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  • Loretta's Hauls' & Creations

    She is so pretty💜💜💜

  • ED Cannon
    ED Cannon 5 hours ago

    Brother I love your expessions when you are opening the product. Great review. Great video.

  • vansse Mccreadie
    vansse Mccreadie 5 hours ago

    ✌🏻😤✌🏻🤔✌🏻🤨✌🏻🎈🍁😍🎆🎇🤦🏻‍♀️👸🏻🐡🎃🤦🏻‍♀️👸🏻🍁🎈😢 I love you omg lol doll

  • AMIR
    AMIR 6 hours ago

    I love her gorgeous long blue hair and cowgirl hat and style !

  • Jasmine Bliss
    Jasmine Bliss 7 hours ago

    LOL, what a face! OMG, so pricey. Nice to watch your video though not getting her. She must be inspired by character hatsune miku

  • Stephanie In the wild
    Stephanie In the wild 12 hours ago

    I love your Rugrats shirt !!! The wednesdsy adams pop figure way cute. The puzzles are cute too. Id put them together and glue to a board and put on wall. 😀🌹🌼🌻🌸🌷🌈

  • Deb's Doll Room
    Deb's Doll Room 13 hours ago

    I'm old enough to remember the Addams Family TV show. I'm going to be Wednesday Addams this year for Halloween. I didn't have the heart to take the head off one of my dolls. I bought a doll that was missing a head. We DO love our dolls don't we ?

  • gingerandcloves
    gingerandcloves 17 hours ago

    I just got Snowlicious last week, my husband got her for me as a gift. I got the snow powder in mine, it's just a little packet. Love the puzzles, those look cool. 1000 pieces is a lot for me though, I usually do 250-500 ones. The book looks cool, I may see if I can find it. I don't want to get too excited for the movie because it seems like every time I do, it ends up being a big let down. Hopefully this one will be good though.

  • eahlover122514
    eahlover122514 20 hours ago

    They are doing the little mermaid live next month and auli'i cravalho is going to play Ariel.

  • Andrea Passino
    Andrea Passino 21 hour ago

    I love seeing your haul, barnes and nobles has so many goodies! I'm glad you found some good things this weekend and hope you have a good week!

  • Ana Hason
    Ana Hason 21 hour ago


  • Francie
    Francie 21 hour ago


  • vansse Mccreadie
    vansse Mccreadie 22 hours ago


  • Garden Fairy
    Garden Fairy 23 hours ago

    Love Omg Dolls so much!

  • Bea Harrison
    Bea Harrison Day ago

    24 carot dj is the last one i need too i havent seen her on the shelves in my area as well great haul let your parents know that one of your subscribers think they are just fantastic❤👍

  • M Puzzle World

    Too late for me I already bought frozen stuff. I am early this time because I am always late for buying movie related stuff.

  • M Puzzle World

    I agree with you. I went to see the adams family with my sister and I didn't want to make her feel bad but I didn't like it. I like the shape of the animated figures but the story needed something more.

  • Shawn Henry
    Shawn Henry Day ago

    Nice haul

  • DataThread Sorceress

    Keep Ariel on your Magical Mondays until the "movie"comes out

  • DataThread Sorceress


  • Andrea Passino

    I don't get tired of seeing Ariel on magical mondays, she's one of my favorite princesses too and there's so many cute things with her on it! I also agree with you, she looks better in her kiss the girl dress then her pink one!

  • Aquamarine Dolls

    She is beautiful!

  • Nevonday Simmons
    Nevonday Simmons 2 days ago

    Maybe if you put an clear finish on top of it then put her in garden.

  • Nevonday Simmons
    Nevonday Simmons 2 days ago

    Awww she is beautiful love it!!!❤❤❤❤

  • Jasmine Bliss
    Jasmine Bliss 2 days ago

    She's more brunette than redhead? I prefer Qposket and have a Qposket Ariel! U should get one too. I hang out with my friends on weekend and had Korean food.

  • Diana Curtis
    Diana Curtis 2 days ago

    A garden like you described would be wonderful! The figurines could live in shady areas, maybe on a porch? It could be amazing!

  • Karen Alexander
    Karen Alexander 2 days ago

    Here's my story about Chatty Cathy that I shared on another site. I too have wanted one for many, many years. Chatty Cathy was the only toy I wanted Santa to bring to me at Christmas, 1963. If he would just bring me this very special toy, I knew I would be the happiest little girl ever. I didn't care if there was nothing else for me under the tree that year. I yearned for that little doll and dreamed about our future adventures when I visited her daily in the Sears catalog from that year. Well, I was the happiest little girl that Christmas morning because she was there under the tree waiting for me. I couldn't believe that my wish had come true! As I tore open the pretty paper, I immediately knew it was her because I could spy the beautiful box in which she was packaged. Once I had removed all the wrapping paper I think I hugged the box with tears in my eyes for at least 10 minutes! Slowly, I took the top off the box to look inside. At this point, I was sobbing. I'll never forget that moment as it truly was the happiest moment of my 9-year-old life up to that point. Very carefully, I removed her from the box and took the plastic bag off of her head which was protecting her beautiful blonde locks. I stroked her hair and fluffed her pretty dress and petticoat. I examined her tiny white shoes and tried to stand her up without success as I must have been too emotional to get her balanced just right. Then the moment came for me to turn her around and pull the string that brought her to life. I could barely keep quiet enough to listen. In that tiny sprinkle of time, my tears of joy and excitement turned to sobs of sadness. As I released the string, Cathy talked to me but her words were unintelligible. My greatest wish for that Christmas didn't work! Instead of "I love you", my doll sounded like a toy that one of my brothers would have loved while fighting battles with their imaginary enemy. The best I could describe her sound would be to compare it to a toy machine gun. I was absolutely heartbroken. Money was tight for my family when I was growing up but I didn't know that until I was an adult. I know the $10.00 that my parents paid for her had to have been hard-earned on their part. Seeing how crushed I was must have been awful for them. Now that I am grown I know how it feels to disappoint your children and blame yourself for their unhappiness. I'm sure their hearts were hurting just as much as mine but they didn't show it. Well, in those days when something didn't work, the item didn't go back to the store. As consumers, we just sucked it up knowing that it was part of life to get a bad one now and then. I was the lucky one with the bad one in 1963. That day Chatty Cathy disappeared from my life faster than she had appeared. She didn't ride over to my mamaw and grandad's house for Christmas dinner. She didn't sit beside me at the table as I had pictured in the days before Christmas. And she didn't cuddle next to me in my bed that night. I never found out what happened to my Cathy; she just disappeared. Dealing with disappointment got easier as I got older. Without knowing it, Cathy had helped me to begin learning about life's tough days and I'll always be grateful to her for that reason. Few other moments in my life have ever reached the same intensity of that day but there are some that have surpassed both my level of happiness and the depth of my despair. So, thank you, Chatty Cathy. We could have been friends and playmates, but instead, you became my teacher and I'll always love you for that.

  • Mary Sharlize Kate Diputado

    That redorange girl is sunset shimer

  • Melissa Gunn
    Melissa Gunn 3 days ago

    Awww I'm so sorry. Glad you're better now though. Always so great to see your smiling face! Thank you for being so awesome. (:

  • Jhamel Wade
    Jhamel Wade 4 days ago

    That's not Michael Caloz's voice in that doll!

  • Jasmine Bliss
    Jasmine Bliss 4 days ago

    So glad you got better. Best shot for me against viruses is eating raw garlic or cooked ginger and onions. They kill all germs and bad bacteria in my body and stop inflammation

  • Remi’s reaborn Nursery

    Love your vids your always so happy my type of person 😇😇😇😁😁

  • Deb's Doll Room
    Deb's Doll Room 4 days ago

    Glad you are ok. Prayed for you every day, just in case !

  • Nicky Stout
    Nicky Stout 5 days ago

    OMGoodness! I love everything about this Barbie! Thank you 4 sharing! <3

  • Nicky Stout
    Nicky Stout 5 days ago

    Hugs 2 you! Glad your feeling better<3

  • Francie
    Francie 5 days ago

    Orange juice, vegetable soup, and lots of water! I SO agree with you about the casting of Prince Philip!

  • Christian Brown
    Christian Brown 5 days ago

    Glad you are better😊

  • vansse Mccreadie
    vansse Mccreadie 5 days ago

    ✌🏻😤✌🏻🤔✌🏻🤨✌🏻🎇🎃🐡🎈🖤🧡💗💖💓❤️💕💞💕💕 I'm glad you're feeling better Sally hearts Jack 80

  • Ranma
    Ranma 5 days ago

    Happy Friday Sally

  • Diana Curtis
    Diana Curtis 5 days ago

    Warm hugs! Glad youre back and feeling better!

  • Heidi Mountain
    Heidi Mountain 5 days ago

    I just recently bought the Tracy and Todd dolls from 1982/83, still sealed in their original boxes. I'm not sure if I will get stands for them to display them or just leave them in the box. Tracy's dress and veil are still white, her shoes are the same ones as the Wedding Day Barbie, they were still in the sealed bag along with the comb and brush. Todd's shoes were still in the bag. I also have Angel Face and Twirly Curls Barbie still in their boxes. I like the reproduction dolls, would love to see Fabulous Fur and Loving You Barbie done as a reproduction just like Superstar Barbie, Black Barbie, Peaches and Cream Barbie, and Barbie and the Rockers, with the original superstar body and face. I don't have any of the reproduction dolls at the moment.

  • Cody Merrell
    Cody Merrell 5 days ago

    Wish Mattel would open there eyes and Bring Back Both Monster High & Ever After High as they were from Gen 1 Though still taking us a while to Regroup more People to Level Up more Fan Groups to Out Number Mattel

  • Nevonday Simmons
    Nevonday Simmons 7 days ago

    I take them out the box I didnt want to because tbe boxes takes up lot of space,i just recently move into a townhome so my room is a little smaller now so that what i did alsoI had to box up some until I get some display cases because I was using my dresser and tall chaser.

  • Keke cat Satisfying

    I love the name Jovie... cuz that’s me

  • Sandra Fitts
    Sandra Fitts 8 days ago

    Hey, get you a sharpie and carefully color that hair a different color!!

  • Marta Flores
    Marta Flores 8 days ago

    I have a my twin do you ever trade.

  • Marta Flores
    Marta Flores 8 days ago

    I use to get panic attack when I was around people. So I confront my fear so I started going to store and talking to people it helps. I over come it.

  • Jerrell Wiley
    Jerrell Wiley 8 days ago

    That Ariel is so beautiful and wonderful! I wish I could of get the doll but I already have the 2nd edition of the D.A. of Ariel. Also I'm planning to get the first 3 Ariel dolls from Tyco before the Anniversary starts!

  • DollsAndSpooks
    DollsAndSpooks 8 days ago

    I also ordered new OG dolls but not Meagan. I think she is more expensive since she is a deluxe doll.

  • Guy Aub
    Guy Aub 9 days ago

    Our generation dolls are Canadian no? They are made un montreal

    S.E. LANDEROS 9 days ago

    This is one of the best reviews I've seen on the Cherry Pie Picking Picnic Barbie.🍒🥧🍒

  • Brandi Cola
    Brandi Cola 9 days ago

    Great video! I have 2 Moana’s because the doll is so gorgeous. 1 I opened and 1 I’m keeping MIB. I am anxiously awaiting An Elsa one to go with her lovely Moana. You’d think they’d have to make the girl’s from frozen eventually. They’d be silly not to!

  • Nina Richards
    Nina Richards 10 days ago

    Love your channel! I’ve been subscribed for 3 years now 🙌🏾

  • Razz Berry
    Razz Berry 10 days ago

    This is going to be an unpopular opinion... But i hate the new barbie face mould lol she looks too tween compared to 2014 barbie face mould. I love the more mature glamazon look. But then again I do love seeing how the faces change throughout the year!

  • high mermaid
    high mermaid 10 days ago

    Yaaasss I want a vanessa doll cant wait ❤

  • Mariana Chab
    Mariana Chab 10 days ago

    She is so cute

    S.E. LANDEROS 11 days ago

    I ALWAYS enjoy ur Little Mermaid items 🧜‍♂️🧜‍♀️

  • Jasmine Bliss
    Jasmine Bliss 11 days ago

    I love this mohawk girl. Luminous green is my favourite so she rocks in this hair color

  • Maggie
    Maggie 11 days ago

    I bought 124 too and named her Remi, she's so spunky! I have two friends who also collect the Fashionistas and they are divided on the hair, one of them loves it and one doesn't like it at all. I'm personally somewhere in between, it's not my favorite but I think it's sort of cute. It's grown on me the more I've had her.

  • Caren Alvarado
    Caren Alvarado 11 days ago

    I just got her today! And I am very happy to add her to my collection because she is amazing! She is my favorite princess too! I saw Maleficent and Ursula at the Disney store and they are super cool too! I hope to get them next and also I hope they do a special edition Belle because she is my other favorite princess. If they do, I will definitely buy her!

  • Ольга Сыроватская

    She's fantastic!

  • Aquamarine Dolls
    Aquamarine Dolls 11 days ago

    I love the Peanuts gang! My favorite are Peppermint Patty, Linus, Marcie, Snoopy and Woodstock! I like Lucy too lol. Great review 💖❤️😎

  • Aquamarine Dolls
    Aquamarine Dolls 11 days ago

    Im not really a huge fan of her hair, but she is cute! Great review. I like all the sizes of the dolls but I the petite and original. Their my favorites. I love the tall and curvy too. Funny thing is I'm tall and I've always favored the small dolls. Like Kelly dolls. My favorite! All sizes are beautiful. Awesome video! ❤️💖😎😎

  • Francie
    Francie 11 days ago

    I like the big swirly neon-green hair - it's a blast to play with dolls like that and fantasize I am so bold to have hair like that!

  • britishchick09
    britishchick09 11 days ago

    She's adorable! Snoopy, Sally, Marcie and Charlie Brown are my favorites and I have 3 or plushes of Snoopers. I love the holiday specials and the others are great, too (so is the movie!). Peanuts forever! :D

  • Salana Salamone Art
    Salana Salamone Art 11 days ago

    That's such a special story and a beautiful doll thanks so much for sharing that💖

  • musicbuff9
    musicbuff9 12 days ago

    I hate her hair too.

  • Ea Åkerman
    Ea Åkerman 12 days ago

    Love 💚💚💚the green hair! 💜💚

    • Ea Åkerman
      Ea Åkerman 12 days ago

      The shoes and cute polka outfit is GREAT!

  • Damita Tidwell
    Damita Tidwell 12 days ago

    I love everything about her I had to have two ❤️the hair is the cutest thing about her

    S.E. LANDEROS 12 days ago

    Haha . . CraZy when you talk to that Barbie with ur finger in her face. Lol. .

  • My Kenundrum
    My Kenundrum 12 days ago

    I LOVE this Barbie!!! It’s totally punk rock with the hair and Doc Martin-Ish combat boots, bringing me back to NYC in the 1990s, a look that’s coming back now!!! I wouldn’t have been mad if the hair was pink, but I think green goes well with that 90s NYC punk aesthetic I think they were going for. This is my favorite line of fashionistas so far, and the African American Ken in this collection may be my favorite Ken doll so far across all the collections... You are pure magic, and I adore you! Rbear x

  • vansse Mccreadie
    vansse Mccreadie 12 days ago

    ✌🏻😤✌🏻🤔✌🏻🤨✌🏻🎈🍁🐡🤦🏻‍♀️👸🏻🎈🐡💗💝💞💖❤️❤️💓💕💖💙💞 I love you fashionista Barbie doll 2019 124

  • TheLostWorldFanChann

    I was addicted to the show when it used to air on The Disney Channel in the early 90s.

    EASTINLOSH 12 days ago

    I like the vintage look. What do you think about the new Creatable World dolls by Mattel? I thought that they would have sent you some to review since you have reviewed so many of their dolls.

  • Carola Cordova
    Carola Cordova 12 days ago

    Where can i get the doll i lovet to much

  • gingerandcloves
    gingerandcloves 12 days ago

    She's so cute. I loved the animated shows too. I really don't need any more plushes, but I'm so tempted.

  • Stephanie In the wild

    Oh i love lucy. I used to have a collection of snoopy and charlie brown stuff as a child. Read peanuts comics. Never can you outgrow it. I just read some of a peanuts book. Very cute vid !! 🌻🌠🌈

  • Kakeru Sancho
    Kakeru Sancho 12 days ago

    Nice nice!!!! I envy you!!! Those dolls are absolutely gorgeous!

  • teawith shaylee
    teawith shaylee 12 days ago

    I'm loving the Barbie appreciation you've got going on here! :) I'm pleasantly surprised by this Willows, Wisconsin collection. She is a total stunner, and I like her makeup and face sculpt even more than I expected! I agree with you about the packaging though, for sure. If the boxes are grubby or damaged, there needs to be a discount. I mean, sheesh, come on Mattel lol. Thanks for another awesome video! <3

  • musicbuff9
    musicbuff9 12 days ago

    Lucy is so cute! Saw them in Kohls.

  • vansse Mccreadie
    vansse Mccreadie 13 days ago


  • eahlover122514
    eahlover122514 13 days ago

    i also know that soul onward and raya and the last dragon is coming out next year

  • eahlover122514
    eahlover122514 13 days ago

    they are supposing making a moana 2 but it is with or about a latina princess.

  • eahlover122514
    eahlover122514 13 days ago

    i know that toys r us is reopening in just the major cities

  • AK Bold
    AK Bold 13 days ago

    Can just hear Lucy shout " Oh, you Blockhead, Charlie Brown!" Adorable! Love Peanuts! Great review, Sallyheartsjack 80💖

  • Diana Curtis
    Diana Curtis 13 days ago

    Pigpen and Ms Othmar were my favorites....and fave show is the Christmas special. Lucy is beautiful! What a wonderfully done plushie! I think if you go back for the rest it wont be all that hard to find room for them. :D If there is room in the heart there is room in the home.

  • Jasmine Bliss
    Jasmine Bliss 13 days ago

    Cute plush. I've peanuts figurines from Happy meal, that's about what I collect. I visited Charlie Brown restaurant twice and one time they had a small plush key chain give away. I chose snoopy brother, Olaf because he's kinda rare to me. I only have Charlie brown tees. I don't have a favourite character.

  • Sarix Sarix
    Sarix Sarix 13 days ago

    I have Mulan too :)

  • Ea Åkerman
    Ea Åkerman 13 days ago

    Is Barbie from Wisconsin she’s a simple girl aaa didn’t know that 🥰.

  • Nevonday Simmons
    Nevonday Simmons 13 days ago

    Is she heavy ?

  • Nevonday Simmons
    Nevonday Simmons 13 days ago

    Are you going to take her out the box she is beautiful!!!

  • eahlover122514
    eahlover122514 13 days ago

    ready for frozen 2?

  • Stephanie In the wild

    If RU-clip wants to protect families RU-clip should leave doll channels alone. RU-clip is very messed up and hypocritical. They leave breastfeeding videos alone and mind you men use em as fetish vids. My comment RU-clip woukd love to make go away. Porn also found under obvious words with clickbait full nudity pics. So i cant understand. Maybe love doll and adult oriented dolls should be their focus. Leave these collectors alone. Parents need supervision and there are parental controls. I hope this doesnt happen as it takes away your rights which will make RU-clip look really stupid. Add parental controls.

  • Ea Åkerman
    Ea Åkerman 13 days ago

    Love that outfit specialy the 🍒cherry blouse. I got a purple outfit with cherrys recently , so I’m content with that but doll is no Nice! But to expensive to me , but enjoy it 💜💚

  • Deb's Doll Room
    Deb's Doll Room 14 days ago

    The Willows Wi collection includes Homecoming Queen (2015) and Soda Shop (2016). I think those kind of shoes are called mules. Love this doll ! Love your video

    • Sallyheartsjack80
      Sallyheartsjack80 13 days ago

      Thank You So Much for the info and reminding me that shoes are mules💖😍💖

    • Ea Åkerman
      Ea Åkerman 13 days ago

      Mules , good to know thanks for the learn something everyday😀

  • Jake Birch
    Jake Birch 14 days ago

    You make an interesting point, I think women's femininity and sensuality is such a powerful thing, a women can use her sexual charm to make men do whatever they want so I don't know why a women would want to give that up to act like a man and not even a sexy man!

  • Jake Birch
    Jake Birch 14 days ago

    I dont like that the merch is all sassy with every villain, the evil queen wasnt sassy was she classy and scary as hell Ursula is sassy, stay in their own lane

  • Jaynene Ewing
    Jaynene Ewing 14 days ago

    So much prettier and nice than the new dolls. Nice to see them take more pride in Barbie. Thanks for showing her to us.

  • AMIR
    AMIR 14 days ago

    She's so pretty and kind of reminds me of the Beverly hillbillies Barbie .( She has a vintage body too.)

  • Jasmine Bliss
    Jasmine Bliss 14 days ago

    As a kid, my parents were not keen to get barbie dolls for me because she has unrealistic body type and matured clothes for little children. My first few dolls were the Japanese licca dolls which were more expensive. They were cuter and look more suitable for young children. I got my first peaches and cream barbie from an uncle who brought me to toys section to choose anything I wanted. I bought the first few silkstone dolls and have absolutely no desire to collect more silkstone dolls. This cherry doll is cute but I don't think I would be getting her.