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  • cee cee winfield
    cee cee winfield 28 minutes ago

    F what Aries want all about Gemini now not keep 3 parties I will never let Aries hurt Gemini again 20 yrs stayed way to long never going backwards period

  • H E Kurt
    H E Kurt Hour ago

    Hi there, love the Tunes at the beginning and the end of your video. What are they? 😀🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Dina Harris
    Dina Harris 3 hours ago

    Could you talk slower please

  • Rhonda Dortch
    Rhonda Dortch 6 hours ago

    Yes yes yes yes yes! Loves getting the attention. Then. Hes still in the same space hes always been in. Hes just as immature as he was beforee.. Its crazzzy to me. Smh....

  • Lynic
    Lynic 8 hours ago

    O M FUCKEN G !😳😳😳😲😲

  • Kwanda H
    Kwanda H 9 hours ago

    Wish I could like this a million damn times on POINT🙌

  • A1 Woman
    A1 Woman 10 hours ago

    yesss I'm moving on ...I found the love of my life after I found out my babyfather cheated and got his mistress pregnant.... I stepped out with a guy I like 6 months ago I been talking to him 6 years on fb . I fell in love ... we instantly was attracted when we met ... he's a sagittarius... I'm leaving my dead beat libra baby daddy for him but I want us to take it slow

  • Ojo Divino TheOracle
    Ojo Divino TheOracle 11 hours ago

    Omg, you are 💯 Accurate!! The ex Taurus the new Pisces, The ex chose Karmic listened to gossip now regrets it. I've moved on, I have no interest in the past. Karmic did black magic she's gonna be hit hard by karma she's done so much damage. I'll pray for them both. They need healing & God!

  • WhiteSage1111 HealerTarrot

    Been singing , 2 the left Beyonce alot. Same as Jar of hearts for husband that Im divorcing. Learnt to forgive the past and moving on. Learnt lessons and had that dark knight of the soul back Jan till March. Not fun dont wish that on anyone. Ty hun

    • WhiteSage1111 HealerTarrot
      WhiteSage1111 HealerTarrot 11 hours ago

      Gemini cancers asc Picsies moon Taurus sun ♏ mars Vedic leo rising aries moon virgo pluto saggy mars ♏ Neptune.

    • WhiteSage1111 HealerTarrot
      WhiteSage1111 HealerTarrot 11 hours ago

      Been getting alot of visions some scary.

    • WhiteSage1111 HealerTarrot
      WhiteSage1111 HealerTarrot 11 hours ago

      Needed to hear this. Been speaking with Gemini something felt off. When someone looks to the left alot that's a bad sign. When I pulled cards showed up as shadow card magician on them.

  • Edward Henderson
    Edward Henderson 12 hours ago

    Commitment for what . When he can get what he wants for free. Be careful what you ask for!!! You’re just another woman he can choose from!!!!😞

  • Slim Chick Tv
    Slim Chick Tv 13 hours ago

    I’m soooo sick of all these readings saying someone is trying to come back whyyyy tf am I always the last resort fuck all this bs anyone tryna back track mine as well stay tf in the back I’m not your last resort

  • Sip & Seafood With Monaa Lei

    Just did no contact stopped the devil right in his tracks ...happiness & prosperity ever since I made the best decision...I’m due April 2020 plus I am moving beginnings leave the third party situations and focus on you and yourself...get familiar with being alone’s peaceful 🙏🏾❤️

  • breeze rideout
    breeze rideout 15 hours ago

    whew chile u read my whole relationship. cancer w/ an aquarius sign.

  • Pilar Quiroga Music
    Pilar Quiroga Music 15 hours ago

    This reading could be for a cross watcher?? I guess

  • Virgil Welch
    Virgil Welch 15 hours ago

    You go girl.. spot on!!! A new person just came into my life at the end of November.

  • A19H
    A19H 15 hours ago

    T H A N K. Y O U 😇 💜!

  • Nene Lee
    Nene Lee 16 hours ago

    Wow 😳

  • lataevia edwards
    lataevia edwards 16 hours ago

    This resonated with me to a tea!! I’m just waiting for my 10 of cups 😌.

  • African JungleQueen
    African JungleQueen 17 hours ago

    I forgive them for the heartbreak but it was well worth it. Am free of toxic cycles and lies. I am healing, growing and Not going back. New love will come in Divine timing. Everything is working out the way its supposed to. Loving me!

  • Its Briaa
    Its Briaa 18 hours ago

    I’m a cross watcher and this resonates . I like him but he just got out of a relationship.. hope he doesn’t go back once I catch feelings lol

  • Testa Dicondominio
    Testa Dicondominio 18 hours ago

    Funny how people always wake up when you're gone.

  • Azjane’
    Azjane’ 20 hours ago

    Yes you are very on point , I am a ♋ and he's a ♒. I'm scared to accept him back in my life he did alot of hurtful things to me..

  • Love Only
    Love Only 20 hours ago

    You are the truth your energy is dead on and I love you Ase'Queen 💞💙

  • Pisces Baby
    Pisces Baby 21 hour ago

    Thank you 💗 On a break with my Cancer dude.... I exited the relationship because he needs to get his mind right and I need my peace ☮️🧘🏽‍♀️ not sure if I’m willing to go back... just tired of all the confusion...

  • Capricorn’s Love
    Capricorn’s Love 22 hours ago

    Im a capricorn and i was dealing with capricorn came back into my life right before my mom funeral ... and i just told him im trying to get my mind right and i feel like he is too toxic ...

  • Lynn Kulinski
    Lynn Kulinski 22 hours ago

    Lol I have bad allergies!! Always blowing nose! Not sick thou. Thank you! My boyfriend is a libra.

  • melissa french
    melissa french 23 hours ago

    Thanks so true. Pisces relationship from the past bad choice l have been so stuck and I have known him for 10 years I recently hooked up with him again after 6 years of no intimacy and it’s just been so confusing however I feel that last night I was finally guided toward the truth And I’m so done I really want a new change thanks for being so spot on

  • Tasha
    Tasha 23 hours ago

    All the men can honestly fuck off with their petty, egotistical evil ass. I'm happy being single and enjoying it. I'm focusing on being a rich happy woman and changing my life around for the better. Getting rid of assholes to better me and my life

  • Janice Reid
    Janice Reid 23 hours ago

    Thank you, you hit the nail I the head! Time for a change. Moved on and not looking back. Peace feels good without other people's issues. Life is good . Stay BEAUTIFUL!

  • Seven Essence
    Seven Essence Day ago

    Spot on girl. Aries has been selfish hurtful egotistical and refuses to take responsibility for his actions and is also placing expectations and makin it my job to make him content. He caused me to close myself off and yet only cares for himself and wonder why I won't budge. He threw me out on the street literally on mothers day just to give u an idea of ONE of his actions

  • Simona Cristina

    The ex Saggitarius bastard needed time to sleep around with easy type of women...He crushed my heart & thrust in him, without any care in the world....There's no way back...I will never let this LOSER in my life again, ever because I am a real diamond not one of his pieces of glass he is used to deal.with...I am a loving person, caring, dedicated, reliable - I deserve to be valued and treated with respect..... The new person you mention, the Vigo -one, is an ex drug addict...I know he likes me quite lot but I can't/ won't get involved with such a person...He can go back to his vice any time, plus that he has fluctuated moods - now you can talk with him, the next second becomes very aggitated & verbally abusive....It's unreliable, untrustworthy and behaves in a weird & gross manor- for example, he scraches his head and than eats things from his hair....( I don't know how to explain better but I hope you got the picture - yuck!😨)

    • Jedi Jay
      Jedi Jay 9 hours ago

      Yes, Simona. Hold your ground. Self respect and dignity makes a person that much more SEXY. Don't let NO ONE treat you like just another 'pair of shoes' to wear when they feel like it. This message is to all my fellow Fishies.

  • Michelle Ciara

    Definitely just got over a sinus infection 😩😖

  • Jennette Schilling

    This reading def resonates with the recent past and past before.. I wanna believe he had an awakening and will make it up to me.. currently not talking.. I will be shocked if we are finally balance out and he wants to commit.. I hope he doesn't take much longer, I'm doing me in all but I'm tired of waiting for him. 🙏

  • L L
    L L Day ago

    My ex was a aqua man. I have a online business & I will reject him. We are not talking. He was a energy vampire & I told him he needed therapy. Aqua man ghost, he can stay where he is. I just want a brand new relationship tired of being single. This reading did resonate, thank you ❤

  • thebrujachronicles IG

    This is so spot on 🖤🧿

  • Bobin Campbell

    Excellent reading Ashley!! Thank you💜

  • Kris P
    Kris P Day ago

    How I wish I could shuffle like that. 😍

  • Gladys Riggs
    Gladys Riggs Day ago

    Miss Ashley, it's always a pleasure listening to your Amazing readings. God Bless you, & Thank you hun. 💞

  • The Real Love Davis

    I keep seeing 66

  • zan m
    zan m Day ago

    What’s that first deck you used ?

  • Erika Coleman
    Erika Coleman Day ago

    Nope, I exited myself. I’m not a second choice🥰🙅🏽‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️💪🏾🧘🏾‍♀️💆🏾‍♀️🧿✊🏾👑🔮🗝💰

  • Albert Finch
    Albert Finch Day ago

    I don't know the deal with libra is it some type or crush or secret admirer and yes am a cancer

  • Mrs.Carter
    Mrs.Carter Day ago

    The Gemini cheated on me with a Virgo I wanted a commitment but he got her pregnant soooo that’s a no from this sag

  • Brittni
    Brittni Day ago


  • lovelee-anna
    lovelee-anna Day ago

    Cross watcher here , my ex Gemini was such a whore now that I walked away he keeps trying to come back I don’t want him back I’ve been trying to cut cords and move on I don’t ever want to see his noncommittal ass again

  • Lori Lorraine
    Lori Lorraine Day ago

    This felt like a personal reading

  • KeepItnMotion
    KeepItnMotion Day ago

    Im Aries and she's Pisces up and down rollercoaster and her ghosting me for months at a time. This has been going on for 3yrs. I'm no longer in to her like I use to be I'm fading away from her. She's none emotional and never wants to talk about us. Communication is little to none. 2020 I'm moving on

    • Shake Williams
      Shake Williams Day ago

      KeepItnMotion same same same he’s a Pisces and when i tell you we’ve been on an off for three years literally... I’m tired I’m exhausting and I’d love to hear him out to see what he says but idk if he’ll ever reach out i missed him but I’m tired of him walking away an ghosting me when shits bad for him an not considered good how i feel 😩

  • Tone is awesome

    I was with a Sagittarius your reading sounds exactly like my life. I have met a new person who is stable & solid it makes me so happy to move on in my life. 😁

  • jEllY bEAN
    jEllY bEAN Day ago

    This really resonates with me. I feel like he’s still with a separation with his baby mama. But hey I’m not waiting around for anyone so I hope he gets his life together. I really like him but something isn’t adding up so I’ll keep my distance. If it’s meant to happen then it will.

  • Crys_Marie
    Crys_Marie Day ago

    The amount of decks you have 😳😍😍 so jealous

  • Debbie Miller Walsh

    Great job!!! You everything on point. Like a personal reading. Thank you

  • namelessme1
    namelessme1 Day ago

    Crosswatcher here, I feel like this reading was meant for me. 💯 extended gave me a lot of info, thank you ❤️

  • dj funil
    dj funil Day ago

    It felt like a personal reading. Thank you! 💜

  • CocoSugarLove Hairgoddess


  • OYA DANTOR 333

    Hey love

  • Jessica Paduano

    I recently walked away from 3rd party situation. It broke my heart, He refused to leave his toxic gf

  • Peaceful Warrior

    This resonated heavily! Amazing! Thank you! ✨❤️

  • Sherry Balgobin

    hello beautiful!

  • Charlene Vigne

    Not gemini and his Sagittarius two bird's flocking together

  • Dee Pearson
    Dee Pearson Day ago

    111, first view, first comment, first like ❤️❤️

  • Dee Pearson
    Dee Pearson Day ago

    Hey Ash❤️ been patiently waiting.

  • L Phoenix
    L Phoenix Day ago

    Nowwww your talking with a title like that!!! Lol

  • LaDawnte Williams

    I am so ready for this reading!!! Yay

  • Tianzhanae Smith

    When you said they just left.... that was complete affirmation for me. My soulmate ghosted me after a 3 year committed relationship. 🙄 Still don’t know how to feel about him coming back after my spiritual rebirth, yet I can’t think of myself being with anyone else....

  • Shanna Daniels

    🦋This is my message and I’m claiming it🦋

  • yazzok
    yazzok Day ago

    I don't know who needs to hear this but please know that you deserve to be the first choice, you deserve to be loved, respected and valued. If you're in a situation where the other party can't provide all that, choose a new direction and focus on the relationship you want. There's no blame game here, just self-love. That's what I did and it worked perfectly. ❤️

  • dinayra holmond

    He jumped in deep water, not seeing what's swimming there. And now he is 🏊 with no vision, just impulse

  • dinayra holmond

    Too all the crosswatchers, maybe you should be just honest too your virgo, and ask if we love you, we will give you a honest answer. Instead of watching these readings and comment that you hate us or don't want us anymore but still crosswatching our sign.

  • JD Mamakat
    JD Mamakat Day ago

    Yass!! He’s also cancer and been talking for a couple yrs off and on. I had to speak my truth about how I felt and if he didn’t see this going further to leave me alone. He changed his number and let me know which made me scratch my head why did he need to change it🧐. I felt like I didn’t get the time I deserved.

  • LiberianGoddess
    LiberianGoddess 2 days ago

    Virgo ☀️ Scorpio 🌙 This resonated so much, I had to get the extended ! Thank you for the reading & clarity...cuz I was sooo ready to 🚶🏾‍♀️away from this connection. But this gave me a lil bit of hope. ✨🙏🏾❤️

  • Thelma Brown
    Thelma Brown 2 days ago

    Thankyou for the reading your absolutely 100% spot on it couldn't be any more correct

  • Sey2 sssoumar
    Sey2 sssoumar 2 days ago

    What zodiac sign is she reading.??

  • Linda Waru
    Linda Waru 2 days ago

    Yip yearz of arguing coz he had a drinking problem and he chose that and his friends over me Nd our son.

  • Linda Waru
    Linda Waru 2 days ago

    After he told me he was unhappi but sti wanted to be with me I jst couldnt help it anymore so I prepared.myself

  • Linda Waru
    Linda Waru 2 days ago

    Yip It been yearz and I've given alot to this relationship but i get nothing back all i asked 4 was to be loved unconditionally but our anniversary hadn't enuf 4 that.

  • Linda Waru
    Linda Waru 2 days ago

    Yip I feel like a broken record with my taurus ov 12 yrs

  • DivinEye Tarot
    DivinEye Tarot 2 days ago

    Wuttttttttttt Boo Boo, I love that intro. Blazed!

  • Vivian salcedo viquez

    First time watching and woow everything resonated!

  • Minatural Beauty
    Minatural Beauty 2 days ago

    Gemini pleaseeeeeee

  • Chiffonya Gilliam
    Chiffonya Gilliam 2 days ago

    That be me i got my 💰 in order and for some strange reason i dont really want nobody's right now im at peace . im good i turned my back on this .im sorry

    • Capricorn’s Love
      Capricorn’s Love 20 hours ago

      Chiffonya Gilliam im feeling so down because it feels like everything is falling apart and i have noone who truly cares

    • Chiffonya Gilliam
      Chiffonya Gilliam 20 hours ago

      @Capricorn’s Love ok im gonna pray for you and your family April don't worry beautiful Everthing is gonna be alright.

    • Capricorn’s Love
      Capricorn’s Love 21 hour ago

      Chiffonya Gilliam april is my name

    • Capricorn’s Love
      Capricorn’s Love 21 hour ago

      Chiffonya Gilliam no love i lost my mom monday ... i have a job but itsnot really paying much just paying the bills thats all

    • Chiffonya Gilliam
      Chiffonya Gilliam 21 hour ago

      @Capricorn’s Love there is a business adventures in you love Capricorn. you don't see it now but you will .when stuff like that happens like a loss of job all of a sudden. its the universe making room for new improve better great huge phenomenal blessing coming your way. dont be in despair get happy your life is about too change. for the better for you and your family your Faith is being tested . i wll be praying for you what is your name .

  • Dee L
    Dee L 2 days ago

    I am an Aries sun sign female with Taurus rising Libra moon. Dealing with a Taurus who just disappeared & didn't say anything at all. A person like that can't be trusted at all. I don't trust him at all now. Why else would he disappear if not for another woman.

  • Ann Jones
    Ann Jones 2 days ago

    This reading is spot on This is Capricorn man

  • Louise Izquierdo
    Louise Izquierdo 2 days ago

    Virgo and Leo xoxo 💋 love the reading

  • Jodian Johnson
    Jodian Johnson 2 days ago

    This reading is lit

  • C LuvlyDay
    C LuvlyDay 2 days ago

    Resonates completely 🙏🏼✨❤️💜✨

  • JahZelle Stefani
    JahZelle Stefani 2 days ago

    Amen I recieve that or my future husband that god showed me and it was'nt that gemini guy that is from my past great reading. The past is the past its closed ad dead a life learning lesson.

  • Endless Journeys
    Endless Journeys 2 days ago

    Where's Gemini reading???

  • Ojo Divino TheOracle

    I do love your energy love your channel I’ve been around for a while I just change my name bcz of trolls 😂 there’s another channel I came across she sounds like you and uses your ways, wondering if it’s a second channel or someone’s trying to copy your amazing style. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Reading always on point. He's a Taurus.

  • Vicki Kruse
    Vicki Kruse 2 days ago

    Thank you so much!!! True I’m in a good place, a lot of peace around and they just have to be open and come clean on what they want!! We do have a strong past connection!

  • Boost Mobile
    Boost Mobile 2 days ago

    Thats all he use to tell me too...i was a distraction...we was too stuck on each other to do what we needed to do so he thought it would be best to do it seperated

    PEACHES SMITH 2 days ago


  • VictoryIAm Encouraged

    I Love your intro music

  • Coco Williams
    Coco Williams 2 days ago

    OMG. POI born 6/6😳

  • Angel Dubose
    Angel Dubose 2 days ago

    Hello. Who did the music that is playing in the background...i love it....❤


    he still lets anyone influence his personal feelings. I wish him good luck in life bc he has snakes around him. I asked how he felt and he told me he thought I was a psychopath and basically made me feel unwanted right after saying he wanted to be with me. So he’s now on my block list 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Sheryka Johnson
    Sheryka Johnson 2 days ago

    Tell me

  • Alice Warren
    Alice Warren 2 days ago

    He's a Virgo and I found out he's married!

  • Sheryka Johnson
    Sheryka Johnson 2 days ago


  • Dale Mitchell
    Dale Mitchell 2 days ago

    I love your readings!!! They are very thorough. My friend's bday is Nov 6th. She falsely accused me of something I didn't do. She is very manipulative, controlling, and deceitful. The exciting news may come in from Dec 6 thru 16th. Thank you so much!!! Have a Happy Holiday!!! 😍💜💜

  • Trilette Nichols
    Trilette Nichols 2 days ago

    This reading makes me want to cry cause every word was everything I'm going to through thank you so much Fire you always on point