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  • Part 2
    Part 2 5 minutes ago

    sure connor’s good, but he’ll never be a pastranak or Mackinnon..

  • Mikey Firmin
    Mikey Firmin 8 minutes ago

    He should've been in yrs ago

  • Bruce Vanstone
    Bruce Vanstone 15 minutes ago

    His head was not down! He saw McSorely coming in late but the elbow came up and he had no chance.

    CANADIAN BONG RIPPER 17 minutes ago

    Steve love dogs. He has the best job in the world

  • Tom & Max Productions
    Tom & Max Productions 19 minutes ago

    So cute 🤩

  • Michael M McDonald
    Michael M McDonald 21 minute ago

    It's all assault

  • Michael M McDonald
    Michael M McDonald 23 minutes ago

    Now that's taking a number..

  • Sue Martino
    Sue Martino 27 minutes ago

    Come to chicago we need a TE

  • vedicardi
    vedicardi 30 minutes ago

    brady > matthew

  • Bill Chepil
    Bill Chepil 31 minute ago

    No doubt about it, this is good for us in Alberta. Reminds me of the dialogue from Wild Bill Hunter in the 60's. He basically brought upscale hockey to Alberta.

  • vedicardi
    vedicardi 32 minutes ago

    this room must smell so bad

  • darrick steele
    darrick steele 34 minutes ago


  • Yobecaps
    Yobecaps 37 minutes ago

    If you don’t like Tim and Sid, you can GTFO

  • 3Vimages
    3Vimages 43 minutes ago

    I am English …. this Gronk fella seems like a great guy. Saw him a bit in his last season. I didn't know until this interview that NFL was so tough ….. we see these players in helmets, shoulder pads and taped up everywhere and think rugby is tougher because they wear minimal padding and no helmets. Gronk opened my eyes to just how brutal the NFL really is.

  • Эльвира Бурбан


  • MrBcardinal35
    MrBcardinal35 45 minutes ago

    Biz seems like a great guy. Ryan Whitney on the other hand seems like a grade A douche.

  • Benedicite Sol
    Benedicite Sol 50 minutes ago

    The kid deserved it. Gritty is a savage.

  • JD Harris
    JD Harris 57 minutes ago

    There’s like 5 guys on the avs that have scored with their face so head butting should count.

  • TheBlackestKey
    TheBlackestKey Hour ago

    We won this game right? (Calgary)

  • P Pumpkin
    P Pumpkin Hour ago

    I feel sorry for every Patriot getting interviewed, most interviews are not really interested in the player, they want to find out about the Patriot way, Belichick, and Brady. So many comments here that Gronk sounds like he's suffering from CTE. But this is always how Gronk has been, he's never been the smartest light bulb, but he always says the right things, and sticks to the fundamentals. He may have lost a little sharpness because he's not in the game, and it's hard to answer the same questions without a new slant after you've been asked 1,000 times.

  • Andrew Sutherland

    What part of "Gritty" did you not understand? He's a goon, get it?

  • Marco
    Marco Hour ago

    I dont know what it is but i dont like these guys lol but lets go SIAKAM!

  • send it
    send it Hour ago

    that 3rd goal shouldn't have been called off obviously inconclusive lmao. Brutal reffing.

  • Sam E
    Sam E Hour ago


  • Kloud Remake
    Kloud Remake Hour ago

    This is all a joke right?

  • Brandon Reid
    Brandon Reid Hour ago

    why didnt the dad just stab gritty it is philly after all

  • Jonathan Hall
    Jonathan Hall Hour ago

    As a Jays fan, I'd like to believe we can only get better and not any worse; but the Orioles are a thing to remind me that they could.

  • Daddy Tube
    Daddy Tube Hour ago

    I have Montreal, Colorado, Florida, Philadelphia to win the cup on my online account.

  • TJ Albritton
    TJ Albritton Hour ago

    Gritty vs 13 year old kid inside.............. HELL IN A CELLLLLLL!!! Jim Ross: BAW DAWD KING!!!

  • Rob Roberts
    Rob Roberts Hour ago

    Stay out Gronk! F-ck football your health is not worth it. You already gave us everything. Love ya champ.

  • KiaRaptor
    KiaRaptor 2 hours ago

    This is the good stuff!

  • deeshmond
    deeshmond 2 hours ago

    How do we know it was Gritty and not Voracek?

  • Nathan Berube
    Nathan Berube 2 hours ago

    I think the oilers or the blues will win the Stanley cup

  • Edustava
    Edustava 2 hours ago

    My left ear did enjoy

  • MusicMan
    MusicMan 2 hours ago

    Tiny breasts

  • laronda10
    laronda10 2 hours ago

    To think that him and ovi have been able to keep up with the evolution of hockey their whole careers has to be marveled! Granted they where way ahead of their time in skating prowess, it's just defensemen these day can actually skate.

  • jason!
    jason! 2 hours ago

    Vancouver Canucks - version of Ryan Kesler was a beast.

  • Mark Guy
    Mark Guy 2 hours ago

    Wow refs are awful. Hops they don't get paid for not showing up. Marchustes should have been kicked first charge. Can't take a clean hit play in the womens league. They don't hit there.

  • BigAProduxions #117x

    Tkachuk got absolutely rag dolled 😂😂😂

    FRANKDTANK13 2 hours ago

    It's a bit screwed up that they're saying the mascot Gritty is guilty of doing this and not the actual person that's in the costume that snapped and assaulted a kid

  • Thomas B.
    Thomas B. 3 hours ago

    What the hell is Henrik Lundqvist doing there?

  • emisoccer •
    emisoccer • 3 hours ago


  • Hogan Turd
    Hogan Turd 3 hours ago

    He's not crying 😢 bout hockey🏒 he crying cause the person next to him farted 💨 and it made his nostril hairs curl ➿ He even puked 🤮 as soon as the camera cut away.

  • Nathan Kam
    Nathan Kam 3 hours ago

    Ovechkin has done the NHL a lot of favours over the course of his career. His fame turned him into one of the most marketable players in the league. He's played in seven all star games. He became the NHL ambassador for hockey in China. For the league to punish him for not showing up for the all star game is disrespect. When has the NHL done ever anything back for him? Please return to the Olympics and do a Global Series game in Russia. Give Ovechkin what he deserves!

  • Chris B
    Chris B 3 hours ago

    Im always down for steve content

  • J MAL
    J MAL 3 hours ago

    ...Вилсон молодчик!!!👍🇷🇺

  • Oaks Armorial
    Oaks Armorial 3 hours ago

    Stop shouting, idiot.

  • Noah Banks
    Noah Banks 3 hours ago

    I can’t actually believe Sportsnet pays this guy to walk around with a microphone. He’s obviously crazy he keeps referencing his imaginary friend Drew. Very unprofessional for such a large organization like Sportsnet. WHY NOT get a real hockey man like Wes Macaulay in there enough of this!

  • Sayeda Hoque
    Sayeda Hoque 3 hours ago

    Im a leafs fan but this could make me shed a tear any day.

  • Bludika
    Bludika 3 hours ago

    Lmao Patrick Stefan as #1 draft hahahaha

    SSIIPP 3 hours ago

    I like that many of these were against the Bruins

  • Josh Lewis
    Josh Lewis 3 hours ago

    Alot of people don't know or remember Paul walker played Zach's cuz on this show!😱

  • Edward Bliss
    Edward Bliss 3 hours ago

    The scary part is that he's getting better

  • Sylvester Newton
    Sylvester Newton 4 hours ago

    Really lazy analysis..almost to the point of being fanboyish...the Chiefs are not going up & down the field on this defense & trying to say that the Chiefs put up the points they put up against the Texans & Titans so they'll do that to SF is just silly as hell..the Titans & Texans both rank in the bottom of the league in defense..neither have a pass rush..the Niners are #2!!! Lol!!!! Plus Mahomes running against the Titans & Texans defense is not the same as trying to run against Kwon Alexander Warner & Greenlaw...they're 3 of the fastest linebackers in the league. & before anyone tries to make the point about the Niners struggles against mobile qbs...all of those games were with both Ford & Alexander out of the lineup.. As far as the Chiefs run defense against Henry...the Titans dont have a Kittle to kill you in play actions plus the Niners running game runs so much misdirection..the Titans running game is a handoff or toss to Henry & whatever direction the play starts in, that's the direction its going...the Niners run game can start in one direction & then comes back the other way after one step..completely different running game to stop with 3 backs that all run 4.3...the Chiefs defense is not built for that kind of speed....

  • garth cowan
    garth cowan 4 hours ago

    Critty Porn gives it to a 13 year from behind !

  • TSanchez
    TSanchez 4 hours ago

    Stick to modeling

  • Hookers n' Cocaine
    Hookers n' Cocaine 4 hours ago

    Those brothers look like someone who would get caught slipping and get told to have a seat by Chris Hansen.

    • Rolie Rebel 03
      Rolie Rebel 03 Hour ago

      Yeah I think you should lay off the cocaine dipshit

  • Obsidian Wolf
    Obsidian Wolf 4 hours ago

    not fair to snub the thrashers/winnipeg jets of a clip. That's 2 clips for the yotes and old jets lineage.

  • Suomalaiskoosteet
    Suomalaiskoosteet 4 hours ago


  • Solo Blue
    Solo Blue 4 hours ago

    He didn't start playing basketball until he was 16, he will only get better.

  • xperrience
    xperrience 4 hours ago

    The difference between this and *Tkatruck* 1) was this was 100% a headshot 2) Dillon still took it like a *big boy* and did not cost his team the game

  • Mark Reeves
    Mark Reeves 4 hours ago

    Made a fan for life and a memory that will be retold hundreds of times ! Creative idea !

  • bfudge
    bfudge 5 hours ago

    Assuming he meant nobody likes to lose.

  • Ryan Harer
    Ryan Harer 5 hours ago

    Give me a break! Have you guys ever heard of Wendell Clark and Marty McSorley? This fight was embarrassing. stew Grimson‘s one punch knock out when he was a king is 10 times better than this flight.. You should be embarrassed that you put this on TV

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt 5 hours ago

    The 15 lbs he put on during the offseason were all balls

  • Sivia Thompson
    Sivia Thompson 5 hours ago

    Imagune if Gronk came back to play with my NINERS ??? KITTLE & GRONK on the same team !!! Him in Shannahan's offence !!!

  • Peter Riedel Photography

    after 2 minutes Nothing was said...... bye

  • speedyV
    speedyV 5 hours ago

    "Butt....... so the Red Wings?

  • Jckle Funny Moments
    Jckle Funny Moments 5 hours ago

    my left ear :(

  • jordan tony
    jordan tony 5 hours ago

    Toronto stop go back to work Toronto not making conference finals. They will make the playoffs

  • jordan tony
    jordan tony 5 hours ago

    Don’t bring back derozan please

  • Mash709
    Mash709 5 hours ago

    Steve asking the important people.

  • c w
    c w 5 hours ago


  • Alex Winter
    Alex Winter 5 hours ago

    Watching in 2020 still get chills!

  • milo MILO
    milo MILO 6 hours ago

    Chiefs going to win they have too much speed

    • Johnny Herrera
      Johnny Herrera 3 hours ago

      I'll bet the farm all the livestock on the farm and even the else Niner win

  • Kev Louie
    Kev Louie 6 hours ago

    Except for maybe the top 2 , the rest are all garbage selection. This is clickbait at it finest.

  • Ramirez
    Ramirez 6 hours ago

    OMG guys get it together! You guys take a very long time to explain things! Annoying to say the least, but I'll keep watching to support your channel.

  • Mike S
    Mike S 6 hours ago

    Chichi is titties in Spanish.

  • Morgan Emiko
    Morgan Emiko 6 hours ago


    HEY YOU 6 hours ago

    Pascal!! You're an All-star now baby!!!

  • Dustin Frey
    Dustin Frey 6 hours ago

    There is one thing you guys are overlooking. If you are looking at the Chiefs D ranking, especially the run D. Their ranking is highly skewed, the defense and especially the run has been top 5 in the NFL since week 11. That is almost 10 weeks, I think it’s a much better barometer to look at their most recent body of work vs the way their early D skewed their numbers as a whole!

  • Jan Vincent
    Jan Vincent 6 hours ago

    NFL should take some tips...

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B 6 hours ago

    Come on no Oilers Steve?....

  • Rick Robitaille
    Rick Robitaille 7 hours ago

    Sorry but i freakin know dog Talk..... EDMONTON OILERS!

  • #MrFretz
    #MrFretz 7 hours ago

    Wholesome entertainment at its best.

  • Keegan Doll
    Keegan Doll 7 hours ago

    hes weird

  • Skankhunt42
    Skankhunt42 7 hours ago

    Quite possibly the ugliest family in NHL history. Did anyone see the picture of the box with all the Tkachuk's sitting in it at the Ottawa game? Literally disgusting.

    • Tanner
      Tanner 6 hours ago

      look pretty or play rough tough hockey. pick one

  • Maurice Sleet
    Maurice Sleet 7 hours ago

    How can they say that the 49ers offense cant keep up? Am I living on Mars?? They outscore the Chiefs every game!!!!

    • G Up
      G Up 6 hours ago

      Maurice Sleet no one in the media will pick the 9ers

  • shordey13
    shordey13 7 hours ago

    probably your best work yet

  • Harry Mills
    Harry Mills 7 hours ago

    Titans abandoned Derrick Henry because KC denied the run. If they didn't get stoned on the ground, they wouldn't've abandoned the run, even if KC scored TDs on 3 or 4 straight drives. Running and keeping the KC D on the field, wearing them down, was a winning strategy, as long as the run was working. KC basically played goal line, and FORCED Tennessee to throw the ball. Their strategy was fine, until KC sold out against the run. And then, as the 2nd half wore on, they started getting to Tannehill, more and more.

  • Jack Otheshadows
    Jack Otheshadows 7 hours ago

    .....I am disconcerted by how many people believe a grown adult in a mascot uniform has to be a well-adjusted mentally stable cognizant and not in need of a drink for how their life has progressed so far..... .....This scenario sounds similar to the mall Santa routine only with adults and teenagers as your main clientele instead of moms and fathers with toddlers and I am not sure which would be more unfortunate or distressing to be Santa Claus or a team mascot getting photos taken with fans.....

  • Troy Beorn Mountain
    Troy Beorn Mountain 7 hours ago

    It's too bad that Kassian didn't knock that numpty's teethguard out of his mouth, whilst rattling some of the teeth that it's supposed to be protecting, instead of it being chewed on the outside of his mouth. Bottom line, use equipment as it's (properly) intended to be used, and don't run around doing what Tkurtlegate did without expecting to get your head caved in. Good job, Tkurtlegate.

  • raging clown in a suit

    This is awesome, we need more good dogs with good picks!

  • Patrick T
    Patrick T 7 hours ago

    Antonio brown said in a tweet: “only playing with @tombrady in 2020” so if Brady stays with the pats, that means Antonio brown plays on the pats, and if Gronk comes back, we will win our 7th super bowl

    • 604 Lamey
      604 Lamey Hour ago

      I think Kraft hates AB a little too much for that.... but that would be a great dream

  • RobloxGamingHP
    RobloxGamingHP 7 hours ago

    Gretzy shot looks like Petterson’s vs Red wings.

  • Jacob Martin
    Jacob Martin 7 hours ago

    No behind the back save on toews, no big crosby slapper save, missed a better one from detriot. Weak list, sick goalie.

  • tsi92awd
    tsi92awd 7 hours ago

    Of course Narwhal picked the Leafs. That dog was dreaming.

  • Evan Reichert - FS_Evtron

    We need a proper sg

  • Joseph Tung
    Joseph Tung 7 hours ago

    Hi Chris, have you figured out the truth yet?