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  • yoe91
    yoe91 2 minutes ago

    Greatest players never to win a chip starting 5: Stockton - Elgin Baylor Barkley - Malone Ewing

  • Ralph Empson
    Ralph Empson 12 minutes ago

    I personally do not think Zion will last long with his physical problems!!!!!

  • Rapha Alpha 12
    Rapha Alpha 12 13 minutes ago

    He should play PF and occasional C and PG

  • abdurrahman nashit
    abdurrahman nashit 15 minutes ago

    Imagine them on the same team in the future

  • bongo155
    bongo155 16 minutes ago

    Except Simmons has worked on his game. His defense now is much better now than what it was in the previous 2 seasons. Theres other facets like cutting down turn overs, smarter decision making etc.

  • tzc
    tzc 18 minutes ago

    "The way games are called nowadays would Limite me on my aggressiveness on my opponents" lol yep, league gone soft.

  • Mac-Gustave MULONDA K
    Mac-Gustave MULONDA K 21 minute ago

    It's disrespectful to take out Kyrie for... What?... Kemba!... seriously?... May be D Rose then... But Kyrie is a meant to be a starter,these analysts are not serious and I understand Pierce is a Celtic and we know the Kyrie hate comes from Boston and Cleveland,second Perkins hates KD and all that reminds of KD (Kyrie is KD's best friend in the league) and Nichols is a media that hate Irving

  • caper087
    caper087 23 minutes ago

    Ben Wallace with a better offensive game, what a great comp!

  • Reggie Turner
    Reggie Turner 25 minutes ago

    Little man is mad he not big. He handled the ball all the time, so he said ,"I control the ball, so I can do what I want"!(Curry and Irving)

  • NomadiqGentz
    NomadiqGentz 26 minutes ago

    "Unfortunately it is my opinion that he bought into that" 😂😂😂😂 Well of course he did, you are a hall of famer at his position giving him advice of course he is going to take it. Patrick sounding like "see uh.... what had happened was...."

  • bongo155
    bongo155 27 minutes ago

    And another thing is injuries. Look at Mourning. Never played 80 games in a season. After his first 3 seasons in Charlotte and first season Alonzo only once played 70+ games except his 2nd last year where his was a role player playing 20 mins a game. Same with Shaq. By the time big guys were 30 they were past their best, especially if they had been playing lots of playoffs games. Or look at Embiid today. If you're a GM or team owner why would base your team around a big center posting up who is going to decline sharply after turning 30 and miss 15-20 regular season games a season? Why build a team around a guy that expends so much energy and pounds his body posting up and at best has a fg% of 60% when you can get a smaller guard who will shoot a jump shot from the 3pt line at 40% and be just as efficient. Plus the guard would be more likely to to play 75+ regular season games.

  • Just in
    Just in 27 minutes ago

    I think Patrick Ewing is right no dominant big man in NBA today.

  • NomadiqGentz
    NomadiqGentz 32 minutes ago

    What Patrick was saying about moves in a nutshell..... "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." - Bruce Lee

  • Z Flash
    Z Flash 36 minutes ago


  • Tha Mecca Don
    Tha Mecca Don 39 minutes ago

    Very good example with perkins the game had these players I'm the 90s detleph was 6'10 it was a few tall shooters

  • dirkswish31
    dirkswish31 46 minutes ago

    Dirk > KG

  • ray man
    ray man 49 minutes ago

    Reggie Miller should be in this conversation

  • Conal O'Hara
    Conal O'Hara 50 minutes ago

    W H O M

  • gb benner
    gb benner 51 minute ago

    Looks like a character from Star wars.

  • Durand Peavley
    Durand Peavley 53 minutes ago

    Anthony Davis? 😂🤣😂 you wish Zo

  • G P
    G P 55 minutes ago

    Kemba: I got mind control over LeBron. He be like 'Take another L'. I be losing... But when he leave, I be winning again

  • bongo155
    bongo155 Hour ago

    0:50 Its fascinating how a hall of famer like Mourning can fundamentally misunderstand the 3pt shot. Mourning averaged .527 fg% for his career. Someone shooting 3 pointers at 36% would be more efficient than Mourning. Its not like its some complex rocket science or secret mystical knowledge.

  • kirlwyn te
    kirlwyn te Hour ago

    unless zion is playing a number of nba games, cant compare man....

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore Hour ago

    Ja is the truth but Zion is the face of the NBA.

  • controlpopulation

    Zion. Guys special in so many ways.

  • Andy Urgiles
    Andy Urgiles Hour ago

    How disrespectful is that towards Ja Morant. Zion is 500 pounds and is a 3 in the NBA

  • f wam
    f wam Hour ago

    barkley,ewing,shaq,morning and roy hibert?

  • Music I Own (M.I.O)

    It's funny how people still sleep on Ja🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Jerico Thompson
    Jerico Thompson Hour ago

    I'm taking Ja. He's been overlooked his whole life right up until his senior year. Played at a small school, he gives me giant slayer vibes. He has the mentality athletic ability to go as far as he wants to go, that old school Jordan, give it to me in the crunch time mentality. Wouldn't be suprised if he ends up with 2 or 3 rings before its all said and done.

  • Jay Money
    Jay Money Hour ago

    Yea tatum postered him, Brown caught him in a tough spot.

  • C S
    C S Hour ago

    3-6. In an Eastern Conference that wasn't as close to as tough as the 90's. LeBron fans really think that man the greatest...better go find some old VHS tapes and see the difference in the league THEN and now. LeBron really got new fans fooled.

  • Diss God
    Diss God Hour ago

    Another me to movement vid when u make the game softer the players become softer that's why there shootin 3 and flopin like there soccer players

  • Rion Cooper
    Rion Cooper Hour ago

    Ja morant allday.what cant he do.he dosnt hv to find a shot.dunk go watch his highlights crazy.i guess thse dudes hv to be true to there no1 pic lol.

  • DarthDeRose 41
    DarthDeRose 41 2 hours ago

    I agree with Pierce 100% Irving has missed a lot of games and same with Spicy P Put Giannis at PF and Butler at SF also Kemba Replacing Irving makes total sense as well

  • Βασιλειος Γκενες

    That man is an all star now.

  • Abshir Rageh
    Abshir Rageh 2 hours ago

    Shaq thinks he is Giannis and Zo thinks he AD. This series only proves that old players have no respect for this generation.

  • Alejandro Gomez
    Alejandro Gomez 2 hours ago

    Ight I dont understand all this Ben Simmons love, overall he's gotten worse this year, his averages are kinda bad right now and I understand he's a good defensive player, but that should warrant him a start in the all star game OVER EMBID. I dont get it

  • Patrick Hoey
    Patrick Hoey 2 hours ago

    Is ESPN making “decline of the big man” a series? There is not a decline in big men, there is just a change in their skill set.

  • Niklaus Mikaelson
    Niklaus Mikaelson 2 hours ago

    Woah, smart girl

  • believe in Jesus ministries

    the nba is rigged.. they purposely got rid of the big man for higher viewership... check brian tuohy's 5 facts.. blessings

  • Kool_Hand _Luke
    Kool_Hand _Luke 2 hours ago

    Imo, Trae Young is what Messi is for Soccer. Except he's not playin for Barcelona lol. Best advice, change Franchise ASAP ! Some rings and MVP titles are waiting for you!

  • Hamza Hersi
    Hamza Hersi 2 hours ago

    ja morant is a more complete player and this should have happened after zion plays his first game

  • junz Khan
    junz Khan 2 hours ago

    3rd Triple double in last 11 games sounds better, its also the truth. Also has 3 Double Doubles in those 11 games. 4 of those leading his team to the W. Zo is breaking out, and Zion hasnt even arrived yet, look for him to start having a few 15 Assist games

  • Anthony Tarver
    Anthony Tarver 2 hours ago

    I disagree on some of the reasoning. Alot is due to the change in NBA rules.

  • Koh Smoger
    Koh Smoger 2 hours ago

    Id rather have the dude that doesn’t have injury problems and has actually played in the NBA

  • Open Fire
    Open Fire 3 hours ago

    its obvious! Ja Morant!

  • Craig Simpson
    Craig Simpson 3 hours ago

    Time to get rid of the 3 point line. Go back to all shots are only worth 2 points.

  • AK 74
    AK 74 3 hours ago

    He nailed it. It's defending the 3 that is key for big men. This is why guys like Roy Hibbert and Mozgov are out of the league, even though both are decent players

  • Dr Air
    Dr Air 3 hours ago

    Growing up......You really go 3,2,1 He shoots..... and he scoressss

  • Kevin Wendel
    Kevin Wendel 3 hours ago

    90s player would ripped in today nba! Look at giannis only...he would drop 50 points per game!

  • YMN TY
    YMN TY 3 hours ago

    Give me Zion to build around he can play multiple positions. Point Forward, SG, PF nd small ball Center

  • oreon johnson
    oreon johnson 3 hours ago

    Ugliest smile bruh 🤣🤣🤣

  • Karl Warner
    Karl Warner 3 hours ago

    Partrick Ewing had a great post game. very very very good mid range shooter(dude got 18PPG late in his career basically on 1 leg) nimble for a big man, good stamina. BEAST on D too. If prime Ewing plays today, 25+12+3 on an average day, will bust out for 30+15+3 every other weekend.

  • Houston Muhammad
    Houston Muhammad 3 hours ago

    I think Patrick has the same blind spot as virtually everyone else. The players are not the architects of the game. The owners and coaches are. I believe this small ball thing is a trend adopted by management. And I agree with Patrick that human trends go in a cycle and the NBA will eventually get back around to the big man in the middle. Basketball is essentially a big, tall man's game. And this will never change.

  • Ruelz A
    Ruelz A 3 hours ago

    “We just did a 5min segment on the Pelicans and Grizzlies” 🤣😂😅

  • Nate Cruz
    Nate Cruz 4 hours ago

    Ja. Simple reason: isn’t injury prone, is literally balling right now, has room to get stronger and improve.

  • ThePrIsMcAURA
    ThePrIsMcAURA 4 hours ago

    They need to talk to Kevin Garnett about this

  • Neutral Genius
    Neutral Genius 4 hours ago

    I rather yall not even talk about small market teams. Yall apparently don't the watch games.

  • D H
    D H 4 hours ago

    Ewing, Shaquille, Barkley, Oakley, Duncan, could post and shoot outside!

  • Pannhapheth Vang
    Pannhapheth Vang 4 hours ago

    "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." - Bruce Lee.

  • Mr j
    Mr j 4 hours ago

    Rose is a joke just like his career. Zion is a great player, but the kid not beating Ja in The ROTY debate so stop plz..Ja is from another planet

  • keen2708
    keen2708 5 hours ago

    Without googling, I'm going to bet Cassidy's boyfriend is white

  • AK 74
    AK 74 5 hours ago

    Alonzo is not wrong, he had a pretty good jumper, even though he didn't take a lot of 3s, but he would be just fine in today's era

  • A True BBB fan
    A True BBB fan 5 hours ago

    Finally someone will run with zo.

  • Itsyourboy Adam
    Itsyourboy Adam 5 hours ago


  • maruf javed
    maruf javed 5 hours ago

    Carmelo deserved it but LeBron won

  • Edgy Bravo
    Edgy Bravo 5 hours ago

    Ja right now is the answer. Zion can still change that though if he come back and is a monster but I doubt that he will be considered in the roty conversation. I mean Ja been balling all year so you can't really take that away from him. Unless Zion comes back and averages 30 and 15 something ridiculous like that which I highly doubt, Imma say Ja is the better player right now and will probably be better when it's all said in done.

  • bronx bully
    bronx bully 5 hours ago

    Iam choosing a point or center to build my team around unless it's a all around specimen like lebron or the goat like jordan ja morant I luvvv his swagger his chip on his shoulder reminds me of Iverson at georgetown by the way both of them was on the same team in aau

  • Bigballer
    Bigballer 5 hours ago

    I wished two guys could stfu

  • carrythatweight
    carrythatweight 5 hours ago

    I love what he said at the beginning. I was always tall for my age, six foot three at thirteen years old, so my whole life for every team I always had to play center because I was the tallest. Then as I got older and only grew to six foot four, and I was playing against centers who were six eight-six ten, and guards that were six four-six five, I became useless. My potential career was sacrificed so everyone else could play their natural role in school.

  • PortuguesePirate99
    PortuguesePirate99 5 hours ago

    After nba i think Zion can definitely be a strongman, hes got the right frame and body type and the fact that he can pack so much muscle in such little time its an easy title he can claim if he puts in work

  • Deric Payopay
    Deric Payopay 5 hours ago

    Like Mike 😂

  • Corruption City
    Corruption City 5 hours ago

    This is fake first guy was standing right next to him pretending not to see him

  • tam hill
    tam hill 6 hours ago

    The 3 point shot killed the inside NBA big. If you can hit 35 % of your 3s. 100 shots score you 105 points. At 50 % 2 point shots you get 100 points for the same 100 shots. Basic Math killed the inside game. Embiid would be dominant inside. His lifetime 3 % is 316. 2 % he is .525 on his career. If he takes 100 3s. he gets 95 points. If he takes 100 2s he gets 105. Stay inside, Joel. You will score more, and get more trips to the line. And somebody is getting in foul trouble. That is becoming a lost art, fouling out your opponent. Patrick Ewing did that for a living. Joel Embiid is the same. Shaq was OK ( OK ? ) at drawing fouls. No; he lived at the line also. If I was coaching in Philadelphia. Joel Embiid would be taking 0, maybe 1 , 3 point shot a game. He would get his 3 point plays the old fashioned way. And 1. Drive inside, get hit, and put up a good shot at the hoop. Power it, or go soft, it doesn't matter, he's going to the line. Where he is hitting over 83 %.

  • Francis Vincent Ong
    Francis Vincent Ong 6 hours ago

    The game changed because the rules changed. The rules dictate how a game is played. Hakeem, Shaq and Ewing all played on teams that spaced the floor and where they were supported by an army of three point shooters. What happend is that zone defense became legal. The era of the bigman ended because man to man defense went away. Shaq and Ewing would have to pass to the open guy out of the post after being double teamed but the zone defense would clog his passing lanes.

  • Isaac Rodgers
    Isaac Rodgers 6 hours ago

    Ja rules

    MANDLA DLUDLU 6 hours ago

    Man it's a tough pick I like both kids man but to me Zion seems more humble & easy to get along with & his more exciting I think but Ja is a beast too. Tough choice.......I'm watching the Pelicans everyday all day with Zion coming back kid is a monster man.......

  • Nicholas Tan
    Nicholas Tan 6 hours ago

    Man I started watching in 2004 and I can still appreciate a good post game. I'd take post game over 3s.

  • JJ C
    JJ C 6 hours ago

    If he made that shot I would’ve ended the video1:10

  • Bruce Grossman
    Bruce Grossman 6 hours ago

    The Knicks have all the money in the world, yet their lack of respect in the league results in shitty teams year after year. Fizdale had no right being the scapegoat of a complete rebuild.

  • Brandon Thomas
    Brandon Thomas 6 hours ago

    This is like when Penny Hardaway and Chris Webber was drafted. They’re both good players

  • G K
    G K 6 hours ago

    Starting a game playing over 30 minutes and getting 6 points 2 rebounds in a playoff game declined his career. But at his best he was a great defensive player

  • Apeck Carnal
    Apeck Carnal 6 hours ago


  • Wavemaker
    Wavemaker 6 hours ago

    It still depends on the coach. Rudy Gobert can't shoot but he is valuable to the Utah Jazz. Roy Hibbert might thrive in the Jazz system.

  • Drizzy Pizzman
    Drizzy Pizzman 6 hours ago

    You would need to somehow get Giannis and KAT in the same trade for luka

  • Cain Bradley
    Cain Bradley 6 hours ago

    Man if only Mark had grown up as a KNICKS FAN instead we got James "No Love For The Game" Dolan

  • gotham ghost
    gotham ghost 6 hours ago

    Respect Patrick Ewing The Hoya Destroyer

  • Jo Mar
    Jo Mar 6 hours ago

    Zion=ben wallace

  • Carl For President Anthony


  • D Wnright
    D Wnright 6 hours ago

    Zion, I'd take him over every other NBA player.

  • johnathan prewitt
    johnathan prewitt 6 hours ago

    ja is gone to be the best in the lead one day mark my words !

  • Rytis Gervickas
    Rytis Gervickas 6 hours ago

    The main theme is-it takes one player to just go in to the paint and start killing people with proper post game. Davis is actually doing this finally, Joel is on the same path. But it all depends on the coaches in the end.

  • Jason H
    Jason H 7 hours ago

    First guy was hilarious couldn't have scripted that better!

  • ooEMAZEoo
    ooEMAZEoo 7 hours ago

    Rachel: 1 yearS old ????🤔🤪

  • AcerbicOrder
    AcerbicOrder 7 hours ago

    Embiid sat out for a stomach ache. Comparing him to Zion is disrespectful.

  • jdtorres510
    jdtorres510 7 hours ago

    East: PG: Young, SG: Butler, SF: Siakam, PF: Giannis, C: Embiid

  • alonzo randolph
    alonzo randolph 7 hours ago

    Lmao it's regular season everybody think they doing something winning a game in the regular season

  • Jatinder Lal
    Jatinder Lal 7 hours ago

    This mans a legend younger gen don’t know about this legend!!

  • Rick Jordan
    Rick Jordan 7 hours ago

    I love Ja his talent is unbelievable but I'll take a healthy injury free Zion he's just too dominant by what he brings on the floor on both sides of the ball. His presence changes the whole game. High motor, that size, speed and athleticism. Not one pure skill but remarkable instincts and it's like everything he does on the court is effective. Pelicans would honestly be a playoff team if he played all season. They've lost a lot of close games for lack of what Zion brings on the floor. He's literally a game changer effortlessly

  • Jonathan Poon
    Jonathan Poon 7 hours ago

    The progression made sense. In the 90s, many great centers but none of those teams beat Jordan who didn’t have a dominant center. Then kids were trying to play like Jordan but didn’t stop growing. Those guys were then able to pull defensive big men away from the lane