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  • MLS
    MLS 30 minutes ago

    UGH, this happens to me too!!! THANK YOU for being the only one to discuss this. I am glad to know that shaving will lessen that & I will stay away from plucking! I use witch hazel before & after as well as a spritz of COLLOIDAL SILVER- it's super antibacterial. If my skin is irritated I do a honey mask (on clean skin) use straight raw honey, rub it in so it's not dripping off & I leave it 10 min to several hours. It rinses off easily with warm water ONLY (no cleanser needed) doesn't leave skin sticky, just super hydrated=)

  • Neha singh
    Neha singh 12 hours ago

    she is by far the most beautiful girl i have come across... 😍🙀

  • Mayflower
    Mayflower 17 hours ago

    Invisalign update?

  • Whatever
    Whatever 18 hours ago

    I'm more concermed about concealer, shitttttttt

  • Anna Packard
    Anna Packard Day ago

    This was super helpful. I couldn’t find anyone else who addressed working out in the morning & it was my biggest worry. Thanks so much! ♥️

  • summer lyle
    summer lyle Day ago

    are you allowed to draw your eyebrow shape on first if you are unsure

  • Chante Moffat
    Chante Moffat 2 days ago

    I love seeing other peoples skincare routine, always learning something! I also recently did a skincare routine for when I have breakouts ✨

  • Marcella Trujillo
    Marcella Trujillo 2 days ago

    What about the rose hip oil?

  • Azra Rahman fatima
    Azra Rahman fatima 3 days ago

    This is one of your best make up. Loved it.

  • Michele Corradino
    Michele Corradino 3 days ago

    We had a Huskie named Sheena for 14 years . She could be Meeks’s twin. Same exact color and face. She was so sweet . We now have a Great Dane and she’s so spoiled. We feel the same about all our dogs

  • Pandurz
    Pandurz 3 days ago

    This was very helpful, I wish I would have seen this a long time ago. It took some real observing and going back on certain parts of the video, but I see it. The one that looks 'perfect' looks a little dull overall, I will def keep this in mind!

  • Ka Lor
    Ka Lor 3 days ago

    How do you not have a bajillion subscribers, yet? I watch your videos, every now and then, and just stumbled on this (after how long, I dunno), and I'm floored that you haven't yet gotten the # of subscribers, you should have, by now. You're humble and always have a great attitude! <3

  • Paola F
    Paola F 3 days ago

    knowing this, i’m never letting anyone touch my eyebrows again. they always ruin it. i’ll do them myself

  • Abigayle Jaidyn
    Abigayle Jaidyn 4 days ago

    This is a brief but helpful guide. I am suggesting this acne guide “Kαtοnοz tdα” (Google it) to my friend who will begin their acne remedies to achieve a clearer skin. I had a good time reading this and have found that my skin will be afflicted with my personal concerns. .

  • Rajbaxha Makandar
    Rajbaxha Makandar 4 days ago

    Plz tell me honestly is trilogy rosehip oil is really used by British celebs or only they advertise it I want to purchase it is it effective on skin makes skin fairer acne free..cold pressed reply me fast

  • Elie
    Elie 4 days ago

    I will call you. beck.

    LADY TEDDI 4 days ago


  • Sandra Love
    Sandra Love 4 days ago

    If you're on a budget, what do you think of elf beauty products?

  • Manteli Maria
    Manteli Maria 5 days ago

    I love those conditioner washers. Not as cleansing as shampoo. I cat put my head to a pillow if my hair has touched a gym mat or sweaty. 😂

  • Maria Patruno
    Maria Patruno 5 days ago

    Hi Melissa, thanks for this great recipe. Can you please add how much water you start with to your description. As someone commented below, the ratio makes a difference. Thank you!

  • Ado Ra
    Ado Ra 5 days ago

    that is a lovely chic make up

  • itishrisinghnina 2017

    U r so bfl

  • S & S vlogs
    S & S vlogs 5 days ago

    Thx! You "re look beautiful.

  • maverick 17271
    maverick 17271 5 days ago

    1. I have met only one guy who matched me to my foundation perfectly. He works at MUF in Tunjungan Mall in Surabaya. I shall name my third born after him. 2. THAT LIPSTICK!!!!! Uhmaaaayyzingggg I always love your color choices. We all need a color boost daily. You just do it better than most. Hugs from Malaysia xx

  • YOLO
    YOLO 5 days ago

    Are u planning on doing tati pallet??

  • starry night
    starry night 6 days ago

    She talks a bit much. There is no reason why she cant talk and work on her hair at the same time. Lord have mercy

    • Mai Do
      Mai Do 4 days ago

      starry night Ikr. Omg.

  • Marianne Alfaro
    Marianne Alfaro 6 days ago

    Omg I need an aesthetician in Houston. Your skin looks beautiful!

  • Jane Bergantin
    Jane Bergantin 6 days ago

    Sunscreen put on is not enough .. dermatologist says 5ml

  • Madison Pavone
    Madison Pavone 6 days ago

    omg. your eyes, i think i'm in love

  • Rubicelaa
    Rubicelaa 6 days ago

    Any small RU-cliprs interested in supporting each other? Let’s grow together ❕subscribe to my channel I’ll soon post some content (makeup) comment when done so I get notified and sub back😁💕

  • aurora
    aurora 6 days ago

    thank you for not editing your skin/face like every youtuber nowadays

  • Emily Jay
    Emily Jay 6 days ago

    You actually look more beautiful without makeup 🦋💜

  • Erum Acharya
    Erum Acharya 7 days ago

    You look amazing! Could you please share the type of earrings you have on? They look so beautiful

  • Nikki Herkert
    Nikki Herkert 7 days ago

    What brand/size curling iron is in this video?

  • Eve
    Eve 7 days ago

    Always love your skincare videos... do you switch anything up when you're traveling to specific places i.e. nyc winter, Florida humidity etc

  • Mayin Peyiyo
    Mayin Peyiyo 7 days ago

    Can we use loose powder over powder foundation?

  • Adriana J.
    Adriana J. 7 days ago

    Would love to see more gym/fitness vids, fashion, and meal prep vids.

  • Adriana J.
    Adriana J. 7 days ago

    Would love to see you try makeup techniques from other makeup a makeup challenge or just for fun like Patrick Ta's way of applying bronzer before makeup. Would like to see a more natural and quick makeup tutorial for people on the go.

  • Beta Fish
    Beta Fish 7 days ago

    Melissa do you have any product suggestions for baby hairs? I have a million around my forehead that stick straight up when I put my hair into a ponytail and they drive me crazy.


    Nice to hear from you Melissa

  • Angela Owen
    Angela Owen 8 days ago

    Did you ever post an update on the final results?

  • True Sea Color
    True Sea Color 8 days ago

    You look like a kind goddess ❤️ nice tutorial, always full with tips and your own opinions about techniques and products

  • tanveer virk
    tanveer virk 8 days ago

    Can we use blusher brush for face powder?

  • Patricia Roberts
    Patricia Roberts 8 days ago

    Yes please do tutorial, on the dark glam attack. I loved that look.. and this one too. ❤️ You are awesome!!!

  • Zoë Larsen
    Zoë Larsen 8 days ago

    The first ingredient in the clarins lip balm is mineral oil? 24$ for a mineral oil based lip balm is a little crazy...have they changed the ingredients since you discovered it?

  • The Whole Deel
    The Whole Deel 8 days ago

    what eyeliner do you use so that you don't get milia? I recently switched to liquid eyeliner and now I'm inundated with milia! I'm ticked! I would love something natural. Or else I'm going to naked eyes. Watery eyes and milia stink!

  • Sabz S
    Sabz S 8 days ago

    love the casual background soo much

  • alfredo lopez
    alfredo lopez 8 days ago

    Your skin looks oily

  • einhyatt
    einhyatt 8 days ago

    I never get olive. What is olive tone in the skin?

  • spooky katt
    spooky katt 8 days ago

    Commenting from 5 yrs in the future to say I'm so glad I didn't declutter this palette!! so subtle and beautiful

  • celltelluser
    celltelluser 8 days ago

    Thx for listing what you use as you talk so fast it takes rewinding several times to get the name of the lipstick, etc.

  • Joana Mena
    Joana Mena 8 days ago

    Me ha encantado lo de moco check 😂😂😂😂

  • Georgie
    Georgie 9 days ago

    I HATE creme de la mer! I was ready to spend a lot of money on a new skin care range and got luxury samples of their eye cream, serum and moisturiser. I used the range for 1 week and it was way too heavy. It sat on the surface of my skin and did not absorb. I bought malin and goetz instead. I prefer serums from other ranges though

  • Georgie
    Georgie 9 days ago

    I HATE creme de la mer! I was ready to spend a lot of money on a new skin care range and got luxury samples of their eye cream, serum and moisturiser. I used the range for 1 week and it was way too heavy. It sat on the surface of my skin and did not absorb. I bought malin and goetz instead. I prefer serums from other ranges though

  • Lateefa. H
    Lateefa. H 9 days ago

    Love that so much and it’s great 😍

  • Anne Medina
    Anne Medina 9 days ago

    the supergoop link isnt for the zinc screen :(

  • Shannan Abney
    Shannan Abney 9 days ago

    Your shade is def the second one warm natural

  • mary lim
    mary lim 9 days ago

    I ordered 2 bottles of trilogy rose hip oil since ive seen a few video reviews about it & got good very reviews. Got very disappointed to find out that it irritates my skin. It was good the first day but noticed days after my face getting red & irritated.My face got really dry & peeled after but the redness didnt go so i decided to stop it & my face returned to normal color again.To each his own,what works for others may not be good for you so careful not to waste your money on products no matter how good the reviews maybe.

  • Eva L
    Eva L 9 days ago

    Updated Evening skincare routine please!

  • Gia Rudzinskas
    Gia Rudzinskas 9 days ago

    It smells like dead carp I’ll take the wrinkles before walking around with that 🤮

  • AuntieB
    AuntieB 9 days ago

    Any tips for how to find an aesthetician?? I'm needing help figuring out products to use that will work best for my skin type. I don't want to keep wasting money on items that don't end up working. Thx for any help!

  • Ariel Sanchez
    Ariel Sanchez 9 days ago

    I like your thumbnail!

  • Mónika Baráth
    Mónika Baráth 9 days ago

    Daytime vitamin c can be dangerous, can cause bad sun sun damage to the skin. Having said that it’s really good for night.

  • Lyaysan Rakhimova
    Lyaysan Rakhimova 9 days ago

    You look like Esmeralda from Notre Dame

  • Nena T
    Nena T 9 days ago

    Wait if it has harmful chemicals it is harmful for the hair🤨

  • Nasia Georgakopoulou

    Amazing video thank you <3

  • Andrea Zarate
    Andrea Zarate 9 days ago

    Oh I get the parking dilemma! Every day you arent allowed to park from 6pm to 8am, but are allowed to park for only 2 hours from 8am to 6pm, except on tuesdays, when there is some type of street cleaning from 8am to 10am

  • ri aine
    ri aine 9 days ago

    Holy cow, you look like a brunette Halsey

  • Ajla Halilovic
    Ajla Halilovic 9 days ago

    Really wish u completed this beautiful look with all white and a veil just so it's easier to see the end result ^^

  • Katrina Lynn
    Katrina Lynn 9 days ago

    thanks for the summer fridays vitamin c rec! Think I am going to try it out! I use to use the ole henriksen truth serum but idk that really tingled on my face and whenever I went out in the sun (yes i apply lots of spf each day) my face would itch/tingle and when I stopped the serum that issue stopped as well

    • Raivan Talley
      Raivan Talley 9 days ago

      I got a sample of it and really think it's amazing. It's worth the price. Best vitamin C out there. Summer Fridays "overtime" mask is also incredible. My face feels like baby skin after I use it.

  • Lisi 777
    Lisi 777 10 days ago

    COLOR WOW is amazing for super shiny hair ... fyi

  • Xylia
    Xylia 10 days ago

    it just looks like a metallic it don't look glossy

  • Emily Garcia
    Emily Garcia 10 days ago

    Was going to do my workout, but saw new vid and dropped everything to watch :)

  • Elsienay Verdejo
    Elsienay Verdejo 10 days ago

    Thank you for this video omg 😁!

  • Tiffany Uy
    Tiffany Uy 10 days ago


  • Chandni Bharwani
    Chandni Bharwani 10 days ago

    I love your skincare routine and recommendations! I also have sensitive skin and many of your recommendations worked really well on my oily skin :)

  • Liv Peters
    Liv Peters 10 days ago

    Kenna has a biology background and speaks to the science of beauty and skin care. Check her out!

  • untadubai
    untadubai 10 days ago

    A long time ago I watched ur video where u said eye cream before moisturiser. Every day when I forget and apply it after, I can just feel Melissa frowning at me 😂 Glad to hear u sometimes forget too 😉

    • Melissa Alatorre
      Melissa Alatorre 10 days ago

      untadubai Hahahaha just looking out for my friends 🤗

  • Alex Rico
    Alex Rico 10 days ago

    Can you link the spa wrap please! I can’t find it in your description box

  • natalie Martinez
    natalie Martinez 10 days ago

    Omg! I love you for saying Moco. 😂 You are too cute.

  • Anna Houle
    Anna Houle 10 days ago

    This video inspired me to get ready this morning, you are always amazing 💎👑

  • Lindsay Mayer
    Lindsay Mayer 10 days ago

    This chick is so dang pretty I can’t handle it!

  • Popa Simona
    Popa Simona 10 days ago more skincare

  • Viraj Soni
    Viraj Soni 10 days ago

    I really need to know how to create a resume that is impressive for beauty industry, brands, companies.

  • Viraj Soni
    Viraj Soni 10 days ago

    Hi! What is the position called when you want to get involved into production and testing of the product and creating makeup looks for the brand’s new product campaign?

  • Effie Basmatzidi
    Effie Basmatzidi 10 days ago

    Great video and very informative! I would really like if you did a house tour video and a home series in general regarding decoration and organization. Love from Greece 😍❤❤❤❤

  • Liz Meows
    Liz Meows 10 days ago

    I wish I had your skin! I’ve had those horrible under the skin acne since I was 12 😩 Here’s to hoping

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 10 days ago

    isnt hylaronic acid only good if the air/environment your in not dry? doesnt it dry you out more if its dry air?

    • Katherine Krol
      Katherine Krol 9 days ago

      Yeah you just need to “seal it in” with a moisturizer or something more occlusive

    • lsb5671
      lsb5671 9 days ago

      This was happening to me last winter so I switch to a different moisturizer for the winters

    • Katrina Lynn
      Katrina Lynn 9 days ago

      put a moisturizer on afterwards and that wont happen!

  • Darcy Markey
    Darcy Markey 10 days ago

    I love supergoop, but I started using Maelove and it goes on so nice, doubles as a primer. I do love to hear about skin care. My eyes are so sensitive it makes it hard to find and use one. I am always open to trying new products . I would not thing to use an eye cream from a makeup line. So I will give it a try. Thank you for sharing your skin care with us.💄🙏❤️😘

  • Veronika Laskova
    Veronika Laskova 10 days ago

    Regarding the super dry lips. Just buy aquaphor. I've been on accutane for the past 6 months so my lips would be like a desert, but that magic little cream keeps them super moisturized. Inexpensive and works like a charm. :)

  • Jayme Lynn
    Jayme Lynn 10 days ago

    what is a toner you would recommend if I am allergic to tea tree?? I have finally nailed the majority of my skincare but my timers are always so wishy washy and I either see no results or they completely ruin my skin...

    • Jayme Lynn
      Jayme Lynn 5 days ago

      Abner Shaqouille Azmi thank you i’ll look into that one also! i’ve never known someone else (personally) that’s allergic to tea tree and it stresses me because everything my friends recommend for acne and such I can’t use🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Abner Shaqouille Azmi
      Abner Shaqouille Azmi 5 days ago

      pyunkang yul has a mist toner like the one she is using.. i am allergic to tea tree too 😊

    • Jayme Lynn
      Jayme Lynn 7 days ago

      Raivan Talley thank you!! I will definitely look into it (:

    • Raivan Talley
      Raivan Talley 9 days ago

      Inessfree soy fermented essence is amazing. I have been using it for 2 months now. It has changed my skin. It's a toner/essence. Typical toners have always made my skin feel very dry so I would need lots of moisturizer. This formula is so good.

  • Zari A
    Zari A 10 days ago

    Thanks Melissa for this video. I appreciate that it's not sponsored. Lol. I agree with you please do a skin care routine seasonally. It would give you time to use up some products that you want to recommend to us and also at least a month's time worth of usage if something you're trying was sent to you in PR. And yes I'd use La Mer if I got that in PR all over my body. 😆

  • Vijeta Singh
    Vijeta Singh 10 days ago

    Hey Melissa love from India ❤️❤️

  • Swara D
    Swara D 10 days ago

    Thank you for sharing this with us! Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed!! ❤

  • Clarify Things
    Clarify Things 10 days ago

    I’ve had the same issue with hyaluronic acid serums balling up! It’s so annoying. I love your tip about putting your toner in a spray bottle! I will definitely be doing that in the future!

    • Zari A
      Zari A 10 days ago

      Clarify Things -just a tip on getting rid of the pilling of the hyaluronic acid : try using less and pat it in the skin. Then wait at least 2 minutes before applying moisturizer on top. And if you still notice it balling up, use a clean damp sponge or spray bottle filled with water and spray it on top. Pat it in and then the serum that balled up should blend in. Wait for 2-5 minutes to dry before going in with Sunscreen/Foundation. FYI: personally I add a couple drops of my hyaluronic acid, niocinamide Serum and other serums including a food grade aloe Vera gel and a little purified water in a spray bottle and use that to spray all over my face. It takes less effort to get ready in the morning and I don't over apply. Then I can reapply it over my moisturizer if I feel like my skin is still dry. Hope you find my tips beneficial. ✌🏼

  • Michelle
    Michelle 10 days ago

    I hope the micro beads AREN'T plastic.

  • Krystal Manzano
    Krystal Manzano 10 days ago

    Love this so helpful and not all these random products!!💕😊

  • Lidia Kuhn
    Lidia Kuhn 10 days ago

    Hahahah haha A moco check niña que chistosa eres

  • Meilyn Planas
    Meilyn Planas 10 days ago

    Amazon has the Clarins lip balm for a few $$$ less Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm 15ml

  • Brandi Mcmillen
    Brandi Mcmillen 10 days ago

    I had acne for 36 years and couldn't use anything on my face. I switched to Korean skincare at the age of 48 and my skin has never looked better!! I can now use so many different products on my face without any problem...mostly because the ingredients lists are minimal amd focus on healing the skin barrier. You look beautiful, as always, Melissa. Thanks for sharing your routine.

    • Fats J
      Fats J 6 days ago

      Zarfeen Hameed CosrX are amazing for K-beauty. What kind of skin do u have? I have super dry skin and so i use alot of hydrating products. Snail mucin essence is fantastic.

    • M L
      M L 9 days ago

      Thanks! I'll look more into it and I definitely am starting to add moisturizer!

    • Brandi Mcmillen
      Brandi Mcmillen 9 days ago

      I've learned that, though I've always had oily skin, it needs hydration. I've always shied away from any kind of moisturizing or hydrating products because of my oily skin. Big mistake. A damaged skin barrier can be a big reason for acne. I love products from I'm From, Cosrx, Purito and Soon Jung. Also, the Farmacy Honeymoon serum is a must have product. There are great RU-cliprs to watch for guidance on Korean skincare. My favorites are Kelly Driscoll, James Welsh and Liah Yoo. Oh....Krave Beauty by Liah, is a fabulous brand as well!

    • Zarfeen Hameed
      Zarfeen Hameed 10 days ago

      Can you share what brands you use? I use Krave Beauty but would love to explore more with K Beauty!

    • M L
      M L 10 days ago

      @amirah I've lost 90 lbs with diet and exercise so that I'm already doing and am on birthcontrol for the hormonal changes, I wash my pillow case often ,I don't touch my face so I don't get bacteria on it. I don't know what else to do. And it's not major acne I dont qualify for accutane soooo yea I'm just stuck