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mell-ø - mañana
Views 42K4 days ago
AYEON - Building a Tower
Views 46K26 days ago
leavv x C4C - Companion
Views 53K14 days ago
acxle - Faces
Views 66K18 days ago
Flovry - Bloom w/ mell-ø
Views 56K26 days ago
Hazy Year - Sessions
Views 61KMonth ago
a[way] - Where are you
Views 112KMonth ago
Osvaldo - Supergloom
Views 86KMonth ago
H.1 - Overcoming
Views 70KMonth ago
Hoogway - Last Summer
Views 80KMonth ago
Chiccote's - lonely
Views 103KMonth ago
AYEON - More Sunshine
Views 80K2 months ago
a l e x - Fourty Nine Yards
Views 78K2 months ago
nothingtosay - Lullaby
Views 88K2 months ago
a l e x - Already named
Views 111K2 months ago
mell-ø - shut-eye
Views 78K2 months ago
Leavv - Driftwood
Views 133K2 months ago
DLJ - Deep Sleep (w/ TABAL)
Views 99K3 months ago
dontaskalex - h e a v e n
Views 140K3 months ago
saiko - powder
Views 93K3 months ago
BluntOne x csnts - Slipher
Views 75K3 months ago
Ambulo - In Orbit
Views 187K3 months ago
miscél - when you left
Views 107K3 months ago
niquo - rest easy
Views 156K4 months ago
けm SURF - Cloudy
Views 91K4 months ago
Leavv - Far Away
Views 232K5 months ago
sugiwa - remember me
Views 179K5 months ago
hoogway - soulful eyes
Views 135K5 months ago
Pandrezz X j'san - it's ok
Views 119K5 months ago
mell-ø - beside u
Views 91K5 months ago
no one's perfect - blossom
Views 135K5 months ago
DLJ - My Slow Dance
Views 116K6 months ago
Kupla - Afloat
Views 142K6 months ago
Aso x distant.lo - rift
Views 114K6 months ago
SwuM x idealism - With U
Views 94K6 months ago
mell-ø - embrace it
Views 115K6 months ago
a l e x - yyyy
Views 206K6 months ago
kokoro - I miss you
Views 238K7 months ago
j'san - delusion
Views 104K7 months ago
ocha - iridscnt
Views 129K7 months ago
Matt Quentin - Home
Views 221K7 months ago
kudasai - midnight
Views 1.1M7 months ago
Kupla - Rose Garden
Views 149K7 months ago
Philanthrope - Aucuba
Views 105K7 months ago
kokoro - january
Views 335K7 months ago
sleepy fish - Fall's Echos
Views 175K8 months ago
けm SURF - My Girl
Views 186K8 months ago
Nohone - Breath
Views 355K10 months ago
Kupla - Always Miss You
Views 201K10 months ago
Kalaido - Hanging Lanterns
Views 279K10 months ago
leavv - Sleep By The Waves
Views 175K10 months ago
idealism - illusions
Views 287K11 months ago
けm SURF - skinny dip
Views 105K11 months ago
leavv - Valley
Views 574KYear ago
goosetaf - solstice
Views 113KYear ago
Tesk - Burn My Mind
Views 126KYear ago
sugiwa - almost home
Views 332KYear ago
DREVM - Juneau
Views 96KYear ago
steezy prime - explore
Views 241KYear ago
DLJ - I Care About You
Views 119KYear ago
Kupla - Barely Awake
Views 155KYear ago
DREVM - Seymour
Views 139KYear ago


  • 石橋快
    石橋快 Hour ago

    この映像見ながらこの曲を聴いてるとマジで引き込まれるわ 最高のリラックス

  • Max Field
    Max Field Hour ago

    Love this. Thank you.

  • Flip Mode
    Flip Mode 2 hours ago

    **weak situp**

  • Дв 88
    Дв 88 2 hours ago


  • Jeon Milk
    Jeon Milk 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one who came bc of Nicole Laeno or?

  • Wilson Yap
    Wilson Yap 6 hours ago

    Love this song! Got it from a Mi Band 4 reviewer..

  • Kurls
    Kurls 6 hours ago

    This is beautiful. My soul is smiling. That sounds weird but fuck it, it is.

  • sasharbinx
    sasharbinx 7 hours ago

    this is what I listened to in my final week of college before graduating last year; got me through the thick of it. thx for posting this. still enjoying it almost a year later.

  • Jessica Laine
    Jessica Laine 8 hours ago

    She literally writes like six rows of text and flips the page. Why

  • ReiSEN -
    ReiSEN - 8 hours ago

    ohhh the sample track is from Fruit Basket anime right?? sounds similar

  • hello. hi.
    hello. hi. 8 hours ago

    normal people: study to lofi me as a musician with synesthesia trying to *ANALYSES BEAT INSTEAD OF DOING HOMEWORK*

  • Jennifer Murdock
    Jennifer Murdock 8 hours ago

    The chord progression reminds me of Through the Fire by Chaka Khan

  • 十六
    十六 8 hours ago

    i love you

  • クカルブ - ちゃん

    I just noticed now that she is left-handed

  • Eva xoxo
    Eva xoxo 11 hours ago


  • Emir Atay
    Emir Atay 11 hours ago

    I hope desinc does a comment that says (Hey guys Desinc here)

  • Sisimoonable
    Sisimoonable 12 hours ago

    The city in the background really looks like Oporto.

  • Calimetal The Returner

    I’ll animate this song!

    NAIA OFFICIAL 13 hours ago

    This tune made me literally cry. Thank you for so much Beauty, Love.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 14 hours ago

    im ADHD and like just the randomized feed of calming music your live streams provide is really helpful when i'm trying to get things done. Thanks! :)

  • ZeyD
    ZeyD 15 hours ago

    Ok, so this is cool and all but... his girl wastes so many blank spaces while writing...

  • Alex Coreable
    Alex Coreable 17 hours ago

    This song has one the lowest bass registers I’ve ever heard, played it on Bose and JBL bluetooth speakers they all didn’t survive this song 😂

  • some_guy_i am
    some_guy_i am 17 hours ago

    Damn i like all your music. Its like an addiction, i love it i like it!

  • Night Fury
    Night Fury 21 hour ago

    Im getting mad she's not filling the whole paper before going to the next page🙁 The music is bop💖im here every week

  • Xena Shu
    Xena Shu 22 hours ago


  • Xena Shu
    Xena Shu 23 hours ago

    Scratch that. Alex is a killer. And I don't play T or D.

  • Hell Raizer
    Hell Raizer 23 hours ago

    Why you take down lazy Sunday afternoon I’m probably late to finding out it was taken down but I’m just wondering

  • Erick Munguia
    Erick Munguia 23 hours ago

    Goodnight everyone

  • TotallyRasbiik

    Every loss is a win. It just takes help to realize it

  • Fah Waranya
    Fah Waranya Day ago

    born to be doctor fighting

  • frankensteinia1

    I love it.

  • Bayanni Rivera

    lofi is life!!!

  • frankensteinia1

    I love it.

  • Kristopher Tomblin

    Y does she write like a quarter of one page then flips

  • Red
    Red Day ago

    So good but the flute ruins the whole thing

    • Ben Woolf
      Ben Woolf 3 hours ago

      Red or anyone if you can figure out how to make the flute go away, I’d be so grateful hah. Great song even with it, but I’m here for the chimes + beat

    • Red
      Red 3 hours ago

      Ben Woolf yeh u right still a great song even with the flute

    • Ben Woolf
      Ben Woolf 7 hours ago

      Red “ruins” might be too strong a word for me, but I could listen to the chimes with the beat for days and days...

  • Bear Grilling
    Bear Grilling Day ago

    What you mean this is just late night adult swim music

  • Diann Sparks
    Diann Sparks Day ago

    So relaxing 😌

  • Hazy Year
    Hazy Year Day ago


  • Jordan Nash
    Jordan Nash Day ago

    That first beat tho

  • gone paddling
    gone paddling Day ago

    Cool video too

  • gone paddling
    gone paddling Day ago

    Beautiful tunes

  • egg waffle
    egg waffle Day ago

    Wow this vibe is incredible.

  • Frank sharkie
    Frank sharkie Day ago

    Hi chilled cow, you saved my life 😍

  • Lena Lena
    Lena Lena Day ago

  • Türk Boy
    Türk Boy Day ago


  • Review Game
    Review Game Day ago

    nice music

  • Saad Ali
    Saad Ali Day ago

    High times

  • Zenex Dust
    Zenex Dust Day ago

    *video: exists* *no one* *literally no one* *FiNaLlY fOuNd ThIs AfTeR tHrEe YeArS*

  • Rose Rose
    Rose Rose Day ago

    do anybody know the same video with this girl but 1 hour lofi music? i can not find it. pleaseeeeee

  • Stas Markin
    Stas Markin Day ago

    Хачу портфель как у неё

  • Gacha Meiko
    Gacha Meiko Day ago

    nobody: gachatubers when they found the song: *_FOUND IT AFTER 4223123 YEARS_*

  • Mike Taco
    Mike Taco Day ago

    Damn cleared 2 hrs doing a graff piece ty for the tunes

  • 흥어
    흥어 Day ago

    이 노래 들으니까 이태준 마라도 간게 생각나지...?

  • a glass of milk
    a glass of milk 2 days ago

    Ohh cool this girl can sleep

  • Audra
    Audra 2 days ago

    Mananas are always marvelous to chill with chillCow. Thanks for sharing the love 🎶

  • nabil Aqil Hanafi
    nabil Aqil Hanafi 2 days ago

    enakan lagu nissa sabyan ajg

  • nabil Aqil Hanafi
    nabil Aqil Hanafi 2 days ago


    MYTHBEAST GAMER YT 2 days ago

    *Dreams* -how can i get it as my ringtone-

  • Joyce Wielman
    Joyce Wielman 2 days ago

    Rico 🖤

  • Damage The Darmanitan

    hey, im a frozen statue and i wanna tell u sumthing... you're loved

  • That One Engineer
    That One Engineer 2 days ago

    I got here by backwards bunnyhopping

  • someones gay
    someones gay 2 days ago

    I *bang* AM bang SO bang TIRED bang * passes out from banging my head against the wall because exams*

  • someones gay
    someones gay 2 days ago

    Yes I actually finished everything!!! Yasss... but I do feel slightly nauseous, is this a side affect of productivity? I shall find out the hard way and force myself to be productive tomorrow!! Big brain time

  • pant s
    pant s 2 days ago

    I want to nap here

  • Xena Shu
    Xena Shu 2 days ago

    Unsubbed from this enjoy

  • YOUTUBE Security
    YOUTUBE Security 2 days ago

    Feels bad took me 4 years

  • Roselia Flores
    Roselia Flores 2 days ago

    good sounds## love it

  • Mashimo
    Mashimo 2 days ago

    She sleeps with socks

  • Roselia Flores
    Roselia Flores 2 days ago

    I love this music it helps study and do my homework.

    VOLKMIX 2 days ago

    )))) Класс, кто придумал этот стиль

  • Alexander Bertallo
    Alexander Bertallo 2 days ago


  • ShipWreck Sketches
    ShipWreck Sketches 2 days ago

    idk why but.. this looks like pewdiepie and sven im not a pewds fan lol but ive seen it so much am i wrong lol

  • Arthur Sb
    Arthur Sb 2 days ago

    Finally a good surprise on my stream <3

  • ChilledCow Fan
    ChilledCow Fan 2 days ago

    Sommer Ray twerk videos brought me here

  • The .Artful.Hephzi
    The .Artful.Hephzi 2 days ago

    This animation is so hypnotizingly beautiful.

  • ChilledCow Fan
    ChilledCow Fan 2 days ago

    Finally found it

  • ChilledCow Fan
    ChilledCow Fan 2 days ago

    I fucking love this

  • Nembell
    Nembell 2 days ago

    wow this amazing songs,more this

  • Gandalf with an AK-47

    I remember you thought about ending the stream, and now you have 1.8 million likes😂😅 It really blew up, Thanks for staying and congrats on all the new subs !

  • Prudence Lun
    Prudence Lun 2 days ago

    I spend my time watching this cartoon girl doing her homework instead of doing mine

    • Suada Chuna
      Suada Chuna Day ago


  • Michael Aye
    Michael Aye 2 days ago

    Josh Peck brought me here

  • Märcel DIY
    Märcel DIY 2 days ago

    Un lofi para morir mañana!

  • MΛWZ
    MΛWZ 2 days ago

    This song was created to be set up as an alarm, I'm pretty sure.

  • Vinicius Andrade
    Vinicius Andrade 2 days ago

    Fudendo meus ouvidos meu Deus🤩✨💥

  • Simone Ricci
    Simone Ricci 2 days ago


  • PinkySuavo
    PinkySuavo 2 days ago

    It was like soundtrack for my life for 2-3 days after listening to it for the first time. I constantly could hear it inside my head. It's so chilling.

  • osceep
    osceep 2 days ago

    how many fr1cking pages does that book have

  • kai yuan
    kai yuan 2 days ago


  • Rosalie Stella
    Rosalie Stella 2 days ago

    Is it me or the vibe is sorta Sleepywood from Maplestory

  • Julian Torres
    Julian Torres 2 days ago

    Hola amigos

  • Ludwig Wittgenstein

    emotional from japan

  • AeDriGel Gaming
    AeDriGel Gaming 2 days ago

    I dont understand your Subscribers 3.64M subscribers??

  • - k a r a -
    - k a r a - 2 days ago

    Could you upload this on Spotify plz?

  • Binod Yadav
    Binod Yadav 2 days ago


  • Pritam Mohanty
    Pritam Mohanty 2 days ago


  • czarine david
    czarine david 2 days ago

    so when sis gon finish her homework?

  • DeltaWing vlogs
    DeltaWing vlogs 2 days ago

    how to download copyright free music from chilledchow?

  • Alison Benton
    Alison Benton 2 days ago

    This is so funky that the laundromat is quite appropriate 💖