Sword Coast Soundscapes
Sword Coast Soundscapes
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Hero Forge Mini Unboxing
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D&D Ambience - Varnhold
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Patreon & Update!
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  • Daddison
    Daddison Day ago

    *real rouge hours*

  • Fuck Google, Youtube & Google's failed attempt at Facebook.

    I put this on as relaxing music while I was filling some cavities today. Great work, very relaxing.

  • Makak the Nerd Monkey

    this is so easy to sleep to..

  • Mason Fisher
    Mason Fisher 3 days ago

    "Man what a quiet forest." *Wolves:* nah

  • Azelia
    Azelia 3 days ago

    But if dragon girls are there I wanna go! :D

  • Kyler Rogers
    Kyler Rogers 3 days ago

    TMNT reference: Where is the Rat King?

  • Jacob Trost
    Jacob Trost 5 days ago

    "These woods are quiet. Too quiet." EXCUSE ME DID YOU HEAR THAT F*ING DEER ABOUT 10 SECONDS IN

  • Kevin Graham
    Kevin Graham 6 days ago

    Put this on 2x speed to make them run

  • Ghengis Tron
    Ghengis Tron 7 days ago

    I found these an hour ago; getting ready to run my first campaign since second edition! You create an amazingly realistic ambiance -your work will do wonders for setting tones and atmospheres. I will be sure to tell my players where they can find you! Thank you!

  • Byron Lee
    Byron Lee 7 days ago


  • Firefly
    Firefly 8 days ago

    Just discovered this channel. My players are in for a treat this week

  • mee sou
    mee sou 9 days ago

    *yawn* well good night then.

  • Arkangel 98000
    Arkangel 98000 9 days ago

    We all float down here🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

  • Who is Mr Blank
    Who is Mr Blank 9 days ago

    Dr. Jones. Again we see there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away......oops, wrong universe.

  • Noodle
    Noodle 9 days ago

    Oh sweet innocent user. This is not for dnd.

  • Thaumh
    Thaumh 11 days ago

    I'm the eleventy-first to Like this!

  • LateNightPoetry
    LateNightPoetry 11 days ago

    This is "small"?

  • Bolt The Pikachu
    Bolt The Pikachu 11 days ago

    Hi. I'm a WoW player, and I started using your videos as additional ambience. Thanks.

  • Nildecanter
    Nildecanter 12 days ago

    I listened to this with Celtic party music and couldn't stop laughing as I imagined this frightened corner of minstrels trying to keep it together and do their jobs with all this chaos going on.

  • Superbeowulf
    Superbeowulf 12 days ago

    That´s too much packing imho.

  • Cheeky Nham
    Cheeky Nham 13 days ago

    The Phoenix House

  • Mystic Whisper
    Mystic Whisper 14 days ago

    @SwordCoastSoundscapes This is lovely! So, you made the graphic rendering yourself of your tabletop character? Do tell us more about him! Who is he, whats his name? Where does he come from?! Id love to hear more.... Also, the music is so jovial I cant handle it 😂😂 😍xoxo

  • Droid-Life Interface

    Noice. Cheers for the vibes you put up man, I often run them as I neck myself with alcohol and weed late nights. My "soundscapes" folder is thick.

  • John L
    John L 15 days ago

    Would love to see it once you have it painted

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 15 days ago

    Time for another crrrracking unboxing.

  • Hatepunk for Brains
    Hatepunk for Brains 15 days ago

    The ASMR I never knew I needed

  • Kadus
    Kadus 15 days ago


  • Western White Boy
    Western White Boy 15 days ago

    I love the hero forge minis. I buy one everytime I make a new character 😂

  • Dragon359
    Dragon359 15 days ago

    Nice unboxing, and the mini looks really cool. :D Looking forward to more ambience from you.

  • Hara-kiri
    Hara-kiri 15 days ago

    My group have been using your soundscapes for a few weeks now and we're also using hero forge for our characters too! Just commissioned an artist to paint them and I can't wait to see the final result

  • GenericUsername
    GenericUsername 15 days ago

    How long did it take to be delivered?

    • Sword Coast Soundscapes
      Sword Coast Soundscapes 15 days ago

      It took about a week. It’s a US based company, but the package said it came from mainland Europe. I guess they have 2 manufacturing bases.

  • Nairo Camilo
    Nairo Camilo 15 days ago

    Okay, now I can see the reason for the pricing (besides it being custom-made)

  • TheAnthery
    TheAnthery 15 days ago

    That is a massive amount of packaging for one miniature. I guess it's certainly safe, though.

  • J
    J 15 days ago

    Wtf Dude, you're mad handsome. Also I loved the "letter opener" haha

  • F1R3 BR47
    F1R3 BR47 15 days ago

    I feel like your letter-opener could be a bit more menacing... cheers for the unboxing, though. I've been sitting on whether to get a mini or two, so I always jump at a chance to see other's.

  • miguel almeida
    miguel almeida 15 days ago

    Normal people: Knife You: Scimitar

  • Grzegorz Oleksa
    Grzegorz Oleksa 16 days ago

    Very good! Thanks!

  • TheProGram
    TheProGram 17 days ago

    No one: ... Dudes in the backgrounds of village ambience: EEEYYYY! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!

  • TheCosmuc wrench
    TheCosmuc wrench 17 days ago

    The cold salty spray dashed over the bow. The mighty waves clashing with the Dreadnoughts strong hull. It's engines fighting against the powerful tides and winning. The massive ship heaving as it crossed the foul waves. The wind screamed and howled as the rain pelted down like daggers. The dark sky filled with ominous clouds. That would suddenly be lit up by quick and sharp bolts of lightning. The thunder bellowed like an angry giant. And the ship creaked as it strained. The foul storm had already claimed it's first victim. The smaller destroyer the B.N.S. Stralsbark had been swept away by a massive wave. The entire vessel just sucked beneath the tides. A small areoplane that was on the deck fixed to it's catapult was ripped off the harness by the vile winds. Torn apart in the process. The only ships that remain now are the B.N.S. Lockton and the B.N.S. Torplé. The party is on the Lockton waiting out the storm. But there is something else in the waters. Something more foul than the storm...

  • Unholy Critter
    Unholy Critter 18 days ago

    About to use. Big fan! In the dungeon just left the catacombs last session

  • zSavio Monteiro
    zSavio Monteiro 20 days ago


  • Matthew Bolton
    Matthew Bolton 20 days ago

    Was listening to this while working for about 20 minutes. Literally started to feel like I was on a ship, swaying back and forth!

  • Mindless Tofu
    Mindless Tofu 20 days ago

    I just want to say thanks for compiling and organizing this awesome list! All too often I use internet resources like this without too much thought, but this is very well done. Sometimes I like music, sometimes I like ambiance, but for a lot of situations there isn't a great song and ambiance can be better for atmosphere. Your work is appreciated!

  • Wolffe
    Wolffe 20 days ago

    There is a gnome in the corner being assfucked.

  • RookEGamer
    RookEGamer 22 days ago

    I've been trying to find background noise for my campaign for a while now, and I am very grateful for having found your channel. One suggestion I might have would be a Caravan on the move. I plan to use the "Encampment" sound set for this go around, but I thought I would drop the idea. Again, very grateful.

  • Jonathan Bower
    Jonathan Bower 22 days ago

    This will be perfect for my campaign, one of players will hopefully be a warlock who serves an Avatar of Glasya (The ruler of Malbolge)

  • wait wait what
    wait wait what 23 days ago

    Cave Sounds in rl

  • M Name
    M Name 24 days ago

    Thank you so much!

  • Plume
    Plume 25 days ago

    Hey man, just wanted to thank you for this amazing sound effect. I used it lightly in the background of me singing "The Unfortunate Lad" from The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

  • Justin Sander
    Justin Sander 26 days ago

    These three in separate tabs with the different volumes adjusted perfect for background to card games or just hanging out being nerdy. ru-clip.com/video/EULoybB2Nsw/video.html ru-clip.com/video/hWPPD5ww0eA/video.html ru-clip.com/video/vUI1hyBeRlg/video.html

    • Justin Sander
      Justin Sander 26 days ago

      I would love to add more of all 3 for variety.

  • Dakota Miles
    Dakota Miles 26 days ago

    I use this for playing Historical Wargames against myself, as I have no one to play with

  • Kimmo_Sweden
    Kimmo_Sweden 27 days ago

    Is that a thieves cant carving? Roll a d20 dear Rogues

  • Smart Cookie
    Smart Cookie 28 days ago

    W E L C O M E T O T H E A M A Z O N

  • the big man
    the big man 28 days ago

    This picture makes it look like I'm about to be told that I don't recognize the bodies in the water

  • Hexy Hex
    Hexy Hex 29 days ago

    We all float down here 🤡🎈

  • K
    K Month ago

    i like it!! thank you.

  • Jordan Keiken
    Jordan Keiken Month ago

    These are the best tracks to play during my dnd sessions. Thank you for doing all this work, its made our game nights that much more memorable. please keep going lol.

  • Shima Enaga
    Shima Enaga Month ago

    yo its a *dank* cave bois!!

  • Epicurean Bard
    Epicurean Bard Month ago

    Wait... Is it just me or did I just hear Critical Role in the background? around 37:00 That was nice!

  • Duskie Kun
    Duskie Kun Month ago

    I promise you... i will be back after the battle. *Death Flags successfully raised*

  • Duskie Kun
    Duskie Kun Month ago

    My name is Duskie The ruler of fire Burn in my Arcane flames Fire Shot!

  • Duskie Kun
    Duskie Kun Month ago

    Noisy... i am out.

  • Duskie Kun
    Duskie Kun Month ago

    Here should be fine... shall we continue what we were talking about?

  • Dayna Plehn
    Dayna Plehn Month ago

    What I would love to see is a version of this but more like a low-grade ring match, where there are only two people fighting, and the rest of the people in the tavern/sewer/whatever local house of spirits have placed bets on those fighters and are cheering them on.

  • Lorenzos galaxy
    Lorenzos galaxy Month ago

    Me and the boys pissing in the dank cave 🤣

  • Bob Edwards
    Bob Edwards Month ago

    Used 1st time in campaign yesterday, again today. This stuff absolutely kicks butt. More, much more of these, please. Kickstarter, something, I'd pay real money for this level of stuff.

  • Shane Smith
    Shane Smith Month ago

    I'm going to make a ranged attack against that seagull in a second.

  • PuppetMaster
    PuppetMaster Month ago

    This is where I am now, I just needed the appropriate music to go along with it.

  • Lunam Evadere
    Lunam Evadere Month ago

    Haven't seen Ruby in the comments yet. Hmm...

    GUNDAMURX73 Month ago

    I do not like this place, friends. The beasts and birds here, they are silent. Afraid. Tread lightly....

  • Alex Roswell
    Alex Roswell Month ago

    PRETTY AWESOME!!! I even got a laugh when I heard the woman at 12 second mark scream "Ow!" Good job.

  • Lunam Evadere
    Lunam Evadere Month ago

    xkcd.com/244/ Hey, no recursing!

  • blacklight Deen447

    "So this is what pyrrich victory is like, eh?"

  • Arrested Effort
    Arrested Effort Month ago

    The darkness surrounds you. The darkness shrouds everything. Movement is apparent and the movement is dangerous. All around the walls are crushing, looming as if to threaten collapse. But this is the home, the dark, the warmth. This is still home, and you know you can't leave.

  • Skunk Man
    Skunk Man Month ago

    This is freaking awesome

  • Tom Rose
    Tom Rose Month ago

    no one. absolutely no one:

  • IIC - Yorick
    IIC - Yorick Month ago

    This is awesome, is it possible you might do an airship version?

    • AciesSententia
      AciesSententia 14 days ago

      Thirded? I too, would much appreciate an airship ambient mix.

    • Lunam Evadere
      Lunam Evadere Month ago

      Seconded. I would dearly love an airship version.

  • Sphinxy Deluxe
    Sphinxy Deluxe Month ago

    Minecraft cave ambience confirmed.

  • Wil Thieme
    Wil Thieme Month ago

    Unreal. I went looking for "dungeon distant chanting" and ended up finding a soundtrack for exactly the scenario I'm running. Thank you!!

  • Alvas 00
    Alvas 00 Month ago

    I thought about an event like this for my next campaign and this is perfect, nice.

  • menslady125
    menslady125 Month ago


  • Thai Duong
    Thai Duong Month ago

    Yar Har this be what I bin lookin' fer! Thanks a Bunch!

  • Jacob Dahl
    Jacob Dahl Month ago

    Kill the captain and the rest will surrender!

  • Ambience Lab
    Ambience Lab Month ago

    Such quality! Nice to hear from you again! :D

  • The Eye Odin Lost

    I've been waiting for this for so long!

  • L W
    L W Month ago

    Oh heck yeah!! Thanks love it! ☕

  • Ant Devamp
    Ant Devamp Month ago

    (Considers) I need more naval battles. I think Luskan has been needing an ass whupping for a long time. (Plans)

  • Repsac96
    Repsac96 Month ago

    Awesome! Really nice ambience! Love it ^^

  • Wizard Cretio
    Wizard Cretio Month ago

    Wish that there was an actual naval battle in dnd ghosts of saltmarsh... that what i was hoping for, but i didnt knew the plot of the original units.

    • Ryan Smith
      Ryan Smith Month ago

      A number of naval battles could happen near Saltmarsh. Make it happen in your game.

  • Gothic Dragon warrior Queen

    WOW cool, it's like pirates are pillaging!!!☻🖤🏴‍☠️☠🦜

  • LucieEatsSnekkers

    By the green goddess! I've been drafting a pirate-themed campaign and this is perfection! Thank you!

  • Flummiification
    Flummiification Month ago


  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow Month ago

    require slight sound lvl increase (all but the metal/wood hitting thing which is at good lvl).

    • Sword Coast Soundscapes
      Sword Coast Soundscapes Month ago

      In fairness, the banging is the only thing you should really be hearing unless you listen very closely.

  • Wolffe
    Wolffe Month ago

    I am a slave owner

  • NBW2021
    NBW2021 Month ago

    I can smell how this sounds.

  • r. k.
    r. k. Month ago

    oh my god, that cough @0:51 scared the heck out of me

  • 서원범
    서원범 Month ago

    Anybody can make timestamps of what the guy's doing?

  • Henry Crabs
    Henry Crabs Month ago

    Me in the boys in the Tavern after I use my instant kill sword on the the main protagonist and become the main character

  • Heather Page
    Heather Page Month ago

    Thank you for making this.

  • Carl HIRST
    Carl HIRST Month ago

    Completely Bereft, needs a distant clang of the place falling apart. A falling bolt or plank that hits a few objects as it falls and echoes into Eternity! (hey! who knocked it over? was it rats or a bird........or........) Or those chains swinging in the wind?