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    MONSTER HOUSE TV 26 seconds ago

    Trump threw Moscow mitch under the bus when he said that mitch approved of the call so mitch thre trump back under the bus and got out of the street lol... it's time america even if your a republican it's time before trump really puts our enemies in irreversible position over us.

  • Dean Cooper
    Dean Cooper 33 minutes ago

    It's about time.

  • Em Jacques
    Em Jacques Hour ago

    exporting democracy throughout the world via military is called imperialism, and its absolutely horrible

  • MadCity Jack
    MadCity Jack Hour ago

    Obstruction of justice and witness intimidation are two more Impeachable FELONIES Twitter Tits can add to his resume

  • fuckfannyfiddlefart

    The FOX President is screwed once fox move on to the next state capitalist grifter.

  • Here comes the sun
    Here comes the sun 2 hours ago

    Is it really shocking? He's a repugnicon.

  • Brazul Blint
    Brazul Blint 2 hours ago

    Corruot snakes want to impeach a corrupt snake, why get excited? They're all just as bad as eachother, even tulsi and bernie are no better than trump. Why bother?

  • henry rudolph
    henry rudolph 3 hours ago

    Hi from New Zealand, "The numbers don't lie and reveal that, just like from his daddy, Donald Trump also inherited something of great value from Barack Obama... A robust and WINNING ECONOMY"! EXCELLENT POINT 👍👍

  • Eli Baker
    Eli Baker 3 hours ago

    As an objective observer, this video is not very convincing either way. You basically throw out a lot of ad hominem statements in an attempt to make your point. Was your only evidence some opinion articles from highly biased news websites, your personal interpretation of electoral maps, and a recording of Lee? Your video did not address common arguments made from the opposing view. From my first impression, it seems you are just virtue signaling to yourself and your highly biased audience.

  • KiwiTrekkie . nz
    KiwiTrekkie . nz 3 hours ago

    Republicans are so eager to suppress Black voters, if White Supremacists started shooting up polling places in predominantly Black areas, I wouldn't be surprised if Republicans would somehow justify or support it.

  • Jana Schwehm
    Jana Schwehm 3 hours ago

    Jesse: WTF? Did we get the ACTUAL transcript? I thought that the WH only released a memo and had the REAL transcript locked away in a safe!

  • KiwiTrekkie . nz
    KiwiTrekkie . nz 3 hours ago

    So Southerners have always been inherently racist regardless of political affiliation?

  • Be Yourself
    Be Yourself 5 hours ago

    Trump & the didlo man with ears in this video areiars because Europe helped Ukraaine morebthan the USA. I quoted feom a website about it:"

  • Bely Gorod
    Bely Gorod 5 hours ago

    OK I understand most of what you are saying, all except the ID thing. In my country when you vote you show your ID they spray a fluorescent spray on your finger and thats it. I find it hard to understand how asking for an ID is voter suppression the rest I get but this I don't.

  • Dwayne Parrett
    Dwayne Parrett 5 hours ago


    ARON JOHN 5 hours ago

    my go to show -- thanks

  • splace51
    splace51 5 hours ago

    Hey republicans cried for public HEARINGS ,got their public hearings, and now crying because every witness has added nails to trumps coffen, and their cries for public hearings BACK FIRED!!! This has blown biggly giant holes in the republicans defence! and shows that they are anti-AMERICANS!!! they know he's DIRTY!!! So when you go to vote remember they are ALL PARTY OVER COUNTRY and they don't GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU AND ME!! AND THEY SWOR AN OATH TO PROTECT AND SERVE YOU AND ME!!!

  • Frank Heuvelman
    Frank Heuvelman 5 hours ago

    It was the weeks before 9/11 that Giuliani closed a pact with the Devil and now he's afraid that Peter won't let him in.

    GOLDEN BUDDHA 6 hours ago


  • Tanya S
    Tanya S 6 hours ago

    I’m amazed how many Republican senators and representatives - who are lawyers - seem to not know (or more likely pretend to not know) how the law and such works. They go on and on with nonsense that would get a trial lawyer thrown out of a courtroom or a business lawyer out of the boardroom.

  • MusicFan
    MusicFan 6 hours ago

    Everyone with "coal roller " sticker on their GAY pickup trucks need a bullet to the head.

  • Tim Long
    Tim Long 6 hours ago

    Shit I’ve been talking this for two years thank you Jesse 🙏🏼👍🏼

  • Tim Long
    Tim Long 6 hours ago

    Thank you Jesse

  • jerry graham
    jerry graham 6 hours ago

    Damn dude, you nailed it.

  • sirluisray1974
    sirluisray1974 7 hours ago

    There is nothing republican about the current Republican party.

  • David Hohlen
    David Hohlen 7 hours ago

    There is no understandable theory, as to why the republicans sided up with trump, so now it shouldn't be hard to understand why republicans are losing recent state elections, in Kentucky, Virginia and Louisiana. They deserve to lose everything in 2020 and if recent elections haven't got them worried, they are as stupid as their leader. So republicans, please stay with your king and fall along with him! We the people need to make America what it was before these idiots took over!

  • Swooping Eagle1
    Swooping Eagle1 7 hours ago

    Hey Jesse! This is a great video of yours. It's very annoying when people like Candace Owens deny that this happened, glad you're showing off what reality is :)

  • The Mind of Louis
    The Mind of Louis 7 hours ago

    Man bro I’m so glad I stumbled upon you. Subscribed

  • The Universe Within
    The Universe Within 7 hours ago

    I love how we haven't even heard about Melania since the Ukraine affair began. If she wasn't counting down the days till their divorce before, what's she doing now?

  • Brazul Blint
    Brazul Blint 8 hours ago

    No fan of trump, but until you show me anyone better than him, he's got my vote. Democrat candidates are even more of a joke than the trumps. You can hate the republicans all you want, just remember it was him or hillary, so you can't really start a civil war because america chose one evil over another. Just pick better next time.

  • Ludendorff
    Ludendorff 8 hours ago

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸 you fatty moron :)

  • oscar vargas
    oscar vargas 8 hours ago

    Cat fight!!!😀

  • Ann Miller
    Ann Miller 8 hours ago

    If u can get some moderate Democrats or Republicans on board! Then if there's a bi partisan effort! Itll be easier to impeach Cavanaugh! However this piece seemed a bit unclear! I infer Cavanaugh is impeachable for lying about his past under oath? Exactly what is impeachable here?

  • Ann Ellis
    Ann Ellis 8 hours ago

    MVP person in this whole thing today was Mr Welch.. When he said (trump is welcome to come sit right over there.). Nuff said

  • Ann Miller
    Ann Miller 8 hours ago

    Don't forget carolinans! Graham who doesn't even seem to like women! Went to lengths to cry over kavanaughs roasting! Vote Graham out

  • Ann Miller
    Ann Miller 8 hours ago

    Cavanaugh shouldn't even be there! Obama abdicated his supreme court appointment responsibilities! So this is what we got and are stuck with!

  • RogerWilco
    RogerWilco 9 hours ago

    The fish stinks from the head. They only need to delay until people get distracted and the election season begins.

  • Terry Stolte
    Terry Stolte 9 hours ago

    Is it fair to say, you could care less, when the two men were asked if they knew of any impeachable offenses brought up in their testimony? Did they respond with a yes?....... Nope neither man gave a yes answer....... This impeachment inquiry, is dimmercrats wasting tax payers money again, just like the Muller investigation. And dullarmore is a clown trying to be relevant in someone's mind, trouble is DIMS are mindless and conservatives see his hypocracy, innuendos and blatant lies, to feed his feckless followers, the garbage they eat like pigs, being fed slop in their sty!!

  • Robert Walker
    Robert Walker 10 hours ago

    so what do you identify as

  • Roger Salyer
    Roger Salyer 10 hours ago

    Let's also not forget all those coal mine companies that have filed bankruptcy during Trump's presidency.

  • Anthony Gladden
    Anthony Gladden 10 hours ago


  • Thomas Zibelli
    Thomas Zibelli 10 hours ago

    All B.S. Trump 4 more years just just accept, keeping America great!

  • 10 hours ago

    South turned blue simply because it became less racist over time, you dummy I call bullshit. If Rapepublicans are really the same party that gave protections against discrimination on the basis of skin color, nationality and sex, I think they would have no problem to include sexual orientation and identity, wouldn't you say?

  • C. T. Murray
    C. T. Murray 10 hours ago

    I really enjoy your enthusiasm and Clarity in discussing with such a very serious situation for this country. Keep up the great work, I will join soon

  • Rick Nickles
    Rick Nickles 11 hours ago

    How did your family respond when you left the Republican party?

  • Makatak7019
    Makatak7019 11 hours ago

    I started calling derpy Donnie a "ninTRUMPoop"

  • Dave Edwards
    Dave Edwards 11 hours ago

    Hold on preacher man... Are you saying that Christians will revolt... and go to war,over Trump? CHRISTIANS? Wow... and this is a Pastor issuing this battle cry?

  • Dave Edwards
    Dave Edwards 11 hours ago

    That's just the point. A Braggart won't see anything Wrong

  • Donovan Shovan
    Donovan Shovan 11 hours ago


  • bwzes03
    bwzes03 11 hours ago

    In the Netherlands, you need to show your voter card (sent to you by mail weeks before the vote), and a valid ID, which can be a EU ID card, a Passport or a driving license. Just about everybody has a driving license, make that a 'legal photo id' and you have a lot of it fixed.

  • Ride With Roland
    Ride With Roland 11 hours ago

    Ok bye Felicia. Nobody gives a shit about you sir.

  • Patty Macdonald
    Patty Macdonald 12 hours ago

    00 the Republicans will do nothing about this this is all a waste of time

  • Dorrene M
    Dorrene M 12 hours ago

    Thug Trump has been COLLUDING with the SOVIETS since he married Ivana in ~1977; her father was an AGENT. So since he LIED on signed documents & VOWs, he is DIVORCED BY THE MAJORITY. Take him by small jet to border of Russia then give him a bus ticket to Moscow.Void US Passport & all claims to US citenship.ADIOS LOSER!

  • HecticPortugal
    HecticPortugal 12 hours ago

    I would rather stay a Republican than be a democrat do i have to remind you that the dems were responsible for creating KKK and how President Wilson threw civil rights leader William Monroe Trotter out the Oval office for discussing segregation in the country, and how he oversaw unprecedented segregation in federal offices. Anyone who supports this video is blind and refuse to look at what really happened in history that the history books refuse to add. We Republicans are not racist, you the Democrats are and your track record proves it. Your party have done nothing for African Americans and that's a fact. Go ahead hate this comment you are only proving to me your ignorance

    • Brian Molina
      Brian Molina 6 hours ago

      hey remember all those white supremacists that voted for Obama in the 2008 election? you know the party of the white supremacists that also voted for black man?

  • Jim Hoover
    Jim Hoover 12 hours ago

    Mitch McConnell - 77 years old. Can't remember squat. We need to put a limit on the age of these people in government. This is getting pathetic.

  • The Outlier
    The Outlier 12 hours ago

    The GOP is just appalling in their behavior and disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law....two things they claim to hold dear when they speak of matters near and dear to their right wing hearts.

  • Brazul Blint
    Brazul Blint 13 hours ago

    I mean without ID who's to stop people from cheating? You think black people can't get an ID or find the dmv?

  • Zach Frost
    Zach Frost 13 hours ago

    What a dumbass

  • Debra Tracy
    Debra Tracy 13 hours ago

    Can anyone on this thread name one republican that is honest??? Can look you in the eye when speaking??? One??? Anyone???

  • Ana C
    Ana C 13 hours ago

    Trump is loyal to Putin and a TRAITOR to the American people.

  • Debra Tracy
    Debra Tracy 13 hours ago

    Laura Ingram's acting career must have went down the drain and she changed her career to newscaster (using the term loosely) and she sucks at that.

  • Corbin _
    Corbin _ 13 hours ago

    "Here is Bill Taylor in his own words" cuts to a Monster commercial.

  • Skip Ad
    Skip Ad 13 hours ago

    I personally would love for all of his supporters to be raptured away from the earth. Then Trump would say "Where did all of Trump's people go?"

  • Phil Watling
    Phil Watling 13 hours ago


  • Juliet Fischer
    Juliet Fischer 13 hours ago

    What Jordan (and those who whine about the whistleblower) are doing is playing to the Trump base. They know that the allegations were confirmed during the investigation phase, and that witnesses are continuing to confirm that Trump attempted to extort Ukraine. Trump's base includes people who believe whatever Republicans tell them, even if it contradicts reality; includes people who -- thanks to decades of police dramas -- should know how investigations work but think this is somehow different; includes people who don't care how investigations work as long as people they love are vindicated and people they hate are punished, and includes people whose political savvy is compromised by their devotion to party over principles.

  • Volcy Thoughts
    Volcy Thoughts 14 hours ago

    I had a debate with a republican who denied the southern strategy. Several in fact. I pointed them all the Lee Atwater video. You know what they’re doing now? Claiming he wasn’t mentally well. That’s right. Before they were denying its existence. Now that they can’t, they’re claiming the person who admitted it to existence was a whacko. Republicans have the most perverse form on cognitive dissonance I have ever witnessed.

  • TheEnoEtile
    TheEnoEtile 14 hours ago

    There's a stain on your backdrop. Its really fucking with me and I keep trying to clean it off my screen.

  • Jmunny Rulz
    Jmunny Rulz 14 hours ago

    If Trump was a Chinese citizen he’d be executed, imagine that.

  • Juliet Fischer
    Juliet Fischer 14 hours ago

    To those people who agree the whistleblower should be revealed, regardless of the danger to them: you're guaranteeing that anybody with information about any Democrat's wrongdoing will be afraid to talk. Why should they come forward if they won't be protected from harm?

  • SavageGreywolf
    SavageGreywolf 14 hours ago

    Jim Crow never went away, it just put on a mask.

  • Tony D
    Tony D 14 hours ago

    Jim Jordan you're a piece of SHIT and an ass kisser!!

  • walter buford
    walter buford 14 hours ago

    I think Moscow Mitch is about to find out that a skunk is going to smell,right now the Orange Skunk is starting to stink even to the turtle ,he always try to claim he love the country so much is this why he came up with fake bone spurs,he loves money and everything else be dammed.

  • Johnny Gregory
    Johnny Gregory 14 hours ago

    Very good reporting, Jesse. Should wake up some republicans who may be tired of Trump's getting away with everything.

  • R MD
    R MD 14 hours ago

    The COWARD IN CHIEF is shitting himself. Doolittle Donny doesn't have any morality, he has no soul. He was a loser when he lost billions in the 90s. He's a LOSER NOW👉😵👈

  • Linda Taylor
    Linda Taylor 14 hours ago

    Donald Trump is a crook. A criminal. He's a nightmare this country is currently stuck in. And Republicans like this Jim Jordan are enablers who need to be fired from their jobs as soon as possible. The Republican party has become a party of enablers who have violated their oaths, each and every one of them, and should be removed from office and replaced with those who know their duty and are not afraid to do it. This is a sad time for the Republican Party. I used to be Republican, but now you couldn't pay me to claim to be one. This is so sad. I hear the spirit of Reagan and the elder Bush crying for this country. We are so lost, and it's men like Jordan who have pulled a hood over their faces so that they can't see that we are lost. I'm an independent voter now. I won't vote Republican ever again until the party is reformed with honor and full knowledge of their duty to their constituents. As for Trump? The sooner he is out of our oval office and in jail the better off this country will be. Period.

  • W Crash
    W Crash 14 hours ago

    Hannity is an idiot , of course that’s how they make their money they have no talents of their own

  • _t-d_
    _t-d_ 14 hours ago

    Which Democrats did the KKK vote for in the last election?

  • Wayne Such
    Wayne Such 15 hours ago

    "A Bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain". Robert Frost.

  • Free Thinker
    Free Thinker 15 hours ago

    Yea, the republican party has been using their racist beliefs to benefit themselves for decades! This isn't news to minorities! Minorities have lived through this bullshit for centuries and continue to live through it to this day!! And, these people call themselves Christians! Christians my ass! They're Satanist!

  • Moises Pineda
    Moises Pineda 15 hours ago

    *slams desk* THANK YOU.

  • CommandoDude
    CommandoDude 15 hours ago

    Republicans outed their dogwhistling bs even as far back as 1981

  • Brazul Blint
    Brazul Blint 16 hours ago

    Well, I became a republican coz of why I left democrats videos, may as well give you a listen. But trump isn't a racist.

  • MuzzstepTV
    MuzzstepTV 16 hours ago

    11-6 isn’t exactly an overwhelming majority. Painting racism as just an institutional problem in the GOP ignores the institutional racism in everyday American society e.g. history of discriminatory housing Laws (continually passed by Democrats). The vast majority of the Democratic Party are on paper anti-racists who would sell out their black voters for their corporate masters in a heart beat e.g. Biden. #Bernie2020 (someone actually arrested for conducting consistent civil rights protests through his whole life)

  • Ceco Elvisa
    Ceco Elvisa 16 hours ago

    They have to cheat - otherwise they cannot win - the republican ideas are deeply unpopular. And obviously they are racist bigots

  • Domonic Deguccia
    Domonic Deguccia 16 hours ago

    I was a Republican from 1987-2004. In that time I learned what it ment to be a American citizen. I was born here just didn't understand what being a American ment. I found out living in San Jose California what it ment to be American from several illegal immigrants. They were my friends and neighbors, I learned what it cost to be different and rejected. So I became a independent voter. I am still a independent and live in Florida.

  • 7625e
    7625e 16 hours ago


  • hankashley
    hankashley 16 hours ago

    I stopped voting for Republicans after Reagan’s first term. Lesson learned.

  • 7625e
    7625e 16 hours ago

    you vs candace owens id pay for that

  • Ceco Elvisa
    Ceco Elvisa 16 hours ago

    Trump / Pence 2020 is the short version of White nationalism / religious fundamentalism 2020

  • kelvinhbo
    kelvinhbo 17 hours ago

    "Race mixing is Communist" have to admit, that one made me chuckle a little bit.

  • 91481 H2
    91481 H2 17 hours ago

    If you look at the actions of the Republican Party for the past two decades. You find that the Republican Party does not support true democracy that's against their interest. What the Republicans really support is Fascism, Authoritarianism, Imperialism, and Oligarchy. The modern Republican Party never liked and never will support real democracy in this country. Follow their actions. Actions speak louder than words. They are the party of big government. They were the ones who think it's fine to spy on American citizens through the patriot act, and they one hundred percent fully supported bailing out wall street during the financial crisis along with corrupt Democrats. They are the party that believes in free socialist handouts, it's just those Handouts only go to the rich. What the Republican party is just the party of blatant Hypocrisy because all their talking points, and political philosophies are easily disproven through the history of their actions.

  • Les Cullen
    Les Cullen 17 hours ago

    Boo Hoo I am always the victim, Why don't people like me. Whaaaa whaaa whaaa.

  • Dana Herron
    Dana Herron 17 hours ago

    sondland is the kind of clown who would turn his phone up so that everyone in the room would know that he was important enough to talk directly to trump. send them both to prison. the "sideshow bob defense." seriously?

  • Haglin Mcdougleberg
    Haglin Mcdougleberg 17 hours ago

    I think you were demonitized for shit content, hey Jesse let's show how many folks were banned from said sites instead of poorly standing up an argument on the basis of hypocracy, as if the terms of abusive hateful or racist speech shift like the wind as it does on the indoctrinating spew peddled by liberal media

  • Tiger Style
    Tiger Style 18 hours ago

    The Republican Party is an institution of effective parasitic opportunists while the Democratic Party are significantly less effective parasitic opportunists (largely due to their obvious hypocrisy, kinda hard to be "the party of working people" as billionaires and millionaires and just as captured as their "opposition" who agree on 98% of things on, where the Republicans tend to relate to reactionary elements in a way that's easier to obfuscate and get away with lying about like religious affiliation and "traditional values" which they tend to betray behind closed doors with an underaged boy and a sack of meth, barring Trump who's been open about it for decades) and "independents" can be anything from white nationalists to socialists so it's more of a catch-all but the vast majority of "independents" are essentially just Republicans or Democrats who have some beef with some aspect of the party they more closely align with so they eschew the label but not the politics. This system is not broken, it's working exactly as it's intended and it ain't for us. These are features, not bugs.

  • Yola Montalvan
    Yola Montalvan 18 hours ago

    That’s like comparing a black eagle with a sewer rat.

  • My sick meme page bro
    My sick meme page bro 18 hours ago

    Southerners got to form a party for themselves, the Republicans and Democrats are just the elite puppets of the north and western states, a party for the people

  • Chris Bailey
    Chris Bailey 18 hours ago

    Heyyy and it only took you until 2019. Congrats bud!

  • michael preston
    michael preston 19 hours ago

    The Trump Stooges' little stunt Failed, BIGGLY

  • Magik Mage
    Magik Mage 19 hours ago

    Whitaker and Ingraham are smoking crack. Whitaker wrongly believes that Americans are dumber than he is. The evidence of Trump's crimes is stacked to the ceiling and can no longer be defended. By enacting Putin's agenda in Ukraine in an attempt to spin the established facts and findings of the USA's own CIA, FBI, NSA, DOJ , Robert Mueller Russia investigations, and create an alternative narrative that it was actually Ukraine who interfered in our election in 2016 is TREASON and conspiracy against the United States. In addition Trump is guilty of bribery, extortion, abuse of power, witness intimidation, running a shadow foreign policy vis a vis Giuliani and his Russian goons Lev Parnas and Igor, campaign finance violations, hush money for pornstars, money laundering, bank fraud, and tax evasion. Trump is a clear and present danger to the United States and is a compromised Russian asset. There is nothing else that can explain Trump's behavior and the facts of this case, which is corroborated by multiple witnesses.