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Ban Lifted | Huawei Are Back!
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Btekt Short | Sony Xperia 1
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  • - Xxb l u e m o o nxX -

    I have a LG v30 and I'm glad most people vote for this phone I've had it for almost a year now and I literally have no cracks on it plus I've at least dropped it twice a day

  • Da' Vi Perez
    Da' Vi Perez 6 hours ago

    Ewe those HTC / LG buttons from 2012. 🙄

  • Leon
    Leon 10 hours ago

    So how do you get access to playstore? I need instagram and snapchat for this phone

    • crazy tecno
      crazy tecno 8 hours ago

      @Leon huawei have a app store there you enter and install the google services or just enter in the google to search apks to install thhe google services (the mate 30 have google to search things)

    • Leon
      Leon 9 hours ago

      @crazy tecno thats the thing. How do you install google services if there aren´t any in the phone to begin with?

    • crazy tecno
      crazy tecno 10 hours ago

      You Just need to instala google services and the you can install apps in the playstore(and the huaweis have own app store and there they have snap, and insta)

  • Rokada PRL i inny systemy łącznosci

    At last Huawei is able to build a better camera than the Lumia 1020

  • vladimir zivojinovic
    vladimir zivojinovic 12 hours ago

    Not is not

  • Cypher NX
    Cypher NX 18 hours ago

    I prefer iPhone for the sake of natural color but the edge detection is still the same quality as last year's. Hopefully, iOS 13.1 will fix that.

  • Former El Chupacabra
    Former El Chupacabra 18 hours ago

    The most innovative superb phone of 2019 & 2020.

  • poikatiikeri
    poikatiikeri 19 hours ago

    Do these support like adobe rush and adobe utility? my Huawei p30 pro doesn't . It's anoying to shoot video and not having good editing software

  • KoollifeTv
    KoollifeTv 20 hours ago

    Who cares about spy Google.. We can install from another store

  • Rhp Aqo
    Rhp Aqo 21 hour ago

    You can adjust the blur effect on the galaxy note 10.

  • TheUltimatewomble
    TheUltimatewomble 22 hours ago

    Have you tried to bang Google apps on it and will it get a uk release?

  • Vishal Giri
    Vishal Giri Day ago

    It's an awesome phone, just worried about the Google support..

  • KitKat
    KitKat Day ago

    BlackBerry is BlackBerry 💚💜

    M ATTARI Day ago

    great video they both great

  • Reel.Marketing

    Beautiful colours, but no in built stabilisation?

  • tesla cars
    tesla cars Day ago

    sony display is super

  • tesla cars
    tesla cars Day ago

    i love japan phone

  • nizar kadri
    nizar kadri Day ago

    If you dont have content just give some time in preparing it and then post some video. This video is completely useless just reading out specs

    • nizar kadri
      nizar kadri Day ago

      @Btekt no i didnt meant to say that, as many of RU-cliprs already posted these hands om video at Munich only, you are already late for such video so its just feels useless as you are saying same things which others have already said and also showed those glimpse of phone which u showed in ur video aftr almost 24 hrs. In shot u r late for such video. Dont get offended i just shared what i felt

    • Btekt
      Btekt Day ago

      It's a hands-on video with the mate 30 pro. I don't understand what you mean. You expect me to go to Munich, see the mate 30 Pro and then not make a video?

  • deryck anderson

    you can adjust blur on note tho

  • cbsczhcsc
    cbsczhcsc Day ago

    confirm can install GMS 06:10

  • ali humaya
    ali humaya Day ago

    The notch let me down. Am keeping my note 10+

  • Xavier X
    Xavier X Day ago

    4:13 how is that 7800fps if this is 1000fps : 7800fps should be *much* slower! Somebody needs to test this claim!

  • G. oxygen
    G. oxygen Day ago

    The flash is xenon or led?

  • CHEU
    CHEU Day ago

    great phone

  • Mitesh Parmar
    Mitesh Parmar Day ago

    If you were going to get a new phone now or in the next month, what would you get (or wait for) @btekt ? I’m looking for something with great cameras, battery life and speed. Unsure whether to get the Note 10 plus or wait for the Pixel 4 xl or One Plus 7t pro

  • Ryu Tsuchiya
    Ryu Tsuchiya Day ago

    Thats a "Pro" smartphone!!! Not like the iPhone 11 😂

  • Stig
    Stig 2 days ago

    No 90hz bro?

  • Rahat Hussain
    Rahat Hussain 2 days ago

    The phone is looking so great your hands friend

  • Sherwin Lim
    Sherwin Lim 2 days ago

    i like your video and yeah waiting to see your next video and camera comparison of Mate30pro vs. Iphone11 vs. Samsung Note10+

  • franklingoodwin
    franklingoodwin 2 days ago

    Case makers must hate this design. Now they have to punch out massive circles in their Huawei Mate 30 Pro cases

    • Welcome_Player_One
      Welcome_Player_One 8 hours ago

      @franklingoodwin that's your mistake that word "probably" becouse no it's just about the same. They squirt and make a rectangle then cut out a circle. It's not rocket science 😂😂

    • franklingoodwin
      franklingoodwin 8 hours ago

      @Welcome_Player_One it really would make neligable difference to profits. But it's easier to manufacture cases with rectangular and square cut outs and probably a bit cheaper too

    • Welcome_Player_One
      Welcome_Player_One 8 hours ago

      Actually they would love it , less materials used = more Proffitt

  • Deveal Stone
    Deveal Stone 2 days ago

    Samsung Note is more pleasing to my eye but both are great

  • Review The Cheapest

    It will be great to throw in the Mate 30 Pro, especially when comparing the video recording.

  • John Spirou
    John Spirou 2 days ago

    4k 60p on iphone has way better stabilization...

    • Rennie Ash
      Rennie Ash 2 days ago

      Also the Note 10 has that slight overexposure as is a trait with Samsung

    • Btekt
      Btekt 2 days ago

      Yes it does. No denying that.

  • Said Amid Ibrahim
    Said Amid Ibrahim 2 days ago


  • Daniel Gutierrez
    Daniel Gutierrez 2 days ago


  • usman abdulkadir
    usman abdulkadir 2 days ago


  • Cristian G. Moraru
    Cristian G. Moraru 2 days ago

    please DO get the google play store apk and show us how it works or how it doesn't work

    • Sasha Meow
      Sasha Meow 2 days ago

      theres a spanish video on youtube on mate 30 showing a success install of google ..i dont want to link it it's easy enough to find i dont like linking in other peoples videos to other videos.

    • franklingoodwin
      franklingoodwin 2 days ago

      It will work. The issue will come that you will have to download another Google Play apk everytime a new version of the Google Play is released (or you could stay on an older version) because the Google Play store you currently get is updated through the Google Play services app and by Google Servers

  • Craig Davies
    Craig Davies 2 days ago

    Great job. 👌

  • sha shamad
    sha shamad 2 days ago

    who care who care who care who care who care about shitty google apps..... nobody care about google apps..... all what they do is doplicate other work and get credit for it..... we love huawei because its huawei not shitty google

  • figaro mash
    figaro mash 2 days ago

    The volume rocker has to double hit the curve edge call it out, this is wasting your time, if there is a hardware volume rocker you can save the double hits.

    • franklingoodwin
      franklingoodwin 2 days ago

      Exactly. To turn up the volume you have to take 3 actions to the usual one. I see no point in the horizon screen. It's also going to make cases more difficult to use and design. Maybe that's the point. Huawei want to sell you the official Huawei case instead of you buying one from Amazon

    JDM CJM 2 days ago

    I think the mate 20 pro looked better. And it was more reasonably priced (not that £900 Is reasonable). Pointless waterfall display to be honest with a case on. Plus that notch...who honestly uses gestures. It must be such a small amount of people who do that in very niche situations. I'd rather no notch. Complete no for this phone from me.

  • Usama Khan
    Usama Khan 2 days ago

    this vs not 10 plus and i phone 11 pro

  • Cristian C
    Cristian C 2 days ago

    It is available for pre-order? Or no date yet?

    • Zhang Yi
      Zhang Yi 2 days ago

      Mate 30 pro can be preordered at 00: 00 20/9 in China, and it'll be available at market on 26/9 after the launch in Shanghai China. But the 5G version isn't available until November this year.

    • Sasha Meow
      Sasha Meow 2 days ago

      no uk date yet but huawei keeps telling me to be patient and keep an eye on there website so it must be comming

  • Jacksnake D.
    Jacksnake D. 2 days ago

    Jaw dropping device with great design, incredible 5G speed and stunning camera features! So excited to see tutorials on how to install Google Apps!

    • Mash Z
      Mash Z Day ago

      Theres an app in the AppGallery to do it

  • Sinister XD
    Sinister XD 2 days ago

    Waited for the Mate 40

  • Cypher NX
    Cypher NX 2 days ago

    with that notch, I expect a camera and stuff like in iPhone's. Do they have one?

  • Review The Cheapest

    I have the feeling the upcoming videos in the next few months will be all about tutorials on how to manually download and install google apps.

    • Fernando C
      Fernando C 5 hours ago

      Just look the proandroid videos and on the presentation of the mate 30 he could do that

    • Kene Ezeike
      Kene Ezeike 8 hours ago

      A lot of these big reviewers are only used to lg samsung pixel and Huawei. They don't know the side load game for Xiaomi and other chinese phones

    • Sasha Meow
      Sasha Meow 2 days ago

      theres already a spanish video circulating on youtube from one guy installing it all on the mate 30 he fails the first time but the second time with a different installer he gets it all installed

  • Rabigh Kangleon
    Rabigh Kangleon 3 days ago

    How much would they be selling the freebud 3?

  • panda calvin
    panda calvin 3 days ago

    Can you pls try to install Google? See of ot works??

    • Wujian  Zhu
      Wujian Zhu 10 hours ago

      @Rio Winaryo I have a p10 and a Google maps does not work 100% so Google maps is still lagging

    • Rio Winaryo
      Rio Winaryo 20 hours ago

      @Yang Cao is the Google Map 100% accurate?

    • Yang Cao
      Yang Cao Day ago

      I have installed Google Play with my Chinese version AppGallery's 谷歌安装器 on my Mate 30 and it works fine.

    • Rey
      Rey 2 days ago

      Yes you can install

  • Joel Lungu
    Joel Lungu 3 days ago

    Great video

    RAHUL DRAVID 3 days ago

    Amazing video..

  • JannisDavidZwahlen
    JannisDavidZwahlen 3 days ago

    Awesome.. 😍 Please provide samples of the super slow mo yeah? 😆

  • as 'B'
    as 'B' 3 days ago

    Wow 😍truly gorgeous 📱❤️

  • The RaRa85
    The RaRa85 3 days ago

    I hate that this got so much less press because of the relationship with Google and the US. Seriously Huawei really cares about mobile photographers. They threw a xenon flash that nobody asked for on the back. Powered by huge batteries and huge sensors. Great job by them. Also I am demanding either a translator or precise *AI* closed captioning any time Richard Yu is on stage.😂😂😂🤣

    • Heather Larson
      Heather Larson Day ago

      America wants to maintain their tech dominance in a forceful way. Lol.

    • cbsczhcsc
      cbsczhcsc Day ago from 06:10

    • Michael Li
      Michael Li 2 days ago

      @GrandeNJR totally

    • GrandeNJR
      GrandeNJR 2 days ago


    • Michael Li
      Michael Li 2 days ago

      Someone broke it with gms, check RU-clip yourself.

  • ViktorHD
    ViktorHD 3 days ago

    Just amazing, can't wait for new videos 👌

  • Ben Franklin
    Ben Franklin 3 days ago

    What are those holes beside the circle for?

  • Nitin Jain
    Nitin Jain 3 days ago

    What is maximum luminance of the screen ? Is it 1200 nits ? And what is the screen refresh rate ?

    • Muhammad Nur Ariff
      Muhammad Nur Ariff 12 hours ago

      90hz Refresh Rate

    • DADO
      DADO 2 days ago

      1200nits of brightness was the biggest scam by samsung ever, it's false advertising, they should be a shame.

    • M Morales
      M Morales 2 days ago

      Not sure about the luminance but the display is a solid regular 60hz like the Note 10 for example.

    • Abraham M.
      Abraham M. 3 days ago

      1.21 Gigawatts.

  • R808 Sphinx
    R808 Sphinx 3 days ago it's the vivo nex 3

  • niyamat ali
    niyamat ali 3 days ago

    What's price in india of this fon

  • Murat Adamov
    Murat Adamov 3 days ago

    looks ugly

    • Rio Winaryo
      Rio Winaryo 20 hours ago

      Ugly but powerful.

    • Sasha Meow
      Sasha Meow 2 days ago

      looks like a nokia lumia phone back to me and everyone at one point was saying how beautiful they was lol

    • Abraham M.
      Abraham M. 3 days ago

      Sadly most phones do nowadays, at least from the back.

  • Michael Li
    Michael Li 3 days ago

    Can't wait for you to test the cams. My son is David too

  • Rongie Segador
    Rongie Segador 3 days ago


  • Btekt
    Btekt 3 days ago

    Okay, so I couldn't make the gestures work.😂But it does work. Didn't have much time to make this. Proper review coming.

    • Nisal Perera
      Nisal Perera Day ago

      @Mark X watch this bro

    • Mash Z
      Mash Z Day ago

      @Mark X yup. And there's an app in the AppGallery that sideloads google apps

    • Bradley Diale
      Bradley Diale Day ago

      @Mark X that is what the CEO said_aparently

    • Mark X
      Mark X Day ago

      you cant still use most google service through the browser right, gmail etc?

    • Eric Liu
      Eric Liu 2 days ago

      To make the gesture work, you need to open your palm in front of the camera for a sec, then there is a small hand icon shown on the screen. Here you go.

  • Grey 420
    Grey 420 3 days ago

    This is absolutely gorgeous

  • blake enzo
    blake enzo 3 days ago

    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • mario mena
    mario mena 3 days ago


  • DrBx دربكس
    DrBx دربكس 3 days ago

    Watching using my xs max

  • RAVEN Dark
    RAVEN Dark 3 days ago

    thats good i have huawey p8 lite

  • Florentia Nikolaidoy

    What happened finally??

  • Eaunanisme
    Eaunanisme 4 days ago

    How did you get the Lcasrs screen on your phone? Can you tell me how ?? ThANKS! LOVE YOUR videos!

  • Revival
    Revival 4 days ago

    Where does one get this new P30 pro?

  • the_boon
    the_boon 4 days ago

    Wish it was a portrait slider like the Priv

  • Akshay Chaturvedi
    Akshay Chaturvedi 4 days ago

    my xz premium 10 time better then samsung shit

  • Doktor OSwaldo
    Doktor OSwaldo 4 days ago

    1. The phone body is aluminium not plastic 2. It is a Snapdragon 835 not 660 3. The camera is the same as the Pixel 3 has (exactly the same). Which has good reviews, why should this one be bad? When criticizing the price it is important to get that stuff right.

    • vleeskaak
      vleeskaak 3 days ago

      mosen asked chen (founder of fxtec) about this on after that NYC event as far as i understand it he's saying they just made some tweaks to the anodization process and I am happy to see the page i compiled is quite popular :-D ( is mine)

    • Anthony Siani
      Anthony Siani 3 days ago

      I re-read the questions and answers. Perhaps you are correct. One guy described it at rubbery so I think I may have assumed it wasn't aluminum anymore.

    • Anthony Siani
      Anthony Siani 3 days ago

      Questions and Answers from NYC event. I was surprised too. Doesn't actually say plastic but does not sound like aluminum from it's description of grippy texture

    • Doktor OSwaldo
      Doktor OSwaldo 3 days ago

      @Anthony Siani I have no information of this. All statements say it is aluminium. The only thing they officially changed is the coating of the aluminium to give it more grip. The teardown picture clearly shows aluminium. So if you have any valid sources stating otherwise, I would be thankful if you post them.

    • Anthony Siani
      Anthony Siani 3 days ago

      Final version of the body is plastic not aluminum as earlier stated.

  • vleeskaak
    vleeskaak 4 days ago

    It has a Snapdragon 835, not a 660. Also that camera module is the same as what the Pixel 3 has which is known to take great photos, and it has 2-stage camera button so I do think this will be a good phone to take photos. Also the case is specified to be made of aluminium, haven't personally laid hands on one yet though.

  • Αλέξανδρος Ρήγας

    Μαζεύω λεφτά να πάρω το περσινό μεταχειρισμένο γυρω στα40 χιλιάρικα κοστίζει! Εδώ και 2 μήνες έχω μαζέψει γύρω στα... 2 ευρώ....😗😝😛

  • Andrea Fitch
    Andrea Fitch 4 days ago

    I think its a grea idea to set up you own amazon locker style situation. My question is this. If you send the code to someone to unlock, it says you will know when its been unlocked? How ? Its bluetooth not wireless right.

  • Wyn
    Wyn 4 days ago

    I'm about to buy the free buds 2, when are the 3rd generation released as I might wait.

  • KY
    KY 4 days ago

    1:14 this is just a hidden commerical. Myzone claim it themselves without stating sources on how they got this percentage. How can I trust your judgement on the rest of the video?

  • Vivek Paul
    Vivek Paul 5 days ago

    Optical zoom test

  • Anu Jafar
    Anu Jafar 5 days ago

    I love my sony sound clr audio +clr bass...hi res sounds +Dolby automs so very nice 👍

  • residentCJ
    residentCJ 5 days ago

    Correct me if im wrong, but gsm arena say 7.2 has a snapdragon 660 processor. And as of today i think no sony handset has an imx sensor with 48 megapixel. But i like btekt for the good camera comparisons, so keep up the good stuff 😁 Im waitin for nokia 8.2, hopefully with dual speaker and OIS 👍

  • Ohz
    Ohz 5 days ago

    Good video

  • Sam 2018
    Sam 2018 5 days ago

    LG slide anyone?

    JDM CJM 5 days ago

    Who buys the Porsche design ones?? Most non Porsche owners or non tech people won't know what it is. Plus the price when it will be out dated soon......and it doesn't even look good!!

  • Wheelchair Fitness with Chris

    Why even purchase this phone without any Google services?

  • middle class engineer

    but this is not powerful than sd855+ chipset

  • painful1978
    painful1978 5 days ago

    Rise from the ashes Nokia.. RISE

  • Teshigi Smith
    Teshigi Smith 5 days ago

    I literally feel like Direct Mobiles is my family at this point with how many times you mention them in your videos lmao. I don't live in the UK so it doesn't really apply to me but they're still there. Also I'm going to call you out again man for looking so sweaty xD.

  • sefred7
    sefred7 6 days ago

    BlackBerry key 2 has a smart swipe keyboard as well as hundreds of key shortcuts.

  • JannisDavidZwahlen
    JannisDavidZwahlen 6 days ago

    New leak suggests 7680 FPS Super-Slow Mo.. 🤯

  • Munir Rahool
    Munir Rahool 6 days ago

    Strange enough that no one is talking "Xperia 1 and 2". Xperia 2 has been my dream device by looks and that keyboard was a killer. Xperia 1 as well had an iconic keyboard, this remind me instantly to those devices. That's a good good move from these people and talk about Productivity, I think a great camera is key component for today's productivity because everything has been merging into one. So yes, personally I would LOVE to have some P1i like device or this one above with really great camera too in future.

  • AK
    AK 6 days ago

    Watching this on a Mate 20 X :)

  • Chris Kennedy
    Chris Kennedy 6 days ago

    Nokia 7 (China exclusive) -> Nokia 7.1 -> Nokia 7.2 Nokia 7 Plus -> Nokia 8.1 It's a great design with simplicity & practicality in focus imo

  • Zaben AlEid
    Zaben AlEid 6 days ago

    Mate 20x is the best phone ever. I am still happy with the P30 pro.

  • René oo
    René oo 6 days ago

    I need a new Nokia E7-00 2020 versión.

  • Iurie Spatari
    Iurie Spatari 6 days ago

    what happened to this channel? Recently all the videos are like filmed in 15fps + over saturated...

    • Rennie Ash
      Rennie Ash 6 days ago

      Iurie Spatari maybe something’s up with your phone ;-)

  • srinuposina
    srinuposina 6 days ago

    Why many errors 1. The screen size is 6.3 inch 2. 7.2 has SD 660 3. 7.1 isn't the successor of 7+ 4. They are launching them with Android 9, so Android 12 won't be received. 5. 110 has 4MB RAM not 4GB

  • Johnny Carcinogen
    Johnny Carcinogen 6 days ago

    The Red Key2 LE suuuuuucks. They stripped out capacitive keyboard send streamlined or crunch down a bunch of other useful features.

  • Johnny Carcinogen
    Johnny Carcinogen 6 days ago

    Eww, yeah I thought it was metal construction too... Raising the price, shipping late, and lousy materials? I fear my hesitates to pull the trigger on pre-ordering will bear out. New paragraphs which really sucks because I wanted this phone to be awesome.