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  • Savio Sayan
    Savio Sayan Hour ago

    #startopic the guys had caught a haina in d cage and tatz not a tail its a water pipe tat pic is from dubai desert they catch wild hainas

  • Lotus Shamim
    Lotus Shamim Hour ago

    Ghhgghggggggggredeffdedddd c. D c DVD DVD f

  • Duane Benton
    Duane Benton Hour ago

    This is what you do. Get a developer young or old. Ask him or her about any abnormalities discovered while excavating, dynamiting or otherwise clearing out a remote area to make way for a shopping mall or apartment high-rise or office development site or some type of 20th century development. You could also go deep, I mean deep into the everglades to find the reclusive hemit that exist between the back-swamp and civilization and let him /her tell of all the unusual crap they've seen over the years. There's always some ancient native American Shamen who has witnessed or has been told stories by the ancestors. Don't forget about my favorite, the guy who was visited repeated by the beautiful woman that emerged from the swamp after he was totally trounced on his home made moonshine. When he sobered enough to follow his ingenue back into the swamp he discovers that he is the patriarch of an entire species of bigfoot or cryptid type creatures that are sueing him for child support through the backwoods/swamp tribal justice system. If that doesn't get you the results you need, find some old daguerreo type photograph hidden in old antiquated libray files like the library of congress or somewhere. I'm sure you'll find something there. You can thank me later.

  • kennys329
    kennys329 Hour ago

    The 3rd name you said was wrong

  • J C
    J C Hour ago

    You have more ads than you have video.......cripes.

  • Mallory Knox
    Mallory Knox Hour ago

    #startopic the photo is obviously a superimposed earth in the sky. i mean, shit, theres india and australia. hope no one was actually fooled....'cause if so, they're fools. lol

  • Lashu Raam
    Lashu Raam Hour ago

    I know aanother channel which also had amazing unbelievable thumbnail but at the end it's just a photo

  • J Dub
    J Dub 2 hours ago

    Big Bill the Pig.

  • Donald Massaro
    Donald Massaro 2 hours ago

    The best thing to do is stay off them stupid movie sets a new won't be seeing these critters

  • Donald Massaro
    Donald Massaro 2 hours ago

    This will happen every time you smoke too much dope and drink too much Boonesfarm wine I have had this happen to me in the past we were at a concert and we seen all kinds a little critters running around hoops oh must've been the window pain

  • Donald Massaro
    Donald Massaro 2 hours ago

    has anybody seen jeepers creepers flying about we have a few people messing around here is very unexplainable

  • Donald Massaro
    Donald Massaro 2 hours ago

    so much crap

  • Misty Moreland
    Misty Moreland 2 hours ago

    If Mermaids were not real why does people keep talking about them for thousands of years and to this very day explain that?

  • Linda Karlsson
    Linda Karlsson 2 hours ago

    #STARTOPIC That is gamera from "gamera the brave"

  • Doris Daumann
    Doris Daumann 2 hours ago

    The real weird thing in the shop is the woman who films the poor obsessed one the whole time ... 😤

  • roozbeh hessam
    roozbeh hessam 2 hours ago

    sounds like your fuccccking mom asshole

  • roozbeh hessam
    roozbeh hessam 2 hours ago

    its fake photo

  • Neversaw
    Neversaw 2 hours ago

    Noting the animal planet mermaids mockumentary was pretty weak. It's a mockumentary as in they made the whole thing up to sound like a real doco it's well known this all was fake and these dudes are all actors. Come on man

  • scott cisek
    scott cisek 2 hours ago

    all of these videos are of course coincidence or fake but still a fun idea to entertain

  • Callum JW
    Callum JW 2 hours ago

    2:50 no i believe the ant has a stronger bite have you been bitten by one before

  • scott cisek
    scott cisek 2 hours ago

    who the hell didnt see the matrix hell i saw it in theatres

  • ラファエルアルベルト

    Talk too Munch!!!!!way too Munch ...boring

  • HerbertGrant Ley
    HerbertGrant Ley 2 hours ago

    star topic if look at head will see it is mammal.

  • Jorge Acevedo
    Jorge Acevedo 2 hours ago

    #startopcip maybe it fake? Idk

  • Jorge Acevedo
    Jorge Acevedo 2 hours ago


  • JJ Wen
    JJ Wen 3 hours ago

    #startopic is this what all the chem trails are trying to keep us from seeing? Or it's a fake perhaps painted on a pane of glass held up in front of the camera

  • Khairul ezarin
    Khairul ezarin 3 hours ago

    The channel name: the finest The video name: top terrifying thing found in swamps Me: is this fine?!?

  • Dracarys
    Dracarys 3 hours ago

    That turtle is from Mobile Legends jj

  • True $tori
    True $tori 3 hours ago

    #startopic Bowser

  • Enigma
    Enigma 3 hours ago

    Well its 2019 I haven't seen any aliens so far.

  • Thomas Tamir
    Thomas Tamir 3 hours ago

    There is supposed to be 5 to 8 million worth of things on the Titanic. That is why Mr. Hammond wanted to try to raise it. He wasn't looking for Titanic just for fun.

  • Carl Mckoy
    Carl Mckoy 3 hours ago

    Why all the videos quality or so low dose or not real

  • Misbah Shaikh
    Misbah Shaikh 3 hours ago

    Wow really my god😮

  • Bahman Altamash
    Bahman Altamash 3 hours ago

    Lost in the woods With no map or compass Reply the next line

  • Naoto
    Naoto 3 hours ago

    Are dragons real? *shoots a dragon* "not anymore" because let's be real, anything they find interesting will be shot just to take a pic that they were real xD

  • S.M.Shohel Rana
    S.M.Shohel Rana 4 hours ago

    I think, the champion is the Hyena Man.

  • Madeleine W
    Madeleine W 4 hours ago

    It’s a funky reflection on mist which faded as it dries off?

  • Mad Hatter
    Mad Hatter 5 hours ago

    Just get him a tissue cuz he has a cold he Sneezy... that kid was asking too many questions lol

  • redzed
    redzed 5 hours ago

    Planet X Nibiru/Niburu

  • Djsoul #Mrbringtheclub2U

    That liger

  • Stella Gangmei
    Stella Gangmei 5 hours ago

    Thanos : I will kill all the large animal Gamora : no if u kill all the large animal people will think that u r strong and every living thing will be hiding and u will have no one fight because they are all hiding

  • Samuel Duyile
    Samuel Duyile 6 hours ago

    Night fury

  • Rusty D
    Rusty D 7 hours ago

    No creature terrifies me more than a country so dim - witted as to vote in a moron like Donald Trump!

  • Joey Cappella
    Joey Cappella 7 hours ago

    Star topic is a porp

  • Joey Cappella
    Joey Cappella 7 hours ago

    Jake the horse 🐴 or piggy 🐷

  • Olivia Kim
    Olivia Kim 7 hours ago

    It was kathleen's find tho

  • Chaoswalker 107
    Chaoswalker 107 8 hours ago

    Well prehaps it went extinct more recantly, like the mammoth

  • xyz HY
    xyz HY 8 hours ago

    Please don't miss guide the people who watch your video by stupid content .

  • Lalruatkima gaming android

    They recorded everything we said and send it to the goverment this is why i use android and why i dont used siri or slexa

  • communistpotato
    communistpotato 8 hours ago

    Its bullshit to say spinosaurus was the "trex's nightmare" it really wast. Spinosaurus was slow, it turned lile a boat and it was far lighter than the tyrannosaurus, it also was not nearly as sucsessfull in evolution. SPINOSAURUS had a weak bite and its claws would not have been used for land hunting. Spinosaurusprobably ate 99 percent fish and the other 1 percent was caresses

  • John Mcclurg
    John Mcclurg 8 hours ago

    The pig should be number one

  • Maya Haylock
    Maya Haylock 8 hours ago

    FAKE......but i wish it was no

  • Jesse White
    Jesse White 8 hours ago

    That wasn’t even a photo of the skin walker. That was a past native ancestor (a native god killer)

  • Kiel Robles
    Kiel Robles 8 hours ago

    Big jake

  • Justine Stankiewicz
    Justine Stankiewicz 8 hours ago


  • Michele Daluiso
    Michele Daluiso 8 hours ago

    Yeah sure ! The alien stands in front of the videocam and says "here i am , cheeeeeeeeeeeese "

  • T14a5 Minecraft-roblox-an other

    The last ones fake I saw the ep didnt see slender man

  • Arun Raj
    Arun Raj 8 hours ago

    Star topic AKA how to justify click baiting 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Alexander John Jacinto

    Megalodon Team

  • Hank Griffin
    Hank Griffin 9 hours ago

    Lions have strengths,and tiger has size.🤫🤫🤫

  • Hank Griffin
    Hank Griffin 9 hours ago

    There called the king of the jungle but the tiger is way bigger lol so much for being the king of the jungle

  • ASO Sibeko
    ASO Sibeko 9 hours ago

    #startopic it's a drawing

  • Rose Ensign
    Rose Ensign 9 hours ago

    I'm going to say. That pig.

  • Kazama Muramasa
    Kazama Muramasa 9 hours ago

    Start topic# it's from a Movie.

  • Randy Wheeler
    Randy Wheeler 9 hours ago

    Prehistoric Tortoise maybe 100 years old

  • Coffinsmoke
    Coffinsmoke 9 hours ago

    The black one is badass

  • Best Version
    Best Version 10 hours ago

    as usual, the stupidest youtube channels have the most subscribers

  • john ying
    john ying 10 hours ago

    That is gamora from the last gamora movie.

  • Becca Calloway
    Becca Calloway 10 hours ago

    at 5:11 that is a six gill shark.. Idk why people get this wrong. see video below and compare.

  • sandra mayers
    sandra mayers 10 hours ago

    Fairy watch. Mystery solved.

  • Cory Martells
    Cory Martells 10 hours ago

    I would not have a 🦁 lion or and snake 🐍 no way

  • Mary or Zuri
    Mary or Zuri 10 hours ago

    Wait wait was that my classmate at my school anyway your cool

  • Kat Kimbler
    Kat Kimbler 10 hours ago

    Where did the turtles blasters go? Star topic

  • Abcde Fghijk
    Abcde Fghijk 10 hours ago

    We are here with another episode of RU-clip 'Why is this in my reccomendation?"

  • Live17 One direction
    Live17 One direction 11 hours ago

    8:53 never sleeping ever again

  • Live17 One direction
    Live17 One direction 11 hours ago

    3:17 and I’m here thinking I’m doing good by eating

  • must thopa nova
    must thopa nova 11 hours ago

    Finest so long tiime mey life are so much long in 100 year but only mars you're can make mey home

  • anya russell
    anya russell 11 hours ago


  • anya russell
    anya russell 11 hours ago

    Trust me these crabs ain want to come to andros Bahamas!!!!

  • anya russell
    anya russell 11 hours ago

    That would've made international news duh!!#StarTopic

  • anya russell
    anya russell 11 hours ago

    I'm scared of small snails so judge the big ones

  • Kelleymarie Jones
    Kelleymarie Jones 11 hours ago

    Yes Bill Paxton never realizes the old lady threw the heart of the ocean, back into the ocean. Almost like Heraldo Rivera and Al capone’s vault being empty, that career also up in smoke!

  • dominique coleman
    dominique coleman 11 hours ago

    White people love killing animals

  • Elson Felix
    Elson Felix 11 hours ago

    I think the best police force in the world is brazilian police, this guys eat in the breakfest drug dealers armed with military grade weaponary...

  • Coral Albers
    Coral Albers 11 hours ago

    I love the liger

  • Proverbs 4:7-9 & 4:10-13

    I am absolutely outraged!!!! Absolutely outraged! Sea World can go to hell! I remember my dad bringing me here as a child, little did I know anything about this place. Now as an adult you'd never see me nor my future offspring ever in that place. !!! Absolutely Horrid!

  • Mark Nunya
    Mark Nunya 12 hours ago

    A video supposing that a bunch of stuff that someone imagines MIGHT STILL be on the Titanic. Most of which, would not still be there, even if true.

    NEHEMIAH LUSAD 12 hours ago

    Mosasaurs vs SCP 300

  • Bits Of Everything
    Bits Of Everything 12 hours ago


  • Ryann Caitie Scoville
    Ryann Caitie Scoville 12 hours ago

    but I love all thos shows

  • La Nita Ellico
    La Nita Ellico 12 hours ago

    The turtle looks like a movie prop or statue of some kind.

  • cronic_universe
    cronic_universe 12 hours ago

    #startopic the tortoise is not real because if you can see the teeth the are the teeth of carnivores tortoises are herbivores not carnivores so it's not real

  • Abraham Mclean
    Abraham Mclean 12 hours ago

    I Shot a Hideous Looking Clown Once in Kentucky, He Ran Off in the Middle of the Night & to this Day I Still Don't Know Whether He Survived or Died, But He Came Running at Me Out of Nowhere Around 2am in a Parking Lot With What Looked like a Huge Medieval Axe, So I Pulled Out My 9mm Glock Pistol and Shot the Motherfucker in the Stomach and He ran off Crying, "I Fucking HATE Clowns" & I Think Other People have Shot them in Other States Ha!!! :P] . v (Nmcfmamf) ..

  • Brandon Heat
    Brandon Heat 12 hours ago

    Your videos suck..

  • Cool BRO
    Cool BRO 12 hours ago

    #startopic well if you see that buff guy... Well it looks like a S.C.P so I don't really play on a computer so I only play on a mobile device it's android so it's a tablet

  • A Google user
    A Google user 12 hours ago

    What happened to the survivors of the titanic? They survived

  • Erik Thompson
    Erik Thompson 13 hours ago

    This was honesty a bit hard to watch.

  • Boom tish
    Boom tish 13 hours ago

    Luckily, I am the Hulk.

  • Gracelyn Jack
    Gracelyn Jack 13 hours ago

    You're a terrible man!🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄

  • Gracelyn Jack
    Gracelyn Jack 13 hours ago