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South Park BANNED in China!
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OK K.O. is Officially Ending
Views 117K4 months ago


  • Astrent
    Astrent 23 minutes ago

    A 2 minute video?

  • Non Flammable Boi
    Non Flammable Boi 26 minutes ago


  • SaiyanSpiritGamer
    SaiyanSpiritGamer 32 minutes ago

    As a wise man once said: *A Soul for a Soul*

  • Shifter
    Shifter 32 minutes ago

    Im starting to see why most companies dont listen to their fans

    • Sketchbook ofhorror
      Sketchbook ofhorror 30 minutes ago

      The company shutdown isn't connected to the revision of the film.

  • Barrubo
    Barrubo 37 minutes ago

    So wait is the movie still coming or is it cancelled?

  • Kookiemations YT
    Kookiemations YT 43 minutes ago


  • Sloth
    Sloth 49 minutes ago

    Alternate title: “Sonic make several people unemployed.”

  • xxLaylaNovaxx
    xxLaylaNovaxx 55 minutes ago

    Noo this is terrible, i so sorry for the animators who lost their jobs

  • why you
    why you 57 minutes ago

    Soo they bankrupted themselves? Well I'd be darn!

  • Quantum Proton
    Quantum Proton Hour ago

    We have a studio to save!

  • 1 Punch Brown YT


  • Cody Ciesielski
    Cody Ciesielski Hour ago

    This is what happens when fans beg for a redesign

  • KTSP
    KTSP Hour ago

    If only they came out with the redesign as the 1st design

  • Breadsalt1234
    Breadsalt1234 Hour ago

    bruh just move to another branch

  • Gavin Wilson
    Gavin Wilson Hour ago

    2019:Snoc Teh Hog 2020:Sonic The Hedgehog

  • SketchBook Cartoons

    WoW gUys, lEt’S mAkE a ViDeO aBouT a sHorT sEgmEnt!!11!1!1!1!1!1!1!!1!1!!1!1!1!1!

  • Jhoan XD
    Jhoan XD Hour ago

    If sherk 5 came out in June 21 2020 that will be Saturday and toy story 4 came out in June 21 2019

  • capsworthy
    capsworthy Hour ago

    Let’s make December 13th VFX Awareness Day for all cartoon lovers to celebrate.

  • Raespeaks Nonsense

    I wonder what Patrick's Voice Actor thinks about this

  • Barbara B
    Barbara B Hour ago

    That’s so terrible! :( I hope they find jobs soon! The company that hired these people really screwed them over. :( I still wanna watch the movie 🎥

  • carter hunt
    carter hunt Hour ago

    Wait.. which company is animating sonic?

  • Aleem gamerkazi2017

    I mean I can go see sonic the hedgehog movie in 2 months

  • AunovaDlux
    AunovaDlux Hour ago

    👏 *GIVE* 👏 *THEM* 👏 *A* 👏 *HIGH-END* 👏 *JOB.* 👏

  • SSGoku 71
    SSGoku 71 Hour ago


  • Sanicsgottagofast Boii

    IKR messed up on valiskubum64

  • Jacob the hedgehog Paul

    Sonic movie better not be cancelled

  • rando burr
    rando burr Hour ago

    MPC just sacrifice itself to make this redesign what hero if im right about this

  • Patrick Mao
    Patrick Mao Hour ago

    Was that redesign worth it?

    • Patrick Mao
      Patrick Mao Hour ago

      Maybe if they get enough cash to reopen it

  • Bonnieplays 1987

    The redesign is a blessing to Us and a curse for VFX artists.

  • Nathan Mtz
    Nathan Mtz Hour ago

    Why isn’t Christina Miller the villain? Will the banana spilts be in the new infinity war? Will the Hanna-Barbera Characters will super powers just like atom ant and the super friends Will dick have the infinity gauntlet

  • Game God
    Game God Hour ago


    • Sketchbook ofhorror
      Sketchbook ofhorror 50 minutes ago

      Nope, its already been completed and is waiting for release on Feb.2020

  • Sam Body
    Sam Body Hour ago

    Can you imagine if they just made the new sonic design for the trailer to appease us and the movie will have the old design

    • Sketchbook ofhorror
      Sketchbook ofhorror 49 minutes ago

      That's called false advertisement and put Paramount Pictures in ruins.

  • Tristyn bishop
    Tristyn bishop Hour ago

    Mark Hammil the who played Luke in Star Wars was in Regular Show

  • Mariel Kay Bergman

    So I guess the sonic movie won't be airing next year

    • Sketchbook ofhorror
      Sketchbook ofhorror 49 minutes ago

      The new sonic revision has been completed and will be released Feb. 2020

  • Kermit Muppet
    Kermit Muppet Hour ago

    It takes time and effort and it can be stressful

  • Nicole Scidone
    Nicole Scidone Hour ago

    When I watched this episode for the first time, that part kinda got me a little bit.😉😄😂

  • Xx-Pray-XxyourX-SOUL Xx-Death

    I Think theyre gonna make a movie and then goes back to making seasons Again or i hope so

  • Lisa Bailey oz baby

    Hey! One of our teachers son works for mpc Pay respects for Joshua coyle, he worked on the elephants from the lion king reboot

  • goldachu
    goldachu Hour ago

    #sonicmovie wasnt .The. Only project Soooo... yeah!

  • Dj5189
    Dj5189 Hour ago

    We should of left the old sonic alone

  • Jackson Carollo
    Jackson Carollo Hour ago

    I remember the candy game and it was horrifying and scared me when I was younger


    So no sonic movie?

    • Sketchbook ofhorror
      Sketchbook ofhorror 48 minutes ago

      The new sonic revision is complete and will be released Feb.2020.

  • Adam Selvig
    Adam Selvig Hour ago

    It was a plot

  • Riizen Xian
    Riizen Xian Hour ago


  • Hylian Espeon
    Hylian Espeon 2 hours ago

    Lol I was just scared it was gonna be something big when reading the title. I'm aware it's important but I imagined like cutting a scene up or something like that. Plus it didn't last long. I'm just glad it's nothing crazy tbh

  • The Cursed Pancake
    The Cursed Pancake 2 hours ago

    Cough cough joke cough cough

  • samuel velasquez
    samuel velasquez 2 hours ago

    0:53 Wait, That's my phone Wait?

  • Nathan Mtz
    Nathan Mtz 2 hours ago

    Me singing kyles mom is a bitc but kyles mom is replace with Christina Miller

  • haydengyt2010
    haydengyt2010 2 hours ago

    Get the fans with 3d rendering

  • Diamond Husky
    Diamond Husky 2 hours ago

    Sponge bob x the matrix

  • Justathereptile
    Justathereptile 2 hours ago

    You know what? I'm going to see this movie, an dI hope the studio employees who lost their job get a big fat paycheck from this.

  • Ethan Trimble
    Ethan Trimble 2 hours ago

    Another unpopular opinion i have, Demolition Doofus the worst episode of SpongeBob Squarepants.

  • Nathan Mtz
    Nathan Mtz 2 hours ago

    It’s actually the Paul brothers

  • Megan Raphael Sweet
    Megan Raphael Sweet 2 hours ago

    Really people most kids don’t know this movie and it’s November what would you expect

  • Nathan Mtz
    Nathan Mtz 2 hours ago

    Me: (dark Vader’s version) NOoOOoOoOoOOoOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Casey Martin
    Casey Martin 2 hours ago

    Now back to Rachel: has anyone heard her being mentioned in on of the new episodes? They also showed a clip of her in The Party. IF there was a movie, what if she disappeared into the void, and the Wilson parents are trying to keep it a secret so Tobias won’t feel very downright worried about her?

  • Juan Vazquez
    Juan Vazquez 2 hours ago

    My favorite is forky

  • Casey Martin
    Casey Martin 2 hours ago

    I admit that I didn’t like it at all, but it’s still pretty funny. I desperately want a movie, or season 7, or The Enchanted Spin-off of Penny! That would be a TV Movie where Penny finally seizes her moment by breaking 2 things: 1. Up with Gumball bcuz of his stupidity. 2. Her family out of their shells. But when she does, her own family terrorizing Elmore with their forms makes her realize she’s broken herself away from the family. Now she asks Gumball for help one more time to help solve her last problem, by have HIS family involved. Then if the Fitzgeralds forgive Penny, they’ll hug and turn into their real selves! If this happens in the end of the movie, he void would disappear and Elmore would return to normal. Even Rob would return to his normal self and Rachel would be back too (get to her later). I’m also trying to write the whole story on Google docs, but right now I’m trying to finish up a birthday card for my mom. Let keep our fingers crossed!

    • Casey Martin
      Casey Martin 59 minutes ago

      I forgot to add; after the Wattersons help the Fitzgeralds overcome their fears of who/what they are and be true to themselves, Penny breaks back in with Gumball! 🥰

  • Juan Vazquez
    Juan Vazquez 2 hours ago

    I like chucky

  • Mama bah
    Mama bah 2 hours ago


  • Jay the video weirdo


  • Samuel Arowosegbe
    Samuel Arowosegbe 3 hours ago

    I have seen all these lol

  • Darth Athestya
    Darth Athestya 3 hours ago

    If they are making a season 3 they should have a bunch of ancient evil that only the lost journal 4 has the info on

  • Zack'sGamerz ً
    Zack'sGamerz ً 3 hours ago

    We need to be sorry. People got stressed, restless quit jobs just to redesign sonic and reanimate the whole movie

  • Le_ Spoof
    Le_ Spoof 3 hours ago

    Nice super Mario galaxy music

  • Randi Montreuil
    Randi Montreuil 3 hours ago

    Ok 1 Stan is not bill bill posessed Stan and it revalves around reality wach film theary

  • Nathan Mtz
    Nathan Mtz 3 hours ago


  • Pablo312
    Pablo312 3 hours ago

    I would like Loud House to have a crossover with Batman!! I would like the full house gang fight of the criminals of Gotham city like The Penguin, The Joker, Bane and many more

  • orange bird
    orange bird 3 hours ago

    Why are there so many comments in Spanish here?

  • Nathan Mtz
    Nathan Mtz 3 hours ago

    I actually loved the movie

  • Toxic Bin juice
    Toxic Bin juice 3 hours ago

    It is just a blooming fez

  • Nathan Mtz
    Nathan Mtz 3 hours ago

    Man I want to play this game

  • Nathan Mtz
    Nathan Mtz 3 hours ago

    Sonic was actually a dick to tails on this episode

  • A Millennials Masterpiece

    The narrator sounds like Scott Malkinson. “I’m Scott Malkinson. I have diabetes.”

  • Gemma Sanchez
    Gemma Sanchez 3 hours ago


  • Gemma Sanchez
    Gemma Sanchez 3 hours ago


  • James Forshaw
    James Forshaw 4 hours ago

    Nickelodeon: *you are the worst cartoon I’ve ever seen in history* Adventure time: *crying* CN: *dont worry young one…*

  • James Forshaw
    James Forshaw 4 hours ago

    Fake guy: I need a new voice actor for the characters Fake guy: I know *YOU* 😳✋

  • memes are life
    memes are life 4 hours ago

    My brother loved dinosaur king when he was little so he made me watch it too. Personally I don’t see that much of the Pokémon element in it but I can see what you mean.

  • Freesmart Channel
    Freesmart Channel 4 hours ago

    Only Good Thing is They Knowledge Rachel again

  • Brightburn 2020
    Brightburn 2020 4 hours ago

    So what'll happen next?

    • Sketchbook ofhorror
      Sketchbook ofhorror 45 minutes ago

      The new sonic revision is complete and will be released Feb.2020.

  • Brightburn 2020
    Brightburn 2020 4 hours ago

    We're doom! Unless someone is willing to step in

  • Caleb Leal
    Caleb Leal 4 hours ago

    Give us the DAMN ENDING!!!!

  • weezel abc
    weezel abc 4 hours ago

    How is it dark?(apart from bloody gir)

  • Brayden Stevens
    Brayden Stevens 4 hours ago

    Let's hope they get new and possibly even better jobs

  • DeathBoy 546
    DeathBoy 546 4 hours ago

    Oh these Dirty Capitalists

  • Gavin Productons
    Gavin Productons 4 hours ago

    And i like bread

  • Olliewogg The Dog
    Olliewogg The Dog 4 hours ago

    It turns out they will be making episodes of this!

  • Huey Freeman
    Huey Freeman 4 hours ago

    Is it like the boondocks?

  • Jasmine No
    Jasmine No 4 hours ago

    Thus might only be in america, when I watched gravity falls on Disney+ nothing was censored 😂

  • tmnt: emergedfromthesewers [official]

    3:25 - MY CHILDHOOD!!!!!!!

  • Jdogg5150
    Jdogg5150 4 hours ago

    So does that means the sonic movie is canceled?

    • Sketchbook ofhorror
      Sketchbook ofhorror 43 minutes ago

      The new sonic revision is complete and will be released Feb.2020.

  • tmnt: emergedfromthesewers [official]

    At least “Teen Titans Go!” isn’t “Batman & Robin.”

  • Guesty
    Guesty 4 hours ago

    Vailskibum94: you can play roblox Me: He knows roblox?

  • Sara Bonafede
    Sara Bonafede 4 hours ago

    He didn't think of KILLING Rowley, He Thought of Knocking Him Out.

  • Doge 203
    Doge 203 5 hours ago


  • Tracy Raymond
    Tracy Raymond 5 hours ago


  • Ryan Blanche
    Ryan Blanche 5 hours ago

    You maniacs! You blew them up! Ah damn you. Goddamn you all to hell!

  • DippyMyth
    DippyMyth 5 hours ago

    1:24 I Showed this to Mabel, she screamed for 2 Hours.

  • freddy doz things wow

    Bruh I I seen this last night I thought it was fake