The Soul of Wind
The Soul of Wind
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  • The Art Wolf ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    These comments are making me tear up..

  • Tiramisu UwU
    Tiramisu UwU 49 minutes ago

    For some reason the photo made me feel related to it bc I’m always lonely?

  • Tiramisu UwU
    Tiramisu UwU 53 minutes ago

    This is just too beautiful....

  • DC Relaxing Your Mind With Music

    Who else is browsing the comments and not sleeping? Lol 👇👇👇

  • Diana Sakura
    Diana Sakura Hour ago

    Bookworm Central!!!!! My haven from all my troubles, my heaven for all to see. My dream is now a reality, oh so happy I can be! Didn't mean for it to rhyme. It's been a long time since I wrote my last poem. Funny how inspiration can strike you at any moment! :)

  • Ablaze Dawn
    Ablaze Dawn Hour ago

    06:34 My favorite, I just picture all of the UA students one by one, walking towards something like a villain. Idk why but it just gives me chills

  • Thanh Tran
    Thanh Tran Hour ago

    who watched this anime with their brother? T~T

  • Vimini
    Vimini Hour ago

    Good luck to anyone that has an exam coming soon! Let me know how you did :D I'm going to stop typing in the comment section now and study

  • Prasanna Bandara Adikari

    footsteps n piano so relaxing

  • Captain Zyx
    Captain Zyx Hour ago

    the first one sucks lol

  • Dj Aloha
    Dj Aloha Hour ago

    1:57 me when I did a top 1

  • Freddie Lugo
    Freddie Lugo 2 hours ago

    Thanks again for the upload!

  • Unicorn Maria
    Unicorn Maria 2 hours ago

    My Soul has been taken away

  • Junior Lopes
    Junior Lopes 2 hours ago

    what's up with that horse thought? hahaha

  • Annie Young
    Annie Young 2 hours ago

    Berry, berry tasty berry.

  • R Mercedez
    R Mercedez 2 hours ago

    Awesome music

  • SilentForceX
    SilentForceX 3 hours ago

    These aren't nightcore though?

  • Edi Jalloh
    Edi Jalloh 3 hours ago

    i love this so much i turned it into my entrance theme in mma

  • Ghxst King
    Ghxst King 3 hours ago

    when you're listening to them in the actual episodes with the animations n stuff they sound so upbeat and exciting and then you actually read the lyrics and it's just Depression TM

  • Jerell Fulton
    Jerell Fulton 3 hours ago

    I love the sound of rain and the piano! This warms my hart❤️ I ᒪOᐯE TᕼIᔕ!

  • Leon Rowe
    Leon Rowe 3 hours ago

    I finally found it 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ cant sleep without. Thank you so much for enhancing my life

  • Gacha Fury
    Gacha Fury 3 hours ago

    Fairy tail is the best!!!!!!

  • Liquid Water
    Liquid Water 4 hours ago

    Me: *opens this video* Ad: “TOASTY, CREAMY,” me: nezuko??

  • Moon Shadow
    Moon Shadow 4 hours ago

    Honestly, so I was talking about religion not to long before this, and the rapture and stuff, and this person be lives that part of it is that demons will take the earth after god takes the humans who are good enough And well, I just thought about how sad they must be (I'm of the thought that demons would just be twisted people, after all nowhere does it say Satan can make like, him making demons would aka be making life) And well, just, seeing everything you loved, gone. And those who were left behind that you loved well, not only were they abandoned by god, but they would not accept the demons, after all, many of them would be quite qicked, and all of them would be quite scary. And I just thought of that. The lonely world it must be to be a demon Edit-i kinda made a whole small short story based off it but I won't add it so my post isn't long

  • Ridho Septian S
    Ridho Septian S 4 hours ago

    Who love Best Friend ? 🤗

  • katie mclaughlin
    katie mclaughlin 4 hours ago

    I'm glad I'm a nature lover. And not a nature hater.

  • MZ Jax
    MZ Jax 4 hours ago

    -Meliodas seeing a dieing comrade- GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  • Kidz Horror
    Kidz Horror 4 hours ago

    Came for the music Stayed for the thumbnail

  • Night Dream
    Night Dream 4 hours ago

    What a wonderful piano music! The background photo really caught my eye! Pretty!

  • Adam Duong
    Adam Duong 4 hours ago


  • Munguia oscar
    Munguia oscar 5 hours ago

    Que hermoso. The soul of wind. Siempre escucho tus cansiones. Me falta compartir. Ya cuando. Tenga otro sel ❤️❤️

  • محمد شداد
    محمد شداد 5 hours ago


  • Tony Lee
    Tony Lee 5 hours ago

    Finally I noticed 0:33:09 Yume to Hazakura is Chinese version! No wonder I suddenly found I could get the lyric meaning from a Japanese song! LOL

  • Will Pierre
    Will Pierre 5 hours ago

    I find it hard to focus when I study, but this music helped with that, now I find that I can’t study without this music, I wish I was still in highschool uni is freaken hard 😭

  • Pedro Carnide
    Pedro Carnide 5 hours ago

    You jumped "1COMA - Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress" in the description... the times are all wrong after that... (1:05:38 video and this is in the description: "1:06:51 One Love - Nanatsu no Taizai " xD) Awesome sound though, keep it coming!

  • unknown
    unknown 5 hours ago

    ROY: ESTA POR LLOVER RIZA: NO... NO LO CREO ROY: *le sale una lagrima* SI SI LO ESTA...

  • Nicholas Anthony
    Nicholas Anthony 6 hours ago


  • Alix Parillon
    Alix Parillon 6 hours ago

    You are beautiful

  • willems robin
    willems robin 6 hours ago

    really loving the music is it possible to get the first wallpaper i realy love the art and the emotion in this

  • Gonmor 10
    Gonmor 10 6 hours ago

    Amazing!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • otaku gamer
    otaku gamer 6 hours ago

    '-' quem naum dorme escutando isso?

  • jean descol
    jean descol 6 hours ago

    Track list ?

  • Heal, Meditate & Motivate Music

    Very lovely imagery!

  • Goblin Slayer
    Goblin Slayer 7 hours ago

    That picture is too sad.

  • Santylevi
    Santylevi 8 hours ago


  • Susana Santos
    Susana Santos 8 hours ago

    Eu sou japonesa eu narci lá mas minha mãe e brasileira

  • nidassaK
    nidassaK 8 hours ago

    Well, lets get this one to 20+million views now, since the other video got taken down

  • Weerossi
    Weerossi 8 hours ago

    I feel the flow throw my heart I love it

  • Steven Chen
    Steven Chen 9 hours ago

    One of the most moving anime of all time.

  • Aqsa Syed
    Aqsa Syed 9 hours ago

    yoo whoever reads this. You got this homiiiee 💛 life is actually pretty beautiful. Our souls are lost but there is still happiness :-) i dont know who you aree but dang. You daaaa shiiiiiiiitt🖤

  • Evelyn Marston
    Evelyn Marston 9 hours ago

    This makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

  • basma Ahmed
    basma Ahmed 9 hours ago

    Its beutifle I liket and I love it and so my litle brother liket too .💖💗💖💗

  • Tera Mangala Meditation Music

    meditation music for success and abundance meditation music to get rid of negative energy

  • Background NPC
    Background NPC 10 hours ago

    "This power has been passed on from hero to hero, each praying that it will bring joy and peace to humanity --that One For All will give the world hope. I have done my part as the Symbol of Peace and Justice; now, it's your turn. Go Beyond, Young Midoriya."

  • Rita C
    Rita C 10 hours ago


  • jiapop
    jiapop 10 hours ago

    any idea for this background? :3

  • Janick Gaming
    Janick Gaming 10 hours ago

    It really Sounds good with the piano, I Saw a Channel today called “pianoboy 14” and he actually sounds really good. I Think we shout get him popular. WHO’s with me??

  • Rodrigo
    Rodrigo 11 hours ago

    Is it sadness? I don,t know. It looks like it,but then why do i enjoyed so much? You would think one would avoid things that make you sad,but i always come back for more...always hungry for this feeling. Maybe i am already sad,or maybe there is another name to it.

  • bonny senoaji
    bonny senoaji 11 hours ago


  • 63
    63 11 hours ago

    That makes me realise my life is more a comedy than a tragedy.

  • Foxtwins4
    Foxtwins4 11 hours ago

    This video is 4:20 long. Escanor smokes pot for sure

  • Cherry Julia
    Cherry Julia 11 hours ago

    LOVE.🎧🌹🌹🌹THANKS ❤❤❤

  • Alexander De S.
    Alexander De S. 11 hours ago

    Here because the Liberals just won the elections in Canada :(

  • MichiyoProductions
    MichiyoProductions 11 hours ago

    Who remembers staying up late just to watch this gem on adult swim? I was in maybe 3rd or 4th grade when i fell in love with this anime and i have lusts tattoo on my chest which i wanted ever since i became a fan❤ much love to all fma fans old and new❤❤❤

  • Allen
    Allen 12 hours ago

    No items, Zenitsu only, FINAL DESTINATION!!

  • DarkPa1adin
    DarkPa1adin 12 hours ago

    If I can have a live orchestra/pianist to play on my funeral, I would choose some of these songs. Amber Light extended from Mahou Sensei Negima (last episode insert) will definitely be 1 of them!

  • Alyn Anisadollah
    Alyn Anisadollah 12 hours ago

    Rase tenang bile mendengar penuh dgn perasaan keriangan😊

  • Lynelking
    Lynelking 12 hours ago

    Play this song at my Funeral and my death bed

  • Blackyblop
    Blackyblop 12 hours ago

    Another day to listen to your music <3

  • DragonHeart
    DragonHeart 12 hours ago

    For Music like this I’m am so happy I subscribed to this channel ❤️ it’s calming, beautiful, sweet and simply put a masterpiece ❤️ I adore the picture but it also breaks my heart a little imagining those two girls, best friends in their time, playing together in perfect bliss to this music ❤️💔🥺owo

  • sharlin kawaii
    sharlin kawaii 12 hours ago

    Like si ablas español :3 No piques mi perfil >:v Ya xD

  • Fiul Tralala
    Fiul Tralala 13 hours ago

    Kayak musik cina ya.. Iya loh Apa mungkin saudara Ya tidak lah.

  • Divine Reaper
    Divine Reaper 13 hours ago

    It has been quite a while since i liked your channel and u never cease to amaze me with your instruments.. you never fail me whenever i wanna relax or chill.. i thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

  • K-Dream
    K-Dream 13 hours ago

    I think I know the story of the image! I think the girl on the left is thinking of her friend, her sister ... who is dead, she comes back alone sitting on the swing where they spent most of the time together but despite the pain, she goes where she spent her time with her and contemplate the starry night thinking of her, where is she now? I hope she is at peace where she is! But this girl does not know that she is right next to her looking at her, she has always been on these sides even dead, she will always be there whatever happens and that is how born the hope! I am not a poet but all that I had in my head😅

    • crimson ph34r
      crimson ph34r 6 hours ago

      Many can see the same picture and have completely different interpretations. What I see is the girl on the left grew up with no friends. In her solitude she created an imaginary friend, the girl on the right. Even if others called her weird for talking to herself at times she didn't feel lonely anymore. As she entered high school, her imaginary friend decided to help her create some real friends. With each success her imaginary friend became more transparent. The realization comes that if she makes real friends than she won't need her imaginary friend anymore. After struggling with the issue her imaginary gives her one final push on the swings that they held most of their conversations while looking at the star filled sky. Her imaginary friend slowly disappears into the stars.

    • Rodrigo
      Rodrigo 11 hours ago

      Humans are poets .

  • navita kumar
    navita kumar 13 hours ago

    so relaxing!!! love it

  • ساكورا ميكاسا انمي

    Ils beautiful

    • IL 97
      IL 97 13 hours ago

  • Phạm Thị Cúc Chi
    Phạm Thị Cúc Chi 13 hours ago

    it helps me relax after studying. thank you

  • Kow Soo Peng
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  • Rebbecah Israel
    Rebbecah Israel 13 hours ago

    Love it 💙💙💜🎼🎵🎶

    • IL 97
      IL 97 13 hours ago

  • Frow / Kagura
    Frow / Kagura 13 hours ago

    Is there a version of this music that isn't in a loop?

  • Deutscher Patriot
    Deutscher Patriot 13 hours ago

    <3 JAPAN+GERMANY <3 forever Brothers

  • STROM_ _
    STROM_ _ 13 hours ago

    I still waiting your answer 💞🐋🐋💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😳

    • STROM_ _
      STROM_ _ 12 hours ago

      @IL 97 @ sorry this place is not belong to you if you try again, i will block you from YT

    • IL 97
      IL 97 13 hours ago

  • panda_army
    panda_army 13 hours ago

    584 😂

    • IL 97
      IL 97 13 hours ago

  • Animegirl Angel
    Animegirl Angel 14 hours ago

    🎉✌=^.^=✌🎉 🎀💐🎆🎧🌹💎🎊🌠🎶🌸👑🌸🎶🌠🎊💎🌹🎧🎆💐🎀

  • Ola Niewazne
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  • [LØV] DÀBÍ
    [LØV] DÀBÍ 14 hours ago

    Haven't finished it yest but i know this is great sooo. Great music <3

  • Izuna Uchiha
    Izuna Uchiha 14 hours ago


    • Izuna Uchiha
      Izuna Uchiha 12 hours ago

      @IL 97 😡

    • IL 97
      IL 97 13 hours ago

  • The Soul of Wind
    The Soul of Wind 14 hours ago

    Beautiful Relaxing Music for stress relief ~~ Track List: 0:00:00 Falling in Love 0:02:50 Lights 0:06:18 Above the Clouds 0:09:52 Distant Memory 0:14:42 When We Were Young 0:18:31 Imagine hope . . .

    • Freddie Lugo
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    • Ayumi
      Ayumi 12 hours ago

      @Zepta Pixels Uhh...

    • STROM_ _
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      @IL 97 : try this again in this channel and you will lose your account !!!! I dont care you almost get your adsense !!!

    • Zepta Pixels
      Zepta Pixels 13 hours ago

      @Diego garcía vizcaino Soul of wind from China!

    • IL 97
      IL 97 13 hours ago

  • irvan fathoni
    irvan fathoni 14 hours ago

    Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

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  • army forever
    army forever 14 hours ago

    The Soul of Wind ..... whenever I listen to your music I don't why but I feel so calm and I feel comfort.....thanks a lot 😊❤

    • Rodrigo
      Rodrigo 11 hours ago

      @IL 97 i didn,t get it.

    • IL 97
      IL 97 13 hours ago

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    mokke mk 14 hours ago


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  • Ficklepanda
    Ficklepanda 14 hours ago

    I want to own a cozy cafe like this one day and play this on loop lmao

  • sky polido
    sky polido 14 hours ago

    Ufotable anime themes are great!!

  • Kev Basse
    Kev Basse 14 hours ago

    Ya salió la 3ra temporada perrossss

  • The Grand Duke
    The Grand Duke 14 hours ago

    2019 anyone❤🖐 LEGEND

  • Aparupa Dey
    Aparupa Dey 14 hours ago

    This song is so great 💝💖