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My experience with burnout
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  • Noor K H.
    Noor K H. 13 hours ago

    I have really bad anxiety since 2018. On top of this I’ve had PMDD pre menstrual dysphoric disorder since 5 years. It’s debilitating, I feel helpless, my hormones are all over, sometimes I cry so much I can’t stop crying, and feel like it’s taking over my life. It’s hard enough to deal with anxiety, I wish it could just be stable 😪

  • Lisset Sanchez
    Lisset Sanchez 20 hours ago

    Do I have realistic expectations was a huge eye opener for me! I am a visual person and sometimes I tend to see things and have an unrealistic expectation or end up not using the item to later give it away. This was a great video for me to watch. Thank you for sharing my dear. ☺️

  • Gabrysia Denisiuk
    Gabrysia Denisiuk 22 hours ago

    I don't tolarate raw carrots well, can I boil it before?

  • Joseph_66
    Joseph_66 Day ago

    :: a couple people from the audience come on down to try a sample with the chef ::

  • Tazkiyah Toummache

    Megan as you have mentioned Candida what can i use to prevent it or cure it

  • Zahra Qaisar
    Zahra Qaisar Day ago

    Why this period is the worst period of life in this world??? I wish I were a boy only by this aspect.

  • angelique
    angelique Day ago

    thank you! i was really wanting to buy a new winter coat, but it is super out of my budget (aritzia super puff) and i'm trying to live a minimalistic lifestyle. this video was great!

  • Alice Roche
    Alice Roche Day ago

    Broccoli contains goitrogens which mess with your thyroid.

  • ScienceGuy
    ScienceGuy Day ago

    Ugh I was hoping that you were going to say you found a cure. I have PI-IBS after taking Vancomycin for ten days to treat C-Diff. I've been off medication for 5-6 weeks and I am pretty stable for the most part. I went gluten free and that has been tremendously helpful but I accidentally ate some artificial sweetener and that really set me off. I'm eating the same foods everyday, terrified to try new things because I don't know if it will trigger the IBS. The thing is that not only do I have diarrhea but I also get SUPER anxious and it's a horrible feeling that I like to avoid. I wish I could say it was only diarrhea. Have you considered FMT? I would definitely consider it. I hope my IBS is temporary and is caused by dysbiosis because hopefully that means I can cure it with FMT or something if it doesn't clear up on its own.

  • Chelly Chelle
    Chelly Chelle Day ago

    I’m late but can you pre make these and store in fridge.

  • Butterfly McQueen

    I just sold off the last of my purses and wallets today. I bought a small clip that holds my key fob, keys and cards and it clips on my jeans loop or I can carry it. I also now put my phone in my pocket since it never leaves my hand anyway. My back is already thanking me.

  • Max Mitchell
    Max Mitchell Day ago

    Should tap water be filtered?

  • miss_dreamy88
    miss_dreamy88 Day ago

    so delicious

  • UltimateChrisso

    it all looks great!

  • Ashley's little nook on YouTube

    I love making rainbow salad!!

  • Linda Wiseman
    Linda Wiseman Day ago

    Just discovered you on RU-clip, cant wait to try some of your recipes xxx

  • Salena Richardson
    Salena Richardson 2 days ago

    More recipes please!

  • Kristine Torkildsen Pharo

    Thank you for another great salad, Meghan! 🥗

  • Terrarium Elio
    Terrarium Elio 2 days ago

    Great tips!!! My wife and I have always tried to live a more simple life. I'm now looking into getting rid of stuff and de-cluttering my life. This is a good starting point. Thank you.

  • ivi122
    ivi122 2 days ago

    Yay. Love this kind of video!

  • Salad.ch菜饗 namotenashi

    Looks delicious:P

  • Francesca Donati
    Francesca Donati 2 days ago

    It's lovely... what to eat with it that is not to overwhelming on the digestive system?

    • Meghan Livingstone
      Meghan Livingstone 16 hours ago

      Some salmon or roasted chicken would be lovely, either with the salad or to replace the chickpeas for a different protein source that's less gas-forming xx

  • Bless This Mess Shuchi

  • Tracy Cook
    Tracy Cook 2 days ago

    Is the beet raw?

  • Dream &travel
    Dream &travel 2 days ago

    I hope you put Arabic subtitles in your old and new videos .. so that I can watch your videos and learn from them Because I very much want to learn from you 😍 Please accept my request🙏🙏 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • Joseph_66
      Joseph_66 Day ago

      ... but you write English so well!

  • Mona's Lens
    Mona's Lens 2 days ago

    Loved the video ...need to incorporate some of these but checking WhatsApp messages when I need to get up helps 😊

  • SandyzSerious
    SandyzSerious 2 days ago

    This looks incredible. You are the picture of health.

  • Karen Hadley
    Karen Hadley 2 days ago

    “We must unite together in olive love” here here

  • Bubbleqa
    Bubbleqa 2 days ago

    there should be tomatoes! for red colour hehe

    • Meghan Livingstone
      Meghan Livingstone 16 hours ago

      Haha yes! Or strawberries! So many colourful options ;)

    • Bubbleqa
      Bubbleqa Day ago

      @ivi122 but radishes are white?

    • ivi122
      ivi122 2 days ago

      Bubbleqa or radishes

  • Neilys Betancourt
    Neilys Betancourt 2 days ago

    Your energy is so heart warming 💜

  • Rebecca Lancaster
    Rebecca Lancaster 2 days ago

    Looks yummy and delicious. Plus really healthy. Thanks for sharing.

  • The Honey Boost
    The Honey Boost 2 days ago

    I love that combination of ingredients. The colors look fantastic! So nutritious :)

  • Lisa Ash
    Lisa Ash 2 days ago

    This looks amazing! I’m not a huge blueberry fan so I’ll omit that, but everything else looks incredible!! 🤤

    • Meghan Livingstone
      Meghan Livingstone 16 hours ago

      It would still be so tasty and colourful without blueberries! If you like blackberries, they would work too (although not quite as blue! :P)

  • Ann Wilson
    Ann Wilson 2 days ago🖒👋 Love❤....SALAD...yum...😊 Thanks.for.sharing❤.that Have.a.lovely..💚.evening.🎄🎁🔔

  • Ann Wilson
    Ann Wilson 2 days ago


  • Hilary McAllister
    Hilary McAllister 2 days ago

    You make salad 🥗 beautiful ❤️

  • Deyi Salonio
    Deyi Salonio 2 days ago

    Hello Megan! Thanks a lot for this beautiful salad ❤ I Will make IT for my family! I always see your videos. They are lovely and refreshing. Btw, sorry for my english! Saludos from Argentina! 🌹

  • Gigglypeach
    Gigglypeach 2 days ago

    Looks delicious and I can eat precisely one ingredient from it oh wow 😂 But getting the whole rainbow of foods is so important for gut bacteria/health I love it! Sadly it's a cup of carrots for me 💜

  • Elizabeth Orr
    Elizabeth Orr 2 days ago

    Unfortunately, the rainbow is the symbol of perversion in our days. 😖

    • Joseph_66
      Joseph_66 Day ago

      :: eating popcorn ::

    • Elizabeth Orr
      Elizabeth Orr 2 days ago

      @Uapa500 You obviously know why! 😊

    • Elizabeth Orr
      Elizabeth Orr 2 days ago

      @Nadine Summa Why? Because I speak Truth?

    • Elizabeth Orr
      Elizabeth Orr 2 days ago

      😥 It actually represents the Covenant between God and mankind after the Flood. A thing of beauty. However, to some, it has come to represent perversion and sin. May God have mercy on us for perverting His glorious sign 🙏🏻 😲

    • Nadine Summa
      Nadine Summa 2 days ago

      Hopefully your Comment will soon be deleted

  • Gurudra - Emotional Health & Peace

    Just like food is for the body, love is for the soul

  • sandra brooks-Brown

    Love it I got your channel from yasmin wu channel when we were subscribing to each others channels i love house plants

  • DennisDragon78
    DennisDragon78 2 days ago

    OMG get to the point

  • Vimal C.T
    Vimal C.T 3 days ago

    I liked it.👍 Will try. Why need to boil the beetroot? Kerala-India🇮🇳

  • blushz
    blushz 3 days ago

    it 1 am i woke up bcs of my stupid cramps might jump off a cliff

    • Netune
      Netune 2 days ago

      Is it over now?

  • scott webb
    scott webb 3 days ago

    Why wasn't l-glutamine mentioned that is the most important thing to heal the gut

    • grey_fox
      grey_fox 7 hours ago

      @scott webb much appreciated for your advice. I've ordered some :)

    • scott webb
      scott webb 10 hours ago

      Yes l glutamine helped my night sweats, it helped my immune health int digestive tract. The key is first healing your gut with l glutamine and them introducing probiotics so that they can stay in a stable environment. It's really important to repair before you reenoculate

    • grey_fox
      grey_fox 2 days ago

      Can you elaborate on your experience with using L-glutamine and how its helped u please?

  • marsha k
    marsha k 3 days ago

    Who the hell can tolerate garlic and rash liquuds when u have ibs

  • thx1085
    thx1085 3 days ago

    T H E S P I C E M E L A N G E

  • FendiSux
    FendiSux 3 days ago

    Cook for me 😢

  • Noella65
    Noella65 3 days ago

    Maca is not good if a person has a high blood pressure. You have to be careful when you talk about natural product. They all have side effects. Your advices are like from woman's magazine.

  • dbaurichter
    dbaurichter 3 days ago

    Thank you for this video! Do you mind sharing what size you buy for the Everlane tops? I’ve been wanting to try them but it’s hard to figure out sizing without being able to try them on (even with the size chart I sometimes get it wrong).

  • Michelle Dean
    Michelle Dean 3 days ago

    I love that sweet little purse! Where did you find it?

  • Diah Rostanti Fadilah

    I no longer buy the latest gadget and I'm feeling happier

  • Collin Mayfield
    Collin Mayfield 4 days ago

    Thank you

  • Moriom Mery
    Moriom Mery 4 days ago

    Please upload some easy but tasty salad dressing recipe..Thank you..

  • Christel
    Christel 4 days ago

    Ge en lekk ere recep ten voer mich

  • Christel
    Christel 4 days ago

    I write the following as a note to myself: 2, 4 and 5 if it's peach season

  • Mellow RU
    Mellow RU 4 days ago

    Thank you so much for this video. I agree with every life lesson you learned. And yes to #18 this shall pass. Your so right, it is true. I've gone through so much abuse in my 58 years, and have lived with extremely deep hurt from it all. But since I just began watching your videos, I've been able to regain my inner peace and joy. Thank you again.

  • Virginia L Pinon
    Virginia L Pinon 4 days ago

    Is it a dracaena? Maybe. A red edged on

  • Virginia L Pinon
    Virginia L Pinon 4 days ago

    I agree w comments already here. Omg water seldom..u can go on I do gave friend was in hospital 2 mo ths..hers died. She didn't want anyone in her hse. I was upset cause I'd give en it to her.

  • Be ÝOU ĹØve YOŰ

    I'm dyinggggggg 😭😭😭 plzzzz help Extreme pain...😣😣

  • Where’s my will To live

    I’m just sitting here, very bad cramps rn. And this fucker tells me that DAIRY is bad for cramps when I’ve had like 3 cups of milk and a Frappuccino today

  • Christine O
    Christine O 5 days ago

    My capsule wardrobe number is 52 for my winter. A little on the high end but it is winter and I plan to stick to what I have and declutter at the end of the season. I have some for the mildly cold and some for the extreme cold weather so I think this is reasonable. Plus I used to be a the Minimalism journey is still a work it process. I can't fully declutter yet but just a few pieces here and there. I used to have about 75+ items ... I'm slowly making progress 😊

  • Chen Anna Zheng
    Chen Anna Zheng 5 days ago


  • Ray Anna
    Ray Anna 5 days ago

    And I'm here cuz I get cramps rn 😤

  • Annalise Caitlyn
    Annalise Caitlyn 5 days ago

    Celiac disease strong💪🏼

  • STRIDER 82
    STRIDER 82 5 days ago

    Try this

  • Johnny Espinal
    Johnny Espinal 5 days ago

    You’re Devine 😍😍🔥

  • She Did that
    She Did that 5 days ago

    My back fucking hurts dammit

  • Johnny Espinal
    Johnny Espinal 5 days ago

    You’re truly naturally gorgeous 😍🔥🔥💯

  • Avinash P T
    Avinash P T 5 days ago

    Great tricks thank you so much ma'am

  • Hatice Işık
    Hatice Işık 5 days ago

    Whats on my phone please video i love youu❤️☃🌿

  • Trudy Ann
    Trudy Ann 6 days ago

    I do #7 and #10 a lot

  • holly rae
    holly rae 6 days ago

    You SO suit your hair short like this, looks so cool! <3

  • Karen Vargas
    Karen Vargas 6 days ago

    Megan , Love your videos! Would you do a weekly WHAT I EAT IN A DAY ? I really like your clean eating and I find it helpful as I am new to LowFodmap and eating for healthy gut.

  • Felicitas G. Blesa
    Felicitas G. Blesa 6 days ago

    Great questions to make oneself.Thank yo so much!

  • Katie Mynette
    Katie Mynette 6 days ago

    Hi Megan. Would it be possible for you to make a REAL cookbook, with the simple recipes you fix, for us to buy? Kentucky Katie.

  • Arya Stark
    Arya Stark 6 days ago

    Too much prolonged talking . Some of us just want to get to your good techniques . ☺🌹

  • Mellow RU
    Mellow RU 6 days ago

    Thank you so much for these videos. I watch them all. Also I have a enlarged heart due to stress and I'm also a diabetic. The receipts you show are really a big help for me. Diabetes is something new for me, and now I need to learn some healthy grocery shopping tip as everything seems to be high in sodium and other stuff.

  • Zinzi Bam
    Zinzi Bam 6 days ago

    I now subscribe to this channel because wow this was so calming.

  • Erica McIntyre
    Erica McIntyre 6 days ago


  • تذكرة للمؤمنين

    All you say is recommended in islam!

  • paapa arhin
    paapa arhin 6 days ago

  • Erika Danielle
    Erika Danielle 7 days ago

    This was a super smart way to meal prep. I can get bored easily eating the same meal, but you mixed things up with what you had on hand and I loved that! Keep it up, I am subscribed to your channel now and I am HOOKED on learning about healthy living now lol.

  • Clearly Cristal
    Clearly Cristal 7 days ago

    LOVE your hair!!! Looks so good

  • whatever it takes
    whatever it takes 7 days ago

    Only a few seconds in but gotta say-love your hair!

  • Aisha Cabrera
    Aisha Cabrera 7 days ago

    Love these recipes but they're more like for summer. Can you share some hot recipes for when it's chilly outside ?

  • Sarra Rose
    Sarra Rose 7 days ago

    1. Will i get long-term use out of this? 2. How quickly will this item lose its excitement 3. Do I have realistic expectations? 4. What is my motivation behind wanting this? (buying this because its on sale/to fit in/) 5. What else could i do with my money? 6. Can it wait? 7.Will I still want this if I walk away? 8. Can I use something I already have? 9. Can I do or make this myself? 10. What is my gut telling me?

  • clear Gumunyu
    clear Gumunyu 7 days ago

    so grateful I am now in a position to get my dream car due to this *FunOnline Work .c om*

  • Flor Lazo 7
    Flor Lazo 7 7 days ago

    Thanks for the tips sis....

  • Carol Cater
    Carol Cater 7 days ago

    Great video! I think the water bottle would make the perfect Christmas gift! Your videos are just lovely!

  • Health Savage
    Health Savage 7 days ago

    Awesome. I minimize on my channel with COOKING. If you don’t need parchment paper, I say you don’t need it. I DID get some kitchen supplies for Black Friday, bc I’m building my channel 👍🏻👌🏼💛

  • patrick paton
    patrick paton 7 days ago

    1;45 BYE BYE BABA

  • Karin Smith
    Karin Smith 7 days ago

    I learned a lot! Great job having courage to create a video that discusses awkward yet helpful points of this topic. 😄

  • aswathy sudevan
    aswathy sudevan 8 days ago

    I really like that happy cat ...Meghan is the best👍

  • Health 1O1
    Health 1O1 8 days ago

    Very nice..thank you for the video!!

  • Billie Jones
    Billie Jones 8 days ago

    If u use turmeric you need to use a small amount of pepper or it doesnt do it's work.

  • It’s Siya S
    It’s Siya S 8 days ago

    I . AM . DYYYYYYYYYING!!!!!!!😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😩😩😩

  • Olivia Hav
    Olivia Hav 8 days ago

    I’m going through something similar ! After many different doctors visits I was Diagnosed with LPR by an ENT and given a Prilosec (this coming after two rounds of antibiotics for chest congestion and allergic rhinitis). I feel like it wasn’t helping one bit, so I made diet changes, and I’m now following a natural supplement regimen. However, I feel like my gut hasn’t been the same since the antibiotics. I’m going to see a chiropractor tomorrow in hopes that a readjustment will help get my bowels moving properly again. This journey has caused me to lose a lot of faith in doctors, but hopefully it will be back to normal life soon!

  • AshleyErica
    AshleyErica 8 days ago

    Wonderful tips, Meghan! One tip I learned from a source that I cannot name right off the bat is that if an item on sale or clearance were to sell for its original price only, would I still buy it. This tip helps with clothing items and technology, because these are almost always on sale. I like to think of sale prices as an illusionary experience, since most people look at purchasing the item on sale as how much you saved versus how much money you spent on the item in the first place.

  • Kimm o
    Kimm o 8 days ago

    Omg I really needed this!!! Thank you so much! I have really bad issues when it comes to buying I literally don’t buy things because I like the look of emptiness but I realized I was asking the wrong questions. I decided to only add 1-2 new items based on the weather on a warm to cold climate never every season. I know my style WILL change so I try not to buy too much and I simply add something if it’ll add value to my wardrobe but I first need to find if I can hand down at least one item, if I can’t find anything then I don’t buy anything