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  • Conrad Knight
    Conrad Knight Minute ago

    To the Brexiteers.... let's leave the E.U with no deal, we'll get a great deal from Trump maybe like the deal America had with the Kurds....

  • Drew High
    Drew High 3 minutes ago

    this woman is beautiful but not stupid. The way she was beating on that man makes me wonder if she wants to be there. The people have offered her help if she doesn't take it its on her.

  • Vijay
    Vijay 6 minutes ago

    Yazidis Kurdish religion is related to Tamil people's religion,Tamil nadu of India.both languages similar old words found too. Yazidis find the truth.tamilians are the mespotomian,Indus & India's one of ancient people's of world.

  • Brandon Wright
    Brandon Wright 11 minutes ago

    One time in high school I told this girl that wanted to be THE TEACHER that I would not listen to her because she had no authority (she would tell students what to do as a teachers assistant, but the teacher loved me and let me do whatever I wanted) She got so mad after an argument that she punched me in the arm as hard as she could. I think it really pissed her off how calm I was and how aggravated she got by me just pointing out the truth. The next day she apologized for it, I told it was fine because it didn't hurt. She got so mad after I said that, Oh boy I wish you could see the look on her face, it was priceless. Watching this reminded me of that memory.

  • Tim Blackburn
    Tim Blackburn 12 minutes ago

    The masses are about to turn on this consanguineous breed of variants unable to understand the damage being caused through multiple generations of inbreeding. They don't only have webbed toes and a pathology to control sitting alongside their protection against this holocaust of their design.

  • K Jhnsn
    K Jhnsn 17 minutes ago

    Such misery. All due to mens genetically programmed sexual urges.

  • Adeel Ahmad
    Adeel Ahmad 20 minutes ago

    lets get back to you now so will the deal be struck or will there be further delays "to be honest, all I care about that I get my daily dose of tea every day", "sir, with all due respect, please answer the question" "you didn't let me finish, I want make sure that your viewers are aware that I like my tea with half teaspoon of sugar, and some scons, possibly in bone china" "sir, will the deal be ratified" "there is hope" "sir, yes or no" "well, let's see whether under my suggestion I am able to receive the exact tea to my specifications" "sir" "look I am a politician that is how we answer all questions" "you mean with a misdirection" "no, not a misdirection, with fully intentional direction" "sir, I beg your pardon" "I beg to differ, did you like that redirect" LOL

  • G J
    G J 20 minutes ago

    Let's have a general election

  • Hey its me! JM
    Hey its me! JM 21 minute ago

    Jokes on kim, anti air only works on aircrafts...

  • TOGG 2023
    TOGG 2023 22 minutes ago

    History of Middle East and Turkey. **************************** Date: 15.08.1984 Subject: Turkey and Terrorist Groups! Turkey, suffered it's first terrorist attack. (1984) 1985, 1986, 1987,... 2019! Nearly 30.000 Civil and Soldier killed in terrorist attack. Question: Who took responsibility for the all terrorist attack? Answer: PKK and PYD ! Question: Where do they live? Answer: North of IRAQ and North of Syria ! Last question is; What would you do if 30.000 people died in your country from the terrorist attack? Let's go back to the past now... ***************************** Date: 22.09.1980 - 20.08.1988 Subject: Iraq and Iran War 1.000.000 People dead for both country. Question: Who is win? Answer: Winner is Weapons sales company. Question: Who is lost? Answer: Both country. It is a coincidence that both countries have enormous oil reserves. **************************** Date: 09.03.2003 Subject: IRAQ and Saddam Hussein Question: Why did the war begin. Answer: Saddam Hussein and his nuclear weapons. Result: The United Nations could not find chemical and nuclear weapons in Iraq. More than 1.000.000 People dead in Iraq. It is a coincidence that Iraq has huge oil reserves. ***************************** Date: 14.01.2011, 25.01.2011, 27.01.2011, 14.02.2011, 17.02.2011, 15.03.2011 Subject: The Arab Spring The arab spring was a series of pro-democracy upriaings. If somebody says "Democracy", you should..... Pay attention to the dates. Each dates and different country. How can be easily organized? It is very interesting, isn't it? In Libya, meanwhile, authoritarian dictator Colonel Muammer Gaddafi was overthrown in October 2011, during a violent civil war, and he was tortured (literally dragged through the streets). After Gaddafi's death, Libyan oil reserves started to be extracted by some of European companies. Similarly, the civil war that began in Syria in the aftermath of the Arab Spring lasted for several years, forcing many to leave the country to seek refuge in Turkey. For a time, the militant group ISIS had declared a caliphat a nation governed by Islamic law in northeastern Syria. ***************************** Finally we close to Today... Date: 2011-2019 Subject: Refugee in Turkey Do you know that, Turkey now hosts the largest refugee population in the world? The Government of Turkey (GoT) estimates the total number of registered Syrians under Temporary Protection (SuTPs) at 5.000.000 People! Question: If Turkey does not host the refugees, though, these people will go to which country? Answer: Your Country. You don't want to see 5 million refugees in your country. You don't want to paid for refugees. But when it comes to oil, you are immediately interested in the Middle East. Turkey's army is cleaning the terrorist in Syria for security of Turkey. (Terrorist groups; PKK, YPG, PYD and ISIS) And do you know to this; "The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is an armed terrorist organization, listed as such by the United States and the European Union" ??? And also, do you know to this; "PYD-YPG terrorist organization's Syrian branch" ??? Many media organizations does not say that "Turkey's the war with terror groups." But they're still on world terrorist organization by list by the United States and the European Union! The Media says to you; "Kurdish fighters..." This is totaly political games! The Turkish government wants to create a "safe zone" in the area, where it can resettle up to millions Syrian refugees currently in Turkey. Just remember my these words; Actually, some Biggest Countries don't care about the Kurdish people, The Syrian people or the peace in the Middle East. What is important to them; Arms trade, Oil reserves and Power demonstration. That's all.. By the way, Do you knows how many Kurdish people are Turkish citizen in Turkey? Biggest Countries now! But Turkish people don't know. Bcs, we're don't care! We are one body, one blood, one culture in Turkey now! You see it when you come to turkey summer season but you forgets when you turn back to your country. ************************** Now I ask you; Are we guilty???.. or is it because you're quiet in your country, that's been happening for many many years???

  • TheMetalmaniac68
    TheMetalmaniac68 24 minutes ago

    I'm sorry but if a woman is raped and gets pregnant, I'm pretty sure she should have the right, and the access to keep or abort the pregnancy. I'm a man and even this makes sense to me. If religion is your excuse and you're clinging to your Bible for answers and direction, do me a favor and ask God to end world hunger....... Don't worry, I'll wait. Exactly.

  • Rajesh Gupta
    Rajesh Gupta 28 minutes ago

    Fake reporter full of her own propaganda rather than any real news.

  • Scott Mc
    Scott Mc 28 minutes ago

    ridiculous that anyone gives airtime to terrorists

  • Ralf Rath
    Ralf Rath 30 minutes ago

    A deal means no Brexit - what else?

  • Logan Cook
    Logan Cook 30 minutes ago

    He’s just far more intelligent than her, it’s that simple.

  • Tolgz
    Tolgz 35 minutes ago

    We already made US troops move back, we can make the Russian forces back away too

  • Slave2PaperWithInkOn
    Slave2PaperWithInkOn 38 minutes ago

    The 14.48 yt video ''Tom Watson IS stoking a Blairite Labour rebellion,'' [by Gordon Dimmack] Plus how much of that £1 MILLION Israeli bounty on Corbyn is he taking ?

  • T S
    T S 39 minutes ago

    Trump made the correct call once again 👍

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One 43 minutes ago

    Trump brain is the size of a walnut!

  • 1pedalsteel
    1pedalsteel 43 minutes ago

    Snot nosed interviewer should have his ears boxed and be made to sit in a corner during play time

  • bob niblitt
    bob niblitt 47 minutes ago

    Jeremy collecting his prescription.

  • Warren Raffensberger
    Warren Raffensberger 47 minutes ago

    The hardest time of life..

  • John Jost
    John Jost 48 minutes ago

    1:27 such an ugly and disgusting piece of rubbish!

  • John Jost
    John Jost 50 minutes ago

    Shame on you, Cathy Newman. Your behaviour during your interview on Jan 16, 2018 is unacceptable and we are strongly condemning you. We hate you. You are worthless.

  • CornMars
    CornMars 51 minute ago

    "I may just put a lot of effort into a tweet" 😅😅😅 Morris is so sharp.

  • Name is None of your business.

    These two could’ve killed each other.. or at least one of them kill the other one

  • Texas Trad
    Texas Trad 52 minutes ago

    The real hipsters made this video

  • Bobby Bobby
    Bobby Bobby 58 minutes ago

    Quite simple - give both NI and Scotland a vote for to remain independently within the EU or remain as part of the UK! Should have been done a year ago .... all questions answered and no need for this! The remainder of the UK leave very easily after that .... new EU border on the Scottish border.

  • Rania Rashad
    Rania Rashad Hour ago

    يا الله رحمتك عليهم يارب يا ارحم الراحمين اغثهم يارب وانصرنا علي القوم الكافرين

    HRRY JSPH Hour ago

    Last but not least continue to arm the PPK...

  • Danny Dexter
    Danny Dexter Hour ago

    Hang on a min if the ira want to expand try doing somthing that helps to gain support instead of blowing up cars In the street

  • Zenbloke
    Zenbloke Hour ago

    Please just let it die

    HRRY JSPH Hour ago

    Or fight or die!?!

    HRRY JSPH Hour ago

    Or kurds should follow the us troops to isreal?

    HRRY JSPH Hour ago

    Kurds should move to north iraq?

    HRRY JSPH Hour ago

    I know one thing!? The Kurds are not headed to a church social!?

  • Emmanuel Goussot


  • Majesticjkr
    Majesticjkr Hour ago

    Scotland are the only Country who want to stay in the EU and thats out of all the 27 Countries that are in it, but they do drink a lot of alcohol so maybe they dont really know what's going on and maybe they dont really care just as long their not controlled by the English, they want independence but want to be controlled by Brussels, God knows what their drinking up North.

    • Peter Doyle
      Peter Doyle Hour ago

      Dickhead from down south.Nothing to see here

  • Nonye Business
    Nonye Business Hour ago


  • billy done
    billy done Hour ago


  • Don Tanner
    Don Tanner Hour ago

    💩🔫💩👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾. 💩🔫👮🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥. Ignore this fool. The USA will do well without him. Bi bi.

  • Phytom
    Phytom Hour ago

    "A substantial minority" "You're making this vast generalization" What?!😂

  • Exc
    Exc Hour ago

    Cathy: " I DONT CARE ABOUT WHY IT EXISTS IM SAYING THERE IS A 9% GAP " Jordan: " ... But you have to say why it exists? " WHAT?!?

  • James Burke
    James Burke Hour ago

    If only jp would concede that what distinguishes the contemporary left, which he is attempting to challenging and encourage, from the likes of jrm, is its insincerity and how fake the left is.

  • Robert Sides
    Robert Sides Hour ago

    Am I the only one that still kinda wants to watch them throw down?

  • John Forbes
    John Forbes Hour ago


  • Petronela White_Anca

    R.I.P. ; what a tragedy! America & other countries drives on the other side of the road! It is British police fault! They must educate your population to drive the other way round! I am so sorry of the incident! I am crying & hate you as mother of deceased son of your cruelty! Your son would not like that!

  • Antonios Panayiotou

    Mainstream Media especially the BBC supported and covered for him, why? Now we have Ghislane Maxwell and Epstein... Robert was also actively involved with these characters as was Prince Charles and now Prince Andrew! Media goes on about Russia but what of Israel and Mossad that are deeply entrenched in our affairs?

  • Michael McCullagh


  • Scootchels
    Scootchels Hour ago

    Terrible tragedy. It’s just a bear being a bear and these folks were in it’s territory. Sad for all involved.

  • JamesRMcFarland
    JamesRMcFarland Hour ago

    So your saying that only men can comment on here

  • w evans
    w evans Hour ago

    Some awful comments below, cannot believe people complaining about the amount of free money there getting from the tax payer,if you choose to have children financially that’s your responsibility not the uk taxpayers.

  • JC
    JC Hour ago

    “Unbelievable” it though? really?

  • Scott Taylor
    Scott Taylor Hour ago

    Another Channel 4 low... there’s not going to be a border so WHAT are they going to target?

  • Scott Taylor
    Scott Taylor Hour ago

    Another Channel 4 low... there’s not going to be a border so WHAT are they going to target?

  • Stuart Broad
    Stuart Broad Hour ago

    Fuk the Syrian army and assad he caused all of this to be Frank.

  • Ian Brown
    Ian Brown Hour ago

    HRT and crack is a deadly combo!

  • Accelerationist
    Accelerationist Hour ago

    The North owes the South nothing!

  • K L
    K L Hour ago

    3:27. The 'Hilary step' ? That Hilary Benn and his act ? Obey the Law BJ !

  • Stuart Broad
    Stuart Broad Hour ago

    Love Turkey real Muslim Erdogan 🤲🏻💪🏻❤

  • David Epps
    David Epps Hour ago

    Boris Johnson gave the remoaners the option of letting the people vote but they turned down an ELECTION. The ENGLISH want freedom from the corrupt non democratic eu.

  • scotty onehunglow

    So channel 4 give's self-confessed murderers air time to spread there hate, good old channel 4.Let's start building some gallows, I think we may need them.......

  • ladydacious
    ladydacious Hour ago

    You know there where better places to start removing troops. And giving Turkey the green light to attack, then removing troops was unethical. But hey The United Corporation of Merikkkan's citizens never fail to be disgusting traitors.


    As an American I am so embarrassed. On my behalf, for I am just one of the majority of the American people, that indeed did not vote for Trump, apologize to the Kurdish people for abandoned you to the wolves. It's not the American people that deserted the Kurdish people, it's Donald Trump who did it..The Turky's Government has recently aproved 2 Trump towers at Estambul. The orange turd is SO CORRUPT..!!!!

  • ash king
    ash king Hour ago

    channel 4 do you think you nice terrorists dont kill innocent??

  • Black Bull
    Black Bull Hour ago

    Sounds like a real issue. Sounds like a potential powder keg. Until you consider a couple of things... The source. Channel 4 news along with the BBC are globalist, mouthpieces for the international bankers (EU, Rothschilds, Rockefellers) If Channel 4 is presenting the story, it's definitely tailored towards Remaining in the EU. And the issue itself. From the masked man's mouth, the IRA are still killing people even with a "soft" border at the moment. Other than larger acts of violence, soft border or hard border, the IRA are in the business of killing those who support "British occupation". For them, it would be business as usual.

  • Jason Friddle
    Jason Friddle Hour ago

    You really shouldn’t say Americans. You should only say Trump abandoned the Kurds cause he’s a fucking idiot. Trump! Not us

  • NightWi5h
    NightWi5h Hour ago

    I was getting along with this....just...until one of them mentioned he couldn't stand the idea of the supreme court. Now I just think the man's a complete idiot.

  • Kevin Gittens
    Kevin Gittens Hour ago

    "They are going to come to England and fucking rob us" Ohhh the irony. That'd be karma bruv.

  • AdditionAddict
    AdditionAddict Hour ago

    This is why no deal needs to be on the table. The summit is tomorrow. Deal should have been finalised TODAY.

    • Alan Zapp
      Alan Zapp 15 minutes ago

      " should have been finalized TWO YEARS AGO!" fixedya ☺

  • Conor Kiernan
    Conor Kiernan Hour ago

    If this falls flat the headline will be => DUP...ED

  • Carol Sims
    Carol Sims Hour ago

    Our President moved FIFTY (50) TROOPS only. Did people LIE AGAIN and said THOUSANDS?

  • John Baldwin
    John Baldwin 2 hours ago

    Erdogan has leverage over Trump because Trump has personal economic interest in Trump Towers in Istanbul, Turkey . He does not want to loose that economic base in Turkey . Erdogan knows that and used it to his advantage to invade Syria . That is why Trump should have divested his economic interest when he became President, but he knows more than the Generals because he thinks he is a stable genus .

  • Richard Myers
    Richard Myers 2 hours ago

    Hey libtards, get out of stupid, no such thing as global warming you fucking morons, you have been taken to the cleaners. What's making that background noise,? The tree hugging sheeple? Earth going through a cycle. Trump 2028

  • Aviation TV
    Aviation TV 2 hours ago

    He is still in prison to this day.......

  • Ess Jackson
    Ess Jackson 2 hours ago

    Listen to what the left dude says about elites around 24:00 and then the dude on the right tries to cover up 🤣🤣i saw straight through it

  • Laura Walker
    Laura Walker 2 hours ago

    Who did they get to fake that accent 🤣

    • Danny Dexter
      Danny Dexter Hour ago

      Sounds like someone from sons of anarchy

  • Laura Walker
    Laura Walker 2 hours ago

    You wouldn't need to look far for fingerprints in that shithole. Wash your dishes and door you pig.

  • ALA
    ALA 2 hours ago

    All going to globalists plan. Extension, referendum, revoke.

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 2 hours ago

    Was the Welsh language created out of spite for the English? At least it's not as uninviting as that one town in New Zealand. Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu. That's more of a tongue workout than anything.

  • Richiest Rich
    Richiest Rich 2 hours ago

    It won’t happen, it will be extended again at the last minute

    • Nonye Business
      Nonye Business Hour ago

      @craig mcnee there doesnt exist an open border with a non-eu country, never has, never will. the tories knew this. the uk may not want a border, but if we leave, the eu will demand a border, it has to, ppl just dont get it. there can be no Brexit without destroying the GFA like u say. 40 yrs intricately fused within the eu, so may small details ppl didnt even consider when they voted stay or go. what a ridiculous referendum to put to the public, so vague. no one thought of the EHIC CARDS, DRIVERS LICENCES, ROAMING CHARGES, CAR INSURANCE ABROAD. THERE IS THOUSANDS OF DETAILS. NO WAY ON THJIS EARTH WAS IT EASY TOM LEAVE LIKE THEY SAID, WE WERE LIED TO BY BORH SIDES, AND THE WORST THING OF ALL? IT WASNT EVEN BINDING!!!

    • Nonye Business
      Nonye Business Hour ago


    • Pemze
      Pemze Hour ago

      @craig mcnee Here here

    • craig mcnee
      craig mcnee 2 hours ago

      It won't happen because you can't have a brexit deal that doesn't breach the Act of Union 1707 and Amendment 6 (1800) so it will never happen because Scotland subsidises England . You can't have Brexit without trashing either the Good Friday Agreement or the Act of Union. This has always been the brexit paradox and it's why it will continue to be a farce until somebody stands up and says exactly what I just have.

  • John Jost
    John Jost 2 hours ago

    Ben de Pear, Hayley Barlow, Anja Popp, and Cathy Newman are all irresponsible employees at Channel 4 News. Cathy Newman made terrible mistakes in her interviewing on Jan 16, 2018 and should be held to account for her idiotic behaviour. Cathy Newman is the shame of human existence.

  • John Jost
    John Jost 2 hours ago

    We strongly hate Cathy Newman for her inability to listen carefully to her interviewee on Jan 16, 2018. Cathy Newman epitomizes the very worst of journalism: she is unethical, incompetent, and ugly looking. Cathy Newman’s children deserve a better mother than her. Shame on you, Cathy Newman.

  • Joe Avreg
    Joe Avreg 2 hours ago

    Are you going to make videos about the Unionists who are going to collude with the military in the forces that will be dumped into the north? They certainly never stopped.

  • Barry! giddey
    Barry! giddey 2 hours ago

    Bob Marley was the meaning of what a legend is🌴

  • Majesticjkr
    Majesticjkr 2 hours ago

    Leave now the EU are doomed once Britain has left others will follow

    • Stefan Bohr
      Stefan Bohr 2 hours ago

      LOOOL - after the've seen how "easy" Brexit was / is / won't be, will be ? ...

  • John Jost
    John Jost 2 hours ago

    Cathy Newman should be strongly criticized for her irresponsible interviewing behaviour on Jan 16, 2018. Cathy Newman didn’t properly summarize her interviewee’s statements; instead, she twisted her interviewee’s words with an ideologically-biased slant. Shame on you, Cathy Newman.

  • John Jost
    John Jost 2 hours ago

    Cathy Newman is incapable of formulating confirmatory questions based on her interviewee’s responses, as exhibited on Jan 16, 2018. Cathy Newman is incompetent and irresponsible-she ought to be condemned for what she did on Jan 16, 2018. Cathy Newman’s husband deserves a better wife than her. Shame on Cathy Newman, the worst human being in this universe.

  • R
    R 2 hours ago

    “The army council” 😂 Terrorist pr*ck

  • Martell Tha Cool
    Martell Tha Cool 2 hours ago

    Be careful of pedos 😡😠 no respect for child marriages.

  • Wesley Slippers
    Wesley Slippers 2 hours ago

    Fund the NHS. Not the DUP.

  • Jackie Cooksey
    Jackie Cooksey 2 hours ago

    catalonia rioting on streets tonight. france rioting every weekend, why would any sane person want to remain in the eu?

    • Jackie Cooksey
      Jackie Cooksey 58 minutes ago

      @Tommy120 bombings and explosions in sweden so far this year. who in their right mind would want to remain in the EU

    • Tommy
      Tommy Hour ago

      Imagine drowning so much in the brexit koolaid that you think the crisis in catalonia is due to the EU

  • Boxer 22
    Boxer 22 2 hours ago

    Brexit free channel? Can Sky do a BS free channel? Actually who am I kidding?

  • George
    George 2 hours ago

    Guys , we 🇺🇸 never voted for our independence . We used guns ! It might come to that ! 😆

  • Aaron Cassidy
    Aaron Cassidy 2 hours ago

    Drug dealers hiding behind an outdated name and an outdated movement. Embarrassing.

  • L R
    L R 2 hours ago

    Are sure it’s not Jeremy Corbyn under that mask?

  • SammyTV
    SammyTV 2 hours ago

    American here ...I stand with turkey and it's right to defend its borders ....trump is a disgrace....if the Arab world is so concerned for arab refugees than why has Turkey taken in 40x more syrian refugees than saudi arabia has

  • John Kanyi
    John Kanyi 2 hours ago

    They have ISIS prisoners?? They should just execute them so that they can focus on fighting Turkey.

  • Saor Éire
    Saor Éire 2 hours ago

    The Brits are part of the problem not the Irish.

  • anglo saxon
    anglo saxon 2 hours ago

    I spazzed it on a horse