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The Woman Who Can't Forget
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  • MAR21 FTSP
    MAR21 FTSP Hour ago


  • Rob Guyatt
    Rob Guyatt 2 hours ago

    Females do swoop.

  • Steven Clarke
    Steven Clarke 5 hours ago

    Its us in the future

  • Edmund Shearin
    Edmund Shearin 5 hours ago

    It's in biology and chemistry in the case of aging.. I pointed out before when Clinton said , DNA map was nothing significant . Not important enough . He is not an expert on genitics or the DNA mapping experiment. In the DNA map we find we have a map of the aging cycle . The question is , is anyone looking for it ? A biological one year cycle of bio/chem that fuels the aging cycle per year..we reverse the bio/ chem we reverse aging each year ... We grow older each year . We can grow younger each year .. the rest is b.s. psychology..

  • kane lee
    kane lee 6 hours ago

    you know our telescopes should be able to see a dyson sphere around that star, we can see 46 billion light years but cant see 1400 light years cmon we need to do better..

  • incawarrior68
    incawarrior68 6 hours ago

    Fast frequency of edits makes this difficult to watch.

  • Dialectix Emcee
    Dialectix Emcee 11 hours ago

    YOU EAT ANYTHING FOR 30 YEARS IT'LL BE "HARD TO CHANGE THE HABIT"......Diabetes and heart attacks are harder.

  • Jaggy's Exotic Pet's
    Jaggy's Exotic Pet's 13 hours ago

    We are still not worthy travelling into cosmos as long as there is greed in human and no compassion to life..

  • StOrm
    StOrm 14 hours ago

    Someone knows more about it now than they are telling the public...

  • Stelzner Gaming
    Stelzner Gaming 22 hours ago

    7:30 and in cars it did! have one in my 08 grand prix!

  • Panthera
    Panthera 23 hours ago

    You could try to use an automatically self-adjusting telescope kind of lenses in a tube to maximise the sun beam. BUT THE PROBLEM, like in another comment was mentioned, is that some birds and insects could get fried if flew through the beam.

    • Panthera
      Panthera 23 hours ago

      But like in another comment was mentioned, birds and insects could get fried if flew through the beam.

  • Panthera
    Panthera Day ago


  • Sean Jackson
    Sean Jackson Day ago

    Screamed and dropped my phone multiple times 😫😩 smh

  • John Oliva
    John Oliva Day ago

    Okay so hi other intelligent people . Hope your having a great day. Your good friend dano.

  • Marlon Reano
    Marlon Reano Day ago

    Yes... that theory is possible only if there is no ozone layer on earth... But there is Ozone layer on earth that protects and destroys any meteor before it falls down to the earth... so for me that theory has a mistake...

  • kamal mohsen
    kamal mohsen Day ago

    I think they are preparing to come to earth and take all our cow's and sausages so we can live longer and healthier lives.

  • Natan Skorput
    Natan Skorput Day ago

    Took me some time to find a video on this, a 1982 video to understand how CD lasers work. been looking for this for quite a while. very well presented, I guess people nowadays don't even bother going this deep. Thanks for uploading!!!

  • Mountainryder
    Mountainryder Day ago

    These kind of videos are a bucket of "maybe", "could be", "it’s possible", and on and on and on.......

  • Alain Routhier

    we can only live max 120 yrs in this body but the real self thes oul is eternal

  • DigitalIP
    DigitalIP Day ago

    See, even in 2014 Japan was concerned with Global Warming (Or whenever this video was made)

  • Adam hufz
    Adam hufz Day ago

    What an insane samart engineering, shout out for japan from indonesia👌🏼🔥✊🏽

  • A.d. Greenwood

    Scam. They are trying to sell a new pill. There is natural ways to deal with diabetis that does not create a toxic environment, the damaging of the internal organ within the body, due to pharmaceutical drug.

  • newpaltz
    newpaltz Day ago

    The first CD I bought was Ibrahim Tatlıses - Ben de İsterem in 1998.. çok da sikinizde

  • Kevin Shandrew

    Probably a planet. X of its own

  • Kathleen M. Higgins

    So it must be our hearts and minds and Spirits that allow us to skip across or skip entirely ~ the bridge called aging. Yes?

  • El Rondo
    El Rondo Day ago

    Big pharma will block this.

  • Darrianne Field

    when a huntsman is seen in my room I leave it's their room now.

  • Pamela Forougi

    Its a only time I am glad I am short 😂😂

  • Fred Azbell
    Fred Azbell Day ago

    The most impossible idea that is circulating. Aging and death is the natural order of things. Accept it.

  • Jason Collins
    Jason Collins Day ago

    The phonograph 'only' a valuable antique? Rubbish. It still plays music, doesn't it? The blind capitulation to built-in obsolescence.

  • HiltonPosts
    HiltonPosts Day ago

    Wow I wish the government in my country cared this much


    Hello Humans. I am not of this puny planet, but my boss sent me here. My boss does not like me as we know you are not friendly to 'aliens'. I asked a male Human from London UK where visitors and strangers go and he said "blubabubablubaTube" . In gratitude I vaporised him after taking his transporter device which was connected to RU-clip. So, here I am. Greetings Earthlings. I will vaporise you all as an act of goodwill. My vaporiser though only works properly on 5g. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Da ve
    Da ve 2 days ago

    Who's gonna maintain the system let alone replace cell packs ..... lithium am not 100% recyclable .... affordable ya jokers 😂😂😂😂 what happens after year 🤣🤣🤣

  • Benprior1988 Prior
    Benprior1988 Prior 2 days ago

    Anything us humans cant explain automatically we jump to ah its either aliens or ghosts....

  • Percy B
    Percy B 2 days ago

    Take care of sausages, I’ll take care of the onion tangerines 4:50 🤣

  • neddy laddy
    neddy laddy 2 days ago

    Since when has cost been equated to value?The $15 win Vs $10 loss sounds like a con and therefore to be avoided.!

  • laur574
    laur574 2 days ago

    Death star

  • Christian Nepogie
    Christian Nepogie 2 days ago

    It is very similar to KETO Diet and intermittent fasting.

  • Rosey
    Rosey 2 days ago

    I came here because I just got swooped by a big ass magpie in my backyard this morning. It’s my first time being swooped & I’m bloody traumatised mate

    • Dr. Peppa
      Dr. Peppa Day ago

      @Rosey i'm canadian!!! and i just found out about these today from a reddit post which asked when u think of australia, what do u think of? i though top answer would be roos and koalas but someone mentioned magpies and how they attack!! i was so curious and i found this video AHHAHA it is hilarious but also if i was ever there and this happened to me, i would definitely cry so mucH!! YOU ARE A BRAVE SOUL :)))

    • Rosey
      Rosey Day ago

      Dr. Peppa Yes! 😂 Although I cannot go into backyard for now and also (I learned this the hard way the other night) they even attack in the dark! FML I need to water my plants before they die! 🥺

    • Dr. Peppa
      Dr. Peppa Day ago


  • Gorgeous Baby
    Gorgeous Baby 2 days ago

    i like your channel. But I have an issue remembering all the good facts. Can I suggest that u do a short summary to remind us of key points? Thanks.

  • David Meloche
    David Meloche 2 days ago

    Nutritionist: "That diet would be lacking in nutrients." Which nutrients? Between my high fiber veggies, and my varied meats and cheeses, I literally get everything i need in a day. I think she means carbs...which is silly.

  • Al antoney Francis
    Al antoney Francis 2 days ago

    You tube. Killer jook

  • Don R. Mueller, Ph.D.

    While they are at it: build a fully-functioning time machine.

  • 오리고기
    오리고기 2 days ago

    I was watching movie on my bed in Fiji. When I was focusing on a laptop, I felt something crawling on my left arm... what was going on? I got itchy... so I looked my arm.. I was so shocked!!!!! And I jumped up, the tremendous spider ran away from me. Even though it is not venomous, looks like horrible.

  • Ashley k
    Ashley k 2 days ago

    Check their gut health. That’s all you need to check.

  • macca
    macca 2 days ago

    They will never catch on

  • zwr9ne0fh8pk4bt635245

    too bad the video quality is poor.

    FD CKLFR 2 days ago

    That's why you need working smoke alarms . The more the merrier.

  • Bright Nairobi
    Bright Nairobi 3 days ago

    Old age will most certainly overtake us all however much we try. There is a saying that goes if death 'forgets' you, old age will not. Of course it's a metaphor. Beside old age is a sign of blessing. I will advice soundly just to live a peaceful life without harming anyone and when your time comes you will assuredly go. even if its 10, 30 50 or 100 years.

  • Subra M Subramaniam

    Wonderful healthy long life

  • Pegasus
    Pegasus 3 days ago

    I liked this video. But every time she asked what came before, I wanted to shout, "There was no 'before'!" "Before" suggests an earlier time. But time as well as space began with the Big Bang. There was no earlier time. It's like asking what is north of the North Pole. Yeah, my mind boggles too.

  • Pegasus
    Pegasus 3 days ago

    "Well, I guess that's the best we could do right now. Bye." NO "THANK YOU"??? The guy just did his best to explain one of the biggest, most difficult questions humans have ever thought up, for crying out loud!

  • John K
    John K 3 days ago

    Why do I need cds when I can currently listen to music digitally cds are already obsolete.

  • Glenn Johnson
    Glenn Johnson 3 days ago

    Dust is no problem for CD's but scratches can sometimes cause problems. Scratches going from the center to the outside aren't usually a problem it's scratches that are going with the "grooves" that can cause errors. Plus the the severity of the scratch matters too.

  • Yankee Inventions
    Yankee Inventions 3 days ago

    Silly Girl

  • Dro King
    Dro King 3 days ago

    The human race is not ready for there technology

  • Customer Service Manager

    You know, the 1980s was very futuristic for it's time...

  • Garden of Eden
    Garden of Eden 3 days ago

    The thumbnail of this video, looks suspiciously like the ‘wheel within a wheel’ vision from the bible or better known as ‘Ezekiel’s wheels’ ummmmm dont know about you guys but alien megastructure theory could very well be correct, but then its not alien........try God’s Chariot.........all of it in the bible. People should not dismiss the bible as mere myth. I know its all truth, reality is people need to figure that out on their own and cannot be ‘shown’ and then automatically believe. Is a journey and you have to use your free will. Most people are just too blind to the truth or refuse to want to know the truth anyways

  • Mark Stewart
    Mark Stewart 3 days ago

    G string

  • kempmt1
    kempmt1 3 days ago

    I did start with the record, then the cassette. Then, after some convincing from a fellow shipmate, I began using the CD. I still have CDs and the short-lived mini-discs.

    • Skip Introux
      Skip Introux Day ago

      Mini disk was lower quality than CD, and the most common modern formats such as MP3 are far lower quality than mini disk - we are going backwards!

  • Lencho D
    Lencho D 3 days ago

    Wtf = where is the flux😂

  • telman222
    telman222 3 days ago

    Talking about future stuff while burning murdered beings to eat.

  • Paul Colourzone
    Paul Colourzone 3 days ago

    It looks like the tree stump of an enormous giant tree !!!!! That was cut down by a giant !!! Because of the angled perimeter edges as well, almost like the way roots widen out to go looking for nutrients. The caves almost look like the holes you see in rotting tree bark, which in very long periods of time have become petrified. Sometimes I think we got everything all wrong.

  • Rhoisin Lawson
    Rhoisin Lawson 3 days ago

    My wonderful husband is overweight, and he eats animal products, hardly any vegetable (carrots and pale iceberg) and fruit, and foods with hidden sugars. The dietary health pyramid was about getting people to eat what farmers were producing. It had ZERO/NOTHING to do with any dietary advances. NADA. It was all about the money, the food industry./economy

  • iam high
    iam high 3 days ago

    Imagine if its possible... We all end up like plastic

  • Zero zone
    Zero zone 4 days ago

    Japan: *_Improvise, Adapt, Overcome._*

  • boxxanon
    boxxanon 4 days ago

    sausages and alien megastructures. alien megastructures and sausages! what does it all mean????

  • Jason Tan
    Jason Tan 4 days ago

    just reduce carb's intake, u will not feel the urge to eating all the time

  • Greg Brophy
    Greg Brophy 4 days ago

    quick ! break out the shrimp !

  • Greg Brophy
    Greg Brophy 4 days ago

    studied since 40's . after japanese firenado

  • Monsek Hevlan
    Monsek Hevlan 4 days ago

    I love CDs, even today, in 2019.

  • Jennifer Watson
    Jennifer Watson 4 days ago

    About time!

  • dekotu
    dekotu 4 days ago

    8:23 bruh

  • Vance schweigert
    Vance schweigert 4 days ago

    Some kind of power adapter transferring power to alian planet net structure

  • Ismael iii
    Ismael iii 4 days ago

    Japan: makes useful Underground water system and uses excavated soil for new roads U.S: Makes useless wall to “prevent” immigrants from crossing the border

  • MarvelExtra
    MarvelExtra 4 days ago

    Music on a silicon chip?! What a joke. :P

  • Retired Arthritic
    Retired Arthritic 4 days ago

    This video also shows the advisability of installing a residential sprinkler system in addition to dual powered smoke detector alarms. the smoke detector/alarm to provide early warning and the sprinkler system to mitigate the amount of fire damage to the structure. How many sprinkler wet pipe heads would be required one for each room in the house and two dry pipe heads minimum for the attic space. unheated attached garage will require at least one dry pipe head. This is especially true for areas where fire protection is minimal or non-existent. There is also a benefit for having these fire protection systems reduced insurance costs because of the reduced risk.

  • Wally
    Wally 4 days ago

    ABC science gone mad anyone believe this nonsense seriously needs therapy

  • Eric Newhuis
    Eric Newhuis 4 days ago

    Get off junk food, processed food, sugar, dairy, oil, and meat as staples. Eat what the blue zones eat. You don't need ten thousand youtube videos to figure out how to live to 100. Eat what those cultures eat. Boom! (See you in 50 years...some of you.)

  • Vijayakrishnan K K
    Vijayakrishnan K K 4 days ago

    08:18 watching the video from a laptop with ssd memory

  • Matiss Grislis
    Matiss Grislis 4 days ago

    Scratch proof? Dust proof? Tell that to Xbox and PS!

  • gianluigi dautilia
    gianluigi dautilia 4 days ago

    40 years later, all my CDs are not readable anymore

  • ihopetowin
    ihopetowin 4 days ago

    Ketones are not an alternative fuel source, keynotes are the original fuel source.

  • ihopetowin
    ihopetowin 4 days ago

    I use the Ketogenic Diet. I eat one meal a day, OMAD. The recent discovery of how Autophagy in the body's cells is triggered is brought about by fasting and a Ketogenic Diet. One meal a day for me means a 23 hour fast. I sometimes go much longer. Autophagy is something everybody should be researching in order to come to an understanding of how beneficial this state can be for health and longevity. Escape obesity, escape big pharma's grip and escape the hogwash people have been fed for 50 years and more.

  • William Perez
    William Perez 5 days ago

    Any updates about this theory from 2013 ?

  • monica mitchell
    monica mitchell 5 days ago

    Interstellar power station for spaceships or power source for more than 1 planet. That civilization is far advanced if this is so.

  • James Raider
    James Raider 5 days ago

    I think there is so much dust ice gold rocks of all types that is just floating around the star that it's confused as the star is blocked off Yeah its possible aliens but its more than likely just rocks that on time float around it.

  • Pieter Visser
    Pieter Visser 5 days ago

    Bought a Philips CD player in 1986 for about 500 Guilders (inflation corrected that is about 900 euro today, the price of a high end smartphone) still using it today. Works just fine. Consumer electronics that last more than 33 years, I doubt if anything today does that, although I very much doubt if I would spend that much on CD player today.

  • J knowledgenet
    J knowledgenet 5 days ago

    Notice just like every other NASA propaganda video this shows 100% cgi space

  • Adam Forrest
    Adam Forrest 5 days ago

    Jacque Fresco lived to 101, he was only 5 foot 5

  • allin yofeelings
    allin yofeelings 5 days ago

    Put on autogenerated English captions an read when they speak Japanese it's hilarious lmao...

  • rstezza
    rstezza 5 days ago

    Just watch ‘The Magic Pill’ on Netflix.

  • Billy Collins
    Billy Collins 5 days ago

    I hate to say it but Japan and china #1

  • scott christy
    scott christy 5 days ago


  • ABC 123
    ABC 123 5 days ago

    And her birth date was? I missed that!

  • Chris Ragner
    Chris Ragner 5 days ago

    Consider the Drake Postulate, or the Drake Equation. The chances of alien life occurring at the same time as our existence is infinitesimal.

  • edward sindon
    edward sindon 5 days ago

    And in my country some governor want made something like this but got jailed because religion issues HAHAHAHAHA

  • TheWheelofLife100
    TheWheelofLife100 5 days ago

    Numbers should not influence rational and logical thought, it's just numbers, but the human mind is weak and easily influenced and manipulated.

  • Plebbeh Pxtato
    Plebbeh Pxtato 5 days ago

    wb takeaways? its quite expensive and quite hard for then to buy/find containers that arent plastic

  • Johnny 5
    Johnny 5 5 days ago

    Diabetes Australia promotes Carb intake because it keeps them employed. Simple math!!!