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  • Sylvain L M
    Sylvain L M Year ago

    Elle est très jolie, même si vous lui trouvez des kilos en trop .

  • Steve Reid
    Steve Reid Year ago

    Potentially the evolution of a true tradedgy. This gorgeous young lady was discovered and utilised in the media because of who she was. The person not the image. We now see her pressured in to fitting the stereotype; weight loss and cosmetic surgery, potentially by contractual obligation. I just hope she considers any changes she has embarked on as a positive because she is, after all the only one that matters in this equation. For me I fail to see why any change was necessary from the googlebox days. Might be wise to look at her colleagues current position before further committing to a life of bullshit (fame) poor little Ant!

  • Hawa Joosub
    Hawa Joosub Year ago

    Hi my name is Hawa I've just starting your dvd please help me with the diet my Wight 85kg😢😢

  • Lady Hawkeye CZ
    Lady Hawkeye CZ 2 years ago

    Soooooo sweet

  • NorthWales82
    NorthWales82 2 years ago

    babe,you were stunning in that red bikini anyways!!! yoy are to die for now xxx

  • نادية الغامدي

    بنته راحت بسلامتها صور ذكرياتها

  • نادية الغامدي

    مهدد بخطف ابنته

  • Paula Flynn
    Paula Flynn 2 years ago

    what a lovely girl an lovely family love Google box xx love you keep it real doll x