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ocean man (ukulele cover)
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I made a song using a banana
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I wrote a stupid love song
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Why I quit guitar
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I wrote a scary song
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the truth about my age
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  • Mini Stickman Pro
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  • Captain Awesome
    Captain Awesome Minute ago

    I thought it was was the song never not doesn't

  • Pj McCallen
    Pj McCallen 3 minutes ago

    you kinda sound like lili reinhardt

  • sparx
    sparx 6 minutes ago

    What happened to Area 51

  • Maria Pineault
    Maria Pineault 8 minutes ago

    i like you every body shpuld i mean like u r one talented awesome girl love ya💗💗

  • crussellbtw _
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  • Random Thoughts
    Random Thoughts 10 minutes ago

    Hee Hair Is Ugly And My Ears Are Bleeding Cause Your Singing Is Loud As Fuck

  • A Allen
    A Allen 12 minutes ago

    Didgeridoos are for men Elise! i live in Australia!

  • Lillian Sovereign
    Lillian Sovereign 12 minutes ago

    I got my first UKE

  • KMc 11
    KMc 11 12 minutes ago

    Isn’t the point of a baritone that has different strings and different tuning.

  • ellie. 781
    ellie. 781 14 minutes ago

    Hah Elise ur such a moooooood

  • Unicorn Riley
    Unicorn Riley 14 minutes ago

    1:34 when your flight gets delayed and your phone is dead

  • Jaylen Walker
    Jaylen Walker 14 minutes ago

    Comment if you feel like calling someone mean stuff is bad because its wrong acctually why so they even watch it if they are gonna do mean stuff

  • Lex Funtime
    Lex Funtime 15 minutes ago

    And sing a song of fan comments

  • stephanie reid
    stephanie reid 16 minutes ago

    those hate comments are mean you are so talented

  • Lex Funtime
    Lex Funtime 16 minutes ago

    Your voice is pretty

  • Katy Cat
    Katy Cat 17 minutes ago

    Every 16 year old: yah I have 50 bfs I’m BEAUTIFUL Jojo :I like rainbows and look like I’m 5 years old

  • Katy Cat
    Katy Cat 18 minutes ago

    I’m scared for your mental health

  • Noe Estrada
    Noe Estrada 19 minutes ago

    Onestly..... YOU SING AMAZING !!!!!😨 OMG this is sooo good

  • tribytes
    tribytes 21 minute ago

    Girl you ugley and voice bad i waste my tim on you!!

  • KittiesR2 Cute
    KittiesR2 Cute 23 minutes ago

    *get me dem jojo tix boiiii*

  • ellie. 781
    ellie. 781 24 minutes ago

    Omg Elise that’s fricking amazing

  • Sinem Duvan
    Sinem Duvan 25 minutes ago

    I am gonna buy a ukulele, and I just watch your videos because you explain it very well❤️

  • uwu queen
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  • Rin Kagamine
    Rin Kagamine 26 minutes ago

    Lisa is my favourite kids bop kid

  • sol y luna garsia
    sol y luna garsia 27 minutes ago

    Haters are waiters for life

  • uwu queen
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  • Darbie Games
    Darbie Games 30 minutes ago

    its to spoicy in here

  • Samarah Almendarez
    Samarah Almendarez 31 minute ago

    Love how you turn something so negative into something great to listen to

  • Lacey Kelly
    Lacey Kelly 32 minutes ago

    He was looking at lyrics she kept looking like if you agree

  • Lucie Does art
    Lucie Does art 32 minutes ago

    Hold on...........this video is 14 mins. Not a week long.

  • Hosea Mallory
    Hosea Mallory 36 minutes ago

    U can sing

  • Isabelle Townsend
    Isabelle Townsend 36 minutes ago

    I see it I hate it My mom buys it for me I regret looking at it

  • Hosea Mallory
    Hosea Mallory 37 minutes ago

    U are amazing

  • Luckythepuppy 123
    Luckythepuppy 123 39 minutes ago


  • celina_ the best
    celina_ the best 41 minute ago

    Love You

  • Mujeb Mirzai
    Mujeb Mirzai 42 minutes ago

    Oh god

  • zyliah wade
    zyliah wade 43 minutes ago

    Can u go to a nba youngboys

  • StellalovesAri Nsabimana
    StellalovesAri Nsabimana 43 minutes ago

    Not even Ari wants that much

  • Alden Chen
    Alden Chen 43 minutes ago

    Likers : what u r 21?! Haters : she's 12

  • AshyAsh vu
    AshyAsh vu 44 minutes ago

    Ther just jealous, your beautiful the way your are😄

  • ee saturn ee MSP
    ee saturn ee MSP 45 minutes ago

    is malinda from translator fails she looks familiar?

  • Lexie Freeman
    Lexie Freeman 46 minutes ago

    Did u say sep 20 that’s my special day

  • happy person20202
    happy person20202 47 minutes ago

    i’m still not able to get over the fact you live in the same city as me i’m kinda freaking out

  • happy person20202
    happy person20202 50 minutes ago

    actually kinda freaking out you’re like an idol and we live in the same city

  • Yoshimaster
    Yoshimaster 50 minutes ago


  • Doctor Donut
    Doctor Donut 52 minutes ago

    An I Oop Kinda Vsco By TREND An Original Song I get on with life as a Vsco, I'm an I oop kinda person. I like sksking on Sundays, I like walking the shrimp in the week. I like to contemplate hydroflasks. But when I start to daydream, My mind turns straight to scrunchies. Oh oh oh! Do I love scrunchies more than hydroflasks? Do I love scrunchies more than hydroflasks? I like to use words like 'sksksk,' I like to use words like 'save the turtles.' I like to use words about hydroflasks. But when I stop my talking, My mind turns straight to scrunchies. Oh oh oh! Do I love scrunchies more than hydroflasks? Do I love scrunchies more than hydroflasks? I like to hang out with uwu, I like to kick back with sks, But when left alone, My mind turns straight to scrunchies. Oh oh oh! Do I love scrunchies more than hydroflasks? Do I love scrunchies more than hydroflasks? I'm not too fond of airpods, I really hate vscos, But I just think back to scrunchies, And I'm happy once again. Oh oh oh! Created on 14th October 2019. The song I made!!

  • Khloe Grace
    Khloe Grace 52 minutes ago

    Sang good on bad guy

  • jamie-lea monks
    jamie-lea monks 53 minutes ago

    When I close my eyes I cant see duh you are asleep

  • happy person20202
    happy person20202 55 minutes ago

    holy crap we live in the same city

  • Susanne Sætre
    Susanne Sætre 55 minutes ago

    Its actually pretty good tbh

  • The Bags That Jennie Threw

    F *Its for the toys R us,guys*

  • Taylor R
    Taylor R 56 minutes ago


    • Taylor R
      Taylor R 55 minutes ago

      speak I am BackwardsbackwArds speaking I am Why

    • Taylor R
      Taylor R 56 minutes ago

      speak am I Backwards

  • Da Weirdo
    Da Weirdo 57 minutes ago

    At this point I dont know if she's being sarcastic or not

  • Elida Maldonado
    Elida Maldonado 57 minutes ago

    We sing this song on the piano at school... don’t worry she hits random keys then it ends so I know the lyrics by heart *this is the song that doesn’t end it goes on and on my friend some people started singing it not knowing what is and they’re keep on singing it forever just because* that multiplied by infinity.

  • Theyellow1out
    Theyellow1out 58 minutes ago

    Oh it was my best friends birthday on the 20th

  • OwenWorldEdits ?

    I see him I like him I get happy I see his girlfriend And now I’m ditching

  • Îtš Lükeø
    Îtš Lükeø Hour ago

    I did to my crush Ryan ;-;he rejected me ;3 but asked me to be his friend

  • S.S Artificial
    S.S Artificial Hour ago

    Elise do you have Debt up to your ears

  • The Unecorn
    The Unecorn Hour ago

    Oml i died when the watermelons started shooting lazers from the sky😂😂😂😂

  • Taylor R
    Taylor R Hour ago

    WhY dId YoU dElEtE rObLoX!??!?!?! AhHahaahahhahahahahzhahaha

    • Taylor R
      Taylor R 57 minutes ago

      why I am backwards Speaking

    • Taylor R
      Taylor R 57 minutes ago

      speakingbackwards I am Why

    • Taylor R
      Taylor R 58 minutes ago

      !!NoW! mystery murder or me adopt on me Join

  • Samy Saturn
    Samy Saturn Hour ago

    lmao it really happened

  • Jennifer Clayton

    Lol this is awesome

  • Anti-Social Practice Club

    *when you went to a kidz bop concert 3 years ago*

  • HR20
    HR20 Hour ago

    I broke my phone with a battery and I was still sleeping in my car so I’m going home and I will see ya in the bed Predictive text is sneaky

  • Wilmarie Rivera
    Wilmarie Rivera Hour ago

    Whoever ppl say these bad and mean comments I will find u and I know where u live

  • Alligator Gaming18

    Ok everyone say thanks to the haters for making a really great song

  • Yoshimaster
    Yoshimaster Hour ago

    u r so gud at ukelele

  • Holy Guaccamoly
    Holy Guaccamoly Hour ago

    OMG how anyone can Hate YOU!

  • I love squishies 103


  • ayaanxo
    ayaanxo Hour ago

    I think she’s by look in her beautiful eyes

  • Yederick Rivera
    Yederick Rivera Hour ago

    is not bad da music

  • Ameerazgaming Zzzz

    Umm this is ten minutes

  • Poppyseeds
    Poppyseeds Hour ago

    yee yee :)

  • box wenis
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  • Luvie Irene
    Luvie Irene Hour ago

    Red Velvet!!

  • Galina Condos
    Galina Condos Hour ago

    no woghe you mond

  • Tierney_ Read
    Tierney_ Read Hour ago

    You are beautiful I love you

  • FallenAngel_Yt Gacha Tuber Girl

    The fact that she ignores the comments like there compliments makes me crie of happiness 😂 Great video!

  • Grant Webb
    Grant Webb Hour ago

    *Elise crying on escalator* security: 'sCuSe Me? CoUlD yOu PlEaSe LeAvE

  • chuwi都見 AJ
    chuwi都見 AJ Hour ago

    JOJO IS A Pinko goo much pink💕

  • Lisa Wisse
    Lisa Wisse Hour ago

    I love ur voice ur personality is amazing u can sing realy good and u play the ukelele so good ur the best and i love the way u talk and how u turn these negatieve comments in something so beautiful... i honestly dont know how u do it

  • Therioes
    Therioes Hour ago

    Ok but I low key got chills listening to this -..

  • Druk Mad
    Druk Mad Hour ago

    Can you give me one . Because I watch your all videos but don’t have one so can’t really learn --!! 😿😿

  • Iluvsydborf
    Iluvsydborf Hour ago

    rAp MoNsSsTeR ’’ -

  • ASMR Relaxation Center

    Why do you sound like you have an Australian/ Boston/ Harlem accent? Would sound wayyyyy better if you would take voice lessons and sing normally.

  • FallenAngel_Yt Gacha Tuber Girl

    This song should get a roblox ID and I can put it on max volume and break everybody’s ears with *BeAuTy*

  • Molly Lamb
    Molly Lamb Hour ago

    I put shrek as a loved one then spicy as a adjective and one of the lyrics was “shrek’s spicy bottem being great” 💀

  • Mia Da Potato
    Mia Da Potato Hour ago


  • Lizzie Potickle
    Lizzie Potickle Hour ago

    That’s so beautiful! I play ukulele and I write a lot of songs and you were one of my inspirations to start. I noticed how you could write really great melodies and lyrics easily with such a wonderful style! Thanks for always being there for me to listen to on sad days. Sending my love, Sage x

  • Maddy
    Maddy Hour ago

    Those people who said that are only JEALOUS! Of your voice, don't let those idiots get you down! :)

  • Samantha Dominguez

    Don’t listen to anyone listen too you ignor the bad actually can I get a song of nice comments plz

  • Baxley Trippi
    Baxley Trippi Hour ago

    I hate you

  • turquoise
    turquoise Hour ago

    1st: ep 1 2nd: ep 3 3rd: this vid (opinion)

  • Jessica is a Vlog Fan.

    If you know not how to do it, becareful not to vomit. Iccck...

  • Makayla Arcenauex

    Hry clos mu mees bacoon

  • Luna YT
    Luna YT Hour ago

    "NoT a HoTtIe McScOtTy"😂😂😂

  • Abbie_xywang Wang

    I want it I save it I want it I save it 😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth Magai-Townsend

    Can we just take a moment to admire how the boy “playing the guitar “ was holding the guitar

  • aNd sPRiTe
    aNd sPRiTe Hour ago

    She's a true legend no matter what y'all say.