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"Struck By Lightning"
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Reencontro Hummelberry
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Reencontro Hummelberry
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One Hand, One Heart
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ABBA - The Last Video
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  • søs lysen
    søs lysen 8 hours ago

    Undress for ever young

  • Keith Brand
    Keith Brand 20 hours ago

    Yhuwuy Kehp

  • 송영채
    송영채 7 days ago


  • Miranda Ahnström
    Miranda Ahnström 12 days ago


  • Jose Olvera
    Jose Olvera 13 days ago

    I love ABBA , quien dijo que AGNETHA era mala en vivo?

  • Miranda Ahnström
    Miranda Ahnström 15 days ago

    Yes, she know but she forget all of THE Time😅

  • Tommy Jackman
    Tommy Jackman 19 days ago

    Oh, to be the guitarist at 3:08.

  • RavennaAl
    RavennaAl 20 days ago

    Anyone know where I can get a hold of a flux capacitor and a DeLorean?

  • Angela Voigt
    Angela Voigt 21 day ago

    GENIAL !

  • Romeo Iconaru
    Romeo Iconaru 21 day ago

    ABBA have done extraordinary concerts, the evidence that until today, their music and concerts are immortal

  • Andiswa Vilakazi
    Andiswa Vilakazi 22 days ago

    Awesome!! 2019 in December.... Wow!!!

  • Andiswa Vilakazi
    Andiswa Vilakazi 22 days ago


  • Waridi Nyakfie
    Waridi Nyakfie 25 days ago

    Okay Bjorn was a sexy bomb.....!!!!

  • Brandon Bennetzen
    Brandon Bennetzen 26 days ago

    I'm surprised that ABBA was accepted in Chicago with open arms, in spite of Steve Dahl's antics at Comiskey Park with his infamous Disco Demolition Night fiasco?

  • 별꽃채송화
    별꽃채송화 29 days ago

    Bejorn sang very well......but the women are better....

  • Владимир Бугаев

    Agnetta !!!

  • Jack Clements
    Jack Clements Month ago

    Yeh, it's best to say no!

  • Sara Hansson
    Sara Hansson Month ago

    Isn't the text of the first song straight up pedophilia? "Does your mother know" "You're only a child" "That kind of fun"

  • Manfred Guttmann
    Manfred Guttmann Month ago

    Eines der besten Videos von Abba

  • hugh jorgan
    hugh jorgan Month ago

    Heard of the saying "Needs more cowbell"? I always think every new singer or band needs more ABBA.

  • Naime Vázquez
    Naime Vázquez Month ago

    Was this the only interaction that Blaine and quinn had in the entière show??

  • Herr Friberger
    Herr Friberger Month ago

    1:27 - Kind of cute that they flirt a little, after their divorce <3 :)

  • Jose Olvera
    Jose Olvera Month ago

    AUNQUE Bjorn se haya portado mal con mi REINA AGNETHA , SIEMPRE me gustó cuando cantaba con las dos SÚPER CHICAS.

  • parker k
    parker k Month ago

    when I hear this song I imagine Johnny English movie scene

  • Michael Kennedy
    Michael Kennedy Month ago

    I would have the boner that stopped all wars if those chicks grabbed my leg.

  • Jorge Ramella
    Jorge Ramella Month ago


  • STUDIO BENCIVENGA Marcus Bencivenga

    When Swedish girls had their famous class and dynamics 🤗

  • Daz Morley
    Daz Morley Month ago

    Ouch 5.04 by frida?

  • M R
    M R Month ago

    Tomas Ledin singing at this concert also . 2:37

  • Serge D
    Serge D Month ago

    Is it only me who think that these songs sound better in this speed up tempo?

  • messylaura
    messylaura Month ago

    some epic budgie smuggling :)

  • Dental-Elan
    Dental-Elan Month ago

    I see the live concert the first time, just very great!

  • san van
    san van Month ago

    Нужно быть очень хорошим музыкантом, чтобы так идеально звучать на сцене

  • Jose Olvera
    Jose Olvera 2 months ago


  • Eduardo Melendez
    Eduardo Melendez 2 months ago

    Abba lo máximo y una de sus mejores canciones

  • michael nixson
    michael nixson 2 months ago

    If I was that guitarist I’d have got a massive boner.

  • Pam Zachan
    Pam Zachan 2 months ago

    look at Bjorns bum, cute eh!!!

  • Jose Olvera
    Jose Olvera 2 months ago

    No, drogas, no alhcol, 100. % natural, great espectáculo..suuuuuuuuper. ABBA ...GRAN PARTICIPACIÓN. DE TODOS .. INCLUYENDO, CORO , WOW EL DE LA GUITARRA! QUE MOMENTO!!!

    • bubbel hubbel
      bubbel hubbel 27 days ago

      Well, Agnetha often needed whisky before the beginning of a concert due to her stage fright...and Benny was an alcoholic during his time with ABBA...they were not that clean and innocent, luckily, I would say...

  • paul barlow
    paul barlow 2 months ago

    love love love agnetha always and forever xxx

  • skydogduane
    skydogduane 2 months ago

    Cass and Michelle=Magic !

  • Jose Olvera
    Jose Olvera 2 months ago


  • Михаил Колосницын


  • Jose Olvera
    Jose Olvera 2 months ago

    Sin duda ay que RECONOCER para el requintista por ese momento 100% nervios con ESAS dos BELLEZAS inspirandote,,WOW que momento!!!!

  • Jose Olvera
    Jose Olvera 2 months ago

    Grande, SUPER GRANDE, AGNETHA ALCANSANDO LA MAS ALTA VOZ..y, demostrando una gran habilidad en escenario, great, lo más notable , BJORN, Y, AGNETHA!!

  • Jose Olvera
    Jose Olvera 2 months ago


    • Jose Olvera
      Jose Olvera 2 days ago

      Qreo que eso lo planearon antes del concierto , Ja , ja, no seas tan mal pensado.

    • sebastián a
      sebastián a 2 days ago

      Venia divorciandose recien. Le puso más ganas que de costumbre. ¿ tu crees que esa agarrada de pierna , al barba, fue improvisada?

    TATI ANA 2 months ago

    Lori, Ragnar and Blair 😂

  • Георг Капин
    Георг Капин 2 months ago

    Великая группа!!!! Вовремя ушли со сцены, такими и останутся в памяти!!!

  • Jett Blast
    Jett Blast 2 months ago

    When I listen to Abbas music during that era they were dealing with a lot of the serious events at that time I hope it helped all of them work through it. I know it was so difficult for all 4 of them and the rest of the band.... Living that kind of life for the entire group had to be so hard on every part of their lives..mentally, physically, emotionally, how can you have a family life with small children while being on tour all the time? I really feel for them...and my heart aches for the sad times they all faced. Just like my fellow brothers and sisters who serve all around the globe in our precious military I share a bond with them even though I have not met them. I am hoping we as people can share the cup of life and keep a hope in our hearts that we can have love and respect and become better for ourselves....our families....friends....neighbors...our world....let's celebrate peace, happiness, contentment, great health, affection, acceptance, and most of all Love....we can never have enough....let's enjoy the good that is ours....

    • al m
      al m 16 days ago

      ABBA was not on tour all the time. They only played live concerts just over 100 times in a ten year span . Many bands play that in a year, or two. ABBA is a recording band. Thankfully, they took the massive amount of effort to bring many musicians with them to replicate the studio sound. And were they good in concert? Hell yeah, these two songs are proof of that . During the 70's there were many artists...then there was ABBA...the uber supergroup!

  • jeffrey mcfadden
    jeffrey mcfadden 2 months ago

    ABBA sacrificed a lot to achieve this level of performance. Maybe even their marriages. They worked hard. today, our so called "entertainers" want the $ without doing the hard work. They think just their appearance(with a plethora of tattoos) will be sufficient to garner attention. The entertainers today do not take the time to write songs of any quality. Why should they, no one else today writes good songs. Maybe at some point in the future, things will change, but probably not in my lifetime.

  • Don Lagarto
    Don Lagarto 3 months ago

    3:04 ohhhhh

  • Xavier Allen
    Xavier Allen 3 months ago

    Darren Criss rules

  • henri matisse
    henri matisse 3 months ago

    I had no idea that ABBA was this great

    • Brand New Rock
      Brand New Rock Month ago

      henri matisse Now you know.. keep on searching.. you find more and more and more masterpieces ! Trust me

    • resireg
      resireg 2 months ago

      I reached the same conclusion last month

  • Viviana Duamante
    Viviana Duamante 3 months ago


  • Jose Olvera
    Jose Olvera 3 months ago

    He visto no se cuantas veces????? Este vídeo !!! Gran presencia de, todos. ....músicos,, coro espectacular,, gran participación de todos!!! Me hubiera gustado que -BJORN cantara más en. ABBA, TIENE VOZ PARA ROCK ....FAN FIEL DE LA INSUPERABLE BELLEZA Y, VOZ DE AGNHETA !!!!!

  • Jose Olvera
    Jose Olvera 3 months ago

    ABBA DEBERÍA SER MUCHO MÁS RECONOCIDO ,,,, EN ELLOS HABÍA ALGO MUY ESPECIAL QUE ES TALENTO , MI RECONOCIMIENTO ,MUY EN ESPECIAL PARA AGNETHA FALTSCOG.... la figura que mas llamo la atencion del mundo entero .acepto debate solo que sin offenses, o malas palabras.

  • Jose Olvera
    Jose Olvera 3 months ago

    ABBA inmenso ,,,, no me considero envidioso, pero si me hubiera gustado estar en el lugar del requinto.....grande lo de AGNHETA ,Y, BJORN ....

  • Jaime Manuel Curva
    Jaime Manuel Curva 3 months ago

    What the year of this show, please? Thank's....

    • Mon Mothma
      Mon Mothma 3 months ago

      1979 I think. Wembley, London.

  • Sanne Van Leeuwen
    Sanne Van Leeuwen 3 months ago

    sanne van leeuwen jaar oud en nieuw jaar

  • Aj Knaup
    Aj Knaup 3 months ago

    Terrific footage of live performance: did anyone ever do it better?

    ALBERTO COLONIA 3 months ago

    que hermosas fueron estas mujeres suecas.

    • Jose Olvera
      Jose Olvera Month ago


    • Rouge Mont
      Rouge Mont 3 months ago

      y son

  • Дмитрий Рохин Челябинск

    муж агнетты выгладит как орангутанг

  • Jose Olvera
    Jose Olvera 3 months ago


  • anibal cesar nishizk
    anibal cesar nishizk 3 months ago

    I read that an sculptor was asked how he could do such a beautiful piece of art and he answered it was lying inside the rock.Was the music lying inside the public and ABBA just had to play it?.

  • Жанна ДАРК
    Жанна ДАРК 3 months ago


  • Jose Luis Puga
    Jose Luis Puga 4 months ago

    Talent, a lot of talent. They are the best.

  • resireg
    resireg 4 months ago

    Where and when was this concert?

  • Kimmo Kurikka
    Kimmo Kurikka 4 months ago

    This is music!

  • Sanne Van Leeuwen
    Sanne Van Leeuwen 4 months ago

    Ik ben Sanne van leeuwen jaar oud

  • Дмитрий Рохин Челябинск

    вот это настощая абба

  • Aleksei Simakov
    Aleksei Simakov 4 months ago

    Rare video. Thank`s!

  • Aleksei Simakov
    Aleksei Simakov 4 months ago

    very tough! Обожнюю АВВА!

  • Peter Padling
    Peter Padling 4 months ago

    Hey Hey Helen.. Vouz Le Vou.. my child hood years, I never forget. ABBA still the best

  • Terry C.
    Terry C. 4 months ago

    6:22-6:33...Pretty cool seeing Benny and Bjorn rock out together onstage. Usually, Benny is rocking out...but from behind the piano/keyboard/synth.

  • Jose Galván
    Jose Galván 4 months ago

    Minuto 3:09 el pobre barba iba a terminar tocando la guitarra con la poronga parada!! Jajaja

  • Erica
    Erica 4 months ago

    du gjorde Sverige stolt x

  • navmark77
    navmark77 4 months ago

    This one really refutes the claims that all the Abba videos are lip-synced versions of the studio recordings. They sound great live on this song! It takes pretty great musicians to sound so perfect on stage.

      AAASTUFF 6 days ago

      @Karl Noben Ok I see what you mean Karl👍

    • Karl Noben
      Karl Noben 7 days ago

      @AAASTUFF Most TV performances were limp synced because it was almost impossible to get a decent sound quality on a TV stage at reeasonnable cost as the song were so chirurgically produced. They would have sound far under what you got on the records if played live (what is not an option while promoting a new song). True live performance is based on the quality of one's compositions and having a decent sound system an darrangment to value that, but also on the energy you're able to share with the audience. That's what we obviously see on this footage...

    • Brand New Rock
      Brand New Rock Month ago

      They WERE perfect musicians.. just listen...

      AAASTUFF Month ago

      What you mean lip syncing 😮

  • Alexi Got
    Alexi Got 4 months ago

    а мне нравится!

  • Jose Olvera
    Jose Olvera 4 months ago

    WOW, AGNETHA única super precensia ,belleza de mujer. Y, que voz.por siempre la mejor .

  • Max Way
    Max Way 5 months ago

    5:50 wow

  • Jose Olvera
    Jose Olvera 5 months ago

    Uuuuufffff...que sentiría este del requinto al tener estas dos super chicas abrazadas a sus piernas. Wow.que momento. Enorme, super. De lo más que super Abba....Enorme única belleza de Agnetha.

  • Samara Vieira
    Samara Vieira 5 months ago

    I love Frida so much 💙💙

  • I Play One On T.V.
    I Play One On T.V. 5 months ago

    It'd be good to know when this concert originally took place.

  • Nigel Lancaster
    Nigel Lancaster 5 months ago

    Always liked ABBA great band still listening to them today 2019 there music Will always live on

  • Raymond Austria
    Raymond Austria 5 months ago

    Thank you ABBA I love you

  • Raymond Austria
    Raymond Austria 5 months ago

    wow I love you ABBA

  • Michael Rojas
    Michael Rojas 5 months ago

    Perfect song!

  • Storyboard Dave
    Storyboard Dave 5 months ago

    Woody Allen loves this song!

  • Catherine O Loughlin
    Catherine O Loughlin 5 months ago

    such a naughty comment....the boys didn't show any signs of being excited......the girls are very forward...especially for the time

  • Eddie Price
    Eddie Price 6 months ago

    Yes they still have it. You see people with a God given talent and yes a God given talent. God gives people talent. Yes there is a God. Just to clarify that. Yes ABBA still has the talent to perform. Yes they can still have the harmonies. Yes they can still pull it off. Yes I would love to see them in person. Especially Agnetha, my dream girl. Amen!

  • Alexi Got
    Alexi Got 6 months ago

    англичане идорасы

  • tom duggan
    tom duggan 6 months ago

    Thanks Alan Great performance by ABBA and the lovely Agnetha!

  • bubbel hubbel
    bubbel hubbel 6 months ago

    When they sing about filling the hole in your soul, they actually DO it. This ability makes them the greatest.

    • Erica
      Erica 4 months ago

      Yes I agree

  • bubbel hubbel
    bubbel hubbel 6 months ago

    the Greatest from the Golden Age

  • Timothy Garcia
    Timothy Garcia 6 months ago

    Mama cass got the voice, moves (1:10) & the looks. Nevermind the skinny broad who just stands there like a board like, "uhh, im too pertty to move ill just stand here & sing quietly enough to sound like cass".

  • douglas holt
    douglas holt 6 months ago


  • BringMe Knitting
    BringMe Knitting 7 months ago

    I had forgotten what a brilliant song Hole In Your Soul is. Man, what a band they were.

    • Mon Mothma
      Mon Mothma 3 months ago

      Hole In Your Soul is not the most well-known one, and I didn't take much note of the recorded version, but the live version! Wow! Really brings out the best in it. I guess some songs are better suited for live versions. Summer Night City might be another.

  • kernowrock555
    kernowrock555 7 months ago

    Bands nowadays...'just don't have these skills'...... listen and learn children...listen and learn .. ( Headphones on ..full blast..) :)

  • bubbel hubbel
    bubbel hubbel 7 months ago

    I presume that when they divorced they recognised they were part of something that was much greater than their personal relationships: ABBA, the greatest pop group ever.

    • bubbel hubbel
      bubbel hubbel 28 days ago

      @Jim Heybach Agnetha and Björn seperated on christmas 1978. After that ABBA made three albums, Voulez Vouz, Super Trouper and The Visitors. Some say their best. And even after Benny and Frida sperated, too, they did "The Visitors". And after that they began to work on a new album; and it were musical reasons they stopped working on it.

    • Jim Heybach
      Jim Heybach 3 months ago

      Bjorn and Agnetha divorced in 1980. He remarried in 1981 still married. Benny and Frida divorced in 1981 he remarried shortly after in 1981 and still married. The women both remarried and divorced again. They broke up in 1982. I think after the divorces they knew it wasn't going to last much longer.

  • Last Outlaw
    Last Outlaw 7 months ago

    Stupid show. Who gave the idea of this bullshit show. What kind of Tarzan is this without jungle and animals?

  • Rosemary L.
    Rosemary L. 7 months ago

    Agnetha rocks it and it is a shame that she seemed to never think they were good enough. I have heard Frida say she was proud of what they achieved but Agnetha was quoted as saying she thought they were "amateurish". Even by todays standards they were fabulous!