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  • Jason Carrizales
    Jason Carrizales 3 hours ago

    Hi handsome. I have a feeling I’m a descendent of someone very important. STAY IN YOUR LANE TRUMP. 😠 Working together does not require feckless and discombobulated information. Keep the peace handsome. Trust is build over time but can be very fragile. And yes, I know Trump does not want us to talk. Stay with me, and work with me. Word to the wise, I am not as gullible as I seem. Either way, the law is ABSOLUTE and justice will be served, Democrat or Republican. Yes, I still love handsome, keep the faith handsome. I know Trump is a habitual lier handsome, but what politician does not lie, seriously. 🥰

  • Linda B
    Linda B 9 hours ago

    Her daughter is beautiful with her own looks! So she doesn't look like her beautiful Mom. WHY SHOULD Christie Brinkley even have to explain all that?? The young lady looks like her Dad! What's SO unusual about THAT?? I remember hearing years ago that people criticized Alexa's look, even as a child, and I couldn't BELIEVE people would criticize a CHILD and for SUCH superficial reasons... but I THOUGHT that would have stopped by now...That's why I clicked on this video when I saw it was STILL going on...I thought everyone was "so enlightened" THESE days?? I like Christie Brinkley, at least what I know about her, which isn't a lot, but quit picking at her CHILD, for goodness sakes! If you saw her daughter walking into a coffee shop in your city, and didn't know WHO she was, you'd probably think "what a pretty young lady", but just because she's the daughter of a famous supermodel and equally famous musician/singer, you think it's OKAY to tear her apart!!! And it's not even because she DID something wrong...That is SO NOT cool!

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood 15 hours ago


  • Jessica S
    Jessica S 20 hours ago

    Why the F@CK would she do an interview with DEVIL boy.

  • Alessio Sutera
    Alessio Sutera 22 hours ago

    LAURA CARSEY - 1974

  • None of Your business
    None of Your business 23 hours ago

    The way she keeps going from person to person... asking a room full of senior citizens about dead people, of course they are going to know dead people. Get her in front of a roomful of kids.

  • sandile zulu
    sandile zulu 23 hours ago

    To everyone saying she’s fraudulent... WHERE. ARE. THE. RECEIPTS!!!???? And why are you here, sis?🤷🏿‍♂️ y’all are annoying smh

  • i f u c k i n g h a t e l i f e


  • Stretch Williams

    Theresa Captuo is a scam artist and people give money to this lady for readings? sheesh

  • Stretch Williams

    Oh wow Tamar Braxton is one fine looking lady.

  • Jason Carrizales

    Hi handsome. Today, feels better and I hope your having a good day.

  • Thomas Thompson

    What is WRONG with Anderson Cooper? He doesn't drink coffee (or most other hot drinks), he doesn't eat spinach, he doesn't eat frogs, he doesn't eat pickles! What else is there?

  • aras sara
    aras sara Day ago

    Bullshit 🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 she's fooling people for way too long

  • Ash Smith
    Ash Smith Day ago

    She doesnt event know Whats shes doing

  • Jason Carrizales

    Hi handsome, help me fix the night. We have much to catch up on.

  • Tammy Aubut
    Tammy Aubut Day ago

    Alexa is absolutely stunning. And I am impressed how loving Christi speaks of her ex husband, Billy Loel

  • Abdul-Hannan Ahmad

    Please, for the love of God, bring more knowledgeable Muslims and stop making it seem like this is the fundamental reasoning behind these choices. And bring people that are more *expressive* of the Islamic opinion. People don’t CARE about the textual criticism of what is mandatory and what isn’t in Islam, they care about the SOCIAL repercussions and the mentality of the people who wear these coverings. Please please please understand that Muslims, and for the talk show, and western platforms in general, please stop doing an injustice to Islam by bringing Muslims that aren’t the most balanced in their explanations to the table. Thank you. Peace.

  • Tona Ballaro
    Tona Ballaro 2 days ago

    That is the stupidest shit I have listened too in a while!! How dam shallow.

  • Brian Cee
    Brian Cee 2 days ago

    Shouldn't they be wear underwear?

  • Nancy Clark
    Nancy Clark 2 days ago

    I thinks he just scares everyone into agreeing with everyone she says lol. I would probably just nod my head hoping she will leave soon x

  • Nancy Clark
    Nancy Clark 2 days ago

    I need to talk to someone who has once fallen over

  • Kuholy Chishi
    Kuholy Chishi 2 days ago

    Why you guys are so gullible?

  • Frode Skibrek
    Frode Skibrek 2 days ago

    The shower-scene is the most epic "Pitch Perfect"-scene out of all three films.

  • magnifikris
    magnifikris 2 days ago

    She's a beautiful girl, but she does have her dads dopey eyes, doesn't change that she's lovely.

  • Edmarie Lobo
    Edmarie Lobo 2 days ago

    🤣🤣 fake

  • Tabitha Aaron
    Tabitha Aaron 2 days ago

    Air, air. I'm sensing someone in here breathes air. Also I'm picking up someone pees at least once a day. Anybody? Anybody?

  • Tabitha Aaron
    Tabitha Aaron 2 days ago

    Funny how psychics ask so many questions rather than knowing.

  • Jason Carrizales
    Jason Carrizales 3 days ago

    I see what you are doing handsome................. And I have connected all the dots to every University, including UT. I understand what you are doing. Why are you covering everything that I have gone through in my past. You have again taken advantage of my feelings for you. One question if you were in my position, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? This hurts............... you are still playing games. 🥺 I’m not playing games with you anymore. 🥺 I ABSOLUTELY WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH TEXAS NOW. I thought you were protecting me........ 🥺 you are not and I know that now. Tell me, would you let someone manipulate your situation like your doing know to me? 🥺 I TOLD YOU TEXAS IS NOT OPTIONAL AND I MENT IT. Apparently, you think otherwise. 🥺 I’m leaving TEXAS........... with or without you. 🥺 I PROMISE. 🥺 IF YOU CAN NOT RESPECT THIS ONE THING IM ASKING FOR, THEN MOVE ON AND GET OUT OF MY LIFE AND SITUATION. 🥺 IM GETTING A LAWYER. AND YES, IVE CONNECTED THE DOTS TO THIS TOO. I hope you really don’t think I’m a dumb ass like Trump, seriously. I guess I know your position now, your definitely a frienemy. At least I know where you stand. Thanks for the heads up! 😈 POMPEO CAN KISS MY GAY ASS. GO TO HELL POMPEO. HEY DEMS I KNOW WHAT HAS HAPPENED, IF YOU WANT TO GET RIDE OF TRUMP I WILL TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED. DO NOT USE ANDERSON TO COVER THIS AGAIN, PLEASE. REMEMBER I AM THE ONE THAT KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED. YOU KNOW NOTHING ANDERSON, I SUGGEST YOU GET A LAWYER, YOU DO NOT KNOW THE ENTIRE STORY AND YET YOU STILL WORKED TO COVER MY STORY UP. WHAT A DIP SHIT MOVE! 😈 WHY WERE YOU TRYING TO COVER THIS UP?!?!? 😈 YOU ARE WORSE THAN DONNIE! TRUMP USED YOU BY THE WAY, YOU MADE YOUR BED AND KNOW YOU WILL SLEEP IN IT. NO GODDAMN MILITARY! TRUMP IS GOING TO REGRET HE FUCKED WITH ME! 😈 IM GOING TO START NAMING NAMES IF MY SITUATION DOES NOT CHANGE, AS IN WITNESSES TO WHAT HAPPENED AT TARLETON, WHICH INVOLVES TEXAS TECH. AND BELIEVE ME I KNOW WHO IS INVOLVED! ALL UNIVERSITIES IN TEXAS AND NEW MEXICO CAN KISS MY GAY ASS, SERIOUSLY. ITS OVER, ABSOLUTELY NO WAY IN HELL I WILL WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT. Seriously, I want nothing to do with you now.

  • Cosmic Knight
    Cosmic Knight 3 days ago


  • Stephen Kolman
    Stephen Kolman 3 days ago

    Hey Anderson it's your mother. Your arent getting shit in my will.

  • Carlton Firoved
    Carlton Firoved 3 days ago

    Proof that money can't make you happy. My question to Christie Brinkley is who gives a f***. The really sick part of this is that there are so many Americans that don't have a life and for them this is relevant. To your retards I say get a life. To everyone who has a child going through the same criticisms I would like for you to get ahold of Christie Brinkley and get her to donate some of her billions of dollars so that they too can get a little work done and feel good about themselves... How f****** sick.

  • Jason Carrizales
    Jason Carrizales 3 days ago

    By the way handsome. Things are very complicated and sometimes convoluted. My position is clear, I do not condone any kind malfeasance whatsoever. What happens between you and I stays between you and I. I am learning your position and well.......... to be honest I’m quite surprised. BUT, I guess we are still learning about each other. Let’s focus and come together. NO MORE AMBIGUITY handsome............ I’m asking you..... please, lol. I other words do not put me in a position that I can not support and I will do the same. If we can stop stepping on each other toes while purposefully and actively working on this we can alleviate tension. I am by no means trying to manipulate any situation. Apparently, I am gifted it’s the only logical explanation I have after Graduating from Tarleton. I knew I was gifted I just didn’t know people would feel threatened by that (DEMS). DEMS I know you have used my only sister against me. I know you all used my advancement to favor her future. FULL DISCLOSURE I ALLOWED YOU TO DO THIS. I PURPOSEFULLY PUT HER IN A POSITION OF SUCCESS, BECAUSE THATS WHAT BIG BROTHERS DO. I LOVE HER, I SACRIFICED FOR HER BUT............... I AM NO LONGER SACRIFICING FOR HER. SHE IS SMART ENOUGH ON HER OWN, SHE DOES NOT NEED MY HELP ANYMORE. SHE CAN ACCOMPLISH HER OWN GOALS ON HER OWN. THIS IS THE TRUTH AND I KNOW WHAT YOU ALL HAVE DONE TO ME. I WILL BE MOVING FORWARD ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. Handsome, this is the truth about my sister, that is why she is on your radar. I WILL GET OVER IT! ABSOLUTELY NO MILITARY WHATSOEVER. YOU CAN BLAME TARLETON FOR THAT AND NO UNIVERSITY IN TEXAS. AGAIN, YOU CAN BLAME TARLETON, TEXAS TECH AND ENMU FOR THAT. I still have a Degree! GETTING OVER IT MEANS.................... GETTING OVER INFLUENCE WITHIN UNIVERSITIES TOO? 🤔 Just wondering........? So........ does anyone who is gifted have to be controlled by the masses? AND IF SO IS THIS BECAUSE OF RELIGION AND OR POLITICAL CONCERN? 🤔 JUST GOING BY HISTORICAL FACTORS INVOLVING PEOPLE WHO ARE A GENIUS. 🤔 HEY TEXAS TECH I HAVE YET TO MENTION WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO HIDE! HINT: FORD DONT GET ME STARTED ABOUT UMC. I WILL NEVER AGAIN ATTEND A UNIVERSITY THAT I DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH, EVER! 🤣 Don’t forget TECH I’VE ALL READY CONTACTED A LAW FIRM. 🤣 *SYNAPTIC PRIMING*

  • John D
    John D 4 days ago

    A trivial issue

  • Jason Carrizales
    Jason Carrizales 4 days ago

    OH HELL NO HANDSOME............... I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH. Yea.......... I have to limit what I say on this platform. Just know that, I am glad..............

  • Violet Joy
    Violet Joy 4 days ago

    I really appreciate and agree with so much of what Christie is saying here. She says things I've said. Good for you, Christie! P.S. Can we just take a minute to point out how gorgeous her hair looks? Wow! Although she has obviously had some "work" done on herself, she still looks beautiful. It's nice to hear how she thinks. ❤👏❤

  • Jo Edridge
    Jo Edridge 4 days ago

    My god her nails but then also her hair 🤣

  • Rose VEGAN for the animals

    This is so wrong

  • Alejandro Carrillo
    Alejandro Carrillo 4 days ago

    OMG, she is so fake. Taking advantage of people's vulnerability is not cool. She should take acting lessons at least.

  • Chris Randall
    Chris Randall 4 days ago

    Dream threesome

  • Jason Carrizales
    Jason Carrizales 4 days ago

    If I had known you were this kind of man/person from the beginning, I WOULD HAVE NEVER EVER talked to you. I intend to never speak to you again I suggest you do the same. No hate, you are just no longer relevant whatsoever, seriously. Have a good life

  • Jason Carrizales
    Jason Carrizales 5 days ago

    Am I really in a whole new world? I FREAKEN HOPE SO, DAMNIT. I WILL LET BYGONES BE BYGONES IF THATS THE CASE. BUT, I’M STILL NOT SETTLING IN TEXAS. To much has happened here and I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready to move forward. I hope your day is going ALOT better than mine handsome. 🤓 Actually, you are free to do whatever you want we have not meet and I have no engagement ring. I still care for you, but I am a realistic. Live and let live. If you want to meet, you will have to meet/help me if not, I will not hold that against you. BTW, MILITARY STAY OFF MY ASS IM STILL NOT INTERESTED, SERIOUSLY. I old enough to know what I am looking for in a husband. AND IM STILL GETTING THE HELL OUT OF TEXAS, THAT will never change. 🤣

  • Ally Kayyy
    Ally Kayyy 5 days ago

    You're right. Fuschia isn't common. Red, which you said, is.

  • Ally Kayyy
    Ally Kayyy 5 days ago

    "I'm the one talkin to dead people hea!" *audience erupts* god. Bitch is so deluded she ACTUALLY thinks she hears dead people when really she's just schizo

  • Bloom Moon
    Bloom Moon 5 days ago

    He’s funny!!😂

  • Elaina Kosmidis
    Elaina Kosmidis 5 days ago

    You GO Christie!!!❤️👍😊

  • Melissa Nolen
    Melissa Nolen 5 days ago

    I absolutely adore Anderson Cooper! Such a highly intelligent, respectful man. Lisa is a stunningly gorgeous lady. Two beautiful people right there!

  • Sumida Ryogoku
    Sumida Ryogoku 5 days ago's just a WIG !!

  • Brittany Parker
    Brittany Parker 5 days ago

    I just know he smells

  • Jason Carrizales
    Jason Carrizales 5 days ago

    Hi handsome. 🥰 I hope you had a better evening then I did. People are STILL ALL UP IN MY BUSINESS. 😠

  • Toni P.
    Toni P. 5 days ago

    After plastic surgery, she looks good. Beforehand, not so much, just like her dad.

  • andrew torrents
    andrew torrents 5 days ago

    This woman is the complete lowest form of scum for exploiting people who are grieving

  • AM M
    AM M 5 days ago

    I remember when they went to a war zone, and did a piece there. Tracy Smith came to my high school in San Francisco for a news cast, and after the news cast she asked do you have any questions for me. All we kept asking her was how is Anderson Cooper and Lisa Ling. Why are they in the war zone reporting?

  • Beautiful Diva
    Beautiful Diva 5 days ago

    Tamar looking like girl don’t start.

  • Jason Carrizales
    Jason Carrizales 5 days ago

    Hi handsome. 🥰 I have to go big, I have no choice. I AM DOING THIS FOR US, REMEMBER IM WITH YOU. 🤓

  • Jason Carrizales
    Jason Carrizales 6 days ago

    Hi handsome. 🥰 Today, is less dramatic but.............. we have to keep going. I am thankful for that things are less dramatic, one day at a time. 😎🥰 Handsome, things have just got very REAL where I live, for real. Things have escalated very quickly. LUBBOCK OR TEXAS DOES NOT WANT TO SEE ME LEAVE AND YOU ALL KNOW WHY. THEY ARE STILL TRYING TO COVER UP WHAT HAPPENED TO ME. 😡 Handsome, I am trying to work with you. This is not easy whatsoever, my environment (Lubbock) is doing everything thing to stop me from working with you.

  • Jason Carrizales
    Jason Carrizales 6 days ago

    Good morning handsome. 🥰 I have one other thing in my chest that I have to say. When I was with Donnie, people purposely separated us. I was hearing rumors that he was cheating on me and that should drop him and find a “real” man. I ultimately ended up believing them. I have learned from this lesson. When I say I trust you, I really do trust you because you have earned it. And to be honest people do not want to see me with you, I don’t think. I wish I could actually talk to you and show you the kind of man I am. I want to get to know you more. Just know I’m having to fight really hard. I’m not interested in anyone else honestly. For some reason you have been able to not just connect with me on a personal level but you have been able to help me fight my demons. This is why I trust you and why I started caring for you. You are not a fantasy, I have seen you in my past dreams............ and it freaks me out a little. My world is turning BUT, I am OK with that because.......... I really have seen you in my dreams.

  • dobielover100
    dobielover100 6 days ago

    Her daughter is beautiful ❤️

  • Assassimon
    Assassimon 6 days ago

    Absolute LOL however, fully support such stuff (mentally) because I believe that idiots and money should be separated :D go medium!

  • Lynn Sherwood
    Lynn Sherwood 6 days ago

    Ironic since Christy Brinkley is regularly bashing people who are overweight.

  • MsCristinika7
    MsCristinika7 6 days ago

    I love her

  • Rosilyn Smith
    Rosilyn Smith 6 days ago

    Social media=too _much_ exposure! No one deserves your _real time,_ but you!! #jussayin

  • Cody Ess
    Cody Ess 6 days ago

    Half the people in the audience are over 50. "Did someone have a wife or a sister die?" "Did they have problems with their legs" She left out, "Did she quit breathing when she died?". "Was she involved with a doctor or some medical person before or after she died?". What a waste of space.

  • Zinnia
    Zinnia 6 days ago

    Who care. You people are ego maniacs.

  • Ricardo Grueso
    Ricardo Grueso 6 days ago

    These comments have me crying 😂 i love theresa tho ! I speak with spirits as well there will always be skeptics so it is what it is. Lol

  • Jason Carrizales
    Jason Carrizales 6 days ago

    Today, was a very eventful day and evening handsome. 🥰 BUT, I have the strength to move forward because of you. I’m glad you have friends who support you. I CAN NOT WAIT till the day my life finally moves forward. I smile every time I think about you, for real. My family DOES NOT understand anything I’m doing they are just following aimlessly. Have a goodnight handsome. 🥰 P.S. Apparently some Latino men are pissed that I am NOT INTERESTED IN THEM WHATSOEVER. I certainly do not give a damn about what they think either. I have my reasons and I’m sure you are aware of why. I just want to clarify something to, I was attracted to your personality before I noticed your physicality. NOT THAT I DIDN’T NOTICE, lol. Your heart and mind is what I am drawn too. Just being honest. P.S.S. I’m STILL TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHY SO MANY PEOPLE ARE ALL UP IN MY BUSINESS, SERIOUSLY. I don’t think I’m special................. BUT APPARENTLY I might be. Seriously WTF. 🤔

  • Seamus Snow
    Seamus Snow 6 days ago

    what a stupid bitch

  • Thomas Farrell
    Thomas Farrell 6 days ago

    Who criticized her looks? That's the real question. I'll bet nobody.

  • Jenny Coyle
    Jenny Coyle 6 days ago

    She’s absolutely beautiful 🥰

  • Kidan Tisan
    Kidan Tisan 6 days ago

    Another peroxide fraud... She is good at cold reading, I give her that. Still, why do people fall for that BS??

  • Beantown Kid
    Beantown Kid 7 days ago

    what does the future hold for that hair doo from the past..!!! Bwah ha ha ha ......... what a whack job... after a while u get good at this nonsense....

  • Scott Kasaboski
    Scott Kasaboski 7 days ago

    how fuckin ridiculous.....stupid fuckin lefties

  • Sam
    Sam 7 days ago

    Did you, did you, did you, did you? Theresa your not meant to ask questions, your supposed to freely give info

  • Jason Carrizales
    Jason Carrizales 7 days ago

    Good morning handsome. By the way, I have done some things like in my past like dress up like a women for Halloween that............ I am NOT proud of. I was young and of course trying to live life up, lol. BUT, I have NO DESIRE to dress like a women or be a women. I really do like being a Androgynous gay man, it’s how I was made naturally. 🥰

  • Elena DeLuca
    Elena DeLuca 7 days ago

    People who say nasty things on social media are not right in the head, and not worth taking seriously.

  • Greta Gaston
    Greta Gaston 7 days ago

    Alexis is beautiful. I think she's the most gorgeous of Christie's children.

    • Berni Codd
      Berni Codd 4 days ago

      Greta Gaston Clearly few people agree with you. Although she has gotten more appealing in her later years, her daughter Sailor looks closer to her mom. Christie is stunning and obviously a lot of people find that look more attractive.

  • Pepper Wolf
    Pepper Wolf 7 days ago

    Who cares. Her daughters are brats. Don’t feel sorry for people who have millions and millions of dollars. They can take care of themselves.

  • sammy scotch
    sammy scotch 7 days ago

    Did Christy not think that going on this show and talking abt this would not bring more attention to this issue?

  • Rebecca Sowell
    Rebecca Sowell 7 days ago

    Stupid bull ppl.who cares?maybe a queer who has nothing else to promote.

  • chab1rd 1
    chab1rd 1 7 days ago

    Shes beautiful...screw what ppl say and think! Its like ppl have ZERO manners! GROW UP ALREADY PPL!!!

  • D Lightful
    D Lightful 7 days ago

    I don’t think it has anything to do with her looks but she sometimes comes across as entitled.. sullen.. and self centered.. her mom is always explaining or coddling her or pushing her into the spotlight. I saw her in an interview with her other sister and mom when they did the Sports Illustrated and then her attitude at her big ‘special’ birthday party.. she’s very beautiful but she needs constant acknowledgement and I think people sense that and it’s draining people subconsciously don’t give her the attention. Bless the other daughter for being so gracious all the time!

  • J D
    J D 7 days ago

    Her daughter is beautiful. People need to back off.

  • mycat63 mycat63
    mycat63 mycat63 7 days ago

    Well she was very ugly

  • L Daher
    L Daher 7 days ago

    By "blossomed" you mean a sh*t ton of plastic surgery. She was a normal girl which was just fine.

  • Harry Knows
    Harry Knows 7 days ago

    I'm not a violent person, but I would love to punch this lying bitch in the mouth...

  • J. Elizabeth
    J. Elizabeth 7 days ago

    On what planet is her daughter anything but beautiful lmao

  • Marcy Patterson
    Marcy Patterson 8 days ago

    To all the ones that say she’s fake, why r u watching

    • Harry Knows
      Harry Knows 7 days ago

      @Marcy Patterson Except she is a lying cunt.

    • Marcy Patterson
      Marcy Patterson 7 days ago

      Mark Cadieux except she’s not

    • Mark Cadieux
      Mark Cadieux 7 days ago

      Because it's so amusing watching her fumble around trying to cover it up when she's flat out lying.

  • Jason Carrizales
    Jason Carrizales 8 days ago

    Hi handsome. 🥰 I like being an Androgynous gay man. I think it is unfair that women have to pay more. Seriously, why........... 😎

  • Jason Carrizales
    Jason Carrizales 8 days ago

    Good afternoon handsome, have a good day. 🥰

  • myutube
    myutube 8 days ago

    A beautiful momma bear. Christie did a wonderful job here. Could not be better or more correct. She’s a great person and mom. 💛

  • potocatepetl
    potocatepetl 8 days ago

    So what is the point to have an app like find my phone if the police won't help?

  • L Ar
    L Ar 8 days ago

    This is a form of trolling. It needs to be ignored. But how can a mom ignore an attack on her daughter, I couldn’t? Unfortunately reacting to it will just encourage it. What a dilemma.

  • Deborah Thomas
    Deborah Thomas 8 days ago

    Jealousy and envy, it has to be, she is absolutely stunning!

  • Blitzie 123
    Blitzie 123 8 days ago

    Yea. This is what the hate of the leftist Democrats have created. Hate and horrible judgment.

  • Nancy Bryant
    Nancy Bryant 8 days ago

    She should quit reading what people say about her on social media. People love to criticize when it’s anonymous.

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 8 days ago

    She minds me of Mena Suvari.

  • Carol Diehl
    Carol Diehl 8 days ago

    She's gorgeous !

  • C Connelly
    C Connelly 8 days ago

    She is beautiful and perfect! ❤️

  • meme rodriguez
    meme rodriguez 8 days ago

    She is a natural beauty wtf. Yes she looks more like her dad but is very pretty..people suck.

  • Phfft! Whatever!
    Phfft! Whatever! 8 days ago

    Clearly it bothered her a whole lot or she wouldn't have launched into a four minute defensive monologue.

  • Celena Newell
    Celena Newell 8 days ago

    Christy please cover up your breasts!! 😱 That's not classy.😱 That's sluty!!!