America's Got Talent
America's Got Talent
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  • Tita Andraena Raena

    Idk how many times I watching this, it's very emotional...

  • snuk
    snuk Hour ago

    Да ладно, ни чё особенного.

  • Damayanti Dash
    Damayanti Dash Hour ago

    Unbelievable 😰😰😰😰

  • crazy LEgo
    crazy LEgo Hour ago

    Man I wish there wasn't that cheesy music tbh

  • sypha eightfive
    sypha eightfive Hour ago

    Simon... Ian Anderson, you uncultered swine! ... ;)

  • Hunter Epicness
    Hunter Epicness Hour ago

    I think I'm gonna be sick

  • Омурбек Имаров

    Есть кто-нибудь 09.12.2019🇰🇬

  • krrish chandok
    krrish chandok Hour ago

    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 The way the seal climbs up the stage after falling 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • — itsme;giygy
    — itsme;giygy 2 hours ago

    her father reminds me of the guy from up❤

  • Adam Clarke
    Adam Clarke 2 hours ago

    Crying at how not funny they were.....

  • Raguel Fam
    Raguel Fam 2 hours ago

    America's Got Talent: posted "This Beatboxing Group Will Shock You" Swissbeatbox: AM I A JOKE TO YOU ?!?!

  • veera shri
    veera shri 2 hours ago

    Why are they telling this in America ... life is hard , no water, no electricity ... I felt very bad .. they are insulting their own country infront of others.. already people has lot of misunderstanding about India. And then such people ..

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar 2 hours ago

    Who cuts onions??????

  • Ajay roy
    Ajay roy 2 hours ago

  • paresh patel
    paresh patel 2 hours ago

    V.Unbeatable' s proud of India

  • Birax James
    Birax James 2 hours ago

    Howie Im glad you are here. I've always wanted to know what a big toe would look like if it were a person

  • Birax James
    Birax James 2 hours ago

    Heidi mother of 3 and yet your body seems like you haven't paid attention to any of em

  • Wangari Njeri
    Wangari Njeri 2 hours ago

    She really deserved that golden buzzer..she is amazing,sending love all the way from Kenya

  • Rey Sablan
    Rey Sablan 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one that finds her sexy?

  • Dinesh Rajbhar
    Dinesh Rajbhar 2 hours ago

    i am watching daily this performance

  • Md Saleem
    Md Saleem 2 hours ago


  • moestietabarnak
    moestietabarnak 2 hours ago

    he did hack the song and censored a lot, deceiving..

  • Mila Sáenz
    Mila Sáenz 2 hours ago

    He is just an amazing dog, she is so kind and I can understand that It's not easy to do that I have a pet and I tried to teach to him a lot of things but he is so crazy 💓 and I really can see the great talent in Hero and of course in Sara too 😊

  • 85's Brian Dias
    85's Brian Dias 2 hours ago

    Where is the Street Fighter thing?!?!

  • Ishaan Goel
    Ishaan Goel 2 hours ago


  • Luv Kapruwan
    Luv Kapruwan 3 hours ago

    half of the views is me

  • Symmetra Mei
    Symmetra Mei 3 hours ago

    *76 girls jump and split at the same time* “yOu NeEd tO uP yOuR gAMe”

  • Rakesh rockey
    Rakesh rockey 3 hours ago

    Woww wowww wowwwww

  • Vega Arcturus
    Vega Arcturus 3 hours ago

    I thought his companion is only tiny

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 3 hours ago

    This guys is soooooo awesome!!!

  • wAt
    wAt 3 hours ago

    absolute mad lad.

  • ashley axthetic girl

    guys cmon stop writing a hate comment SHE IS AMAZING

  • Kaboom WoOho
    Kaboom WoOho 3 hours ago

    There is probably a demon standing in the backstage crying because he is proud to give his darkmagic to a man that he thought that was good idea to give it to him.. *2k19 everyone*

  • Kurt Kull
    Kurt Kull 3 hours ago

    Vibrato with her mouth closed?....HOLY CRAP!!!

  • Rusmala Dewi
    Rusmala Dewi 3 hours ago

    any indian people here ? from indonesia.

  • Roly Moes
    Roly Moes 3 hours ago

    I was trying to find this video again but couldn't remember his name... so I searched up "got talent chakra guy" and he was the first result.

  • Purple snowflake
    Purple snowflake 3 hours ago

    3:06 That girls face is insane

  • My Channel
    My Channel 3 hours ago

    Help me can not stop watching him

  • Zzirixe
    Zzirixe 3 hours ago

    Guys they pop the ball on like it if you see the yellow balloon burst

  • Cello Aldhyan Syach
    Cello Aldhyan Syach 3 hours ago

    Level of Talent Easy Medium Hard Very Hard ASIAN!!

  • 롤하고 싶다
    롤하고 싶다 3 hours ago

    왜 다 외국어얌 사발

  • CyLinder '
    CyLinder ' 3 hours ago

    I don't know if I'm scared or admired by her performances, it was just appealingly terrifying.

  • Sujata Nayak
    Sujata Nayak 3 hours ago

    We are proud of u very much....outstanding performance...

  • Jems Penjol
    Jems Penjol 3 hours ago

    Belum ada nih yg kaya model PUBG .

  • Shivam Tiwari
    Shivam Tiwari 3 hours ago

    The one and only time I liked Simon.

  • Joseph Reyes
    Joseph Reyes 4 hours ago


  • FILNAT2011
    FILNAT2011 4 hours ago

    Always feel sorry for the people who have to clean the stage after😱

  • JJ HNF
    JJ HNF 4 hours ago

    Ternyata bonekane asli jawa

  • sachin bijili
    sachin bijili 4 hours ago

    Don't waste time V unbeatable 1:56 sec Proud to be an indian🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    • Jürgen Böhm
      Jürgen Böhm 2 hours ago

      Are you proud of rude comments like this one? That's sad ... :(

  • ajit singh
    ajit singh 4 hours ago

    proud to have u in our countryy.. I love my india

  • vasy bylli
    vasy bylli 4 hours ago

    Its just magnific 👍🎩

  • Avisek Poudel
    Avisek Poudel 4 hours ago

    love from Nepal

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 4 hours ago

    “Calm down peasants.. calm down” 2:48

  • Baba Cane
    Baba Cane 4 hours ago

    Not sure if Mel B has heard the original before coz I'm not sure how many more Angelica twists she could have added to that song.

  • ZA R
    ZA R 4 hours ago

    Indonesia punya

  • ガチムチフンドシレスリング

    0:05 ガチでタイプ

  • Mr Bilal
    Mr Bilal 4 hours ago


  • Biko Banda
    Biko Banda 4 hours ago

    Bro I forgot that’s how nick and Emmanuel Hudson meet each other and he did become a star 👏🏾👏🏾 #wildNOut

  • Jose Fernando Domingo

    Im so scared

  • Omprakash soni Soni
    Omprakash soni Soni 4 hours ago

    Indian is the best

  • Fake Peter Official
    Fake Peter Official 4 hours ago

    Try to slow down the vid on 2:15

  • Sana Fatima
    Sana Fatima 4 hours ago

    India yeyyyyyy proud 😍

  • That Boi
    That Boi 4 hours ago

    2.6k dislikes that’s 2.6k people who are not going to heaven

    GABRIEL 5 hours ago

    E eu querendo saber pelo menos o Instagram dessa mulher maravilhosa de linda 3:45

  • Sienna Stevenson
    Sienna Stevenson 5 hours ago


  • Mahamat Senoussi
    Mahamat Senoussi 5 hours ago


  • Radin Syarifuddin
    Radin Syarifuddin 5 hours ago

    1:12 what the song

  • Levi Osa
    Levi Osa 5 hours ago


  • UnknownCorner69
    UnknownCorner69 5 hours ago

    This is actually better dancing than bts

  • MrFish
    MrFish 5 hours ago

    Juice WRLD just died and I found this video on my recommended man my feels:(((

  • RvltzID Gaming
    RvltzID Gaming 5 hours ago

    1:53 what song name

  • Andrea Carolina Moreno Carpio

    This Song is from Sara, she wrote it and then waitress took it, and now everyone knows from this or the musical, and Sara doesn’t the credit she deserves 🥺🤍

  • Johnathan Dunlow
    Johnathan Dunlow 5 hours ago

    His flight of the bumblebee could have been good but a mixture of the synth and his over exaggeration caused the piece to fall apart. His Grande Valse was a lot better but still fell short. He is not worth the praise everyone gives him since Alma Deutscher can do the exact same thing and she composes her own music. Praise him for his intelligence, not his musical ability.

  • uday tamarakar
    uday tamarakar 5 hours ago

    Any indian people here Love frm india

  • utomo zhafari
    utomo zhafari 5 hours ago

    The westerners feel themselves to be the best and superior, rational, atheist, but your guts were made shaken and frightened by Sacred Riana who has the abilities of supernatural, telekinetic, gravity and magnetism

  • Eric Parfait Essomba

    Strauss Serpent from Congo Brazzaville 🇨🇬🇨🇬🇨🇬

  • Bri P
    Bri P 5 hours ago

    Imagine what they could do with 1,000,000 dollars

  • Dhanya Shree
    Dhanya Shree 5 hours ago

    hey u knw what there is no need of any kind of programmes to judge u guys ur already judged by the god tht u guys are the best even though u cud not speak but we can understand ur feelings through ur eyes no worries our country will be changed very soon becoz of the people like you lots of love frm the core of ma heart yar

  • Bri P
    Bri P 5 hours ago

    How did this not get a golden buzzer but the Detroit one did? Not hating on those kids but this choir was not only sooooo talented, but they brought a beautiful culture people need to see more of and their situation is far more difficult/upsetting.

  • Марьям Еприкян

    From 2:15 to 2:35, what is the name of this genre in music? Friends tell me please

  • Andry Sa
    Andry Sa 5 hours ago


  • Syed Saqlain
    Syed Saqlain 5 hours ago

    Its impossible Hiw does he do tht If like this pls like👍👍👍👍

  • Nobiatsu Gamer
    Nobiatsu Gamer 5 hours ago

    No new

  • Dhanya Shree
    Dhanya Shree 5 hours ago

    oh my god i feel sooo soo so goood yar very happy to see my country people dancing thy just simply rock everywhere on this world yar i knw....... jai hind ............

  • ExpertBOSs VEVO
    ExpertBOSs VEVO 6 hours ago

  • flaming Monferno
    flaming Monferno 6 hours ago

    Amazing with what she could already do at 12-13 years old with ventriloquism. Hard to imagine the kind of experience that she will be able to have in another 4-5 years of practice

  • Sinner's_Slumber.13
    Sinner's_Slumber.13 6 hours ago

    1:53 song starts

  • emjee chongthu
    emjee chongthu 6 hours ago


  • BPA_Wolfy Boi
    BPA_Wolfy Boi 6 hours ago

    3:19 you can see him taking the wine out of his pants pocket

  • Mesrop Madxharyan
    Mesrop Madxharyan 6 hours ago

    I mean this with all due respect i think he sang it better then the original.

  • silas tym
    silas tym 6 hours ago

    Just pure talent💯💯keep it up

  • Sinner's_Slumber.13
    Sinner's_Slumber.13 6 hours ago

    2:47 song starts

  • Leang KH
    Leang KH 6 hours ago


  • Ali Bryant
    Ali Bryant 6 hours ago

    First time I've witnessed Simon trying to be nice, well spoken Simon. Good job.

  • Pappu Yadav
    Pappu Yadav 6 hours ago

    No. Of flips in this video ⬇

  • Unknown Mystic
    Unknown Mystic 6 hours ago

    India is #5 is highest active RU-clip users. That means probably many Indians would be here.😁🤣😂🤣😂😂

  • GaLaXy StAr
    GaLaXy StAr 6 hours ago

    Grace <3

  • Unknown Mystic
    Unknown Mystic 6 hours ago

    Damn late recommendation. Anyway Proud of you guys... Jai Hind..!!!!

  • Tony Rudd
    Tony Rudd 6 hours ago

    Chris klafford come to Chattanooga Tennessee when you tour. Please

  • Eh Yuppies
    Eh Yuppies 6 hours ago

    I’m not ngl the song at 3:20 jus popped into my head today and idk the name of the song someone lmk please 😭

    • james thomas
      james thomas 6 hours ago

      Keep breathing by Ingrid michaelson have you listened to Grace's last album just the beginning and her new ep letters vol 1