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  • Nena M
    Nena M 56 seconds ago


  • Analí Luna
    Analí Luna 2 minutes ago

    More Javier Solis 😃 Esclavo y Amo

  • carlalex
    carlalex 3 minutes ago

    Wow! You have a nice voice, congrats from Mexico🇲🇽. 👏👏👏

  • Olivia Leung
    Olivia Leung 6 minutes ago

    Oic, you like 50s US 😆 Please react to Gene Kelly "Singing in the rain" so funny 🤣🤣🤣

  • Elvos Vos
    Elvos Vos 7 minutes ago

    As a documentary you should try This is Elvis. And btw...The original broadcast from Aloha from hawaii, had 1.5 billion viewers, that was 1/3 th of the worlds population at that time.

  • David H Braun
    David H Braun 8 minutes ago

    Karen and Richard have so much, they were so prolific. You've hardly gotten started, and the lyrical, musical, and vocal quality will never cease to amaze you. I just listened to your more recent reaction to *"Yesterday, Once More".* Looking forward to more of your reactions, including *"Rainy Days and Mondays"* and *"For All We Know",* two emotionally gripping songs.

  • rosamaria mondal
    rosamaria mondal 9 minutes ago

    Jajajaja i love Guatemala 🇬🇹

  • flubblert
    flubblert 11 minutes ago

    need to check out the studio version.

  • Alessandra Bonadonna
    Alessandra Bonadonna 11 minutes ago

    Magnifica Cover 🤘🏻 bravi ragazzi 😘

  • DNFN
    DNFN 11 minutes ago

    Please react Abim Finger, young talent 11 yo

  • Elvos Vos
    Elvos Vos 12 minutes ago

    Actually this is the rehearsel from a day earlier. You should try the complete Aloha show..the original broadcast...And check out What now my love..You gave me a mountain.

  • ID Tapia
    ID Tapia 16 minutes ago

    It didn't seem out of your comfort zone 😉 you did great 😍

  • Angel Zanetti -
    Angel Zanetti - 16 minutes ago

    I was born in California and heard Vicente Fernandez because of parents .. I can tell you this is only man to make me cry when listening to his songs.. listen to song and lyrics to “el hombre que mas te amo” or “the man that loved you most” it’s about a fathers love I cry every time

  • Olivia Leung
    Olivia Leung 23 minutes ago

    Thanks, Frank. I think this is a good song too. My mom still listen to her, Olivia and ABBA now. That's why I know this song since I born 🤣 She said my name is from her favorite singer Olivia Newton John.

  • seseval
    seseval 23 minutes ago

    I would love to see you react to Pavarotti singing anything. Also my queen Sarah brightman.

  • KingTrixx
    KingTrixx 23 minutes ago

    Love your channel! Please do more Vicente fernandez songs

  • Kari
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  • Hugo A sekas
    Hugo A sekas 24 minutes ago

    First time I hear you singing, i love the song and congrats! You really sing, kindly regarts from México and do not forget to react to my previous suggestion for Natalia Jimenez, once again i really enjoy your interpretation!

  • David H Braun
    David H Braun 26 minutes ago

    One detail I love is the way the wind instrument (clarinet? I'm not a musician) appears and rises to prominence as her voice drops off while articulating the words, "still shines..." It's so delicate and beautiful, and, to me, musical genius.

  • ID Tapia
    ID Tapia 28 minutes ago

    You're so funny 😂 I love it! Monica Naranjo has an amazing voice 😍

  • clevec
    clevec 28 minutes ago

    When this came out in the 50's I was 9 years old, loved him like mad as soon as I saw him on TV but I was kind of uncomfortable about it because most parents disaproved of him and the media also. Thanks for your reaction.

  • ernesto beltran
    ernesto beltran 28 minutes ago

    More proof that *Luis Miguel* can do it all please review this video.

  • Joahim Alba Verdeja
    Joahim Alba Verdeja 29 minutes ago

    Wow two masters!, speechless 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Patricio Polanco
    Patricio Polanco 30 minutes ago

    y ahora quiere cantar en ingles, preparense para eso los de habla inglesa

  • Alberto Hernandez
    Alberto Hernandez 30 minutes ago

    Javier solis .... Wwwooww

  • Gerardo Pacheco
    Gerardo Pacheco 30 minutes ago

    Fan of you channel! Please react to Camilo Sesto "Algo De Mi".

  • TheIkaika777
    TheIkaika777 32 minutes ago

    This was my graduation song.

  • San ramon Caytoj
    San ramon Caytoj 33 minutes ago

    There is much more in pop rock in latin America too to reacct you goin to have more views guarant

  • ID Tapia
    ID Tapia 37 minutes ago

    Very sweet song😍

  • daniel bilbao
    daniel bilbao 43 minutes ago

    Please please ,Juan Diego Florez (Cucurucucu paloma) Helo frome Ensenada Port Mexico

  • David H Braun
    David H Braun 43 minutes ago

    You're very lucky. I wish *I* had an imaginary butler. Maybe someday.

  • Frida Pérez
    Frida Pérez 44 minutes ago

    Por favor podria traducir sus comentarios para los que no hablamos ingles...

  • Joahim Alba Verdeja
    Joahim Alba Verdeja 44 minutes ago

    Man!, I Love Elvis, try to do “if I can dream” from the 68’ special comeback or “my way”, “always on my mind”, “suspicious minds”, or do the old ones every one is great such an awesome singer and performer! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Great job my friend!

  • Alessandra Bonadonna
    Alessandra Bonadonna 46 minutes ago

    Che scoperta meravigliosa si stanno rivelando i Carpenter...questa donna ha una voce magnifica ❤ mi dispiace che ci abbia lasciato con una sofferenza del genere...

  • Alejandra Berumen
    Alejandra Berumen 46 minutes ago

    Thank you for reacting to our beloved prince. You should react to: 1 Tu primera vez is just beautiful everytime I listened to I get goosebumps. 2. Volcan 3. Gavilan o Paloma He has so many beautiful songs all very deep, that is hard to pick a few. Great reaction again 🤗

  • Jobi El Fenomenal
    Jobi El Fenomenal 46 minutes ago

    Can you react to Calma by Pedro Capó and Farruko is a great summer song

  • Alessandra Bonadonna
    Alessandra Bonadonna 54 minutes ago

    Waaaaaaa una delle mie canzoni preferite di Elvis 😍 con questa si balla eccome!

  • Alan Gonzalez
    Alan Gonzalez 55 minutes ago

    Listen to his younger days. Have a tequila next to you ready

  • Joahim Alba Verdeja
    Joahim Alba Verdeja 55 minutes ago

    Hey Frank, it is a shame that he didn’t take care of him self and his voice, he abused substainces like drugs and alcohol, sure apuntes with bad company and he started loosing his wonderful voice in the eighties so the more recent the videos the worse he was able to perform, at the end he barely could speak, but he was such a great person so charismatic the people never stopped loving him and even forgived him when he got on stage drunk and sometimes he couldn’t even perform but they still clapped at him I think that happened in the eighties. That is why you won’t find recent videos of him performing or at least you could not recognize his voice, such a a sad story as started to miss his live interpretations many years ago. Big hug my friend! 👍🏼

  • luis tobar aibar hernandez

    para los que le escriban que hay una cantante mejor que Mon em México? todos mientén!! no hay ninguna cantante que nisiquiera se acerque a la versatilidad de Mon, ella es única en su especie!!!

  • rulian rahim
    rulian rahim Hour ago

    cigarrets plus coffe. kesederhaan yg membuat mu istimewah mas alip

  • Alessandra Bonadonna

    Oh Signore Dio Santo 😍😍😍😍 hai davvero reagito a PAVAROTTI?! ❤ Signori e Signore...l'eccellenza fatta tricolore...mi hai fatto battere il cuore!

  • Laura A. Rochel
    Laura A. Rochel Hour ago

    Vicente y alejandro fernandez "amor de los dos"

  • flubblert
    flubblert Hour ago

    those background male voices you hear is a studio effect. it's really just Richard's voice (her brother) overdubbed about a dozen or so times. he understood how to do arrangements to maximize his sister's silky smooth voice.

  • Jobi El Fenomenal

    The video was filmed in La Perla , San Juan, Puerto Rico. They both are puertoricans

  • Omq Rebo
    Omq Rebo Hour ago

    I would please like to ask you to react to this video!! Luis Miguel most impresive vocal moments!!

  • Alessandra Bonadonna

    Meraviglioso ❤ E quanto è versatile la musica...a lui lanciavano rose sul Motley Crue reggiseni 😂🤘🏻

  • Takitty Love
    Takitty Love Hour ago

    Disculpenme pero prefiero a Javier Solís que a Pedro Infantes. La voz de Javier es tan suave por momentos y luego tan fuertes, su rango es amplio, y la forma en cómo interpreta las canciones es increíble. Pedro Infantes no es malo, pero la voz de Pedro tiene un no sé qué que quieras seguir escuchándolo. Lástima que ambos coincidentemente murieran muy jóvenes. Arriba Mx y toda Latinoamérica ♡👍💕🎶

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz Hour ago

    Here is a video of vicente singing with his son alejandro please react to this one

  • Benjamin Velazquez

    More recent one of jose jose here

  • Benjamin Velazquez

  • Benjamin Velazquez

  • Jose Roberto
    Jose Roberto Hour ago

    MEDLEY, great Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández sings some Juan Gabriel’s compositions. Live.

  • Anna Barrera
    Anna Barrera Hour ago

    Check out this summary of the best vocals of Luis Miguel on his 2018 - 2019 tour... Please!!! I enjoy very much you're videos👌👍👏

  • Manuel Palacios
    Manuel Palacios Hour ago

    You guys have to react to Gaby Moreno from GUATEMALA please!!..

  • Michso :)
    Michso :) Hour ago

    Español Reacción para José Manuel o Manuel José Hijo Legítimo de José José

  • jj nyc
    jj nyc Hour ago

    Karen Carpenter can sing the yellow pages and make me cry....this was my childhood you know now they were brother and sister. Very talented siblings. They were among the first that did over dubbing in the studio of thier voices. Yes please look at their other songs and they sound the same live.

  • Jorge Navarro
    Jorge Navarro Hour ago

    Hey my friend, This is “El dorado” Please check this and react. Live Luis Miguel in World Music Awards

  • Yusup Ashari
    Yusup Ashari Hour ago

    What a fantastic voice she got, she is really have an angelic voice and unforgotten song ...RIP Karen we always with you forever...!

  • Jamie Malacara
    Jamie Malacara Hour ago

    New sub here could you react to mexican music royalty father and song duo vicente Fernandez and his son alejandro Fernandez here is the link

  • Leoni Days
    Leoni Days Hour ago

    There aren’t modern videos because he had a drug and alcohol addiction, which ruined his voice. His voice turned extremely raspy.

  • Carlos Ortiz
    Carlos Ortiz Hour ago

    Jose Jose, also knows as “El Principe De la Cancion” (the prince of the song) one of the greatest of the romantic singing

  • Linda Águila Tellez Alejandro Fernández, (hijo de Vicente Fernández) Granada, concierto en Madrid. Enjoy.

  • Naty blogs
    Naty blogs Hour ago

    Please react Gotas de Fuego of José Jose

  • Brenda Hernandez Sjöberg

    Hello Frank, please you have to do a reaction on Alejandro Fernandez and the song "Mexico lindo y querdo"....please!!!!

  • Root Expired
    Root Expired Hour ago

    Chester ???

  • Ma Louli Cevallos S.

    really nice father used to sing this song to my mom....

  • Alita LF
    Alita LF Hour ago

    🤪yes, very confuse! 🤣😂🤣😂 He said in one ocassion "¡¡¡Lo que se ve no se pregunta!!!!👍

  • mansyur tanchun
    mansyur tanchun Hour ago ABIM COVER JOE SATRIANI ( ALWAYS WITH YOU). ABIM the little guitarist from indonesia like ayu gusfanz... React BRO FRANK

  • Brett Rommel
    Brett Rommel Hour ago

    The story on this song . . . It was released in 1973 and peaked at U.S. #2 (Their 5th #2); blocked by Jim Croce's "Bad Bad Leroy Brown". It was from the album NOW AND THEN. You should listen to the whole album end to end sometime. As far as I understand it, they didn't have much time that year to come up with a too much new, original material due to their extensive touring schedule. So, they did this album as a concept album where they covered / remade about 8 oldies songs that they adored and grew up listening to. They're guitarist, Tony Peloso, did a great job as the DJ introducing the songs. "Yesterday Once More" was the link, the bridge between the now and then. In that context, the song was brilliant and loved by millions. It's still relevant today. There's even a nice reprise version of the song.

  • Gisselle B
    Gisselle B 2 hours ago

    The king...❤️❤️❤️❤️ More EP....👍🏼💕

  • Violet Energy
    Violet Energy 2 hours ago

    YEEEES!! The GODFATHER of SOUL, Mr. James Brown and MAESTRO Luciano Pavarotti, what more can be said. Great reaction, Frank!!👍💯

  • The Realist
    The Realist 2 hours ago

    O M G ! Frank!...Didn't know that this duet existed ! Full-body chills...worlds colliding... Followed by my head exploding 💣 Thanks for posting this reaction👍

  • Daniel RG
    Daniel RG 2 hours ago

    Javier Solís Cataclismo José José Quémame los ojos

  • Nico Lodeiro
    Nico Lodeiro 2 hours ago

    The original Jesus Christ Superstar WAS Ian Gillian singer of Deep Purple, so you got that right

  • Anna Barrera
    Anna Barrera 2 hours ago

    Ver "Luis Miguel - La Fiesta Del Mariachi (Video Oficial)" en RU-clip 👏👏👏

  • Flavio Luevanos
    Flavio Luevanos 2 hours ago

    The Legend Vicente Fernandez “volver, volver” live version is amazing.

  • Adhi Wouke
    Adhi Wouke 2 hours ago

    Mas eet panutanku

  • Brett Rommel
    Brett Rommel 2 hours ago

    Glad you're getting into The Carpenters, my friend. I must say, the studio version of this song is much better than this live version. This version, in comparison. makes it sound like Karen can't sing, always felt that. She's singing way too high here, this version makes the song sound mediocre. It's actually a good song. You need to hear the real version. :)

  • Axel Rose
    Axel Rose 2 hours ago

    bang E ET the best..

  • Saul Isai
    Saul Isai 2 hours ago


  • Kasper Petersen
    Kasper Petersen 2 hours ago

    Im more into his 70s stuff, but reddy Teddy live version from 1956 is cool too...

  • Denise Gonzalez
    Denise Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    Omg I was hoping you would react to Him do more please Any song this concert in particular is a gem!!!! And this instance where he pulled the mic away he would do that when he was younger and in his concerts where the venue was HUGE!!!!!

  • Foreigner
    Foreigner 2 hours ago

    Jose Jose was also a classic bass player. I think theres a video where he sings and plays at the same time.

  • erodriguex2k
    erodriguex2k 2 hours ago

    Frank if you want to hear one of the best that ever existed in female Mexican voices who sang traditional Mariachi (Italian word) ranchera (folk) songs check out the link.

    • erodriguex2k
      erodriguex2k 30 minutes ago

      @luis tobar aibar hernandez lol If you would have read it correctly it said Mexican female singer and Mon has her popular style and I am sure she is good as far as Chilean standards go but not Great to be considered one of the best at the Mexican level...

    • luis tobar aibar hernandez
      luis tobar aibar hernandez Hour ago

      liar!! no hay nadie mas grande que Mon!!

  • Maria Olvera
    Maria Olvera 2 hours ago

    Luis Miguel. " America"

  • Elvis presley King of music

    Thank God for Elvis presley. Before he came along music was so boring. Elvis changed music for the BETTER. Love your reaction.

  • Stephen Stewart
    Stephen Stewart 2 hours ago

    Love your intelligent reactions !

  • luis aguilera
    luis aguilera 2 hours ago

    FRANK CHEK THIS SONG JAVIER SOLIS_ ESCLAVO Y AMO. LOVE SONG HERMOSA CANCION de un cantante mexicano muy recordado saludos de ciudad juarez chihuahua mexico .

  • Misael Hernandez
    Misael Hernandez 2 hours ago

    Your are right, it's Jesus Christ super Star. Camilo Sesto is the best Latin singer ever.

  • Maggie Mae
    Maggie Mae 2 hours ago

    I was 12 years old and fell in love with Elvis. I am still in love today. I loved those days. Elvis was and is the greatest of all time. It was my first experience with music. I don't remember any music before this.

  • G Mota
    G Mota 2 hours ago

    Enjoy watching your vids especially on our fellow mexicans glad you enjoy them also.

  • Jose Aginuz
    Jose Aginuz 2 hours ago

    Hi there you should react to Luis MiguelAmor amor amor live in In estadio Velez Argentina.🙏👏👍👍👍👍

  • asep priambada
    asep priambada 2 hours ago

    Thank's bro to reaction..

  • osoperroleon
    osoperroleon 2 hours ago

    Reacciona a ALBERTO ANGEL EL CUERVO "El pastor".

  • Al Veera
    Al Veera 2 hours ago

    Frank you're doing an outstanding job with these music video reactions!! Thank you & keep it up! Check it out; You might like these other MX singers: Vicente Fernandez - LA Ley del Monte, Estos celos(!!), Que De raro tiene, Por tu maldito Amor(!), Alejandro Fernandez (son): Matalas(!!), Sin tantita pena(!), Antonio Aguilar: Un puño De tierra(!!), Lamberto Quientero(!!), Pepe Aguilar (son): Por mujers como tu(!!), Por una mujer bonita(!!), Me vas a extrañar, Amigos nada mas, Ramon Ayala: Rinconcito en el cielo(!!), Dos hojas sin rumbo(!!). MX Rock genre- Alejandra Guzman: Reyna De corazones(early 90's version is best!), hacer el amor con Otro(!!). Maldita Vecindad Band: Pachuco, Kumbala, Quinto patio ska(!!). Thanks again! And drink your coffee -LoL! ;)

  • Dennis Caldwell
    Dennis Caldwell 2 hours ago

    Karen was a drummer that sang and liked to be known away. They perform red sound with their first performance. A country husband wife invented this being down thru a guitar. But, Karen and Richard playing both their instruments

  • Marta Granato
    Marta Granato 3 hours ago

    Please you have to listen to nino bravo-cartas amarillas , he is a spanish singer from spain from the 70s,

  • Sandra Hernandez
    Sandra Hernandez 3 hours ago

    No. Head hair it is also cabello in Spanish. I guess he needed it for the rhyme.

  • christian daniel peña ocegueda

    Luis Miguel-quiero