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  • Kevin Naderi
    Kevin Naderi 11 minutes ago

    Very helpful

  • Sandy Walker
    Sandy Walker 14 minutes ago

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  • Sreejith R
    Sreejith R 21 minute ago

    Anyone in 2019?

  • Ghostlych0b
    Ghostlych0b 21 minute ago

    Dude looj hus like David Goggins

  • Crazy Lam Official
    Crazy Lam Official 28 minutes ago

    Dude this us the best game ever I think I know the DLC Gun

  • Aemilia Coffin PhoneTube

    You sound happy

  • Sultan Alavi
    Sultan Alavi Hour ago

    Can i raise a little bit of my neck while doing leg raise??

  • Gacha Puppy sunset

    3 times in a row bad breathe hand. 4th time. Nothing. But I think it’s mostly cause I ate chips before this

  • Moonlight Republic

    10/01 Anyone else?

  • RBGuy 17
    RBGuy 17 2 hours ago

    *_i don't have a sauna lol_*

  • Guthu Sravanrao
    Guthu Sravanrao 2 hours ago

    Hi brother I am sravan from India... I want to make body like you.. Please can you help I joined gym 1month agooo

  • Knifey
    Knifey 2 hours ago

    O f f e r a f e w w o r d s o f e n c o u r a g e m e n t

  • Knifey
    Knifey 2 hours ago

    I'm just here from Elvis the alien to see for myself

  • Uncle Lenny
    Uncle Lenny 2 hours ago

    pask, sitt, ei soovita

  • Marilyn Willett
    Marilyn Willett 2 hours ago


  • Mohamad Noh Kassim Noh

    are u serious????

  • Genesis G 90
    Genesis G 90 3 hours ago

    I'm 14 but Im starting to hear clicking in my chest when lie down. Like the clicking when someone is typeing on a Samsung tablet.

  • 「Sachi〜Yuki-地方あの」

    I don’t trust my social study teacher...

  • Alison Abell
    Alison Abell 3 hours ago

    in America we watch football on tv not go outside. In America we do not do pumpkin stew America does pumpkin pie in America we do seperate courses

  • Supreme Enderman
    Supreme Enderman 3 hours ago

    This should be renamed to How to go to hell I am so sorry God

  • Cancerous Content Productions LLC

    Theoretically, lets say that my neighbor's half brother-in-law had a leaky sink drain in his kitchen and he didn't notice it until there was a giant gaping hole underneath his sink. What would be the best course of action to fix this problem (Like really the supply lines fell through the floor)?

  • Chicken Cranberry
    Chicken Cranberry 4 hours ago

    Thank you! Now I have another method of tying a noose to maybe one day be happy.

  • Jaime L
    Jaime L 4 hours ago

    What notes? So that people know what they are doing

  • Lord Rillquaad
    Lord Rillquaad 4 hours ago

    Step one: get a long stick from your yard or something Step two: slightly burn the end of the stick so you don’t give yourself rabies or whatever Step three: set the marshmallow on fire, then blow it out Step four: eat it There, now y’all don’t have to watch the video and save some time

  • Skelifrog Bog
    Skelifrog Bog 4 hours ago

    The thumbnail be looking like James Charles.

    SALLY HUN 4 hours ago

    What I'm not understanding, my toilet water is brown and his is clear 🤔

  • Addy Miller
    Addy Miller 4 hours ago

    Yay! Time for spanish class!

  • Imee Anila
    Imee Anila 4 hours ago

    What are the materials needed to maie this?

  • Austyn Stevens
    Austyn Stevens 5 hours ago

    Plot twist: Edward Snowden

  • Obeykhi Clan
    Obeykhi Clan 5 hours ago

    I’m 9 years old and my voice is deep as helll what does that mean

  • Super Pichu
    Super Pichu 5 hours ago


  • Wyatt Altes
    Wyatt Altes 5 hours ago

    your videos aren't good

  • O-Kay
    O-Kay 5 hours ago

    Ok fair enough, this is justified clickbait.

  • African Queen
    African Queen 5 hours ago

    Jackson Ms. Ummm 🤔 Where the hell she from?

    MISHIT KINGS 6 hours ago

    I love rabbit noses.. lol.. Always twitching

  • Marianna Vanegas
    Marianna Vanegas 6 hours ago

    Is she pregnant?

  • Alex Robinson
    Alex Robinson 6 hours ago

    thnks G

  • Chipsy757
    Chipsy757 6 hours ago


  • link rivera
    link rivera 6 hours ago

    i through up

  • Suwoko
    Suwoko 6 hours ago

    To much talk, but do nothing tutorial

  • Marianna Vanegas
    Marianna Vanegas 6 hours ago

    So everyone's talking about lip gloss and not about this 2:38 ???

  • Odell_salty_ 1
    Odell_salty_ 1 6 hours ago

    I'm not bullied anymore thanks

  • Bergrun Dogg
    Bergrun Dogg 6 hours ago

    If they would make a video on how to make lasagna: “So when you put the lasagna in the oven you should put it in the middle.” “I personally like it at the top of the oven but the middle is the best for a faster cooking.” *puts lasagna in oven “See how we did that?” Me: no! “Yeah I didn’t plan that, it just fell out of my hands but it works.”

  • Bradley Bridges
    Bradley Bridges 6 hours ago

    despite how much this gets spewed, none of this would actually work.

  • Alyssa Crown
    Alyssa Crown 7 hours ago

    I don’t like the resisting , it makes it feel akward 😂

  • CrisCross 707
    CrisCross 707 7 hours ago

    You only taught how to stick it, just constructive criticism put that in the title and for future reference, gymnasts call it a back tuck because lots of skills are 'backflips'

  • Anum A
    Anum A 7 hours ago

    Me sitting here eating trying to get thighs to be a nice model eating not working and me just giving myself diabetes instead

  • Lencho Lechuga
    Lencho Lechuga 8 hours ago

    I'm here for forza horizon the first

  • Aicha Chou
    Aicha Chou 8 hours ago

    I’m soo in love with tango so i wanna try it even at home so I wrote “learn tango” , clicked at that video , my head : u don’t even know how to wear heels 🌚

  • Angel
    Angel 8 hours ago


  • Nothing
    Nothing 9 hours ago

    They didn’t even show us wtf💀

  • Mic B
    Mic B 9 hours ago

    My grandfather invested in some oil wells 30 or 40 years ago and his grandchildren were receiving checks. Not all oil companies are scammers. Wall Street has many scammers it doesn't matter if you have a TD Ameritrade brokerage account and you're not dealing with a broker. I invested in spongetech and put a lot of money into that look it up see what happened. I didn't deal with a pushy salesman. Bernie Madoff. Enron. Just because you have a license and you're registered to sell securities does not mean you are a legitimate company. The SEC tells you that it does not approve or disapprove of the legitimacy of the company. They simply are allowing companies to be in business if they follow all the requirements.

  • microspect
    microspect 9 hours ago


  • XxSarah’s WorldxX
    XxSarah’s WorldxX 9 hours ago

    I made these except with fruity pebbles

  • Sam Oliver
    Sam Oliver 9 hours ago

    Great time to make a jo jo ringtone

  • TheMoonandMercury
    TheMoonandMercury 9 hours ago

    I made a mobias strip

  • Music by sBs
    Music by sBs 9 hours ago

    Please tell me which guitar, fx and combo you are useing🤘

  • That sorta irish guy
    That sorta irish guy 10 hours ago

    Currently trying out the half by three method to see how it goes. This method is basically do as many press ups as you can Say 10 now half that =5 So do 3 sets of 5 with a break of between 1-3 minutes between each set

  • KawaiiKoala
    KawaiiKoala 10 hours ago

    I have to do this as an assignment for dance class and I’m sitting here watching the vid and I have to present tomorrow

  • Yash Damree
    Yash Damree 10 hours ago

    All you had to do was to catch the damn train CJ.

  • • A s h l e y •
    • A s h l e y • 10 hours ago

    I cant bend my toe? I can do at all the others ones but my pinky. Is it broken or normal???

  • Mica Wilder
    Mica Wilder 10 hours ago


  • Justin Portillo
    Justin Portillo 10 hours ago

    how did he break obsidian without a diamond pickaxe?

  • Nonoa Sailo
    Nonoa Sailo 10 hours ago

    Thanks but no aries for me

  • Emily Harris
    Emily Harris 10 hours ago

    thank you

  • Moonlight io
    Moonlight io 11 hours ago

    lol i hope this is a joke

  • Michael Odermatt
    Michael Odermatt 11 hours ago

    You saved my life! Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you veeeery much

  • Paige Daniels
    Paige Daniels 11 hours ago

    Cut to my aunt constantly yelling hay coño and me finally figuring out what it means

  • rj zander
    rj zander 11 hours ago


  • Jazz Toro
    Jazz Toro 11 hours ago


  • Punya Arora
    Punya Arora 11 hours ago

    I’m finding it almost impossible to hoop in the other direction 😭😭😭

  • natasha cobbett
    natasha cobbett 11 hours ago


  • N V
    N V 11 hours ago

    1:00 in, cntrl click with points selected > join

  • Natalia Collins
    Natalia Collins 11 hours ago

    Do. That. Love. Each other

  • Dru Bud VEVO
    Dru Bud VEVO 11 hours ago

    This doesn’t work😭😭😭😭

  • Rick S
    Rick S 12 hours ago

    How can tell what is the weight capacity / strength / shock load of the carabiner?

  • Itzz Yvii
    Itzz Yvii 12 hours ago

    When he said 2012 i was like whatt in the world😂😱

  • Melbournaut
    Melbournaut 12 hours ago

    I've seen kids play with sticks using superior techniques

  • Liv
    Liv 12 hours ago

    Can he have it at 5 months

  • Kamron Khannakhjavani
    Kamron Khannakhjavani 12 hours ago

    Haha what a waste of life this was

  • Pretty Much!!!
    Pretty Much!!! 12 hours ago

    So in the front or back?

  • David Textle
    David Textle 12 hours ago

    If my training partner tapped that hard I wouldn’t let go

  • Alma Greenwood
    Alma Greenwood 12 hours ago

    What else than clearing your throat can you do if you need to do it ???? Anybody, ideas ?

  • Logan D
    Logan D 12 hours ago

    i have one i found in george town texas and it doesn't attack XD.

  • Fearless Flyer
    Fearless Flyer 13 hours ago

    Great information. easyJet #FearlessFlyer also has helped thousands of fearful fliers by providing education of how #flying works and therapy techniques. You can check out video:

  • Mystery Hombre
    Mystery Hombre 13 hours ago

    Silk road cycles lol, is that where lance armstrong got his bikes?

    PLATINUM PAINTING 13 hours ago - Great job ladies thank you for the informative video look forward to more.


    I used this trick when I'm a kid lol

  • Marvel lover
    Marvel lover 13 hours ago

    Everyone's here for either Harley Quinn or Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes As great as that sounds I'm here because Of a view from the bridge Joys of acting

  • Liv
    Liv 13 hours ago

    Can you boil the carrots in water or did you microwave them? Im confused why that part wasnt shown

  • Khalid Faiz
    Khalid Faiz 14 hours ago

    Guys sub to subhan wasif

  • Khalid Faiz
    Khalid Faiz 14 hours ago

    Only teaches u one way

  • AsianScorpio_LadyEnigma1Love

    It depends on the other sign in both of u guys chart too. Also, there are so many aspects that can be considered before you can tell if you guys are matched or not. Not just through Astrology but also with the different aspects of life.

  • Mina30000000
    Mina30000000 14 hours ago

    No. You choose the biggest weight you can physically lift and cheat on every rep.

  • Haley Soukup
    Haley Soukup 14 hours ago

    I don’t know why I’m watching this my bunny is super sweet and never shows signs of aggression

  • BoxedLunch Growtopia
    BoxedLunch Growtopia 14 hours ago

    Bruh my teacher signed me up in my intramurals competition and said if I don't make to atleast 3rd place I'll have a failing grade *THE COMPETITION IS TOMORROW AND I DONT KNOW HOW TO PLAY*

  • Taryn Dickson
    Taryn Dickson 14 hours ago

    It's taking forever testing connection please help me.

  • Darklink Link
    Darklink Link 14 hours ago

    I was taught 12 golden moves

  • Chrome King
    Chrome King 14 hours ago

    Rex Kwon Do anyone?