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  • Ardit Agaj
    Ardit Agaj 5 hours ago

    How to download this program you have it

  • Justin Parker
    Justin Parker 5 hours ago

    Getting the xr in 2 weeks, they "lowered" the price to $600

  • Ryan Beh
    Ryan Beh 5 hours ago

    Loved your videos! Keep it up 😁

  • Ziecken Britz
    Ziecken Britz 5 hours ago

    Just came here cuz i saw kurisu in the thumb

  • Akash Shah
    Akash Shah 5 hours ago

    Does it auto connect when removed from the case?

  • Kiers
    Kiers 5 hours ago

    Too expensive

  • Jack Orange
    Jack Orange 5 hours ago

    New Lays chips flavor: Crisp&Clear

  • tupinjsh :D
    tupinjsh :D 6 hours ago

    Just bought mine Swiched from s7 edge to this one, love the change.

  • Sayon Darithy
    Sayon Darithy 6 hours ago

    After own it for a year, i can say that don’t ever buy it for camera.

    • Sayon Darithy
      Sayon Darithy 5 hours ago

      @Mark Balazo i find that its portrait mode to be not as good as the old iphon x .Its video is just a shit. The selfie is terrible. Especially, the hdr is not as good as other flagship. Overall, i dont think it is a camera phone.

    • Mark Balazo
      Mark Balazo 5 hours ago


  • PolaroidMemory
    PolaroidMemory 6 hours ago

    I just upgraded to the Mate 20 Pro from the P10 this week, its a stunning phone and the camera's are really very good also the screen is lovely. I got a really nice deal of EE actually 26squids a month and £30 upfront. Bargin!

  • Annor Justin
    Annor Justin 6 hours ago

    Lovely video Chris, Pass me the Mate20 Chris I need a new phone badly. Thanks in Advance

  • xyndic8
    xyndic8 6 hours ago

    Is it true that android one smartphones are more secure & better supported in terms of security & feature updates than the higher end Samsung Galaxy models, or even the Samsung A Series models?

  • Rifatul Islam
    Rifatul Islam 6 hours ago

    From where you get all this wallpapers for the phones?

  • Official Filmilen
    Official Filmilen 6 hours ago

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro is a good phone even 1 year later

  • Marc
    Marc 6 hours ago

    These are perfect except it is not tws+, it does have a main bud, but not much of a problem, it still has good battery performance. The look, water resistancethe, noise cancellation, small charging case make those the best truewireless buds I have used so far. (Can u review the new Huawei freebuds 3 which they have just launched at IFA? those look slick for noise cancellation buds )

  • Benrui Gu
    Benrui Gu 6 hours ago

    I really love Mate 20 pro, have been using it from launch.

  • charlie
    charlie 6 hours ago

    Hi, im just wondering you would do a video of the samsung a40 a50 and a70 they seem fitting to your content

  • Steve Daly
    Steve Daly 6 hours ago

    Battery and performance from this stands the test of time. I'm pleased with mine but disappointed that the trade in value is rubbish. It makes for the next phone upgrade a disappointing time I won't be able to afford like for like.

  • Cody Mhoon
    Cody Mhoon 6 hours ago

    Did the EMUI 9.1 update improve the battery life at all? Just curious

  • rafi khandoker
    rafi khandoker 6 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me if there is any way to check the screen manufacturer before opening the intact box ?

  • Abdul Basit
    Abdul Basit 6 hours ago

    I just bought this phone today from John Lewis for £629 and it comes with 2 years guarantee. It's a fantastic phone with an exceptional camera.

  • rafi khandoker
    rafi khandoker 6 hours ago

    Excited to buy this phone since it's around 500$ now But extremely tensed about the green screen issue of this phone :(

  • Abhishek Maurya
    Abhishek Maurya 7 hours ago

    This phone doesn't really feel like last year phone in this review especially after the iPhone release. This feels like it is released just months before. Triple camera, 40w fast charging, large screen, reverse wireless charging. All here I don't see any feature missing that is available in current smartphones released in past few months.😑

  • Hans Bos
    Hans Bos 7 hours ago

    I like the screen

  • Scott Mannear
    Scott Mannear 7 hours ago

    Are there better pubs in UK than pubG? Cheers

  • • MangoBjørn •
    • MangoBjørn • 7 hours ago

    Watching this on my mate 20 pro :)

  • Pritesh Ruthun
    Pritesh Ruthun 7 hours ago

    Thank you for these long term reviews. I just picked up a Mate20 Pro for like $30 a month. I don't feel left behind at all. In fact, I am vlogging recently and combined with Filmic Pro and a gimbal ( I use Smooth 4 and Osmo 2) I feel like I've got a good phone for at least two/three years. I would like a better camera (video) performance in low light, though. Night Mode just doesn't work for me as I don't have a tripod most times. Wish it had the 3.5 jack too. Next phone...I really want to try the VIVO with the huge megapixel camera...

  • DjSuperK
    DjSuperK 7 hours ago

    Dude fuck your channel! Smh

  • DjSuperK
    DjSuperK 7 hours ago

    Dude get to the fucking title of the video!! You spent the first fucking 5 minutes talking about the shit we already know and obvious shit lie, oh if your finger is dirty the finger print won’t work. No shit dude!!!!!

  • Hanzo Oda
    Hanzo Oda 7 hours ago

    Not gonna use it for gaming . But gonna be great for me because i only use my smartphones for music and movies .

  • mohsin ashfaq
    mohsin ashfaq 7 hours ago

    Mate 20 x is the daddy 😉

  • Vũ Minh Nhật
    Vũ Minh Nhật 7 hours ago

    my absolute next phone

  • Josh
    Josh 7 hours ago

    Can you review the huawei p smart z? Its similar to the old p smart but refreshed

    • Tech Spurt
      Tech Spurt 6 hours ago

      Sounds good, I'll see if I can grab one!

  • Raymond DeGuzman
    Raymond DeGuzman 7 hours ago

    I can't use my OnePlus 7 pro with the wasp 2. Can't use the activate feature.

  • Nyama ch.
    Nyama ch. 7 hours ago

    Comment from Japan. Is there a delay when watching youtube?

  • Saikanth Sudireddi
    Saikanth Sudireddi 7 hours ago

    When will it come to india

    DHEERAJ T07NADO 7 hours ago

    Can u pls tell us that which icon pack, wallpaper app and launcher u use?

    • Tech Spurt
      Tech Spurt 7 hours ago

      Yep it's the stock EMUI 9 theming with a Steins;gate wallpaper

  • Lee Michael
    Lee Michael 8 hours ago

    Currently cost 500usd brand new, thats a steal

  • Jason Wilde
    Jason Wilde 8 hours ago

    My only issue with this phone is the notch.... It literally blocks most of your notifications. I know it needed to be big for all the sensors but still... Luckily it can be hidden

  • MrLele3000
    MrLele3000 8 hours ago

    great phone but the notch is pretty annoying.. can't even see more than 2/3 notifications which are meant to be seen

    • Tech Spurt
      Tech Spurt 7 hours ago

      Yeah, it is an absolute beast. The notifications icons definitely get squashed out, here's hoping the Mate 30s have a more subtle effort!

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 8 hours ago

    My Mate 20 Pro's battery has not been doing well ever since I bought it. Apart from the battery, everything else is working just fine.

    • MrLele3000
      MrLele3000 8 hours ago

      Do you have problems not being able to see all notifications you get because of the notch?

  • nash sanadiki
    nash sanadiki 8 hours ago

    Here's a great fairy tale I just experienced Traded a mate 20 pro for a note 9 Traded a note 9 + 60$ for a P30 pro You think I'm joking, I had to pinch myself since then xD

  • Thiwanka Kekulawala
    Thiwanka Kekulawala 8 hours ago

    Mate do a review on redmi 7a

  • CTRL F Gaming
    CTRL F Gaming 8 hours ago

    Bought mine a month ago for 500 bucks. Such a good deal.

  • Sten Lingerts
    Sten Lingerts 8 hours ago

    Do these have standard size when using eartips?

  • Paul Play
    Paul Play 8 hours ago

    right the rog is a bit better but it costs nearly the twice price

  • Sir Gildo
    Sir Gildo 8 hours ago

    Still loving mine despite dropping it and cracking the back. Excited to see Huawei's Mate 30 but honestly can't see myself upgrading to anything that isn't 21:9.

  • Ammar Akkad
    Ammar Akkad 8 hours ago

    Actually I have been using the Huawei’s mate 20 pro for a year and i am impressed with the performance and battery life even the build quality is very good.. Cheers Huawei 💪🏼

    • Ammar Akkad
      Ammar Akkad 8 hours ago

      @MrLele3000 for sure if i have more than 3 different application notifications i will not see it but in all cases i prefer swiping down the notification area to see all notification with extra detail so no problem for me 😁

    • MrLele3000
      MrLele3000 8 hours ago

      Don't you have problems not being able to see all notifications you get because of the notch?

  • boeing_737700 RBLX
    boeing_737700 RBLX 8 hours ago

    Watching on my G7 power

  • Asif rahman
    Asif rahman 8 hours ago

    Wallpaper link

  • Technoco
    Technoco 9 hours ago

    Can you share lockscreen wall ?

  • Chief Matthew
    Chief Matthew 9 hours ago

    Sanaol may cp

    LAKSHAY SHARMA 9 hours ago

    nice video mate👌

  • James Peebles
    James Peebles 9 hours ago

    Also remember that this has a Kirin 980 which is a 7nm processor that performs ALMOST as well as the Snapdragon 855. 980 tends to get around 50-100 points less than the 855 in Geekbench.

    • Tech Spurt
      Tech Spurt 7 hours ago

      Yep, it's still nice and nippy - Qualcomm's internal benchmarking showed the SD855 was better at sustained performance, but I've yet to see the Mate 20 handsets struggle.

    • MC- T
      MC- T 7 hours ago

      Kirin 980 is world first 7nm chipset too

    • Israel Lewis
      Israel Lewis 8 hours ago

      In both Single and Multicore right? Too bad Geekbench doesn't tell the whole story

  • Alvin Amoroso
    Alvin Amoroso 9 hours ago

    watching this on my mate 20 pro.

  • Ivan Sun
    Ivan Sun 9 hours ago

    To be honest, I was not really interested in ASUS's smartphone until I saw this video... and the wallpaper.

  • OG_ pLuTo
    OG_ pLuTo 9 hours ago

    Switchted from Mi 9 to Mate 20 Pro a month ago and all i can say is : BEST PHONE I EVER HAD. Performance is exactly as good as the SD855, Gaming works well, especially Emulation!, batterylife is a blast. And the Screen is amazing :) the camera ist exactly as good as the cam from Mi 9 IMO

    • OG_ pLuTo
      OG_ pLuTo 8 hours ago

      @MrLele3000 No i dont even recognize the notch😅

    • MrLele3000
      MrLele3000 8 hours ago

      Don't you have problems not being able to see all notifications you get because of the notch?

  • Sebastian M
    Sebastian M 9 hours ago

    Was the note 10 something you decided against reviewing?

    • Tech Spurt
      Tech Spurt 6 hours ago

      Nope, Samsung hasn't included me on their reviews list, possibly because I actually review phones instead of just gushing all over them...

  • Ben Lin
    Ben Lin 9 hours ago

    I want to send you to r/rareinsults

  • Blacktoothgrin Hain
    Blacktoothgrin Hain 9 hours ago

    My phone! The best from last year. Although some would pick Note 9 or OnePlus 6T. Still rockin' the joint! Firing from all cylinders. Its a battery & performance beast that never slows down.Hope & wish well for Huawei.👍

    • Ryan Matthew Arumugam
      Ryan Matthew Arumugam 5 hours ago

      I'm rocking the note 9😂but I still love the mate 20 pro

    • Achilis Dragoon
      Achilis Dragoon 5 hours ago

      @Blacktoothgrin Hain i see now. I guess I need to do research on the Bluetooth 4.2 and 5.0. Thanks for your time bro.

    • Blacktoothgrin Hain
      Blacktoothgrin Hain 6 hours ago

      @Achilis Dragoon Contrary to the belief, dongle works fine & eventually you'll get used to it. With the Bluetooth syncing/catch up problem in gamings, you're right. But make sure your headphones are 5.0 too & not 4.2.

    • Achilis Dragoon
      Achilis Dragoon 6 hours ago

      @Blacktoothgrin Hain Not an audiophile man. The jack is great for gaming. With Bluetooth headphones the latency is very high and I hear shots or movements 5-6seconds later after it actually happened in a game like Pubg. Bro does the dongle work as well as the headphone jack?

    • Blacktoothgrin Hain
      Blacktoothgrin Hain 7 hours ago

      @Achilis Dragoon For headphone audiophiles, you'll find jacks on both P 30 Lite & standard P 30.

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 9 hours ago

    Well I just bought mine two months ago happy with the overall performance especially battery life.

    • Sayon Darithy
      Sayon Darithy 5 hours ago

      Achilis Dragoon its speaker definitely not as loud and clear compare to even s9

    • Daniel D
      Daniel D 8 hours ago

      Sorry I’m not concerned about those issue so can’t reply you

    • MrLele3000
      MrLele3000 8 hours ago

      Do you have problems not being able to see all notifications you get because of the notch?

    • Achilis Dragoon
      Achilis Dragoon 8 hours ago

      Yo bro I saw in MKBHD's review that the Speaker of this Mate 20pro is muffled. Is it true man?

  • Sgt Pepper
    Sgt Pepper 9 hours ago

    Loving mine,got cheap cus of Trumpy,looking forward 2 the mate 30 pro 👍

    • Tech Spurt
      Tech Spurt 7 hours ago

      At least he's good for something eh :)

    • MrLele3000
      MrLele3000 8 hours ago

      do you have problems with the notch and limiting amount of notifications because of it?

  • boy vov
    boy vov 9 hours ago

    can you try mate30 pro?

    • Tech Spurt
      Tech Spurt 6 hours ago

      Yep, heading out to the launch, stay tuned ;)

  • Nikita79 MT
    Nikita79 MT 9 hours ago

    What a cute cat you have ;-) I have two of the bullies ;-) I have been using the Mate 20 Pro for half a year in daily use and I still love it very much because the battery performance is just incredibly good. I'm curious what the new Mate 30 Pro brings with it. Hopefully the normal Android is on the mate on it. Greetings from Berlin

    • Achilis Dragoon
      Achilis Dragoon 8 hours ago

      Yo man how good is the speaker? Yo bro I saw in MKBHD's review that the Speaker of this Mate 20pro is muffled. Is it true man?

  • Desmond
    Desmond 9 hours ago

    The Mate 20 Pro can be found for £380 when converted to £ from my local currency, I think that’s a really good deal but I don’t need a new phone so I’m not buying it

  • Shafi and Techs
    Shafi and Techs 9 hours ago

    Please make a link for the walls you use. It will be really helpful.

    • Tech Spurt
      Tech Spurt 7 hours ago

      It's not just one mum, I have to do everyone's mum. Takes a lot of time.

    • PepperButt
      PepperButt 9 hours ago

      @TheSneakyJesus the fucking madman

    • TheSneakyJesus
      TheSneakyJesus 9 hours ago

      He enjoys knowing that a lot of people ask and he sits there smiling

    • PepperButt
      PepperButt 9 hours ago

      so many people hava asked that give it up he's really busy (lazy) doing content on youtube (doin ur mum)

  • Shafi and Techs
    Shafi and Techs 9 hours ago

    Was waiting for your video.

  • pascalboyajian
    pascalboyajian 9 hours ago

    i needed this! was actually just about to buy one this week :)

  • Mervin Choong
    Mervin Choong 9 hours ago

    I cracked the main screen of my mate20pro ._. gonna get the mate 30 pro or even the RS

  • Stratos H D
    Stratos H D 9 hours ago

    Huawei full of Chinese spyware mate

  • Vk
    Vk 9 hours ago

    Didnt know James Murry had a youtube channel.😂🙏

  • Flash Vidz
    Flash Vidz 9 hours ago

    got mine 😁

  • Amdadur Rahman
    Amdadur Rahman 9 hours ago

    Really a good smartphone ....

  • Gd Vega
    Gd Vega 9 hours ago

    1st like

  • Сергей Кубань

    Aquos r2 compact ,,💪💪

  • antisocialrosanne
    antisocialrosanne 11 hours ago

    gosh I want that flip phone!! and it's actually affordable 🥰

  • Luxury Food
    Luxury Food 12 hours ago

    Would you recommend me this or the galaxy watch active 1?

  • Ruturajsinh Gohil
    Ruturajsinh Gohil 12 hours ago

    Ee chodu

  • Frank Zaho
    Frank Zaho 12 hours ago

    Good review, i love your eyebrows❤️

  • Divij Chhabra
    Divij Chhabra 13 hours ago

    It would be really nice if you could share the wallpaper with us!!

  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell 13 hours ago


  • Divij Chhabra
    Divij Chhabra 13 hours ago

    Watching it 1000th time...damn this guy is addicting😂

  • Luxury Food
    Luxury Food 13 hours ago

    How is the battery life and the heart rate accuracy? Better than galaxy watch active?

  • Decyferme
    Decyferme 13 hours ago

    Why does everyone jump from 1 to 5? Just like Battlefield 1, followed by battlefield 5. Weird!

  • aboda obaed
    aboda obaed 13 hours ago

    It has no mic???? Useless

  • Deepak Siwach
    Deepak Siwach 13 hours ago

    Please sell me

  • Deepak Siwach
    Deepak Siwach 13 hours ago

    Hello sir

  • fadly A. Rahman
    fadly A. Rahman 14 hours ago

    The greatest problem I found with Quest is it's guardian system, specifically, the predictive system. Even if you are nowhere near the border, but if you move your controller fast enough toward's it, some predictive algorithm will trigger and bring you out of the game. There's some lost tracking issue, but this is to me a minor issue.

  • gm magus
    gm magus 14 hours ago


  • Bob Dunn
    Bob Dunn 14 hours ago

    With you there until 'Withings has all of the SmartWatch functionality built in' - Absolutely not. It's great and your review helped me decide, but it is only one way (phone to watch), limited information and more importantly, if you miss the message/notification, there is no way to recall it on the watch. And not all apps (eg Spotify). The Steel is my go to watch for formal stuff or holidays/breaks when I don't want to mess about with chargers but Huawei Watch 1 is on my wrist most of the time (and it's still the best out there).

  • Greg Dundee
    Greg Dundee 15 hours ago

    Stop wearing such tight pants

  • Yoketat Foo
    Yoketat Foo 15 hours ago

    You speak too fast

  • Abdullah Bader.
    Abdullah Bader. 15 hours ago

    RU-clip is the best hands down

  • R Mrunay
    R Mrunay 17 hours ago

    Make a full tour 😉

  • Mr Comer
    Mr Comer 17 hours ago

    I just got the Mate 10 Pro for 6gb ram ,128 internal, Pie 9 $140.00 I always wanted it. But America stop selling Huawei..Boooo I got it any way.. 😉 It working find on T-Mobile and Mate 10 Pro is supposedly going to get the Android 10.. Hopefully

  • Kris B
    Kris B 19 hours ago

    The Gen 5 is great because they finally added 1GB of RAM. I use my WearOS watch to listen to podcasts with an app called Wear Casts and all the older WearOS watches only had 512MB of RAM and it was frustrating to use with all the lag.

  • A M
    A M 19 hours ago

    Bad OS, slow soc and no qwerty keyboard. Horrible display Dish out a few more bucks and buy a android phone.

  • Renee Aubuchon
    Renee Aubuchon 19 hours ago

    Thank you! After doing some cmparisons I ordered the Paperwhite last night. I am sure the price wil go down at some point, but oh well....

  • khaled moharm
    khaled moharm 19 hours ago

    أحب نوكيا وأثق فيها

  • My Devices
    My Devices 20 hours ago