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MA (2019) Ending Explained
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US (2019) Ending Explained
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  • TurboJake
    TurboJake 42 seconds ago

    Russian: who do you work for? Steve: *šçôøpś*

  • LordSauron 22
    LordSauron 22 2 minutes ago

    SCP Foundation where you at?

  • Gino Gualtieri
    Gino Gualtieri 3 minutes ago

    Wait so if Ben didn’t meet the Losers til Summer when they defeated him, how did he encounter Pennywise during school? 🤔🤔

  • sultryjmac
    sultryjmac 3 minutes ago

    "With the trump guy in charge." Hey movie thanks for the bs politics. Skipping it. I no longer tolerate this garbage. Then and now are not even remotely in the same ballpark and the parallel is actually insulting for anyone who's dealt with race riots and civil rights. Hollywood babies.

  • M
    M 5 minutes ago

    Thought the black-robed creature was an armoire.

  • TurboJake
    TurboJake 5 minutes ago

    Foundflix: in upstate New York Me: *scared upstate New Yorker noise*

  • Vinny Stern
    Vinny Stern 6 minutes ago

    I feel so bad for Peter i know it's crude but all I can think is dam how the fuck did these fishbelly white people get an Indian (like from India Indian)son?

  • Marlowe Michaelson
    Marlowe Michaelson 6 minutes ago

    I saw this randomly when I first got Amazon Prime and was pleasantly surprised at how effective it was! Perfect scary movie for a popcorn night. Especially the first clown reveal

  • Sally Austin
    Sally Austin 8 minutes ago

    Ironically the upsidown cross is also the symbol of St. Peter.

  • Maddie Coop
    Maddie Coop 8 minutes ago

    Me after seeing this movie .. *freaks out when I see scissors*

  • majestic lion
    majestic lion 9 minutes ago

    Please do Splice

  • armin arlert
    armin arlert 13 minutes ago

    Interesting how the main character of the movie isn’t old enough to watch the movie

  • Devan Warren
    Devan Warren 13 minutes ago

    "And you're trapped there forever!!!.......what a bummer." 😂😂

  • boomerplays 9112
    boomerplays 9112 14 minutes ago

    This movie is more funny than scary🤣🤣😂

  • Not Real
    Not Real 16 minutes ago

    the girls in the middle of the cover have three legs

  • Razo120
    Razo120 19 minutes ago

    The first ending is really good fucking one

  • GroundedDog
    GroundedDog 28 minutes ago

    I thought this was a sequel for hell fest from the title

  • Gaming with Flow
    Gaming with Flow 32 minutes ago


  • Zyysam ROBLOX
    Zyysam ROBLOX 33 minutes ago

    I would be glad if Daenerys went to Valantis or Asshai and tried to Resurrect Viserion and Rhaegal, unless all magic was actually forever truly as he said (she did have access to their corpses)

  • Stephanie Perez
    Stephanie Perez 42 minutes ago

    Is this real?

  • Isaiah Solis
    Isaiah Solis 44 minutes ago

    Love this movie

  • Squeguin Quack
    Squeguin Quack 47 minutes ago

    A better name for this would be “Entire movie but in 15 minutes”

  • Christopher Andrew
    Christopher Andrew 48 minutes ago


  • Yankee Countess
    Yankee Countess 48 minutes ago

    Really glad you did this one and interested to hear what you think about it's sequel. I really hope you'll do "The Houses October Built" (1 & 2) this year as well!

  • Svinja
    Svinja 53 minutes ago

    That mirror is an enemy stando

  • Tuffy Logan
    Tuffy Logan 56 minutes ago

    There are two sets of ghost and paranormal rules: movie and superstition. Movie rules have to be that the ghosts always win, but superstition rules are set up to make sure the ghosts always lose...

  • Black Miti
    Black Miti 56 minutes ago


  • SimplyStimulating
    SimplyStimulating 56 minutes ago

    For I am back

  • SimplyStimulating
    SimplyStimulating 57 minutes ago

    Very interesting

  • Gregory Senat
    Gregory Senat 57 minutes ago

    Do a in the tall grass trailer review

  • Mr Critic
    Mr Critic 59 minutes ago

    0:01 SO LOUD

  • jorden lovett
    jorden lovett Hour ago

    Hey guys, I recently just got dumped after a 2 year relationship and it hits me pretty hard everytime I think about it and I get reminded all the time, but things have been turning around and I plan to ask another girl out soon but I want to know if I should...

  • Nick Rivas
    Nick Rivas Hour ago

    The only smart person who didn't go survived...

  • Marquise Jenkins

    Ya need to do an ending explained of Marianne on Netflix 👨🏾‍💻

  • Daniel Boswell
    Daniel Boswell Hour ago

    I quickly signed up to Shudder to watch the movie before seeing this Ending Explained. Your explanation makes the movie more understandable so I appreciate that. I didn't find this movie scary and the anticipation for what happened in the basement wasn't nearly as good as I had hoped. Probably the scariest scene was Paul hiding under the covers. The robed guys were a bit lame and cliche. Overall pretty good and I may watch the other sequels to see how it all began.

    • Daniel Boswell
      Daniel Boswell Hour ago

      The build up to what happened reminds me of how The Bay uncovered it's mystery. If you haven't done a Ending Explained on that one, I'd recommend it.

  • Sippy
    Sippy Hour ago

    I’m still kinda pissed that those guys at the beginning of the movie that threw the guy into the river didn’t get the shit kicked out of them.

  • Tom Green
    Tom Green Hour ago

    I think the cosmic stuff could been done, they just blew the cgi portion of the budget on that shitty leper that would have looked better and honestly would have probably been cheaper if it were done in practical effects; there were unnecessary cgi monsters but I just really hated how PlayStation the leper looked.

  • ZaphGaming
    ZaphGaming Hour ago

    "After all of that, he's dead!" the kind of movies I really don't like to watch

  • iduz duhsmotpoke

    The scene (in terrifier) where the chick is screaming: Leave me alone! And art the clown just starts honking his horn at her; *BEST MOVIE SCENE EVER.*

  • Rasmus Thyrring
    Rasmus Thyrring Hour ago

    The rant about her not actually using the gun is an exact breaking of the rule “Chekhov’s Gun”: if you introduce a gun in the beginning of the play, it needs to go off at the end.

  • Ghostf4ce 7
    Ghostf4ce 7 Hour ago

    i remember this..was going to watch part 3 the other day but it looks shit

  • PreviousDoctor Harry

    aaawww the clown likes them, it made them dinner and everything!

  • Yung Min
    Yung Min Hour ago

    Hey, I love your videos, but this is the third time I heard you use the word "mortified" incorrectly. You seem to believe it means that one is very frightened. It actually means that one is embarrassed or humiliated. Thank you, and have a great day.

  • leahGamesv_v
    leahGamesv_v Hour ago

    only if the dad listened to that dead person…

  • Nathan Davis
    Nathan Davis Hour ago

    4 minutes in he starts explaining ending, didn't click on video for a review.

  • william nebe
    william nebe Hour ago

    Anyone recognize those symbols from berserk

  • David Brown
    David Brown Hour ago

    I thought you were going to do a Pan's Labyrinth awhile back. I would really love to see one on that movie

  • Rose Charcol
    Rose Charcol Hour ago

    Please do As Above So Below!

  • Pheee Cheekie
    Pheee Cheekie Hour ago

    He really hates this movie

  • Gerard Mourits
    Gerard Mourits Hour ago

    If you're gonna use pentagrams in your movie to portray satanism. At least make sure they are pointed down instead of up.

  • Autumn
    Autumn Hour ago

    I usually really enjoy your videos, but this one it seems like you didn’t do much research/intense watching. In the film, you see Rafael go to Patricia’s residence and collect some of the tears left behind. Also, when Patricia shows up at Anna’s house, she attempts to kidnap the kids (and shoots Rafael) and breaks the barrier on the house so that La Llorona can get inside.

  • Rachel D
    Rachel D Hour ago

    Please to The Heretics! I watched it on Netflix and it was terrifying

  • Sumdum 15241
    Sumdum 15241 Hour ago

    YOUR JUST A CLOWN!!! It: I still see your shadows in my room

  • Ryan Schrick
    Ryan Schrick Hour ago

    My favorite Creepypasta ever "I am the man monsters fear"

  • Anthony Ferriolo

    You should do a video on the movie Horns

  • big boy
    big boy Hour ago

    U can see this in the video for satrun barnz when the possessed food is getting shoved down his throat

  • big boy
    big boy Hour ago

    I think that 2d had gotten possessed by a ghost from saturn barnz

  • Hard Work1994
    Hard Work1994 Hour ago

    No way no how I would of left on day 1 after the weird shit started happening Fire me if you want but I’m out

  • lil sushi
    lil sushi Hour ago

    Shit I remember reading this book

  • Abdul Rouf Fiqi
    Abdul Rouf Fiqi Hour ago

    Pennywise dead, but IT still alive

  • Mr Ghost face
    Mr Ghost face Hour ago

    This is the best movie when your in bed and trying to go to seep :))))))))

  • FuzeQ 32
    FuzeQ 32 Hour ago

    This is one of my favorite horror movies. The best build up I have ever seen.

  • KIng Day
    KIng Day Hour ago

    I bet he nvr died

  • dat damn kez
    dat damn kez Hour ago

    Oh neat

  • Joe Ryan
    Joe Ryan Hour ago

    This one is scary scary scary as f

  • Tia Thompson
    Tia Thompson Hour ago

    I watched this movie with my blanket of protection

  • Benita
    Benita Hour ago

    Please do the skeleton key!!!!!

  • SimplyStimulating


  • Mill Y
    Mill Y Hour ago

    I remember watching this at 11

  • luckysoupBowl :3

    Is it weird that I wanna see her become the next mother

  • TheLittle OneSana
    TheLittle OneSana 2 hours ago

    Thanks for savings me hundreds of dollars in movie tickets 🤪

  • Divine Genesis
    Divine Genesis 2 hours ago

    If you want a truly terrible film to review, watch 1st Summoning on Netflixs, like good lord every trope in the book

  • Imaginative Snake
    Imaginative Snake 2 hours ago

    I love being scared

  • Qui'Errah Marshall
    Qui'Errah Marshall 2 hours ago

    Banana Splits movie next

  • Droopy Whisper
    Droopy Whisper 2 hours ago

    Scary Stories is probably one of my favorite horror movies. It’s definitely scarier than The Conjuring which I found quite mundane and tame for its rating. I put this movie right next to the original Friday 13th, Halloween, and Nightmare on Elm Street.

  • Raining Insanity
    Raining Insanity 2 hours ago

    Despite its flaws...Friend Request is quite possibly the saddest movie I've ever seen

  • jala penos
    jala penos 2 hours ago

    I was thinking that the movie was not soooo bad. then they exploded.

  • sonny borja
    sonny borja 2 hours ago

    If you could do a video on the Netflix horror show Marianne

  • Dylan Gallacher
    Dylan Gallacher 2 hours ago

    Everyone: the shimmer is unstoppable. Fire: hold my beer

  • Low Ghost
    Low Ghost 2 hours ago

    His acting kills me!😭😭

  • Surid Akhand
    Surid Akhand 2 hours ago

    Do cannibal Holocaust

  • Kelsey Caudill
    Kelsey Caudill 2 hours ago

    This movie was a little gem I had found last year... cool to see you do it!

  • EthanDarke
    EthanDarke 2 hours ago

    I really enjoyed the first Hell House and recommend it as one of the few found footage that I believe are a cut above the usual schitck. The second one wasn't bad, not necessary but still enjoyable. I just watched part 3 last night and whooo boy that one did Not need to be made.

  • epic rainbows
    epic rainbows 2 hours ago

    But Satan is not a foot he's Satan

  • ghost 22
    ghost 22 2 hours ago

    Him:movies found fottage style are mostly bad Cloverfield(monster): am I a joke to you ?

  • Mura Mauri
    Mura Mauri 2 hours ago

    Thanks to you I’ve watched hundreds of movies without ever watching them

  • Joeykm1972
    Joeykm1972 2 hours ago

    It's too bad that Pennywise's spider form wasn't as scary as Shelob from LOTR, but it was certainly better than the Mini-Series Spider.

  • SimplyStimulating
    SimplyStimulating 2 hours ago

    Absolutely amazing

  • Rubu Tani
    Rubu Tani 2 hours ago

    I saw the theatrical cut then. I was nice

  • ImJayy
    ImJayy 2 hours ago

    The movie is a real story and I watched it and it’s very interesting

  • 悪妖怪Evil Darth YōkaiX / Nxnjiitzu

    I prefer Ned Flanders’ Halloween “Heck House”

  • Remy Beast
    Remy Beast 2 hours ago

    Chandelier of knives falls on him, he survives. The house blows up, he survives. He slips the police and gets a vehicle and quickly finds the ambulance. Sigh... Is it that hard to write shit that makes sense?

  • E C
    E C 2 hours ago

    Yes, hide under the blankets 😂😂😂😂🤦‍♂️

  • Elycia King
    Elycia King 2 hours ago

    You should direct or write. (Or both!) your own horror movie! I think you could really make a bad ass one❤️ Netflix please enter the chat

  • WorstDayEveR
    WorstDayEveR 2 hours ago

    No mention of zombie Patrick?

  • iki geers
    iki geers 2 hours ago

    Undone ending expalined?

    • iki geers
      iki geers 2 hours ago

      Might be a stretch to ask but id like to see it

  • Lachelle Lewis
    Lachelle Lewis 2 hours ago

    Pan's Labyrinth next anyone?



  • hewji kaijo
    hewji kaijo 2 hours ago

    sorry but i cant stress this enough; it's not pronounced "alexee", it's "alexAY"

  • Dizzyfrek
    Dizzyfrek 3 hours ago

    Haunt 2019 Ending Explained