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  • xoobo vola
    xoobo vola 3 hours ago

    Adam Foote our of retirement

  • Nobody _
    Nobody _ 3 hours ago

    Go canes!!!

  • hockeycub19
    hockeycub19 3 hours ago

    Lol dubnyk is garbage

  • Dominic Gerace
    Dominic Gerace 3 hours ago

    I'm named after him!!!

  • Frankie JRlll
    Frankie JRlll 3 hours ago

    I’ve seen worse this was soft

  • EG3 Assassin
    EG3 Assassin 3 hours ago

    LetsGoCanes❤️🏒🥅 Great Game, Svech is a boss! GG Wilds!

  • Toxic man
    Toxic man 3 hours ago

    Looks like the center of the universe is in trouble again? The 53 year shanaplan is now in effect

  • John Korfeh
    John Korfeh 3 hours ago


  • Jared Beaver
    Jared Beaver 3 hours ago


  • James Penney
    James Penney 3 hours ago

    Ok boomer

  • Solved 911
    Solved 911 3 hours ago


  • Stephen Payne
    Stephen Payne 3 hours ago

    Tie Domi was, and remains, one of the biggest idiots on planet Earth. I am sure Max will attempt to beat his father's record.

  • Toxic man
    Toxic man 3 hours ago

    Nice way to go bruins

  • MrSh4des
    MrSh4des 3 hours ago

    I really despise these internet tough guys who say hockeys becoming a girly sport because people arent getting killed or braindamaged. It was an illegal hit.

  • Marshall Adams
    Marshall Adams 4 hours ago

    You’re right... they’re better. To do what these guys are doing in today’s NHL has zero comparison. Idc what you think. Gretzky played in a time where if you even raised the puck off the ice you would score. That and the fact that humans are just naturally always getting better at what we do.

  • ARusso22TV
    ARusso22TV 4 hours ago

    Wayne wouldn’t be that good in today’s game and plus the goalies were trash back in the day

  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams 4 hours ago

    Huge habs fan here. That was a beautiful hit, clean as hell. Thats hockey.

  • BlinkZz _YT
    BlinkZz _YT 4 hours ago

    Left his feet

  • Johnny Guy321
    Johnny Guy321 4 hours ago

    Watch my livestream

  • Sarah Galloway
    Sarah Galloway 4 hours ago

    I was at the game. really good I would say though there was an *ANNOYING* fan next to us

  • Tom Wilson
    Tom Wilson 4 hours ago

    Cry some more Sid. Mcdavid and Drai are the modern day Gretzky and Kurri. Its not the 80s anymore

  • rob rick
    rob rick 4 hours ago

    It's great and all but some of those goals were weak, if those went in today that goalie would get sent down. I know it was 40 years ago and equipment/goaltending wasn't the same but it's still rough to look out. You can argue all you want about difficulty but we're not playing, we're watching. That's were the entertainment comes from. And 70s hockey is not something I would watch.

  • Tyler Stevens
    Tyler Stevens 4 hours ago

    Check the comparison at the end of the regular season.

  • Toxic Koala
    Toxic Koala 4 hours ago

    Sid: hOw DaRe YoU Me: ok boomer

  • avatarmoney01
    avatarmoney01 4 hours ago

    Niggas been sleepin on Raps. They'll have a rude awakening again this seazonnnnn

  • moedanglez
    moedanglez 4 hours ago

    Gretzky scored on goalies who wore couch cushions for pads and thought a butterfly was just a bug

  • Ssaa nn
    Ssaa nn 4 hours ago

    Somebody please kill Marchand.

  • allo
    allo 4 hours ago

    Drouin injured, but I doubt the Nhl will review that

    FOCUS MSK 4 hours ago

    На хрена Панарин в этот дырявый Нью Йорк поперся?

  • Louisse Alvarez
    Louisse Alvarez 4 hours ago

    I have high regard for men who have pure talent, who’s smart, kind-hearted, and stays grounded despite the fame and fortune. Fred Vanvleet is one of those rare finds. A guy who’s talented & a genuine heart like no other. Masai should do whatever it takes to let FVV stay with the Raptors. Just like any other “great finds” by the Raptors, FVV is worth a penny. Let’s get more dubs, Raptors! #BetOnYourself #WeTheNorth

    • Diego
      Diego 3 hours ago

      Mrs. Alvarez, this is one of the most beautiful comment ever. You did it !!

  • the rooster
    the rooster 4 hours ago

    Ron I've been waiting to throw you under the bus Maclean.

  • autistic Hockeyguy
    autistic Hockeyguy 4 hours ago

    God I’m tired of these comparisons. Mcdavid is easily more talented than prime Gretzky, he’s easily the most talented player to ever play. If Mcdavid player in the 80’s he’d have 500 points a season lol

  • Riley
    Riley 4 hours ago

    Gretzky’s the goat but McDavid and Drai would skate circles around him and Kurri

  • Дима Багров

    Лучше ты так сука финам забил, а не в носу ковырял

  • Play Maker
    Play Maker 4 hours ago

    Left his feet before the hit, im surprised they didn't give him a penalty. Drouin was playing well for us, i just hope his injury isn't to serious. I still love Ovi, he's a beast.

  • Roland Karwiese
    Roland Karwiese 4 hours ago

    Tcachuck needs a good beating he's a goof

  • africaRBG
    africaRBG 4 hours ago

    Paul Kariya was my favourite as a kid in the 90s. That was a happy moment.

  • Jwamer Jalal
    Jwamer Jalal 4 hours ago

    “It’s like comparing Mason Rudolph to Terry Bradshaw” Sid are you alright in the head? Lol

  • MrMessoblues
    MrMessoblues 5 hours ago

    Dumba's a typical ...

  • Gogalen789
    Gogalen789 5 hours ago

    Good point in this podcast about the need for a team to have high skill and a strong work ethic to excel in the NHL at an elite level. Let us not forget that parity in the NHL is also a factor especially in the last 6 years. This creates very tight competition among many teams in the standings throughout the regular season where dominance is very difficult to achieve. It's not a teaspoon or tablespoon of parity....more like a tall mug of parity.

  • Matt Hix
    Matt Hix 5 hours ago

    Cheap shot concussions are hard to watch

  • It's ch.illmatic
    It's ch.illmatic 5 hours ago

    Wow who knew Fans will shut up when players tell them to🤔

  • Dave Liebrock
    Dave Liebrock 5 hours ago

    The hit. It is what it is, but I think that would be called 8 out of 10 times and most likely if the Caps were up 3-0 or vicea versa. In this new NHL it's all about the inconsistency of the referring.

  • cdb broadfield
    cdb broadfield 5 hours ago

    Doing for a living and doing it when you move is two different things. Its routine as a job. And I’m sure there not making minimum wage

  • ramzi1979
    ramzi1979 5 hours ago

    He is probably the greatest player of all time

  • Mitch Farkas
    Mitch Farkas 5 hours ago

    Looks like he just woke up and is about to cook up some vegan oatmeal.

  • Trolls Ter
    Trolls Ter 5 hours ago

  • Marcel Watchmaker
    Marcel Watchmaker 5 hours ago

    Wow Sid is such a leafs whiney baby fan js.

  • Trolls Ter
    Trolls Ter 5 hours ago

    McDavid needs to take a shower.

  • Иван Ренькин

    овечкич - негодяй!! оvechkin is scoundrel!!

  • Adam Nowlin
    Adam Nowlin 5 hours ago

    If we get the goaltending under control we will be very dangerous. Let’s go sharks!

  • foist
    foist 5 hours ago

    Sometimes the past several years of garbage gets me a bit down, but then I get to go to Rogers and see McDavid and Drai put up an 11 point night and all is well.

  • cdb broadfield
    cdb broadfield 5 hours ago

    Nylander and kappy trade thats 9.5 million in cap room. Backup goaltender and a gritty player

  • Damien Chance
    Damien Chance 5 hours ago

    Wow... crunch - a - rama @ 0:15

  • montreal canada
    montreal canada 5 hours ago

    Good game

  • Damien Chance
    Damien Chance 5 hours ago

    Too late Matt Murray..ha ha ha @ 2:30

  • Behind The Line
    Behind The Line 5 hours ago

    No one is sleeping over here. Come to the channel.

  • Wes Desilets
    Wes Desilets 5 hours ago

    I'm curious what the high stick was not called ignorance in the main office I guess watching the monitors change the complexion of the game good job. I am not a leafs fan hate bad decisions.

  • Kesler
    Kesler 5 hours ago

    How did these guys get a job? Seriously my dog could look at that play and tell you it was a thrown stick. Sports has incompetent reffing all the time but the NHL is on another level. It's like they just went to the ODR and picked up 5 guys who could skate.

  • More Notion
    More Notion 5 hours ago

    I hope they never take fighting out of hockey. I love the passion and the fact you can stand up for your teammates. Look at the respect that matt benning earned for sticking up for mcdavid. Love the sport

  • smagmatits
    smagmatits 5 hours ago

    Clean hit

  • Damien Chance
    Damien Chance 5 hours ago

    Wow...I think the puck cross the line @ 1:03 as they look at the replay.

  • crbox`TV
    crbox`TV 5 hours ago

    I cringed so hard when he sais “How dare you?!”

  • Austin Neveau
    Austin Neveau 5 hours ago

    Inb4 clippers are a first round exit because I 100% believe they are the worse team and the lack of depth will hurt them.

  • Stones Stones
    Stones Stones 5 hours ago

    They don’t help their teammates in this whack ass sport?

  • Godest SM
    Godest SM 6 hours ago

    where the habs at?

  • Ovie8champ18
    Ovie8champ18 6 hours ago

    Damn, didn’t look good for both players. Even is Ovie didn’t leave his feet, Drouin would’ve got steamrolled anyways lol

  • Jane Sexton
    Jane Sexton 6 hours ago

    Blues won the cup

  • Hoof Hearted
    Hoof Hearted 6 hours ago

    Kassian get beat up when he fights a fighter👊 so now he only fight little guys an runs star players👎

  • Valters Ļipovskis
    Valters Ļipovskis 6 hours ago


  • Lawrence Johanson
    Lawrence Johanson 6 hours ago

    They will miss the playoffs at this rate!!!

  • Zorro de la vega
    Zorro de la vega 6 hours ago

    It was the greatest Stanley Cup playoffs ever played. Jacques Demers was my favorite coach ever. He treated the players with respect and he was such a positive guy.

  • pierce harman
    pierce harman 6 hours ago

    wdym holtbys save in game 2 of the cup was the most memorable how is it not

  • Newt Vampiric
    Newt Vampiric 6 hours ago

    Yay fighting in hockey is great isn't it? Throw a big clean hit to cause a 2 on 1 with mcd and drai just for it to be stopped so we can watch a 30 second tussle, anyone who keeps lying to themselves about how exciting fighting makes the game needs a catscan.

  • 100% Canadian
    100% Canadian 6 hours ago

    Nothing melts my heart more than seeing a frog getting flattened.

    • Dave Liebrock
      Dave Liebrock 5 hours ago

      Oh really hilarious. I know how about , grow up !

  • Newt Vampiric
    Newt Vampiric 6 hours ago

    As an oil fan still gotta give props to bennett, matthew tkaturtle? not so much.

  • Que_Rico
    Que_Rico 6 hours ago

    Masai is a genius, there's just no other way to express what he's doing in my city. FVV, Siakam, TD, RHJ, Bouch... Goodness me!

  • Chrisduerksen
    Chrisduerksen 6 hours ago

    People gotta start having their head up. The lack of big hits in the game have made players unaware of their surroundings

  • crepper007 07
    crepper007 07 6 hours ago

    Это пиз..ц полный провал Вашингтона. Они походу - весь день калдырили. Только в третьей двадцатиминутки начали шевелиться.

  • Thomas Labelle
    Thomas Labelle 6 hours ago

    If McDavid stays healthy and play 20 seasons he will be the second player to cross the 2,000 points mark, obviously if Lemieux would've been healthy he would've been in the 2,500+ points range as well but unfortunately it didn't happen. Crosby is going to get close to that mark too but he will probably finish his career in the 1,700-1,900 pts range because of injuries too, no matter what were seeing 2 guys that are top 5 all time play at the same time right now.

  • KAHLONification
    KAHLONification 6 hours ago

    Are the other Oilers players (3rd 4th line) even playing in this game?

  • dc018
    dc018 6 hours ago

    Career game against a team that's dismantled by injuries

  • Alexander A
    Alexander A 6 hours ago

    then there isles fans and tavares

  • don key
    don key 6 hours ago

    I have to go with Matt Tkachuk with the between the legs one timer top shelf from the mid slot even tho Im an oilers guy and huge connor fan you cant top that for overall epic sickness

  • humpatron3000
    humpatron3000 6 hours ago

    Sportsnet is weak you people are too sensitive

  • meme dream team
    meme dream team 6 hours ago

    That’s charging

  • John Bobbitt
    John Bobbitt 6 hours ago

    Clean hit. Fighting is a joke. Calvert took a beating too.

  • Austin Mimis
    Austin Mimis 6 hours ago

    Definitely left his feet before the hit

  • Michael Illes
    Michael Illes 6 hours ago

    Didn’t Gretzky himself exclaim that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with McDavid’s pace even in his own prime?

  • Sam Ferrara
    Sam Ferrara 6 hours ago

    Canadiens.I went to the islanders vs hurricane’s game.

  • Art and Music
    Art and Music 6 hours ago

    It's too soon.

    THEYCALLMEJIRO 6 hours ago

    U click-baited me on “Sid” lol

  • Mr Burk
    Mr Burk 7 hours ago

    Mcdavid is better than Gretsky that is so obvious lol

  • Dylan Osmond
    Dylan Osmond 7 hours ago

    Lmfao! SID is da man! . 100% mr. Sid i agree

  • Hockey Express
    Hockey Express 7 hours ago

    Absolutely no one: 4:03 We have got ourselves a hockey game you talked about SCOOOORRRRESSSSSS

  • A Pissed Off Programmer

    Stop using Boston's broadcast audio. Their announcers are insanely obnoxious

    • John Browne
      John Browne 4 hours ago

      He's insanely funny and entertaining.

  • Ben L
    Ben L 7 hours ago

    Skates over a foot off the ice before hit.

  • jean-francois filion

    I have l9ts of respect for ovi but that was a dirty hit he so jump to get him

  • Carter Lewis
    Carter Lewis 7 hours ago

    Sid don’t be a jerk.

  • NerdWithFriends
    NerdWithFriends 7 hours ago

    Serious question: Are the Oilers better than the Leafs?