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  • sicilianotoronto
    sicilianotoronto 29 minutes ago

    So if the Commons says no to amandments does it go back to the Lords? I can’t imagine the Lords would give this for Royal Assent if it comes back with their amendments axed?

  • Gregory Wonderwheel
    Gregory Wonderwheel 31 minute ago

    This is the first time I've thought there is a good reason for the existence of the House of Lords.

  • Ghost Writer
    Ghost Writer 33 minutes ago

    Those against Brexit had 3+ years to voice their concerns and say what they wanted. They dug in their heels for to long and are just now really trying to negotiate. To late.

  • Gregory Wonderwheel
    Gregory Wonderwheel 33 minutes ago

    LOL, just doing your job. It's dirty work but someone has to do it

  • Douglas Meyer
    Douglas Meyer 41 minute ago

    The fact that a house full of unelected people can amend a bill and send it back is insane. You guys need to abolish the House of Lords already.

  • able adelaide
    able adelaide 48 minutes ago

    "my husband is one of them"... Yeah, I bet he is.....

  • Scott W
    Scott W 53 minutes ago

    Good video all round (full disclosure in interest of fairness, fully fledged Yes voter to the extent I can't really envision ever voting for a unionist party tbh) Sort of struggle to see exactly what the SNP can do, but I think I'd state that: i) Conservative intransigence toward holding another referendum probably means they've done some homework and decided that, on balance, it's too risky at present. Could backfire the longer it goes on, however, especially if more and more Labour No's from 2014 start to decide that the Union isn't serving Scotland's interests, and I think it could potentially reach a point where there's thousands outside No.10 with the Saltire in display. Would say that across the whole of Britain there's generally a huge reluctance to riot, though, so I don't see it turning into any sort of IRA situation anytime soon... ii) as above, Labour voters more or less are the key here. Conservatives have pretty thoroughly entrenched themselves as the WE ARE THE PEOPLE, staunch, Unionist at all cost vote by this point, and they're making noises about Home Rule (fairly meh and always has the risk of being rolled back or rendered somewhat pointless if it doesn't go far enough) iii) think the SNP more or less have to see exactly how Brexit now unfolds; considering the absolute shitshow just to get to Stage 1, even with a Conservative majority it's got the potential for disaster. Also may play into the Yes cause' hands if powers are "taken back!" from Brussels, but then left wholly reserved to Westminster - "didn't vote for brexit, didn't vote for Boris, didn't vote for Conservatives, and now don't even get to Take Back Control?". Failing a referendum, there's the potential to state "right we're fighting X election on an Independence mandate, unilaterally. Do or die time" if it drags on + polling still has it neck and neck, most likely in Scottish parliament but I'm not really sure that's anything other than a nuclear option. And the system there is designed to prevent a majority. Could prolly just go purely by vote % of Unionist vs. Yes parties to avoid unfairness over Union vote being split across Tories, Lib Dems etc. tl;dr there will be another Indyref (Brexit is quite blatantly a material change in circumstance from the safe, warm, fuzzy status quo that was promised in 2014 so hard to argue against mandate for iRef 2 even if you oppose concept of independence). It's a pretty bleak thought that the only way it can ever happen is to pray for just the sweet spot number of Lab seats vs. SNP, and given where polling for indy is just now vs. start of campaigning for 2014, I'd make it the (slight) favourite to return a Yes next time around.

  • ShaMana999
    ShaMana999 59 minutes ago

    Just a quick note. I downvoted and unsubscribed at night. Thank you

  • Rosie207
    Rosie207 Hour ago

    Not everyone has access to a computer, mobile or other device. Sure, digital is useful but also provide physical proof with an ID card - it makes complete sense!

  • Martin Schmidt
    Martin Schmidt Hour ago

    just leaving a comment to support you

  • Komnenit
    Komnenit Hour ago

    Just join Spain and get over with it

  • Anna Hunt
    Anna Hunt Hour ago


  • DrSpooglemon
    DrSpooglemon Hour ago

    Just jobbing my doo!

  • Mary McLean
    Mary McLean Hour ago

    Thanks for the explanations. For people outside of UK, we appreciate your very clear way of showing us how your parliament works. Good video, Thanks. We are interested a lot in Brexit and support Boris.

  • Orange Peel
    Orange Peel Hour ago

    Who cares the government will overturn

  • patrick rose
    patrick rose Hour ago

    The lrish are a pain in the arse.

  • mrwideboy
    mrwideboy Hour ago

    Whats the point of the queen if she just says yes to everything

  • R Tee
    R Tee Hour ago

    So these unelected Lords are still trying to frustrate the will of the people!! as I remember they didn't make any amendments to the surrender bill, it was rushed through in one day.

  • Nick Nack
    Nick Nack Hour ago

    What's to escape? How many of these Irish passport holders are going to go to Ireland.....or anywhere else in Europe?

  • Crazy Robots
    Crazy Robots Hour ago

    Really cool that 2/3 top candidates are women. I personally think the guy is more up my alley, but that is just my view.

  • Jonatan Wassberg

    That's cool too

  • DeusEx Machina
    DeusEx Machina 2 hours ago

    love to tldr

  • simon jandrell
    simon jandrell 2 hours ago

    in 4 seconds flat

  • Margaret Gove
    Margaret Gove 2 hours ago

    Conservatives can't keep a promise to save their lives. Anyone who trusts them is mad! I'm not surprised they want physical proof!

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 2 hours ago

    Good thing (or bad depending on your point-of-view) that Robert the Bruce isn't around.

  • Samuel Preston
    Samuel Preston 2 hours ago

    Why not give EU citizens both a Physical and Digital copy of documents?

  • P.J. Holmes
    P.J. Holmes 2 hours ago

    Sorry, but I'm getting utterly fed up with having to consider EU Citizens all the time! This is not their country, no matter what you say, they are guests here and if they don't like it, they can sod off back to their own country!

  • Big Joe
    Big Joe 2 hours ago

    IM just doing my job

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith 2 hours ago

    Italy has some of the most liberal jure sanguinis (right of blood) citizenship laws in the EU. I am eligible for Italian citizenship despite the fact that my grandparents, parents & I were not born in Italy. Because my great-grandparents were born there and my grandfather was born while his parents were still Italian citizens though not living there, I can qualify. It can go even further back to 2nd- and 3rd-great-grandparents if I'm not mistaken. Is it a hassle? Yes. Birth, marriage & death certificates are required for not only your direct ancestor that leads to the Italian-born one but also their spouses too. My Italian comes through my maternal grandfather but I still have to supply the same documents for my father and my grandmother. I also have to have the Italian birth certificates and marriage record for my great-grandparents. The most complicated document for me has been my grandfather's birth certificate though he was born in Manhattan; I had to get 3 separate certifications from city and county agencies and/or Courts before the State would attach an Apostille (an acceptable governmental assurance of the validity of documents transmitted across borders per 1961 Hague Apostille Convention). Then I had to get a statement explaining the name change, both first and last, even though it was not a dramatic change - Alberto to Albert type changes. And all the documents had to be translated into Italian. I don't know how the Italian Embassies & Consulates in the UK handle these applications but in the US it is known that there is a great deal of variance between the different Embassies & Consular offices so having that knowledge beforehand can save a person a lot of disappointments.

  • Matthew Koschara
    Matthew Koschara 2 hours ago

    You stayed up all night doing your job, thank you!

  • Chew Bacca
    Chew Bacca 2 hours ago

    Listen to people with white hair. Listen to them. Civilizations have always done it. Technology cannot replace humanity and experience!!!

  • Mark Audette
    Mark Audette 2 hours ago

    Who cares about a bunch of senile has-beens that stink of piss. Parliament will push it through anyway,

  • dwardt1
    dwardt1 2 hours ago


  • Waouben
    Waouben 2 hours ago

    Can't you just use high speakers?

  • Francis Bell
    Francis Bell 2 hours ago

    The House of Lords don’t represent the people like there no middle or working class people

  • Ge. stra
    Ge. stra 2 hours ago

    Are the Eu going to give Brits abroad exactly the same courtesy ! Short answer NO.

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy 2 hours ago

    The Eu will get on it's knees and chant Rule Britannia and proceed to give BoJo whatever he demands...then USA will do the same..then China and eventually the entire world...then you wake up cuz your hungry but don't have job anymore

  • Ginger T
    Ginger T 2 hours ago

    I love this channel. You explain things so clearly. Keep up the good work.

  • Richard Milton
    Richard Milton 2 hours ago

    Absolute bollocks once we start trading with the rest of the world these figures are nonsense.Once we leave , Germany and France will have to prop up the rest of Europe by themselves good luck to them.

  • DSAK55
    DSAK55 3 hours ago

    What good is Brexit if you can't tell foreigners to bugger off

  • BoojumFed
    BoojumFed 3 hours ago

    "ID Card Creep"? Wow, right-wingers will employ _any_ slippery slope to avoid allowing citizens the means do defend themselves from government fuckery, huh?

  • gmanbo
    gmanbo 3 hours ago


  • Marjorie. Rob Gibb May

    They used it New Year’s Eve at the grand total of under f15 pounds.

  • stanklepoot
    stanklepoot 3 hours ago

    Ok, as an American I just want to make sure I'm clear on how things are. In the UK you have a constitution that's basically unwritten (no formal codified document), and can seemingly be altered by Parliament at any point without all that much difficulty. You have a bicameral legislature in which the one house can simply ignore the other given a sufficient majority for the ruling party. Finally, you have a monarch who needs to give their assent to legislation for it to become law, but who lacks the power to refuse to give their assent. I'm not being a troll. This is an honest question. Am I missing something, or have I misconstrued the things I've read and heard in some way?

  • Colten Sullivent
    Colten Sullivent 3 hours ago

    idk about everyone else, but I'm here for the dry parliamentary procedure.

  • Scott Berg
    Scott Berg 3 hours ago

    The House of Lords are going to vote themselves right out of existence.

  • Waouben
    Waouben 3 hours ago

    From outside of the UK it seems like you've been talking about it for four years without doing a single thing, and now you realise that you're supposed to do your homework for tomorrow

  • Chris Gifford
    Chris Gifford 3 hours ago

    At 5.14 can some one just check on the poor old fossil in the middle near the back, I think he may may have passed on. The excitement was too much.

  • Gabriel Arch
    Gabriel Arch 3 hours ago

    The House of the Luciferian Lords needs an Exorcism,......RISE UP GOOD PEOPLE,.....

  • styke
    styke 3 hours ago

    Just do your job! Liked and subscribed

  • Arkamedix
    Arkamedix 3 hours ago

    With or without the physical proof, things will be the same. The system is made to "bully" EU citizens in UK. As a example i can give the bank account creation. So when i came here, at the beginning i had "provisional" card. A card made by a dodgy company that was charging me 5£ for each cash withdrawal and with no option to make online payments. Then, after i "fixed" my status, after receiving the National Insurance Number and i was a "legit" citizen with full rights to live and work in UK, i tried to make a bank account. I was refused by 7-8 banks until finally HSBC accepted to take me. So, i applied for a normal account, not credit, and still i got rejected without the bank reasoning why : "you are not eligible to create a account in our bank". I didn't applied for credit,credit card or overdraft or something, i just wanted a account and a card linked to my account so that i get my wage on it and even this simple thing was very hard to achieve. It took me almost 1 week of visits to all banks in the city i live and hours wasted so that at the end to get rejected without reasoning why. In my country, any EU citizen can create a bank account in just 5 min. You just need a valid ID and bam, the account is created, without needing to prove your working status, address, nothing. Here you need to beg banks to accept you. Not to mention that they requested me a lot of things: National Insurance Number, letter from my employer to prove that i work, letter from my landlord to prove my address, a utility bill on my name to prove my address and so on. It's like i was investigated by MI5 and i was needed to prove my existence on this planet. Secondly, what i consider unfair is the tax and pension system. Since i live here in UK, i never used any public service : hospital (i never was sick or in need of hospital service), if i used any public transport i always payed my ticket, i don't have a car,i never used any benefit or something else, etc. The only public "things" or system i used is that i "breathed" british air and that i walked on british roads. Therefor, i consider to be normal that if i decide to leave the country (thing that i plan to do it at end of 2020), to receive at least a percentage of my tax payed, especially if i didn't used any public service. Sadly this doesn't happen. British business men come in my country and get lot of advantages: tax cuts, tax refunds, even governmental funds to start businesses and so on...and that just because they are from UK and because they are seen with "good eyes" in general. If you leave my country and you didn't used any public service, you can get until 80% tax refund. Here you get 0. Pension system: to get a pension, you need to have minimum 5 years worked. If you have less, then all the money stay there and you get nothing. If you leave, you can't refund pension money, you won't receive any pension, you get nothing. In my country, the pension system is "optional" for foreign citizens (especially EU citizens). So, even if you have 10 years worked, if you choose so, you can refund 100% of the money payed to the pension system. I pay around 450-500£/month in taxes and pension and i get nothing in return. And beside that i get nothing in return, i am also viewed as a "criminal" by the system and every time i need something from the system (a bank account, a mobile contract, something), i need to prove everything in advance. I understand that some "services" requires proofs, but some "requests" are ridiculous, like asking landlord letter to confirm address and also asking a utility bill from same address and if you don't have both proofs you are rejected (wtf?). Another thing i noticed is the "woke" privilege: if you are gay or other orientation except heterosexual, different colour than white, you have double chances to get something from the system and your access to services is easier. Even at my workplace, i noticed that for managers is more "easier" to "bully" (scream, yell, sometimes even curse or insult) white east-europeans (even white british in some cases) than to "bully" black or indian people. And if you're gay?'re the boss: nobody will pick on you. You can do what-ever you want: take more break time, piss on work, be lazy, waste time, etc. Some people even abuse this "system". Maybe i am wrong and this applies only to my workplace, but from what i heard (spoke with friends and other people), it seems that this "culture" is a common thing almost everywhere. People should be treated equally, no matter the colour, gender, orientation and so on...but from what i noticed, the people who are a little bit "different" , receive preferential treatment from the system. This is wrong, very wrong.

    TH3NAMSU 3 hours ago

    All these amendments are common sense, surprised there's an argument here really

  • To Schrama
    To Schrama 3 hours ago

    I don't get it, if the Lord's voted for change and the house won't accept them won't the next time be the same? The Lord's would stille need to sign off on anything right? So this will pingpong now?

  • Ralph Clark
    Ralph Clark 3 hours ago

    Johnson's plan to allow ordinary country courts to overrule judgements of the highest court in Europe makes a mockery of the entire legal system.

  • Ethan Richards
    Ethan Richards 3 hours ago

    You are doing a good job.

  • John Chessant
    John Chessant 3 hours ago

    What happens if Boris isn't able to pass his withdrawal agreement before 31 January?

  • Eddy .Traarbach
    Eddy .Traarbach 3 hours ago

    Thank you especially about the role of the house of lords. It's quite refreshing to learn that the powers are quite the opposite from those of the upper house in my own country, The Netherlands: no right of amendment, but bills have to get consent in both houses.

  • Lio Mantica
    Lio Mantica 3 hours ago

    If its overturned will it not go back to the lords again?

    • Truth Seeker
      Truth Seeker 3 hours ago

      No because the house of commons have the final say

  • FreeSpeech FreeSpeech.

    The purpose of the They have no democratic purpose. This is the elites joker card to fuck up what the majority want..and voted for.

  • FreeSpeech FreeSpeech.


  • bob rail
    bob rail 4 hours ago

    Best way to get anything done, first get rid of most luxurious rest home in world HOUSE OF LORD'S

  • Sgt Pepper
    Sgt Pepper 4 hours ago

    Typical Tory government the people pay tax but let's ask the people to pay for a useless bong

  • Waouben
    Waouben 4 hours ago

    What if the real end goal is to ban vpn to make large scale espionage easier? Once this is in action, pretend that you need to ban vpn and if you don't want to that means that you want to expose children to porn

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith 4 hours ago

    I liked the summary, thanks. Always interesting to see what goes on in other governments.

  • Western Centrist Rants

    You're awesome.

  • Mo Khan
    Mo Khan 4 hours ago


  • Tom Clarke
    Tom Clarke 4 hours ago

    aaaaaaay Northumbria!

  • Sam Butler
    Sam Butler 4 hours ago

    So what happens next? BoJo's majority strikes down the amendments and it goes back to the HoL? Then what? They put the amendments back in?

  • Misterlikeseverythin

    Do Brexiteers just hate the Polish? Is that it?

  • herrzimm
    herrzimm 4 hours ago

    Well, thanks to the house of Lords, the UK should be closer to a "no deal Brexit". I figure the Lords can't alter something that doesn't exist if the timeline itself simply runs out. They KNEW beforehand that each time they stall, the "no deal option" becomes stronger

  • gary Hinchliffe
    gary Hinchliffe 4 hours ago

    Come on Poland Spain Greece join us we can work together as free independent sovereign nations outside the dictatorship of the EU. 🇬🇧🇪🇦🇵🇱🇬🇷

  • t 1 01
    t 1 01 4 hours ago

    This loophole seems to easy to exploit.

  • Tommy Shyng
    Tommy Shyng 4 hours ago

    7:50 yeah, "CAN'T", until some idiot of the glorious UK government left the DVD or USB drive on a bus, train, taxi or simply bench in the park.

  • Thunderwalker87
    Thunderwalker87 4 hours ago

    You stayed up all night to do this? I am surprised you didn't say "Like, subscribe, comment, or help me fight the spiders that are everywhere. You know. If you feel up to it. If not thats cool."

  • Cymoon RBACpro
    Cymoon RBACpro 4 hours ago

    Bent in destroying UK.

  • mw3goy mw3goy
    mw3goy mw3goy 4 hours ago

    Get rid of the Lords we did not vote for them

  • geetarwanabe
    geetarwanabe 4 hours ago

    Thanks for explaining this to us plebs

  • Albert Lugosi
    Albert Lugosi 4 hours ago

    Sorry, you lot are all fooled into this "get Brexit done" slogan. All BoJo is keen to get done is quitting the EU but he does not give a care about what happens the morning after.

  • Sir Zorg
    Sir Zorg 5 hours ago

    the first amendment to this isn't that objectionable, but the other two are just spineless cowards desperately begging their EU daddy to continue to be in charge and stop those "evil peasants". the UKSC is an illegitimate farce put in place by a tyrant wannabee.

  • Stephen Farr
    Stephen Farr 5 hours ago

    Sealing their own death sentence.

  • Titusz Ban
    Titusz Ban 5 hours ago

    You are doing a great job, and I apprechiate how hard you work, but I do not care for starting a video with what is essentially emotional blackmail. You'll get your like, because I want to support the channel, but please don't do the sort of transacional call to action like you had at the start.

  • Martin Hardcastle
    Martin Hardcastle 5 hours ago

    The 3 question test was/is: 1. Provide proof of identity 2. Show they live in the UK 3. Declare they have no serious criminal convictions But if they fail this test, you want them to just stay anyway? Doesn’t seem right, despite the promise. I thought it was a good idea, a bit like a census, to give councils an idea of numbers and therefore what volume of services are required. We had no idea with the open borders how many came to work/live. At least now it can be benchmarked.

  • Timothy King
    Timothy King 5 hours ago

    I'm just doing my job, and that's fine too...

    • Boere Herp
      Boere Herp 4 hours ago

      Burger king customers applaud you.

  • Rafael Sabbat
    Rafael Sabbat 5 hours ago

    Ok, so the Commons can (re)pass the Bill unamended, but it would then still have to go back to the Lords. Who tells me that it does not end up pingponging back and forth until after 31st…

  • Venky Wank
    Venky Wank 5 hours ago


  • Rich
    Rich 5 hours ago

    All of the vote counts were over 400 and there is no way that there were close to 400 people in that room. Can the 'lords' mail in their votes?

  • simon jandrell
    simon jandrell 5 hours ago

    you can tell that the House of Lords are in Pocket of the Bureaucrats thus the British Law of the Land or the Supreme Court this is all so Complicated it is Awful and also costing the Tax Payer Mega Bucks and then causing more Poverty in Britain

  • Kevin Danker
    Kevin Danker 5 hours ago

    OMG. that old goat right in the center sound asleep is priceless. Blue/purple tie two slots down from the Granny with the blue hair. Can't stop laughing.

    0oSCHMILLENo0 5 hours ago

    This is a total non-issue, it doesn't really deserve a separate video.

  • simon jandrell
    simon jandrell 5 hours ago

    geeeeeez they all belong in a Museum

  • Mikasa Ackerman
    Mikasa Ackerman 5 hours ago

    The chamber of undemocratic traitors should be dissolved.

  • Anastasia Ramazzotti

    I don't get the fuss about the physical proof for European citizens: they know what happened with the Windrush generation, they already have a system foe non Europeans to physically proof they are allowed to stay, why stay stubborn and just accept the amendment asked by the House of Lords? I think it's completely legitimate to ask the Home office to hand out an ID like paper. My father is an Italian citizen (so European) who moved to Luxembourg (European country) due to economic reasons and he has a permit to stay in paper form! It's basically a Luxembourgish ID, it proves he is indeed allowed to stay here and that's within the EU. So really, I don't get the Johnson administration 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • simon jandrell
    simon jandrell 5 hours ago

    i no what they are doing any excuse to keep us inline with Europe you no one foot in and one foot out so they can all keep their EU Pension Pots

  • simon jandrell
    simon jandrell 5 hours ago

    i don't like what those old Fossils that belong in a Museum have done, so i will not Like it.. this is all to do with the House of Lords EU Pension Greed they are all Millionaires so i say put all The House of Lords in a Rocket and send them all to the Moon

  • CharlieBrown
    CharlieBrown 5 hours ago

    It is only an embarssing move through the eyes of elitist antidemocratic Reeeeeeeee(tard)mainers. This just shows how deep the elitist corruption goes.

  • Otto von Wallace
    Otto von Wallace 5 hours ago

    The house of lords always struck me as bunch of individuals that where more concerned with what big business wanted, rather than what the country needed. They don't represent the people of this country, and shouldn't have a say in pressing issues. I believe tony (the anti christ) blair is a member of lords. Look how he left the country.

  • Smidday
    Smidday 5 hours ago

    So, Boris can overrule the HoL’s amendments and get it through Parliament or does he need to just accept the amendments suggested?

  • AngliscSaxon
    AngliscSaxon 5 hours ago

    We dont want his treason may amended surrender treaty!!WE WANT TO LEAVE WITHOUT A DEAL!!!

  • Steve the Pirate
    Steve the Pirate 5 hours ago

    RE: Physical proof. I dated a British Citizen, who after spending a few years outside of the UK had to deal with a bunch of crap to rent an apartment / open a new bank account. And this is someone who had in her possession a UK passport even. I can only imagine what it would have been like had she not had any local ID.

  • Alexander Lees
    Alexander Lees 5 hours ago

    What about limiting the number of migrant children!!? What’s that all about?