Marc Cherry is a genius!

  • alxndr
    alxndr 12 hours ago

    When she said she was born on 7/11 and 7 plus 2 is 9, where did the 2 come from?

  • Tiena Busche
    Tiena Busche 12 hours ago

    Loved watch that flirt. She is just gorgeous.

  • Bubba Bott
    Bubba Bott 14 hours ago

    "Is that inappropriate?" "To ask someone what kind of underpants they're wearing?" "I DIDN'T ask you what kind..." "You just ask IF I was wearing any." *YES YOU CREEPY F*CK. It's inappropriate. And Queen Scarlett just made you look like a jackass. Seriously, this guy actually graduated with a degree in journalism?....

  • Alexis Rodriguez
    Alexis Rodriguez 14 hours ago

    El unico Argentino jaja

  • Misty Dobbins
    Misty Dobbins 14 hours ago

    Love you Reba and Vince I remember 1991 Reba always always lots of love for you and all the country FAMILY love you KANE BROWN AND BAND MEMBERS AND KENNY'S SON FIANCE LOTS OF LOVE AND PRAYERS FOR Y'ALL AND KENNY'S FAMILY 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤ WE LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF Y'ALL FROM OKLAHOMA 😘❤❤❤❤❤ GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood 15 hours ago


  • María Calvo
    María Calvo 16 hours ago

    Excellent, JBJ is the BEST human of the world.


    This is a great video. Great Motivation for my channel. If you like this type of interviews follow if u don't mind. If not thanks for your time. #ExtraTV25

  • jacek sinzinger
    jacek sinzinger 16 hours ago

    81170102178103 ucze sie od was tez englisch ,fajnie ze sa normalne kobiety I nie polki

  • محمد سالم
    محمد سالم 17 hours ago


    TRUST DA PROCESS 17 hours ago

    They cut off at the “truth” part..

  • d w
    d w 17 hours ago

    Excuse me ..

  • d w
    d w 17 hours ago

    Good luck ill see you at most recent... Im off to look over Natalie.... She so concerned

  • d w
    d w 17 hours ago

    Come on country boy go for it

  • d w
    d w 17 hours ago

    Dont think shes the only configuration that can do what she can do... Electronics is up in the air

  • d w
    d w 17 hours ago

    Your make money so you got that so go go goooooo

  • d w
    d w 17 hours ago

    You guys better start collecting eggs tech aint just about arms and flight... You gotta learn street game some time

  • d w
    d w 17 hours ago

    American beauty

  • d w
    d w 17 hours ago

    I cant pick one there so so many

  • d w
    d w 17 hours ago

    The drummer boy got him one

  • d w
    d w 17 hours ago

    The 51 there is another

  • d w
    d w 17 hours ago

    Hey the Jolie somebodys got game for you... So yeah cut the bullshit send flowers and modern outing dont try to fuck but try get up on how good she smells. She is beautiful

  • d w
    d w 17 hours ago

    I get it load and clear

  • d w
    d w 17 hours ago

    Hey your on point go with the flow

  • d w
    d w 17 hours ago


  • TheDexmark
    TheDexmark 17 hours ago


  • Guy Farese
    Guy Farese 18 hours ago


  • Mary Nelson
    Mary Nelson 18 hours ago

    She’s actually glowing 💋

  • Luis Enrique El Bohemio

    Hi Theresa, hi from an American in Brasil. My wife and I watch your program religiously until she past away just within the last 4 months. So I'll try to be brief. A few weeks back I asked my wife if she was fine where she was. Next morning a girl who works at the hospital (friend of ours) wrote to me in my WhatsApp that she had dream with my wife and that she was fine. After that I have always wanted to write to you asking for a reading through here. Well, we don't need to anymore. On a reading that I was watching of you and somebody, just yesterday on TV, as you passed a message to the person from his deceased family members, you were being used to give me a message from my wife as well. Loud and clear. Unbelieveable how you scored right on the dot of all she (my wife) was telling me. Thank you for being so dedicated to others here and in spirit. Louie Enrique

    • Anna tomasiello
      Anna tomasiello 8 hours ago

      Luis Enrique El Bohemio please take of yourself and look for the loving signs. 🙏🏼✨🇦🇺

    • Luis Enrique El Bohemio
      Luis Enrique El Bohemio 9 hours ago

      @Anna tomasiello Thank you Anna. It's never fun to think that you will never see that which you shared a piece of life with in this planet. But when you are a believer, things are different and comfort grabs a hold of you just to know that she is in the best place in the Universe and that you will both see each other again.

    • Anna tomasiello
      Anna tomasiello 9 hours ago

      Luis Enrique El Bohemio I am so sorry for your loss, am glad you found some peace in watching Theresa do a reading, you were blessed. Take care and hope life is kind to you 🙏🏼✨💜

  • Cindy Nelson
    Cindy Nelson 18 hours ago

    Sorry Theresa ? I Hate to shop :( hate it ! and I am a women

  • Robert222 Lewis
    Robert222 Lewis 18 hours ago

    holy crap she is almost 54 here??? she looks like a hot 34

  • Patrick Heesakkers
    Patrick Heesakkers 18 hours ago

    The people that dislike this🖕🏻

  • Gene Ryan
    Gene Ryan 19 hours ago

    Was that Billy Bush at the end?

  • TFPS Legend
    TFPS Legend 19 hours ago

    There so hypocritical they do the exact same thing to Donald Trump. They cut out parts of the speech to make him look bad.

  • Steve Knill
    Steve Knill 19 hours ago

    that's me on stage at the 0:10 mark!!!!!

  • Debbie Sullivan
    Debbie Sullivan 19 hours ago

    Love Billy , welcome back!!! Theresa you always bring lots of love to everyone around you!! Thanks 💕🌷

  • klu klux klan
    klu klux klan 19 hours ago

    Governments of the world have done a great job turning citizens into pure retards the comments here smart people it's hard for you to understand how stupid the person's commenting are there zombies most 3 year old babies have a higher iq than the adults walking among us anytime Trump still has supporters you know we're fucked that's scary

  • Helen Eschenbacher
    Helen Eschenbacher 19 hours ago

    As an emergency room doc and former military doc (US Army) I find that Lowe is an absolute embarrassment to the military and emergency medicine. 1) He’s active duty---one MUST shave each day when not in the field. 2) He COMPLETELY disrespected the military funeral showing up unshaven, messy hair in full Army dress blues! This means nothing to civilians...but to us? He’s awful.

  • Josevt Tolentino
    Josevt Tolentino 19 hours ago

    Christian Bale best live action batman imo

  • imani hinton
    imani hinton 19 hours ago

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