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    Lol... The difference between #1 and #2 is so sexy.....

  • Lalalisa Manoban
    Lalalisa Manoban Month ago

    Can you solo female artist of groups and then for male aswell Top 100

  • Anita Sosa
    Anita Sosa Month ago


  • mira lanoza
    mira lanoza Month ago

    Bakit wala pong #12.. Who's boy group spot at #12 ....??

  • Wilujeng Nuraini
    Wilujeng Nuraini Month ago

    lee hangyul is the real dark horse:') i'm so proud of him

  • Nada Kocher
    Nada Kocher 2 months ago


  • Serinuma Mutsumi
    Serinuma Mutsumi 2 months ago


  • Nana Bunga
    Nana Bunga 2 months ago

    Pardon me but i dont really agree that hyungjun should be that place bcs i cant see his speciality. I mean other members are more talented than him

    • Nana Bunga
      Nana Bunga 2 months ago

      And im also dont know why so many ppl vote for him. Its just my opinion nvm if you are not agree with me

  • Jiwon Baek
    Jiwon Baek 2 months ago

    Kook heon của tao tài năng mọi mặt. mấy nhóc kia sao bằng đc tao k tin nổi 😠

  • Hi Hello There
    Hi Hello There 2 months ago

    I'm so dissapointed with some of the rankings. Like seriously? National Producers can't appreciate some of them. :(((((

  • Kimberly Surita
    Kimberly Surita 2 months ago

    Seungyoun 😍😍

  • fatin izaty
    fatin izaty 2 months ago

    I Hope Kang min hee💖 and keum dong hyun💖 debut. They are really showing their improvement time to time . Keep voting for them pleasssseee thank you😘 national producer 😍

  • 박준기
    박준기 2 months ago

    선호 시훈 몆나게 잘하네요 화이팅 할게요

  • Monique Palmiano
    Monique Palmiano 2 months ago

    kim sihoon & kookheonie doesn't deserve that rank huhuhu my all rounder bebes

  • chocolate mint
    chocolate mint 2 months ago

    Cho seungyoun for center

  • lps greek friend forever!

    I'm happy that Tony is in a high rank because he's one of my favorite trainees and I want him to debut, but Yuvin's rank is really low. I think he deserves to be at the top 11 same with Tony because they both are really talented. I hope they end up in the final group!! 😭😭😭

  • いちご-Ichigo
    いちご-Ichigo 2 months ago


  • Ítalo Matheus
    Ítalo Matheus 2 months ago

    19. Dongpyo i swear to god, korea....

  • Jay RTv
    Jay RTv 2 months ago

    Jungmo Tony Dong Pyo Wonjin Mingyu Minhee Let's Debut!!!!

  • Anime Slayer
    Anime Slayer 2 months ago

    this is why I hate voting because they tend to see visuals than talents. I am rooting Dong Pyo but his ranking keeps on decreasing, he did his best and I hope that he still have confidence with him, hayzss!! How I really wish that I can vote , hays!!! Im so depressed right now and I still think that this is not official, 😭😭

  • Summer Kim
    Summer Kim 2 months ago

    YUVIN?? SIHOON??? 😫😭😭 Dafuq

  • Vera Waty
    Vera Waty 2 months ago


  • 8 est
    8 est 2 months ago

    Correction: This is concept evaluation ranking not official ranking ..

  • Jnthn DL
    Jnthn DL 2 months ago

    Kang hyunsoo, Lee Sejin and Lee Hyeop. They are talented. They are my pick aside from my top 11. I will definitely stan them if they are to debut.

  • Loenai Manzano
    Loenai Manzano 2 months ago

    Let's go for the center Yohan❤

  • Silver Kairie
    Silver Kairie 2 months ago

    Lee Hangyul 💕

  • Bae Bae
    Bae Bae 2 months ago

    keum donghyun lets debut :*

  • k infires
    k infires 2 months ago

    Sihun deserves better :<

  • Iman Batrisya
    Iman Batrisya 2 months ago

    Hope kim mingkyu top 11❤

  • Itzia Padilla ふわ
    Itzia Padilla ふわ 2 months ago

    0:27 I mean, why

  • Nameless Person
    Nameless Person 2 months ago

    For a guys who became a main rapper and a lead vocalist with just three months of training, Kim Yo Han seriously needs to debut as the center.

  • Julia T.
    Julia T. 2 months ago

    I hope Wonjin will stay in top20 or else I'll cry my eyes out.

  • hyeongjun’s hair
    hyeongjun’s hair 2 months ago

    How did Yuvin’s rank drop so low?

  • Luisa A.
    Luisa A. 2 months ago


  • Luisa A.
    Luisa A. 2 months ago

    My baby oppa SONG HYUNG JUN should be first place!!! 🙄🙄🙄😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Liz Marq
    Liz Marq 2 months ago

    Hangyul with 69 votes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I really want him to debut ;-;

  • Yohan nie
    Yohan nie 2 months ago

    Is this really the official ranking? OFFICIAL?

    • Sheeda Lol
      Sheeda Lol 2 months ago

      No this is the live voting for the concept stages.

  • Yohan nie
    Yohan nie 2 months ago

    Minkyu deserves a better ranking... lets debut him please

    • RoA
      RoA 2 months ago


  • Nguyễn Thị Thúy Loan

    #한승우 Yêu quá đi

  • samy.kathe salazar jimenez

    Yo solo quiero que mi lindo Dong Pyo debute, lo demás no me importa

  • Mira Yulianti
    Mira Yulianti 2 months ago

    wooseok yohan fighting ❤

  • sean lynch
    sean lynch 2 months ago


  • Kei Chan
    Kei Chan 2 months ago

    Lee Hyeop 11 votes?? Really?? That boy has got some damn voals, is good at dancing and good visuals. It's so sad that he's underrated :( If he gets eliminated in the next round Imma--

  • Anazz Ackerman
    Anazz Ackerman 2 months ago

    Baby Hyeongjun at no.4 💖💖

    • Luisa A.
      Luisa A. 2 months ago

      @Anazz Ackerman me too!! Ahhh! Fighting!! 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

    • Anazz Ackerman
      Anazz Ackerman 2 months ago

      @Luisa A. i want hyeongjun to debutt!!

    • Luisa A.
      Luisa A. 2 months ago

      My baby Should be the first place!!! ❤️❤️❤️💕💯✨😍

  • Ian Kasiha
    Ian Kasiha 2 months ago

    I think this is only concept evaluation ranking ...

    • 8 est
      8 est 2 months ago

      Yes its only concept evaluation ranking not official ranking

  • Eva Amena
    Eva Amena 2 months ago

    Hyeop deserves a lot of vote. Seriously he need to debut!

  • MINOS Nose
    MINOS Nose 2 months ago


  • Leonardo Ebin
    Leonardo Ebin 2 months ago

    So many underated trainees

  • Zia Ann
    Zia Ann 2 months ago

    Lee Hyeop is really underrated ;--;

  • fbh. e
    fbh. e 2 months ago


  • Kim Jieun
    Kim Jieun 2 months ago

    kim hyunbin!

  • bts ft monstax
    bts ft monstax 2 months ago

    EUNSANG!! ♥

  • Sealan Beda
    Sealan Beda 2 months ago


  • yuri aiko
    yuri aiko 2 months ago

    are all the starship members will debut then? 🤔

  • Erykah Oh
    Erykah Oh 2 months ago

    Wtf??!!!! Dongpyo is legit 19th place.I cant believe it. The only person I root for and this happens to him. Korea better get their shoot together bc he is a talented boy. I swear.

    • RoA
      RoA 2 months ago

      Let's be real he's been out of the spotlight for a while now lol

  • grace antonio
    grace antonio 2 months ago

    Yes!! U got it team is in top 10 good luck guys!!! 🤗👏👏👏😍

  • Kylie Chesebro
    Kylie Chesebro 2 months ago

    Super Special Girl team was ROBBED

  • Doyoung's Eyebrows
    Doyoung's Eyebrows 2 months ago

    FINALLY! Tony got a kind of high rank! He still has soo much talent to show! Pls support him and his dream to debut!💖💖💖

  • Honeyorbit
    Honeyorbit 2 months ago

    Wooseok need to debut as the center of the final lineup too talented for not being 1st...

  • aNa NieShya
    aNa NieShya 2 months ago

    Plez help kim hyunbin. Vote for him. 😢😢😢😢

  • Elena Evans
    Elena Evans 2 months ago

    My bby wooseok deserves better.. but mnet snake has already chosen their center.. * cough * yohan😐

    • Mia Y
      Mia Y 2 months ago

      if you havent notice..Yohan is consistent on the top from the start..and if you notice again during their performance even the trainer acknowledge he had improved a lot..hes an idol material..helpful to other trainees and never been selfish..on top of that his performance was superb

  • Marvin Gaye
    Marvin Gaye 2 months ago

    Kim wooseok baby in my heart you still my number 1 😘😘😘

  • Laila Moonstar
    Laila Moonstar 2 months ago

    Hyeop :( deserves better

  • sofia parungo
    sofia parungo 2 months ago

    Cho seungyoun from rank 17 to rank 2 real quick!! Lez get ittt

      SVT RIGHT HERE Month ago

      @koizora raira what's wrong with mnet, do they want foetuses to debut or something? Age shouldn't affect their debut, especially if they think he's old cos they're taking the piss then, he's legit in his early 20s I mean, HE'S IN THE GROUP PHEWWW so we don't have to worry

    • mrgal 19
      mrgal 19 2 months ago

      Its not the rankingg its the evaluation concept rank

      I AM IRON MAN 2 months ago

      That's not the rangking, those are the votes from the concept evaluation

    • Name of Travel
      Name of Travel 2 months ago

      @koizora raira maybe because lee sejin done to do enlist before.But he,jinhyuk,and wooseok have a same age.So yeah,i don't understand why knetz bash him like that...

    • sofia parungo
      sofia parungo 2 months ago

      koizora raira AGREE!! And in what I’ve observed knetz only votes for those who r famous in pdx like they don’t see the talents of other boys so sad

  • anggita yuliani
    anggita yuliani 2 months ago

    Kim Mingyu fighting

  • Love Jinhyuk
    Love Jinhyuk 2 months ago

    Kim Yohan Han Seungwoo Lee Jinhyuk Kim Hyunbin Son Dongpyo Song Yuvin Let's debut ❤

    • Luisa A.
      Luisa A. 2 months ago

      SONG HYUNG JUN ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Gucci Tomato
      Gucci Tomato 2 months ago

      Peach Daniel it’s ok 👍 I’m so happy to see all my picks in this comment 😂💕

    • Love Jinhyuk
      Love Jinhyuk 2 months ago

      @Gucci Tomato sorry 😁

    • Gucci Tomato
      Gucci Tomato 2 months ago

      Son* dongpyo

  • Khun Agnis
    Khun Agnis 2 months ago

    Jinhyuk, yu vin, seungyeon, won jin fighting

  • Kimora Khirvisana 29
    Kimora Khirvisana 29 2 months ago

    Please make yuvin debut!!

  • Kaviya Muralidharan
    Kaviya Muralidharan 2 months ago

    cho seungyoun, this dude is really underrated. Seungyoun is super talented. He actually deserves more attention. Yall should go check out his song "different". It's really good. His stage name was "WOODZ". Please support him.

    • koizora raira
      koizora raira 2 months ago

      @Name of Travel his team member not that famous tho. So he can got highest votes. No offense but no one from move team placed top 10 in each week. But i pray if your word true, because he needs knet vote😭😭

    • Name of Travel
      Name of Travel 2 months ago

      The truth he's not really underrated both in kfans and ifans now.If you know he got first live voting while his fans who attend there not as much as other trainee fans.Everyone recognize his talent know.Just maybe so many haters who love visual who hate him...

    • koizora raira
      koizora raira 2 months ago

      An intellegent!!

  • Federica Tamerisco
    Federica Tamerisco 2 months ago

    Kim kookheon I've cheered for you since mixnine. Let's debut!

  • multifandomkxng
    multifandomkxng 2 months ago

    Why do all the visuals get the highest rankings and all the talented, deserving trainees get paid dust ?? :(

    • Archery Stan
      Archery Stan 2 months ago

      @multifandomkxng Cho Seung Yeon is really talented,he got produced many nice songs,I stan Cho Seung Yeon...

    • multifandomkxng
      multifandomkxng 2 months ago

      I swear if kim minkyu makes the final debut and cho seungyoun doesn’t then idk anymore :/

  • UNMe -Euijin-
    UNMe -Euijin- 2 months ago

    😭😭 HANGYUL 😭😭

  • Andrea Krizsány
    Andrea Krizsány 2 months ago

    Starting from the auditions, Yohan was my favourite contestant for weeks, but after the first live performances Cho Seungyoun caught my attention so much, that slowly but surely he stole my heart and I like him now more than anyone else in Produce X 101. Seeing these two adorable, goofy and manly energy bombs at the top of the rankings simply makes my heart melt into microscopic particles❣♡♥ Stir fried spicy pork and white rice: Hwaiting!!!

    • Khun Agnis
      Khun Agnis 2 months ago

      He shined in move a lot he became my top 1 pick

  • Maria Fernandes
    Maria Fernandes 2 months ago

    I'm literally teared up when I saw Dongpyo ranking, seriously he was losing his confidence bc he thought he would be the first title song center not debuting but then he raised his rank and now he's dropping again, knetz are complaining that he's the title song center and that he should be on the top 10 but they are forgetting that they're the ones that are voting, I just wish I could vote for my baby 😢

    • Iman Batrisya
      Iman Batrisya 2 months ago

      Yes me too

    • lecho swargiary
      lecho swargiary 2 months ago

      Yes ur right😣 I also wish too that I also get a chance to vote for him😢❤

  • Firliana Aulia
    Firliana Aulia 2 months ago

    Yohan figthing!!💕

  • Yik Toong
    Yik Toong 2 months ago

    Kim wooseok Kim yohan Son dongpyo Lee hangyul Song Yu vin Kim Mingyu Han Seung Woo Ham Won Jin Kim Hyunbin Song Hyungjun Lee Eun Sang Please debut 🙏 Hwaiting!

  • Mushi gay
    Mushi gay 2 months ago

    Song hyeongjun Kim minkyu Son dongpyo Ham wonjin Lee jinwoo Lee hangyul Koo jungmo Cha junho Kim yohan Kim wooseok Nam dohyon Hope they can all debut together plss support them so they can regain theyre spots/rank higher 😊

  • beomqyutie
    beomqyutie 2 months ago

    Dongpyo and wonjin 😭 payting

  • evelin carrillo
    evelin carrillo 2 months ago

    Yuvin 😢 24

  • official aqua
    official aqua 2 months ago

    Kinda mad that dongpyo is in 19TH place

    • vinnie.
      vinnie. 2 months ago

      @Geoffrey I hope you're at least half as talented as him to be able to criticize him like that.

    • Geoffrey
      Geoffrey 2 months ago

      He should be last cause HE SUCKS. Ugly and untalented, yuck!

  • Haylin Arnett
    Haylin Arnett 2 months ago

    Yohan is center material

  • quinoa
    quinoa 2 months ago


  • Tulip Tulip
    Tulip Tulip 2 months ago

    3:50 he placed last though? This video is wrong guys

    • Maria Fernandes
      Maria Fernandes 2 months ago

      but his team was the winner so he get the benefits for being on the winning them

  • TiniV TiniKrisp
    TiniV TiniKrisp 2 months ago


  • youNICEkeepGOING
    youNICEkeepGOING 2 months ago

    Lee Hangyul you have to debut!!!!!!

  • Army Ella
    Army Ella 2 months ago

    center YOHAN

  • Maryjoy Camajalan
    Maryjoy Camajalan 2 months ago

    my woollim boys, fightingggg!!!!!!!

    EXO-L MONBEBE 2 months ago

    Kim yohan😍😍

  • Jackylyn Lambino
    Jackylyn Lambino 2 months ago

    People really need to vote for sihun 😭😭😭😭

  • Phuonganh Le
    Phuonganh Le 2 months ago

    Kim yohan <3

  • ASTROWoo
    ASTROWoo 2 months ago

    How do you get rid of those stupid ads at the end? they cover half the screen on my little tablet :( I can't see the 1st position person

  • ANJ
    ANJ 2 months ago

    Wooseok jinhyuk minkyu😭

  • ANJ
    ANJ 2 months ago

    Kook heon pls make itt

  • ANJ
    ANJ 2 months ago

    Rise Tony!!! Rise!!

  • kycat s
    kycat s 2 months ago

    Kim hyunbin will not make it😢, i still have some hope but i just knew it arghh😭

    • Aliza Shrestha
      Aliza Shrestha 2 months ago

      Thats what I am afraif of!! I really want him to debut! 😭

    • azfa
      azfa 2 months ago

      I think so too..but at least hope he will be top 20 and final.

  • Abby Hunter
    Abby Hunter 2 months ago


  • Ein ahadisr
    Ein ahadisr 2 months ago

    Finally yohan top 1st.I hope he maintain his rank and he will become a center in the final

    • multifandomkxng
      multifandomkxng 2 months ago

      At first I thought he was just another visual but he’s been improving so much compared to other trainees who rely on their looks. I hope he makes it ! ^~^

    • naima bhaskara
      naima bhaskara 2 months ago


  • doctor_cheeks
    doctor_cheeks 2 months ago

    cho seungyoun! at last! 💕

    • Carla B
      Carla B 2 months ago

      Yes at last!!! ♡♡

  • Na Exo
    Na Exo 2 months ago

    At Last 😭😭😭😭yohan has regained his position. I wish he would maintain this and debut to be the next successor of wannaone. The only trainee who has improved so much since the first time "u got it" is my fav song right now cuz of u know who.......😘😗😙😚.

    • Victoria Lee Swag Queen
      Victoria Lee Swag Queen Month ago

      @kianne lol makes sense

    • youNICEkeepGOING
      youNICEkeepGOING 2 months ago

      @RoA damn chill. Not all comparisons have to be negative. I was saying how both of them have a cute and funny side. They're both charismatic on stage. In that way, I find them similar. calm tf down sis

    • RoA
      RoA 2 months ago

      @youNICEkeepGOING please dont compare him to kang daniel thank you

    • kianne
      kianne 2 months ago

      Victoria Lee Swag Queen I don’t think MNET would place someone who already debuted as a center, to be honest. They would need someone that they can use after the contract ended since if it’s already someone who debuted, he would just return to his group.

    • Victoria Lee Swag Queen
      Victoria Lee Swag Queen 2 months ago

      @youNICEkeepGOING I respect ur opinion y'all and for a 3 month trainee he *is* talented

  • Mari PD
    Mari PD 2 months ago

    Lee Hangyul please debut 💖💖