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  • TheMasterChief117
    TheMasterChief117 27 minutes ago

    "if you plan on doing that leave my room alone" LOL

  • TheMasterChief117
    TheMasterChief117 32 minutes ago

    he has a butt propeller LOL

  • TheMasterChief117
    TheMasterChief117 33 minutes ago

    is this spark armor in the show?

  • ClutchKid#8 BluebirdX88
    ClutchKid#8 BluebirdX88 54 minutes ago

    Is it compatible with Jetfire?

  • Erwin Torres
    Erwin Torres 58 minutes ago

    Its amazing i preordered prime.

  • Luc1fer 65
    Luc1fer 65 Hour ago

    I want this.

  • serPomiz
    serPomiz Hour ago

    am I the only one, or the driver says "terra" when counting the key powering up the attack, and "tera" when doing the attack itself

  • Adolfo S
    Adolfo S Hour ago

    They all sound pretty much the same right?

  • Flubberduck
    Flubberduck Hour ago

    You should do an entire video as your Bionicle and paint your hands red and everything but have your real self do the intro

  • Exodia396's Forbidden reviews

    Do the pieces on the side of the shoulder pads not pop off for you?

  • Zachariah Davis
    Zachariah Davis 2 hours ago

    9:39 Can you see Mascot?

  • BulletClub 2015
    BulletClub 2015 2 hours ago

    This belt need too come back too the WWE miss that belt

  • riicky83
    riicky83 3 hours ago

    I have the green version of the slushie one.

  • Alycea Gutknecht
    Alycea Gutknecht 3 hours ago

    I have omega

  • Roby Fisherman
    Roby Fisherman 3 hours ago

    Hi... This model in AliExpress is good? Can you help me? Thank you man..

  • Cameron Schultz
    Cameron Schultz 3 hours ago

    Omegas claw hand is a up scaled version of trepticons hands

  • Archery
    Archery 4 hours ago

    Hot toys are cool and all but I just don’t like huge action figures I only like small ones because it’s easy to play with

  • Jorge Ramos
    Jorge Ramos 4 hours ago

    This toy looks Horrible

  • ArcticG umby
    ArcticG umby 4 hours ago

    Blitzwing was the only triple changer I obsessed over when they came out

  • Alexandre B. Galindo

    Very good video

  • Reagan Compton
    Reagan Compton 6 hours ago

    when he took of the wings he forgot to or just didn't say: "Parts forming!!!! Worst toy ever!!!!!!!"

  • Reagan Compton
    Reagan Compton 6 hours ago

    i say its hardshell

  • Lev4l6
    Lev4l6 6 hours ago

    Hi, emgo! Tell me please do you have scanned instructions of this figure? May I ask you to send the scans of instuctions, because I lost mine, and watching video isn't always conveniet for me. Please, help me!

  • OPTIMUS_ _6565
    OPTIMUS_ _6565 7 hours ago

    I love that you upload at least once a day

  • Asher the gamer god
    Asher the gamer god 7 hours ago

    Hat 1967 camaro fits him

  • Daniel Barron
    Daniel Barron 7 hours ago

    The end of review was HILARIOUS! Awesome review.

  • Finn-Ove Johansen
    Finn-Ove Johansen 7 hours ago

    I just cant get the jetpack to fit, anyone else have this problem?

  • Jake Gamer
    Jake Gamer 8 hours ago


  • Jake Gamer
    Jake Gamer 8 hours ago


  • Titan Eull
    Titan Eull 8 hours ago

    I can hear your phone in the background

  • Devin Robinson
    Devin Robinson 8 hours ago


  • Jaydon Makim
    Jaydon Makim 8 hours ago

    This must have cost a fortune!!! So much accessories! This review is an hour long!!! Stop spending so much money for our satisfaction! ( Still spend some tho ) but I still feel very bad. At least keep up the good content!

  •  8 hours ago

    Woah that thing is sick!!!

    MARSEL GEMING Y65 8 hours ago

    Pepek poler

  • Malthe2o Ps
    Malthe2o Ps 9 hours ago

    You should make another transformers movie again when you hit 400k

  • MartialArts4321
    MartialArts4321 9 hours ago

    All the displays have rampages shadow

  • Lucas Sarges
    Lucas Sarges 10 hours ago

    Thes his firavet

  • Michael Buller
    Michael Buller 11 hours ago

    Actually, Laserbeak doesn't need to be pegged onto Soundwave's forearm. There are actually groves on both his arms, same side as the 5mm port, where Laserbeak can be mounted. Not as secure as using the peg, so I'd say it's up to the players discresion. tfwiki.net/mediawiki/images2/thumb/2/26/TF-Generations-WFC-S-Micromaster-Soundwave-Spy-Patrol-Laserbeak.jpg/800px-TF-Generations-WFC-S-Micromaster-Soundwave-Spy-Patrol-Laserbeak.jpg

  • GokaiKiller Ben
    GokaiKiller Ben 11 hours ago

    Given I grew up loving thomas trains astrotrain has always been special to me for not only being the only train that's a Decepticon but also being my favorite color purple

  • Flame-Bolt267
    Flame-Bolt267 11 hours ago

    Dang prime you gotta chill out on the pizza bagels you getting chonky

    JaKK MOZAMBIQUE 11 hours ago

    I would buy one , but I live far away in Croatia , so the travel would cost 100+ dollars😢

  • Fahrizal Surya
    Fahrizal Surya 12 hours ago

    At least.. I wish kyoryuger soul's sword design is their sword

  • Bryan Bree
    Bryan Bree 12 hours ago

    Is helium used for the voice of the intro little bot ?

  • Joey Wyatt
    Joey Wyatt 12 hours ago

    Outside of the Dinobots, Predacons, and Soundwave/Blaster’s tapes I don’t care for animal based transformers. Didn’t like the Beast Wars stuff either.

  • Katarn84
    Katarn84 13 hours ago

    I like more Generations Springer for how he pulls out his modes, but this surely looks like the animation one.

  • SuperSonicStation
    SuperSonicStation 13 hours ago

    Hi I got OS Bruticus - Do you still recommend this? Also do you still recommend the store you got it from?

  • Tat Odd guy
    Tat Odd guy 13 hours ago

    But he's already old so doesn't that mean he should consider ending this channel

  • Blake Rohleder
    Blake Rohleder 14 hours ago

    I watch the transformation an 2 x speed Sry.

  • CountryMetal01
    CountryMetal01 15 hours ago

    Sooo, it's a Giant ActionMaster?

  • Iron Wolf Man
    Iron Wolf Man 15 hours ago

    kinda wish i got this instead of potp T^T i ended up getting the weijiang potp predaking but this one is really nice.

  • Vanz
    Vanz 15 hours ago

    Nice outro:v

  • TheComfortablyNumb91
    TheComfortablyNumb91 16 hours ago

    I love the way this Optimus looks, but holy hell that transformation is borderline horrifying.

  • Seong Park
    Seong Park 16 hours ago

    It’d be funny but cool to see sound wave transform from a Bluetooth speaker into his robot mode

  • James Peyton
    James Peyton 17 hours ago

    Faiz was great the characters were amazing, villains were awesome and my favorite designs, and the opening theme is one of my favorites.

  • Seong Park
    Seong Park 17 hours ago

    That’s cool that there is an Optimus prime that transforms into his robot mode. But it’s also crazy weird

  • Eduardo Castillo
    Eduardo Castillo 17 hours ago

    I best one yet

  • bossman leonard
    bossman leonard 17 hours ago

    This is the one transformer i always wanted as a kid

  • Hiro Kurenai
    Hiro Kurenai 18 hours ago

    Bravo six going dark

  • Nerdy Boii
    Nerdy Boii 18 hours ago

    7:31 that’s cause it’s the same model as the RID Voyager Optimus Prime.

  • TheRealHiboman
    TheRealHiboman 18 hours ago

    I was looking forward to this review because the singing of the key reminds me of when Emgo sings the jingles haha. Perfect Progrise key for him

  • Allen Neal
    Allen Neal 19 hours ago

    Guys calm down its probably just mascot

  • Jacob Olson
    Jacob Olson 19 hours ago

    U should do a mascot builds stuff video🙂🙂

  • Mixey Boy
    Mixey Boy 19 hours ago

    Kamen Rider Abyss MK2

  • Max Gray
    Max Gray 19 hours ago

    They sound so wrong could they not get the actors or something

  • Thames Ranger
    Thames Ranger 20 hours ago

    this toy should be in P Bandai Why is kyoryuger soul is boring red in knight mode? i mean can paint as kyoryu red?

  • Fast and Night furious

    Your hands make the figure look 10 times smaller. Do you have 1 foot long fingers

  • David Villa Nicolas
    David Villa Nicolas 20 hours ago

    I got this Optimus on Wednesday September,18,2019 go me!

  • Tracy Jones
    Tracy Jones 20 hours ago

    Can you imagine if the G1 Prime was built like this back in the 80's, trying to transform him at the age of 7 years old? There would've been a lot of pissed off kids!! 🤣🤣 Man! It takes an hour to transform him! 😂😂Despite the complexity of transformation, this Prime has some awesome details. Only the Chinese have the patience and will power to design such elaborate toys.

  • ShachihokoTM
    ShachihokoTM 20 hours ago

    BigBadToyStore is taking preorders for Ectotron; they predict getting him in stock in December 2019 (but we'll see what happens). Thanks for posting this review, Emgo; it was handy to come back and see what you had to say, and it'll help me make my decision about whether or not to get Ectotron for myself!

  • you reading my name
    you reading my name 20 hours ago

    In 5:21 when you rotate around that toy is it have rotate gear plastic or metal, cuz I'm afraid if it gonna break apart . Pls response

  • Matthew Carmichael
    Matthew Carmichael 20 hours ago

    Purple=evil it is true sometimes

  • BlackOUT Gaming
    BlackOUT Gaming 21 hour ago

    Really wan't him on Masterpiece scale / aesthetics.

  • Juarsa 10
    Juarsa 10 21 hour ago


  • Juarsa 10
    Juarsa 10 21 hour ago

    Ngomong naon

  • Nathan Sanderson
    Nathan Sanderson 21 hour ago

    I was expecting to hear “brave in” when you opened the red one


    Have they done a megatron yett?

  • This is Bad Comedy
    This is Bad Comedy 21 hour ago


    • emgo316
      emgo316 20 hours ago

      it's from shapeways

  • Noah Cook
    Noah Cook 21 hour ago

    So when I was a kid I really wanted this toy. My dad scoured the Walmart and found one but the legs arms and key were black. He had the different key symbols on his shoulders and his gun and larger cannon were red. I haven't seen another one like it. It's so cool and I'm hoping there's some info out there.

  • RoughDog#86
    RoughDog#86 22 hours ago

    The Prime has a backpack. WTF?!

  • Sho Ken
    Sho Ken 22 hours ago

    Hey mascot i thought you said red and black equals evil.. ya know after the review you did of the traitor prime lol.(yes i forgot the guys name but im sure emgo or someone will fill me in )

    • Sho Ken
      Sho Ken 22 hours ago

      @emgo316 thanks for the reply emgo .love your vids keep up the great work.

    • emgo316
      emgo316 22 hours ago

      there are many colors of evil

  • remytron83
    remytron83 22 hours ago

    The Siege line seems much better put together than the Titans Return & Power of the Primes lines.

  • cody norman
    cody norman 22 hours ago

    i mean we all know starscream is not the smartest decepticon with the exception of armada starscream

  • zenonx1
    zenonx1 23 hours ago

    A shame the mecha head on the back of the gaisoul is unpainted

  • 道神恵
    道神恵 23 hours ago

    I have been subbed to toyhappy for a long time also sadpackman :)

  • John Randall
    John Randall 23 hours ago

    I want that

  • Jacob Stoecker
    Jacob Stoecker 23 hours ago

    Ah yes... The years when transformers were gold. Really cool figure!

  • Marcos Herique
    Marcos Herique 23 hours ago

    Damn...That's the feet? Going to be HUGE!!! Combine ASAP

  • Jayden MorningStar
    Jayden MorningStar 23 hours ago

    oh sure give the baby a rocket sled what could go wrong

  • waluigie 000000000000

    9:26 ain't that the same flute theme from that evil blue movie kryuranger

  • Neptune Nexus
    Neptune Nexus Day ago

    Wait a second that's not a terramigo that's a Gaba tiara

  • Campbell Robertson

    I've only just realised that his gun in prime looks like the path blaster from the foc video game

  • marie mckenna
    marie mckenna Day ago

    it is a shealed

  • Jayden MorningStar

    we all know there's gonna be seven sentai this season who agrees

  • Michael Cianciolo

    It reminds me a little of Titans Return Blitzwing with the jet cockpit being visible in tank mode and the landing gear being visible on the tanks gun.

  • Vintage X Collectibles

    I have this one, and Barricade. I wish they made one this scale of the Peterbilt. A classic flat nosed would be nice too. They only made those in the smaller scale line.

  • Pokemon Master

    funny how hasbro has removed this set from their website, they must be worried about the backlashes they would get on their review section.

  • SheaTheBear YT • シアセビアー ワイティー

    I've been waiting for this thing ever since I saw pictures of this. It has the Kyoryuger Soul!

  • Campbell Robertson

    The cartoon said that he was a buffalo

    HORRIOR Day ago

    I really wish the knight head was colored purple instead of gray, and that instead of red LEDs, the sword would have purple ones.

    HORRIOR Day ago

    "Purple equals evil." Autobots agree.

    • Wyatt Godfrey
      Wyatt Godfrey 7 hours ago

      I consider red to be a symbol of justice or evil

    • zazaranger5
      zazaranger5 9 hours ago

      "Always worked for me"....Shockwave