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I'm Done
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The Truth
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  • geet
    geet 6 hours ago

    I fell so much down the conspiracy theories that now Shane have a different shirt on

  • Jessie Lily
    Jessie Lily 6 hours ago

    There's a ghost in my laundry room of my house. My brother sees it too bcz he told me abt it even before I told him my parents saw a ghosts in their old apartment before I and my brother was born. Mabey the same one ?

  • KayTay Taylor
    KayTay Taylor 6 hours ago

    Shane YESSSSSS . Kinda gotta admit loved to see that sassy boss side of you ! But in all SO damn proud of you and Jeffrey . I was not able to purchase the pallet but that’s totally okay I’ll get it one day !!!! So proud of y’all it’s amazing .

  • Kelly Shaw
    Kelly Shaw 6 hours ago


  • Zeta Reticulin
    Zeta Reticulin 6 hours ago

    Come to my house! Youll see shadow beings and walk through apparitions and have outa body experiences with other worldly beings

  • madianna rose
    madianna rose 6 hours ago

    I love the Toy story one

  • SnowyIceCream
    SnowyIceCream 6 hours ago

    Anyone else who hasnt watched this before because thought it was too long and going to be boring but was super bored and finally did a year later 😂

  • Isla Smith
    Isla Smith 6 hours ago

    The movies made it 10 times worse

  • Nicoleee S
    Nicoleee S 6 hours ago

    SHANE I HAVE A NEW CONSPIRACY this person does not exist please explain it

  • annie rako
    annie rako 6 hours ago


  • bahar a
    bahar a 6 hours ago

    The Willy wonka one was really scary 😐

  • OnlyZombie Queen
    OnlyZombie Queen 6 hours ago

    Shane you changed. You used to be a relatable guy who love conspiracy theories and I loved your conspiracy theories now you’re a beauty Blogger. What ever happened to having a interview with a little Michaela?

  • Vicente Facuse
    Vicente Facuse 6 hours ago

    That’s another reason to hate Sony

  • Nozzle Loafs Spinel-lancer

    I’ve been waking up early not remembering anything I’ve been breathing hard when I wake up and I’m 12... I’m scared of my hallway for some reason now.. I’m scared

  • MJ
    MJ 6 hours ago

    "That's fucking good" "That's FUCKING good" "THATS FUCKING GOOD" I'm *sHoOk*

  • Panic Fan
    Panic Fan 6 hours ago

    I like how I decided to rewatch this and all I can remember was me and my friend in school just trying to get to the website and it not letting us on and we we're like its probably the wifi and I get home and it wouldn't let me on and I was so upset and when I finally got on everything was sold out

  • Soukie
    Soukie 6 hours ago

    Shane. You are absolutely precious. I kept watching your reaction to everything that was happening, and it was a look of pure gratitude and humbleness. You are such an amazing human being. Please don't ever doubt yourself or your purpose. Big love to you!

  • Amanda Gibson
    Amanda Gibson 6 hours ago

    Shit man I’d drop my job in a heart beat for that much screw that

  • lucy Jenkins
    lucy Jenkins 6 hours ago

    i love how cute and gay ur bf is

  • kira lee
    kira lee 6 hours ago

    anyone notice at 0:43 how its an article about the blue whale challenge, and there's an ad in the top right corner of a phone taking a picture of a whale??

  • Gloria Sullivan
    Gloria Sullivan 6 hours ago

    Was sick and felt awful so the first thing I did was looked up "shane and serial killers" to make me feel better.. I think I'm a sociopath 😂

  • Kelsey Ayars
    Kelsey Ayars 6 hours ago

    Who else wants Shane as president

  • Ralph Giovacco
    Ralph Giovacco 6 hours ago

    3:15 thats just wrong and rude

  • Cute_ Devil
    Cute_ Devil 6 hours ago

    3:36 I don’t hear any thing

  • volcanicshoe Slendyman

    For the gif one I heard silence no matter one

  • Luna LaRose
    Luna LaRose 6 hours ago

    Garrett's gifts and efforts are *SO THOUGHTFUL* <3

  • GottaBolt559
    GottaBolt559 6 hours ago

    Who is Morgan. I wanna know please.

  • Pokyzard TheFurry
    Pokyzard TheFurry 6 hours ago

    All I hear is "baa" I never heard faa. They are too similar for my brain to differentiate xD

  • Isabel salas
    Isabel salas 6 hours ago

    I don't like how they were so rude to Garrett. Like garrett is literally the one that makes everything funny when its scary

  • Itz.niyaaa
    Itz.niyaaa 6 hours ago

    Can you do a Kate yup conspiracy

  • Weird Person on the internet

    Constantly play back the beginning of the vid the hey what's up you guys really quickly and constantly it sound interesting

  • Aslan Acoustic
    Aslan Acoustic 6 hours ago

    On the headless woman theory - in Endgame, just after Tony mentions how unflattering the old costume was for cap's arse, they have a shot of the "sceptre" being held by a headless ScaJo, simply a shot of every sexual part of her body - no face.

  • Drew Blanche
    Drew Blanche 6 hours ago

    Hi, I’m Drew.

  • TRASHPARENCY Melissa Aspey

    We did bloody Mary on 5th grade. Nothing happend. We all were trying to scare each other.

  • KaylaGacha Panda
    KaylaGacha Panda 6 hours ago

    My dad is on a diet and has to eat only cucumbers for DINNER

  • TRASHPARENCY Melissa Aspey

    I got out of bed once and opened the door to the bedroom and then started walking down the stairs and my friend said, where are you going? I was sleep walking. I guess in my head I thought I didn't live there so I was leaving...idk.

  • Ikhlas Aden
    Ikhlas Aden 6 hours ago

    Hey Shanen🍕🍕

  • Holly Easton-Lankester

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • silvia .l
    silvia .l 6 hours ago


  • Dakota Rae
    Dakota Rae 6 hours ago

    rewatching and relizing how pissed i got when i saw the new house no hate but like TWT ALL THE MEMORY'S BUT WTF WHYY

  • Llama Playz
    Llama Playz 6 hours ago

    shane: there could be an old boiler in your house if you live in an old one... me: *thinking* OH THANK GOD MY HOUSE WAS BUILT IN 2018

  • Raibaru Fumetsu
    Raibaru Fumetsu 6 hours ago

    Who is watching in December 2019??

  • 12 ertz
    12 ertz 6 hours ago


  • Kyra Wade
    Kyra Wade 6 hours ago

    Aney one all's see the 8 ball in his eyes

  • Brooke Faulkenberry
    Brooke Faulkenberry 7 hours ago

    Bill cypher is the ill.

  • Teresa Lopez
    Teresa Lopez 7 hours ago

    Are u not posting on RU-clip ☹

  • Iambbarlos
    Iambbarlos 7 hours ago


  • Loohser_Jen -
    Loohser_Jen - 7 hours ago

    Jokes on you I live in an apartment with no boiler

  • Isabel salas
    Isabel salas 7 hours ago

    So I moved houses about a few months ago and the house I liv in now was built in 1892. I had a friend over and we were walking up my stairs and my friend said she felt a weird feeling in one spot. About a month later I was walking down my stairs and I fell down my stairs on the same spot were my friend said she got that weird feeling. But one time I was putting stuff away after we moved in I just had a feeling in my room. Then I heard something run at me and right now when I was watching this something feel off my bed. I'm scared asf

  • Sirena Stoddard
    Sirena Stoddard 7 hours ago

    just realized i watch these videos whenever i’m hungry

  • ReneeWhyte22
    ReneeWhyte22 7 hours ago

    I love your vids please get me robux user name _reneewhyte22

  • natalie nicole
    natalie nicole 7 hours ago

    10:35 I'm 13 how can I not hear that

  • TRASHPARENCY Melissa Aspey

    I have dreams but to me dreams are the souls of everything existing and inside of me and you and things that you cant see. Have you ever taken the white powder from a dentist that sedates you? I did. It can cause hallucination dreaming. My dream was super vibrant and characters like a cartoon and crazy colored walls in different shapes on 2019. Woke up feeling like I was in wonderland.

  • Eleanna Smith
    Eleanna Smith 7 hours ago

    I hate that the news lady said “Including four Americans.” Like who cares if they were American!? Yes it’s sad, people from your country went missing. But you know what else is sad? OVER 200 PEOPLE WENT MISSING! Just the fact that 200 people most likely died that day, and there were over 200 families grieving the loss of their loved ones, is heartbreaking. It doesn’t matter if they were American, African, Canadian, black, white, gay, straight, male or female! Over 200 people went missing that day. And that’s the sad part.

  • Æbí
    Æbí 7 hours ago

    This is produced just like documentaries on Streaming networks e.g. Netflix, Hulu... Please make more of these Shane! Excellent job guys!!!!! Great quality!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Alexis Arnett
    Alexis Arnett 7 hours ago

    Can I have a make up pallet. Please!!!!!! I am 12

  • Amelie slytherin
    Amelie slytherin 7 hours ago

    At 22:52 they were looking at Riverdale characters.

  • Gacha Eli
    Gacha Eli 7 hours ago

    Question, does Shane actually eat that after the video? 😂

  • Super soggy- Nuggets


  • Virus Uploaded
    Virus Uploaded 7 hours ago

    Baby yoda

  • Роман Игнатенко

    Me: watching this at 1.34 pm Jeffree: good morning everyone! 8:33

  • TRASHPARENCY Melissa Aspey

    A dream journal sounds like a great idea! Should of been writing a long time ago.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 7 hours ago

    I played the pass out game all the time OH MY GOD

  • InstaFacts
    InstaFacts 7 hours ago

    33:02 does anyone know the song?

  • Jay DUTOIT
    Jay DUTOIT 7 hours ago

    My grandma went to the queen Mary. She said it wasn't that bad, but the only that really happened was that there was a concert in the parking lot. XD

  • Parisa
    Parisa 7 hours ago

    I fucking love the fact that Garrett smiles ALL THE TIME

  • DJGaminG Planet
    DJGaminG Planet 7 hours ago

    Shane's mom poisoned the tea

  • im sad
    im sad 7 hours ago

    when i watched the last part i stared at my fist and damn it looked good for punching ppl

  • Nylo0oh
    Nylo0oh 7 hours ago

    I really miss these videos

  • Shyann Johnson
    Shyann Johnson 7 hours ago

    My emo heart has been torched into ashes

  • anxious blowbacks
    anxious blowbacks 7 hours ago

    If you go to facebook in his posts all the posts that he has with him not smiling or strange it says "-with kirk" so maybe he had a dark past and he just hid it and faked everything and that was his way of showing it?

  • • atmosphxric •
    • atmosphxric • 7 hours ago

    I swear Shaggy (Scooby Doo) had a huge adams apple but he doesn’t aaaa

  • Livy B
    Livy B 7 hours ago

    just so y'all know, flying is one of the safest ways to travel. you're much more likely to die in a car accident

  • TRASHPARENCY Melissa Aspey

    Everything I'm scared of. At least I know you talk about it and I can relate. Hold me :(

  • I no tree xdy
    I no tree xdy 7 hours ago

    I got a nose bleed irl at 4:46

  • Amanda Gibson
    Amanda Gibson 7 hours ago

    Fucking uno man

  • Heidicrazyfunny for spite

    I kinda just died seeing bts.... At the beginning

    MAKETHATSMART 7 hours ago

    I’m pooping in my pants niw

  • St1ch3z ?
    St1ch3z ? 7 hours ago


  • strxberri mlk
    strxberri mlk 7 hours ago

    who else got excited when they saw BTS armyyyyyy wya 😂💜

  • lilpoopack
    lilpoopack 7 hours ago

    When are u going to do creepy game and those creepy stuff

  • Ray Soto
    Ray Soto 7 hours ago

    I saw that happen to a bird on my bus from school but I was so shocked and the bus was moving so I didn’t record it

  • Kalei Perales
    Kalei Perales 7 hours ago

    I have to get on a plane why did I have to watch this

  • Bella Geo YouTube
    Bella Geo YouTube 7 hours ago

    i read the poem and nothing happened. but then i started farting 😂

  • Deftones Queen
    Deftones Queen 7 hours ago

    The squad should do a collab with the Ghost Adventures Crew! That would be everything. Just saying. 🌙👻👽💀🥶

  • Lauren Ford
    Lauren Ford 7 hours ago

    Shane just popping a squat by the bed😂

  • Lynn Parker
    Lynn Parker 7 hours ago

    Ahh...JACKASS x2!¡! Both of you suck. 🤪 Lol Ya know what, I literally contemplated on clicking on video for @ 45 sec's (which I honestly NEVER give much thought on a vid) Btw Shane, it's truly great seeing you when you're this REALLY shows. 😉

  • Amy Hernandez
    Amy Hernandez 7 hours ago

    I don’t understand how jeffre is 57 and Nate is 69 and they look like they are in there 20s?!?!??how?!?!?!?

  • Koala21
    Koala21 7 hours ago

    I am so fucking happy for your friendship, too happy that I'm dancing in my room with happy tears.

  • Simple Bb
    Simple Bb 7 hours ago

    here in 2019 miss this shane tbh

    CHRIS CROW ARTS 7 hours ago

    its elsa not the names u said shane

  • S̷ydney S̷anders
    S̷ydney S̷anders 7 hours ago


  • XxWaterMelon WolfxX
    XxWaterMelon WolfxX 7 hours ago

    I’m highly offended the classic roast beef was my favorite smh also I never added the sauce to it, it’s way better plain

  • Mm Cann
    Mm Cann 7 hours ago

    During the interview the whole time all I was thinking was “Tana/Tanacon

  • Xills
    Xills 7 hours ago

    47:34 let’s go 13 reasons why

  • arianna liemann
    arianna liemann 7 hours ago

    i felt so uncomfortable when he said he whats up you guys and then never said "yes"

  • Jessy Mason
    Jessy Mason 7 hours ago

    wow did the trainer wear those shorts on purpose?? ew.

  • Miss K Beauty
    Miss K Beauty 7 hours ago

    Me: Pauses video at 33:32 with an empty hole in my chest feeling. HEHE LOL wtf. >.> I wanna see the rest of THAT interview.

  • Reese McD
    Reese McD 7 hours ago

    i’m eating one rn and is it just me but they’re not as good as they used to be 😭💔

  • michaela andersson
    michaela andersson 7 hours ago

    i am uncomftorble but i still cant think about so much else then that Lee Ann in the video looks like Chandler Riggs🤔 Still uncomftorble and disgusted by that mans actions