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  • Juanito Lira
    Juanito Lira 38 seconds ago

    1% of comments MURICA is god of earth (2020)

  • Kiongozi Uhuru Sasa
    Kiongozi Uhuru Sasa 7 minutes ago

    I want to join! Seriously Russia please help me with amnesty from 'America' and ill do anything for you, just help me in a few areas! Hail Putin! Fuck USA!

  • Alex Ortega
    Alex Ortega 48 minutes ago

    why any one want a picture with corrupted pompeo?

  • M 2019
    M 2019 Hour ago

    Fuck China

  • Lucy Brunson
    Lucy Brunson Hour ago

    NOT ONLY THE OLD ARE DENIED MEDICAL CARE You can download the file here: Screenshot_20200125_211316_21-15-24.jpg

  • Lena Rosa
    Lena Rosa Hour ago

    American women wouldnt sit with their legs open like men showing their crouch in a video like this.

  • Lena Rosa
    Lena Rosa Hour ago

    Learn how to sit properly please. This is not very lady like.

  • Jay Deshpande
    Jay Deshpande Hour ago

    Even Delta is declining like AA and United? Damn

  • Pat Saxon
    Pat Saxon Hour ago

    It was mentioned in revelations mentions this as one of the biblical signs as the ends of times.

  • Pat Saxon
    Pat Saxon Hour ago

    The number one reason christianity is declining, is due to not having any Traditional Latin mass that is most popular with today's youth as that is what they want.

  • Kwum aix
    Kwum aix Hour ago

    No neck Barney is the most punchable face of white male privlege ever,

  • Shirley Andrade
    Shirley Andrade 2 hours ago

    None of them look like their starving not even the kid's those people or LIERS and very ignorant just like President Trump said they are not sending there best they are a bunch of nasty lazy free loaders and criminal's.....

  • Sheila Buchheit
    Sheila Buchheit 2 hours ago

    It’s so hard to believe the administration. Unfortunately I believe more of the news then I do the White House

  • georgetexas
    georgetexas 2 hours ago

    Viva Mexico Great to see Mexico enforcing their laws.

  • She's my President
    She's my President 2 hours ago

    Time to abolish NPR ..I dunno how they get any kind of tax payer funding .. NPR controllers are clearly blackmailed for pedofilia .. When you attack TRUMP these days WE KNOW the owners of whatever org is attacking them is on video raping children or something

  • rodochrous
    rodochrous 2 hours ago

    Pics or it didn't happen.

  • Douglas Adams
    Douglas Adams 2 hours ago

    he will just go to another precinct

  • Ray Marsh
    Ray Marsh 3 hours ago

    These people say no abortion for the poor - and complain later: "How is it that someone robbed my house. What is wrong with people?" Early term abortion is the best thing for those who can not afford children. Children are not a right - they are a privelege. In Australia most abortions are of White children - there is no conspiracy to target Blacks. The same in the USA.

  • ToadetteFireSeal2200


  • BucStart
    BucStart 3 hours ago

    He has a habit of being condescending to female reporters, but not to the male's. Typical 'weak dick" method that Trump uses on a daily basis. Hey Fat Mike, day-by-day you become more like dumb donald!!

  • Hardeststyler BR
    Hardeststyler BR 3 hours ago

    He got so mad about the change of topic because he can't tell the truth about how corrupt they are.😆

  • MrCiammurro
    MrCiammurro 3 hours ago

    Mike Pompeous

  • bandit
    bandit 3 hours ago

    I moved to Cali in the 90s trust me every single race was using the “N” word it aint just happened in 2016 elections. But what this lady did and the way she said it was an attack.

  • Lynn McClaine
    Lynn McClaine 3 hours ago

    Americans care more about Ukraine than we care about Pompous, I mean Pompeo.

    • Ipostle
      Ipostle Hour ago

      Very few Americans care about Ukraine or we wouldn't be sending millions of dollars worth of lethal aid.

  • Seer-of-things
    Seer-of-things 3 hours ago


  • Deadguy2
    Deadguy2 4 hours ago

    Close down public television, it isn’t unbiased journalism, and hasn’t been for years, let the democrats fund it

    • Deadguy2
      Deadguy2 30 seconds ago

      And even the biased media has dropped the Russian thing, you probably should too, unless you mean the improper investigation by the FBI and our government to interfere in the 2016 election

    • Deadguy2
      Deadguy2 6 minutes ago

      NPR is radio, TV, and they even have a web site, but they still call it all NPR, probably because radio is were it started. CPB is the largest giver to public television, which is state and federal government, when Trump first took over our failed government, he wanted to axe it, hopefully with this renewed bias public TV has one foot out the door

    • Barbara Roberts
      Barbara Roberts 21 minute ago

      Fox news is nothing but pure Russian propaganda at this point. Even Russia news thinks them...they love Rudy..and say he is great and honest..LMAO..

    • Geo78
      Geo78 46 minutes ago

      BTW. NPR is radio, not public tv. Its listeners have not had a Limbaughtomy.

    • Geo78
      Geo78 49 minutes ago

      NPR is funded mostly by donations now. Not tax dollars. And that keeps it independent of corporate control..

  • Talksense
    Talksense 4 hours ago

    U MUST BE KIDDING!!!! WHO were the Hunters?

  • James Shaw
    James Shaw 4 hours ago


  • James Shaw
    James Shaw 4 hours ago


  • Alex Valdez
    Alex Valdez 4 hours ago

    Women using rape to legitimize themselves. Carrying a mattress like it’s a cross you’re about to be nailed to. Very dramatic. But when she’s proven to be a lair this story disappears from the news.

  • Barbara Roberts
    Barbara Roberts 4 hours ago

    trump and most of the people in his administration and white house have become more like trump.trump is now totally surrounded by what John Kelly warned trump about..YES dissenters, all defenders, protectors and enablers for trump. When called or confronted (with questions stated politely) on issues with "facts" they are losing it daily recently...especially since the senate impeachment trial...and many Republicans are also losing it with the press. They keep claiming to be "the victims" and pompeo's attitude towards Ms. Kelly we have seen before with other women reporters who have interviewed him. He is an obvious insecure arrogant alpha male and has a bad attitude and is nasty and rude. Apparently pompeo is showing himself to be just another trump political "hack" who does the "how dare you ask me that, how dare you question me with the wrong question" and his nasty rude arrogant response to Ms. Kelly today,.on the way he treated her..stating that the press are horrible and not pompeo, trump, kellyanne, Grisham, etc..etc..they are the very nasty, rude, arrogant bullies to anyone that confronts them with real a polite respectful ask questions of them is not a bad is a good thing.

  • Mohamed Hamzah Mohamed Osman

    What a pussy ass bitch. Attacking a reporter cause you're scared shit of talking about your crimes.

  • Lj Antovski
    Lj Antovski 5 hours ago

    This MARSHAL probably have MILITARY COMBAT Experience!!!!????

  • FlyCaster
    FlyCaster 5 hours ago

    Mike is the man! MAGA

    • Geo78
      Geo78 53 minutes ago

      Evangelical really came out didn't it? Just another self righteous Pharisee that talks down to women.

    • Kwum aix
      Kwum aix Hour ago

      paul blart mall cop got OWNED by a woman and he got unhinged.... no neck barney another trump thug

    • Mohamed Hamzah Mohamed Osman
      Mohamed Hamzah Mohamed Osman 5 hours ago

      Attacking a reporter just cause you're scared shit of people figuring out your crime is a fucking pussy thing to do.

  • Mohamed Hamzah Mohamed Osman

    Free the Uyghurs and restore their rights.

  • chadergeist82
    chadergeist82 5 hours ago

    With this house being so famous, it should be disclosed to lookers and buyers.

  • Jaber Andich
    Jaber Andich 5 hours ago

    More the 100.000 affected

  • Lucy Brunson
    Lucy Brunson 5 hours ago

    You can download the file here: 2020-01-25 17-05-05.PNG

  • John Texas
    John Texas 5 hours ago

    Like his bloated, cowardly boss in the White House, we'll just have to wait to get a real SOS back again instead of an obese, spoiled little boy who can't see his own penis for his huge gut.

  • Hans Olo
    Hans Olo 5 hours ago

    Stardate 97664.14 - Pompeo watched the premiere of Picard and saw Jean Luc own a reporter and thought he could pull the same trick in real life. He forgot to bring the moral high ground with him. Then the same day they unveil a Starfleet logo for Space Force..... There is absolutely no way she couldn't find Ukraine on a map. Anyone who has seen a Risk board game knows exactly where Ukraine is. Then to claim she selected Bangladesh from his weirdly available blank map, is laughable. God help us. These are the people who are running this country.

    • Hans Olo
      Hans Olo 4 hours ago

      ​@Barbara Roberts Not to mention the week or two I heard her in Iran when all hell was about to break loose. I'd like to see Pompeo go to Iran. And to claim she picked Bangladesh. ROFL, in Risk you take that to protect Australia and Ukraine protects Europe from Russia and Russia from Europe. He really should have just asked her to teach him how to play Risk.

    • Barbara Roberts
      Barbara Roberts 5 hours ago

      Hans Olo...I also just heard on CNN that this NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly, has various degrees in History, Foreign affairs and is very very well educated and an intellectual. pompeo picked the wrong person to confront thinking they know nothing...when actually she might even know more than he does!

  • Rachel Tensions
    Rachel Tensions 5 hours ago


  • Big Disappointment
    Big Disappointment 5 hours ago

    O O F

  • Christos Goulios
    Christos Goulios 5 hours ago

    BBC on green -_-

  • James Shaw
    James Shaw 6 hours ago


    • Harold Bolin
      Harold Bolin 5 hours ago would you litigate that case

  • Christopher Swanson
    Christopher Swanson 6 hours ago

    Titling like this is cheap, I'm calling it clickbait. Unsubscribed, from here, doing the same on Twitter and won't be watching your looping TV feed anymore. This is unprofessional journalism. Best of luck in choosing your staff and wording from now on.

  • Solomon Gumbal
    Solomon Gumbal 6 hours ago


  • Star Dust
    Star Dust 6 hours ago

    They would not let me share this on all my websites

  • David Davids
    David Davids 6 hours ago

    some info. the merging of climate issues into the existing metric was a MISTAKE. why is this true. the metric is now Inherently Biased against (statistical) improvement, as a result of the human inability to Control the WEATHER!!!!! gaawd

  • jariol
    jariol 6 hours ago

    Do you see the trend in Trump supporters in this video? White, older, rural and I'm willing to bet probably high school or lower education

  • ShizNick
    ShizNick 6 hours ago

    50 Grand is piss to a company that big. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Nirox
    Nirox 6 hours ago


  • crystal caster
    crystal caster 7 hours ago

    God bless that man cause had it been me🤦🏽‍♀️ that bitch would've been sucking her food through a tube for the next 2,3 months💯💯

  • Tim Podhorn
    Tim Podhorn 7 hours ago

    Another one bites the dust...

  • Gary Kiesel
    Gary Kiesel 7 hours ago

    Nobody likes Hillary

  • OG1USA
    OG1USA 7 hours ago

    I love how these clips need Newsy interpretations on what is an actual defense of, not a "perceived" defense. You cant be a real news source by using fact checking of Trump as a tactic as CNN has proven. Fact is, irregardless of an associative directive, Trump has the right and responsibility to replace all Obama holdovers.

  • CardoMaximvs
    CardoMaximvs 8 hours ago

    Everything's ready for the new Australian Railroad. The Greens did not allow it to be built because of eucalyptus forests, koalas and kangaroos and that there is nothing. Look, he's got the construction site ready. Everything is crystal clear !! And people are stupid and silly, the truth is elsewhere, hidden, I can't be fooled, me no!

  • Jeremy Brown
    Jeremy Brown 8 hours ago

    Who cares

  • M OchunCuascut
    M OchunCuascut 8 hours ago

    Lol the only ones fighting for intergration is us smfh

  • Nel Robert
    Nel Robert 8 hours ago

    I don't trust China.

  • Will Dragon
    Will Dragon 8 hours ago

    Trumps Constitutional rights have been violated... SCOTUS can overturn Impeachment because of this.... TRUMP 2020

    SINCITYJ 8 hours ago

    Stinky Tonga. Haha Woooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  • Jezballz
    Jezballz 9 hours ago

    "It was a cover up in plain sight"-Sylvia Garcia (D)...More "wisdom" from the

  • Lucy Brunson
    Lucy Brunson 9 hours ago

    IS NETANYAHU INVITED You can download the file here: 2020-01-23 18-13-52_18-15-30.jpg

  • illyounotme
    illyounotme 9 hours ago

    Newsy I usually like your no bias just reporting of the news, but I have noticed your anti gun bias on multiple videos now. Please just report and stop adding your bias in.

  • Itadaki Hokkaido
    Itadaki Hokkaido 9 hours ago

    Lol!!! Awesome

  • Ron We
    Ron We 9 hours ago

    Love Trump beautiful wall....

  • Danny Sota
    Danny Sota 10 hours ago

    It’s always a good thing when a bad guy dies👍🏼

  • Redsky Eagle
    Redsky Eagle 10 hours ago

    Hes ripping off American workers. If you all dont care that hes stealing your hard working money. Then you deserve it. Looking the other way is your own loss.

  • Richard C
    Richard C 10 hours ago

    Absolute disgrace

  • uddin islah
    uddin islah 10 hours ago


  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith 11 hours ago

    Keeping it illegal sure as hell isn’t preventing or stopping it. As long as no one’s forced into it, whatever two adults agree to do in private is not the business of law, or government. In reality, where all whores pimped by the government anyway. They just call it taxes, but the concept is exactly the same on a much larger scale.

  • george ornellas
    george ornellas 11 hours ago

    that nasty Mayer who was bashing President Trump should apologize.the things they go through for make President Trump look bad is amazing.Trump 2020

  • Amy
    Amy 11 hours ago

    Religion. There you go. And I am happy this man saw reality and common sense. I wish there were more like this!

  • yeahzeeroo
    yeahzeeroo 11 hours ago

    I stopped caring when I realized senators follow peoples will. Chance for impartial trial either way will be questionable for me. No matter results in favor of my view or against.

  • highest tops
    highest tops 11 hours ago

    WTF is wrong with the voice of that white guy and don't say I'm racist coz my best friend sounds like a baby

  • Anil Nirman
    Anil Nirman 11 hours ago

    Sab jhut hai Michael best

  • Shaulton Daulton
    Shaulton Daulton 11 hours ago

    Y’all all act like kids aren’t gonna eat what they want.., stfu

  • K I N G T I G E R
    K I N G T I G E R 12 hours ago

    senator: wants to ban phones for anyone under 21 kids who use computers: stonks

  • Adam Mada
    Adam Mada 12 hours ago

    I didn't get it at first. It analyzing the room to match it with previous photos taken in that room or one like it.

  • Calibos King of Argos
    Calibos King of Argos 13 hours ago

    Dont believe this bullshit look at the true evidence the dude was definitly a low life but johnny allen was asleep and shot in the back of the head. The girl was no angel. Also she just lucky social media came out so they could make her look like the victim. She only got help from celebrities because shes an attractive lightskin redbone. If she looked like dark black or precious or was overweight shed still be in jail.

  • NoobDronePilot 001
    NoobDronePilot 001 13 hours ago

    United States had some pretty cool flags but then there is Don't Tread on me

  • J Del81
    J Del81 13 hours ago

    "You do matter, Erwyone mayers" fake snitch sounds just like her rtard racist "white girl" friend

  • NinjaTutt GT
    NinjaTutt GT 13 hours ago

    Nobody: At 0:13 1775 Flag: *dOn'T tReAd oN mE*

  • cirstenw
    cirstenw 14 hours ago

    Hi ready to interview me a Singaporeamerican Chinese for Trump>16.8K subscribers> I have average 3K to 4K per video...

  • Leo Cardenas
    Leo Cardenas 14 hours ago

    Trump is the best!

  • joe caterman
    joe caterman 14 hours ago

    boris will now go for maximum divergence. he has to paradoxically, to protect the union. this is true.

  • Rata 4U
    Rata 4U 15 hours ago

    Hyde.....the town drunk.

    COON HUNTER #1 15 hours ago

    I would vote for a rock over Omar and I'm literally serious.

  • Ian Hwang
    Ian Hwang 15 hours ago

    Sunkwon Lee, the guy who planned and attacked SK (South Korea)'s battleship in 2010 ( You guys need to know that he doesn't have any career in the ministry of foreign affairs and he is sorted as the aggressive party in NK. It means that NK is highly likely to exercise the strong provocation very soon. On the other hand, NK military group which own and manage profitable public companies cannot give up their power and will do whatever they can because they feel backed at the corner. Just be careful that Moon Jaein and NK lovers in SK are about to open the border for illegal tour business to transfer the money manually in terms of peace and mutual cooperation as a same ethnic.

  • debbie dugger
    debbie dugger 16 hours ago

    proof of corruption in the highest ranks of the FBI...when an innocent man is forced to sign a false confession to protect his family from being bullied by a dishonest FBI...and the judge follows suit in the bully pulpit..of our justice the “highest courts of the land...”

    • debbie dugger
      debbie dugger 16 hours ago

      where is justice..when an innocent man is bullied by dishonest the highest the land... Michael Flynn is innocent...and doesn’t. need to be in court in the first place...A good and honest justice system would see this and throw this case out ....and let the man go home .Throw this case out..! ..It will be hard to convince “good men to serve”.. when they see how we treat our soldiers...

  • Albertkallal
    Albertkallal 16 hours ago

    Actually President Trump was VERY well briefed on the status of the EMAILS system. Current testing shows 10x the failure rate of a steam system. The problem is this system is supposed to be reduce size and complexity and maintains compared to steam. Ignoring the high failure rate (which can cause you to lose jets - they tend to be expensive), the other issue is the large number of mechanical moving parts they require for the EMAILS system. To use a linear motor, they can’t draw power directly from the reactors on the ship. For one, the nuclear powered generators can’t provide power directly to the rails at the high power draws required. And the other issue is power draw at a KNOWN rate. So, for the catapult system they had to develop an energy storage system. So, to launch a jet, you need clean power, but also a known amount of power for a catapult launch. So if some big elevator lift is turned on during a launch, then this would affect the power available to the rails. (You require a known power draw). If the ships generators were JUST powering the rails, then no problem - but the rest of the ship has power requirements. And EMAILS has to work if one reactor is off line, or the generating systems have any issues. So the ships generators can’t provide power directly to the rails fast enough, or at a known rate. So, for each catapult, they have 4 elephant sized huge flywheels that they spin up. Each of these huge mechanical elephant sized beast of burden devices weigh 20,000 lbs each (10 tons!). These huge mechanical flywheels spin at 5000 rpm. For a catapult launch they spin these huge flywheels up to 6000 rpm. Thus, during a catapult launch the rails draw power from these huge flywheel generators. After a launch, the flywheels are back down to 5000 rpm. The problem with this system is you can’t make any repairs to the system at sea. If one flywheel goes down then all systmes are down. (They are connected together to provide redundancy). In addition to these huge flywheels not being servable at sea, they take one hour to spin down, and for minor service, it means the other catapult systems are down. It takes 45 seconds to spin up these huge flywheels for a launch. So, if the ships other systems (elevators, pumps, air condition etc.) are drawing power, it don’t matter. So, a clean power source with known amounts of power draw available is required by the EMAIL system for a launch. During a launch there are these large systems called a cycloconverts that draw power from the flywheels with a controlled rising frequency and voltage. A highly critical 2018 report from the Pentagon that emphasized that reliability of EMALS leaves much to be desired, and that the average rate of critical failures is nine times higher than the Navy's threshold requirements. And they found that launching F18’s with external fuel tanks was causing too much stress compared to the steam system. The Navy has stated they have a fix for this issue, but for a system claimed to be “more” gentile on the airframes during a launch they are finding the EXACT opposite. Because the huge massive 16 elephant sized spinning flywheel systems can’t be serviced at sea, the plan is to have a spare carrier on call, and if they have a catapult issue, then the one carrier will return to port for servicing and the other carrier will take over duties. So there is a huge massive amount of moving parts. Those massive elephant sized flywheels EACH weigh 10 tons! (20,000 lbs). And 16 such spinning flywheels are required for this system to work. 4 flywheels are used for each catapult. The Military has also conceded that increased launch rates as a result of the EMAILS systems is another promise that will NOT be fulfilled. (They will NOT see increased launch rates). Its cost has also tripped from an estimate of about 300 million to now that of over 1 billion. So we are finding out: EMAILS was over stressing the F18 airframe when carrying external fuel tanks (Navy claims they have a fix for this). The system is HUGE mechanical. While the actual rails will have less maintains, you replaced a dead simple (and very) reliable tank of air (steam tank) with a huge set of highly complex spinning huge flywheel and generator systems to store energy for a launch. Hardly a non-mechanical system. WORSE is that non serviceability at sea issue. With a steam system you can simply close off pipes, and isolate the bad or problem catapult, and simply run the other 3 working units. This ability to “isolate” the catapults is a serious shortcoming that they don’t plan to address at this point in time (they will have another carrier on call). They are not going to see increased sortie rates with the system. (The Military has admitted as such). They certainly have not realised any cost savings. They are seeing about 10x the failure rate compared to steam catapults. So, they expect to save some maintains on the actual rails, but the rest of the mechanical parts and huge flywheel systems are highly complex systems in nature, and certainly not “sold state” types of systems. And they are not providing a reliable launch rate either. As this project stands right now? It is NOTHING close to a success. Until such time the issues and problems are resolved, then the command in Chief President Trump’s evaluation is 100% correct and 100% correct advice at this point in time But, hey, might as well bash the President based in pure ignorance of the actual issues here? Right? The problem of course, is it those here writing comments about something they know nothing about, but clearly President Trump was far more informed then the readers here. Ignorance is bliss - but it not President Trump that is in the dark here about the above issues - it is the public. As I write this (Jan 25, 2020), Presidents Trump’s evaluation remains spot on, and is and was good advice for the Navy. So far, as with so many of these issues? Digging deeper, we find that Presidents Trumps advice was 100% spot on in this regards. Currently the status is that the steam system is still better, has a more reliability launch rate, and can be serviced at sea. The EMAIL system offers no advantages at this point in time. The Navy simple answer is to reduce the capacity and operational abilities of the Ford class carrier.

  • Giraffeman
    Giraffeman 16 hours ago

    If you can't contain a Protest just throw a virus in there...

  • Patrick P. Jeanotte
    Patrick P. Jeanotte 17 hours ago

    Don't bring a pen to a gun fight.

    HEADS TAILS 17 hours ago

    Fluckin hell boris was a huge Clown here in uk how the fluck did this CLOWN become prime minister..

    • joe caterman
      joe caterman 14 hours ago

      because he was a pm dressed as a clown. normally we get a clown dressed as a pm.

    • Patricia Millar
      Patricia Millar 14 hours ago

      Idiot....what part of....u lost the vote don't u understand lol

  • Dee Brown
    Dee Brown 17 hours ago

    I did 97 Months How That Happened In A Federal Court Room😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Balmain Chanel
    Balmain Chanel 17 hours ago

    Nothing new with asian Who thinking they’re white until whites people against them lmaoo

  • Stella Ash
    Stella Ash 18 hours ago

    What the hell is going on? How can Northern Ireland host this criminal? She is attempting to put distance from the indictments that will soon be coming her way back home. There is some very dirty work behind this one. begin listening at 1.23

  • KRO 222
    KRO 222 18 hours ago

    Says he’s “empowering women” Calls them “girls” in the next breath Cute

  • Mijemu mijemu
    Mijemu mijemu 18 hours ago

    Impeach this garbage butt !!!!

  • King Of the Butterfly Gore

    This comment section is better than any joke book I've ever seen. Like I can't take y'all seriously. I don't know what God y'all are under but I'd like to thank him for providing me with the pleasure of reading y'all's bullshit