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Major League Soccer
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  • Paul Gelvezon
    Paul Gelvezon 4 minutes ago

    That cross shouldn't get in first of all! Awful is better than that. Secondly, that was horrible marking. We had plenty of yellow shirts in the box. You don't let Montero have space like that...ugh. What a let down for Room, who couldn't do anything on that header.

  • 3Speedboy
    3Speedboy 25 minutes ago


  • 3Speedboy
    3Speedboy 25 minutes ago


  • MrSupersmokesum420
    MrSupersmokesum420 32 minutes ago

    People scared of him cus hes big idgaf i would dm him to fight like real men

  • Alucard
    Alucard 32 minutes ago

    zlatan we are waiting for you in inter please come back 😭 💙🖤

  • Muhammad Alabdily
    Muhammad Alabdily 38 minutes ago

    I dont like the commentator

  • Freddy McDonald
    Freddy McDonald 40 minutes ago

    The more I watch these, the more I think Bobby is playing a character, as no one can be so sure of himself and yet so self-contradicting.

  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha 42 minutes ago

    what's with those light effects

  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha 43 minutes ago

    the first would be a goal with an easy pass even second division epl clubs do that..I guess what they say is true...MLS has a long way to go in terms of quality

  • Chris Lawrence
    Chris Lawrence 56 minutes ago

    I'll tell you a boot to the eye is no fun. Especially when you don't get a call for it.

  • Italo Ramon
    Italo Ramon Hour ago

    Will cool final conference oest lafc vs galaxy three match el tràfico derby , i like mls because very playrs nations it's beatufil for competancion

  • Italo Ramon
    Italo Ramon Hour ago

    I belive atlanta champions again josef martin's on fire( he's) very score , will mvp agian

  • jam cho
    jam cho Hour ago

    Rooney is the one of best football player in world

  • Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    Unbelievable game 🔥

  • Gavin Gonzalez
    Gavin Gonzalez Hour ago

    We need longer highlights.

  • ecmpave
    ecmpave Hour ago

    Score in title = bad

  • Joshy
    Joshy Hour ago

    Shocking stamp SJ need more fitness Vegas great

  • Cheezit
    Cheezit Hour ago


  • DOC MC
    DOC MC Hour ago


  • FireBeatBoxer
    FireBeatBoxer Hour ago

    MLS is one my favorite league because of Zlatan

  • CFC Suuporters - Duncan Sherman

    The overhead from Kei Kamara was my fave goal

  • Augusto César
    Augusto César 2 hours ago

    Illegal, that's why american soccer is ridiculous.

  • tiji151
    tiji151 2 hours ago

    You can skip 4:34 to 5:22. Its just a monologue about an obvious fault.

  • Kakra Latifa
    Kakra Latifa 2 hours ago

    T .95

  • Major League Soccer
    Major League Soccer 2 hours ago

    Which result surprised you most from week 29?

  • Eirik 07
    Eirik 07 3 hours ago

    3:02 Oh what a finish.... are you taking the piss?

  • 2ndEndingVintage
    2ndEndingVintage 3 hours ago

    Guys, seriously? I've asked this before: have EITHER of you ever bothered to get a USSF RECREATIONAL ref license ? NO controversies here ! Both were penal fouls, dangerous play, yellow. "Reckless" = yellow, period. The bicycle kick NOT at all- ONLY reason this is even talked about is because the whiny defender who COMPLETELY got his ass beat on the play was trying to cover for his wimpy defending.

  • Jordan Lacoste
    Jordan Lacoste 3 hours ago

    I don’t even think that RSL penalty shout was even a foul in the box if it were a foul at all 😅

  • herk05
    herk05 3 hours ago

    Why aren't we looking at the lack of red card in Portland Timbers vs NYRB?

  • Brandonforever21608
    Brandonforever21608 3 hours ago

    Why does the MLS channel never post NYCFC game highlights?? WTF???

  • Robin van Loon
    Robin van Loon 3 hours ago

    How can you guys just not understand that a second yellow is no different from a first? Learn the laws of the game before you start reviewing games with your own views.

    • 2ndEndingVintage
      2ndEndingVintage 2 hours ago

      Agree 100%. Anywhere in the US there is a local USSF Referee Licensing organization which gives courses so one can get a refs license (the easiest is license to referee youth matches up to U14 rec division games). The courses are fun and not expensive. If just one of these guys took the course (maybe have MLS pay their fee ?) , this vid would never have been made.

  • Gregory Thye
    Gregory Thye 3 hours ago

    Bobby bobby bobby all cards deserved.

  • hisham misri
    hisham misri 3 hours ago

    The power of Lion!

  • nomoregames1
    nomoregames1 3 hours ago

    The great Zlatan......!!!

  • stoplying
    stoplying 3 hours ago

    In past seasons we'd be hot up until the run in to the end of the season. This season, we've been shaky leading up to the playoffs but are starting to find our groove. This is the year.

  • lm_Cray
    lm_Cray 3 hours ago

    So when the ref waits for the next stoppage to check the penalty call what would have happened if the ball never went out and TFC went down the pitch and scored? Would he still check and would the goal get reversed?

  • Miguel del Mazo
    Miguel del Mazo 3 hours ago

    As bad as the MLS refs can be, I am so thankful that MLS does not allow Warshaw to ref. Edit: credited the wrong W-named announcer.

    • Dustin Edwards
      Dustin Edwards 37 minutes ago

      @2ndEndingVintage A couple of former premier league players who turned commentators did this. It was great, also I think Alexi Lalas did this. Bobby fucking GET ON IT!

    • 2ndEndingVintage
      2ndEndingVintage 3 hours ago'd be a good idea for these guys to get a USSF Recreational Refs license (the courses aren't expensive and the test is pretty easy)...they might learn something !

  • Junior Júnior
    Junior Júnior 3 hours ago

    stfu MLS why even bring this topic up? If you don't have the skill to do it. Don't attempt it. Plain & simple.

  • Rifqi Main Gitar
    Rifqi Main Gitar 4 hours ago

    So, where's the ball?

  • Ehmet İsmayilov
    Ehmet İsmayilov 4 hours ago


  • PedroPL
    PedroPL 4 hours ago

    Bring back Simon

  • Kevin Cline
    Kevin Cline 4 hours ago

    Bobby I'm changing your name. Booby... Cause you're a tithead. I'm getting sick of this guy. He was a slow defender and keeps sticking up for the same type of guys.

  • 3Speedboy
    3Speedboy 4 hours ago


  • Gustavo Liryco official

    Stick to basketball and golf


    3:00 he got stomped on by trying playing the ball while on the ground. Fouls on both teams now lets move on. No cards needed

      THEJONSANDMANFAN !!!!! 3 hours ago

      @Ted N Tracy III i get what your saying too. I wasn't sure that the guy who stepped on him put him down there to begin with. I thought he went down to get that ball by himself. Either way its a rough yellow but it happened and no changing it

    • Ted N Tracy III
      Ted N Tracy III 3 hours ago

      @THEJONSANDMANFAN !!!!! I see your point but the reason he was on the ground was because he was fouled by the player that then stomped on him! The person not on the ground is still responsible for where his studs go. I'm not saying it SHOULD be a yellow card, but I understand why it would have been called.

      THEJONSANDMANFAN !!!!! 3 hours ago

      @Ted N Tracy III when your on the ground spinning like that while going for the ball around an opponent that's call a dangerous play which by the rules is a foul. If the other player who stepped on him while going for the ball wasnt there it wouldn't have potentially been a dangerous play. I see that as a foul by both so just play on. I've also been a part of these plays many times and i felt the same way then as did my opponent.

    • Ted N Tracy III
      Ted N Tracy III 3 hours ago

      You do know that playing the ball on the ground is not a foul, right?

  • IvanDeeTerrible
    IvanDeeTerrible 4 hours ago

    Soccer is gay

    • IvanDeeTerrible
      IvanDeeTerrible 2 hours ago

      @Marco Solorio I use a 2+ uno card on you making you 2x gay for replying back for the second time on a gay ass comment making you twice the gaylord lol

    • Marco Solorio
      Marco Solorio 3 hours ago

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    • IvanDeeTerrible
      IvanDeeTerrible 3 hours ago

      @Marco Solorio ur gay for replying on a gay comment

    • Marco Solorio
      Marco Solorio 3 hours ago

      Jokes on you. You commenting on a SOCCER videos and its double the effect, making you twice as gay.

  • Filipe Loureiro
    Filipe Loureiro 4 hours ago

    The only reason this guy's disagreeing with most calls is for audience purposes. Otherwise, these "controversial" calls videos would have no interest at all.

    • 2ndEndingVintage
      2ndEndingVintage 3 hours ago

      Exactly - they need an excuse to produce a video (contractual obligations).

  • TheConfidentialEnderman

    Thanks Mavinga

    • Kevin Cline
      Kevin Cline 4 hours ago

      Hey at least Bradley didn't ruin it this time....

  • Victor
    Victor 4 hours ago

    1:00 actually he touches the ball with his left foot... But it doesn’t matter it’s still a foul. 2:36 is violent not reckless... 6:47 That’s outside the penalty area... Not a reviewable situation. Are you even awake when making opinions?

  • Brian Casey
    Brian Casey 5 hours ago

    If Besler's is a yellow then Kei's should have been as well. Isn't the point of a foul to deter dangerous plays and plays that provide unfair advantage. So, you shouldn't have to actually kick someone in the head to draw a high kick.

    • Logan Clarry
      Logan Clarry 31 minute ago

      Also, that was the flop of the year if I've ever seen one. 10/10 acting, the defender should be nominated for an Oscar

    • A B1 Battle Droid
      A B1 Battle Droid 3 hours ago

      Just completely gloss over the the fact that the defender never played the ball, and there was at least 3 different chances to draw a penalty cause he was focused on being physical with Kei.

    • Jordan Lacoste
      Jordan Lacoste 3 hours ago

      The defender was committing a foul on Kamara prior to the bicycle kick too. Hugging all over him and shirt grabbing and then diving is no way to defend someone in the box.

    • ToxicPickle
      ToxicPickle 3 hours ago

      Brian Casey Kamara didn’t even make contact with the defender. Call a high kick if you want, no way it’s a yellow tho

  • Thomas Munson
    Thomas Munson 5 hours ago

    When its in the net

  • ExuberantRaptor
    ExuberantRaptor 5 hours ago

    She at 7: Singing the national anthem at a big event with America and Zlatan watching. Me at 7: Burning pieces of paper and insects on the ground with a magnifying glass.

  • slyrooster1241
    slyrooster1241 5 hours ago

    I just came here to remind everybody that it's in net, ooooh it's in the net!!

  • Jason M
    Jason M 5 hours ago

    The problem is consistency on 2nd yellows. For example, at the western conference final last year in Kansas City a Portland player on a yellow commits a tactical foul outside the box after getting beat by Gerso. Foul is called but no yellow. Because playoffs? If either of these two 2nd yellow calls this week happened in a playoff game they’d get to stay on the pitch. Refs should apply the rules the same but they don’t. That’s why players get pissed.

  • Hillary Desmond
    Hillary Desmond 5 hours ago

    Wow.... Gk Montreal ain't no joke...

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 5 hours ago

    «Second yellow’s should have an extremely high bar». Bruh a yellow is a yellow, there’s a reason why you can receive two.

  • *insert name*
    *insert name* 5 hours ago

    Premier League needs to do videos like this

    • beatstork
      beatstork 4 hours ago

      Your mom needs to do videos like this

  • Dominic Silvestrini
    Dominic Silvestrini 5 hours ago

    How can you not give Espinosa the second yellow. You said it yourself it’s reckless-which is one of the criteria for a yellow card. Not to mention he also puts his studs into the leg of the opposition defender.

    • Daniel James
      Daniel James 5 hours ago

      definite yellow

    • Dominic Silvestrini
      Dominic Silvestrini 5 hours ago

      Adding on, you say a second yellow should have a high bar, I’m pretty sure a boot to the face of an opposition player, qualifies.

  • Joel Dube
    Joel Dube 5 hours ago

    Great week

  • Keenan Krall
    Keenan Krall 5 hours ago

    I was there

  • James DePriest
    James DePriest 5 hours ago

    Some of the worst commentary I've ever heard 🤢

  • anthony peace
    anthony peace 6 hours ago

    The best league in the continent from a mexican.

  • Rafael Varela
    Rafael Varela 6 hours ago

    This is Zlatan

  • TheConfidentialEnderman

    Orlando Shitty strikes again

  • Cecil W.
    Cecil W. 7 hours ago

    1:09 Zlatan Ibrahimovic assisting Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  • cheetofingers77
    cheetofingers77 8 hours ago

    Amazing game to experience, VAMOS UNITED

  • Prajit Anand
    Prajit Anand 9 hours ago

    That pass in 0:02

  • Inter Johor Firm
    Inter Johor Firm 10 hours ago

    Should be red card

  • Antonio Pocho
    Antonio Pocho 10 hours ago

    5:53 High five in the air :)

  • Niroj Gurung
    Niroj Gurung 11 hours ago

    So cute 🎈🎈

  • imran imran
    imran imran 11 hours ago

    İbrakadabra. The god

  • cholhwa
    cholhwa 11 hours ago

    A familiar set up by Rooney now haunts the Sounders

  • cholhwa
    cholhwa 11 hours ago

    A must win for both teams went to NY Red Bulls securing the precious three points

  • Thomao
    Thomao 11 hours ago

    Vermes still employed?🤔

  • LibertyOrBust
    LibertyOrBust 11 hours ago

    I hope the flashing light thing is a phase that ends as soon as possible.

    • cheetofingers77
      cheetofingers77 8 hours ago

      LibertyOrBust no it’s gotta stay, it’s amazing

  • bobbysworldrox
    bobbysworldrox 11 hours ago

    Why do u keep giving it away in the title.?

  • nateflys R
    nateflys R 12 hours ago


  • Major League Soccer
    Major League Soccer 12 hours ago

    What was your favorite goal this week?

  • yo NJAStrqfeZ
    yo NJAStrqfeZ 12 hours ago

    I was there lol

  • MrAxeceptable
    MrAxeceptable 12 hours ago

    I thought it was bad luck when I saw Cincy play Atlanta on there finishing but man they fr suck at finishing

    ASEELS ENTHUSIAST 12 hours ago

    Rooney was in good form

  • adub4ever
    adub4ever 12 hours ago

    Tarps at RB Arena? Wow embarrassing... start to call them RB Chivas USA.

  • Tom Labelle
    Tom Labelle 13 hours ago

    what a disgraceful performance from the Impact, absolutely horrible

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 13 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure that the Geneva convention states that Americans shouldn't commentate football!

  • richward559
    richward559 13 hours ago

    Ibra missed so many chances but he’s Ibra and gets a pass for this game only lol

  • Christopher Leon Johnson

    Tom barlow is a beast.

  • Just Things
    Just Things 14 hours ago

    Carles Gil & Gustavo Bou are underrated!