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  • hengineer
    hengineer 2 days ago

    I'm glad this hasn't become weird, perhaps that speaks to metalheads, surprised your comments haven't been removed for RU-clip reasons. BTW, same reaction I had haha

    • hengineer
      hengineer 2 days ago

      Also react to headbanger. The live performance of headbanger is smashing

  • Linda
    Linda 3 days ago

    Aww good to see the next Generation and a blooming love of Music. Good Dad !

  • たくたろ
    たくたろ 4 days ago


  • BIGBLOCK5022006
    BIGBLOCK5022006 5 days ago

    Have her check out "Sink The Bismarck" by Johnny Horton.

  • Jukka Rajalampi
    Jukka Rajalampi 6 days ago

    Well Yngwie started with acoustic did I....not ynkky and never will be but decent.

  • skykn1ght78
    skykn1ght78 7 days ago

    Take her to a show! I saw them in Denver and they made a point to say hello to a girl her age at the show then Joakim gave her his shades.

    • skykn1ght78
      skykn1ght78 7 days ago

      There’s a video here too where they invited a young boy up on stage with them. They do it frequently.

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 7 days ago

      Wow!!!! That's awesome!!! Going to do my best...but living in Northern Ontario...not alot of good bands come up this way....maybe Toronto

  • Hubris Medusa
    Hubris Medusa 8 days ago

    How are there 96 people who disliked this video?! Was it the sideways set up? I sure hope it wasn’t her epic onesie! Maybe metal haters who don’t want children exposed to ‘that devil music?” 🤦‍♀️IDK, whatever, they are *clearly* in the minority here, 😅🤘. Jade you are my a Hero of the Day! ✨👍✨🦄🦄🦄 3 out of 3 Unicorns! (My new Awesomeness Metric, hahahahaha!) Here’s a silly but metal suggestion for you, from a, eh, kind of hit & miss RU-clipr. He can be a bit MUCH at times, and I find a (very) few of his videos bordering on mean, but the Oxford Dictionary Djent video by StevieT is hilarious. Maybe explain Djent to her before watching, but I had never heard the term Djent when I first saw it and I still found it funny. By now she’s probably heard enough metal to get it! Heh, has seen seen any Metalocalypse yet? Is she ready for that? I have no idea, my kid was, like, 5 when I showed him the Alien movies, so clearly I have no concept of when to introduce things to children (to be fair, those were his FAVORITE movies for many years thereafter, and the first movie to actually give him nightmares was friggin Harry Potter -petrified cat scene specifically 🤷‍♀️)

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 7 days ago

      Imma use that from now on...if I like something...I'll give them 3 out of 3 unicorns hahah. Dont know why the thumbs down....some people didnt like it I guess. No worries....I'll still expose her to good and diverse "devil music"....thanks for the suggestion....I will definitely look into it. Take care....peace 🤘🤘🤘

  • Emma Gutierrez
    Emma Gutierrez 8 days ago

    I love it CHOCOLATE CAKE

  • rakjr6
    rakjr6 9 days ago

    You should visit some of the Japanese all-female metal bands. I would suggest Lovebites, power metal band, heavily influenced by British metal. Name comes from a Halestorm song. Currently touring UK with Dragonforce. They sing in English. A good place to start is "Shadowmaker"

  • Mylan_fRc
    Mylan_fRc 9 days ago

    Very nice one. Did you ever showed her something from Powerwolf?

  • Graven Wolf
    Graven Wolf 11 days ago

    Wait she's taking guitar lessons??? Hope she becomes a pro. And maybe I'm late to make a request but I know a band she will love Band-Maid they are a Japanese metal band with awesome guitar solos and an insane bass riff.

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 11 days ago

      Yeppers...she started last month. So many comments on here from people saying "get her a guitar!!" I listened and did 😊 this week shes learning to play Soul Sister by Train

  • Graven Wolf
    Graven Wolf 11 days ago

    Nothing makes me happier than seeing a future metal head in the making. You must be so proud of her, I know I would.

  • Myrddin Taliesin
    Myrddin Taliesin 13 days ago

    I didn't think of it until I saw a new video is coming out from them, but something from the O'Keefe Music Foundation might be inspiring to her. Lots of songs to choose from and I think there's a cover of Iron Maiden from a while ago where you can see the drummer lose a stick but recovers as best he can and gets right back into it.

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 13 days ago

      I'll definitely check them out! Thanks 🙂🙂

  • Jimmy Andreas Jonsson

    Sendt a tweet to #Sabaton @Sabaton About this one. I hope that they see it it was soo good

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 14 days ago

      Good idea...I just tweeted them 🙂 thanks for the idea

  • O.O.S. truehumanbing

    I think it's time for nightwish romanticide live. Link here It's heavy. So check them out.

  • David Cheney
    David Cheney 15 days ago

    Can someone share this with Sabaton. I’m sure they’d love to see this.

    • skykn1ght78
      skykn1ght78 7 days ago

      For sure! They love it when kids come to their show.

  • Chaotic Old Bore
    Chaotic Old Bore 15 days ago

    Another fun fact is that the drummer is married to Floor from Nightwish and they have a daughter together. Speaking of Floor, there was recently a TV show in the Netherlands called "Beste Zangers" which I think roughly translates to "Best Singers". Floor does a duet of "Phantom of the Opera" with Henk Poort who played the original Phantom in the Dutch run of the musical. The performance is mind blowing. Search Beste Zangers on here and the clip should be the top result. For context the people on the couch are all dutch singers as well and Floor is not really known in the Netherlands even tho she is actually the most successful artist to come out of the country (Nightwish is a Finnish band). At the start of the series no-one really had a clue who she was there, by this performance on the last show of the season she is very well known there now to the point of a handful of concerts in the Netherlands with Nightwish and a couple of solo gigs around the same time LATE NEXT YEAR are sold out or very close to sold out. 2 other things I would like you to have a look at are 1) the request I asked for a while back (no pressure, I understand you would get a lot of requests for more popular stuff) - Ne Obliviscaris - And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope (live Colorado 2016) the musicianship in this is something to be seen (and heard). and 2) a rock band out of Mexico made up of 3 young sisters called The Warning - Daniela (guitar, lead vocals), Paulina (drums, vocals, piano), and Alejandra Villarreal (bass guitar, piano, backing vocals) They went viral (19.5m views currently) a few years back with a garage cover of a Metallica song "Enter Sandman" (they were 14 12 and 9 for this) but now have to solid self written records on an independent label. The song I would suggest is "Dust to Dust" live CDMX. In this performance the girls are 18, 16 and 13 respectively. Maybe even show her the Metallica cover. They may help to inspire Jade in her rock/metal endeavors. Oh Happy Birthday to Jade as well.

  • Brian Joslyn
    Brian Joslyn 15 days ago

    !!! HAPPY !!! BELATED !!! BIRTHDAY !!! JADE !!! Yo... you're a beautiful girl - if anyone says otherwise, well... it doesn't matter - cuz you are! Strictly on a friendly level... lots of ❤️ and [HUGZ]! ~ I don't believe I've heard this one before... I like! I'm with Jade... it had to take a lot of work and time to create this video.

  • Requinix17
    Requinix17 15 days ago

    rock on

  • MTG Addiction
    MTG Addiction 15 days ago

    Omg yes!! THANKS for the reaction 🖒

  • Ta Z
    Ta Z 16 days ago

    Nice reaction :) Funfact: The video was made in collaboration with Wargaming. They provided the CGI. The Bismarck was a WWII German battleship and is actually one of the many playable ships in World of Warships (online game) :)

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 15 days ago

      Thanks 😀😀 I didnt know where they got it from

  • Myrddin Taliesin
    Myrddin Taliesin 16 days ago

    I know you've done some female fronted bands before but I'm wondering how much she would take to Halestorm now that she's learning to play as well.

    • BIGBLOCK5022006
      BIGBLOCK5022006 5 days ago

      @Bleir Millions Besides Halestorm have her check out Epica, Krypteria, Delain, Edenbridge, Within Temptation, and Lacuna Coil.

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 15 days ago

      I think she will love them!!!

  • Chris B
    Chris B 16 days ago

    She was getting so excited watching that video. Love it. Glad she liked it. Sabaton is awesome!

  • eckligt
    eckligt 16 days ago

    Maybe it would be straying somewhat from the style of music you normally feature, but I think perhaps now, after giving Jade a guitar, you could let her react to one of the best guitarists currently active, Joanne Shaw Taylor. Ms Taylor likes to shred up some bluesy rock music. Suggested video:

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 16 days ago

      Love the advice!! Thank you...I will definitely check her out. Shes had 5 lessons so far and now shes learning to play Soul Sister by Train 🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Bri B
    Bri B 21 day ago

    Jade, I'm equally amazed by Brittany!

  • carlo giurizzato
    carlo giurizzato 23 days ago

    try to listen to this is incredible <Steelheart - Can't Stop Me Lovin' You> <Steelheart - She's Gone (Official Video)> <Steelheart - I'll Never Let You Go (Official Video)> its insanely beautiful music

  • northerncivic 1
    northerncivic 1 26 days ago

    This is my 7yr old daughters favorite band.. she loves metal.... lol

  • LittleLady00
    LittleLady00 26 days ago

    She is too young to know what the words mean because she has never lived in a society where things were different.

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  • 咲りん
    咲りん Month ago

    kawaii (❁´ω`❁)

  • scoundrel gaming super heroes are my life

    I love this band I'm really happy they made a new album lol

  • Grimrpr6942
    Grimrpr6942 Month ago

    UTA....empowering young ladies to achieve greatness in metal. Rock on Jade!!!

  • Blood Carnival
    Blood Carnival Month ago

    try listening to Slipknot - The devil in I

  • Texasscout96
    Texasscout96 Month ago

    Awesome job Dad! Raising that girl RIGHT!!!

  • Direnova
    Direnova Month ago

    Wow, smart young lady. You'll go far with that personality.

  • Douglas Campbell
    Douglas Campbell Month ago

    You may want to consider X Japan - Kurenai Live 1989 (Blue Blood Tour - 爆発寸前GIG). Jade's reaction to their hair along would be worth it. Not to mention the band is epic.

  • kittykatkate Katlynn

    My kid reacted the dmsame way but he screamed lol

  • ios gar
    ios gar Month ago


  • Samir Gurung
    Samir Gurung Month ago

    Me as a dad 🤣

  • Matthew Duncan
    Matthew Duncan Month ago

    Awesome kid.

  • Brian Joslyn
    Brian Joslyn Month ago

    Although it's not actually seen in this video, I can hear that she's very happy with it. I've not seen the comments saying to get her a guitar. I don't even recall hearing her say she wanted one in any reaction video. However, this is definitely awesome! So... obviously I have no idea what area y'all live, but if you're in the Sacramento CA area then I can recommend someone for guitar lessons. His name is Jamin... he teaches piano (seems like primarily), but also teaches guitar as well as bass and some other instruments. If you're in the Sacramento CA area then please let me know and I'll let you know how to contact him.

    • Brian Joslyn
      Brian Joslyn Month ago

      No problem! Ahh... you're north of me, opposite side of Lake Erie! I'm in Erie County PA, bordering Lake Erie! Jadyn Rylee lives in the Toronto area. She's a singer/songwriter and does covers too. If you're not yet familiar with her then you should check her out!

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions Month ago

      Thanks for the suggestion buuut we live in Northen Ontario Canada

  • Chaotic Old Bore
    Chaotic Old Bore Month ago


  • nespith
    nespith Month ago

    Was that a acoustic? The video froze before we saw it.

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions Month ago

      It was....starter guitar. Sorry....the video was taken off her moms phone. No idea why it was so choppy after I uploaded it

  • Requinix17
    Requinix17 Month ago

    you broke youtube, but this is great! use it in good health

  • Bleir Millions
    Bleir Millions Month ago

    Sorry...the last 10 seconds went wonky

  • Mustakrakish The Baked Troll

    She looks like she enjoys the music

  • antonio montana
    antonio montana 2 months ago

    Hands down the sweetest, most natural little girl on YTube. ((Thank YOU Jade! 👈))

  • TheBlackiwid
    TheBlackiwid 2 months ago

    Rofl I would more explained to her that the singer is doing some sort of a act I would have much more worry that she get scared of him than repeating a few swear words :D It's funny btw we in Germany use "fuckin" or more "fuck" or "shit" or whatever the englisch version of it much more than you do and give a s* about if our children use them, too usually. When americans come here on holliday or move here, they are kind of shocked by it. But somehow because it's not the native language (and we are less crazy religous and PC) it takes away the strengths of the word. It's very very rare that a child get's called out for "watching his tung". It's more if you call your mother some swear words or something like that. *DRUGS* Also I would not agree to your description about what this song is about. It's not the substance that is the problem, but the addiction, sure there are more and less strong drugs that tend to make people more or less addicted. But Alcohol is just fine, it makes people that have tendencies (genetics or social structure) addicted, or they get addicted let's call it that way. And the numbers are clear much more people are addicted to alcohol than illegal drugs. So drugs if we exclude 1 or 2 extreme substances and even there it's arguable don't MAKE people addicted. People that have a tendency to get addicted that have problems search this substances maybe not to get consciously willingly addicted but their subconscious search the addiction more or less. The shorter version is it's less about the substance (you can be addicted to sport or sex) it is that some people have a tendency to get addicted and if THOSE people get access to certain drugs they might get addicted. Or if people miss-use drugs, so they drink much alcohol for a long time at some point their bodies get also addicted. It makes this false differenciation with "those few people that use drugs" that get addicted and if you don't use "those drugs" then you are save, while most of us use drugs just the legal ones and therefor everybody is at relatively high risk to get addicted. There is no us and them, we all are drug users. Especially Alcohol is the number 1 killer drug, with 5% of deaths caused by alcohol worldwide. No heroin not even prescribed drugs come to those numbers. Well don't get me wrong it's not one or the other, both are bad killers but you frame it like it is only "some drugs". Also the part where you say it turns them into different people, that might be true sometimes but often not, they often have a addictive personality from birth and they cope better or worse with that. Some drugs change personality some not. Like take LSD, you could argue that it changes personality of people but it makes not addicted... so personality change and being addicted are 2 separate phenomenons. But I hate this description I heard when I was little long ago, that only the illegal substance to get high are drugs and alkohol is just alcohol, it's both drugs. Alcohol is even one of the more dangerous drugs.

    大好きBABYMETAL 2 months ago


  • ALAN
    ALAN 2 months ago

    That was so cute!!

  • Ebefren Revo
    Ebefren Revo 2 months ago

    Thank you to educate your daughter to good music.

  • Ian Crouch
    Ian Crouch 2 months ago

    🤘🤘❤️🤘🤘 Parenting done right?? 🤘🤘

  • Ben Allington
    Ben Allington 2 months ago

    you should be proud to call yourself a dad

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 2 months ago

      I am beyond words proud of 3 weeks it will be her birthday...and she's getting a pretty cool gift 😊😊

  • feargm
    feargm 2 months ago

    That was adorable. Awesome awesome parenting. :D

    • feargm
      feargm 2 months ago

      @Bleir Millions It's one of the many things I'd like to do if I have a child one day! :)

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 2 months ago

      Thank you....its just a little fun thing we like to do together 😊😊

  • Anthony Lepper
    Anthony Lepper 2 months ago

    I’d love to see this girl on youtube again like, 8-10 years later, just to see how her tastes and maturity in music is, what she like, favorite bands, cuz honestly now Days especially someone like this awesome girl, thats how bands like Jinjer come to fruition when stuff like just showing someone a video on you and it just becomes almost a major turning point for some that sets them a path! You never know!

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 2 months ago

      Oh wow!!! Wouldn't that be awesome!! I promise we will make sure to do that when shes a teenager...omg!! My baby is growing up way too fast

  • antonio montana
    antonio montana 2 months ago

    *AWESOME KID!* Doing a hell uva job as a parent, and it shows!! ((God bless))

  • [N]ecro
    [N]ecro 2 months ago

    Meshuggah - Bleed ;)

  • cyberdan42
    cyberdan42 2 months ago

    It amuses me that one of the first reactions Jade does not in her Unicorn onesie she reacts to a band where the lead singer is in what is effectively a onesie.

  • FairsleyDifference
    FairsleyDifference 2 months ago

    If she’s into the audience aspect, there’s always Metallica - Creeping Death or Enter Sandman, Moscow ‘91.

  • Daisy Dan
    Daisy Dan 2 months ago


    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 2 months ago

      Hahaha I use that word at least once a day 😉

  • KingbassK
    KingbassK 2 months ago

    good dad

  • KingbassK
    KingbassK 2 months ago

    she's feeling the drums!

  • Soljarag5
    Soljarag5 2 months ago

    Actually this version didn't have any bad language in it.... But yeah the original one has a really hard F word

    • Soljarag5
      Soljarag5 2 months ago

      thefourshowflip, yeah there are some parts in the video that seem off

    • thefourshowflip
      thefourshowflip 2 months ago

      Bleir Millions I don’t think he skipped it in the original performance; there may have been an issue with that verse in the original and they just put the second one in twice (it sounds very similar and the video doesn’t seem to line up; Maynard’s body mechanics seem discontinuous at that part).

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 2 months ago

      I was expecting the F-Bomb too...was surprised he skipped it. Just wanted to prepare her first

    JACK PAPER 2 months ago

    We got the same TV stand man! Love that thing! Had mine 10 years!

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 2 months ago


      JACK PAPER 2 months ago

      Bleir Millions Love when I see people on RU-clip who have the same shit as me! Lol.. Great review! Your daughter is learning about amazing music! August 30th can’t come fast enough!! Hope you got your Pre-order in for the hard copy of the new album!!

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 2 months ago

      I had to get it when I got the new old milk crates didnt cut it haha

  • Nico Metal
    Nico Metal 3 months ago

    React to yoshu fukushu by Maximun the hormone 🙏🏼

  • cranboogie
    cranboogie 3 months ago

    Parenting done right!

  • Chaotic Old Bore
    Chaotic Old Bore 3 months ago

    Good to see you back. Nice to see you introduce her to Tool, just when their new album is about to drop as well ;-). Jade really seemed to get into the rhythm of the song, which is awesome.

  • kenobi volta
    kenobi volta 3 months ago

    I never liked tool. Never will. Do some sepultura,metallica,pantera,nightwish....

    • kenobi volta
      kenobi volta 2 months ago

      @Kevin Smith first time hearing

    • Kevin Smith
      Kevin Smith 2 months ago

      Have you heard “The Grudge” ? Pretty cool song. Also keep in mind that it was written about 20 years ago.

    • kenobi volta
      kenobi volta 2 months ago

      @Kevin Smith actually not bad. Listening just now

    • kenobi volta
      kenobi volta 2 months ago

      @Kevin Smith I will try, thanks

    • Kevin Smith
      Kevin Smith 2 months ago

      kenobi volta If you like Heavy Metal listen to Ticks and Leaches. Their heaviest song. There are other heavy songs, but even people who like Death Core like Ticks and leaches.

  • Brian Joslyn
    Brian Joslyn 3 months ago

    I decided to search for the lyrics of this song and noticed they completely changed the lyrics of the lines with the language. THAT would be why I didn't hear any! This one bored me, but I respect your beautiful daughters reaction.

  • Ubiquinoxx Rosiles
    Ubiquinoxx Rosiles 3 months ago

    When is the reaction to Fear Inoculum coming? Haha, terrific parenting!

  • Masy Doda
    Masy Doda 3 months ago

    Great_dad.exe has kicked into overdrive! I think its important to explain the reason he was moving like he was, was to convey the physical movements of someone who was addicted to crack, or heroin. Also, please do some Coheed and Cambria. Preferably queen of the dark, but any CaC song is great. ^v^ stay well sweetheart.

  • Matt dn24
    Matt dn24 3 months ago

    Great reaction guys! 🤘🏻😍 her reactions are priceless!

  • MTG Addiction
    MTG Addiction 3 months ago

    Please show her sabaton - bismarck (Or any song from sabaton really)

    • Chaotic Old Bore
      Chaotic Old Bore 3 months ago

      @Bleir Millions History lesson combined with some awesome melodic power-metal. You can't go wrong with it. From Jades reaction to a band like Unleash the Archers I think she would love Sabaton.

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 3 months ago

      Consider it next 🤘🤘🤘

  • wheresatari
    wheresatari 3 months ago

    Whoa. Long time no see. Where is the unicorn outfit?

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 3 months ago

      Its summer time....too hot Haha. Will return in the fall if it still fits her 🙂

  • pb butter
    pb butter 3 months ago

    so, what's the 1st concert gonna be? 🤘

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 3 months ago

      @pb butter I seen they were at the Opera House...unfortunately its 19+ there 😥

    • pb butter
      pb butter 3 months ago

      Jinjer! October 8.

    • wheresatari
      wheresatari 3 months ago

      @Bleir Millions Brit Floyd.

    • Bleir Millions
      Bleir Millions 3 months ago

      Not sure.....I'm keeping an eye on concerts in Toronto

  • Kaas
    Kaas 3 months ago

    It would be awesome to have you guys react to O'keefe music foundations cover of tool. Very talented kids, I would recommend Forty-six & 2!

  • Metalcrypts
    Metalcrypts 3 months ago


  • Jackie miles
    Jackie miles 3 months ago

    Your such a great dad ❤️😊!

  • BO BON
    BO BON 3 months ago

    Little Jade's reactions were far more matured and honest than most other reactions I watched by grown ups. It's a very heavy socio-cultural message and most of the adults never understand what the song is implying and it's relevance to the Hollywood , electronic media and godlessness of today's society .. Excellent example is when the '' Neon sign (Media/Hollywood ) declares that morality is to be learnt from advertisements , propaganda and the teachings on the subway graffiti and side wall scribbling on buildings , and makes you believe that these messages are equivalent to the words of the prophets of the scriptures ... Then it's as bad as us worshiping the Neon gods that we made .. '' Very hard hitting reality . 😒😒

  • Sergo Top
    Sergo Top 3 months ago

    это твоя доч?

  • Sergo Top
    Sergo Top 3 months ago

    This is your doder?

  • K0302Y
    K0302Y 3 months ago


  • MarianissearchingfortherealTRUTH Universally

    Good job dad. Have her watch it again when she is 13. Then show her this vid and check the difference. My kids are in their 30's and watching them grow with their music appreciation over the years has been sooooo much fun.

  • Marko Zec
    Marko Zec 3 months ago

    Why do I have feeling we are seeing of metal band called "metal unicorns" I mean that kid loved it and she is 8.... well it is good to know there are kids who know what is good music... just bring more and more young metalheads... and metal unicorns.

  • Trump's Neck Vagina
    Trump's Neck Vagina 3 months ago

    The will have her own metal band by highschool

  • Bevan Piercy
    Bevan Piercy 4 months ago

    Cool kid, good parents

  • •Heeey Stawberrys•

    Jade,reats Megitsune baby metal plz

  • squid tentacel
    squid tentacel 4 months ago


  • Ordnajela Etaraz
    Ordnajela Etaraz 4 months ago


  • TheHookBoy
    TheHookBoy 4 months ago

    Commenting on this video because it’s your newest, but I just wanted to say you are a great father. RU-clip just played her reaction to Dragon Force but the first and only video I saw from you (until now...but I just subscribed and will watch everything else) was her reacting to Jinjer. It truly warmed my heart because I have been pulling my 14 year old son this way recently (divorced and his mother has custody...we are still friends). Popular music these days tends to be awful and empty, but seeing her smile ear to ear with so much joy in her eyes stirs something within me so I had to say thank you for introducing her to metal and recording it so we all can share in that moment when she looks at the camera and her smile reminds us all about the journey we’ve been on and what our first experiences did to us.

  • Jonathon Richards
    Jonathon Richards 4 months ago

    LOL You're an evil dad lol Awesome reaction

  • ꧁Brasileirado꧂
    ꧁Brasileirado꧂ 4 months ago

    This is a really mind blowing face! Hahaha

  • Mikey B
    Mikey B 4 months ago

    the horns at the end make me feel better about watching this video lol

  • 99goat99
    99goat99 4 months ago

    I had almost the same reaction to "Unleash The Archers" the first time I saw them. LOL Rock on Jade and Jade's dad!

  • M McBride
    M McBride 4 months ago

    That look at 1:57 was every single one of us. Hell, I'm a 50-year-old professional musician and I was dumbfounded when I found them. First minute, you're saying, "What is this?" By the third minute, you're saying, "Why can't I stop humming this?!" Cheers.

  • Marz Reed
    Marz Reed 4 months ago

    If you want to get another good reaction from Jade, show her Avatar videos like "The Eagle Has landed", "The King Welcomes you to Avatar Country", "New Land", Or "The statue of the King". My Kids Love it.

  • Joachim Andersson
    Joachim Andersson 4 months ago

    Heeey i love the honesty of an 8 year old ! And would love if you did dance of death live with Iron Maiden

  • Animè Subscribe
    Animè Subscribe 4 months ago

    I think doki doki is the best for her

  • Matt Hovanec
    Matt Hovanec 4 months ago

    Not gonna lie, as a 36 year old male, I still react just like she did to this song.I have the same "child-like" wonderment to this awesome sound.

  • Leo Fernandez
    Leo Fernandez 4 months ago

    Did Britney Slayes or UTA react to this video yet I was wondering👋