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Most UNUSUAL Dog Breeds
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STRANGEST Exotic Insects
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SURREAL Islands To Visit!
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LOUDEST Sounds on Earth
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CRAZY Urban Legends
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APOCALYPSE Survival Tips!
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INSANELY Dangerous Roads!
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CREEPIEST Abandoned Zoos
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AMAZING Animal Architects
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Talltanic Channel Trailer
Views 11K3 months ago


  • Mirna Aguilar
    Mirna Aguilar 3 hours ago


  • M Josephine Fonzo
    M Josephine Fonzo 4 hours ago


  • ZakPlayz
    ZakPlayz 4 hours ago


  • Girl power Perez
    Girl power Perez 4 hours ago

    My Rat squad where you at 0:28

  • Nakirami Hibiscus Shomobers

    Why would he put the bird feather on his tongue ?

  • Raymond Makul
    Raymond Makul 4 hours ago

    I have been to the Pyramids, the Valley of the KIngs, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Liberty Bell, to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, to the Washington Monument (but not inside)., and the White House outside the fence The Egyptian sites are the most fascinating.

  • JFK EOrder Abolish Fed Res

    FUK musk the fuk is a satanic ILLUMINATI PEDO

  • Joe -
    Joe - 5 hours ago

    To bad you are not a mechanic, cause your video skills blow.

  • Alex Shirley
    Alex Shirley 6 hours ago

    We saw the rainbow trees in Hawaii while we where stationed on Oahu. One was growing right outside our house, very very unique trees😉

  • Steven-Stone Is-Hunted

    People aren’t loyal to stores , they are loyal to saving money.. Walmart will eventually kill everyone.

  • Kyle Pirko
    Kyle Pirko 7 hours ago

    4:58 the really screwed up thing about this tat is if you read the caption it's supposedly taken FOUR sessions to do THAT! Oh my god, this "artist" is ripping this guy off SO bad!

  • Instant Jolly
    Instant Jolly 7 hours ago

    the coffee trick i will use on the 20th of Dec. and the toilet paper holder is good too

  • Lynsey h
    Lynsey h 9 hours ago

    I have experienced Deja Vu with someone else at the same time, so I'd like someone to explain that away

  • Molly Kitty
    Molly Kitty 9 hours ago

    It's very funny definitely the the child in the toilet sleeping

  • erik bjornson
    erik bjornson 9 hours ago

    not sure if anyone else noticed at 208 there is a barracuda suspended in the water column , they aren't in lake michigan i'm just sayn

  • Edward Anthony
    Edward Anthony 9 hours ago

    Mud fossil giant parts..

  • OutOfSight123
    OutOfSight123 9 hours ago

    2:53 They know it's a misfiring of neurons in a specific area of your brain... (And it's definitely true bc I have epilepsy lol. I suffer from frequent simple & complex partial seizures in my right temporal lobe. At the beginning of every seizure and aura, the feeling is completely indistinguishable from jamais vu and then deja vu. ) Science is awesome =)

  • Jeff Mullins
    Jeff Mullins 9 hours ago

    The phenomena I experience is that when you say your name, my Alexa activate. lol

  • tony brink
    tony brink 10 hours ago

    I released a rotten egg fart during the viewing of this content.

    • Jim G
      Jim G 5 hours ago

      And my dog shit on the floor cuz it is raining and the bitch don't like going out when it's raining. Plus i farted as well,not eggy but like dead tissue rotting. Too much info folks? Well this comment will get deleted anyway....YT AI no free speech ....especially if you are conservative like me. Merry Christmas everyone,we live in a banana republic now.

  • caitgems1
    caitgems1 10 hours ago

    Yeah, don't tie your hair up Alexa. You're very pretty with it down.

  • Victoria Trambley
    Victoria Trambley 10 hours ago

    Dec 2019: "You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being." Revelation 4:11

  • Vala Dina
    Vala Dina 10 hours ago

    There are things that are just unexplainable and we'll never get solved

    • drockjr
      drockjr 3 hours ago

      Like how your mom got so fat

  • Haley Smith
    Haley Smith 10 hours ago

    4:54 thanos... is that you?

  • Avan Saheba Pungalan
    Avan Saheba Pungalan 10 hours ago

    When she said Twenny instead of twenty...CRINGE

    VAINPIRE 10 hours ago

    SHC-spontaneous human combustion has been researched to death and there are natural explanations for all of its components...I wish it was "supernatural" but its not !!!

  • Darkest Matter
    Darkest Matter 10 hours ago

    Wow some of the listings here do not make any sense according to the title.

  • Darkest Matter
    Darkest Matter 10 hours ago

    Dude: Says birds/animals/insects are monsters and disgusting because of their body parts. Nature lovers: No u.

  • Amos Warwick
    Amos Warwick 10 hours ago

    Ha....second in line😅

  • Redideloe Official
    Redideloe Official 10 hours ago

    Firts kwkwkwkwkw lol 😆😅

  • Abdullah 2460
    Abdullah 2460 11 hours ago

    Anyone here for just random in 2019

  • Millie Hicks
    Millie Hicks 11 hours ago

    I found this very interesting, thank you!

  • heavy metal redneck
    heavy metal redneck 13 hours ago

    Shit channels like this are all the same.... The only real information con from the ridiculous amount of commercials!

  • Macoi. Dupagan
    Macoi. Dupagan 13 hours ago

    Here in the philippines 6 years old boy has a blue and black eye color

  • Sherry Miller
    Sherry Miller 14 hours ago

    All of the pieces are nice.. but no more so that a lot of fake jewelry.....But that watch is just plain hideous!

  • CFeng Plays
    CFeng Plays 15 hours ago

    1:12 Talltanic it’s s Dauntless Scout dive bomber not a fighter

  • Cailyn Minecraft!
    Cailyn Minecraft! 15 hours ago

    Is number 6 is even real? No thats not true its so realistic

  • Egg Man
    Egg Man 16 hours ago

    I had SO MANY CATS and like 5 percent of them are not Turkish angora

  • Aiza Babar
    Aiza Babar 17 hours ago

    U really want us to get scared and take out our teeth and tongue ☹️

  • Darci Scott
    Darci Scott 19 hours ago

    Hi, I have CP and i'm raising my first fur baby. Jade does a lot of the things that shows that she likes me. She does not like when I rub her belly. she will take her arms, wrap them around my wrist and bite me. Jade loves when I talk to her and loves to show her belly and I say: "Upside Down Baby!" I have trouble catching her when she misbehaves. I just yell, "Get off my counter!" "Get off my chair!" she loves to curl underneath the covers and fall asleep. I do play fetch with her. And she does drop it and wants me to throw it. I figure it's fun for her and good PT for me. She does like feet. And she does destroy scratching posts. I take her to the vet to get her nails clipped. As far as cat milk goes I gave it to Jade, mixed in with her water and she got so sick she almost died in my arms. The vet told me never to give it to her. I felt like the worst Fur Mom ever. The vet assured me that people make mistakes and that when I bring her in for check-ups that she is always healthy. I have friends that I hang around with a lot in my apartment complex. She loves them, even though she has only seen my one friend once or twice. When she hears their voice she goes to the door and wants out. I tell her that we can't go. I can't even say their names in front of her because then she thinks that we are going over to see them. I feel bad for my dad. He takes her to vet and puts her in her create when I go home to see my parents. So, when she sees her "Pappy" she runs like: "There is that crazy man that's going to put me in the create." I don't know if she realizes that i'm disabled and have to do things a bit differently, but she seems to be excepting to most of it. She loves my bath bench. She loves her "Blankey" She does not want me to touch it unless i'm putting it on the bed for her to lay on. I carry on major conversations with her and doesn't seem to mind it. I do need to get her some more cat stuff to climb on but, my apartment is small. She did sleep with me and let me hug her like a teddy bear when I came home from the hospital last year. First she acted like she hated me when I came home, but, then she realized that I was still struggling to get better so, she let me put my arm around her like a teddy bear when I slept. Sorry for the long post. I was just curious if this stuff was normal for cats.

    NAYANA CHAKRABORTY 20 hours ago

    I am from India, & I have a khao manee cat.. It was a street cat.. Price 0$😁😁

  • Oldenweery
    Oldenweery 20 hours ago

    An enthusiastic Like from me. However, I should've waited 24 hours before clicking on it! I'm sitting here in my PJs, not having had time to shower until shortly before midnight. Luckily, the humidity is low and I'd boosted the thermostat well above normal, so I was dry by the time I made it here. Very interesting and entertaining, so thanks for posting. *(PS* a Canadian LAKE that farts??!! As Vizzini would say, "Inconceivable!" lmao!)

  • TreeMonsterRoblox
    TreeMonsterRoblox 20 hours ago

    I'm born in World Leprosy Day, I guess!

  • Single mom SHOW CALL

    What is this what? I can't believe I watched this 💞 🍓 🍁

  • 007Hutchings
    007Hutchings 21 hour ago

    Stupid broad check yo facts

  • Ernesto Antonio
    Ernesto Antonio 22 hours ago

    Fashion vine

  • Jerome Keanley
    Jerome Keanley 22 hours ago

    Anything on Pan American Flight 914?

  • Precious
    Precious 22 hours ago

    Only 6 comments

  • Tina Lefhika
    Tina Lefhika 23 hours ago


  • jen W
    jen W 23 hours ago

    I think you should have added the Narwhale. They are the Unicorns of the sea.

  • Nicki D-rosales lll
    Nicki D-rosales lll 23 hours ago

    I just luv ur mini "fact-umentaries"!! My 7 yr old n eye like to lay in bed at night n watch them as our "bed time stories". Keep them coming.

  • yeet.
    yeet. 23 hours ago

    I have a pet wolf it's not like a dog friendship where I have a cage or let her in my house no she still lives in the wild but comes to my house everyday (even with the pack)I have scars from wolf hunting so I am surprised I didn't panic but any ways the pack nor the wolf shows any threat to me (am first nations) but in my family thing(cant explain it)wolves are connected to my family and we could talk to them is what my grandmother and mom says so that's cool any ways dont take this as bragging just thought on telling

  • Black Santa
    Black Santa 23 hours ago

    1. Captain America

  • Dylan jc Apelo
    Dylan jc Apelo 23 hours ago


  • Rolando Perez
    Rolando Perez Day ago

    Get new nararator

  • Faith Brewer
    Faith Brewer Day ago

    Dang..watching this video made me think : I should get off the couch and actually GO somewhere out of state😭

  • One Wheel Appeal

    If you hold in your farts you will sound like this , just let them go

  • Badboy41058 Games

    your editor trash


    idiots. Little girl you need to get your facts straight majority ended up with financial issues, they did not end up homeless!

  • Aussie Rod
    Aussie Rod Day ago

    The dead sea scrolls are a FORGERY. It's about time people stop selling it as an historical fact!

  • R B
    R B Day ago

    How are they homeless??? U want homeless... go to Los Angeles and San Francisco... idiot channel and narrator.

  • Luke Fawson
    Luke Fawson Day ago

    It’s a handy trap

  • Dr. K
    Dr. K Day ago

    5:09 Thats the SS American Star from the 1950's (BTW her wreck you probably have seen before)

  • Dr. K
    Dr. K Day ago

    "You can see the anchor in this photo, and the bell in this photo" Photo: *Doesn't Change*

  • Rumbling Prune

    1 should have been the Star Wars original trilogy.

  • kbell1479
    kbell1479 Day ago

    #23 she was adorable

  • くすぐったい

    7:43 dont ask y but that face scares me

  • Marissa Salaiz

    Baumgartner not the only conservator on earth guys

  • Lola The Westy

    She is not deaf!

  • Alise Luize
    Alise Luize Day ago

    Its been so many years and i still miss Michael Jackson like it was yesterday❤❤

  • Jun hee Bae
    Jun hee Bae Day ago

    Original version, next to a large photoshopped version. Why touch the original

  • Jordon Lawrence

    Bruhh your voice

  • Krishna Patel KKP PANNA


  • Sock •-•
    Sock •-• Day ago

    „Do you have any pets?“ „Yes.“ „What kind of pet?“ „A stick.“

  • Braveaux ol' chap

    Looks like there was a flood at one point or something.

  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina Day ago


  • g i g g l e s j e n n i

    Maltese 🐶 have had them all my life and will continue to have them. They're the best dogs EVER

  • IG: ohhitznene

    If you're reading this ... Then that's good because you're not a dumbass .

  • Albert the Bulldog’s World


  • Ross Trbojevic

    You forgot Captain America lol

  • Miyshoi Collins

    I like the Norwegian Forest cat. 🙂

  • Miyshoi Collins

    That’s because yall put two breeds together and don’t do research first. 😐

  • unruly sohan
    unruly sohan Day ago

    It's not that unbelievable

  • smcal1able
    smcal1able Day ago


  • ajax ari
    ajax ari Day ago


  • Ariya Sarjoo Ariya Sarjoo best

    The 19 one was rude

  • Phiphe Dude
    Phiphe Dude Day ago


  • ruth_loveSNSD 9IRLS'6ENERAT10N

    5:49-5:50 when you're trying to be beautiful but someone already called you fvcking ugly. #Triggered

  • nickay nickay
    nickay nickay Day ago

    0:15 me:only daredevil can do that

  • nazia arshad
    nazia arshad Day ago


  • Trung Hoang
    Trung Hoang Day ago

    He's an amazing man. No one can deny his talent! The man can change the world. This man is trying his best to help humanity!

  • Nicole Beck
    Nicole Beck Day ago

    im at school. shhh!!!!!

  • Nicole Beck
    Nicole Beck Day ago

    looks like a ummm.... you know

  • Nicole Beck
    Nicole Beck Day ago


  • Aiden Potts
    Aiden Potts Day ago

    0:29 what bloemfoooooooooooooooooooooontuuuuuinnnn WTF

  • Meow The Cat
    Meow The Cat Day ago

    Most meow! 🐱🐱

  • Abdiwadud Haneef

    Yao ming is a pain in the ass

  • Galaxy girl world

    I'm sat with both of my cats and now ivy loves me just like lola

  • Rasmi Sinha
    Rasmi Sinha Day ago

    I actually found a crashed cargo plane!!

  • David k
    David k Day ago

    So basically, every blue eye person is related damm.... that means every blue eyed person is related to hitler, as a child he had blue eye's.

  • David Spencer
    David Spencer Day ago

    I'm like