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  • Standing in the Wind
    Standing in the Wind 8 months ago

    Cool vid.

  • Thomas Georgantas
    Thomas Georgantas 2 years ago


  • David no me gusto por su culpa mi mamá me pego

    es la mejor canción. del mundo mundial dial me justa mucho 😘😍😘😍😘😍

  • vagelis radaios
    vagelis radaios 3 years ago


  • Lucas Tierney
    Lucas Tierney 3 years ago

    absolutely brilliant

  • Clue Vios
    Clue Vios 4 years ago

    Gum in stereoo ( γαμηστερό )

  • remi solo
    remi solo 5 years ago

    'ღ•°*”˜ღ•°*”˜ ·٠•●*♫•* ♫♪ ,˜”*°• ღ","(◠‿◠)" ღ•°*”˜ ˙·٠•●*♥♫•*♪♥♫♪ღ•°*”˜

  • Eraserkk7
    Eraserkk7 5 years ago

    Big fan of both groups <3

  • Lucas Wisdom fist
    Lucas Wisdom fist 5 years ago


  • jános kurucz
    jános kurucz 5 years ago

    Great crasy fuck. Doo more.

  • Marc St-Pierre
    Marc St-Pierre 6 years ago

    34 persons are strange.

    • jános kurucz
      jános kurucz 3 years ago

      wtf laura palmer! How you goin? ... Wrapped in plastic?

    • jános kurucz
      jános kurucz 3 years ago

      42 :) . 55

    • lora palmar
      lora palmar 3 years ago


    • MaiSent
      MaiSent 5 years ago

      @matthew nordtvedt If we are all strange then strange is normal. These peoples are just dull

    • matthew nordtvedt
      matthew nordtvedt 5 years ago

      no where all strange 34 people are normal and normal aint good

  • Walter White
    Walter White 6 years ago

    Perfection :))

  • macarthur19
    macarthur19 6 years ago

    You may feel like an outcast but you sound like an emo. Shut the fuck up, nobody wants to hear other people's problem, we've got our own to deal with so I suggest quit bitching and just listen.

  • MikeAndAmberOK
    MikeAndAmberOK 6 years ago

    This is amazing! I love the vibe, so dark! We also did a remake of this song, and just uploaded the music video, hope you guys can check it out in our channel!

  • ants zipelgod
    ants zipelgod 6 years ago

    very good, respect!

  • eyeGODit
    eyeGODit 6 years ago

    And again... This is great !!! ()-;)o

  • Bishop D. George
    Bishop D. George 6 years ago


  • Mitko Slavkov
    Mitko Slavkov 6 years ago

    video scks

  • talia manriquez
    talia manriquez 6 years ago

    the song of the age yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh

  • Miss Edith - Artistik, Circus und Zauberer

    Where can I buy this on CD?

  • epicwubtime68
    epicwubtime68 6 years ago

    I love this remix so much!!!!

  • bahri med aziz
    bahri med aziz 6 years ago

    Dafuck is that ?!

  • marlencita
    marlencita 6 years ago

    Es la versión k + me gustó people are strange

  • George D.M
    George D.M 6 years ago

    updated: 33 :P

  • Amazing
    Amazing 7 years ago

    Good job

  • ZigiMusic
    ZigiMusic 7 years ago

    חחח חולצת סוף מסלול.. איזה גבר

  • Daniel Cherbanich
    Daniel Cherbanich 7 years ago


  • EHOTtube
    EHOTtube 7 years ago


  • levan khundadze
    levan khundadze 7 years ago

    Jim IS still life !!!!!!!

  • Ionos VEVO
    Ionos VEVO 7 years ago

    Ohh Yeaahh!

  • mtomash
    mtomash 7 years ago

    yes you can find it on the internet.. just search in google: Infected Mushroom ‎- The Doors Remixed goodluck..

  • Chrisell
    Chrisell 7 years ago


  • Chrisell
    Chrisell 7 years ago

    Is this available as a download of cd?

  • shiko x
    shiko x 7 years ago

    24 people are strange !!!

  • john cobain
    john cobain 7 years ago

    People are strange......very strange indeed.

  • Tazmin Dixon
    Tazmin Dixon 7 years ago

    I can dig it

  • mizzzmarple
    mizzzmarple 7 years ago

    22 people are strange already

  • M.I.K.I
    M.I.K.I 7 years ago

    4:00 woow i wish it was onger version of this hardcore version \m/

  • Soepargo
    Soepargo 7 years ago

    22 strange people

  • stfc78yates
    stfc78yates 7 years ago

    What can u say part from its jim . True true good mix doh best mix out there

  • paquirrytweets
    paquirrytweets 7 years ago


  • Audreyessence
    Audreyessence 7 years ago

    Best cover ever, do you wanna fly away? just listen to this greatness peace

  • thanasis123
    thanasis123 7 years ago

    loveeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stanley ve
    Stanley ve 7 years ago

    haters gona hate

  • mayush adhikari
    mayush adhikari 7 years ago

    people are strange

  • Antiflavor
    Antiflavor 7 years ago

    Saw that comment, thought it was stupid too. It's normalcy that I hate.

  • xSve
    xSve 7 years ago

    @todorb6588 1,146 people are strange

  • Mataz23
    Mataz23 8 years ago

    Been a long time fan of IM. Never heard much Doors, but this song is absolutely awesome

  • André T
    André T 8 years ago

    As a Doors´ fan from 1967 when I bought "Light my fire as a single.... awesome! Shivers down my spine....

  • TheSeensca
    TheSeensca 8 years ago

    i like infected mushroom!!!! :)

  • stalkingcat123
    stalkingcat123 8 years ago

    @XiviliviX you mean heard? :P

  • lexz617
    lexz617 8 years ago

    just amazing.. nothing more to say

  • Arbaces420
    Arbaces420 8 years ago

    1,072 people are strange !!

  • Darius Chocobo
    Darius Chocobo 8 years ago

    5 stars

  • BluePudding
    BluePudding 8 years ago

    One of the best remixes I've seen. 10/10.

  • logan keller
    logan keller 8 years ago

    And I might kill all you fuck bags who like this

  • logan keller
    logan keller 8 years ago

    This is fucking terrible, I hope the people who made this committed suicide. How the fuck could you butcher a great song like this, if I personally see you fucks I will kill you as slow as possible

  • Sagar Dubey
    Sagar Dubey 8 years ago

    this sucks

  • john cobain
    john cobain 8 years ago

    This song descibes how i feel.I feel lonely,unaccpeted,sad usually,and live world full of mean,uneducated people who are selfish.I feel like outcast.

  • mkadawametwa
    mkadawametwa 8 years ago

    im a doors fan and i love these XD

  • christopher fortie
    christopher fortie 8 years ago

    @todorb6588 your strange

  • Chris
    Chris 8 years ago

    love the piano and the song man gonna party to this

  • loodwig
    loodwig 8 years ago

    A straight improvement over the original.

  • lori249
    lori249 8 years ago

    love it!!!!

  • Amy Jenkins
    Amy Jenkins 8 years ago

    The best doors remix ever

  • getruna el emperador

    q buena

  • Shan Alam
    Shan Alam 8 years ago

    as they would say in Russian - krasi(ee)va! beautiful!

  • Tatiana Teresa Lopez

    i love this remix imprecionante, MOLAAAAA

  • Tatiana Teresa Lopez

    I love this remix, impresionante, molaaaaaaaa!

  • Bongtasia
    Bongtasia 8 years ago

    OMMFG YO ! \m/ this is awesome, what a mix! xP

  • mark owen
    mark owen 8 years ago

    this is outstanding .....

    PETROL ATOM 8 years ago

    Nice, but try this (far better) : Rem vs the doors

  • Alexis V V
    Alexis V V 8 years ago

    @dazedandsublime no they're actually from Israel

  • Alexis V V
    Alexis V V 8 years ago

    @dazedandsublime no theyre actually from Isreal

  • Martin Zio
    Martin Zio 8 years ago


  • Cymbao7h
    Cymbao7h 8 years ago

    @dazedandsublime who are you talking to?

  • Johnney408
    Johnney408 8 years ago

    @dazedandsublime does it really matter?

  • Korrud
    Korrud 8 years ago

    @sepotento Thanks a lot :)

  • Adam Štrunc
    Adam Štrunc 8 years ago

    @Korrud Infected Mushroom Presents - The Doors Remixed (Unreleased LP)

  • Karibree
    Karibree 8 years ago

    amazing remix! thanks for sharing!

  • Korrud
    Korrud 8 years ago

    Has this been released on any single, album or compilation?

  • Kalme Willow
    Kalme Willow 8 years ago

    Fantastic and I am a huge Doors fan. I think Morrison would have loved it!

  • illbehaviour76nz
    illbehaviour76nz 8 years ago

    @mtomash The North Pole. Its quite lovely, strange faces come out of the ice, as you fade into the television skies.

  • Andres Dajek
    Andres Dajek 8 years ago

    @dazedandsublime they are jews

  • Zito Gomes
    Zito Gomes 8 years ago

    @dazedandsublime lolol.........

  • michael3dx1
    michael3dx1 9 years ago

    yes when ur strange , now one remembers u .

  • sfinx36
    sfinx36 9 years ago

    Like it, it feels very useful in a film making way.

  • John Wagner
    John Wagner 9 years ago

    Love the piano intro! And the video is awfully well-done. I stayed up entire nights in the '80s watching MTV, so I know what I speak of.....

  • 78monka
    78monka 9 years ago

    just amazing.......

  • Sza Fza
    Sza Fza 9 years ago

    @mtomash answer him!!!!@! lol

  • Angeliki Prev
    Angeliki Prev 9 years ago

    "with my feet upon the ground i lose myself between the sounds"

  • kostispap2003
    kostispap2003 9 years ago

    Bravo! Jim will be proud i think..

  • Bl4Xtorm
    Bl4Xtorm 9 years ago

    i just got infected by Infected, awesome!

  • mtomash
    mtomash 9 years ago

    yes he was

  • Rashi Kalra
    Rashi Kalra 9 years ago

    Wow.. Infected Mushroom has made this song more generation friendly! My boyfriend wouldn't listen to them saying that he's gonna save them for his 60's. I guess now I've got something to shut him up!

  • Bone Grinder
    Bone Grinder 9 years ago

    cant get the drop at 4:01 outa my mind!!! (o_O)

  • Bone Grinder
    Bone Grinder 9 years ago

    I LOVE this part from 4:00 hell yeah \m/

  • Bone Grinder
    Bone Grinder 9 years ago

    Just EPIC!!

  • Bone Grinder
    Bone Grinder 9 years ago

    3:45 .... i wish it will never end.....

  • ArcaneInquisitor
    ArcaneInquisitor 9 years ago

    @mtomash Perhaps he is somewhere north of the arctic circle on an expedition of sorts?