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  • Grayhaim Randolph
    Grayhaim Randolph 3 hours ago

    im crying

  • L Dub
    L Dub 3 hours ago

    Hahaha sucha good skit

  • Mike Bastoni
    Mike Bastoni 3 hours ago

    I bet Bruce is a good dad to his kids

  • Enoch Amoah Mintah
    Enoch Amoah Mintah 3 hours ago

    Raw facts

  • Sinful Ne0n
    Sinful Ne0n 3 hours ago

    Hmm he didn't do the "cornbread test" or the "do u have a dad?"

  • Zebulous
    Zebulous 3 hours ago

    Wow. People really fall into the trap of pointing the finger. Every comment is pointing out Jeffries’ hypocrisy. You don’t ALL have to mention it. The internet is ruining people.

  • ugo excel
    ugo excel 3 hours ago

    Police officer: wait for us to verify your motherf**king genitals 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  • D Branham
    D Branham 3 hours ago

    you know no matter how many he dissed Caitlyn about her sexuality and about her gentiles he still had the decency to call her by she or the appropriate female terms, which is honestly really good of him ngl

    • D Branham
      D Branham 3 hours ago

      edit... how many times***

  • Johnny jr
    Johnny jr 3 hours ago

    This bitch will not just shut the fuck up already! It's not guys that are the problem, it's you! Psycho!

  • just amarri
    just amarri 3 hours ago

    Reno 911 is the best improved mockumentery ever

  • King Zak
    King Zak 3 hours ago

    Da’Coldesttoevadoit Crawford. Lmao real name

  • Thomas Vincent
    Thomas Vincent 3 hours ago

    Nikki Glaser 1000x funnier than Amy Schumer yet gets only a fraction of the limelight. The comedy world is a sham. It's all about connections.

  • LostTerminal
    LostTerminal 3 hours ago

    Why is this unavailable in Canada? Had to turn off my VPN for this video...

  • Danielle Castro
    Danielle Castro 3 hours ago

    That first scene is giving me PTSD from Inglorious Bastards. T_T

  • F Matta
    F Matta 3 hours ago

    I just love Nikki’s sense of humor and comedy.

  • Lisa Ingram
    Lisa Ingram 3 hours ago

    Omg this is soooooo trueeeeeeee

  • Mason
    Mason 3 hours ago

    So glad this is back

  • Jerry
    Jerry 3 hours ago

    these comedians feel like their freedom of expression is being taken away from them, because it's their job to be funny. However, great comics know how to offend without offending. Spade, Belushi, Myers, all impersonated Asians with class and dignity. Be a great comic.

  • Unko P
    Unko P 3 hours ago

    The laugh at the end was too good. That was the best part about that whole sketch

  • jacob reimers
    jacob reimers 3 hours ago

    Lol banana Indiana Jones XD

  • mossattacks
    mossattacks 3 hours ago

    That dude seriously pays $200 for a quarter ounce of weed? Sinful

  • Dusk Dawg
    Dusk Dawg 3 hours ago

    So Caitlyn Jenner votes for the party that doesn’t respect your rights over your own body unless you have a dick.. odd

  • Hanif Mahendra
    Hanif Mahendra 3 hours ago

    Muhammad ali?

  • Brittney Michelle
    Brittney Michelle 3 hours ago

    That’s terrifying. This man has been through hell.

  • Ms. Jai
    Ms. Jai 3 hours ago

    This episode was my f***ing fave! 😂😂😂 HOW DO YOU KNOW CPR?! THIS KID IS A COOOOP!

  • Cryptonymicus
    Cryptonymicus 3 hours ago

    Sounds like "Celebrity Apprentice" was the stupidest fucking piece of shit ever broadcast on TV lol. And, gosh, what a surprise.

  • Nox
    Nox 3 hours ago

    I really don't get the fighting scenes which these clips always start with. Seems very unrelated.

  • Ben Satterfield
    Ben Satterfield 3 hours ago

    Forgot how margret sanger was trying to use this as a method of euginics

  • Brandy Bardgett
    Brandy Bardgett 3 hours ago

    Wtf you wearing Daniel?!?? I ask this question in the nicest way possible. But seriously, wtf is it? The first outfit you were wearing was a leotard or onesie or something that may have been bred from both these and created the thing[ again saying it in nicest way possible) that you had on. Second question is: Do you have any say in the clothes you wear? Is there a choice between outfits or do they just roll u out in whatever fuckery they see fit? Oh so many questions...Lol

  • Yoga with Barb
    Yoga with Barb 3 hours ago

    Why does nick kroll kind of sound like Jonathan von ness 😂

  • BowHunter77
    BowHunter77 3 hours ago

    This is "meh" for me.

  • Ms. Kuchisaké
    Ms. Kuchisaké 3 hours ago

    How does a person like that go through life,..?

  • lord luvs me
    lord luvs me 3 hours ago

    Post apocalypse Jackie Robinson costume???? Nice

  • Natal Kumar
    Natal Kumar 3 hours ago

    By most calculations she could have been the richest person on the planet. Yet she is not on any Wikipedia list.

  • Saurabh Galinde
    Saurabh Galinde 3 hours ago

    Where's the key and peele gone?This one is great too btw!!

  • John Kahookele
    John Kahookele 3 hours ago

    3:40 song is “Waltzing In Dreamland”

  • bossaliniem$B tv
    bossaliniem$B tv 3 hours ago

    Blake is funny wtf lol

  • MrPingn
    MrPingn 3 hours ago

    Oh now hypocrite Jim Jefferies is worried about cancel culture. Was he worried about it when he was blatantly editing his show to misrepresent people and to hide the very things he was accusing them of? You took part in cancel culture. And don't give me crap about turning over a new leaf. You and Comedy Central tried to pretend it never happened. You never owned up to it and apologized. I'm right there with Bill Burr when he said that if you are going to hold someone to that standard then you should be prepared to be held to it too. And then Jefferies had the nerve to go "Yeah" to that idea. Good to know you agree you disingenuous fraud.

  • Devin Michael Roberts

    in the thumbnail did anyone else think miller was arnold?

  • Edward Myers
    Edward Myers 3 hours ago

    Fuck Willis. Rodman needs some ripping into

  • Tony Bologna
    Tony Bologna 3 hours ago

    That dude is not funny.

  • Oh hey Drongo
    Oh hey Drongo 4 hours ago

    Mens razors are hella pricey, Idk wtf you're talking about on that front. And, if there's trouble, women and children are the ones who are prioritized. Want that 21cents of equality? Let dudes on that life boat 1st come 1st serve. And don't complain when they trip your kid to outrun you

  • jae1k2
    jae1k2 4 hours ago

    That accent!!

  • Aaron Riegel
    Aaron Riegel 4 hours ago

    Best skit of ALL time!!! I'm a little partial because my name is AA- RON!!!!

  • lady Lane
    lady Lane 4 hours ago

    She is soooooo boring

  • Buck Fuddy
    Buck Fuddy 4 hours ago

    "I spit hot 🔥!!"

  • Siddhartha Kala
    Siddhartha Kala 4 hours ago

    Where's part 3... Please make part 3 already

  • beau widener
    beau widener 4 hours ago

    Give Norm a show.

  • The Professional Pleb

    When is the Black Democrats video coming out? #WalkAway

  • Phil McCracken
    Phil McCracken 4 hours ago

    It’s always funny to me when people call a joke “low-hanging” or “lazy” b/c it offended them but those same people laugh at the same type of joke when it favors them or fits their personal narrative lol

  • Shaunshekle 5
    Shaunshekle 5 4 hours ago

    Is this the story in a nutshel or is it all Made up ?

  • jimmelay71
    jimmelay71 4 hours ago

    Andy Samberg's worst performance ever?

  • Mah Fah
    Mah Fah 4 hours ago

    @1:25 Care Bear LOL the reaction &2:20 Made me cry with laughter, my day, superb actors lol

  • Deeno 3 Times
    Deeno 3 Times 4 hours ago

    Aye that Gucci sweater coldd 🥵

  • Nightwalker601
    Nightwalker601 4 hours ago

    This counts as a “best of”?

  • Mr. RainyTurtle
    Mr. RainyTurtle 4 hours ago

    “Lay down, lay down... fat fucking banana”

  • Dragoninthewest
    Dragoninthewest 4 hours ago

    Will Ferrell kind of looks like Marilyn Manson in this.

  • Burpo Stockings
    Burpo Stockings 4 hours ago

    The real point to take from this is that millenials are rats. Its true

  • Imran Ali
    Imran Ali 4 hours ago

    She's so fucking hot.

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata 4 hours ago

    I had to pause it after the daddy issue Kardashian joke... Jesus that was brutal, I am hauulinnn 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Ashley Helene
    Ashley Helene 4 hours ago

    My head 😅is bursting 🤕

  • spacezombie
    spacezombie 4 hours ago

    Why? Why did I click on this?

  • crazysingingchick
    crazysingingchick 4 hours ago

    Chappelle is a national treasure!!! Prove me wrong!!!

  • signoaspire
    signoaspire 4 hours ago

    His writers are good.

  • Mah Fah
    Mah Fah 4 hours ago

    I thought I was the only sensitive guy who thinks like Keegan

    MANOJ DAHALE 4 hours ago


  • Brandon Abbott
    Brandon Abbott 4 hours ago

    Glaser is one of the few funny women out there

  • Mitsos Tzortz
    Mitsos Tzortz 4 hours ago

    I just hate this guy

  • Graf Jenja Standart
    Graf Jenja Standart 4 hours ago

    he'll be like "sexist" in 2019. also great skill in"face hiding" 0:58 & 0:59

  • Bang Babalas
    Bang Babalas 4 hours ago

    Jim Jefferies is a sellout c""t.

  • rawkboikorp *PâúLWülF*

    Tdcj sounds like he really was there.

  • Aubrey S.
    Aubrey S. 4 hours ago

    “A half 45-degree right angle” 😂🤣

  • _-*Izzy Zilla*-_
    _-*Izzy Zilla*-_ 4 hours ago

    He really was the most loco gangster 😪

  • AbsorbArts
    AbsorbArts 4 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure I know exactly which gas station/McDonald's he's talking about

  • Liberty or Death 1776

    I wonder if Dangle deputized all those mountain lions, or if they're just vigilantes.

  • Learning Curve
    Learning Curve 4 hours ago

    Well maybe he wasnt that funny.

  • Tatara
    Tatara 4 hours ago

    Kala ko si Dogie haha

  • Collin Means
    Collin Means 4 hours ago

    Clicked for the Burr. Jeffries can get f***ed

  • Damon Smith
    Damon Smith 4 hours ago

    I never knew Bill Burr was on the chappelle show until I recently looked at the racial draft video again.

  • Bran
    Bran 4 hours ago

    "iTz tHe miLeNniAls" I love how the generations who have raised these "snowflakes" remove themselves of any culpability. Its such a lazy argument because a basic understanding of history has shown that we have become more PC; this "problem" isn't some new thing. Also, back in "the good ol days", there wasn't social media which gives everyone an avenue to be overly sensitive. Does anyone honestly think we suddenly just became more sensitive because of some arbitrary generational distinction? I doubt it. I love Bill Burr but his anti-SJW schtick is getting repetitive. We get it Bill, you're edgy. Congrats!

  • Finn The dog
    Finn The dog 4 hours ago

    Why no joke about that thing killing a woman while texting a driving? Then it won woman of the year

  • Sami Zegar
    Sami Zegar 4 hours ago

    Fuck I’m French I did not understand the joke

  • Generic Gmail Account

    Jay was like: "why did i say yes to this?"

  • TiVo67
    TiVo67 4 hours ago

    Weren’t the comments within the past year and not 15 years ago? I mean the same conversation he mentions telling his girlfriend it’s not cool to say “nooders”. He knew it was wrong.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep 4 hours ago

    He sounds like Chris Reinacher.

  • Ameer Suhail V
    Ameer Suhail V 4 hours ago

    She sure is a seven without makeup, but a four with that material with makeup.

  • nonoo
    nonoo 4 hours ago

    One word: Savage! 😀

  • Mikael Apollo
    Mikael Apollo 4 hours ago

    Not even fair....Jeff is goat of roasting

  • Chief the VR Gamer
    Chief the VR Gamer 4 hours ago

    Most of this was cringe more than anything, white people tying to be funny is a yikes!!

  • janjr165
    janjr165 4 hours ago

    I’m not a fan of this kind of comedy - especially from a Black woman.

  • Mike Bastoni
    Mike Bastoni 4 hours ago


  • Aleks shanglong
    Aleks shanglong 4 hours ago

    Jim Jefferies and comedy central helped create cancel culture, now they are back tracking because they can't control the monster they helped to create.

  • Letomia Lepulu
    Letomia Lepulu 4 hours ago

    Nice bo burnham collaboration

  • Gracie Beyer
    Gracie Beyer 4 hours ago

    Is that guy a voice in big mouth!?

  • Denzel from Washington

    It a cOOchie baby😄😄😄

  • Zephyr Wind
    Zephyr Wind 4 hours ago

    Exorcist on a plane

  • SA Tahaa
    SA Tahaa 4 hours ago

    I see whatcha did there

  • Errol Augosto Bayubay

    Why does that guy sound like jo koy when he's impersonating a Filipino.

  • Guilherme Branco
    Guilherme Branco 4 hours ago

    2:16 Bill Hader breaking character as always

  • The_UPS_GUY
    The_UPS_GUY 4 hours ago

    Why with the “Latinx” shit