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HOT FUZZ - "Judge Judy" Clip
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  • MamaDee
    MamaDee 3 hours ago

    I'm having a Downton abbey Thanksgiving dinner theme this year.

  • the family channel
    the family channel 3 hours ago

    My uncle is going to be in this

  • Tracey F
    Tracey F 4 hours ago

    I am so excited I can't wait to come out in in my state where I live at! I am so glad that they are using the original cast members! I am going to go back and watch the whole series again before I go see the movie.🤗

  • Gary McAleer
    Gary McAleer 4 hours ago

    England alone preserved European life through two world wars. While the Scots and Irish fought side-by-side with the Brits, England took the brunt of both the nazis and Japanese to help Europe, Asia, and America defeat two foes on two fronts.

  • Miz Val1955
    Miz Val1955 4 hours ago

    Glad to hear this movie is not as long as the others I have seen in recent weeks IT Chapter 2, Endgame ,Yesterday Just to get to the point

  • What-If Machine
    What-If Machine 4 hours ago

    We may need to put Mark Ruffalo into protective custody after this movie. He’s been pissing off DuPont for quite a while now.

  • stanford 95060
    stanford 95060 5 hours ago

    These are just my thoughts: I hope they didn’t make Thomas Barrow bad like he used to be. If so, all his struggles and redemption will have been for naught. Secondly, I want Tom Branson to find love again. He too, has navigated the waters of adversity. Lastly, Molesly is a kind and unselfish chap who usually thinks of others before himself. May he find someone of equal virtue to spend his life with with!

  • Jareth The Goblin King

    Catwoman, Bruce Banner, Martin Stein AND Chidi? Jesus this gonn be great

    • What-If Machine
      What-If Machine 4 hours ago

      Glad I wasn’t the only one who was excited about Chidi. Also, you remind me of the babe.

  • 40TuberYou
    40TuberYou 5 hours ago


  • Sergio Adiwasito
    Sergio Adiwasito 5 hours ago

    Don't make him angry, you wouldn't like it when he's angry.



  • acleamofhope
    acleamofhope 6 hours ago

    That music :)

  • Miranda Brooks
    Miranda Brooks 6 hours ago

    Saw the movie last week and it was so worth waiting for. LOVED it! Entire theater applauded at the end.

    • Tiangelo
      Tiangelo 6 hours ago

      debating between this and Ad Astra- do you think this would be better to see?

  • The Ledge
    The Ledge 7 hours ago

    Loved it seen it today

  • Довольний Сталкер

    Трейлер на українській мові: (аматорський одноголосий переклад)

  • Paris Melvin
    Paris Melvin 7 hours ago

    Cinematography is beautiful but the storyline seems so boring OMG🙄 and I’ll watch any damn thing! Imma try Ad Astra first. 👀

    • Miranda Brooks
      Miranda Brooks 6 hours ago

      Then dont go. If you loved the series you'll love the movie. Its not for everybody.

  • runway
    runway 7 hours ago

    I remember deciding to watch this movie just to pass the time, and wow! It was different from what I expected, and it was intriguing. Really got into it and enjoyed it ‘till the very end. I think I’ll watch it again as an adult now since I remember it so fondly.

  • Jie Cheng
    Jie Cheng 7 hours ago

    great to watch the full movie

  • Janette Adriaens
    Janette Adriaens 8 hours ago

    I'm the biggest fan

  • Kelley Lewis
    Kelley Lewis 8 hours ago

    The ridiculously handsome Mr. Pamuk indeed!!!

  • devilmaycry7760
    devilmaycry7760 8 hours ago

    The music and visual are dope, but this looks like a snorefest for me.

    • Miranda Brooks
      Miranda Brooks 6 hours ago

      Then don't go! It's that easy! For the series viewers, they will love it. Saw it last week and nobody will be disappointed.

  • Laurence Hamilton
    Laurence Hamilton 9 hours ago

    So this is basically a longer tv episode ...

    • Miranda Brooks
      Miranda Brooks 6 hours ago

      Basically, the lovers of the series don't give a damn.

    CLASSIC 9 hours ago

    I only went so far, I remember death of lady Sybil and Mathew Crawley, also the (very convenient) death of lady Lavinia, but didn't go past season 2.

  • pam glover
    pam glover 9 hours ago

    I am confused about these movies. If we subscribe do we get to see them before release to public,after or never??? I do not see anything but trailers to watch?????

    • spencer m
      spencer m 3 hours ago

      assuming you're talking about the youtube channel, subscribing just means you'll see more of the videos from this channel before you see other videos on youtube. you'll get notifications, it'll be in your suggested videos queue, etc.. you still have to go to the theatres to see the movies unless you want to rent any of the ones available on here already. but for the most part any good movie you want to see, you'll have to see in theatres or on a good streaming service (or pirate but not everyone wants to do that). youtube doesn't do a lot of good original content

  • Tanya Hanna
    Tanya Hanna 9 hours ago

    Downtown Abby as the view has quoted world famous Maggie! Who actually is famous putting 40 babies in shoe boxes dead! Hiding them from the family and public!

  • robert simpson
    robert simpson 9 hours ago

    This ridiculous saga would never have been produced by the’s like watching a train wreck...created for mental midgets.

    • Miranda Brooks
      Miranda Brooks 6 hours ago

      I'm proud to say me and my fellow mental midgets adored the movie last week and the entire theater applauded. Actual mental midget bullies call other people names for liking something the bully doesnt. Solve it by not buying a ticket.

  • Love & Live
    Love & Live 9 hours ago

    Она великая женщина!

  • souvik karmakar
    souvik karmakar 9 hours ago

    Interesting Watch....But Would Have Been Much Better If The Director Was Oliver Stone....Let's wait & see

  • DamnedXtians
    DamnedXtians 10 hours ago

    Your president is actively trying to make it easier for companies like this to poison the world. Every day rolling back regulations to prevent exactly this kind of thing. But the movie should make people feel better.

  • Eustace Bagge
    Eustace Bagge 10 hours ago

    😟 what is it with this trend in Hollywood to make a drama movie after every fuck-up America had ?!? not only that problems don't get solved -> but people also get to re-watch the "🎬entertainment version🎬" of their tragedies, it's kinda sick.

  • Pat Jackman
    Pat Jackman 11 hours ago

    Mark Ruffalo's acting ability has come on in staggering leaps and bounds in the last decade. This is genuinely exciting...

  • s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    That's whatcha called fascism, folks.

  • basically hell
    basically hell 11 hours ago

    A true buckaroo

  • Aikurisu
    Aikurisu 11 hours ago

    Certainly one of the most underappreciated animations out there. Hard to believe it's been around for a decade now.

  • TramTripToMoon
    TramTripToMoon 11 hours ago

    When I heard they were doing the movie, I was soooo excited and expected as a movie, not a TV show. Only in 2 hours, they have to show every single character plus new characters, of course it's gonna be abit fast. It still has the dramas, everything is still good. Good to see the estate is still standing high and proud. It has lots of humours but also brings me some tears. Really, I don't know what else people expected it to be, maybe they're asking too much. Love Downton Abbey, from upstairs from downstairs, from TV series to movie.

    • Miranda Brooks
      Miranda Brooks 6 hours ago

      It was not too fast. The movie was perfect. The entire theater at the advanced screening applauded.

  • Flumbles Mum
    Flumbles Mum 11 hours ago

    Please please please shut up about the hulk please.

  • Moses Figueroa
    Moses Figueroa 11 hours ago

    Erin Brockovich for cows

    • Roy
      Roy 9 hours ago

      no, It's Robert Bilott

  • Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift 12 hours ago

    Professor Dumbledore

  • Right Wing Environmentalist

    Don't think for one moment this isnt still happening. It's not as big of an issue in the States as it use to be but it's goimg on in 3rd World Countries across the globe. Corporate greed has got to stop.

  • Axel Atao
    Axel Atao 12 hours ago

    So, at what point does Hulk appear?

  • K's
    K's 13 hours ago

    Professor Hulk is here to save the cows

  • nero12345789
    nero12345789 13 hours ago

    I’m such a Todd Haynes fan that I will see anything with his name on it. This looks unlike anything he’s done before! Plus, this is a cool cast.

  • Alif Ridzo
    Alif Ridzo 13 hours ago

    Hulk’s career change after Endgame.. 😂😂😂

  • Kevin Arian Falcón
    Kevin Arian Falcón 13 hours ago


  • Kevin Arian Falcón
    Kevin Arian Falcón 13 hours ago

    this appeared as an ad I turned the ad off right when the music started playing then I searched the trailer up again

  • tom EZ
    tom EZ 13 hours ago

    THEYYYY KNEWWW!!!!!!!!

  • Tonichi-Kun
    Tonichi-Kun 13 hours ago

    Dirty Money

  • Rene' Craig
    Rene' Craig 13 hours ago

    They are going to let you publish this? O_o Mark Ruffalo I am truly sorry that money is the power that turns the planet. Otherwise I don't think you would take this role?

  • Dotti #MenToo
    Dotti #MenToo 14 hours ago

    tilda swinton is in it. im sold.

  • Realxar
    Realxar 14 hours ago

    Chidi is stuck in Bad Place

  • James
    James 14 hours ago

    RIP John Denver. Your music are legendary

  • jd rancho
    jd rancho 14 hours ago

    Pssht, Highclere Castle my foot. It's Totley Towers, obviously and without a doubt!

    {T} BLACKKIE 15 hours ago


  • Michael Michael
    Michael Michael 15 hours ago

    I hate slave movies they are triggering but this isn’t the average slave movie and looks dope so I will check it out.

  • Forbes Media
    Forbes Media 15 hours ago

    i hope there is part 2!

  • Forbes Media
    Forbes Media 15 hours ago

    beautiful movie!!!! worth it :)

  • Anthony Shope
    Anthony Shope 16 hours ago

    I've spent many wild nights with DOWNTOWN ABBIE............FOR A FEE !!!

  • joni kejani
    joni kejani 16 hours ago

    Looks so boring Or may be I’m just tired of these themes

  • Viper 2820
    Viper 2820 17 hours ago

    I have watched the movie and guess what? I added something to my delete wish😊

  • joek money
    joek money 17 hours ago

    What about the flint water crisis????????????? Oh black People don’t matter Facts😔😔😔😔

  • Duane Korson
    Duane Korson 17 hours ago

    I like big girls like you

  • echolot
    echolot 17 hours ago

    if it is even half as good as spotlight, it will be a phenomenal film.

    • Roy
      Roy 14 hours ago

      The true story is Definitely terrible

  • Petro Offīcīāl
    Petro Offīcīāl 18 hours ago

    This movie is trash so fucking boring ending is trash tilde is an alien no explanation what so ever

  • SaraNightly
    SaraNightly 18 hours ago

    How was this even made! They're actually using Duponts name and everything!!

    • Rene' Craig
      Rene' Craig 13 hours ago

      @RoySame Page Guys :) What in the ?

    • Roy
      Roy 14 hours ago

      I'm thinking that too !

  • weeber
    weeber 18 hours ago

    I am In this Film! Cant wait to watch it!! Right bottom corner 1:28

    • Roy
      Roy 14 hours ago

      Wow, see you in theatres !

  • Sam195
    Sam195 18 hours ago

    Professor Hulk turned back into Professor Banner and he is now investigating what made him go green in the first place.

  • Anchal Sood
    Anchal Sood 18 hours ago

    Goosebumps! Goosebumps! Goosebumps! Every single time, this theme music is pure cold. ❤️

  • Peggy Duncan
    Peggy Duncan 18 hours ago

    So excited for it! Going to a special pre screening of it tomorrow! We've had our tickets a month or so now. We get to see it before it comes out the 20th here in the states. I think it shown last week in the UK. How exciting. My best friend and I just refreshed our memories of all 6 seasons by starting a few months ago to watch from the beginning on Tuesday nights, because that's the only time she has free for us to visit. So we would get in at least 3 or 4 episodes, etc, and anyways, we finished last night with the last episode so we are so excited and ready for this movie!! It's very fresh in our minds! We just love everyone, even Thomas,lol, the guy that can make you feel so many different feelings,lol, alls well that ends well. Can't wait till tomorrow night!! Wooohoooo <3

  • Mark G.
    Mark G. 20 hours ago

    Just a reminder of great American values, every man is created equal.......................that's if you're white of course!

  • Jay Hunstiger
    Jay Hunstiger 21 hour ago

    Isis name was changed after ISIS (Islamic State) came into being.

    • Jordan Strong
      Jordan Strong 20 hours ago

      Jay Hunstiger no, Robert had three dogs throughout the course of the series. Pharaoh, Isis, and Tiaa. Because of the timeline of the show, Isis would have been very, very old by that point in the the age at which most dogs wouldn’t normally live. It wasn’t because of the Islamic State.

  • lovehopefaith1987
    lovehopefaith1987 21 hour ago

    Big fucking deal. The king and queen are coming. Is that really enough to make a movie? I sure hope there is some interesting shit that is about to go down because this would be stupid if that was all.

  • functionform
    functionform 21 hour ago

    The sad thing is WV didn't want Dupont to leave after all was said and done - that's how badly they wanted the jobs.

    • Rene' Craig
      Rene' Craig 13 hours ago

      That is the saddest thing I ever heard bro

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith 22 hours ago

    “Old people clean their house” The movie

    • Miranda Brooks
      Miranda Brooks 6 hours ago

      Younger people make sarcastic put downs to destroy the enjoyment of others.

  • SMJClips
    SMJClips 22 hours ago

    Let’s get a sequel w Flint, Michigan Would be so down

    • joek money
      joek money 17 hours ago

      Facts, what about flint mi.😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 they matter to

  • Luciérnaga Patagónica


  • elle rose
    elle rose 22 hours ago


  • George Kupit
    George Kupit 23 hours ago

    Is this a great gay love story 😂

  • Olivia Colbert
    Olivia Colbert 23 hours ago

    Because of this Amazing black woman who had no fear in getting us freedom we have freedom and it’s ashamed she’s just getting a movie

  • Justin Owens
    Justin Owens 23 hours ago

    Hell yes!

  • Hex Nottingham
    Hex Nottingham 23 hours ago

    So excited!

  • Hex Nottingham
    Hex Nottingham 23 hours ago

    Having that intro to the trailer ruins the art of the trailer editing.

  • Richard Kuklinski
    Richard Kuklinski 23 hours ago

    Blurring the gun out....fuck you

  • Diego Pisfil
    Diego Pisfil 23 hours ago

    My predictions for Best Actor in 2020 Oscars: Mark Ruffalo (Dark Waters) Joaquin Phoenix (Joker) (WINNER) Taron Egerton (Rocketman) Adam Driver (Marriage Story) Adam Sandler (Uncut Gems)

  • Andoc
    Andoc Day ago

    The cast is great. The movie not so much. I mean, it's booooooooooring.

  • TheGirlInTheLilyPads 661

    *d0nt mInD m3 jUsT r3l1v1Ng mY ch1ldH00D*

  • DerrionTB
    DerrionTB Day ago

    Anyone who dislikes is racist

    MICHEAL GALE Day ago

    Make a movie about Tubman good... But keep Andrew Jackson on the 20 dollar bill for Gods sake.....

  • Winter Star
    Winter Star Day ago

    “Better living through chemistry” was the ad campaign which even chemical industries knew was wrong, far longer ago than when it hit TV in the 1950’s, over 60 years ago. It’s been going on for around 100 years. That ad campaign boosted popularity for a few years, but, truth tried to counter it, so that phrase was changed to phrases like “better things for better living...through chemistry”, later, in the 1980’s, “through chemistry” was dropped. It’s ALWAYS been corrupt industries doing this stuff. Bad news is, most big industries are corrupt. They buy laws and approvals from most all legislators, and other officials. THEY control government. Glad to see more on this put to public...but, how much push-back have all production members gotten, for doing this movie? I worry for their lives from now on, because of the underhanded, lying, mindbending tricks corporations have been using for so long.

    • Rene' Craig
      Rene' Craig 13 hours ago

      When Erin said these words "They told the People that Chromium was good for them"????? The judge could not deny reckless negligence on the part of PG&E and surprise? They haven't changed anything but the regulations that allow them to continue chemically damaging livestock, fowl, small animals, aquifers, and humans.

  • Nakirami Hibiscus Shomobers


  • Maven
    Maven Day ago

    These type of movies are really predictable, I rather see it in a documentary. At least then you don't have to listen to bad accents and over-acting by good actors. Also the evil rich white guy always gets away in the bed after killing all the people lol. *Spoiler alert.

  • Walter Taljaard

    Looks like Carson will team up with Barrow in order to lock horns with the frightfull royal butler.

  • Alex Rivera
    Alex Rivera Day ago

    All of the sudden all Americans feel British automatically lol

  • google must_die

    Liberal fantasies with a lawyer as the hero what a joke

    • What-If Machine
      What-If Machine 4 hours ago

      It’s based on actual events. Look up Rob Bilott.

  • mhoward48
    mhoward48 Day ago

    I look forward to seeing this.

  • L. R.
    L. R. Day ago

    Just like you brought us the Umbrella Corps(octagon), now you bring us Dow chem. The people that bought the gassing chemicals, from Nazi Germany, and convinced the public, to casually spray all over our property. What are you getting at here? Are you rubbing the crap in our face? Or are you trying to Actually Wake People Up??!

    • L. R.
      L. R. 22 hours ago

      An answer would suffice a question...

  • Zack P
    Zack P Day ago

    OH wow. A movie from the same people who are a major part of the same people it claims to expose. The Jews just keep tricking the stupid lemmings over and over and over again. The dead cows in this movie represent YOU.

    • Rene' Craig
      Rene' Craig 13 hours ago

      And we have to pay to see some semi truth? Good point my man

    • Jooji
      Jooji 13 hours ago

      Evidence to your claims like the good lawyer did, please.

  • Kirstin The Deviant Ek2900

    I got this as an ad, so I found the video just to comment this. RT GAMES SIMCITY

  • Juicy Jaimes
    Juicy Jaimes Day ago

    She is the MVP

  • ayden riley
    ayden riley Day ago

    my mom really likes this show can you push the release date to 2 days after