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  • Barry Thomas
    Barry Thomas 3 minutes ago

    How many kids have died in quad bike rollovers. If it saves one life why is there even a debate ???

  • Michael Ayliffe
    Michael Ayliffe 3 minutes ago

    The Neoliberial experiment was to create a energy monopoly for the plutocrats and the donor class. Gee the poor are now paying big time, every time you eat, to the plutocrats who have the ability to write more debt. The kids can see whats going on, 25000 potentual voters.

  • Scott Hendricks
    Scott Hendricks 7 minutes ago

    Australia. Aim really low so you can over achieve.

  • richard wilmot Ph.D
    richard wilmot Ph.D 9 minutes ago


  • Scott Hendricks
    Scott Hendricks 9 minutes ago

    Why get an education if you don't listen to the educated

  • wild man
    wild man 10 minutes ago

    More deaths due to lightning in Australia over the same period.

  • Blackwindzero
    Blackwindzero 14 minutes ago

    We should remove seat belts from cars because people become complacent. Seat belts are a crutch.

  • 100krypton
    100krypton 14 minutes ago

    Mr Morrison must be aware that the US pulled out of an international agreement on constraints of Nuclear developments that Iran was in full compliance with. The US then imposed sanctions on Iran which has now become A TOTAL financial blockade. I do not think the people of Australia will allow any participation with the US and its threatened genocidal war mongering.against Iran. We do not all agree with the lack of freedom in IRAN, however we have no right to attack, kill and maim the people of Iran and destroy their homes and infrastructure. The USA. Israel and Saudi Arabia must refrain from any retaliation for unproven claims that Iran attacked the Saudi Refinery which may have even been a false flag given that the US has had plans to invade Iran for years as well as Israel. And what would be the result? Millions of men, women and children will be murderered plus many American soldiers will end up in bodybags. So Mr Morrison must be reminded of the thousands of Australians killed in Vietnam. To what end as we are not forgiven for murdering Vietnamese soldiers and rice farmers.(and never will be.) As the Vietnam war was inhumane folly created by a false flag event NO, all the way with warmongering USA MR MORRISON. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL GOD TO BLESS AMERICA. A GOOD STATESMAN SHOULD SHOW RESTRAINT as We are a separate sovereign state from the US and not a dependant

  • Animal Farm
    Animal Farm 16 minutes ago

    Why are you interviewing the Rhodes Scholar Angus Taylor in some pathetic attempting to get to the truth about the government's stance on anthropogenic climate change? The government has no position; it only follows orders. You won't get any honest answers from this Washington sycophant; you might as well be asking the same questions of Darren Woods of Exxon Mobil or the libertarian Charles Koch of Koch Industries. By exposing your viewers to such a programmed deceptive response by this plutocratic minion, do you think you may be insulting the intelligence of your audience?

  • Croc Meister
    Croc Meister 16 minutes ago

    So sad to see the rot at Insiders has continued. Fran is a massive establishment stooge that always ultimately let's the LNP get past when it *matters* before a big election for example. Going hard (somewhat) now is far too little too late I'm afraid. This guy is a freaking criminal and a corrupt individual who has a documented history of increasing his own self enrichment, and for his relatives & mates. We have to wake up to these kind of sellouts. So sad.

  • douglas howard
    douglas howard 17 minutes ago

    police lie ,video doesn't. now sue the buggers.

  • 303wilson
    303wilson 18 minutes ago

    Another ponzi

  • 보주
    보주 20 minutes ago

    No Abe!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡 He has not aplogized to Korea for past mistakes! We dont hate Japan, just hate Abe!

  • Todd Wright
    Todd Wright 20 minutes ago

    He is so full of shit, Im surprised his suit wasn't brown.

  • James Irwin
    James Irwin 21 minute ago

    The point of the fact is.. stop making me look bad. Lol.

  • Mindless Shoppers
    Mindless Shoppers 24 minutes ago

    How the hell did this fool get his position!

  • Crow Eater
    Crow Eater 25 minutes ago

    Why is this the responsibilty of the Fed to legislate? They are not road legal, and cannot be driven legally on national roads. This is clearly a states issue at the most even then, they are not used in public areas and are confined to private and comercial use. Let the private sector look after itself. We dont need government regulation on this matter.

  • Kers1
    Kers1 28 minutes ago

    "We are doing what we can, It needs to be a worldwide effort." Mate I can come up with 4 simple solutions on the spot. 1. 3% new Internal Combustion Engine car tax to pay off a 25% electric car subsidy. That'll boost electric car usage, reduce our fossil fuel dependency, increase road safety, fund new tech and boost Australian mines. 2. Ban fossil fuel imports for energy consumption. That'll force us to use either Australian coal and gas boosting those industries or boost the amount of renewables in Aus. That'll heavily reduce power prices, make us more independent, boost tech research and reduce our fossil fuel dependency. 3. Massive Reforestation projects. Create the goal to have as many trees as we did in the year 2000. That'll increase soil quality, biodiversity, pollution, make cities and towns cooler, provide thousands of jobs and heavily reduce our CO2 output. 4. Create a carbon trading scheme. Do what businesses have been asking for for years. Reward them for reducing emissions and penalize them for using more. Then allow them to trade carbon emissions from one year to the next so it doesn't damage them. It's really not that difficult to reduce emissions. The problem is, the Liberals don't care.

    LAZY DOG 30 minutes ago

    What about protecting the doggies 🐶 They don’t even have helmets on 😨

  • Uninstall
    Uninstall 31 minute ago

    These kids are missing out on economics lessons. There is a reason why climate change will happen and there’s nothing that can be done. Until China and the USA make the big decisions.

  • Karl Macbeth
    Karl Macbeth 36 minutes ago

    ABC has lost touch with the people!

  • Joanne
    Joanne 37 minutes ago

    Well profit, greed and lack of education shouldn't be at the expense of our future.

  • Uninstall
    Uninstall 38 minutes ago

    Jeez the liberal MP logic in this one. Modern cars come with more safety features doesn’t mean you drive over the limit or while on ice because of complacency. What ever happened to following the law.

  • Jeffrey Gismondo
    Jeffrey Gismondo 40 minutes ago

    Even more more individual rights and freedoms to be stripped from Aussies. This is ridiculous! There are far more deaths in relation to alcohol, and cars in this country and there going to focus on Quad Bikes! Heck, bicycles and motorbikes cause more death they should focus on them not waste their time and our taxpayer dollars on Quad Bikes!

  • J A
    J A 40 minutes ago

    Deals have to be good deals. Hahahhaha. Whilst he is bent over copping one from Trump in the arse.

  • J G
    J G 41 minute ago

    I've rolled twice, it's always been due to turning too quickly or hitting a pot hole.

  • Rhys Hughes
    Rhys Hughes 44 minutes ago

    Students are marching to educate coal lobby compromised politicians. And Taylor saying Australia is doing it's bit by leading from the tail, just demonstrates their commitment to fossil fuel futures and not the future generation of students that will cleaning up their mess.

  • SuperHkang
    SuperHkang 44 minutes ago

    i thought asian people were smart investors? wtf? guess theyre just greedy and stupid. imagine loosing 200K, pathetic

  • J A
    J A 44 minutes ago

    Globally coordinated means they don’t have their own policy. It’s a bit like Australia’s foreign policy. But it’s not Australia’s policy. It was downloaded from Washington.

  • 425xxxxx
    425xxxxx 45 minutes ago

    Korea KBS reported that the Tanzania Central Bank issued a commemorative coin for Dokdo island (Takeshima in Japanese name). However, the central bank of Tanzania officially denied it on September 18 with the expression “malicious”. In Korea, such malicious propaganda is rampant and makes people with weak information believe. So you can guess how credible is the basis of Koreans criticism of Japan.

  • SAB8SAB8
    SAB8SAB8 45 minutes ago

    They wouldn't have to strike if these dickheads did their job properly. Libtards and their voters still stuck in the 1950s!!!

  • Rndm Fella
    Rndm Fella 46 minutes ago

    "you know titanium is much tougher than steel".. lmfao NO we don't, because it is NOT! Stupid ignorant idiot

  • Mick
    Mick 46 minutes ago

    More money raising nanny state garbage. Roll over again Aussie. Your government has spoken. Vaping is next.

    • shooter downunder
      shooter downunder 27 minutes ago

      Mick vaping has already been heavily regulated to the point of being pretty much banned even though there are a few areas of getting around it

  • J A
    J A 48 minutes ago

    Basically people and government are stupid.

  • Vancouver Island Waterjet

    Here in Canada our offroad bikes need to be registered. This has done nothing for safety, it is just another tax grab.

  • Rotor Thermotech
    Rotor Thermotech 51 minute ago

    With all the time teachers take off with strike action for pay rises not surprising students are learning from their teachers 🤔

  • SuperHkang
    SuperHkang 52 minutes ago

    im indian and i would have to say living in sydney australia that chinese people are very greedy for money and they lack manners i noticed, dont worry i know indian ppl are not that far behind. actually they shouldnt allow anymore asian and indian and muslim ppl in australia anymore.

  • Rotor Thermotech
    Rotor Thermotech 53 minutes ago

    Students don’t really learn much at 1 day at school, that time can easily be made up

  • Vicki Diana Coghlan
    Vicki Diana Coghlan 57 minutes ago

    Exactly!! I scratch your back, you scratch mine.

  • SuperHkang
    SuperHkang 57 minutes ago

    dont underestimate the greed of average people and the stupidity.

  • Narrs Tilbury XOXO
    Narrs Tilbury XOXO 58 minutes ago

    One day won’t kill their education.... grow up

  • Paul howitt
    Paul howitt Hour ago

    Energy minister would love to have hundreds of thousands take a day off school to March in support of the liberals

    • MrTrashCompaktor
      MrTrashCompaktor 16 minutes ago

      He's probably organizing Gina and the Minerals Council to pay for some.

  • aqualinknun
    aqualinknun Hour ago

    "Word of mouth" = sheep behaviour

  • Ben Keller
    Ben Keller Hour ago

    These kids are seeing the change in climate just as much as the adults. We have seen a huge change over the years, we adults should be more active. You could set your watch in Brisbane in the 70's to the early 90's for the Nov/Dec storms unrolling across the skyline like a carpet. We are lucky to see rain now a days throughout that time. The baby boomers have had such a great time and the generations before that you have burnt away the future of your children for cheap gains. Cheap oil and energy, free education (tertiary included) and free health care (no need for private), full time jobs with sick leave and holiday leave. How lucky is one to find a full time job with such benifits in todays work force? The people we vote into place are only interested in themselves and their friends, no the constituents. How many out there own shares in the financial market. Does corporate tax cuts help you out at all? Sure the baby boomers and generation before have a house or two, a couple of grand in shares here and there perhaps. Unfortunately that generation is facing the end. The younger generations are coming to the fore and the majority of us are hard done by, suffering, angry and truly want a change. The disparity of wealth is in our face every day. Seeing Bentley, Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrai's and Porsche vehicles in our face every day, the street I live in is majority low income residence where your lucky to have a clean street once a week, yet 2 streets over its immaculate (and terrace/houses retail at $1.5 million each). We face two worlds each day, one for the rich, the other for the workers/poor. As long as there's disparity of wealth and a sense of favouritism there will never be freedom.

  • Stuart Heidenreich

    The Australian electorate proved at the last election that they don't give a toss about climate. Pesky Muslims and fake reputation for managing the economy is all they care about

  • Rndm Fella
    Rndm Fella Hour ago

    Why should they care about an education when there's no world to live in once they reach adulthood

  • Les Field
    Les Field Hour ago

    They keep showing the voters that they made a bad mistake electing the Muppets 🎃🙈

    • Fatal Shore
      Fatal Shore 6 minutes ago

      People vote in their own self interest. They voted to keep their $700 a year in franking credits and let the planet burn.

  • Crowzur
    Crowzur Hour ago

    What a scumbag. Profits over the environment and human life. Liberal Party won't do anything because they only want their coal lobbyists to keep paying them

  • Lecia Forster
    Lecia Forster Hour ago

    Talking head. I do not perceive any genuine concern. Passing the buck to the global community is not taking responsibility. Yes, of course everyone must do their bit. Are you doing yours?

    • Al Pal
      Al Pal Hour ago

      Yes. I have stop shopping at plastic shops.

    • Gary Hoffmann
      Gary Hoffmann Hour ago

      Does lip service count?

  • Timon
    Timon Hour ago

    Newington College still gets its power from a coal fired power station. 😂

  • J T
    J T Hour ago

    Morrison is sitting there in the WH like a kid...a joke.

    LAZY DOG Hour ago

    Fran Kelly is good at her job 👍🏼

  • Jack Richardson
    Jack Richardson Hour ago

    Says the bloke who sits on the bench with Geoge Christensen and a slew of other Climate Change deniers.

  • Tom Mench
    Tom Mench Hour ago

    The lavish welcome was to commit scomo to as many assets for the Iran invasion

  • Steven Peake Trains and stuff

    The point that should be realised is the kids will be voting in 10 years time. 3 elections or so. A lot of denialists will be dead in 10 years. Change will come.

    • Peter Helmore
      Peter Helmore Hour ago

      aha , but do the government give a st--f <no > they just care themselves ,,,, we coud have changed but oh no queenslanders did not care about the future !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ian Lonergan
    Ian Lonergan Hour ago

    A neocon.....what would you expect?

  • baits
    baits Hour ago

    Tump wants to buy Australia .

  • Aussie Pom
    Aussie Pom Hour ago

    It reminds me of the mass marchers of the Hitler Youth where you will agree with our agenda and god help you if you don't. The whole green movement is like the Nazis they use exactly the same tactics and dogma.

  • Robert Allen
    Robert Allen Hour ago

    "How many Diggers did ScoMo promise Trump to help Prince Bonesaw protect Saudi Oil Fields from Iran? Does ScoMo have any children old enough to fight for oil yet?"

  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris Hour ago

    Of course, this morally corrupt government, wouldn't be complaining, if the students were out supporting a right-wing cause.

  • beo wulf
    beo wulf Hour ago


    • James Irwin
      James Irwin 3 minutes ago

      Truth is he's right but, that comment is about 2 generations too late.

    • James Irwin
      James Irwin 5 minutes ago

      NO WE'RE NOT!. UMM... whatever are you talking about???

    • Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya Hour ago

      This minister is the deepstate loony

    • Jack Richardson
      Jack Richardson Hour ago

      You're a looney.

  • iam1ina1000000
    iam1ina1000000 Hour ago

    Haaaah! The Donald is clearly trapped in the 80's when he was in his prime, and everyone was using tanning beds... he has no clue how ridiculous the orange face and the white circles around his eyes (from tanning bed safety goggles) look today. How embarrassing for the American people to have a clown for a president and to be the laughing stock of the world. (We won't mention anything about the desperate attempt to look young with the over the top bleached blonde hair... it speaks for itself!)

  • Challenge Maruti V

    Lvu sir from india🇮🇳

  • Ronald Mcdonald
    Ronald Mcdonald Hour ago

    Listen to this shit if China and India do nothing it doesn’t matter what Australia does FFS wake up you woke nuf nufs time to move on to important issues like our farmers

  • Tom Mench
    Tom Mench Hour ago

    Time for an independent broadcaster that isnt financed by the government Im not interested in the BS that comes out of the ABC a network that has decided to join the MSM propaganda

  • Sy Sharp
    Sy Sharp Hour ago

    Let's end the forced importation of foreign consumers to Australia. It's time for a positive change ❤

    • Sy Sharp
      Sy Sharp 57 minutes ago

      @Haruhi Suzumiya The Australian government is continuing the colonisation of indigenous land and traditional populations. Each neo-colonists comes to Australia knowing that they are perpetuating in this disgusting process. Things are about to change ❤

    • Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya Hour ago

      @Sy Sharp as far as I know, mining companies are the most common indigenous land thieves Perhaps foreign investment is not particularly well disclosed to the public.

    • Sy Sharp
      Sy Sharp Hour ago

      @Haruhi Suzumiya The government is indeed teaming up with willing neo colonists to perpetuate the theft of indigenous land. Times will change for the better

    • Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya Hour ago

      We don't import foreign consumers they come on their own volition.

  • FlyerTuck
    FlyerTuck Hour ago

    Ya lost your credibility at "we don't know" we do know.

  • Cindy Rogers
    Cindy Rogers Hour ago

    It's a waste of time, money & resources. Kids should be in school learning, not protesting about climate change which this government will simply ignore.

    • Lecia Forster
      Lecia Forster Hour ago

      Cindy Rogers, kids are aware of the mess they have inherited from those who have preceded them, those who have been motivated by greed and short sightedness. Students are looking after their own interests and those of a dying planet. With regard to what children learn in school? The system teaches them to follow rules, regardless of logic, and to stay inside the box. Creative solutions will be the planet’s salvation, provided it is already not too late. Kid’s need to think outside the box and be proactive. Kudos to those who have the foresight and determination to change our world in a positive way.

    • Gary Hoffmann
      Gary Hoffmann Hour ago

      The government should be doing what they are supposed to be doing REPRESENTING THE PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA, not looking after the interests of their cashed-up donors.

  • Stikibits
    Stikibits Hour ago

    Why does the ABC have vile propagandists, like this corrupt scoundrel, on to disinform Australians?! The minister should be tried and hanged in the Hague for crimes against humanity, ffs. At the very least he should be in a jail for the criminally insane.

    • Stikibits
      Stikibits 19 minutes ago

      @Haruhi Suzumiya Nope, the public sphere of a democracy runs on objectivity and evidence, champ. How did you get so dangerously ignorant? And the LNP does advocate death and injury on many things such as our involvement in illegal wars, our denying the human rights of refugees and the destruction of life on Earth with their crazy anti-global-warming policies.

    • Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya Hour ago

      @Stikibits as long as they don't advocate for death or injury to individuals.

    • Stikibits
      Stikibits Hour ago

      @Haruhi Suzumiya Foisting propaganda like the LNP's is tyrannical. It's the same as giving the Nazis a platform. Our public sphere is meant to be objective and evidence-based. This was just crazed propaganda from a corrupt despot and raving madman that the ABC gave a platform to. It's the opposite of a democratic Press.

    • Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya Hour ago

      It's mandated by the ABC commission policy

  • Random person
    Random person Hour ago

    1:00 that guys eyebrows 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • tranilator
    tranilator Hour ago

    The minister himself requires further education and empathy.

    • Gary Hoffmann
      Gary Hoffmann Hour ago

      He is probably trying to be more like peter dutton.

  • Jonah Bechara
    Jonah Bechara Hour ago

    1. The whole point of a strike is to do it during the time you are expected to do something else 2. Shouldn't Angus be concerned about the farmers he has left, literally in the dry, with his disasterous water policy and crook buyback scheme?

  • MrTrashCompaktor

    Good to see Fran doing good in this interview.

  • Ben Keller
    Ben Keller Hour ago

    Trump did so well he shook Australia down for a $150 million dollar boost to the NASA budget each year. Australia barely has 23 million people in the whole country. Thats a huge chunk of the nations budget being siphoned off to prop up the USA's space program. Bet no one will hear about that in Australia.

    • Justin M
      Justin M 24 minutes ago

      Barely 23 million, try almost 25.5. It's $150 million over 5 years not every year. That is NOT a huge chunk of the budget even if it was a per year figure. We are spending around 190 BILLION this year on welfare. In short, that's around 0.07% of our welfare budget alone (based on $150 million annually.) You fail to mention that sum allows Australian businesses and scientists to be involved in NASA programs. You could argue that that's "pay to play" and you would be right, but that's part of the game. Also, the mainstream media here has been reporting on it.

  • Peter Helmore
    Peter Helmore Hour ago

    he and the australian government are not worrying , they are laughing

    • Gary Hoffmann
      Gary Hoffmann Hour ago

      scott morrison is busy getting lubed up by donald trump.

  • Lonewolf12251
    Lonewolf12251 Hour ago

    We need a new government as little to nothing is being done to reduce emissions.

  • Joseph Benjamin
    Joseph Benjamin Hour ago

    Start with Simon Hardy’s calculations.

  • N .A
    N .A Hour ago

    @2:20 who's she?

  • Tom Mench
    Tom Mench Hour ago

    When our currency has the same buying power as Thailand & the Philippines i know its all BS for the masses

  • Bogan Bob
    Bogan Bob Hour ago

    Headline should read as "Liberal party's around the world have a problem....And Men are losing patience."

  • dadadruma Marcopoulos

    Trump is simply the 21st century Adolf Hitler PERIOD

  • David Darling
    David Darling Hour ago


  • Theo Thistledon
    Theo Thistledon Hour ago

    You the public are to blame for the climate change. Stop consuming products. Every time you buy something you are creating a demand for products. Stop having babies. Reduce the population. We need to get back to 3.5 billion people not close to 8 billion. Stop buying rubbish. Stop buying cosmetics. Stop buying things you don't need. Stop buying gadgets. STOP BUYING! Only buy things like food and don't buy junk food.

  • Tanmoy Samanta
    Tanmoy Samanta 2 hours ago

    These channels promote anti Immigrant sentiments and when this centiments reach a boiling point, then they turn liberal and ask why people are against the Immigrants, the same thing happened in the USA

  • kolo la
    kolo la 2 hours ago

    Ask others constr to complete it

  • Theo Thistledon
    Theo Thistledon 2 hours ago

    I am cringing waiting for some unpleasant announcement. It will be bad for Australia for sure.

  • Theo Thistledon
    Theo Thistledon 2 hours ago

    I'm just waiting for Scott to announce the massive military hardware order. 😏 paid for by Australian taxpayers. Deep state and the military industrial complex rubbing their greedy hands together. 😤😖

  • Michael Beers
    Michael Beers 2 hours ago

    I’m an American and I feel our government is corrupt.

    SDFG SDFG 2 hours ago

    Another thing with religion is they help the vulnerable. But they help with the intention of something in exchange, their membership and conversion. That's quite awful in my pov because they use humanitarianism to get their means or as the social media influencers call it, Followers.

  • SPZ Aruba
    SPZ Aruba 2 hours ago

    Sorry, went to the actual "action" website. It's a lot of "climate justice" Green New Deal nationalize industry socialist politics. I hate pollution, but I will not help change the "political climate" to a socialist state.

  • L0b0ts
    L0b0ts 2 hours ago

    Only the ABC would see fighting for freedom for all people as "strings attached". The alternative is unfathomable.

  • theAbeElement
    theAbeElement 2 hours ago

    And he knows this HOW?

  • Steve Robertson
    Steve Robertson 2 hours ago

    Global recession just around the corner and look Red Carpets and fine dining at the taxpayers' expense.

    • Robert Allen
      Robert Allen 46 minutes ago

      Setting up deals to trade Australian blood for Arabian sweet crude is Job One! Reclaim the Iranian Oil Fields for BP, Liberty, and Democracy!

    • Name And Address Supplied
      Name And Address Supplied Hour ago

      As always. The elite are not concerned anymore if they show their blatant corruption. Maybe the threat of a guillotine will change their minds.

  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris 2 hours ago

    Our hypocritical, condescending and cocky Prime Minister meets the orange clown... what useful outcomes will be produced with this meeting I wonder? Nevermind, I just like asking rhetorical questions on message boards.

  • MrAubery
    MrAubery 2 hours ago

    Earth is flat. Government lies

  • orange70383
    orange70383 2 hours ago

    This is fake news, we did successfully storm area 51 and freed 43 aliens, so get your story straight ABC, and you call this journalism, it's crap.

    LAZY DOG 2 hours ago

    Well that’s all pretty weird 😕

  • TechMyLifeVideo
    TechMyLifeVideo 2 hours ago

    I’d say a meeting of minds, but they don’t have them.

  • Gary smith
    Gary smith 2 hours ago

    Said thing for democracy

  • SPZ Aruba
    SPZ Aruba 2 hours ago

    Australia has seen a 10% to 20% increase in every industry since the beginning of the US and China trade issue. How is that bad for Australia??