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  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 4 hours ago

    Roller Coaster Tycoon 1

  • Chris Amaya
    Chris Amaya 4 hours ago


  • SpesiB tv
    SpesiB tv 4 hours ago

    Kurwa mać, czemu mam to na głównej?

  • Kaique Matheus
    Kaique Matheus 4 hours ago

    o meu paro no 14000 wow

  • Roberto Romero
    Roberto Romero 4 hours ago

    NOTABLE talento del flautista ¡Felicitaciones!

  • Generic Guapp
    Generic Guapp 4 hours ago

    Germany = completely free

  • Reddin T.V
    Reddin T.V 4 hours ago

    Yankee doodle was a british song to make fun of the USA

  • Dexpresso Gun
    Dexpresso Gun 4 hours ago

    *Hears the first music* Me: modern music must suck then

  • Gisela 8899
    Gisela 8899 4 hours ago

    In spain health service is "free"

  • Thomas 777
    Thomas 777 4 hours ago

    I live in italy,all medic treatments are free (sorry for bad english,i'm italian)

  • Shut the fuck up
    Shut the fuck up 4 hours ago

    Song please 2:13 👍🤷‍♂️

  • Nuleonum
    Nuleonum 4 hours ago

    1:26 reminds me of the kazoo kid "I like to sing, dance pretend, passend kaaaaaazoooooo"

  • ShunraCats
    ShunraCats 4 hours ago

    If you smile, she will smile

  • theoriginal639
    theoriginal639 4 hours ago

    3:56 me to stop pretending to work when my boss is not around

  • Kids crazy kc
    Kids crazy kc 4 hours ago

    Havent heard the 5th one heard the rest

  • Nuka Lore
    Nuka Lore 4 hours ago


  • alex mtch
    alex mtch 4 hours ago

    3 million subscribers = 3 million viewers

  • rowek 02
    rowek 02 4 hours ago

    Somebody know name of attempt 4 nad 5?

  • Nuka Lore
    Nuka Lore 4 hours ago

    0:16 YAKKOS WORLD!!!!

  • David RM
    David RM 4 hours ago

    Perfection is for professionals

  • Vitalija Laikker
    Vitalija Laikker 4 hours ago

    It spells schönen not scthönen Just that you know

  • Daniel Goldgraber
    Daniel Goldgraber 4 hours ago

    I know all of these by the names

  • Ziraeal
    Ziraeal 4 hours ago


  • Lio cremm
    Lio cremm 4 hours ago


  • Allie Pruett
    Allie Pruett 4 hours ago

    I think we all knew the chicken dance.

    IROMAN 4 hours ago


  • BoringJet
    BoringJet 4 hours ago

    When I first say the guy's name for 2. I thought it said fuck it.

  • misha jusk
    misha jusk 4 hours ago

    Press f, friends!

  • lamb555v
    lamb555v 4 hours ago

    Quena is the best :)

  • Cézanne
    Cézanne 4 hours ago

    Y es.

  • K. Costta
    K. Costta 4 hours ago

    Eu gostei

  • FwdStealth
    FwdStealth 4 hours ago

    Played waltz of the flowers in a youth orchestra but us superior violinists got the tune

  • Juegosfera
    Juegosfera 4 hours ago


  • Nuka Lore
    Nuka Lore 4 hours ago


  • Ronie Dini Steiner
    Ronie Dini Steiner 4 hours ago

    Pra quem não tem dinheiro pra comprar as caras a diferença no som é irrelevante, ele vai comprar a barata. Pra quem tem dinheiro dinheiro pra comprar as caras a diferença no som é irrelevante, ele vai comprar a cara.

  • Arthur Rafael Morais da Silva

    Eu ouvi tudo

  • Indiferente
    Indiferente 4 hours ago

    Qual o nome da canção tocada ? Alguém responde aí por favor 😃

  • Rick Fastly
    Rick Fastly 4 hours ago

    75% “the video watched me more then I watched it” other 24% “he plays the piano without looking” 1% never known the names until now

  • Michal Matušák
    Michal Matušák 4 hours ago

    Warum sind alle Lieder Name in tschechische Sprache

  • Xeriee !
    Xeriee ! 4 hours ago

    I broke my hand,and now? I broke your mom

  • Comunista Capitalista

    .. ...:.: ....::... .. :...

  • XxkgainesxX
    XxkgainesxX 4 hours ago

    𝚃𝚞𝚛𝚗 𝚘𝚏 𝚌𝚌 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚠𝚎𝚕𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚎

  • Daniel Valenzi
    Daniel Valenzi 5 hours ago

    Las Chiapanecas 😍

  • The Bull Moose
    The Bull Moose 5 hours ago

    No Bohemian Rhapsody? Ok....

  • Bilal Çelik
    Bilal Çelik 5 hours ago


  • Randomly Relatable
    Randomly Relatable 5 hours ago

    What's the song at 3:55

  • ACS /Pará
    ACS /Pará 5 hours ago

    Música linda,lembra dos bons filmes de ação

  • Joao Geraldo
    Joao Geraldo 5 hours ago


  • 93MrAlban
    93MrAlban 5 hours ago

    0:32 POKEMOOON !!!

  • Shako Hill
    Shako Hill 5 hours ago

    Ну это зависит от настройки

  • Owensugie Ehioghae
    Owensugie Ehioghae 5 hours ago

    0:43 No, YOU don't need fingers to play

  • Ermelindo Wenceslau Queiroz

    Ela é muito boa de serviço.

  • Notrya PE
    Notrya PE 5 hours ago

    El Condor Pasa

  • Лигай Анатолий

    I like 3,5,7 fleit

  • RazzyGP '
    RazzyGP ' 5 hours ago

    *V O U T O C A R M I N H A F L A U T I N H A*

  • Mark Simmons
    Mark Simmons 5 hours ago

    In the last ten years I've had eight major surgeries, four emergency admissions, had my life saved three times, spent over 9 months in hospital, have to take 30 tablets every day, and use medical appliances daily. Cost? Absolutely nothing, thanks to being a British citizen and the UK's NHS.

  • OodleÑoodle2 Soup
    OodleÑoodle2 Soup 5 hours ago

    Chunky Cheese is going to sue

  • Game Heer
    Game Heer 5 hours ago

    Good god gooooodd

  • Game Heer
    Game Heer 5 hours ago

    1:57 mm if I don't do he came to my house and say SHUT UP AND SUB NOW

  • Franciszek Staszak
    Franciszek Staszak 5 hours ago

    0:27 kto też ogląda "piątek?

  • João Vitor O. Borges

    Eles realmente tocaram Megitsune? Kkkk

  • Sigurdowy
    Sigurdowy 5 hours ago

    I cyk leci przycisk subskrybuj ! Aaand there it goes, and I click subscribe button !

  • Kentawrus
    Kentawrus 5 hours ago

    Я все ждал когда капелька слюны упадет с кончика флейты....

  • Fjubix 1909
    Fjubix 1909 5 hours ago


  • NolanksterDaGangster

    If you don’t know the name of the chicken dance we are moving you back to the moon

  • Schrodinger's Cat
    Schrodinger's Cat 5 hours ago

    Please help! What name is melody on 1:39 Thanks from Russia.

  • Freddie Mercury Bulsara

    There's no cheap flute just human materialism, Lord Krishna's instrument played thousands of years ago..

  • new cosmeticos
    new cosmeticos 5 hours ago

    Lindo de mais amigo você é um excelente músico

  • TeoReviews
    TeoReviews 5 hours ago

    Does anybody know the name of the first song they’re playing?! I know I’ve heard it before but fuck if I know where.

    FRANCO CARMONA 5 hours ago

    Increíble!!! Espectacular!!!

  • 90's Kids
    90's Kids 5 hours ago

    With more money the flutist face also changing 😅😂

  • Akemi Nishikido
    Akemi Nishikido 5 hours ago

    How I missed this when it was posted is apalling to me. Twoset hasn't posted a chicken video in a while and I miss my singing rubber chickens!!!

  • nagasaki13
    nagasaki13 5 hours ago

    Kkkkk é muito engraçado a cara deles no vídeo, amei o vídeo gostei bastante de escutar a diferença sonoras das flautas, eu gosto de flauta, mas não sei tocar 🤦

  • kristian
    kristian 5 hours ago


  • YeeY
    YeeY 5 hours ago

    😆😆😆😆 i donno hw many times i replay

  • Obadiah Kilgore
    Obadiah Kilgore 5 hours ago

    Chopin ft. Twista

  • Alejandro Restrepo G


  • Aztekium Bot
    Aztekium Bot 5 hours ago

    Where can I buy this instrument?!

  • Krištof Tolvaj
    Krištof Tolvaj 5 hours ago

    Ok môže byť

  • VerumRex
    VerumRex 5 hours ago

    The sound seems more pronounced less muffled the higher the price range goes. I think a better comparison would be same style and same notes

  • Jesus Farias
    Jesus Farias 5 hours ago

    Just a few words for this video: Viva México cabrones!!!!

  • Daniel robles
    Daniel robles 5 hours ago

    I'm very impressed they didn't laugh to that 1$ thing😂

  • mickenoss
    mickenoss 5 hours ago

    Probably the best kind of noisy neigbour to have.

  • Mr siror
    Mr siror 5 hours ago

    How do you know that I know these song but don’t know the name?!?!?!

  • bart tehe
    bart tehe 5 hours ago

    1:17 homealone music lol

    CRW CR4ZZY 5 hours ago

    Tem algumas q só escuto de uma lado

  • Falto Ideia
    Falto Ideia 5 hours ago

    Quanto mais cara maior ela fica e

  • Im NutellaYT
    Im NutellaYT 5 hours ago

    Buen Musico amigo!!

  • lala zuli
    lala zuli 5 hours ago

    El cóndor pasa 😍😍😍 so lovely

  • Zolytaryo
    Zolytaryo 5 hours ago

    the boss

  • gus tavo fran
    gus tavo fran 5 hours ago

    Qual o nome da música no Cmç pfv

  • Victor saldanha
    Victor saldanha 5 hours ago

    Uma bela champoula!

  • iTzGomes
    iTzGomes 5 hours ago

    man eu parei de escutar no 18 mil hz

  • Andrew Aboy
    Andrew Aboy 5 hours ago

    some cheaper flutes were out of tune

  • RDee Files
    RDee Files 5 hours ago

    Wow! You amaze me! Bomb.

  • readchesterton1
    readchesterton1 5 hours ago

    Get well soon!

  • Fedya Korotkevich
    Fedya Korotkevich 5 hours ago

    Залайкайте чтобы англичане думали что я что то умное написал

  • Andrew Escobar
    Andrew Escobar 5 hours ago

    I knew Yankee Doodle

  • Даха Крутяк

    Мой главный вопрос как русского человека: где Катюша?