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Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Impeachment Commercial
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  • desirablecorpse
    desirablecorpse 41 minute ago

    i loved "sit down shut up" please bring it back!!!

    JAMES WHITT 41 minute ago

    Google-asses keep pushing this crap site on to my "recommended" so I guess they feel my opinions are needed. Trump did nothing wrong. We know that. He'll not be impeached. He'll stomp libtard ass in 2020 and libtards will need bigger boxes of kleenex. PRESIDENT TRUMP 2010!!! Just #walk away.

  • Lwazi Mpofu-Mketwa
    Lwazi Mpofu-Mketwa 56 minutes ago

    Avril doesn't age!! Here's to never growing up

  • shuy shar
    shuy shar 57 minutes ago

    President Donald drunk.

  • Miley Mills
    Miley Mills 58 minutes ago

    David’s face while he’s just thinking about how his two bosses know about his character’s future but he doesn’t just made my day 😂

  • The Alien
    The Alien Hour ago

    WOAH... Brain Damage!

  • RickK347
    RickK347 Hour ago

    Trump appoints Jeff Sessions & Rod Rosenstein as Attorney General and Deputy AG, respectively, in February 2017. Jeff Sessions recuses himself in March 2017, because he admits that he actually did speak with the Russian ambassador to the USA during Trump’s election campaign, and lied about it at a Senate confirmation hearing. Rod Rosenstein appoints a special counsel Robert Mueller in May 2017 to investigate the alleged ties between the Trump campaign and the government of Russia during the 2016 elections. The appointment of Mueller to oversee this investigation immediately garners widespread support from Democrats in Congress. ( Those who don't favor Trump AND who are stupid as a rock, feel confident that they can wait for Mueller to finish his work. Thereby left to be the POTUS, Trump is free of impeachment inquiries and does his thang for years. His so-called opponents largely ignore the Emoluments Clause, his nepotism, ignoring a Congressional override of his veto, etc., etc. during this time span. ) Mueller, a registered Republican who was indirectly appointed by Trump himself (sentences 1 & 3), drags his feet for more than TWO YEARS to eventually report that there was no collusion with Russia. ( Many, who are as stupid as a rock, are shocked that that's what Robert Mueller reports. ) Team Trump, realizing how stupid their opponents are committed to becoming, tells the POTUS to act and rant openly about the "oringes" of the Mueller investigation: "Witchhunt! duh, blah-blah, bigly covfefe" ( Some call this strategy "4D Chess", but when Trump's critics act as stupid as rocks, the POTUS-team needs only to play a "1D Chess" game to be successful. It’s less complicated to do, thus a smarter strategy. We must be reminded of these points on a regular basis, or we will stay captured by the making light of the legitimate outrage about the behavior of this country's federal political system. )

  • sabha imran
    sabha imran Hour ago


  • Bill Freese
    Bill Freese Hour ago

    Now that is some dark humor.

  • Roadray
    Roadray Hour ago

    I think Elizabeth would be a great leader, l hope she takes the lead.

  • samiamcramer4truth

    Got with Willie and just weeded out some of the worlds problems. Fantastic.

  • Diane McNeil
    Diane McNeil Hour ago


  • Karin Mazanek
    Karin Mazanek Hour ago

    Free Juian Assange

  • Olaf Gillot
    Olaf Gillot Hour ago

    G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  • Eye. stupid Benny Spy

    His wife got killed off...

  • Liberty Prime
    Liberty Prime 2 hours ago

    American politics are doomed to fail, true liberty has been forgotten as the ideals of our founding fathers. If the scales between red and blue can't balance itself than we are truly lost, Americans to busy fighting each other whether it's calling each other snowflakes or extremists while the commies are a step ahead laughing at us and when we are vulnerable it'll be like wolves going in for a herd of sheep and we will still be blaming each other for it, division is one of our greatest weakness along with all talk politicians and gullible people and Trump is a huge part of all of this turmoil, our ex allies don't even trust us. This is what we've become america.. liberty prime.. offline.

  • SuperDougie M
    SuperDougie M 2 hours ago

    She is farm hood chic.

  • Ella
    Ella 2 hours ago

    Did he say “snooch” when he sneezed? 😂😂😂

  • Herman47
    Herman47 2 hours ago

    *Remember it was Trumpy who nominated Perry, and the Republicans in the Senate who approved.*

  • Jeremiah Frye
    Jeremiah Frye 2 hours ago

    Welp. Looks like I'm farting my way straight into the Bad Place at this rate.

  • Fat Dutchman
    Fat Dutchman 2 hours ago

    Warren??? Shouldn't princess Pokananus go back to the Slapahoe tribe where she belongs?

  • Stan Hickerson
    Stan Hickerson 2 hours ago

    Drunk, pill or both?

  • magic131
    magic131 2 hours ago

    Her acting in that series could not have been any better. Very impressed.

  • saket adarsh
    saket adarsh 2 hours ago


  • Ella
    Ella 2 hours ago

    Y’all Kenan’s been doing SNL almost as long as I’ve been alive

    CURR AFF AFRIQ 2 hours ago

    Guess what, Trum's still gonna be reelected courtesy of Caucasian American Suburban women, who will then start matching in pink hats in February 2020!

  • St3vEn BaDu
    St3vEn BaDu 2 hours ago

    I wish the book was called AMERICAN TANTRUMP!!

  • Amanda Carrillo
    Amanda Carrillo 2 hours ago

    3:07 bEST PART

    CURR AFF AFRIQ 2 hours ago

    Guess what, he's still gonna come back for a second term courtesy of Caucasian American Suburban women who will then start matching in pink hats in February 2020

  • infinitus
    infinitus 2 hours ago

    the applause when nickelodeon and all that was glorious

  • Dillinger R.
    Dillinger R. 2 hours ago

    I never heard of John Mulaney in my life

  • Diego Pisfil
    Diego Pisfil 2 hours ago

    Conleth Hill and Sam Neill should do a movie together

  • YEEKEE Kwon
    YEEKEE Kwon 2 hours ago

    She is beautiful

  • Kelly Anne
    Kelly Anne 2 hours ago

    Not to over react but i will sacrifice my life to protect steve

  • mgc26133
    mgc26133 3 hours ago

    she has a ridiculous but also a lovely laugh .. it makes you laugh and love her at the same time

  • eve garson
    eve garson 3 hours ago

    lil Sebastian was a god damn masterpiece

  • Casey Lyons
    Casey Lyons 3 hours ago

    This is adorable and also Josh's shirt is dope as hell.

  • John Jacobs
    John Jacobs 3 hours ago

    Loved him in cheers

  • clayton delanie
    clayton delanie 3 hours ago

    Trump is going to beat the very best the Dem's have. See you in 2020.

    CURR AFF AFRIQ 3 hours ago

    Purest Joy from Seth 4:49 Mulaney should have his own late night show.

  • eve garson
    eve garson 3 hours ago

    my names burt macklin and i am in the fucking fbi

  • clayton delanie
    clayton delanie 3 hours ago

    Seth, get ready for 4 more years of Trump. You know it's coming.

  • Casey Lyons
    Casey Lyons 3 hours ago

    This is a gorgeous joke.

  • ElvIsAlive007
    ElvIsAlive007 3 hours ago

    Deep state coup failed. Sucked in Satan

  • Gregory Bates
    Gregory Bates 3 hours ago

    If Obama did all this crap he would be a terrible Black President but Trump is just a terrible president, Wow

  • Fazlur Rahman
    Fazlur Rahman 3 hours ago

    what about orange soda ?? thanks for reading

  • Yukti Joshi
    Yukti Joshi 3 hours ago

    Seth tippy-toed to hug Mariska 🥺🥺🥺

  • wow717
    wow717 3 hours ago

    Brad is the fucking cutest.

  • abhinay oja
    abhinay oja 3 hours ago

    oct 2019 damn nancy was the right choice

    VIVEK 3 hours ago

    Ahh.......she is so fun to watch

  • msminmichigan
    msminmichigan 3 hours ago

    Amber is a national treasure.

  • Mia Hoi
    Mia Hoi 3 hours ago

    Ff trots praten over hoe goed deze video was hoor Nederland boven

  • John West
    John West 4 hours ago

    I can't wait for the greatest of all melt downs from the left as when Trump wins by a landslide in 2020!!!

  • dare devil
    dare devil 4 hours ago

    Send her back

  • protectbodythetans
    protectbodythetans 4 hours ago

    so is this like a weekly occurrence for seth?

  • Leggs McFadden
    Leggs McFadden 4 hours ago

    Are the stupidest most corrupt people just naturally drawn to the GOP?

  • Pred
    Pred 4 hours ago

    my all time favorite doctor Matt i will always remember when the doctor was you

  • Matt D
    Matt D 4 hours ago

    Ok so your an actor who reads lines that is written for him ... and oh let’s see President Trump .. 1st .. gets billions from NATO countries that weren’t paying their fair share ..Makes us aware of how China has been ripping us off for decades ..the lowest unemployment in years ..Shows how bias the liberal media is .. puts thousand of pedophiles in jail .and list goes on and on while the media and the demon rats have hounded him every day for three yrs ... YET ,you an Seth talk about your mindless life and how you had to lite one up .. when P. Trump was talking ...Can anyone else see the disconnect here ... how backwards it’s become .. if we don’t wake up this will truly become a ZOMBIE LAND...

  • Dj Supreme
    Dj Supreme 4 hours ago

    kkkrumpy the kkklown....

  • Marco Hernandez
    Marco Hernandez 4 hours ago

    Jerry and April?? Whattt?? I-

  • Orchid Braid
    Orchid Braid 4 hours ago

    "The British pound continues to fall."

  • Jack Witcombe
    Jack Witcombe 4 hours ago

    I loved a quiet place

  • Monsoon Eddy
    Monsoon Eddy 5 hours ago

    Does the wall come with a firing squad? Asking for a President.

  • Taylor Craig Newbold

    He still looks like he's 25. He's prob as old as Sam Jackson but who knows?! LMAO.

  • Saba
    Saba 5 hours ago

    Fat Damon

  • Barbara Allen
    Barbara Allen 5 hours ago

    What do David Carridine, Michael Hutchins, and Donald Trump have in common? . . . .Nothing YET.

  • Alcagaur1
    Alcagaur1 5 hours ago

    People do understand that Dotard Donny sees himself currently as the epitome of "young men in America," right?

  • CHI Nation
    CHI Nation 5 hours ago

    The Grouch

  • İpek Gökay
    İpek Gökay 5 hours ago

    P.S. i love you

  • just a girl
    just a girl 5 hours ago

    i remember having a movie night with my cousin during 7th grade watching Night at the museum and having a massive crush on him. He looked so adorable in the pharaoh outfit.

  • cactuslem
    cactuslem 5 hours ago

    This is the first interview I've seen with Kenan and it was so nice to watch! He seems like a great guy.

  • Derek Logan
    Derek Logan 5 hours ago

    Seth is still on the air? Even Amy Poehler is getting sick of stopping by. He isn't entertainment and he is running out of names of people to bail him out.

  • Jacob Mauro
    Jacob Mauro 5 hours ago

    Love how liberals are the first ones to attack another person because they don’t like them, but if you attack any of them it’s a full on Supreme Court case for harassment and a new law gets added. Stop being hypocritical either grow up or shut up

    • Jacob Mauro
      Jacob Mauro 5 hours ago

      Also didn’t mentions anything about how bad he’s been in office just how he talks and how he reacts to things. His life isn’t a RU-clip channel it’s our future

  • Walt Schmidt
    Walt Schmidt 5 hours ago

    Why don't you take a "closer look" at the Clinton foundation?

  • Mondo Shredder
    Mondo Shredder 5 hours ago

    In a years U.S. History books will list Donald as something like this: 45. Donald J. Trump - The United States' first Commander In Tweet and America's top master-baker.

  • Nspinicelli
    Nspinicelli 5 hours ago

    This is flattery on another level!

  • LiLaLieke Love
    LiLaLieke Love 6 hours ago

    Opeens ging hij Nederlands praten

  • Nicholas Robbins
    Nicholas Robbins 6 hours ago

    5:02 I need that tie.

  • Johnny Silverhand
    Johnny Silverhand 6 hours ago

    His belly is so big he uses it as an arm rest

  • Victor Santana
    Victor Santana 6 hours ago

    Trump's cabinet is a disaster. We're doomed. Instead of dismantling rusty old structures and move to clean energy Perry wants tax payers to fix those same energy inefficient and dangerous ones.

  • Ed Catt
    Ed Catt 6 hours ago

    Rudi Nosteroftu.

  • Eve Theo
    Eve Theo 6 hours ago

    Michael moore loves Joe Biden. Enough said. He does not speak the truth at all. And you cant impeach a president for winning an election. Fucking lunatics.

  • Nautilus1972
    Nautilus1972 6 hours ago

    Haven't laughed watching SNL since the early nineties.

  • Arun James
    Arun James 6 hours ago

    Shes funny she would be awesome to chill with

  • lfmb4real
    lfmb4real 6 hours ago

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  • Damian90
    Damian90 6 hours ago

    From American Dad the thong episode The Thongs the kids buy are called Coolotes In Spanish It reads literally Culotes Culotes translates to Big Asses

  • Lowell Arnett
    Lowell Arnett 6 hours ago

    Personal responsibility has ceased to exist. The accusers attended a "Sex Scenes master class" of their free will and paid for the opportunity, then claim to be victims...BS meter overload.

  • Brian Gumball
    Brian Gumball 6 hours ago

    how much you want to bet he will be elected to a second term ? lmfao you guys just wait.

  • José Maciel
    José Maciel 6 hours ago

    Canta demais ela!

  • shashank kumar
    shashank kumar 6 hours ago

    prime minister modi is just like trump(In almost every way) and we indians know that but never express to non indians after all ,ghar ki baat ghar tak #indians.

  • José Maciel
    José Maciel 6 hours ago

    Está mulher é uma bênção, canta demais!

  • Rachel 'RTNightmare'

    John Mulaney is the absolute best!

  • Toxic Stoic
    Toxic Stoic 6 hours ago

    Female on male violence = Funny Male on Female violence = Felony

  • Antonio Matias
    Antonio Matias 6 hours ago

    He's so straight forward you want a interview with Jerry Seinfeld you better work for it it

  • Andrés Krohmer
    Andrés Krohmer 6 hours ago


  • Adam Ross
    Adam Ross 7 hours ago

    Okay, I thought this was a more-recent video. Title said "GOP Meltdown", and I thought it was about the meltdown he had in a recent meeting with Pelosi/Shumer. This was a previous meltdown. TFW: When you can't figure out which meltdown the president has had.

  • LegendsGaming
    LegendsGaming 7 hours ago

    "It was my birthday party" Best line XD

  • Jovy Peng
    Jovy Peng 7 hours ago

    Can't believe this guy had cancer

  • CrunchyNorbert
    CrunchyNorbert 7 hours ago

    they've all got the same set

  • SuperiorWare
    SuperiorWare 7 hours ago

    Would rather watch Greg Gutfeld.