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  • ᚻᛁᚱᚹᚢᛚᚠ

    I’m playing for the first ever time soon with two other guys who’ve never played before. Since I’m the one who brought the whole thing up and got the starter set im gonna be the DM by default. This is so helpful

  • AM72 S
    AM72 S 15 hours ago

    There is a very simple explanation for this issue. That player is an ***hole who is intentionally testing you and exhibiting the same social skills as a toddler pushing boundaries with their parents. I get that D&D is a weird game, but he's being intentionally difficult. There are enough RPG style games that he understands the concepts he's pretending not to, unless he really doesn't get them, and then he's probably not smart or creative enough to play D&D anyway. He needs the thing in the room he needs to pick up to be blinking for him.

  • mr crusader
    mr crusader 23 hours ago

    if i end up one day being a dm,ima be mega big brain ,next level ascended of cruel and unusal

  • McJay
    McJay Day ago

    Me and my friends have never played dnd we always just told stories off the top of our heads and had a six sided dice but I always told the story and now they wanna play dnd and want me to be the dm and I have no idea of what I’m doing 😂

  • The Broadway Boi

    I’m playing a Dragonborn fighter and this is really helpful

  • Start Working for You

    I LOVE Fate core and FAE. It took me a while to wrap my head around the rules, though, because I am so used to something more complicated. I had trouble with Fate simply because it was so simple and elegant. Now I really love these more narrative games. I would also highly recommend Freeform Universal (FU).

  • Forensic Ayot
    Forensic Ayot Day ago

    How do they get there? Truck-Kun obviously

  • willerbobiller 9

    can u do a class guide on a artificer

  • Gauge Bezayoff

    Did my comments get deleted?

  • Souheilo1 Otsmane
    Souheilo1 Otsmane 2 days ago

    Finally a well explained dnd full tutorial :) thanks CJ

  • CBM 0586
    CBM 0586 2 days ago

    I just want to say THANK YOU for such an amazing video series! Along with two of my friends, my young daughters (13 and 9) and I decided we wanted to try playing D&D a few weeks ago. My daughters and I have no experience and our friends had very limited experience. I volunteered to DM and we would all learn together. Our first night, using the Starter Kit, was a disaster in my opinion, although my players had fun. I decided I wanted to get a whole lot better in a hurry and searched the web for help and I came across this video series. After watching each video, some more than a few times, I felt a little more confident and so tonight ran your Death Pit of Moloch adventure for just my daughters and I, using the same premade characters from our first adventure and it was AMAZING! My 9 year old was pensive about roleplaying, admitting it made her feel uncomfortable. She didn't want to do a voice for sure and didn't really even want to describe her actions beyond the basics (I attack, is there a door, etc). We took a break and talked about the nature of the game and that although it might feel a bit silly at first, it's a safe environment and a lot of the fun is in the rp. We agreed that she would try to add a little bit of flare each time her character did something and her first attempt was describing at how she looked through the keyhole of the first door, both using her imagination and creativity. After the first round of combat where her sister's character was reduced to 0 HP (but saved by my essentially NPC healer), the 9yr old decided to "slink behind the door and hide to decide my next action." She rolled a successful d20 stealth and, after her sister was mocked by one of the cultists for a miss, on her next turn she rolled a successful attack and death blow. I asked her how she wanted to play it and stands up from her chair and said "I suddenly leap from my hiding spot, flipping in the air while at the same time pulling out my short sword, and stab the cultist through the heart while yelling STAY AWAY FROM MY FRIEND!" Folks, it was AWESOME! She was SO proud of herself for diving into the roleplay and looked to us for approval and so we, of course, lavished her with praise. The rest of the adventure was filled with ear-to-ear smiles on all three of our faces and lots of silly voices and roleplaying awesomeness and it was just so much fun! Anyway, to stop an already long story from getting longer, THANK YOU CJ for giving the confidence to try this again and for helping me make a fantastic, memorable experience with my girls. They cannot wait until next week when our friends come back over to try the Phandalin adventure again and now they want to have our own game with the three of us on the weeks that our friends don't come. You do an amazing job at explaining things and they'll be watching your videos this week themselves in an attempt to learn on their own. Keep up the great work!

  • DatalysJR
    DatalysJR 2 days ago

    This is honestly the best tutorial I’ve ever seen!

  • Sparrow
    Sparrow 3 days ago

    poo poo

  • Aya ya
    Aya ya 3 days ago

    17:50 strange how he considers the game female freindly when the source material's creator was defintely not.

  • Christian Lecroy
    Christian Lecroy 3 days ago

    Let me be jojo

  • Christian Lecroy
    Christian Lecroy 3 days ago

    I hate the fact I have to pay for this

  • Ferdinand Lagu
    Ferdinand Lagu 3 days ago

    2:13 Bakugou Friend?

  • Johny the Bulgarian doggo

    I have an idea. Only stands can attack other stands. Making them invincible to spells. The stand also will have the same health as the user, but not the same armour. (sry if this has been mentioned, but i haven't read the full thing... Yet)

  • Mizaw
    Mizaw 4 days ago

    PLAYERS: This is RPG you can do WHATEVER you want! GM: Well yes but actualy no.

  • Alex of the Awesome Wings

    I am all for having critical success's on skills, our groups most memorable moment was when our rouge was back up ageist a wall and he convinced an ENTIRE ARMY he he did-int exist!

  • Shark Brownie
    Shark Brownie 4 days ago

    I have been trying to read online how to play, and this is the clearest way to learn D&D I have encountered!

  • ARX 351
    ARX 351 4 days ago

    So, Empty Body is Musou Tensei?

  • ARX 351
    ARX 351 4 days ago

    What if i want to have a Saint Seiya character? Is it possible to merge a monk with a paladin?

  • chris soto
    chris soto 4 days ago

    Assassin and celestial warlock is OP

  • Pearl Vesper
    Pearl Vesper 4 days ago

    This really works well with a Kalashtar.

  • Flamywolfie
    Flamywolfie 4 days ago

    Way of Open Hand: Dragonball Way of Shadow: Naruto Way of the Four Elements: Avatar

  • Tanner Dulaney
    Tanner Dulaney 4 days ago

    Great vid, just getting into dnd. Planned on making a human apprentice wizard but was taking a look at the schools and subclasses hence finding this video only now. Blade singer sounds good and I should be able to get around the elf requirement as I already had a elf wizard as a mentor in my background.

  • Mindartis
    Mindartis 5 days ago

    Thanks helpful information!

  • Rin Miraikaze
    Rin Miraikaze 5 days ago

    Can you cast cantrip(bonus) + cantrip(action)?

  • Jose Pace Iv
    Jose Pace Iv 5 days ago

    Can you use this in real campaigns?

    • Don't Stop Thinking
      Don't Stop Thinking 5 days ago

      As long as your DM allows it you can play it in your home campaign. But if you're asking about adventurers league, then no. It is not AL legal.

  • linuxgirl
    linuxgirl 5 days ago

    Your reasoning on some of this is really questionable. A ghoul that just took a major wound still gets a bonus die, then two bonus dies? That's crap. Not knocking him out is one thing (and I agree with that, though the straight rules differ), but you don't give him bonuses. Don't be a malicious GM.

  • Organized Chaos
    Organized Chaos 5 days ago

    TIME STAMPS (For Phone Users) 0:58 -- Investigator Backstory 4:49 -- Investigator Creation 6:05 -- Occupation 8:26 -- Characteristics (QF) 9:08 -- Characteristics (STD) 10:29 -- Age Modifier 11:36 -- Secondary Attributes 13:36 -- Skills (QF) 15:20 -- Skills (STD)

  • Cool Dude
    Cool Dude 5 days ago

    For those of you saying the Ranger sucks Go check out the unearthed arcana revised its much better

  • Journey Burr
    Journey Burr 6 days ago

    Was that.... is Serio.... played by will smith?

  • Rin Miraikaze
    Rin Miraikaze 6 days ago

    Can they replace multiple spell if leveled up?

  • Thewhiteknigth7
    Thewhiteknigth7 6 days ago

    Came for CoC stayed for Lucile

  • ryan carter
    ryan carter 6 days ago

    "She knew that as a lie" No, "She knew that was not true!" Definition Police, beep beep beep, the blacksmith did not intend to lie, which is crucial, so it was a false truth, not an intentional lie. :D Good video!

  • watermercury 118
    watermercury 118 6 days ago

    D&D is way better and had tons of investigation and exploreing

  • Amy Kinsman
    Amy Kinsman 7 days ago

    Thank you so much for this series. I'm just starting out as Keeper and this is a LIFESAVER.

  • DaBrazyGhoul
    DaBrazyGhoul 7 days ago

    Is this a jojos reference

  • DekuCake
    DekuCake 7 days ago

    The reason the ranger is so shy is because she can't bear to tell anyone her name

  • Terry Smith
    Terry Smith 7 days ago

    Great series!

  • Funky Taco
    Funky Taco 7 days ago

    Me: I would like to blink *rolls 1*

  • Gamer TV
    Gamer TV 7 days ago

    Love sanity rolls!!

  • Charlotte Beaton
    Charlotte Beaton 7 days ago

    How do you work out the attack bonus?

  • Charlotte Beaton
    Charlotte Beaton 7 days ago

    What does versatile mean?

  • A Lounge Moogle
    A Lounge Moogle 8 days ago

    I love how the wizard always seems mildly annoyed about everything.

  • Taliesin Hoyle
    Taliesin Hoyle 9 days ago

    Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha (Simply the greatest fantasy setting ever made) Mage: The Awakening (or Changeling the Lost, but Onyx Path only get one slot) Trail of Cthulhu (especially the Eternal Lies campaign, or the Dreamhounds of Paris) Nights Black Agents (for the Dracula Dossier) Degenesis (For the best conceived post apocalypse) Unknown Armies (Even just for its literary merit) Whatever Emily Care Boss is doing this year. Blades in the Dark (One of the strongest and most innovative games ever made. The flashback mechanic is perfection) Ten Candles. (As an atmospheric and immersive experience) Honorable mention to Tales from the Loop and a lot of indie games that do one thing and do it very well. For Cyberpunk, there is no game system yet that hits all the notes I want. 2020 is its own thing. Shadow of the Beanstalk does not have enough cyber, but is otherwise the best setting. Interface Zero has some very good ideas that are worth porting into something with a better system. Shadowrun is excellent and has great lore, but some quirks of the system infuriate me to the point where I just can't sit for a session of it.

  • Sloth Bushido
    Sloth Bushido 9 days ago

    Hey when do they choose their subclasses and alignments and spells?

  • Iris _
    Iris _ 9 days ago

    We have no DM and I’ve only played 2 unfinished campaigns before, I’m a mess

  • Ghastly_Grinner
    Ghastly_Grinner 9 days ago

    Theater of the mind ... also known as playing the game wrong!

  • John Weber
    John Weber 9 days ago

    i'm curious, are the 4 characters based off of some friends you played with?

  • marxxplaysgames
    marxxplaysgames 10 days ago

    Goblin quest reminds me of Kobolds ate my baby

  • LuckyOwl
    LuckyOwl 10 days ago

    Hm. I am considering making another Ranger with the Hunter archetype. My first Ranger in 5e is a shield-and-sword Monster Slayer. That campaign is on pause due to real life obligations, but we do have back-up characters and other tables and settings at the place I play. Well, right now my priority is going to be my first Totem Warrior Barbarian. I dub her "Project Mama Bear". All Bear Totem all the time. See, what bugs me seeing Totem Warriors at the tables is that everybody, at least here, forgets or just doesn't care about the utility rituals it has. I guess I want to make a character that, yes, has that tanking ability, BUT I want to be different from the typical "big smashy smash". So I'm honestly thinking of a Hill Dwarf that was part of a mercenary company, possible cousin to one of my previous characters. I also need to finally make a character that is more outgoing in personality. Even with characters I previously had, high charisma and all, I got terrible at roleplay and just sat and listened rather than talk. Also, ideally, this Barbarian will get only one feat: Tough. :P

  • The Big Freindly Gaijin

    Do you have a business email?

  • Elyseon
    Elyseon 10 days ago

    That emperor needs to die too.

  • Blurple
    Blurple 11 days ago

    how to be dm: kill off the new player’s characters

  • Donnell  Talley
    Donnell Talley 11 days ago

    Please and thanks and sorry for the lengthy post

  • Donnell  Talley
    Donnell Talley 11 days ago

    I'm new to dnd and have been studying your guides to better understand the game a bit and become a dm as well as player. so i didn't know that the gunslinger was already a sub-class for the fighter. As i previously thought up my own version of a gunslinger prior to seeing this video. so for my purposes I'd appreciate any tips or advice cj or anyone could give on the mechanics for balancing a new class from scratch.

  • A Lounge Moogle
    A Lounge Moogle 12 days ago

    Currently playing a Shepherd Druid/Kensei Monk multiclass that is based on my build of William from Nioh. A sort of warrior onmyouji who summons guardian animal spirits for support.

  • Believe
    Believe 12 days ago

    Guys, i've never ever touched dungeons and dragons in my life, but i've always had an interest in fantasy and RPG in general. I'm looking to start with my daughter who is 5, will the starter box be OK for us, or do you recommend a watered down version of dungeons and dragons first before we get into it?

  • The Almighty Hotdog
    The Almighty Hotdog 12 days ago

    Hi! I was wondering, for a level 5 wizard, what is the number of spells and/or cantrips that I should now have (in total not counting found spells)? Also is there anything else new that happens when you reach level 5 as a wizard that should be considered? thx

  • deamongimli
    deamongimli 12 days ago

    Not finished the video yet but I just want to throw this out there. Hobgoblin Iron Shadows are literally just hobgoblin monks who have swapped out some of their monk abilities for spellcasting, and they are an awesome concept.

  • Free Information
    Free Information 12 days ago

    That voice... :-(

  • Ruly Tasho
    Ruly Tasho 13 days ago

    Everyone here is talking how cute Lucille is, but what about Scott? he's an adorable naive kid! I MUST PROTECC!!

  • Ricardo Martinez
    Ricardo Martinez 13 days ago

    Do the subclasses on ever main class

  • JP VanDërBilt
    JP VanDërBilt 13 days ago

    LOVE all your videos! Just curious, what software do you use to synchronize the mouth with the audio?

    • JP VanDërBilt
      JP VanDërBilt 13 days ago

      @Don't Stop Thinking Great! Thank you!

    • Don't Stop Thinking
      Don't Stop Thinking 13 days ago

      After Effects. I just used some script to move the mouth according to the audio volume. It's not a full on lip sync.

  • Sean Brassell
    Sean Brassell 13 days ago

    This video helped me so much!

  • Stephanie568
    Stephanie568 13 days ago

    "Is this what you want Steve?" Ad: "Isn't it good to keep things simple?" Well, guess there's the answer

  • Dorian Sportsman
    Dorian Sportsman 13 days ago

    playing my first D&D game this weekend. Your videos have been a life saver!

  • popeye wand45
    popeye wand45 13 days ago

    I swear to god this better be Published as an Official Soon

  • Tomha
    Tomha 13 days ago

    Can I use this class to Summon a Dark Magician and set traps?

  • 17gu
    17gu 13 days ago

    Hey, at 15:13, you have her die by being crushed by a cart. How do you calculate the damage for that? I can't find crushing damage anywhere!

    • 17gu
      17gu 13 days ago

      @Don't Stop Thinking Awesome. Thanks for the quick reply!

    • Don't Stop Thinking
      Don't Stop Thinking 13 days ago

      There aren't any. Make one up yourself. It is a game of imagination after all.

  • Mert Hasan Sarıçiçek

    I just spend 8 minutes to find out that a guy just asked most common question when someone heard what is frp... This video is like listening to some shit and find out a guys just said "You know what ? You are listening to me right now" . Can i get my 8 minutes back ?

  • FatedGamer
    FatedGamer 14 days ago

    I feel like this is teaching someone wrong about D&D. While yes you can do *anything* thats not the point. Your there as a group. If you do something the group doesn't like or you run off on your own adventure because you can do anything but every other play keeps doing the quest or doesn't follow your not going to get to play. *You* are not the focus of the game. The group is. Also I'm like 90% sure the major of phandelver was somewhat working with the gang. I never ran it but what I remember from playing it that was the case. I would have had a small squad of goons there to leave more interest into what exactly was going on. And when they explore the gang hideout and get fireballed by glass staff and die since they are probably still level 1 with how they were acting just point to the book and say you were just saying what the book says happens when your to loud. Also big tip is that there is a chart for daily living expenses in 5e. If someone asks why would they need money point to that if its the first session unless you hard confirmed it wasn't going to be a thing in your game.

    • FatedGamer
      FatedGamer 14 days ago

      @Don't Stop Thinking trust me that only went on for a very short amount of time before I cut back. I'm just saying it's important to set expectations for a new player. If you dont they can have a false impression of how a normal game is run. Mostly I was just saying how I would have handled your situation differently and the reasons for doing so.

    • Don't Stop Thinking
      Don't Stop Thinking 14 days ago

      Look, you don't have to spend too much of your time worrying too much about making "mistakes". You're better off spending your time improving. Also, if spending 12 hours DMing every week is too much for you, then just tell them that is it. The fact that they want you to run it for so long means that there is something about the way you run the game that they like. So just tell them that you want sessions to be shorter. A happy, well-rested DM runs better games. I think you are being a very considerate friend for not wanting to upset your friends, but have you ever considered that your friends may actually want the best for your well being too? They just can't know if you don't tell them.

    • FatedGamer
      FatedGamer 14 days ago

      @Don't Stop Thinking Ya but I view it a little more as putting expectations so that if the person were to ever play with another group they don't think one thing is normal when it is absolutely not. Its probably because I've joined a lot of roll20 groups but a lot of people have different ideas of what normal is and some of them are a little unreasonable. So I think I just side on the idea of making new players understand more general table rules and expectations for a game if they are new. I learned the hard way when I didn't do that with my friends and they wanted me to gm every weekend for 12 hours and they were surprised when I had a friend dm on roll20 that the session was only 4 hours and were slightly upset by it.

    • Don't Stop Thinking
      Don't Stop Thinking 14 days ago

      It was a fun misadventure that happened years and years ago before I made the video. The point is that everyone can have a rough start. But don't let that discourage you. Don't forget that *you* are also part of the group. Serving the group blindly doesn't make you a good game master or a saint. It just makes you someone else's fantasy slave. Besides, it is a game of make believe. You don't have to find all the answers in the book.

  • Donát Szabó
    Donát Szabó 14 days ago

    Abiliti score uprgarde us one or two points?

    • Don't Stop Thinking
      Don't Stop Thinking 14 days ago

      Two points total. But you can divide them between two abilities.

  • Martin Casalla
    Martin Casalla 14 days ago

    I used to have a DM that made all his NPC's into jerks that only insulted us, the best we had were neutral and even then they were not great, so yeah, i don't play his games anymore

  • Gaberiel Reyes
    Gaberiel Reyes 15 days ago

    Good video, but he has that voice that makes you not want to watch the video or that’s just me idk, I just don’t like his voice

  • Pieter
    Pieter 15 days ago

    You mean in *China*

  • Dongus Calriddian
    Dongus Calriddian 15 days ago

    Why was Lucille being attracted to the water at the start CJ?!

  • HeadHunter 549
    HeadHunter 549 15 days ago

    So any one else come back to this just to watch the soup part again?

  • Dongus Calriddian
    Dongus Calriddian 15 days ago

    You make this look easy

  • GimmyJibbsJr
    GimmyJibbsJr 15 days ago

    I have no idea if this question has been answered or not, but I figured I'd ask since I'm a bit lost on one thing. In the PDF for this class that I'm looking at, in the "Damage" section of the Phantasm, it states that damage immunities are applicable to the User or Phantasm itself, but only once. However, it doesn't specify if these damage immunities are a one-time-only kind of thing, or if they are refreshed via a Long or Short rest. I assume these immunities would be refreshable, but would it be via long or short rest? Would it be something that could be left up to the DM to decide? Or am I just misunderstanding something and reading this all wrong? I hope to hear back soon, as I'm super excited to finally try out this class!

    • GimmyJibbsJr
      GimmyJibbsJr 15 days ago

      @Don't Stop Thinking Alright, thank you very much for the clarification!

    • Don't Stop Thinking
      Don't Stop Thinking 15 days ago

      It just means that phantasms are immune all damage but force damage. Also, since they don't have their own hp, the damage is transferred to the character. That's why it is easier for normal enemies to attack the character directly instead of the phantasm. But high CR enemies can attack the phantasm since they have the means to do so.

  • MiseryLovesCompany
    MiseryLovesCompany 15 days ago

    Hi CJ you lovely raisin bread of a Keeper. I was wondering, are phobias and manias the only long-lasting BoM effects? It seems kind of lame to have things that only last 10 seconds at most

    • MiseryLovesCompany
      MiseryLovesCompany 14 days ago

      @Don't Stop Thinking Awesome, thank you so much! Loving the series so far, I shared it with my players so they can learn more about the game before we start! :)

    • Don't Stop Thinking
      Don't Stop Thinking 15 days ago

      Until the Bout of Madness end. But remember, if they are alone, the Bout of Madness lasts longer.

    • MiseryLovesCompany
      MiseryLovesCompany 15 days ago

      @Don't Stop Thinking Thank you! But I was wondering about things like amnesia or loss of senses or limbs. Do those end once the Bout of Madness ends? Or continue for the 1d10 hours?

    • Don't Stop Thinking
      Don't Stop Thinking 15 days ago

      It lasts through the insanity, but only affects investigators when exposed to those. During BOM, they see their phobias & manias everywhere.

  • TheRauzKindred
    TheRauzKindred 15 days ago

    I really hope he covers Pulp Cthulhu and some of the other rule modifiers the game comes with, like the different time periods. Pulp doesn't get covered very often sadly but I adore the modifications, it makes for a fun slightly more campy adventure.

  • Astro Polski
    Astro Polski 16 days ago

    BEST MOST IN-DEPTH VIDEO I HAVE SEEN ON THIS YET, thank you. As someone making a DnD game i needed this... :)

  • Wizardxeze
    Wizardxeze 16 days ago

    Are you allowed to jump after your movement? I mean if you run as wood elf 50ft, use action to move 50ft and then jump using 1ki, is this allowed by rules?

  • Dubose Phyness
    Dubose Phyness 16 days ago

    Would it be ok if i edit my subclass for it

  • Charlotte Beaton
    Charlotte Beaton 16 days ago

    So a cleric can do any spell they want, as long as they spend a bit of time preparing it?

  • Deathstorm 6
    Deathstorm 6 17 days ago

    I was doing a session 0 for my 1st campaign (I had run 2 one shots before) I had 4 players (one was a friends girlfriend) I began by setting up ground rules and saying it would be a mature story with violence and gore, the GF whined that she didn't like things that were gory, so I said I would tone things down. I then talked more about the mature story and said that murder and rape were all things which may occur in the story. Before I even finished saying that she yelled and said, "NO RAPE DOESN'T EXIST IN YOUR WORLD" I was taken aback and described how orcs were a major threat in the campaign and there was a reason why you might run into half-orcs. And if rape was coming up it would be implied and not directly described. Again she yelled at me "NO THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN" I said ok everything like that would happen off screen and with the help of another character she calmed down. I then talked about my homebrews it was all good until I said the Beastmaster would not be playable due to it being underpowered. She then cut me off and said no I'm playing a Beastmaster! I began talking about my reasoning and then asked why she wanted a Beastmaster and she wouldn't give a clear answer. I tried explaining how Fighters can use bows and then she said "I want a pet!" I said "Fine you can have a familiar" and she seemed ok until I described the limitations of a familiar she then yelled, "NOPE I'M PLAYING A BEASTMASTER!" I asked her to think about it and other options which she might enjoy and helped other people design characters to fit in my world. I got back to her and asked if she thought of other options and she said, "I did and I decided I'm playing a Beastmaster" I was getting annoyed by this time and just said, "No you're not!" She sighed then said, "Fine I'll be a Monster Slayer" (Another player had chosen that and both were also Tabaxi) so I asked the other player if they were ok being so similar. That just looked at her and said, "Fine I'll just be a Fighter" things were getting very heated so I decided to call it a night (this all took nearly 2 hours) I decided I was not going to play with her because how rude and insulting she was being to me but wanted to let things cool down before letting her know. The next day she messages me and says "I thought about things and decided I'm playing a Beastmaster regardless of what you say" I answered with, "no you're not because you are not invited back to my table" she then tells me if she can't play neither can my friend. I tell her I accept that. And so ended my DMing history.

  • alex16cole
    alex16cole 17 days ago

    Finally a clear explanation

  • Maxzedn
    Maxzedn 17 days ago

    there's more than just fighter and cleric? what if i want to be something else

  • everybodytogether
    everybodytogether 17 days ago

    Playin my first game today. Thanks for the lessons !

  • hinc1mike
    hinc1mike 18 days ago

    I don’t give to craps what anyone says I’m a DM and my cleric don’t wanna play a character who worships a fake god so I allowed the cleric to choose Jesus as their god and the divine power of life domaine used to heal and destroy undead

  • LuckyOwl
    LuckyOwl 18 days ago

    I mean... cool twist that is appropriate for a backstory change as a result of a loss of sanity, so... kudos, CJ, that guy who's voice we've gotten used to.

  • IntermediateJesus
    IntermediateJesus 18 days ago

    I didn't know I needed anime flapper girls in my Lovecraft until today. I want to play this now.

  • Leche de caballo
    Leche de caballo 19 days ago

    I love this video. Gives me my own inspiration for how to write great adventures.

  • Dj Luma
    Dj Luma 19 days ago

    Thanks for making these videos. As a new keeper and player to CoC this has really cleared up some of my confusion regarding some of the wordings of the rules. I have suggested all my players watch these as well.

  • Koch's vegan
    Koch's vegan 19 days ago

    Love your Voice :D I would like to see this in German..^^