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  • Sh4d0wch40s
    Sh4d0wch40s 3 hours ago

    I know your video is a bit old as of today, but as far as I know, a simple EULA isn't legally binding in court. If MS would abuse ANYTHING like it, especially if its about personal data, then they could end up in big trouble. Moreso in Europe with the newly passed GDPR law(s). This license agreement isn't even compliant with it. I'm no fool, though, and I know that as long as no one takes notice of it, that they just don't give a damn. But still. They can legalese all they want, if it comes down to it, they could get into big trouble. The EU doesn't mess around with that stuff.

  • R.a. Wheeler
    R.a. Wheeler 5 hours ago

    Snaps are handy for systems that don't have native support or your trying to make an application that has a lot of external dependants. but I find Snaps use more hard drive space and memory as a whole and are slower. maybe in the age of 6 and 8 core CPUs with gigs of ram and seemingly unlimited storage space, that's ok. But it's not very efficient for people using something like HP streams that are both ram and storage limited, let alone potato powered CPUs. All that extra overhead can be costly.

  • siliano magni
    siliano magni 8 hours ago

    i agree with you,thankyou for your information.

  • Rohan Mishra
    Rohan Mishra 10 hours ago

    I might do a complete reinstall on my laptop after 19.10 rel. I’ve been updating my install for years and while it works fine the changes I’ve made have made it a mess.

  • Ryan Yoder
    Ryan Yoder 15 hours ago

    Canonical did not decide to transition chromium to snap. The chromium team did.

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins 15 hours ago

      That's not how I'm reading it everywhere I look. Can you site a reference?

  • AussieEevee
    AussieEevee 16 hours ago

    I use Google Chrome on all my systems... Windows, Linux, and my mobile devices... And it works perfectly. It does exactly what I need it to, and its sync functionality means that I have my profile across ALL my devices. I despise Firefox... Mostly because of the lack of proper profile management (It does have it, but it's not enabled by default and requires a lot of playing around to make it work), and partly because it seems to display some webpages wrong. A problem I don't have with Edge, Chrome, Opera, or Safari.

  • Itamar Ribeiro
    Itamar Ribeiro 17 hours ago

    I had no idea this was because of our Mate tea

  • Jimmy Mueller
    Jimmy Mueller 18 hours ago

    i was running it on 4gb an it was SLOW so there being overly optimistic LOL

  • Barbara H-P
    Barbara H-P 19 hours ago

    Excellent video. I have been using Ubuntu Mate since 17.04. I agree with you about the e-mail client switch. The first thing I did after installation and rebooting was remove Evolution and install Thunderbird.

  • 2010stoof
    2010stoof 20 hours ago

    How long have you been using Linux? Are you a sysadmin as your employment? You seem to me to know soooo much!!! Love your videos!!

    • 2010stoof
      2010stoof 15 hours ago

      @Joe Collins oh cool. Well even your ssh video was a bit advanced for me but in time I think I'll understand it better. Thanks for making these videos. It'll take some time but I'm getting it more and more each day.

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins 16 hours ago

      I have been using Linux for about 13 years but I ran Windows networks and programmed automation systems for radio and TV stations before that. :)

  • 2010stoof
    2010stoof 20 hours ago

    That bash looks complicated, but so does everything before you know how to do it

  • Herr Berg
    Herr Berg Day ago

    Linux Mint is one of the okayest distributions

  • Karl Bergen
    Karl Bergen Day ago

    I am quite interested in in putting a version of Linux on a Windiws7 computer I have.. It has an AMD processor so I want something that will work. I've been leaning towards Mint but MX looks interesting. Some years ago I had some Linux experience. I was quite interested the the HP48GX calculator and in a library for it known as Jazz which could convert the cryptic internal code into a human readable string which could be edited and recompiled to modify it. Software was built on computers for it but the DOS/Windows system of the day could not compile Jazz. In order to compile it a linux machine was needed. So I got interested in the Linux of the day which was terminal based. I was at home on a terminal and s graphic user interface was looked at almost as a luxary. The MX Linux seems to be closer to home because it works more like the old Linux. Now I need to consider it.

  • random dude
    random dude Day ago

    Why people hate snap. ? :-/

  • Steven Lyon
    Steven Lyon Day ago

    Thanks for the wonderful content as usual joe. I totally agree with this viewpoint. Two thumbs up brother.

  • Bert Nijhof
    Bert Nijhof Day ago

    Snaps are the future, because it saves both the distro owner and the developers a lot of time and money. It will make it easier for commercial companies to move their products to Linux, because instead of N Linux versions of the same product they only have to maintain one. And if the developer makes an error and the Apps does not work anymore after an update, you can rollback the snap and go back to the working version.

  • Bob Harrison
    Bob Harrison Day ago

    Pidgin died there is no chat services to attach to pidgin anymore.

  • 2010stoof
    2010stoof Day ago

    Can you make a video of doing a UEFi install? (This is a legacy install) I'm in the process of doing this for a computer that will have win10 on one drive and mint 19.2 on a separate drive but in order for this to work Linux needs to be installed in UEFi mode and partition table different and stuff. Didnt work when I installed mint legacy (msdos partition table) grub couldn't see the other win10 SSD

    • 2010stoof
      2010stoof Day ago

      @Joe Collins I understand not like dual boots. And I don't like them either on same drive. I'm using two different drives but using Linux drive's grub. That way later I could just pull either drive and it'll run with whatever I leave in Edit: dual boots on same drive gets messy and hard to "unravel"

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins Day ago

      This video is for beginners... If UEFI is turned on the installer will do the partitioning for them. What you want to do is more advanced and I don't recommend or support dual bots. :)

  • Clipgatherer
    Clipgatherer Day ago

    Linux Users of the World: Unite! 😄

  • mullity1952
    mullity1952 Day ago

    Windows has more back doors than mouse living in a wheel of Swiss cheese. Bring on ReactOS.

  • Voldorac
    Voldorac 2 days ago

    "I don't get it" had me laughing ! xD

  • Mindboggle100
    Mindboggle100 2 days ago

    Joe tells it the way it is... choose your hardware with care.

  • ユーネ / Yuune
    ユーネ / Yuune 2 days ago

    I don't like Ubuntu because it is owned by private corporation while Mint is community based project.

  • ユーネ / Yuune
    ユーネ / Yuune 2 days ago

    Linux Mint was my first Linux distro

  • Justin Rogelio
    Justin Rogelio 2 days ago

    I see comments from 10 years ago, Damn I feel old

  • Don McCollough
    Don McCollough 2 days ago

    The slowness of the snaps is an issue sometimes, but once that gets fixed, it might be better. I've stripped out most of the snaps in my 19.04 and replaced with the normal packages from Synaptic except for the ones I could not find.

  • ItzMichaelPhillips
    ItzMichaelPhillips 2 days ago

    You've been... gnoooomed!

  • benriful
    benriful 2 days ago

    Yeah snaps are controversial. In some ways they're "nice" since they do not have issues like dependency clashes. You can have 2 programs using different versions of dependencies, not really possible with normal deb install. Though this is also possible with flatpak and appimage, the two major competitors of snap. My own personal issue with snap is those loop mount points. I have a setup where I mount into a sparse file, which gets encrypted. This I do through a script running at startup. And the only way I've found to mount it is through a loop mount. Unfortunately, snaps interfere with that. Meaning each time a snap is installed or updated, the loop mount orders seem to change, meaning I have to edit that script to now point to another loop mount. I've not seen a way to make these more consistent. But my solution was to just get rid of snaps in totality, if I want something like this then rather just use flatpak (it does the same thing, just not using loop mounts). BTW, it's one of the behind-the-scenes changes Mint does on top of Ubuntu. They replace the snap package manager with flatpak instead.

  • theler ghoster
    theler ghoster 2 days ago

    Nice video, I love Manjaro distro.

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude 2 days ago

    My set up is a Project Carbon (Standard 2M Red) and a pair of Klipsch R15PM. Fantastic, but I will upgrade to the blue when the red wears out. Eventually I would also like to upgrade while still using the speakers but adding a quality pre amp.

  • Hobo Boxcarro
    Hobo Boxcarro 2 days ago

    If they take Telegraph away How Can it Work?

  • Hobo Boxcarro
    Hobo Boxcarro 2 days ago


  • Haim Lvov
    Haim Lvov 2 days ago

    Didn't Canonical reinvent some kind of Docker?

  • mullity1952
    mullity1952 2 days ago

    The WinOS has more back doors than a mice living in a wheel of Swiss cheese. Microsofts way of doing things was Ok in the days before the internet really took hold but since then it became a liability not an asset to do things. But there is no nicer way of making moolah than paying peanuts for something then setting it up so that you rake it in. @ Joe Installed 19.2 Tina and love the bash terminal and the cinnamon desktop. Even thogh Realtek NIC don't like the driver included in the OS. Cheers.

  • Jack Trudel
    Jack Trudel 2 days ago

    Mint 19.2 --- absolutely love it. Currently dual booted w Windows 7 until a terabyte of files and other accommodations like seven pages of passwords to sort thru and 3 half-written books are transferred to external drives. Two years ago I tried Windows 10 for 3 days - found the 45 pages of TOS they buried, discovered my logitech camera was now listed as a Microsoft camera by Dell and I couldn't take a selfie for authorization into an online college course - turned out since I wouldn't bend over for the Windows 10 Store they denied access & use of my own equipment which they now claimed as theirs- FY Bill or Satoshi or whatever your name is now. Immediately reinstalled W7, but not for long. Very soon I shall be free of that evil cabal forever & for good.

  • ItzMichaelPhillips
    ItzMichaelPhillips 2 days ago

    Don't worry, I could barely even hear that grinder.

  • Sergei Kritzien
    Sergei Kritzien 2 days ago

    Thanks man. Your dedication to the Linux cause is immense

  • YoungPhilosopher Davey

    when you first notice the penguin

  • Madhurananda Pahar
    Madhurananda Pahar 3 days ago

    Hi, thanks for the video. It was very helpful. By the way, which desktop environment are you using? It looks pretty cool.

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins 3 days ago

      That was Linux Mint with Cinnamon, I think./ It's an old vid. I have written software that does a much better job of doing this since then. :)

  • Kareem Kasem
    Kareem Kasem 3 days ago

    I use Ubuntu-Budgie 19.04 on my old laptop ... Fairly light , absolutely gorgeous and has all features I need. My only problem is that booting takes longer than it should and I hate dealing with PPA s ... I think I might try manjaro but I wonder what "new problems" I'll get there 😂

  • Kareem Kasem
    Kareem Kasem 3 days ago

    I use Ubuntu-Budgie 19.04 on my old laptop ... Fairly light , absolutely gorgeous and has all features I need. My only problem is that booting takes longer than it should and I hate dealing with PPA s ... I think I might try manjaro but I wonder what "new problems" I'll get there 😂

  • Joe Collins
    Joe Collins 3 days ago

    ATTENTION: Comments about how I pronounce anything will be deleted so don't bother. People are never gonna agree on it because people say things differently depending on what part of the world they are from. Let's talk about the distribution instead. :)

  • Dennis Bauer
    Dennis Bauer 3 days ago

    Some Microsoft people involved in this for sure. I may as well just go back to Microsoft, oh wait, I can have Microsoft and Linux together, No, well certainly getting conditioned for it coming to a computer near you some time soon.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 3 days ago

    Thanks for the step by step tutorial. I agree with you about the adobe situation.

  • Sabiazoth Psyche
    Sabiazoth Psyche 3 days ago

    Great useful tips. Powerful stuff... Something Windows forbids its customers to obtain and maintain. 👍

  • Ben Williams
    Ben Williams 3 days ago

    As a relative newby with Ubuntu I had a problem with snap - there are two entries for KeePassXC (my preferred password manager) in the Discover software manager. At some point I had clicked on both of them and both were installed. If it were not for the fact that one of them did not follow my desktop theme it might have been a long time before I twigged. You see, one of them integrated with the browsers seamlessly and the other just wouldn't. Depending on which shortcut icon I happened to use to launch the program it intermittently worked and failed. It was, of course the snap package which was all wrong - there was no mention of its different status or non standard program file location etc. (it did give itself permission to load upon booting without ever asking too.) I did learn quite a bit whie sorting this out - principally how to delete and remove snap and ALL its packages. And then I got rid of Discover and replaced what apps I wanted using Muon package manager. As a side benefit my home disk is way less cluttered and quite a bit less full.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 3 days ago

    Fedora vs Manjaro...

  • Aaron
    Aaron 4 days ago

    Microsoft Winders 10 is rolling release....and worse then Linux....

  • Spanish Property Consultant

    Hierba is "herb" in Spanish and if I am correct it was maté so the accent over the e at the end is like aaayyyy Yerba Mataaayy or just Hierba maté. As the character é is not in the English language it has been dropped to be Mate. Now are you all keeping up here :-)

  • MrKomer
    MrKomer 4 days ago

    If I were using Ubuntu, I'd try to uninstall everything related to snap (meaning snapd & those conversion scripts). If that were not possible, I'd hop to another distro that's not based on *buntu. Probably Debian. Forcing snaps on users is shady thing to do. Specialy if they do it for older versions of *buntu family. Many people are running away from Microsoft because it was forcing things. Now Canonical is trying to pull the same s**t. Luckily, Linux is all about the choice.

  • Leslie Savege
    Leslie Savege 4 days ago

    Ms-paint even sends a message to Microsoft, when it is opened, and this can be demonstrated with Taskmanager.

  • Gameramante
    Gameramante 4 days ago

    Wow! Yerba Mate is extremely popular here in Brazil, most of people loves yerba mate tea, I had NO idea Ubuntu Mate was named after yerba mate.

  • GreenPedal
    GreenPedal 4 days ago

    In 1998 I bought a Slackware disk set. I've used slack ever since.

  • GreenPedal
    GreenPedal 4 days ago


  • Fabian Aguilar
    Fabian Aguilar 4 days ago

    It would be great to run this, but I had the great idea to buy a new AMD 5700XT GPU and I can't get it to boot into anything that is not the Ubuntu LTS with their proprietary driver. It runs like crap. If someone knows how to fix this, I would appreciate a hint.

  • 2010stoof
    2010stoof 4 days ago

    Any chance on an update to this video on what's been going on since up to the end of 2019?

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins 4 days ago

      I would have to watch this all over again to even know what I was talking about... I really don't editorialize much on RU-clip these days. :)

  • Tom B
    Tom B 4 days ago

    Amazing, thks for keeping it simple for stupid/dummies like me.

  • Domithacus Van Thistlebloom

    Is there a chance of corrupting the file system if I run a scheduled backup in anacron and shutdown the computer during the process. Since there is no terminal output there is quite a high chance of that happening. Does anacron complete or otherwise safely handle the unfinished backup on the next reboot or does it just start a new job. In the case of e4defrag I am a bit worried that powering the system of during a defrag could corrupt the filesystem.

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins 4 days ago

      Neither is an issue. The system will gracefully end such processes.

  • Domithacus Van Thistlebloom

    I know that I can change the shell to bash in cron. Can I do that in anacron?

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins 4 days ago

      Since anacron uses these little scripts you can call on whatever shell you want. :)

  • Domithacus Van Thistlebloom

    Thanks for uploading this. Very informative indeed. I do however have a question. Say I have scheduled a postgreSQL backup to run daily but open my pc a month later, would that mean that anacron runs the backup 4 times or would it just execute the last backup request?

    • Domithacus Van Thistlebloom
      Domithacus Van Thistlebloom 4 days ago

      @Joe Collins Thanks Joe!

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins 4 days ago

      @Domithacus Van Thistlebloom It would just pick up where it left off. It just looks to see when the last job was done (daily, weekly or monthly) and does it if it's time to do another. If the machine was off for a month then it would perform all the tasks in all the directories. :)

    • Domithacus Van Thistlebloom
      Domithacus Van Thistlebloom 4 days ago

      Sorry I meant to write 28 - 31 times.

  • D K
    D K 4 days ago

    Extremely helpful to me, a very new beginner in Linux OS and Bash. Thank you very much for putting this video together and sharing it with the world!

  • NotMarkKnopfler
    NotMarkKnopfler 4 days ago

    So you can't create a blank file from the GUI? So long Gnome. *Drop*. Ps: Mint Cinnamon user 😁

  • Jeffrey Plum
    Jeffrey Plum 4 days ago

    I am seriously considering MX Linux as new common standard on several machines. SysV Init and other quirks are very important. It also means I shall keep some old SysV Linux books just for systems like this. I use SystemD based Ubuntus mostly, so MX could create some Gotchas if one assumed a standard Debian/ Ubuntu Systemd init. Thanks

  • Ram Laska
    Ram Laska 4 days ago

    I really loathe snap for littering my mountpoints with rubbish. They may have a good technical reason to do so (although it’s not hardly the only way to do sandboxing), but it’s annoying as all get out. Also, this garbage: $ for x in $(snap list |awk '$1 != "Name" {print $1}'); do printf "%-30s" $x; snap info $x |grep ^license || echo; done cool-retro-term license: unset core license: unset core18 license: unset gnome-3-26-1604 license: unset gnome-3-28-1804 license: unset gotop-cjbassi license: AGPL-3.0 gtk-common-themes license: unset linuxtycoon license: unset simplenote license: unset spotifyd license: unset syncthing license: unset ubuntu-budgie-welcome license: unset

    • Ram Laska
      Ram Laska Day ago

      benriful How do you get at the structure of the AppImage, though? It just look like a huge monolithic executable. Does Linux have something like a resource fork like the classic macs?

    • benriful
      benriful Day ago

      @Ram Laska It's actually pretty much the same thing as snap/flatpak. Just the implementation differs. For one thing, it also doesn't really need any extras to run, unlike snap needing snapd to run. The actual file you download for appimage contains its own runtime. After you've downloaded it, right-click properties and under permissions set its executable flag on. Then just double click the file to run it. Some linux distros come with a setting to then just add these to your menu at the first time you run it. Out the gate, Snap and flatpak enforce sandboxing. AppImage allows it, but doesn't enforce it, it's up to whoever make the appimage file to turn this on/off. And it is actually possible to edit the file - it's just a ZIP file with specific folder structure and a text file with settings.

    • Ram Laska
      Ram Laska 2 days ago

      benriful I’m not sure how AppImage works. They say it doesn’t do sandboxing, but I’ve also heard it’s basically an iso or disk image file. So I’m guessing it somehow reads and writes to the disk image, but I’m not sure if it is actually mounted or not. It would be interesting to try to find out. I do like AppImage, and flatpak seems pretty decent as well (they label more of their licenses, which is critical to me).

    • benriful
      benriful 2 days ago

      Exactly my issue with snap as well. Those loop mounts actually interfere with mounts I setup myself. And why is this loop mounting needed? Flatpak and AppImage can do the exact same thing as Snap without having to loop mount each and every program individually.

  • Clipgatherer
    Clipgatherer 4 days ago

    I upgraded from Ubuntu 19.04 to 19.10 via a Terminal command, and it seems to work just fine on my VMware Fusion virtual machine. I didn't get that "freaky" Ermine desktop, though. 😀

  • DegenerateProduction

    I ran into an error out of the blue using Virtualbox recently and tried Boxes. It can automate a lot of it even downloading the image. I'm not that fond of automation since it's defaults for a VM are a bit sparse on resources but it has a few options here and there. Overall I like it so far, the beta of Ubuntu 19.10 not as much but it's not ready for me yet being the noob I am still.

  • african aqw
    african aqw 4 days ago

    Is devil?

  • Oscar Marquez
    Oscar Marquez 4 days ago

    I still use Unity 7 with 18.04, so far still works great! I hope still it's works on 19.10

  • Kuhluh
    Kuhluh 4 days ago

    I like the idea of appimages, snappy and flatpak, especially from a security point of view. One of the problems of binary software releases on Linux is that you (as the developer) need to recompile and distribute your program for a lot of distributions/distribution versions (Linus Torvalds also complained about that once) individually which is a lot of work and a lot of developers (understandably) to want to deal with that (especially because normal user don't care about such problems). Another positive things is that the apps are sandboxed (similar to running a docker container) which is really good from a security point of view (and Linux is also a big hacker target these days, most servers, basically all IoT-devices, and Android use the Linux-kernel, the times that is was more secure by being less used are long gone). So in a whole: more secure, by being less work for developers it's a bit more likely that they also build for Linux (example: Spotify, available as debian, snap and flatpak package), and being easier to remove manually (if you ever need to do so).

    • Hyp3rSoni X
      Hyp3rSoni X 4 days ago

      @Kuhluh I know, that's what I mean. If there are 20 different approaches to sandboxing programs, then in the end the devs still have the higher workload of packing their stuff into different 'sandboxers'. But yeah, if the only real advantage of sandboxing is security, then I too would say it's great on servers, but not really that good for the normal user. At least not every single program.

    • Kuhluh
      Kuhluh 4 days ago

      @Hyp3rSoni X to be fair, every distro gives you the option to install flatpak if not already done by default (sudo apt install flatpak on Ubuntu for example, but yeah)

    • Kuhluh
      Kuhluh 4 days ago

      @Hyp3rSoni X Appimages and flatpaks are sandboxed too The reason for sandboxing is security, the user won't really the notice the difference between non-sandboxed and sandboxed (besides a small speed penalty) but a packages which is a virus can't really brick your system (but could keylog you still with the insecurity of the X-Window-System if you use it instead of Wayland)

    • Kuhluh
      Kuhluh 4 days ago

      @Hyp3rSoni X different versions of libraries make programs quite often needing to recompile and things like apt following the Unix philosophy of having as small packages as possible; that's why we don't have something similar like .exe files

    • Hyp3rSoni X
      Hyp3rSoni X 4 days ago

      well... if in the end there are like 200 alternatives to snaps, nothing will change. You will still need to package your app for all those sandboxers, because well... the userbase will once again split between all of them. I already see people rooting for appimages, others for flatbacks, and some for snaps etc. The Linux community seriously needs to start determining "standards" that everyone has to follow, but give the users the choice to opt out. For example if they choose flatpacks as the standard, every distro has to include it, but also give the user the choice to remove it and use something else instead... Just an example. But yeah... then there are people who will complain for standards to even exist etc. But I honestly don't see that much of a great future in snaps. Especially in the mindset of "run everything in a sandbox". Why do we even need things like snaps? Why can't linux distros also have something similar like the Windows .exe that I can just run in every distro? I mean they're all Linux in the end...

  • Alpha
    Alpha 4 days ago

    Why have nautilus become so bad in since GNOME3 as a file browser... there's like nothing there anymore and feels more like the Files app on my iPad than a proper file manager u get on windows and mac. What happened. :s

  • Kumbaya kumbaya
    Kumbaya kumbaya 5 days ago

    they will use money take control and redirect linux towards their own nefarious agenda of global market and cultural domination. The first order of the day will be installing a back door in the kernel, of course they will call it a security update, and the typical useful idiots will applaud this because now they can sync their smartphone to facebook/google/microsoft....

  • Anzan Hoshin Roshi
    Anzan Hoshin Roshi 5 days ago

    Thank you, Joe. From what I've been told, Pop!_OS will not follow Ubuntu's snap policies though it allows snaps. We shall see.

  • common sense
    common sense 5 days ago

    I Love This series !!!!!! Thank You again!!

  • TheUnknown67
    TheUnknown67 5 days ago

    To get you Guest Additions-like drivers in GNOME Boxes, install the Spice Tools inside the VM: sudo apt install spice-vdagent spice-webdavd The spice-webdavd package will give you the ability to share your host machine's files.

  • TheUnknown67
    TheUnknown67 5 days ago

    Good job on trying GNOME Boxes. How's your experience with it so far?

  • Black Fox
    Black Fox 5 days ago

    Snaps - at that point Ubuntu behaves like MS - they know better. People used to say that Linux should do what user wants - not what the "company" wants. Using apt should install via apt not snap. And that's why I disliked snaps.

    • Black Fox
      Black Fox 4 days ago

      @Kuhluh 100% true

    • Kuhluh
      Kuhluh 4 days ago

      snappy itself aren't the problem, but this forcing snappy is

  • Claus Hilman
    Claus Hilman 5 days ago

    I made it from 17.3 to 19.2 : painless! Fast and easy. All working in minutes. I really love Linux and Mint. Thank you!

  • bemonolit
    bemonolit 5 days ago

    Please make video how to setup static ip in ubuntu 19.04-10. From terminal please.

  • Med BH
    Med BH 5 days ago

    is it possible to zoom in and out with marco as compiz, xfwm, kwin do? this is crucial for visually impaired people....

  • Guy Clark
    Guy Clark 5 days ago

    Thank you for another great video. Ubuntu Eoan GNOME is rocking. It is interesting that you are working with Boxes in this video. It would be interesting to hear your evaluation of Boxes and how it stacks up beside VirtualBox. As a matter of interest did you know an existing VirtualBox vdi. can be imported and converted to run on Boxes.

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins 5 days ago

      I will be doing a video on Boxes sometime soon. :)

  • Johan B.
    Johan B. 5 days ago

    That's what I don't like that they decide what I need and don't need on the desktop. If you don't like snaps don't remove them or your 19.10 hangs in a boot loop. It didn't find Chromium the first time because you typed chomr.

  • Nilz
    Nilz 5 days ago

    wow, its a new 'Buntu.... ok now back to arch...(or mx if i feel like it)

  • Pres Ton
    Pres Ton 5 days ago

    19:29 you didn't use the snap cmd correctly. When forking at that decission myself(same env yada yada yada), using snap instead of apt is when the hierachy is created. So like (forgive me if i am 100% wrong here) apt install chromium-browser would make like '/bin/chromium-browser' where using snap would make like '/snap/etc/chromium-browser'. Is how to say that the best way for explenation. i think apt wouldn't make jails though.

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins 5 days ago

      I didn't use that snap command at all! That's the point. They SWITCHED me from APT to Snap with a transitional package.

  • eznix
    eznix 5 days ago

    I will never use Ubuntu again because of the way they are forcing snaps. Ubuntu and all derivatives are no longer welcome on my hardware.

  • Ivan Guerra
    Ivan Guerra 5 days ago

    Man, the only thing that keep me far from Ubuntu is all that rats they put over and over again, and the horrible orange color of course.

  • Al F.
    Al F. 5 days ago

    The first time you searched for Chromium you misspelled it and typed "chomr." That's why you didn't find it the first time around.

  • /mark /w
    /mark /w 5 days ago

    I wonder if Ubuntu Mate will follow along with this snap crap. I hope not

    • /mark /w
      /mark /w 5 days ago

      @Joe Collins Time to look elsewhere...

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins 5 days ago

      Yes. it does the same thing. This change is in the main Ubuntu repos so it effects EVERYTHING that is based on Ubuntu.

  • A. Hutsona
    A. Hutsona 5 days ago

    I wish Fedora would provide support for ZFS out of the box, But that licence seems to be a problem they don't want to touch.

    • Kuhluh
      Kuhluh 4 days ago

      also since Linux kernel 5.0 the have problems with the kernel because of licenses (because a kernel module can't use kernel modules released under the GPL if it isn't released under the GPL itself)

  • David Shwec
    David Shwec 5 days ago

    Joe, great video! Very easy to follow along. Thank you for taking your time to make videos like this!

  • J Ryan
    J Ryan 5 days ago

    I've actually never been keen on a cluttered desktop. A wallpaper and maybe a couple of desktop widgets with full transparency and I'm good. Removing the app menu would kinda make sense cause most apps don't make use of it anyway.

  • lawrence wayne Austin

    Thanks for a great review/overiew of Manjaro Linux…currently using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and learning the pro’s of using linux… Thinking of running Manjaro but undecided between Gnome or XFCE…? but appreciate your honest thoughts….

    • lawrence wayne Austin
      lawrence wayne Austin 5 days ago

      Joe Collins thanks for the advice Joe....👨‍💻 XFCE here I come....🙌🙌🙂

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins 5 days ago

      I think I'd do XFCE if I was going to run it long term. That's sort of the default for Manjaro and they do a great job setting it up. :)

  • mmcleod06
    mmcleod06 5 days ago

    You should record a video on Gnome Boxes at some point. I've been happy with VirtualBox but I am curious about this alternative. Thanks for all of the great content! I know that I will learn some new things when I watch one of yours.

    • benriful
      benriful 2 days ago

      @Joe Collins Yes! Please! Personally I would love to see if its graphics performance is any better than VBox. It's the main reason I go through the convoluted install process for VMWare Player, my graphics intensive apps simply do not run well in a VBox VM. If Boxes does this better through its underlying Type 1 HV (Qemu - theoretically it "should") then it is definitely an option for me.

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins 5 days ago

      I plan on doing something soon. Still testing it out. :")

  • The Bets
    The Bets 5 days ago

    Hi Joe in case no one has mentioned it I use Ubuntu 1904 on an older system with Core i5 and 16GB of RAM and VirtualBox runs just fine it's zippy for me, maybe there's a bug with VirtualBox and Ubuntu 18 just thought you'd like to know.

  • Diego Sandoval
    Diego Sandoval 5 days ago

    What did Gnome devs smoke? becuase I want some.

  • NicoD
    NicoD 5 days ago

    I like snap since there's a lot more software and versions with it. I don't know if I'd like it to replace apt. I'm mostly waiting for 20.04. I'm a single board computer user. Only LTS versions are stable enough to do good work. Manjaro is then another solution, but I always come back to Armbian(Ubuntu) Bionic 18.04. For now. If it works, don't fix it. A lot of work goes into making things work well on SBC's. So a transition isn't always easy. Thank you for the great info. Cheers, NicoD

  • Vinsu Karma
    Vinsu Karma 5 days ago

    never had a problem with .deb files I don't understand snap at all :- \

    • Kuhluh
      Kuhluh 4 days ago

      I made about comment about that, it's quite long but mostly something because of developers.

    • Guy Clark
      Guy Clark 5 days ago

      I believe the purpose of Snap in part is to prevent the use of random PPA's.

  • Nazim Leulmi
    Nazim Leulmi 5 days ago

    dude you should try qemu + virt manager its the best trust me! virt manager has very nice GUI to pass through hardware if you want to try that

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins 5 days ago

      @eznix Yeah, I looked at it. I think one of my issues was that VBox is Qt, though. Boxes is GTK :)

    • eznix
      eznix 5 days ago

      @Joe Collins Have you tried Aqemu? It is a Qt frontend to Qemu. It seems to work well, but the interface takes some getting used to. :-)

    • Joe Collins
      Joe Collins 5 days ago

      Tried it. Didn't like it. :)

  • Spanish Property Consultant

    Sound Click and Pop Fix for Ubuntu 19.04 and up.......Does this mean the kernel is fixed or we have to fix it?

  • Donald Mickunas
    Donald Mickunas 5 days ago

    I installed the Brave browser at one point as a snap on Debian. My issue was that the system would not recognize Brave as the default browser. You might check that with chromium.