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  • Will Hicks
    Will Hicks 11 minutes ago

    Id say have the WoW background music on, but very faint. Just enough that if you're not talking at all during a fight you can kinda hear it.

  • Enviay
    Enviay Hour ago

    I LOVE your Guardian Druid videos. My fav tank, planning on maining the tank too. Seeing you PvP as one gives me hope to get the 10 rated bgs won for my guardian druid mage tower skin, for the black bear.

  • Brigadier Jones
    Brigadier Jones Hour ago

    i like your videos because they have no music and can actually learn something.

  • Szilárd Maku
    Szilárd Maku 5 hours ago

    So whats up with the long awaited classic?

  • Petter Sorri
    Petter Sorri 5 hours ago

    Love the content man. Keep it up <3

  • Tim Contreras
    Tim Contreras 5 hours ago

    I’ve only ever played fire mage before! The gameplay is a lot different I noticed standing still building up the burst is the game plane, it doesn’t look as mobile as fire but when I think of frost mage this is how I’d Imagine the spells

  • Sariel Heavensborne
    Sariel Heavensborne 5 hours ago

    I Slap - Retribution Paladin PvP - WoW BFA 8.2

  • StealthySpy101
    StealthySpy101 6 hours ago

    I heal. I slow.

  • Triage90
    Triage90 10 hours ago

    What addom do you use for nameplates?

  • njokuman
    njokuman 18 hours ago

    I think the classic had so many people play it because after so many years of people saying "wow is dead" "classic was better" people wanted to try it out for themselves. I don't think it's sustainable though. The content is never going to change so once you hit max and get fully kit out in epics then what? You level up another character from scratch just to do the same thing. During any expansion it's pretty much that too but at least in retail you have new stuff to look forward to trying out. Grant I also don't see why you can't like both people always like to feel like they are on the winning side by nature. I think the numbers will trickle down because people will start playing both rather than just classic, stop playing classic because they're bored of classic, or stop playing both because they feel like they are too far behind on retail since they invested so much in classic instead and now have nothing to do in it (in classic) and only come back every once in a while to see whats new (on retail). I'm no prophet though so i'll hope for the best.

  • Gritchen The Warrior
    Gritchen The Warrior 20 hours ago

    I really love your vids para, I would watch all of them,(I just cant bring myself to watch Alli PvP) Keep up the good work

  • Brigadier Jones
    Brigadier Jones 21 hour ago

    I was so excited for classic remembering the old days when i first picked up mmo's i have to say i did'nt enjoy going back got to level 20 but one thing it made me do was re-install bfa and im having a blast pvping.

  • TheZiggaZow
    TheZiggaZow 22 hours ago

    tbf think the hating classic thing came when everyone who wanted to play classic started blindly hating bfa. like i dont mind classic players but a lot of them are hatng retail for almost no real reason other than wanting to hate it. i had so many people telling me that classic is better because they arent playing catch up. meanwhile they arent level 60 yet and still behind in gold too. people also say they hated how tedious leveling is in retail because "blizzard wants you to pay to skip it" then they say they enjoy classic. its complete head assery . those are the players that get the hate think because since the classic announcement other players have had to hear them make up random bs complaints as to why they are jumping to classic. now that its out i think its a good riddance to them attitude

    • TheZiggaZow
      TheZiggaZow 15 hours ago

      @Nyhm yeah classic isnt all bad but neither is retail. I wouldnt mind classic if i didnt enjoy pve more than world pvp. Classic pve is a joke imo much like retails world pvp. I know some dont like all the mechanics they added in retail but i do. There are tradeoffs to both sides and my work schedule also means it will take a month to get level 40 in classic so thats a big no for me .

    • Nyhm
      Nyhm 15 hours ago

      Personally I like classic more cause it is more difficult, also I like the fact that there are more spells and talents. What I dislike is some minor things, like there are meeting stone but you can't summon with them.. They could add that. Exp for gathering should also be added, and arena. What is better with retail is the story, they have really made a good story line. I like heirlooms, options to costumize your characters more, already barber shop is a nice add. What I dislike is how is easy it has become, it is not as original with the talent system anymore which reaaaally sucks...

  • Disz Nigga
    Disz Nigga Day ago

    U forgot your favorite brewmaster hunter. Also @ 5:58 i swear theres always gotta be some dumbass druid cycloning shit

  • Jason Bussert
    Jason Bussert Day ago

    Dam that team u had sucked

  • Trevor Dima
    Trevor Dima Day ago

    how does one upload 2 videos so fast

  • jrome6300
    jrome6300 Day ago

    Papa is back! ❤️

  • sicsempertyrannis7

    I wanna see your Ashes of Alar mount in shadowform. Glyph it! :]

  • Vanessa Marie
    Vanessa Marie Day ago

    What add on are you using that puts separate focus boxes on your partner and yourself for the mouseover shields? Looks like you're in silver and he's in purple? So much easier than me trying to mouseover our pictures on the left. Let me know?

  • Marvin Weber
    Marvin Weber Day ago

    Play Classic !

  • Sariel Heavensborne


  • Zog 1991
    Zog 1991 Day ago

    Get to 60 bro. Nice progress

  • XxAnArChYoO
    XxAnArChYoO Day ago

    Subbed for the assless chaps

  • Slade
    Slade Day ago


  • sphinx
    sphinx Day ago

    are you playing a filthy blood elf? thats pretty gross, not going to lie.

  • run8scap80201
    run8scap80201 Day ago

    Bro I don't see you playing meta wow anymore on your streams. You still stream wow meta???

  • BrawlCity
    BrawlCity 2 days ago

    Mah man, druid or dk for pvp, wpvp, and pushing rating?

    • Klynx22
      Klynx22 Day ago

      BrawlCity Druid is the most played of those two at a high level.

  • Progamers algeria
    Progamers algeria 2 days ago

    pls para next time you face someone in the mid of this bg and you with a priest ... mind control them and throw them of the cliff 🙏🙏

  • Walruswhale
    Walruswhale 2 days ago

    nice haha.

  • Th_bitar 69
    Th_bitar 69 2 days ago

    Hi can u make a guardian druid pvp guide 8.2? Plz

  • anacron realz
    anacron realz 2 days ago

    Hey new to bfa.. can you explain with simple words how gear works in PvP? Thx

    • Para
      Para 2 days ago

      Do 2v2/3v3/rated battlegrounds and try to get 1600 rating. Then you'll get somewhat decent gear.

    • Christopher Sanchez
      Christopher Sanchez 2 days ago

      It depends what clasd you play but with BFA most classes dps and heals are stacking versatility. As it increases you damage and healing overall on any character

  • Sal
    Sal 2 days ago

    How many characters u got lol

    • Para
      Para 2 days ago

      all of them

  • Smart Money
    Smart Money 2 days ago

    you probably get this question a lot but what addons do you use for PVP (arena's, BGS). Keep up the good work!

    • Smart Money
      Smart Money 2 days ago

      Why isn't it allowing me to click different people within my team? when I click someone it becomes a spell . (Noob question)

  • Charles-Émile Gagnon

    What server are you on and whats your main

    • Para
      Para 2 days ago

      zul'jin. im maining classic for a little bit.

  • corey harrison
    corey harrison 2 days ago

    this is impossible at 98, ive tried 10 times and they all die so fast, im cleansing and everything, idk why but everyone will be near full hp, then instantly they all die and the boss wont stay in his place, he always attacks me for some reason even though tank guy is at full hp

  • SonOfSpartacus
    SonOfSpartacus 3 days ago

    when you watch a wow video, you dont expect to hear the line "this porcupine is so god damn slow". I laughed

  • Tone202
    Tone202 3 days ago

    You have a great voice bro you should do more vids.

  • Sophisticated Diglett

    Prot also has the undispellable freedom talent

  • Herr Lykanthrop
    Herr Lykanthrop 3 days ago

    Hey Para, hey everyone. Havent played wow for abit. I'm looking for a class that does good damaga and is fun in bg's. I have most classes. but dont have the time to check/gear all cuse of my job.

    • Herr Lykanthrop
      Herr Lykanthrop Day ago

      @Para Thanks for the reply. Got a mage at 110, guess it wont take to long to 120.

    • Para
      Para 2 days ago

      fire mage

  • Tim Contreras
    Tim Contreras 3 days ago

    I like gp a lot, It’s not oP because it takes so long to cast. I get the hate but it’s is by no means broken imo

  • Regret Being Conceived

    5:42 T H I C C

  • Keewee Tv
    Keewee Tv 3 days ago


  • Netherlord Syn
    Netherlord Syn 3 days ago

    Why do you feel like you have to keep talking during the video?!

    • Regret Being Conceived
      Regret Being Conceived 3 days ago

      Have you watched his videos? His hundreds of videos? That's kinda his thing ?

  • Biffa Bacon
    Biffa Bacon 4 days ago

    i was thinking about pvp'ing on a prot pally...guess this confirms it

  • Celestial
    Celestial 4 days ago

    Isn’t priest and boomkin silence the same way?

  • Mjolnirs Power
    Mjolnirs Power 4 days ago

    Sheesh your team is in love with them Warlocks

  • Gritchen The Warrior

    Mind hittin us with some shadow priest? Love the vids btw

  • Rokkr Morningstar
    Rokkr Morningstar 4 days ago

    Holy F I do hate Paladins XD

  • Walruswhale
    Walruswhale 4 days ago


  • Deep Winter
    Deep Winter 4 days ago

    Complains about Alliance players still being in school. Yet every Horde player acts like they're 12. Generalizations are fun! :P

  • Dankarooni
    Dankarooni 4 days ago

    I can take the pvping as Alliance on bfa...but playing Alliance in classic!? Unsubbed and no more primes 😂

  • Thomas Ruffin
    Thomas Ruffin 4 days ago

    soon as they put the Wrath Server out Im going back to Blood DPS and stack Armor Pen.

  • Vladimir Majkic
    Vladimir Majkic 5 days ago

    i just started playin bfa for the first time,im 116,i get nazjatar unlocked at 120?

  • Labomba
    Labomba 5 days ago

    Maybe disc priest vid ?

  • Josh Pretorius
    Josh Pretorius 5 days ago

    really like your vids man dont know why you dont have more subs

  • Michael
    Michael 5 days ago

    Whats up Para , you might wanna check out and understand this video: . It explains how gear (mythic raiders) as you often complain about in pvp and pvp scaling, doesn´t really affect pvp atm.

  • Jo Al
    Jo Al 6 days ago

    PvP-acquired essences are attracting mythic-geared raiders into the BGs sometimes. It's... not fun.

  • headlights go up
    headlights go up 6 days ago

    You're a monster for leaving us with that cliffhanger...

  • Maxime BARANES
    Maxime BARANES 6 days ago

    Hey, great vid rly liked it, can i ask what's your addon for seeing your life and combo bar under your character ? :)

  • Belkar Bitterleaf
    Belkar Bitterleaf 6 days ago

    Man, I was the rogue on that other team. This game </3 my heart

  • purplemanflash
    purplemanflash 6 days ago

    You should definitely commentate a golf tournament, you have the voice...

  • Firdaus Syafri
    Firdaus Syafri 6 days ago


  • Menrath Matei
    Menrath Matei 6 days ago

    Tried to come back to bfa for the dailies after playing only classic:quit after i killed (ome shotted)one mob... #feelsbadman for bfa

    • Jacob Brackett
      Jacob Brackett 6 days ago

      you one shotted a mob doing BFA dailies? Nah try again

  • Caramizaru Catalin Ionut

    A geared player might be a good pve player that enters pvp and has no clue...point is, gear =/= skill in pvp

    • Celestial
      Celestial 6 days ago

      But in a BG setting, they can PvE the enemy players and melt them. For example, a 315k hp ret pally PvE player is going to be melting some 200k PvPers in a few globals. Their superior gear won’t carry them forever in Arenas, but in a BG they will have the upper hand, even if not that skilled in PvP combat.

  • PepeHands
    PepeHands 6 days ago

    first :)

  • Michael Cannaday
    Michael Cannaday 7 days ago

    Tanks in bgs are fail in my opinion, no point to make a vid unless you que specifically for WSG or Twin Peaks

  • Seb Chambers
    Seb Chambers 7 days ago

    God I love disc, it’s so fun!

  • Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller 7 days ago

    Does anyone know if we can still farm Druid appearances in Legion?

    • Mjolnirs Power
      Mjolnirs Power 7 days ago

      You can get any look from Legion you like save 1-4. And that is those from the Mage Tower. That's true for all weapon appearances now. If however you got the first, the Mage tower appearance, then the other 3 unlocks can be obtained.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 7 days ago

    No Classic videos?

    • John Smith
      John Smith 6 days ago

      @Logan Farrell cool.. thx!

    • Logan Farrell
      Logan Farrell 6 days ago

      /playlist?list=PLdqbtv6gC0SQUOfxlRrQsNt5A2veBjy5t - Hope that helps

  • Michael Sieben
    Michael Sieben 7 days ago

    how did you get the win? lol. The flags all had alliance

    • WhyAreLess
      WhyAreLess 6 days ago

      @Michael Sieben yeah that's an odd visual bug

    • Michael Sieben
      Michael Sieben 6 days ago

      @WhyAreLess watch the end. He is literally standing next to the LH flag that is capped as alliance, but it says horde have 3 capped everything.

    • WhyAreLess
      WhyAreLess 6 days ago

      Are you high?

  • Tinggaard
    Tinggaard 7 days ago

    Still the best tank spec for pvp mate?

  • Mjolnirs Power
    Mjolnirs Power 7 days ago

    Aaarrrggghhh!!! False Advertising!!!! You're a turtle not a bear... lolz

  • Mary Poppins
    Mary Poppins 7 days ago

    First comment first view

  • Regret Being Conceived

    My favorite WoW streamer at the moment. You're horde. You got every class and upload different classes everytime. If I'm at work and cant play and want to vicariously play through somebody its Para.

  • Sophisticated Diglett

    What transmog were you using in this BG?

  • Matt.Mehra
    Matt.Mehra 7 days ago

    alllllllllllll meter padding damage bleeding every lmao anyone can do that u dont know how to big bite

  • Sophisticated Diglett

    What the fuck are the names in that BG lmao, "Goldensword" "Thestabber"

  • ray sheen
    ray sheen 8 days ago

    Always thumbs up! How is your voice so chill? Do you smoke pot when you game?

  • Lee Yarbrough
    Lee Yarbrough 9 days ago

    I like it this way.

  • Brent Gauger
    Brent Gauger 9 days ago

    From Cincinnati, I always knew who MGK was, I joined the Navy and boom, nobody knows who mgk is hahaha. he is not very widely known outside his state.

  • Regret Being Conceived

    Well the food tbh isnt that big of a deal. Theres healers, give them a bun or two. But other than that food isnt neccessary. Especially in seething shore where it's so fast paced. U go in and either cap or you die. Not much time to sit and munch a cinnamon mana bun.

  • Trevor
    Trevor 9 days ago

    Greater Pyro against a Guard Druid though. :) I hate them with a passion as I’m a Guardian Druid... LOL!

    • Celestial
      Celestial 9 days ago

      I was on my guardian and the enemy team had FIVE fire mages. My team wouldn’t focus them, so there was constantly multiple greater pyros coming at me. It was gross.

  • Elliott Thompson
    Elliott Thompson 9 days ago

    And is now the worst warlock spec 😣

  • BigTuna
    BigTuna 9 days ago

    Its obvious why no one focuses's because hes too good

  • Walruswhale
    Walruswhale 9 days ago

    moar pvp!

  • Brofisticus
    Brofisticus 9 days ago

    Do they not focus you because you never finish your targets off? Like some sort of strange karmic effect?

    • Regret Being Conceived
      Regret Being Conceived 9 days ago

      Yea I noticed that. He must have pretty consistent games. But the ones he uploads hes like never targeted.

  • Michael Cannaday
    Michael Cannaday 9 days ago

    Macro /petattack to /cast Immolate and so when you press Immolate and even dont follow through with the cast it runs towards that target, otherwise there are more complex macros to use.

  • Michael
    Michael 9 days ago


  • Cory Pitts
    Cory Pitts 9 days ago

    This doesn't look like Brewmaster?

  • noda
    noda 9 days ago

    make a fucking keybind for your mount please clicking andy in 2019...

  • Mjolnirs Power
    Mjolnirs Power 9 days ago

    lol That saltiness, don't be salty dude, be peppery it's hotter

  • Tyrick
    Tyrick 9 days ago

    What's with all these "transmogs"? Is this considered funny or something? All your characters look terrible in these videos. Was much better in your older videos before the latest transmog changes made by Blizzard.

    • Disz Nigga
      Disz Nigga 9 days ago

      @Dragoon pvp is a joke in bfa so why not make the toons a joke😂

    • Dragoon
      Dragoon 9 days ago

      Because there are unwritten rules for pvp mog: Wear anything and add goggles, be naked or dont mog at all. As long you dont wear a full pve set

    • Disz Nigga
      Disz Nigga 9 days ago

      @Tyrick we watch him for the skill man he can do whatever tf he wants with xmog after all he is paying for the game

    • Logan Fields
      Logan Fields 9 days ago

      Who gives a fuck what his transmog is

    • Tyrick
      Tyrick 9 days ago

      @Disz Nigga A joke? How is this a joke?

  • Buzee
    Buzee 9 days ago

    As a monk main. I am proud!

  • jaguarkick
    jaguarkick 9 days ago

    14 plus years of Shaman, Ele or Enh, whatever you’re saying was how I felt. No damage against a decent opponent that is not a Shaman. Pathetic ass class, Blizzard hella hates this class lmfao. They needed to erase this class like how they erased Thrall’s Shamanistic background. Thrall ain’t even a Shaman lmfao he’s a warrior with old timers disease. BFA came along and I switched Main, every other classes were WAY better. Survivalist Hunter owns haha

  • different views
    different views 9 days ago

    What addon for questing was that?

  • KuhKatz LP
    KuhKatz LP 9 days ago

    Elemental Shaman is a weirdo to me, at least in low level. While Elemental hits like a kitten, Resto Shaman hits like a truck, at least in PvE (I‘m only level 31 but it feels so wrong)

  • ray sheen
    ray sheen 9 days ago

    “Don’t poly me you fucking gnome c*nt!” Love your videos!

  • I am Poltergasm
    I am Poltergasm 9 days ago

    You know things are bad when DPS in PvP have twice the amount of health than the tanks I get in dungeons. How much is enough health Blizz? At this point you may's well replace people's level in their portrait with the skull icon if they are any more than 20 ilvls behind.

  • _Einarr_
    _Einarr_ 9 days ago

    Gonna have to catch you on a BG's with views night, finally got the Horde Warlock to 120 and some gear, CB's at 100k in PvP, straight busted.

  • Campbell Rutland
    Campbell Rutland 9 days ago

    The female dwarf character frame literally makes me laugh out loud