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2015 Road Glide
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2013 Road Glide D&D Fat Cat
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2014 Street Glide Special
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1995 Heritage Softail
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2013 Road Glide
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2015 Dyna Club Style
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Slayer Fans! Jim Breuer
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2012 wide Glide Custom
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2012 Wide Glide 103
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  • john grande
    john grande 2 months ago

    can i ask what pipes are they and how long are they thanks bro.

  • Silidons
    Silidons 7 months ago

    I am torn. I'm not sure if I want to buy a 103ci Road Glide and go to stage 3 or 4, or buy a newer M8 Road Glide and go to stage 3. The twin cam seems like it gets a huge boost stage 3 vs the m8 107ci. Any thoughts?

  • John Craven
    John Craven 8 months ago

    short shots sound like a nasty fart

    • John Craven
      John Craven 8 months ago

      @Matt st. thomas they were on my bike when I first got it. Could not stand the sound, even with the quiet baffles.

    • Matt st. thomas
      Matt st. thomas 8 months ago

      John Craven ha! Yeah not a fan of them Anymore. Haven’t had this bike for close to 6 years.

  • 10mm Heater
    10mm Heater 10 months ago

    Is this stage 2 or 3. In your description it did t say anything about bigger cylinders or pistons.

  • justfine77777
    justfine77777 11 months ago

    What do they call those Harley wheels? Where can I get a set?

    • Matt st. thomas
      Matt st. thomas 11 months ago

      justfine77777 they’re stock Harley wheels. They’re called “Switch Blades.” I had powder coated black. You can get them through any Harley dealer.

  • bobby
    bobby 11 months ago


  • David Ways
    David Ways Year ago

    No joke bro, that is hands down THE BEST SOUNDING bike I've ever heard! Good for you brother, good for you!

  • Kaleb
    Kaleb Year ago

    I know this is an old post but, I have the same bike year and all, and I’m doing some custom work to it right now. Can you tell me what size wheels and tires you have on the front?

    • Kaleb
      Kaleb Year ago

      Never mind 👆 I see you already posted that info. Thanks and nice bike.

  • El Masquato
    El Masquato Year ago

    Don't bring that thing to California. You'll lose it in a sea of motorcycles that look exactly the same...

    • Matt st. thomas
      Matt st. thomas Year ago

      El Masquato bike was sold and the dude totaled it. Most motorcycle trends start in California and head east.

  • aviezek
    aviezek Year ago

    sick fxdx..what a beast... did you make that no.1 sticker on the battery yourself? nice halo ring turn signals. so howd u fix the rattle? i got the same problem too..

    • Matt st. thomas
      Matt st. thomas Year ago

      aviezek red lock tite on the end cap screw. Led turn signals are Custom Dynamics. My buddie got me the sticker, not sure where he got it.

  • Greezy_Chef
    Greezy_Chef Year ago


  • Brad Boisvert
    Brad Boisvert Year ago

    Beauty! Love my wide glide just gotta add my fat daddy all chrome wheels and I'll be finished again your bike looks great

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson Year ago


  • CJ
    CJ Year ago


  • Trevor Gore
    Trevor Gore Year ago

    what bend are the pro taper bars?

  • Mike Greer
    Mike Greer Year ago

    Single front disk

  • Brandon Ashwood
    Brandon Ashwood Year ago

    This is exactly what I always envisioned the perfect Harley to look like!!!

  • Jared Green
    Jared Green 2 years ago

    Fuck yeah

  • Alberta Boy
    Alberta Boy 2 years ago

    Booze fighters I wish there was a chapter in northern Alberta

  • Mike
    Mike 2 years ago

    Love the bike. Can you tell me what brand apes and risers those are along with the heights?

  • Luis Arroyo
    Luis Arroyo 2 years ago

    How did you get the front joker machine turn signals on ? I wanna put mine below the lower triple tree also . Do I just loosen the triple tree clamps and let it slide down ? Or do I have to completely remove the tube from the wheel

  • Mach1Alex
    Mach1Alex 2 years ago

    How much

  • Huttunen Sami
    Huttunen Sami 2 years ago

    Nice ride! What is that fairing? That looks cool!

    • Don Jaun Demarco
      Don Jaun Demarco Year ago

      Thats a Harley fairing

    • Logan
      Logan 2 years ago

      Huttunen Sami It's probably Arlen Ness.

  • Bobby Valenzuela
    Bobby Valenzuela 2 years ago

    which baffle is that?

  • Shepard Commander
    Shepard Commander 2 years ago

    Stock cams?

  • vealchop985
    vealchop985 2 years ago

    What size tire does that run on the front?

  • Jason Elliott
    Jason Elliott 2 years ago

    half these views are mine.

  • lazzyRJ
    lazzyRJ 3 years ago

    Nice! who makes that 2 into 1 and where did you pick it up from ?

  • Max Wightman
    Max Wightman 3 years ago

    is that for sale? where in Jersey?

  • Matt st. thomas
    Matt st. thomas 3 years ago

    That slight rattle you hear is the middle heat shield needed to be tightened.

  • Savannah Fitzgerald
    Savannah Fitzgerald 3 years ago

    is that an fxdb? please let me know man

    • Tits McGee
      Tits McGee 2 years ago

      Savannah Fitzgerald yes. 2015 fxdb

  • Benjamin D
    Benjamin D 3 years ago

    i got the same bike stock! Nice bick bro! i love your exuast!

  • 73Vik
    73Vik 3 years ago

    Question. You have to change the wires for the 12" apes? Or I can use the same

  • 73Vik
    73Vik 3 years ago

    You did an awesome job with this bike! Ride safe

  • Matt st. thomas
    Matt st. thomas 3 years ago

    Forbidden motorcycles out California risers with pro taper bars. Joker machine front blinkers fork mount, heartland biker we are LEDs

    • Erik R Santos
      Erik R Santos 5 months ago

      Matt st. thomas ok I know this was a few years back... but what fairing did you go with?

  • Public Svenemy
    Public Svenemy 3 years ago

    So Nice!! I really want to know what Kind of risers those are

    • Tits McGee
      Tits McGee 2 years ago

      Public Svenemy forbidden motorcycles

  • Fan Boy
    Fan Boy 3 years ago

    Sick bike. Can't wait to get my dyna

    • Dragan M
      Dragan M 3 years ago

      Fan Boy get the S with the 110 motor, it's FAST.

  • Angel Ortiz
    Angel Ortiz 3 years ago

    What bar setup is that? Also like the license plate and turn signals. Let me know setup if you don't mind. Be safe and enjoy.

    • Tits McGee
      Tits McGee 2 years ago

      German Estrada 9 inch

    • German Estrada
      German Estrada 2 years ago

      Tits McGee what size riser

    • Tits McGee
      Tits McGee 2 years ago

      Angel Ortiz rear is heartland LED and front are joker machine. License plate mount is a kuryaken lay down

    • Tits McGee
      Tits McGee 2 years ago

      Angel Ortiz forbidden riser with pro taper contour bars

  • Craig Wexler
    Craig Wexler 4 years ago

    when you put the Joker Machine blinkers on, did you have to wire a load equalizer?

  • Darius Emrich
    Darius Emrich 4 years ago

    Totallly accurate description. SLAYER!!!

  • mrraspoetin
    mrraspoetin 4 years ago

    u made a video from the tv? really

  • Reg Go
    Reg Go 4 years ago

    Did you have to change cables and extend wires to run those bars?

  • James Garnhum
    James Garnhum 5 years ago

    what is the name of those bars and what size?

  • adam burns
    adam burns 5 years ago

    Nice bike man i got a 2013 just bought the same bars can't wait to put them on did you half to buy new risers

  • Matt st. thomas
    Matt st. thomas 5 years ago

    It's a Screamin Eagle 255 cam with adjustable pushrods

    • Craig Dillon
      Craig Dillon 8 months ago

      That's stage 2. Adding larger pistons stage 3, heads and throttle body 4.

  • Oloughlin2777
    Oloughlin2777 5 years ago

    Cam sounds real nice. Which is it?

  • Matt st. thomas
    Matt st. thomas 6 years ago

    DNA Fat Spoke Wheels. 21 by 3.5 in front and 18 by 5.5 with a 180 rear.

  • siccmad3
    siccmad3 6 years ago

    what kinda wheels are you running looks sick

  • leeroywilly
    leeroywilly 6 years ago

    Thanks man

  • Matt st. thomas
    Matt st. thomas 6 years ago

    Stage 1 = air cleaner, exhaust, and Race tuner (such as a Screamin eagle race tuner) Stage 2 = stage 1 + cams Stage 3 = stage 2 + heads Stage 4 = all previous stages + Ported and polished heads and bigger throttle body. Basically they are the Stages per the Harley Davidson performance upgrades. Stage 4 is about 117HP 120TQ Number will fluctuate drastically depending on exhaust,cams an Dyno tuning

  • leeroywilly
    leeroywilly 6 years ago

    Whats does stage 1,2,and 3 mean? thanks

  • Matt st. thomas
    Matt st. thomas 6 years ago

    They're DNA Fat Spoke 50 spoke jewel cut. The rear is a 5.5 inch wheel with a 180 tire (will fit 200 without any mods) front is a 21 inch with a 3.0 inch wide tire

  • Matt st. thomas
    Matt st. thomas 6 years ago

    It's a 1961-62 Harley emblem. You can get them from the dealer and almost every other years.

  • moparbrent760
    moparbrent760 6 years ago

    what tank emblem is that? did it come off and old deluxe or road king or something?