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    What’s your favorite brand/type of mayo Chef Tom?

  • dahveed284
    dahveed284 Hour ago

    I like the size of the Ooni Pro. The larger size enables more options than just pizza. Breads and cast iron casseroles to name a couple.

  • lilgrasshoppah
    lilgrasshoppah 11 hours ago

    would you render that fat cap down...?

  • Aaron Nava
    Aaron Nava 15 hours ago

    What kind of knife brother??

  • Tim Stull
    Tim Stull 19 hours ago

    Tom is awesome and his persona is perfect for the show! Always salivating after his video’s!

  • Jared Smith
    Jared Smith 20 hours ago

    I want that

  • androidgeeking
    androidgeeking 22 hours ago

    I need those gloves. What are they?

  • Chris Wunsch
    Chris Wunsch Day ago

    What is a good substitute for cilantro? I can't stand the taste or smell of it.

  • Rog Rod
    Rog Rod Day ago

    Looks amazing.

  • Devon Reed
    Devon Reed Day ago

    Hey Allthingsbbq, Chef Tom should make some donuts next. I need a really good donut recipe.

    • allthingsbbq
      allthingsbbq 16 hours ago

      Thanks Devon! We'll pass that along!

  • Ryan Rhodes
    Ryan Rhodes Day ago

    What knife are you using in this video?

  • Graham Brock
    Graham Brock Day ago

    how many people does this serve? anyone know?

  • James Warren
    James Warren Day ago

    The printable recipe is wrong!!!! 1/2 cup of sugar in the dry part not 1 1/2 like whats printed. Ask me how I found out..... @allthingsbbq

  • ALAN S
    ALAN S Day ago

    That looks so good, how about showing how you make your veggie stock, keep it up.

  • Francis Castiglione

    I would be too scared to eat this because I would not be able too stop eating and I would want more and more.

  • Michael Gonzalez Gonzo’s world

    Good video

  • Eastern Adventures
    Eastern Adventures 2 days ago

    I'm giving this a try tonight!

  • Jeremy T 1982
    Jeremy T 1982 2 days ago

    Outstanding looks so delicious Tom

  • Method .S
    Method .S 2 days ago

    They say smoked/burnt foods have a lot of carcinogens due to the char, which is just carbon. I’m not seeing any Texan or southern people with cancer tjo

  • Abu Hurairoh
    Abu Hurairoh 2 days ago

    Bro...may i know... Is it i can cook the brisket by using wood charcoal only in the firebox without adding any cut wood ? Hoping your advise and thanks... Chef Mega from Malaysia....

  • T Mac
    T Mac 2 days ago

    Love my “mashed” potatoes chunky with skin on. I’m the odd-ball in the family.

    • josh propdodger
      josh propdodger 10 hours ago

      Nope, anyone who peels and boils potatoes for mash should be shot. Way more flavour baked or smoked over charcoal and mashed with skin on is way better

  • Joe Allen
    Joe Allen 2 days ago

    Is pastrami basically a smoked corned beef?

  • JohnnyTeck
    JohnnyTeck 2 days ago

    Yesssss rocking the Chiefs hat!! 🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 李子蒙
    李子蒙 2 days ago

    if have subtitles,i think its will get better

  • shawn thomas
    shawn thomas 2 days ago

    Where do you buy that spray duck fat? What meat entree would go with this? I am thinking something with lamb, cuz I'm fancy like that.

  • 85ddrummer
    85ddrummer 2 days ago

    By god that looks amazing

  • Timmy S
    Timmy S 2 days ago

    I’d love it if you would cover a low country boil recipe!

  • Neil F.
    Neil F. 2 days ago

    Duck fat is so good! #adamperrylang would agree

  • kyle grate
    kyle grate 2 days ago

    Wow dude. That looks amazing. Thanks for sharing that!

  • Backyard Grill Master

    A side of green vegetables of your choice, You have a full meal!!! And dinner rolls

  • FelixBar
    FelixBar 2 days ago

    The Best ever. Mama mia!!!

  • Manar Oraz
    Manar Oraz 2 days ago

    This channel is very underrated. This recipe deserves millions of views

  • Phil Trammel
    Phil Trammel 2 days ago

    I drooled a little on that one!

  • Radomír Halmo
    Radomír Halmo 2 days ago

    Duck fat in can?! Blew my mind!! Only in America...

  • justsucitup 5
    justsucitup 5 2 days ago

    Chef....I would like your take on carnitas. How would you prepare them?

  • Bäiderlasbou
    Bäiderlasbou 3 days ago

    The next wonderful side dish and the next I like 👍👍👍

  • Sam Ridgley
    Sam Ridgley 3 days ago

    Rosemary is like that one loud friend at the party 😂😂

    • Stephen Parkinson
      Stephen Parkinson 2 days ago

      why do i have a feeling that a friendly dig at Chef Brit?

  • JHP
    JHP 3 days ago


    MATTHEW EDWARDS 3 days ago


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    Paul Aguirre 3 days ago


  • No Nope
    No Nope 3 days ago

    Chef Tom is personally responsible for people in my life thinking I can actually cook.

  • Behrad TB
    Behrad TB 3 days ago

    Legendary 🔥

  • Seung joo Yun
    Seung joo Yun 3 days ago

    You’re a legend Tom, keep it up!!

  • CP025129
    CP025129 3 days ago

    That looks magnificent! Try mixing some of that into hash browns for pastrami hash. You’ll 😍!

  • Aaron Hazelton
    Aaron Hazelton 3 days ago

    My God that gravy🤪. Hey Tom, maybe do a chicken saltimbocca on the Yoder?

  • Tyler Hughes
    Tyler Hughes 3 days ago

    Hate when people say smashed potatoes.

  • Fire & Water Cooking

    Nice cook Chef Tom!

  • Akshay Yadav
    Akshay Yadav 3 days ago

    Awesome 👌👌👌

  • justin Indian
    justin Indian 3 days ago

    You dumb americans. Fuck your metric system. You are so dumb you couldn't use metric system.

  • Lars Panzerbjørn
    Lars Panzerbjørn 3 days ago

    This is going on My Kamado Joe tonight; I am super excited; My excitement level is at 9000 :-D

  • Jabroney
    Jabroney 3 days ago

    Zak Galafanikas stroking peppers! Haha. This guy's a tool.

  • David Fauteaux
    David Fauteaux 3 days ago

    Was at the butcher, they had tri tip on sale. I decided why not try the roulade. Same recipe, but beef targeted seasonings, and provolone instead of Swiss. So good. Btw the family likes the weaved bacon better. Happy cooking Chef Tom

  • 223rocks
    223rocks 3 days ago

    I’d love to see a venison or rabbit recipe.

  • James Dawsey
    James Dawsey 3 days ago

    Anybody know what that processor is that he's using? I haven't found it on Kenwood's website.... yet?

  • Brian Evans
    Brian Evans 3 days ago

    So where's the chicken..??

    Marc DELCUVELLERIE 3 days ago

    I am french and this is a big classic, love it . thank you

  • Tim Heasman
    Tim Heasman 3 days ago

    ?. You said turn on the burner next to the sole box. But it looked like you turned of the middle burner ?

  • Ristan99
    Ristan99 4 days ago

    Didn't even use a grill until 20:52?? That's gotta be a record. Great recipe guys!

  • B Laws
    B Laws 4 days ago

    Recipe? It's premix. Disappointed

  • B L
    B L 4 days ago


  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 4 days ago


  • Gary Mellinger
    Gary Mellinger 4 days ago

    Well Chef Tom, you've knocked it out of the park again. What a wonderful recipe that I can't wait to try on my smoker. Thank you again for your knowledge and cooking skills. Cheers.

  • Bobby
    Bobby 4 days ago

    You’re Awesome My man!!! Wifey & I love all the good eats you make and it seems you hit this one out of the park!!! We’re gonna have to make this one for sure! Thanks for the awesome recipes! 👍🍻

  • Chili Pez
    Chili Pez 4 days ago

    Looks good! How's the Turkey flavour after all that added seasoning, though? I want to try this, but I also want to taste turkey.

  • Carl Welhener
    Carl Welhener 4 days ago

    You do a ton on your butcher block. Can you show sometime how to properly clean, care and maintain it?

  • kyle grate
    kyle grate 4 days ago

    GEEZUSS that looks good

  • Brandon Bousquet
    Brandon Bousquet 4 days ago

    Chef Tom, as always, you are invited over to my place for Thanksgiving. :)

  • Alan Kindall
    Alan Kindall 5 days ago

    I knew you were a real southener...put this back in the uhl (oil)

  • Peter Ackling
    Peter Ackling 5 days ago

    You should’ve glazed the roulade at the end.

  • Josh Durdin
    Josh Durdin 5 days ago

    What spatula are you using when melting the butter and cooking the mushroom onion mix?

    • allthingsbbq
      allthingsbbq 4 days ago

  • Nola Anderson
    Nola Anderson 5 days ago

    Everything good takes practice - but this looks like it could easily turn into a messy disaster during assembly. Chef Tom is making it look easy - but I think we'd be better served, on this recipe, by leaving in all the stumbles that turned into out-takes.

    • Nola Anderson
      Nola Anderson 5 days ago

      And Chef Tom - that's a better weave than any of the ones Oprah has ever worn!

  • Mark Ehlke
    Mark Ehlke 5 days ago

    Mushrooms good, Swiss good, turkey good, bacon great....meat goood, peas goood, jam goood......

  • bhupendrayt
    bhupendrayt 5 days ago

    Try using cling film for rolling.. easy to compress and get the roll tightly rolled up

  • Chef BoyRG
    Chef BoyRG 5 days ago

    Amazing weave of swine 🤘🤘

  • Roger rtewwr
    Roger rtewwr 5 days ago

    Only thing that would make this better is a great gravy to go over the slices

  • Roger rtewwr
    Roger rtewwr 5 days ago

    1:21 turkey skin crips anyone?

  • omar m.d
    omar m.d 5 days ago

    Make a videos About sides now

  • Dwayne Wladyka
    Dwayne Wladyka 5 days ago

    Thanksgiving in Canada was yesterday. You made something really awesome with turkey. Cheers!

  • renattamm
    renattamm 5 days ago

    Great video, I was drooling. Thank you to Chef Tom for a great side notes.

  • Ярослав Демин

    Thats amazing, can you please tell us a final temperature inside the brisket again? I ve heared 210 F its 98 Celsius and meat would be completely cured and dark inside, its what i ve got smoking it even till 80 Celsius temperature

  • Mike M.
    Mike M. 5 days ago

    When you remove the skin do you also remove the underlying membrane/silver skin?

  • Mark Hatfield
    Mark Hatfield 5 days ago

    This looks amazing. I’m definitely going to make this next month. You know when all the kids say something looks good you’re on to something lol

  • Matt Gilliland
    Matt Gilliland 5 days ago

    Is it cooked fat side up or down? dumb question I knoe

  • Doc Evans
    Doc Evans 5 days ago

    So I don't feel like such a dork. This is exactly the hardest part. I got so frustrated that I actually partitioned off a part of my grill bed will a smaller grate, and started my smoke from there. Had a hard time controlling that the first time, but the second smoke went better. I'm gonna try your method next time.