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Intro to crim liability
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The IDEA formula
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The Level of Harm Chart
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The Key Documents
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How to find Statutes
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Insanity - Background
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Involuntary Intoxication
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Voluntary Intoxication
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Civil Courts Damages
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Breach of Duty AS
Views 38K6 years ago
Duty of Care AS
Views 78K6 years ago
Introduction to Tort AS
Views 50K6 years ago
Actus Reus - Omissions
Views 30K6 years ago
Causation # 1 - 'But For'
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  • Scheissa L
    Scheissa L Year ago

    Hi I love your videos! A question on the mens rea video, hope you could do me a favour and clear the fog out of my head...why was nedrick and woolin conviction substituted to manslaughter other the mis direction, which part of the two test could not be satisfied, was it that death was not a virtual certainty in those cases or that defendant didnt appreciated that that was the case.... I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Iris Liu
    Iris Liu Year ago

    Hi, huge huge thank you for your kind sharing. Your videos are far more elaborate and well-explained comparing to my lectures. Thank you so much. Your lectures actually inspire me to keep studying law.

  • TIM fowo
    TIM fowo Year ago

    could you please explain the simple term the role of resulting trust in the identification of a property

  • Brian Hennessy
    Brian Hennessy Year ago

    The Criminal Justice Act 2003 increased the sentencing power of Magistrates from 6 to 12 months. This hasn't been taken into consideration in the video about sentencing. Why not?

  • Paul Chapman
    Paul Chapman Year ago

    If you are representing yourself and only applying for court fees, how do you decide the amount to sue for? And obviously, you have to choose an amount, if you choose none at all, then the fee is 10k, is there a limit on what will be paid for you for free, or should you choose a lower amount? I wont go into personal details, but I am not sure if 10k would be paid if I left the amount open. I mean that the fees are paid for as I am in receipt of benefits. I am counterclaiming for perjury, lack of repairs, non disclosure of evidence and lots of other stuff, but its the deciding how much to claim for I am stuck on

    • Angel Cl
      Angel Cl Year ago

      Bless you!. I am really sorry nobody has responded to you and you are in this situation. I am sorry as well, I cannot help you at all as I have no clue whatsoever, but I wanted you to know that there is people who has read what you have written and would love to help you but they can't. I would tell you to go to Citizens Advice Bureau or to a Law centre in your local area but I am sure you are aware of those possibilities already, and most likely you have used them already. All the best for you, and I hope everything gets resolved.

    • Paul Chapman
      Paul Chapman Year ago

      my email is if anyone reading this can help me whatsoever

    • Paul Chapman
      Paul Chapman Year ago

      I really need help, but I cant get a lawyer as its a money claim, but they did things strangely and instead of a section 8 and money claim, they went down the route of a moneyclaim and a section 21. in the section 21, the claimant slipped and I mean slipped the judge a letter full of lies, that the judge to his credit asked if I had seen this, which I replied I had not. he adjourned and requested the case in his order to be reserved for himself only. I requested and paid for an order via n244 and paid for with x160, to request a copy of the letter. After adjournment, a new judge took over, without any explanation of the change of judge, who had read the non disclosed lies in the non disclosed letter and took it as truth, since there was no defence to it, even though I had never seen it!! I have since seen it and wow, its perjury and its going to make me homeless, even though im paying my rent, well the council are paying it for me. I really need help please. it is now Friday and still I have had no copy of the order, despite this happening on Monday. I have tried emailing the courts, they say they will call me as it may need to be reviewed, but time is running out if I am to appeal. I obviously need to know if it was a circuit judge or district judge that took over from the original district judge, as then it would be whether I would appeal to the high court if a circuit judge or to a circuit judge if it was a district judge. I am not joking when I say I have spent over an hour on the phone, never getting through to speak to anyone since Monday, nobody ever seems to answer the calls since they answered on Monday afternoon. I realise the court staff that answer the phones are not legally trained, but they promised the court would call me, which they havent. I can obviously use all the evidence in the moneyclaim, which isnt set until later in the year, however, I have now limited time to stop the warrant or writ of possession from losing my home, even though my rent is being paid and I have done nothing wrong. I am scared of being homeless and the council wont even help unless the bailiffs turn up, as they say I am intentionally homeless if I leave before this. So basically I need help knowing how to address my appeal and how to put a stay of execution on the possession order, pending my request for an appeal oh, flipping eckers, I said I wouldnt go into details, but I just did :(

  • BirdOfParadise
    BirdOfParadise Year ago

    Hi i am currently studying A level law under the ocr exam board. I came across your civil courts playlist and i love how clearly you explained everything even in just a few short videos! i noticed you haven't made a video in 2 years. Honestly if you could make videos covering the entire ocr A level law specification i would be so eternally grateful. I don't know if this would be too much to ask for but as i revise best from watching videos and making notes then making flash cards afterwards on those notes. This worked so well during GCSE but there are barely any good videos out there especially for law. Pleaseeeeeee consider you would make my world!!!!!

  • Tammy Mountain
    Tammy Mountain Year ago

    Is there any videos on EU law

  • Jackson Hans
    Jackson Hans Year ago

    Hi, is it helpful in my legal research skill exam?

  • Tatiana Answer
    Tatiana Answer 2 years ago

    These videos should be required before actual classes to facilitate better understanding

  • Parvez Pandher
    Parvez Pandher 2 years ago

    Videos are good !!

  • basit0313
    basit0313 3 years ago

    love your videos .. why have you stopped ? can you do tort law defenses?

  • Cattle Kate
    Cattle Kate 3 years ago

    Hi, thank you so much for these easy to understand and informative videos ... you have helped me out so much :-)

  • Stephanie Bark
    Stephanie Bark 3 years ago

    Hi its so useful, Thanks Could you do some videos on Contract Law as well ?

  • Maya
    Maya 3 years ago

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    Poppy Morgan 3 years ago

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  • Kang Ren Lam
    Kang Ren Lam 4 years ago

    I'm a Malaysian student currently doing A-Levels and this helps me infinitely. Thank you so much!

  • The Law Bank
    The Law Bank 4 years ago

    Statutory instruments are made in a variety of forms, most commonly Orders in Council, regulations, rules and orders. The form to be adopted is usually set out in the enabling Act. Statutory Instruments, also known as SIs, are a form of legislation which allow the provisions of an Act of Parliament to be subsequently brought into force or altered without Parliament having to pass a new Act. They are also referred to as secondary, delegated or subordinate legislation. Acts of Parliament confer powers on Ministers to make more detailed orders, rules or regulations by means of statutory instruments. An Act will often contain a broad framework and statutory instruments are used to provide the necessary detail that would be too complex to include in the Act itself. Statutory instruments can also be used to amend, update or enforce existing primary legislation. OiC are forms of SIs but we separate them because they are quite distinct types of legislation.

  • ASMR
    ASMR 4 years ago

    I know this video was a while ago but if you could help me I'd be very grateful. Similar to the comment below I don't understand why many people are calling Orders in council "Statutory Instruments" when I thought this was a whole different type of DL?

  • Jess Bishop
    Jess Bishop 4 years ago

    Just as you said these final questions are the bane of my life! Are there any model answers I could get hold of? I have no idea how to put all of this into an answer (mark schemes aren't very helpful!) :/

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  • The Law Bank
    The Law Bank 4 years ago

    Meshach I am sure Mr Meuller must be so proud to have such a diligent student as yourself. Top tip though - a career in law may not be the best option for you. Too difficult.

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    lifehumanity 4 years ago

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    Danish Aftab 4 years ago

    I don't have the words to describe how good of a teacher you are. Your communication of thoughts and concepts is spot on. By far, the best Law lectures online and im using this for my llb. The only sad part is that the videos are limited and don't cover the entire courses. Your channel deserves much more views. Please upload more videos on tort, land etc. Thank you so much for making these videos free. Love, from Pakistan <3.

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    Piotr Piotr 4 years ago

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  • orishii
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  • pzs1000
    pzs1000 4 years ago

    I was just wondering: if I am speeding to rush someone in my car who requires immediate medical attention - would that be an effective defense to a strict liability offense?

    • The Law Bank
      The Law Bank 4 years ago

      No sorry - its strict liability - as Mens Rea is removed then merely committing the act would make you liable. You would be at the mercy of the discretion of the Police Officer who stopped you or the courts who were dealing with a plea.

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    daniel ejiogu 4 years ago

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