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Only Piano - Without Words
Views 52K6 months ago
Celtic Music - Legacy
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Dark Music - Hide and Seek
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Fantasy Music - Forever Still
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Emotional Music - Darkness
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Troll Metal - Trolltooth
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Emotional Music - Moonchild
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Dark Music - Necromancy
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Celtic Music - Freedom
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Dark Music - Oath
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Celtic Metal - Fable
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Celtic Music - Fable
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Emotional Music - Lost
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Only Piano - Loneliness
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Hey guys!
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Celtic Music - Eventide
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Celtic Music - Origins
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Space Music - Pluto
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Pirate Metal - High Tide
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Troll Metal - Ouch Time
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Celtic Music - Moonsong
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Celtic Music - Alpha
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Emotional Music - Veiled
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Emotional Music - Passing
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Dark Music - Nest of Fiends
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Just wanted to say...
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Only Piano - Healing
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Tribal Metal - Spirit War
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Dark Music - Tainted Heart
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  • Muhammad Munawar
    Muhammad Munawar 24 minutes ago

    The music is giving me a perfect feeling of loneliness. It is something which is giving me a sense of serenity. It is throwing me from out of this world and my current issues. Touches souls. .

  • Γλυκερία #8
    Γλυκερία #8 26 minutes ago

    ίσως με τα δάκρυα κ το άκουσμα αυτού του αριστουργήματος....να έρχεται κ η λύτρωση της ψυχής σου.....🎼🔝

  • Stephanie Eiche
    Stephanie Eiche 27 minutes ago

    When I hear this song, I feel like I'm at peace with my mind and heart.

  • Astrid Nowak
    Astrid Nowak 29 minutes ago

    Wow my eyes are full of tears, it is sooo wonderfull 💜

  • Stephanie Eiche
    Stephanie Eiche 33 minutes ago

    My sister would love this song. She is into 🐺 after all.

  • Heath Humberson
    Heath Humberson 58 minutes ago

    Lolol, I guess this is where in the comments everyone has been lured by the fatal lullaby into some poetry.

  • Gabriel Brennan
    Gabriel Brennan 2 hours ago

    I've never been to Ireland, but it makes me think of home.

    THE MASTER PAIN 4 hours ago

    sooooooo much boring

  • Bobby
    Bobby 5 hours ago

    ngl all the swedish and norweigan vikings were cool and shit but i gotta admit the estonian ones were the most badass in the baltic sea

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop 5 hours ago

    this is good

  • Sakura Ibuki
    Sakura Ibuki 5 hours ago

    And one more time... 🖤. (I looove that pic!! 🖤🖤).

  • Henrique Ferreira
    Henrique Ferreira 7 hours ago

    Whats the name of the first song on the album/spotify?

  • Kizu no Otoko
    Kizu no Otoko 10 hours ago

    Ovo mi je trebalo danas... Odmor za dušu

  • Mabson Roger
    Mabson Roger 12 hours ago


    FABRICIØ _YT 12 hours ago

    0:44 🎶🌊⛵🏞

  • Octavian Jalba
    Octavian Jalba 13 hours ago

    I simply love your existence. Thank you!

  • Paul Sack
    Paul Sack 13 hours ago

    Started listening to this a few weeks ago so its been on loop for a few weeks...

  • Israel Junior Lima
    Israel Junior Lima 14 hours ago

    I love your work, you are amazing, I wanna meet you any day! You are a legend in my opinion.

  • karthur 1102
    karthur 1102 15 hours ago

    Alguien en que hable español

  • Ciara Brandon
    Ciara Brandon 15 hours ago

    I feel empty inside my only love Tucker was taken from me.His fur so soft his eyes full of happyness,his mew so gental and calm.Now that he's gone I feel alone.Nothing makes me happy anymore.No one seems to understand my pain.He was the only reason I tried to be nice,work hard, or even make freinds.Now I just sit alone.Go home and cry.Nothing can replace him.

  • Vivian Almeida
    Vivian Almeida 16 hours ago

    You're amazing. This song speaks with my soul. Thank very much.

  • Tobyn Charlton GM 2020

    A rug of autumn leaves coat the forest floor Whilst Lanterns lit with a light flicker Hang on the branches of that line the path The light sets on the forest's horizon From the sun that blesses its’ children The halls, dimly litted from dimmest sunlight And the lanterns tiny flickers dance Flow to a clearing of truest majesty. The inner sanctum of the elvish homes And they dance and laugh Full of merriment and hope But make no mistake, they are not like Gloglan the Giant For when you take a step into there homeland They all but whisk away on the wind And disappear without a trace It is not for the fact that they hate humans It’s just that they live and only live with partying alone A fantasia of nature brought to life By fey’s lovely magic and mind A race that has bewildered humans and dwarves Who disappear and reappear in every wood Dancing around the curious people who try to find them Don’t fret if you can’t join the joyous parties And the elves fulfilling merriment They do justly deserve this, after years of suffering They could finally rest, in the forests’ Elvish Halls

  • MasterGam3r101
    MasterGam3r101 19 hours ago


  • Bittruth-bitcoin, cryptocurrency, mining, and news

    Not a second in and You can't help it but love this guy :)

  • Gromst3rr
    Gromst3rr 20 hours ago


  • Ibrahim Kurdieh
    Ibrahim Kurdieh 21 hour ago

    12:10 onwards brought tears to my eyes

  • Jennifer Gonzalez
    Jennifer Gonzalez 21 hour ago

    Awesome stuff!! I just got it on Bandcamp! :)

  • Светлана Миргородская

    Класс!!!👍 Обожаю такие "ВЕЩИ"...🤗✨💫✨🌙💫✨

  • Илья Кауров
    Илья Кауров 22 hours ago


  • Ca1amity _
    Ca1amity _ 22 hours ago

    I want to play some Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

  • Sinnerism la
    Sinnerism la 23 hours ago

    As a medical officer in Malaysia, after a tiring on-call, i would often listen to this song to get recharged(at times i can't help it myself that all those wolves, jungles, spears, two-handed swords, gypsies, alexander the great movie, and even how to train your dragon pops out of imagination😅)

  • Joseph Leichtnam
    Joseph Leichtnam 23 hours ago

    This is so good!

  • Northman AC
    Northman AC 23 hours ago

    Eine großartige Komposition! 👍

  • hikarya gravity
    hikarya gravity 23 hours ago

    26 671 I'm here.

  • Jonas Palmiery
    Jonas Palmiery 23 hours ago

    (My heart beat) beep, beep, beep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

  • Thomas Jensen
    Thomas Jensen Day ago

    In my lair, a sorrow I must share Riches, glory, I do not care No longer of this can I bear Carelessness I see in all Mankind I fear soon will fall For I have seen it all to long writen down in lore and song Plunder, deaths and tragedy Of men and women is this savagery The moon is bright I take my flight My chains are broken, I am free while all around, men and women flee. They do not know, they do not see Of what horrors are yet to be I am the last of my kind To show what mankind cannot find Things and riches what are they? When peace and love is thrown away?


    A music for me........tq for those who upload it..............adam...a.s

  • الأسد لا يلتقي ألا بأسياده

    Greeting from Iraq Baghdad to you adrian

  • Liam Crow Ward Author


  • Hunter Sandborn

    Great music

  • David RV
    David RV Day ago

    Amazing song. I'd have made the ending a bit longer though...

  • totalPUNK
    totalPUNK Day ago

    Adrian, please Slovakian Fantasy Music 🤗

  • Pa Mlou
    Pa Mlou Day ago

    Magnificent, thank you for creating another piece of art. I would also love to find a place that looks like the paintings you used as a background.🤗

  • Mari Mijangos
    Mari Mijangos Day ago

    Me eleva mi estado de ánimo, gracias, que bello!

  • Grimm
    Grimm Day ago

    You are not afraid of the dark. You are afraid of what lies in it. I am not afraid of either. I am what lies in the dark.

  • Apx
    Apx Day ago

    One of best songs of all the times

  • murat çil
    murat çil Day ago

    is thank you music s

  • Kimberly Furr
    Kimberly Furr Day ago


  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith Day ago


  • Hélène Daviaud

    Sublime. Un génie des temps modernes dans le monde merveilleux du fantastique. Merci.

  • 岛屿星辰
    岛屿星辰 Day ago

    Oh my god darkness, please come to me, I want my soul be blackened!!

  • 岛屿星辰
    岛屿星辰 Day ago

    Hello darkness, welcome to the dark side of my soul.

  • Michelle
    Michelle Day ago

    My favourite! ❤

  • Michelle
    Michelle Day ago

    You have such a talent my friend! ❤

  • David Hel
    David Hel Day ago

    Where all these elves originally come from? France? Germany? Britain?

  • Philip Jackson

    He is the best

  • леонид кравчук

    фэнтезийный дух музыки!)))))

  • hunter baw
    hunter baw Day ago

    I'll be reincarnated as a wolf

  • TheKirklandGamer

    Timing might be a little off with this one.. What with Hong Kong fighting for basic human rights and all.

    • Adrian von Ziegler
      Adrian von Ziegler Day ago

      Again, this song has nothing to do with modern politics. I made a song about the ancient past, as I always do with my music, from any culture I compose. This channel is about giving people a few minutes of escape from the bleak reality of our world.

  • Christian Neudert

    fantastisch :)

  • Plasmawolf612
    Plasmawolf612 Day ago

    The last song Spring Charm has a phenomenal bit that starts at 1:55:40 it doesn't last long but it is by far my favorite piece out of all his music, in my mind it brings to life such a pleasant scene that consists of only happy things. I have never found any other artist that has brought such inspiration when listening to their music.

  • Omen Dragon
    Omen Dragon Day ago

    Dawg love your music.

  • Steph McD
    Steph McD Day ago

    You’ve done it again Adrian - absolutely beautiful!!! ❤️

  • J. Eugene Fair

    Man lives in the sunlit world of what he believes to be reality. But,.... there is , unseen by most, an underworld. A place that is just as real, but not as brightly lit, ....... a dark side. The dark side is always there waiting for us to enter,: waiting to enter us. Borrowed but never forgotten. Stay clear of the shadows that dwell within the realm of my mind, for in them lie the starkest terror of your worst nightmares.

  • Valeria Absinthe

    I want to listen to this song forever... too bad this is one of the songs that ISN'T on Spotify... which bugs the shit out of me.

  • Paul Revere
    Paul Revere Day ago

    Thank you Adrian for these beautiful masterpieces that you share with us all.

  • Naila Salsabila

    Thank you for yet another beautiful composition. Sie sind wunderschön. It always amazes me how... your musics seem to always connect and engage deeply with other creative people. It feels like an encouragement for others to express themselves too. So... again, thank you <3

  • Bonnie's World.

    International if you take it to this point it will never end for you. Hahaha. Well you said you could be near then why is it falling then. Hahaha

  • 张江昆
    张江昆 Day ago


  • -Sadness -
    -Sadness - Day ago

    Some people were designed to be sad.. Im one of them.. 🤕🤕

  • Rúnfell
    Rúnfell Day ago


  • Ministerio de revelaciones

    I would like to say to everyone Jesus Christ is the happy 😊 ,love ❤️the way of Christ and you will fine the time you loose in the crazy world 🌎 without the love ❤️ of Christ 🕊🙏you will never be happiness

    • Mr Leg
      Mr Leg 22 hours ago

      if only I figured that out earlier

  • Diego O' Land
    Diego O' Land Day ago

    This is awesome, thanks for posting!

  • 5Water
    5Water Day ago

    Wow, I love the sound of both titles! Saying it in Mandarin sounds much more epic though, I'll be honest. xD This soundtrack is very calming. As usual, you're doing a fantastic job.

  • GameHell - CEM AKI - SULTAN

    I love mystıc musıc(sorry bad englısh :D)

  • Novo117
    Novo117 Day ago

    Mostly I use your music for pan and paper. But my Heros instant noticed that's your music ;)

  • Yanis Makhlouf

    Simply fantastic...

  • Virgy Burdese
    Virgy Burdese Day ago

    One of the first songs I listened from him .. such a beautiful and inspiring music . ♡

  • Sheogorath
    Sheogorath Day ago

    You should try something similar...Mongolian :o

  • Hippocampe
    Hippocampe Day ago

    Si agréable à l'oreille ! Qui est français ici ? Levez la main ! XD

  • Remi David
    Remi David Day ago

    I love it!!! especially when I go wrong

  • Leikay gacha
    Leikay gacha Day ago

    Why Cant people accept my trueself?.

  • Athulya Rajendran

    2:22 that cliche creepy violin in every vampire movies. Wow it adds to the horror so deep..and it feels so good

  • KiddCrowley
    KiddCrowley Day ago

    This was absolutely beautiful Adrian, please make more of this type of music. It's so serene and epic at the same time

  • denniesingt
    denniesingt 2 days ago

    Thank you!! <3

  • Leikay gacha
    Leikay gacha 2 days ago

    No Matter how many friends you have you feel lonely..

  • Gracefully Artistic

    Adrian von Ziegler uploading new music = a good start to the week😊

    REJV THEDESTROJER 2 days ago

    Лучше иметь друга, чем друг друга.

  • 陳柏志
    陳柏志 2 days ago


  • Andrea Petrovici
    Andrea Petrovici 2 days ago

    Gorgeousness of Chinese musical style, adapted in a brilliant composition, joined an beautiful artwork !

  • imad Lallouche
    imad Lallouche 2 days ago

    Everytime I listen to this music it brings back all the beautiful memories of the only person I loved in my life.

  • lolwitcher823
    lolwitcher823 2 days ago

    you don't have to be forgotten anymore i will be right here with you... My lord

  • goreshred the defiler consumer of souls

    Tachann tue-do naee Lietae moinwye ku dorikae Annumara, mo-honic'arrass Puetira tue-do naee Lik'caenoe moinwye ku dorikae Annumara, mo-honic'arrass Tachann'naa due-do naee Lietan'naa koInye danal'as a toe'naIyae Annumara, mo-khinach'arrass Guyanaka ku chi'Iya loma to dae? Iyua, Antanae-kayae. Kiyaka ku chi'Iya tora to dae? Iyua, Mantara-kayae. Tachann'naa korana yat'araIya Kandas, ku a ghonachi'rae Annumara, mo-koyanic'arrass Dahjani ku cho ma'ra? Cho ma'ra ku nakaliya nosa'are. Dahjani ku cho tuya da'fasa? Da'fasa ku nayalika kosa'are. Tuyan'naa chi'Iyuakon'aa Karasaa, ikonica ku ze Annumara, mo-joniyakonaa'arrass

    • goreshred the defiler consumer of souls
      goreshred the defiler consumer of souls Day ago

      More poetic version: Moonlight shining through a butterflies' wings The dance begins with our darling queen. Sunlight shining through a snowflake's crystals The dance begins with our queen minstrel. Tonight with the sun Tonight with the moon A goddess's life Will begin soon. Will our world be saved one day? Friends, I do hope and I do pray. Will our world be taken into darkness one day? Foes, I will cast that thought away. The Folk of the Moon will descend With lakes of truth, they have said Folks, I do hope this Annumara is a friend. When will she arrive? When night fades to dawn. And when will night have come? The night will arrive when it has begun. Life is now death, And death is now life Annumara will put an end to our strife.

    • goreshred the defiler consumer of souls
      goreshred the defiler consumer of souls Day ago

      Literal translation: Tonight in moonlight The butterflies will dance With Annumara, our darling queen Today in sunlight The snowflakes will dance With Annumara, our darling queen Tonight, with Moonfolk And the Sunfolk too will bless Annumara, our goddess queen Will the world be saved one day? Perhaps, dear friends. Will the world be thrown to darkness one day? Perhaps, dear foes. The Moonfolk shall descend And the lakes of truth will arrive with, Annumara, our lovely queen When will she appear? She will appear on the night of the dawn. And when will death descend? Death will descend when the time has begun. The Lifebringers will slay And Deathbringers will heal With Annumara, our heroine queen.

  • Dana MaCi
    Dana MaCi 2 days ago

    Amazing 😍

  • alone dark tr
    alone dark tr 2 days ago

    Hey I m movie

  • Imperial City Guard

    *Mengele Does not approve*

  • Dark_Wolf6211
    Dark_Wolf6211 2 days ago

    You need to do a livestream of peaceful sounding songs you've made like this.

  • Stauros L
    Stauros L 2 days ago

    Amazing chineze music do more !! 😃

  • Vatroslav Morbidović

    Niceu. Reminded me of Aragami. :)

  • jana dick
    jana dick 2 days ago

    It felt so good to listen this while i was angry