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I'm back... (NBA 2K20 DEMO)
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  • Evan Case
    Evan Case 2 days ago

    I live in america, but I’m Italian and Greek 🇬🇷🇨🇮

  • gimfrees
    gimfrees 2 days ago

    Latvian 🖖 Porziņģis and Kuručs are on the rise, don’t sleep

  • Jr Pastolero
    Jr Pastolero 2 days ago

    Nice Melo another 🔥 video

  • Beau Dacious
    Beau Dacious 2 days ago


  • 5WISH
    5WISH 2 days ago


  • Sinan Sokić
    Sinan Sokić 2 days ago

    Croatia do tokia

    BEN RALPH 2 days ago

    I'm from England

  • Chef 30
    Chef 30 2 days ago


  • Ian Ko
    Ian Ko 3 days ago

    Jeremy lin is born in America how tf is he an international player

  • tyr0n3e
    tyr0n3e 3 days ago

    Filipino Gang where y'all at?!

  • Thirdy _15
    Thirdy _15 3 days ago

    I from Philippines

  • Ethan Betts
    Ethan Betts 3 days ago

    I’m from Australia it’s getting to Summer here in a couple of mouths time

  • Zach Sigler
    Zach Sigler 3 days ago


  • Izuku Todoroki
    Izuku Todoroki 3 days ago

    0:01 So Dwyane Wade is James harden In disguise

  • Not Austin
    Not Austin 3 days ago

    Rare, but Maltese gang 🇲🇹

  • Jaimi Mandel
    Jaimi Mandel 3 days ago


  • Will Simos
    Will Simos 3 days ago


  • Reshaud Knight
    Reshaud Knight 3 days ago

    Video is fire 🔥 bro keep it up

  • Trash Bag
    Trash Bag 3 days ago

    Love you melo

  • Esteban Pantoja
    Esteban Pantoja 3 days ago

    Puerto Rican🇵🇷

  • Ege Bora Alanoglu
    Ege Bora Alanoglu 3 days ago


  • Lisa Ruth
    Lisa Ruth 3 days ago

    Don't you love how he put diamond luka in the video picture, yet he used the sapphire

  • niko
    niko 3 days ago

    Filipino gang let’s go melo

  • Bradford Matthews
    Bradford Matthews 3 days ago

    You do know kyrie not from the USA right?

  • Bradford Matthews
    Bradford Matthews 3 days ago

    When James harden gets his takeover.... 0:01

  • wwe lit fan
    wwe lit fan 3 days ago

    Omg that travel tho

  • Najoe Hyche
    Najoe Hyche 3 days ago

    Keep up the good work King ✊🏾 I got a request tho, could you make like a trash team right and like make a wheel where you spin it to make your team better, like it say " 1st play on auction house or something" or "ESPN top 100 list" and you could have a number wheel 1-100. Also you could have a jackpot spot on the wheel when you can pick any player. And call it wheel of 2k or something. And the objective is to get your team really good. I think this would be very interesting to watch.

    • Najoe Hyche
      Najoe Hyche 3 days ago

      @MeloMash hope you really take my idea into consideration bro💀

    • MeloMash
      MeloMash 3 days ago

      Fasho man!

  • Tru Moo
    Tru Moo 3 days ago

    Polish, although Marcin Gortat sucks.

  • Beau Posts
    Beau Posts 3 days ago

    Im Australian

  • shrekdatman
    shrekdatman 3 days ago


  • Shaun M McCausland Sr.

    My homie PORZINGIS better be in it

  • Jbud
    Jbud 3 days ago

    Lit video my guy keep dropping bangerz🔥🔥🔥

  • Shaun M McCausland Sr.


  • Najoe Hyche
    Najoe Hyche 4 days ago

    Another banger by my boy meloooooo, Much love ✊🏾

  • faithful baller
    faithful baller 6 days ago

    Im the 175th Like that was the goal

  • faithful baller
    faithful baller 6 days ago

    My birthday is December 5th

  • faithful baller
    faithful baller 6 days ago

    Is he in his sisters room LOL! Look at his bed cover it’s pink looks like a girls bed LOL!

  • Nick Breuer
    Nick Breuer 6 days ago

    You should stick to myteam man

    KINGIANTV 23 6 days ago

    I’m suprised you don’t have more subs

    KINGIANTV 23 6 days ago


  • Trash Bag
    Trash Bag 7 days ago

    You know i remember the quizzes

  • Beau Posts
    Beau Posts 7 days ago

    Do a team without any 90 overalls...(Love the vids bro, keep up the great work)

    • Beau Posts
      Beau Posts 7 days ago

      @MeloMash 90 overalls or higher btw

    • MeloMash
      MeloMash 7 days ago

      Thanks bro I will 🙏

  • B1azin5T0RM
    B1azin5T0RM 7 days ago

    Bruh i got a 68% (27/40) but that doesn't compare to the amazing video that you have blessed us with. Keep up the good work 💯

  • Logan Sonnier
    Logan Sonnier 7 days ago

    Next time, please react to the answers. Great vid though!

    • MeloMash
      MeloMash 7 days ago

      for sure thanks bro!

  • fnaf Fan360
    fnaf Fan360 7 days ago

    Well it already got 11 likes

  • AquaRev
    AquaRev 7 days ago

    You should do a team of brothers or a team of dad and sons for your next myteam video

  • V15 Sanity
    V15 Sanity 7 days ago

    Great video dude

  • Beastmode11
    Beastmode11 7 days ago

    First And thx for liking my comment yesterday bro, love the vid

  • Jr Pastolero
    Jr Pastolero 7 days ago

    Another 🔥 Video Melo

  • Jackson Lester
    Jackson Lester 7 days ago

    love u melo. keep up the good work

  • Reese Bronner
    Reese Bronner 7 days ago

    You videos are amazing

    • MeloMash
      MeloMash 7 days ago

      thanks dude i appreciate it alot!

  • Lisa Ruth
    Lisa Ruth 7 days ago

    You do know that it's pronounced George Mureson

  • Jacob Hawkins
    Jacob Hawkins 7 days ago

    The reason Magic is a center is because he played center in Game 6 of the 1980 NBA Finals in place of an injured Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    • Jacob Hawkins
      Jacob Hawkins 7 days ago

      Yo MeloMash I didn’t even think you would reply to this 😱😱 love your videos keep doing you and banging out these videos can’t wait til you hit 1 Mil Subs 💯💯

    • MeloMash
      MeloMash 7 days ago

      Yeah I figured thanks

  • Natzev
    Natzev 7 days ago

    Idk why MeloMash has under 1M subs, 10B views, and is a verified account on Instagram and Twitter.

    • Natzev
      Natzev 7 days ago

      MeloMash np and my little brother said hi

    • MeloMash
      MeloMash 7 days ago

      Haha I appreciate it bro thanks

  • Blake Kirkham
    Blake Kirkham 7 days ago

    Nice vid bro

  • Itsameea Jack
    Itsameea Jack 8 days ago

    5'2 but im 11

  • john dale regio
    john dale regio 8 days ago


  • lonewolfreese
    lonewolfreese 8 days ago

    Can anybody games in the NBA 2K 20 my PSN is Manthony2k13

  • sficon
    sficon 8 days ago

    Mine is the Warriors

    • sficon
      sficon 3 days ago


    • Xxx Xxx
      Xxx Xxx 6 days ago

      sficon 🖕🏿

  • Akile Lawless
    Akile Lawless 8 days ago

    Melo needs more subs

    • MeloMash
      MeloMash 8 days ago

      I appreciate it dude thanks

  • Beastmode11
    Beastmode11 8 days ago

    I love getting the notifications of u Ur the goat

  • The real Drose
    The real Drose 8 days ago

    Melo is sooo underrated

  • Danny Beacham
    Danny Beacham 8 days ago

    Said you can’t make threes and I hit a half court shot with Wally cerbeak

  • Najoe Hyche
    Najoe Hyche 8 days ago

    Melo is a hidden gem on YT💯. Like if you agree

    • Najoe Hyche
      Najoe Hyche 4 days ago

      @MeloMash no problem i will always support you and I've been supporting you , so when you hit 1m or top 10 trending I'm just asking for one thing, not a shout out or nun but for you not to change up on your OGs like me or any others. Like these other RU-clipr do and for you too keep your heart in this and not doing it for the money

    • MeloMash
      MeloMash 8 days ago

      i appreciate it bro thanks!

  • Talkier Frog
    Talkier Frog 8 days ago


  • Jr Pastolero
    Jr Pastolero 8 days ago

    Another Banger Video Melo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jr Pastolero
    Jr Pastolero 8 days ago

    Bro this video is so funny 😂😂😂

  • SlowVybz-
    SlowVybz- 10 days ago

    Im 5 foot 3 edit** and im 11

  • Evan Case
    Evan Case 10 days ago

    I’m ambidextrous

  • Ege Bora Alanoglu
    Ege Bora Alanoglu 11 days ago

    Draft of player contracts

  • Marvin Fields
    Marvin Fields 11 days ago

    6,0 feet tall 11 years old

  • Alexisamazing60 TTV
    Alexisamazing60 TTV 11 days ago

    I’m am 75 and 5’3 and thank you for asking

  • Mrlegendery 007
    Mrlegendery 007 11 days ago

    11 and 5 foot 2in

  • Jayson Rivera
    Jayson Rivera 11 days ago

    I’m 16 5’10

  • Willie Lawrence
    Willie Lawrence 11 days ago

    14 5’10

  • Zluu
    Zluu 11 days ago

    I’m 1 and im 12’7

  • Zluu
    Zluu 11 days ago

    He made the same face in the thumb nai

  • Rylee Patterson
    Rylee Patterson 11 days ago


  • Earl2Slickk
    Earl2Slickk 11 days ago

    13 and 5’2

  • Lisa Ruth
    Lisa Ruth 11 days ago

    I'm 4'11

  • Evan Bonsall
    Evan Bonsall 11 days ago

    5 8 is my hight

  • mathew bell
    mathew bell 12 days ago

    I’m 16 and I’m 5’11

  • Henrique Fernandes
    Henrique Fernandes 12 days ago

    Obviously Melo would lose and get angry, there's nothing new about that. now answering ask I have 5"7 unfortunately

  • Trevor Proehl
    Trevor Proehl 12 days ago

    Do a spin the wheel where you draft players based off shoe size

  • Adam Zakharov
    Adam Zakharov 12 days ago

    5 feet 9 inches I'm the same height as IT

  • Christien Woods
    Christien Woods 12 days ago

    I’m 12 and 5’2

  • Christien Woods
    Christien Woods 12 days ago

    Do a wheel of shoe sizes

  • Christopher Nieves
    Christopher Nieves 12 days ago

    5”4 1/2 I’m short🤪

  • Joblessrumble Xbox one


  • Tre Butler
    Tre Butler 12 days ago

    I'm 16 years old and I'm 6'1

  • C5DXV
    C5DXV 12 days ago


  • Landyn playz
    Landyn playz 12 days ago

    Im 14 and 5'1 🤦‍♂️

  • Beau Dacious
    Beau Dacious 12 days ago

    Im 12 and 5’3”

  • Beau Dacious
    Beau Dacious 12 days ago

    Sorry i still support u tho

  • Beau Dacious
    Beau Dacious 12 days ago

    I wish u wouldnt lose subs

  • DigestedRaptor6
    DigestedRaptor6 12 days ago

    I'm 6'3"...sadly I'm short for guys in my family

  • King King
    King King 12 days ago

    I'm 11 5 feet 11

  • Kelvin
    Kelvin 12 days ago

    6’0 🤙

  • Reahna Thomas
    Reahna Thomas 12 days ago

    I am 13 5'7

  • Jayden Brewer
    Jayden Brewer 12 days ago

    Sep 5