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KFC Innovations Lab
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KFC x WWE: Sando Slam
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  • James Dumond
    James Dumond 2 hours ago

    That white meat of those chickens are making me hungry. 🍗😊

  • Tralala Treele
    Tralala Treele 2 hours ago

    But I want to pay for it!

  • L H
    L H 3 hours ago

    Sad how KFC has to go so low using a movie such Rudy to make a commercial I don't think that I will be able to watch this movie and laugh thinking of KFC so sad.

  • Joe Starkey
    Joe Starkey 3 hours ago

    They should’ve had Vince Vaughn make a cameo in this commercial, declaring: “It’s the last piece of chicken of the season & this 🅰️💲💲🕳 thinks it’s the Super Bowl”.

  • Is This Rain?
    Is This Rain? 3 hours ago

    _"You can't just introduce your new and delicious Kentucky fried wings in our football game."_

  • Big Guy Antics!!
    Big Guy Antics!! 6 hours ago


  • Chris Dugan
    Chris Dugan 6 hours ago

    Honey barbecue wings back? Finally!

  • Mr. Awesome
    Mr. Awesome 6 hours ago

    What’s that song? It sounds so familiar

  • Will Jacobs
    Will Jacobs 10 hours ago

    From that picture, there should be like 100 pieces of chicken in there. There's only eight. False advertising much?

  • dmed
    dmed 14 hours ago

    I fucking love that fucking music. I could pump twice the iron every day to the Rudy theme.

  • The Gamming Psycho 2008

    that guy bob from stranger things

  • Amelia Sanchez plata
    Amelia Sanchez plata 19 hours ago

    Yo e mirado muchas beces que las personas que trabajan en ese restauran sacan las charolas con las que cosinan y los pisan afuera del restauran

  • Roger Smith
    Roger Smith Day ago

    I can't watch Rudy anymore after seeing this commercial

  • TTV_SubZ3r0 TTV

    what is this music called at 0:00 please tell me it is really good and i love the simulator

  • Malinda Russe
    Malinda Russe Day ago

    I wish nothing more than to show this to the real Sanders when I die.

  • Papa Tr3
    Papa Tr3 Day ago

    Haven't had KFC in years this 30 second video made me go out and but some

  • craig T
    craig T Day ago

    KFC do you realize you have the MOST annoying commercial currently airing on tv and I refuse to give you any of my money while this commercial airs

  • Norhuda Zaini
    Norhuda Zaini Day ago

    This is how many people like anime.

  • Artism UwU
    Artism UwU Day ago

    I love you

  • Maple lord
    Maple lord Day ago


  • SuperSmashFlashWalkthroguh's


  • emancoy
    emancoy Day ago

    I have been so out of touch the WWE since 2000, I missed a lot.

  • Z Z
    Z Z 2 days ago

    Condiments come with?

  • First Last
    First Last 2 days ago

    I love you guys but PLEASE work on your ads

  • Artism UwU
    Artism UwU 2 days ago

    dear kfc your marketing is GOLD please never stop I love you

  • Russell Monson
    Russell Monson 2 days ago

    Too expensive when there is better out there. Discrimination against the handicapped isn't cool. And lsat time i checked was supposed to be against the law.

  • Russell Monson
    Russell Monson 2 days ago

    Like rudy, but not going to buy the most expensive chicken. Especially when there Is a whole helluva lot better chicken out there. Besides, sounds like your still disrespecting the handicapped community. And for that, I won't spend my money on a company that does not train it's employee's to respect everyone.

  • Josecarlos Garcia
    Josecarlos Garcia 2 days ago

    Rudy’s the dude who died in stranger things season 2

  • James Dumond
    James Dumond 2 days ago

    I love this video. 🙂🍗

  • Homer Cuts
    Homer Cuts 2 days ago

    I love me some KFC! I'm excited about the wings I eat at Wingstop everyday and I was bummed when KFC dropped its wings when they had them years ago. I'm hearing they dropped the Georgia gold which I loved.... that would have been rad to have Georgia gold Wings... I love KFC mashed potatoes... my biggest complaint with KFC is there using too much plastic... it would be the best fast food company in the world if they did away with plastic and styrofoam!

  • SandboxArrow
    SandboxArrow 2 days ago


  • Matthew91
    Matthew91 2 days ago

    That looks yummy!

  • SkepticalBrothersOffical

    ._. Colonel sanders is so confused that he want to eat McDonalds now.

  • K W
    K W 2 days ago


  • Agent 6666 The wildling agent

    I love KFC but I don’t have the spare time or budget to get some KFC chicken

  • faggio bruv
    faggio bruv 2 days ago

    Can he give me some

  • Fucking Retarded Furry

    The female rival is hot as fuck like damn

  • The Best Leroy Ever

    All the reviews Ive seen show these wings sauced like shit. They dont look like the commercial AT ALL.

  • cool name
    cool name 3 days ago

    2 dislikes are vegans

  • Nico Animations
    Nico Animations 3 days ago

    Kentucky's Fake Chicken

  • Rotten Raspberry
    Rotten Raspberry 3 days ago

    Wait, the wings are here for a limited time?

  • Dj Alexander
    Dj Alexander 3 days ago


  • SummerRain368
    SummerRain368 3 days ago

    Truth! I shared this ad with my daughter’s family and she sent me a picture of her car in the drive-thru KFC lane the exact time she received it! Serendipity! LOL. And she was unaware of the new wings so she added them to the order! Looks like your commercials work! 😂 And I hope you paid Sean and your advertising team enough since that’s why I sent it along! ❤️

  • The Pig Show
    The Pig Show 3 days ago

    I was thinking what this is going to happen because it’s chicken 🍗

  • SummerRain368
    SummerRain368 3 days ago

    I LOVE this commercial so much! LOL 😂 And obviously Rudy was one of my favorite movies! 🏈 🍗. ❤️

  • Peep THIS Out!
    Peep THIS Out! 3 days ago

    Had a chance to review these earlier this week and since I never had 'em before even when other versions were available years back, I was sure looking forward to it! 😁👍

  • superkeegan9100
    superkeegan9100 3 days ago

    I love how ridiculous these commercials are.

  • Peep THIS Out!
    Peep THIS Out! 3 days ago

    Yes! Glad Rudy has still got it! Had a blast reviewing these earlier this week! 😁👍

  • Aaron reaves cat reaves season 3

    Cool sub to me

  • Donut
    Donut 3 days ago

    Colonel Sanders is hot.

  • Abdo STOP
    Abdo STOP 3 days ago


  • Tomas Flores
    Tomas Flores 3 days ago

    Rudy is a damn good movie 🍗🍗🍗

  • Santa Claus0001
    Santa Claus0001 3 days ago

    Just wanted to drop by and say that Popeyes is trash and so are its clientele.

  • Chucho's World YT
    Chucho's World YT 3 days ago

    Who's here after seeing the Rudy movie

  • Destin The Gamer Gecko

    I'd fuckin destroy colonel Sanders if he brought wings to my house, I'd bet he's leg shaking good 🍆🍆😣🍑😩

  • Cornell Nichols2
    Cornell Nichols2 3 days ago

    These commercials are hilarious

  • Aaron Vo
    Aaron Vo 3 days ago


  • Lauren Cecilia
    Lauren Cecilia 3 days ago

    I love this😂❤️

  • half genie
    half genie 3 days ago

    Aeshleigh is my waifu!

  • Thawmas
    Thawmas 3 days ago

    Thank you KFC, very cool!

  • Judy Ervin
    Judy Ervin 3 days ago

    What a crock! Appalling.

  • homiefetus
    homiefetus 3 days ago

    This kinda huge tho

  • Rice God
    Rice God 3 days ago

    Didn't even know about this until the dating simulator

  • BlitherParty474
    BlitherParty474 3 days ago

    I love KFC i might go to KFC this weekemd

  • half genie
    half genie 3 days ago

    Aeshleigh, crush me with your thighs!

  • Abdo STOP
    Abdo STOP 3 days ago

    أخ يا حنان

  • a group of crackheads

    Why did I get a notification for this?-

  • Puff -_-
    Puff -_- 3 days ago

    *Perfect Thing To Watch Before School.*

    • Bruh
      Bruh 3 days ago

      Puff -_- wow

  • Tyrone Smith
    Tyrone Smith 3 days ago

    Bob is that you???

  • Dj Alexander
    Dj Alexander 3 days ago

    Wait,Fried Chicken Day? FLUFF! I miss a holiday that is basically my birthday!

  • Laferpanda :v
    Laferpanda :v 4 days ago

    Que buen anime

  • Femina Ex Machina
    Femina Ex Machina 4 days ago

    I'm sitting down to play this now with my $5 fill-up of Original Recipe dark meat, mashed potatoes & gravy, biscuit, and chocolate chip cookie. I got my two big drinks of Mountain Dew, too. 😍

  • Less Talk, More Delicious

    Thanks for bringing back KFCs Honey BBQ Wing’s!!! 🤤😋 They’ve been discontinued for a min (last time I had em was around 2008 iirc) Got them last night, and although not as dark colored as the old-school/classic ones...I’m happy to report the taste is the same!! PS: I really hate all of KFCs newer oil-based flavors (Nashville Hot, Georgia Gold, etc.)... they’re way too oily and nasty. 🛢🤮

  • Less Talk, More Delicious

    KFCs Honey BBQ Wing’s are back!!! 🤤😋 They’ve been discontinued for a min (last time I had em was around 2008 iirc) Got them last night, and although not as dark colored as the old-school/classic ones...I’m happy to report the taste is the same!! PS: I really hate all of KFCs newer oil-based flavors (Nashville Hot, Georgia Gold, etc.)... they’re way too oily and nasty. 🛢🤮

  • KOB Entertainment
    KOB Entertainment 4 days ago

    Just lol 😂

  • Lefaso
    Lefaso 4 days ago


  • Eli Sanders
    Eli Sanders 4 days ago

    This will be the most profitable box office movie ever

  • flz_5848
    flz_5848 4 days ago

    Love this item. It was so good that everyone in my class passed culinary school.

  • Isaac King
    Isaac King 4 days ago

    I laughed way too hard at this when I saw it yesterday, and I laughed way too hard at it just now rewatching it. Keep up your advertising game KFC. It’s working.

  • 白原
    白原 4 days ago

    Stay away from my mom

  • Akansha Agarwal
    Akansha Agarwal 4 days ago

    This is just awful. How is an ad campaign for mother's day supposed to be so seductive and out of place?Coolest mom? Really.What is this a new trend?.This is pathetic.All this teach people is to feel no genuine real emotions at all.

  • AlexLolBye
    AlexLolBye 4 days ago

    I cant look at or eat kfc the same way ever again

  • Joshyy Rod
    Joshyy Rod 4 days ago

    What if it was called “I love you Popeyes”

  • Hydroquake Vortex
    Hydroquake Vortex 4 days ago

    Wendy’s is better tho

  • MutiFandom DeathTrap

    Why is colonel sanders hot?

  • OzymanDIOs
    OzymanDIOs 5 days ago

    *"Anime was a mistake"* - Colonel Sanders 1970

  • Potatoゲーマー
    Potatoゲーマー 5 days ago

    pls make a mobile versionnn

  • Pepper Mint
    Pepper Mint 5 days ago

    I’ll give you a $5 Fill-Up ;)

  • ahngehlah
    ahngehlah 5 days ago

    I’ve rewatched this like 15 times

  • Monric
    Monric 6 days ago

    Why have I never seen this before?

  • Monric
    Monric 6 days ago

    He's saying how his whole entire life, he had to work his ass off to get the money for chocolate cake, and now he has to get it for free.

  • {:} r e d o r e o s {:}

    I've seen this dam add everywhere.

  • Church hill Gun carrier

    Oh uhhh being a customer of KFC for 5+ years this...this is something

  • GuineaPigGirl 213
    GuineaPigGirl 213 6 days ago

    Oh my gosh no😑😑

  • Nicholas Audy
    Nicholas Audy 6 days ago


  • Mr Sazon
    Mr Sazon 6 days ago

    KFC be high as high coming up with ideas deadass 🤣

  • hey guys its me
    hey guys its me 6 days ago

    So this is what happened to Samwise