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  • StuckInASock
    StuckInASock 3 hours ago

    Yeah too bad you need to have good tempo or you’d actually be good

  • Vilma Trindade
    Vilma Trindade 3 hours ago

    MDS fui até 2444hz

  • Александр Масалкин

    Полет шмеля сразу))

  • Dhiz _
    Dhiz _ 3 hours ago

    Tom and Jerry used all these

  • BurnedPinguin
    BurnedPinguin 3 hours ago


  • Александр Ткачёв

    Жаль Креша Бандикута не было и resident evil.

  • 20 000 subs without videos challenge

    2:54 When Its holiday but tomorrow school starts again.

  • Kenard Andrade Neto
    Kenard Andrade Neto 3 hours ago


  • Yadigar Taghiyev
    Yadigar Taghiyev 3 hours ago

    Good idea

  • Павел Виданов

    Колу лайт никто не любит)

  • Иван Дулин
    Иван Дулин 3 hours ago

    Бля! Шо за чудо-пианина? :)

  • Henry Pascal
    Henry Pascal 3 hours ago

    Puta merda!

  • Gabriel Toledo
    Gabriel Toledo 3 hours ago

    Prelude to Act III of Lohengrin simplesmente lindo!

  • JC
    JC 3 hours ago

    The fruit is called KUJULU

  • Ms. Newbie
    Ms. Newbie 3 hours ago

    Hmpft.. now I want a tutorial on those super Mario's theme songs hahahaha

    БОМБИТ ТО 3 hours ago

    Которая дороже играет нежнее

  • Леонид Дегтярев

    Как у него клавиши сами нажимаются?

  • Desventuras de um platina qualquer

    Que incrível mano! Chega me dá uma vontade de chorar lembrando dos momentos bons jogando esse jogo com essa trilha sonora maravilhosa!

  • Red R.
    Red R. 4 hours ago

    vim aqui pelo Bandido ilícito !!! kkk🤣🤣🤣🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  • Oleksandr Kryshchenko

    Bad to the bone?

  • Foxii
    Foxii 4 hours ago

    Bruh Where meh boi Astro boy?

  • Zoobie
    Zoobie 4 hours ago

    A piano better get the n-pass

  • Сергей Ярый

    Старый не значит ничего

  • Bismarck Marcelino
    Bismarck Marcelino 4 hours ago

    6 mil funkeiros não curtiram o conteúdo desse vídeo. Excelentes profissionais! Parabéns!

  • Sir Lunga
    Sir Lunga 4 hours ago


  • Manphika Surong
    Manphika Surong 4 hours ago

    Childhood strikes back😁

  • Gravis Sens
    Gravis Sens 4 hours ago

    Это русский пианист?

  • schoolshooter 2002
    schoolshooter 2002 4 hours ago

    As unhas dela ajudam

  • n3xus - gaming and stuff

    this guy smiling is so *wholesome*

  • mich yogarajah
    mich yogarajah 4 hours ago

    Who else would have lost at the food 🍣🍬

  • Rishabh Mishra
    Rishabh Mishra 4 hours ago

    I thought he will play SNOOP DOGG still DRE on piano at no. 1 !! Well that should be on No. 1 !! Who listen to Simpsons !

  • Retrocolector Budi
    Retrocolector Budi 4 hours ago

    sos un genio!!!!!

  • Maple Ash
    Maple Ash 4 hours ago

    El primero suena mejor que los otros.👍

  • Keegan Aberson Distler

    i know minuet in G because i played that for a solo but lol

  • Ar An Ya
    Ar An Ya 4 hours ago

    The last fruit looks like chikoo.. as known in our country India....

  • Eduina Santos
    Eduina Santos 4 hours ago

    Caramba jatobá é mó bom!!! (mas é fedido kkkkk) 😂😂😂

  • ExperiencedGhost
    ExperiencedGhost 4 hours ago

    Simon Cowel would raise his hand to stop him from playing. He would say " *Don't do that creepy face anymore and don't stare like that... it's creeping me out!* "

  • Fabio Filgueira
    Fabio Filgueira 4 hours ago

    Vinheteiro, que música é aquela da caixinha de música do filme Sete Anos no Tibet??????

  • Pessoa Aleatória
    Pessoa Aleatória 4 hours ago

    Se e br e tá escrevendo em inglês meu fio!

  • Frau Zurburg
    Frau Zurburg 4 hours ago

    Vinheteiro, du bist einfach super!

  • Jackson paccî Gômež

    Una delicia la chirimoya de Perú csmr

  • godank
    godank 4 hours ago

    Tsaikovsky dances in his thoughts.

  • Breno Cruz Duarte
    Breno Cruz Duarte 4 hours ago

    Por 5:54 segundos fiquei me sentindo dentro de um episódio de tom e Jerry kkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Srapion Galpchian
    Srapion Galpchian 4 hours ago

    Deference yes,price is very high

  • James Baker
    James Baker 4 hours ago

    Makes 2 minute video staring at the camera while touching a 5 key piano and gets enough views to pay for a months worth of living 😂 what a time we live in

  • Tony The Giraffe
    Tony The Giraffe 4 hours ago

    I was cracking my toes while this started and wasn’t paying attention so then when i noticed him staring at me i was like “well im dead”

  • Diego Muñoz
    Diego Muñoz 4 hours ago

    Holy cow! The original full theme, the Gracie Films and 20th Century Fox jingles, AND the Itchy and Scratchy theme song all in one take? No wonder this dude is a legend now.

  • zander oneill
    zander oneill 4 hours ago

    vocal is the easiest

  • Carlos Romero
    Carlos Romero 4 hours ago

    Hijo de mil hasta a mi me hizo reír 😂

  • Pine Boy
    Pine Boy 4 hours ago

    All the 2nd on me reminded me of was five nights at Freddie’s lol

    CP MODELS 4 hours ago

    Essa fruta do dragão parece feita pra comer com olhos.

  • Ben Gamze
    Ben Gamze 4 hours ago


  • mayu w4ug
    mayu w4ug 4 hours ago

    i know all this song lol

  • usteeler81
    usteeler81 4 hours ago

    The Emperor's Hymn by Haydn was made for the emperor of Austria, Germany just took it after the two World Wars. In fact the German Empire's national anthem was to the same tune as God Save the King.

    HÜSEYİN ALADAĞ 4 hours ago

    My from Turkey but I see for the first time WHİTE POMEGRANATE

  • Santo Batista
    Santo Batista 4 hours ago

    What hablo.... Pero pero que veo.

  • slam777
    slam777 4 hours ago

    Дожили, стал очередным блогером обзорщиком еды

  • 陳奕文
    陳奕文 4 hours ago

    RU-clip from no where: hmm... let’s recommend this video in 2020

  • Nonnobaffi Gaming
    Nonnobaffi Gaming 4 hours ago

    For me is his coat to play piano He’s just an impostor

  • random girl
    random girl 4 hours ago

    melodica song?

  • Jefferson Gabler
    Jefferson Gabler 4 hours ago

    Why Morticia from Addams Family dyed his hair blonde?

  • youfilin
    youfilin 4 hours ago

    It is really touched (c) Russian

  • Sarah Rebeca da Silva Alves

    9:22 Saputi

  • Sarah Rebeca da Silva Alves

    9:22 Saputi

  • Olutiini
    Olutiini 4 hours ago

    The Emperor Quartet is actually Austrian...

  • Discussion Yamada
    Discussion Yamada 4 hours ago

    The Pokemon theme is actually American. The Japanese theme us waaaaaay different than the American.

  • Minerva Tanhua
    Minerva Tanhua 4 hours ago

    If humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas... *looks at the banana I was about to eat* Am I going to jail for cannibalism???

  • Александр П

    1:00 - Гимн Российской Федерации (Anthem of the Russian Federation).

  • Νίκος διάφορα

    The coffee

  • Daniel Dova
    Daniel Dova 4 hours ago

    There are 2 non-Japanese songs here.

  • Gus Keyser
    Gus Keyser 4 hours ago

    Who doesn’t know number 9?

  • Red Hawk
    Red Hawk 4 hours ago

    Deja vu

  • Minerva Tanhua
    Minerva Tanhua 4 hours ago

    It’s... it’s WATER, man...

  • Inno Minato
    Inno Minato 4 hours ago

    Am I nerd if I know every single song??

  • good song
    good song 4 hours ago

    Почему самая первая мелодия красивее 10 следующих?

  • Вася Ломакин

    То что и ожидал!

  • Thomas Bergersen
    Thomas Bergersen 4 hours ago

    In my country, that piece of wood cost only 2 dollars.

  • Vasilev's Family
    Vasilev's Family 4 hours ago

    Как сказал бы Эскобар: « Шо то х..ня, шо это х..ня...», дальше можете не продолжать.

  • Quando você for ler os comentários eu estarei lá

    Mano eu nasci nesse dia e nessa época e mês

  • Minerva Tanhua
    Minerva Tanhua 4 hours ago

    This has to be the video he vocalizes the most in

  • New Hackerman GD
    New Hackerman GD 4 hours ago

    "Stinky feet" Vinheteiro - 2020.

  • Mega M Gaming
    Mega M Gaming 4 hours ago

    What's up with the staring, I don't mind but what's your reason behind this. Beautifully played the music!

  • Kenji Kuma
    Kenji Kuma 4 hours ago

    eles são namorados ?

    TEXOA3EP 4 hours ago

    Why i hear boss music?

  • A T
    A T 4 hours ago

    Чак Ревью через 20 лет

  • Anthony Cutimbo Ramos

    for when TUSA?

  • Ash Marie
    Ash Marie 5 hours ago

    I think the 1958 playel had a gorgeous sound

  • The Obsesed Anime Freaks

    For... Enough with the nutcracker music... If you grew up with regular yearly class trips to the Atlanta ballet you know everything about the nutcracker.

  • Rico van Dijk
    Rico van Dijk 5 hours ago

    I knew one!

  • Mustafa Modan
    Mustafa Modan 5 hours ago

    ... Ooh, Debussy. I love Debussy. Sometimes all I can think about is Debussy. Oh, look at the pianist. The pianist is so good with Debussy. So, you like his early work? Oh, yes, when Debussy was young, that's when you want Debussy. ...

  • Jessica Mercure
    Jessica Mercure 5 hours ago


  • FireStick
    FireStick 5 hours ago

    NO ADS

  • David Knapp
    David Knapp 5 hours ago

    rondo at 5?

  • Jean carlos TV
    Jean carlos TV 5 hours ago

    Porque nunca hablas

  • 羅藝 Louie LooYi《 羅憶錄 Luo YILOO》

    No question... Russia

  • leunmann
    leunmann 5 hours ago

    Очень круто!

  • My name
    My name 5 hours ago

    So young

  • Douglas Pereira da Silva

    Fodah... Excelente interpretação, lord Vinheteiro. Até fui atacado por um clã de ninjas invisíveis, que descascaram cebolas perto de mim...

  • Justin
    Justin 5 hours ago

    Ich während des Videos: - OK so deutsch sind die Lieder jetzt auch nicht *Hymne startet* BLÜH IM GLANZEE, DIEEEESES GLÜCKES

  • lightworker
    lightworker 5 hours ago

    440是暴力混乱的开始 我们该走上正确的道路了 从每一个音乐家开始