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  • Ida and Ferdinand

    You can think what you want to but just love this girl ❤️

  • HannahRachel Xo
    HannahRachel Xo Hour ago

    One of Kim's best looks for sure. Mugler is the most iconic artist.

  • Sharon Stone
    Sharon Stone Hour ago

    I'm not with the length of the hair.

  • Akoya Pichon
    Akoya Pichon Hour ago

    Anna came with heat.

  • Assem Baltabayeva

    you are cool!

  • Pedro Lulu
    Pedro Lulu Hour ago


  • Pedro Lulu
    Pedro Lulu Hour ago


  • Armanny Xavier
    Armanny Xavier Hour ago

    she gave him designer clothes .. she’s so sweet 🥺

  • Juan Borge
    Juan Borge Hour ago

    Imagine getting to the point in your life where the most interesting thing for you to do in London is walk and cook

  • j p
    j p Hour ago

    C is beautiful n c knows how to do make up n here I m 😣

  • Seb
    Seb Hour ago

    Look at all the idiots in the comments saying its scripted. Its not meant to look improvised geniuses.

  • Sheikh Suleiman
    Sheikh Suleiman Hour ago

    Genuinely beautiful woman

  • سمراء بقلب ابيض


  • Simone Millsap
    Simone Millsap Hour ago

    who’s here in october 2019?

  • Matis
    Matis 2 hours ago

    je rêve ou il a sortit "montre un peu plus le cul" à 2:23 ?

  • fadoua oubaid
    fadoua oubaid 2 hours ago

    What is the Splice girl doing giving tutorials on RU-clip? !

  • martha marleyzae
    martha marleyzae 2 hours ago

    I think Bella's upper body is stiff. I am actually interested in whatever it is that is taking place in this family

  • Mimi Smith
    Mimi Smith 2 hours ago

    Kris popped in the video like Diddy on a Bad Boy shoot 😂😂😂

  • Agnes Carvalho
    Agnes Carvalho 2 hours ago

    I need Brie larson here

  • Achuthan Rames
    Achuthan Rames 2 hours ago

    I thought Camilla cabello married Shawn menses 😂

  • Hang Thoon
    Hang Thoon 2 hours ago

    They were the best couple a good looking talented guy and a model. It breaks my heart now that they're not together as a couple nymore

  • julia
    julia 2 hours ago

    ok but like did anyone notice her wallpaper on her phone.

  • ladymayaaa
    ladymayaaa 2 hours ago

    She’s beautiful

  • Skyler
    Skyler 2 hours ago

    A product list would be nice :)

  • The Ancient Lantern
    The Ancient Lantern 2 hours ago

    She’s gorgeous. 🥰🥰 I really hope Todd Phillips does a directors cut of Joker because it’s be really great to see more of Beetz’ character.

  • moni okege
    moni okege 2 hours ago

    what are the designers she mentioned?

  • Simar Dhillon
    Simar Dhillon 2 hours ago

    They should do 73 questions with Camilla and Shawn at the same time

  • Aline Silva
    Aline Silva 2 hours ago


  • Today's show starring Skylar

    Still watching in 2019

  • Selena Grande
    Selena Grande 2 hours ago

    Why does cardi look like our history teachers? Lol 😂

  • Chat Pointer
    Chat Pointer 2 hours ago

    Yasssss give it ALL TO ME

  • Aline Silva
    Aline Silva 2 hours ago

    Ameiii 😍❤❤❤

  • Ella Barner
    Ella Barner 2 hours ago

    that fake facetime tho

  • x x
    x x 2 hours ago



    now we love each other


    you learned im irrisitible and dangerous

  • life of Jada
    life of Jada 2 hours ago


  • life of Jada
    life of Jada 2 hours ago


  • life of Jada
    life of Jada 2 hours ago


  • jc2delaga
    jc2delaga 2 hours ago

    Very cool n cute!

  • Olivia maria dos santos

    0:53 “bom diaaa” ❤️❤️❤️

  • Crurned
    Crurned 2 hours ago

    Tan rica mami! 😍

  • Romário Roges
    Romário Roges 2 hours ago


  • Mia Ruiz
    Mia Ruiz 2 hours ago

    Cardi B:Ok 3 outfits all night Me:Ok 1 outfit a for the whole week and is called pajamas

  • Михаил Романов

    She so pretty

  • Yodele Ladejobi
    Yodele Ladejobi 2 hours ago

    stop saying she makes you feel insecure!!!! love yourself! you're BEAUTIFUL

  • Ксения Романова

    Боже, какая важная и незаметная работа швей, которые создают эту красоту. Да, звезды носят, но швеи в ручную создают произведения искусства

  • Caden Wetrat11
    Caden Wetrat11 2 hours ago

    I'm just where for the dislike.

  • Инна Араратян

    ok if you find a person cuter than lily just show me

  • Roseline Tremblay
    Roseline Tremblay 2 hours ago

    Her bonjour sounded so much like a canadien french bonjour

  • Darci Villatoro
    Darci Villatoro 2 hours ago

    Rihanna is so beautiful 😍

  • Aziz Al-Mutairi
    Aziz Al-Mutairi 2 hours ago

    جميلة خالد فيصل الديحاني

  • Leslie Owens
    Leslie Owens 2 hours ago

    The guy behind the camera, cringy

  • Nadria Clecidor
    Nadria Clecidor 2 hours ago

    Pisces gang♓♓♓♓♓♓

  • Cathy May
    Cathy May 2 hours ago

    she doesn’t know what she’ll be remembered as😂 that killed me. all i could think of when that question came up was Ray J

  • Winner 2016
    Winner 2016 3 hours ago


  • Maura Pinheiro
    Maura Pinheiro 3 hours ago


  • Lavya Shetty
    Lavya Shetty 3 hours ago

    Deepika's dress for iifa 2019 is quite similar to this one right????🤔

  • Farah Wahab
    Farah Wahab 3 hours ago

    God I love you

  • Anastasiia Chorna
    Anastasiia Chorna 3 hours ago

    It’s actually not nice to shoot people in the face if they don’t want

  • Osmair Souza
    Osmair Souza 3 hours ago


  • Kristine Lamonday
    Kristine Lamonday 3 hours ago

    As someone who has lived in Korea, I can attest to their expertise in beauty... ru-clip.com/video/06gccpycL2U/video.html

  • Georgie Penguin
    Georgie Penguin 3 hours ago

    Is it just me who heard Hamilton and joined in with Neil?

  • Samutaofficial
    Samutaofficial 3 hours ago

    New Hit m.ru-clip.com/video/yKInIKIcKFI/video.html

  • 83rdox
    83rdox 3 hours ago

    This violinist is exquisite, Anthony Hawk is his name

  • Leighann Rice
    Leighann Rice 3 hours ago

    i cried during this video bc i was so happy for you 😄



    MOON CHILD 3 hours ago

    Who’s here after their break up?🥴🙋🏼‍♀️

  • Rebella VEVO
    Rebella VEVO 3 hours ago

    In the beginning he acts exactly like me walking after my crush who hated me in 2nd grade

  • luisquienmas
    luisquienmas 3 hours ago


  • Cookie Cat
    Cookie Cat 3 hours ago

    Ugh I love her she’s gorgeous

  • karen c
    karen c 3 hours ago


  • elena elena
    elena elena 3 hours ago

    God she is a magnet ! such a personality! Can’t get enough of her! Leaves the feeling of inspiration! Also she is so free and at ease and at the same time soooo natural! I a,pm in loooove

  • Bronwyn Fenty
    Bronwyn Fenty 3 hours ago

    Her voice is perfect 😍

  • nawshin anjum
    nawshin anjum 3 hours ago

    Did you guys just move in?

  • Fatima Waseem
    Fatima Waseem 3 hours ago

    For all the people talking about PC's guts to carry that look to Met Gala I would like to say If you guys are so daring get that look and go somewhere than we'll see

  • Munisa Alimova
    Munisa Alimova 3 hours ago

    Кто русско язычный человек . Лайк👍🏻

  • Semiha Ozcan
    Semiha Ozcan 3 hours ago

    The way she says Camille

  • Johana Ramirez
    Johana Ramirez 3 hours ago

    Can you send me some free of your bedt most recommended products please my skin is really dry and I need so much help to get it looking some what normal

  • sanjeev kumar
    sanjeev kumar 3 hours ago

    She's such a queen😍😍

  • Julia Prepod
    Julia Prepod 3 hours ago

    Mom taught her to Keep everything private ...

  • Em Construção
    Em Construção 3 hours ago

    To everyone who hasn't: go watch Atlanta.

  • Fatima Waseem
    Fatima Waseem 3 hours ago

    I can't even handle simple shalwar kameez and she's like wearing a whole curtain thingy on her

  • Judy Everist
    Judy Everist 3 hours ago

    She played with her hair the whole time!

  • mandy blades
    mandy blades 3 hours ago

    no one: liam: john lennon

  • Simran Lamba
    Simran Lamba 3 hours ago

    She threw the mic on purpose and my dumbass thought it was an accident🙄

  • Baleed Ali
    Baleed Ali 3 hours ago

    Gigi I have one for you its 100 million Usd $$$$

  • Biseshta Aryal
    Biseshta Aryal 3 hours ago

    73 questions with Ariana Grande😘plz

  • snowwpea
    snowwpea 3 hours ago

    She’s adorable, I’m surprised she didn’t use sunscreen, or did I just completely miss that part?

  • David code
    David code 3 hours ago


  • Neel Mistry
    Neel Mistry 4 hours ago

    Ask her abt white teeth

  • urmee nur
    urmee nur 4 hours ago

    i love Phoebe too

  • Heather Yi
    Heather Yi 4 hours ago

    Patrick Ta was her makeup artist??? DANG 😍😍 that’s my dream!

  • Ruxandra
    Ruxandra 4 hours ago

    that accent mhhmmm

  • Marcos Santiago
    Marcos Santiago 4 hours ago


  • Zoe-lee
    Zoe-lee 4 hours ago

    please do Matty Healy!

  • xqueen xbxtch
    xqueen xbxtch 4 hours ago

    Everyone: they are all so cute! Me: why is a child/ toddler drinking sprite?

  • jun
    jun 4 hours ago

    whats the song that plays when the runway starts

  • Fff Gggg
    Fff Gggg 4 hours ago

    You are still beautiful without makeup

  • hocuspocusbae xoxo
    hocuspocusbae xoxo 4 hours ago

    Everyone in the room besides cardi has a terrible sense of humor